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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  February 21, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PST

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this strike to short and another round of negotiations is scheduled for tomorrow morning. reporting live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you, amy. in an unprecedented move, principals deliver to sacramento to deliver a message to lawmakers. >> they asked for more funding ahead of the teachers strike. the principals laid out three requests. the amount of per pupil spending. forgiveness of $36 million in debt from state loan and revision of charter law. >> we're drastically overfunding our prisons compared to school. compared to other high cost states, we're underfunding schools and students. >> state superintendent tony thurman was receptive. he's asking for $5 billion in across the und being for k state. that will not stop the strike in oakland today. >> keep up to date by downloading the abc 7 news app
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and enabling push alerts. we'll update you and let you know as soon as an agreement is reached. let's get a quick check of weather and traffic if you're just joining us. hi, mike. >> hie jessica. here's a look at live doppler 7. just one last chunk of energy squeezing out the remaining moisture in the most eastern parts of contra costa and alameda counties. east bay hills and create some snow there. could get a little dusty to wake up to this morning. sun comes up at 6:55 i think. lot of clean air out there. 34 inland. it's cool once again. cooler than yesterday morning. low to mid-40s in the bay. total sunshine today will push us into the low 50s at noon. mid-50s at 4:00. with that breeze, it feels cooler than that. if you're heading out at 7:00, under the stars, 46 to 50
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degrees. take a look at the weekend forecast. the commute fo o.a w morels andchpteth location initially, it was eastbound 80. little closer to fairfield near abernathy. now it sounds closer to cordelia and may move that icon again. sounds like the vehicle is out of the roadway and behind a shopping mall. not affecting any main lanes of the commute. i don't think we'll see a backup. little backup out of the central valley. tracy to dublin at 34 minutes in the yellow. antioch to on koo "empire" actor jussie smollett has been arrested. he surrendered to police at 5:15 chicago time this morning without incident. he's now in the custody of
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detectives. the santa rosa native smming fr accusations he made up a story about being the victim of a hate crime. surveillance video emerged showing two brothers at the center of the investigation buying items used in the alleged attack. chicago police are going to hold a briefing at 7:00 a.m. our time. abc news will carry that as a news conference and a special report when it happens. this morning, we're learning more about a deputy involved shooting in the north bay. >> body cam video captured the deadly encounter between a napa county deputy with the driver that shot at her. you may find this video disturbing. >> roll down the window. roll down the window. >> shots fired, shots fired. >> deputy riley jer he can i
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immediately returned fire and killed javier hernandez morale ez. this happened sunday night and the deputy was not hurt. >> she responded accordingly. we are proud of the deputy's incredible poise and composure through had event and her fight to save her life. >> investigators say the deputy was checking on hernandez morales after seeing his car parked along a rural road. hernandez morales had been arrested several times in the past. those charges including assaulting a police officer. the deputy is a third generation member of the napa county sheriff's office. happening today, a d.c. coast guard lieutenant will be in court charged with plotting a mass domestic terror attack. among the tarlgts are senator kamala harris and nancy pelosi. mona kosar abdi has more. >> good morning. a search of this man's house turned up 15 firearms and over a thousand rounds of ammunition.
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officials say that he planned on murering innocent civilians on a scale rarely seen in this country. >> an alleged domestic terror plot by a u.s. coast guard lieutenant. christopher paul hassan of maryland was planning a murder -- he had rifles along with ammunition. the white nationalist said he's quote dreaming of a way to kill almost every last person on earth. according to the fbi, he created an excel sheet of targets. charles schumer, nancy pelosi and kamala harris. >> his chilling google searches consisting of questions like most liberal senators and where do most senators live in d.c. do senators have secret service protection and are supreme court justices protected? >> has an will go before a judge
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on drug and weapons charges. the fbi calling the charges the proverbial tip of the iceberg p mona kosar abdi, abc news washington. a democratic divide. kamala harris does not support o'rourke's call to tear down the border wall. the candidate made the statement on the dailey show last night. she doesn't approve of president trump's policies but does support smart border security. the former texas congressman beto o'rourke said he would tear down the wall in el paso if he could. happening today, santa clara county is announcing a new initiative to better prepare children for school. green light fund bay area and first five santa clara county partnered under the initiative. nearly 42% of pre-k children in the country are not ready for kindergarten. this sets them back for life and many don't have the financial resources to catch up on their
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own. details will be released this morning in san jose. my accuweather forecast, the whiplash continues. we're back to levels where we were earlier this week and colder tomorrow morning. the south bay, the warmest, low to mid-40s. we've got low to mid-40s in the bay shore, novato, san pablo, half moon bay at 45. the 30s in lafayette, livermore and 34 in danville and napa. a little bit warmer. but it is dry as we look at 101 and 880 in san jose. the commute planner, whether the roads, mass transit or the bay all going good. going to be brisk this afternoon no matter where you are. temperatures are climbing a little over total sunshine. 40s in the east bay. 54. 57 degrees from noon -- into the afternoon hours in the east bay. 50 at 8:00.
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the north bay, 30s at 8:00. we'll jump into the 50s at noon. hang out there through 4:00. drop back into the 40s. and a little bit of a mr bell curve in san francisco today. 45 this morning to 55 at 2:00 and 4:00. stars down to 50 degrees at 8:00. trending drier. i'll show you that coming up. alexis is going to talk about the morning commute. >> no major problems so far today. i'm looking live at golden gate bridge. we had almost all lanes blocked due to barrier work on the northbound side of the roadway. cal trans crews came through to pick up cones. looks like they're wrapping that up. i'm waiting for the zipper trucks to come through as well. i'm guessing they had to wait for the overnight work to get done before they could do their thing. no significant delays in either direction. westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze looking good. just about 8:00 across the bay bridge. that one in the green at about
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nine minutes. we have a minor issue for oakland. we'll look at that up next. thanks, alexis. coming up, a south bay coffee shop getting a lot of attention. not for the coffee it serves but what the servers are wearing. black panther breaking barriers. the first movie -- days before the big show. a closer wihefty! hefty! hefty!n.
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ck out t video. you can las vegas, except for real snow? this week that all changed. snow has fallen in sin city for the second time in a week. last night, more than 1.5 inches fell. the unusual weather had tourists snapping selfies and recording video. of course they did. las vegas sees snow about once every five years. then they had twice in one week. amazing. let's talk about other amazing snow totals. possibly 16 more inches of snow above 6,000 feet and the mountains east of san diego. winter storm warning continues until 8:00. here's the temperatures around that. mid to upper 50s. same thing in central valley. ur ye eureka finally seeing sunshine.
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everybody is tucked under that thick blanket of snow this morning. snow showers possible today in tahoe. the temperature only 24 degrees. 32 tomorrow. a better chance of snow showers sunday and moderate monday and tuesday. how about that snow, jessica? >> i'm jealous i'm not in las vegas anymore to see that snowfall. it's so neat to see. meanwhile in the south bay, they may want to bundle up. a drive-by coffee shop is making people nervous. it's called pink panthers. baristas dressed in daisy dukes and bikini tops. some neighbors say it's too much for a city like campbell. >> it should not be here in a suburban neighborhood. >> okay with me. i didn't know that's what they were wearing. i've not seen one of these places before. >> are you surprised? >> yes. i was. >> it's a little cold to be dressed out like that. but if the girls are
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comfortable, it's free market. that's what america is about. >> officials say as long as there's no nudity, the business is in compliance and customers aren't pleased, there are plenty of other coffee shops nearby. black opinion they are director and oakland native ryan coogler and michael b. jordan spoke on day two of my brothers keeper. >> if you want to build anything that will affect people, anything that will -- has a potential of existing long after you -- long after you've gone from this place, you got to do it with other people. >> look to your left, look to your right. look behind you. those are your peers. they're talented. get to know them. >> my brothers keeper was founded by president obama to close opportunity gaps facing young men of color. coogler and jordan's movie black sunday. s up for best picture >> speaking of that, black panther is the first-ever
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superhero movie nominated for an oscar with seven nominations total. >> here's reporter dinah b b b on the significance of the field. >> it's the groundbreaking superhero movie. the first of its kind nominated for an oscar. that's just one of the many ways black panther is breaking barriers. the cultural significance of the film extending beyond the screen. >> the creation of wakanda is one of the most powerful ideas produced in the movies in a generation. >> i start seeing the language of wakanda. >> the movie's costume designer. >> everything on screen has some of my bourque in it. >> responsible for the disbelieve display of the fictional kingdom of wakanda. her research was extensive. >> they have neck rings and arm rings. >> she received and oscar nomination for her work behind the scenes.
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if she wins, she'll be the first black best costume designer in history. >> we put that on the costume because it was symbolic of africa. >> it has an african american direction tosh, seven oscar nominations. it can be seen as a win for inclusion and representation in the film industry. >> that it got nominated is a phenomenal thing. that's not even describing things like the importance of the inclusiveness of black panther or the fact that it's a superhero movie or the fact that it's a marvel movie. it's making history across the board. >> danya bacchus, abc news. los angeles. dion lim will be in hollywood for the oscars starting tomorrow. she'll cover the preparations leading up to the show. you can only watch the oscars here on abc 7. the awards will be handed out sunday at 5:00. i'll be watching. >> yeah. pb napping that day to stay
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up and watch. absolutely. wake up, take a nap. get back up and watch the oscars. hopefully have a lot to talk about monday. maybe it will be a precedent setting day. >> we have a ton to talk about now. i can't imagine what monday will be like. >> we'll have to move on and talk about weather right now. let's do that. let's take a look at live doppler 7. the altamont pass of highway 5 into the central valley which is getting wet right now. it's turning to snow south of livermore. it's going to continue to snow in the diablo range. there's no organized cities or communities that it's going to hit. it will leave a beautiful sight when you wake up this morning or when the sun wakes up this morning and comes out. here's a look from mt. tam. notice it's not bouncing as much as yesterday. it will begin to as chillywill e even colder. there's some talk about some record lows tomorrow morning.
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and rain early next week. let's take a look at your temperatures today. we've got 54 at half moon bay. 50 at lakeport the cool spot. 54 in antioch and livermore. most of us around 55 to 57 degrees. tonight, you can see the 20s in lakeport. low to mid-30s. frost in the north bay, east bay valleys. parts of the peninsula in redwood city, part of the south bay, half moon bay are going to get sniffing near the 40-degree temperatures. we may try to make 60s saturday and sunday with the weekend trending much drier. then a 2. we could have an all-day rain monday and tuesday. just in time for the start of the week. alexis? >> as long as we get the nice weekend, most of us are okay with that. we're looking at mostly green on our traffic maps this morning. we haveajor issues. a minor issue in the east bay. westbound 580 near lakeshore avenue. someone lost a ladder. have not gotten reports of anyone running that over or any
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flat tires or anything like that yet. b.a.r.t., no trains in service. service begins now at 5:00 a.m. ace 1 out of the central valley on time. normal service for san francisco bay ferry. google is explaining why there was an undisclosed microphone in the nest security system. >> kenneth moton and janae norman have the details. >> google admits it forgot to tell customers about a hidden microphone. >> it meant to include that detail about the nest secure alarm system but it was left out by mistake. it answered privacy concerns insisting the mike can only be user activated. the product information has now been undated. samsung showing off the foldable phone. >> when it opens, it's almost as big as a tablet. when it's closed, it looks like most smartphones. it will cost you nearly $2,000. the galaxy phone will go on sale the end of april.
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samsung is looking to rival the air pods with bluetooth ear buds. >> samsung says they offer more usage per kmarj and look more like traditional ear buds. they go for 130 bucks. those are your techbytes. have a great day. >> look kind of big to me. >> they do. i have running one that is are bigger. >> are they princess leia earmuffs. >> yeah. they look great. helping families filing taxes in the south bay. >> colin kaepernick, the product now sold out online. artists working together
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let's take a look at chinese new year parade forecast for saturday in san francisco. 53 degrees with a partly cloudy sky and then we'll be partly cloudy after the sunsets and we'll turn a little chilly. we'll drop down to 48 degrees. it won't be too breezy and it will be a lot of fun. go out and enjoy it. can't wait to see your pictures on social media. happening today, oakland mayor libby schaaf will join the united way to kick off free tax prep services for low to moderate income families. the united way will help people earning less than $5,000 a year to file taxes this year. it will help people access the state earned income tax credit.
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they use certified irs preparers who volunteer their time. nike colin kaepernick jersey is sold out. kaepernick has had an endorsement deal with nike since september. the jersey features a silver 7. some people say it looks like a raiders jersey. it was sold for 150 bucks. shoppers can join a waiting list when nike restocks the jersey. he's known for kneeling during the national anthem to protest police brutality. he has been a free agent since 2017. last week kaepernick settled a collusion case against the nfl. good news for new and expectant parents. walmart is hosting a baby savings day. it's this saturday in most walmart stores. parents can check out demonstrations on products like car seats and experts will be in the store to give out advice on choosing the right products. there will also be samples and
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coupons. next system is trending weather especially forhe north bay. i want to show you 5:00 monday morning up in the north bay. you may be dealing with a wet commute. notice where most of the rain stays in the afternoon hours and in the evening it slides into the south. but the front stalls. you can see rain over the heart of the bay and the north bay as we head from tuesday morning and then again it focuses most of its rain on the north bay tuesday afternoon and evening. look at the huge discrepancy right now and rain totals from nearly a quarter of an inch in the south bay, third of an inch in the east bay valleys to a half inch in richmond to 1.5 to nearly 2 inches in the north bay. it's going to be interesting to see how it plays out. that is definitely a tale of two different forecasts depending where you live. how about the forecast for this. here's alexis. >> we're pretty much the same all the way around this morning. nobody has any major problems. that's certainly good news. we're taking you back to a rollover crash that happened
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about 30 minutes ago. eastbound 80 updated the location. it's closer to cordelia than fairfield. just before you get to sassoon valley road. they're just blocking the right shoulder. we did confirm that. no lanes blocked on the intersta interstate. everything is looking okay. just start to go fill in on all of the typical busy spots. here's westbound 92. san mateo bridge. you've got a little more company than 30 minutes ago. but overall looking great. thanks, alexis. to the south bay now. 100 artists are building a better bay area one brush stroke at a time. a new massive mural is going up in downtown san jose. the sj project is perking up people once walking through a ay ch 3-foot square space will get a splash of color. 90% of the artists are local. many working from sunup to sundown to finish the project. we talked to aaron salazar who
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founded the art base startup. she said it's more than paint. it actually protects the community. >> it looks like people are here and they love and care about this alleyway. it becomes safer. the perception of safety becomes higher. each artist will be paid $300 their very detailed work. the big unveiling set for march 1st. >> very cool. want to hear your information about building a better bay area. what would make them better. use the hash tag better bay area and join the conversation. >> next at 5:00 a.m., continuing coverage of the oakland teachers strike and what parents need to know about the strike starting today. how it will impact their child's education. >> a former san jose priest who is a convicted sex offender could be an even more legal trouble. the new lawsuit filed against him.
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we even finish each other's... babybel: (to crunchy)you're supposed to say sentences... crunchy: ---sentences. babybel: well not now. delicious new babybel cheese and crackers. babybel: saved it! this is abc 7 mornings. now at 5:00, oakland teachers are headed to the picket lines. the strike begins in less than two hours. it will impact the education of 37,000 students in the school district. good morning. it is thursday, february 21st. >> more on that in a moment. first, we start with your accuweather forecast and meteorologist mike nicco. >> reggie, jessica, hi everybody.


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