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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 21, 2019 7:00am-8:58am PST

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we'll be back in 25 minutes with an update here and "good morning america" start right now. good morning, america. breaking news. jussie smollett is now in custody, charged with a felony accused of lying about that racist and homophobic attack and the newly revealed video of those two brothers and what they told a grand jury. terror takedown. right here in the u.s., a coast guard officer accused of plotting a mass terror attack with a stockpile of weapons and a hit list targeting some of the nation's top politicians. snow emergency. that massive storm causing hundreds of accidents. this school's roof collapsing, and the moment rare thundersnow is caught on camera. now, the new warning as a major new storm crosses the country. breaking news. leaders of the catholic church
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descend on vatican city. the unprecedented summit now under way. we're there live. basket-fall. the major blow-out during one of biggest and most expensive games of the year. the shoe of duke's top player busting open seconds in. >> that's unbelievable. >> he broke his shoe with his own foot. >> knocking him out of the game. and behind the scenes of the oscars. who is opening the show on hollywood's biggest night? the producers are spilling secrets right here on "gma." good morning, america. we want to get right to that breaking news. jussie smollett haf to icago p. >> he is facing a felony charge of filing a false police report. >> police are preparing for a press conference this morning, a bond hearing later this afternoon. eva pilgrim is in chicago with the latest. good morning, eva.
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>> reporter: robin. once the victim, now a suspect, this morning, at 5:15 jussie smollett turned himself in to police. this morning, jussie smollett taken into custody. police accusing him of filing a false police report, fabricating the racist and homophobic attack he said he suffered at the hands of two men wearing ski masks. arrested just hours ahead of bail hearing, facing a felony charge of disorderly conduct. >> at first it was a thing of like, listen, if i tell the truth, then that's it because it's the truth. then it became a thing of like, oh, how can you doubt that? like, how do you not believe that? it's the truth. >> reporter: smollett detailed the alleged brutal attack in an interview with abc last week. >> and i see the attacker masked
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and he said this maga country [ bleep ], punches me right in the face so i punched his ass back, and then we started tussling. >> reporter: but in newly released surveillance video, these two brothers who police initially identified as attackers are seen buying what appear to be a ski mask and red baseball caps. police say the men who sat for more than two hours for a grand jury yesterday told them they were paid by smollett to stage and participate in the alleged attack. >> i think jussie smollett should come clear because the truth will set him free. >> reporter: the attorney for the two men speaking out last night outside the courthouse claiming her clients and smollett have been in contact at least once since the incident. >> i think that jussie's conscience is probably not letting him sleep right now so i think he should unload that conscience and just come out and tell the american people what happened. >> who the [ bleep ] would make
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something like this up or add something to it or whatever it may be? i can't -- i can't even -- i'm an advocate. you do such a disservice when you lie about things like this. >> reporter: overnight, a new statement from smollett's legal team defending the actor, saying, like any other citizen, mr. smollett enjoys the presumption of innocence, particularly when there has been an investigation like this one where information, both true and false, has been repeatedly leaked. given these circumstances, we intend to conduct a thorough investigation and to mount an aggressive defense. if convicted, the class four felony could put the 36-year-old behind bars. we're told smollett made a statement to police before being taken into custody. he's expected in bond court this afternoon. guys. >> all right, eva, thank you. we want to bring in your chief legal analyst dan abrams and our senior legal correspondent and analyst, sunny hostin. thank you both for coming in this morning.
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dan, it is apparent that the police fully believe the brothers and fully believe that smollett set this up. >> right, and they must have corroborating evidence. we saw there the video of the brothers buying the mask and the rope, et cetera, and, remember, you have to ask yourself, why would the brothers implicate themselves in this if they had nothing to do with it? now you're in a position where the only defense i can really think of for smollett is going to be, yes, they did this to me. i had no idea that they were going to do this to me, and they said these things and i had nothing to do with it. that's why text messages, electronic receipts, anything bringing them together is going to be a problem for him. >> it also appears clear that they testified in front of the grand jury under penalty of perjury and that a grand jury has indicted them for these charges. >> well, that's not the only thing that's happened here. we also know that smollett's lawyers have been in negotiations with the police and
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prosecutors as well, so there are other possible outcomes here. >> well, yeah, there are. first of all, we're seeing a different tone from the smollett team now. initially it was how dare you suggest that he might have made this up. he's a victim here. now it's talking about the presumption of innocence, which is what we hear with anyone who is charged with a crime. the question will be, is there some sort of deal that can be reached? you first have to ask yourself are prosecutors going to offer any deal? i mean, that's question one. >> and, you know, as a former prosecutor i will tell you that what is very difficult about this case is many, many hours of, you know, were spent investigating it and chicago is a very, very -- this area is a very, very high crime area and so those police hours could have been spent investigating -- >> what the police are saying right now is that they didn't use resources that would have been used on other homicides but clearly costs and any settlement would have to involve paying back those costs. >> paying back those costs. also, think about the larger issue here which is the chilling effect on victims, crime victims coming forward.
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forward to testify against their abusers and against their attackers and they didn't want to come forward because people they thought would not believe them and they thought there would be repercussions and consequences. this type of crime, if true, has a tremendous chilling effect. >> and that's why the police were so cautious in the beginning and, remember, they kept saying that they were investigating a possible hate crime. they were looking at him as being the victim on this. now he is the suspect but, guys, this touches all the buttons. >> it does. >> it's a setback for race relations, homophobia, maga supporters who the fingers are pointed at them. i mean, i cannot think of another case where there's anger on so many sides and you can understand why there would be. >> again, if true, he has almost single-handedly had this chilling effect on the lgbtq community, on the black community, on -- >> and victims.
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>> victims, and there is this divisiveness we're seeing in this country. i don't think our country needed this at this time and, i think because that of prosecutors will be taking this very, very seriously and, george, to your point, a deal in this kind of case, this kind of high-profile case, i think may be difficult to come by. >> yeah, i think what's right. when you watch -- your interview will be evidence in this case. >> no question. >> that sort of locks him in there to a particular account. and when you watch, god, it is so hard to watch that again, him now talking about how anyone who could ever make something up like this, et cetera, and that's what everyone in america is thinking right now is exactly what he said right there. >> he has said -- he still said he hasn't done it. how do you get through that he said/she said -- >> you look for objective evidence, something beyond just accounts. you look for texts, emails, e-receipts, vier >> all assuming a fight.t s ssl
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i'm wrong here, but it is possible that if that statement he gave to the police this morning he comes out and he then confesses and says i did do this, that could be path toward more leniency. >> yes. absolutely. prosecutors always look very, very kindly on that. i always did. >> but that doesn't necessarily mean you get a deal. it could still mean you're pleading guilty of the crime you're charged with. >> because the brothers are not getting immunity. >> there's no indication. >> their lawyer saying is they don't need immunity. the lawyer is saying there's no concern for them on the legal front. now, we'll have to see on that. >> if the only charge against smollett is that he filed a false police report -- >> but the question is, what did they know about what he was going to do with this? that will be the critical question. >> i think you'll talk about this on "the view" today. >> i am pretty sure we are. >> thank you, both. we want to get to that terror attack foiled by police and the coast guard officer
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arrested for stockpiling weapons and come piling a hit list of prominent democrats and journalists is heading to court this morning. our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas in washington with the details. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: george, good morning. fbi officials are describing this as a truly alarming case, and if the allegations are true, terrifying. today, the fbi plans to make an urgent appeal to keep this coast guard officer locked up pending trial because they believe he is that dangerous. this morning, coast guard lieutenant christopher paul hasson will appear in court for -- accused murder. according to the fbi, he served also in the fbi and national marines, stockpiled these weapons including 1,000 bullets, handguns and assault rifles, all this stored in a small maryland apartment they believe is possibly part of a dream to, quote, murder innocent civilians on a scale rarely seen in this country. >> it almost seemed like he was a ticking time bomb waiting to go off.
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>> reporter: the fbi claims he's a white nationalist and they say the 49-year-old had a possible hit list including the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi, senate minority leader chuck schumer. we're about to get that press conference from the chicago police. let's pause so the whole country can join us. good morning, everyone. bere i gethy we're here, as i look out into the crowd i just wish that the
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families of gun violence in this city got this much attention because that's who really deserves the amount of attention we're giving to this particular incident. but this morning, i come to you not only as the superintendent of the chicago police department but also as a black man who spent his entire life living in the city of chicago. i know the racial divide that exists here. i know how hard it's been for our city and our nation to come together. and i also know the disparities and i know the history. this announcement today recognizes that "empire" actor jussie smollett took advantage of the pain and anger of racism to promote his career. i'm left hanging my head and asking, why. why would anyone especially an african-american man use the symbolism of a noose to make false accusations?
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how could someone look at the hatred and suffering associated with that symbol and see an opportunity to manipulate that symbol to further his own public profile? how can an individual who's been embraced by the city of chicago turn around and slap everyone in this city in the face by making these false claims? bogus police reports cause real harm. they do harm to every legitimate victim who's in need of support by police and investigators as well as the citizens of this city. chicago hosts one of the largest pride parades in the world and we're proud of that as a police department, and also as a city. we don't no we'll ever tolerate hate in our city, whether that hate is based on an individual's
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sexual orientation, race or anything else. i'm offended by what's happened. i'm also angry. i love the city of chicago. and the chicago police department. but this publicity stunt was a scar that chicago didn't earn and certainly didn't deserve. to make things worse the accusations within this phony attack received national attention for weeks, celebrities, news commentators and even presidential candidates weighed in on something that was choreographed by an actor. first, smollett attempted to gain attention by sending a false letter that relied on racial, homophobic and political language. when that didn't work, smollett paid $3500 to stage this attack and drag chicago's reputation through the mud in the process.
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and why? this stunt was orchestrated by smollett because he was disadvantaged with his salary. he concocted a story about being attacked. now, our city has problems, we know that. we have problems that have affected people from all walks of life and we know that. but to put the national spotlight on chicago for something that's both egregious and untrue is shameful. i'm also concerned about what this means moving forward for hate crimes. now, of course, the chicago police department will continue to investigate all reports of these types of incidents with the same amount of vigor as we did with this one. my concern hate crimes will publicly be met with a level of skepticism that previously didn't happen. that said, smollett was treated as a victim throughout this
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investigation until we received evidence that led detectives in another direction. i couldn't be more proud of the unrelenting detective work that went into this investigation. the detective work that we saw in this case is indicative of the work that our detectives do every day in this city. this case in particular involved hours of video evidence which went combined with old-fashioned police work uncovered the truth. these detectives deserve all the credit in the world for carefully analyzing the leads and the evidence for weeks before coming to their conclusion. i also liked to thank the fbi for their help in this investigation. the fbi's partnership has been pivotal in this case. i only hope the truth about what happened receives the same amount of attention that the
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hoax did. i continue to pray for this troubled young man who resorted to both drastic and illegal tactics to gain attention. i also will continue to pray for our city and asking that we can move forward from this and begin to heal. i'd like to call up the commander who led this patient and deliberate investigation. good morning, everyone. i'm here to answer questions. the boss just corrected me. please forgive me. i'm supposed to go through the time line of our investigation. so, so, here's where we are.
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as you all know on the early morning of february 29th at 2:00 in the morning, jussie smollett reported that he was the incompetent have of a hate crime. detectives responded to the incident and interviewed him eventually at northwestern hospital where he reported to us that -- that the two -- two offender offenders yelled racial and political and homophobic statements at him, beat him, threw a noose around his neck and threw blatche each on him. we learned at the time he wasn't hurt. just bruising, no broken ribs or serious injuries. we started a full-scale investigation into this hate crime a very serious crime
7:19 am
anywhere. we quickly found two person of interest of video that -- that we believed were the likely offenders in this case. we initially put out a seeking to identify and we got this out in a community alert. we then started searching the area for video cameras and witnesses that could help us with our investigation. during that time frame, we -- we interviewed over a hundred individuals in a canvas of the area and follow-up canvas as our investigation expanded. we located approximately 35 of our chicago police pod cameras in the area and in the areas that we determined these two -- these two persons of interest
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fled. additionally, we found over 20 private sector cameras. i got to say that was super useful in this investigation. the city came together to investigate and help the police with this crime. it was because of these pod cameras, our investment into technology in the city of chicago, and the great assistance from the community in giving us those other cameras that led us to a really solid time line of where our two persons of interest went. so, in short, we were able to track them initially -- initial ly forward, so after the crime, we were able to see that they fled in a particular direction and eventually got into a cab. our investigators located that cab, interviewed the cab driver, got some video out of that cab.
7:21 am
followed that cab using all of these surveillance cameras that are located throughout the city the pod cameras to an area up on the north side where they abruptly stopped the cab, got out and walked on foot. again, the community came together to provide us with security footage from their private cameras. so, at that point, we then started tracking these two person of interest backwards. backwards to where they came from. so, we followed them walking around and eventually back to where they had gotten out of a cab. so, that was another individual that we had to interview and another individual where we sought video. we continued to track that cab back to the point where the cab was tracked down by our two persons of interest in a
7:22 am
ride-share car. we then followed up on the ride share and that was the lead that we needed in order to identify the two persons of interest. at that point, we had a real good time line of where these two people went. we were able to put a name to both of these individuals. and it was at that time, that we started -- started looking at where they went right -- right -- right after this event. we tracked them to going to o'hare airport and jumping on a flight to nigeria. our investigat us to determine that they had purchased a roundtrip ticket with them returning to chicago on the 13th. so, approximately two weeks after the incident.
7:23 am
so, that gave us a couple of weeks to try and continue to follow up o good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." >> good morning. i'm jessica castro. we interrupt that special report to bring you this breaking news happening in oakland where okland teachers are on strike this morning. and here is a live picture of the picket lines from sky7. you see some of the teachers out there with their signs. schools are open and classrooms will be staffed by administers and other hired help. students can go to school and we want to show you a picture also from manzanita school. this is where other teachers are gathering. we also see they are setti right now for a news conference that will be held in a few moments. we're going to stream that news conference for you live on
7:24 am as well as on our abc7 news app as this story develops. >> we had our third disabled vehicle of the morning at the bay bridge toll plaza. it looks like that has cleared. but you can see, even the car pool lanes are heavy. expect delays on the approaches there, whether you're using cash or fast lanes. 13 across the bay bridge. and southbound 101, that did fill in, you're in the yellow at 15 minutes. >> we're going to take
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detailing what happened. they're saying that jussie smollett created this whole hoax in order to get a raise on the show "empire." i'm here with dan abrams. powerful words from the police superintendent. >> he's calling it a publicity stunt, phony. this is an angry superintendent who's going directly after jussie smollett here, he's almost taking it personally. he started this by talking about being a black man living in chicago. you can tell how seriously they're taking it. now we learn a little bit more about the time line. first of all, we have now learned for certain that the letter that was sent to fox and to "empire" threatening jussie
7:30 am
smollett they now believe was sent by him. that exposes him now to a possible federal crime as well. first, you got to state crime which is here in illinois, the filing of false police report. in theory, there could be a charge with regard to mailing a threatening letter using the federal mail. we'll see if anything comes of that. that's an important confirmation and development. also we learned exactly how they were able to find these two brothers. and interestingly, to both of us as we talking about this, they're characterizing them as victims. they didn't know what he was going to do with this. >> one of the big mysteries we have right now. want to go to eva pilgrim there in chicago. we'll see jussie smollett in a courtroom this afternoon. >> that's right. at this point, he's been transported to the courthouse
7:31 am
waiting for that bond hearing supposed to happen at 1:30 this afternoon. we heard the police superintendent and the detectives lay out exactly what happened in the moments before and after this alleged attack occurred. they were talking about the fact they used more than 30 city cameras and 20 private cameras surveillance cameras to track these every steps to, one, find out who these two brothers were and also to figure out where they wouldn't. then explaining that the brothers' attorney came to police and said, hey, guys, there's more to this story than you know. george. >> the brothers locked in their testimony to the grand jury. dan, you talked about the anger of the police superintendent. >> you know, he's now using the fact that the public is watching this to say, we've got bigger problems in chicago and i think
7:32 am
that's part of the issue here, right, is the amount of resources that had to be devoted to this. this kind of hate crime that occurred. they devoted enormous amounts of personnel, detectives, et cetera, to try and investigate this all for nothing. from a police superintendent's perspective nothing more infur rating to have spent this kind of time and money, put a stain as he was talking about, on the city of chicago. >> how sad for victims of other hate crimes who come forward in the future. >> the hope is that this doesn't impact that, that people don't become reluctant to come forward because of this. and i think it's important. it's important to note that they weree to assess how fake this was. so, it's warning to people, don't try this. you're going to get caught. and hopefully, that says to the
7:33 am
people who have the real issues happen to them the system will take you seriously. >> what a day there in chicago. jussie smollett has been arrested. he'll appear in court this afternoon. right now, we're going to go back to "good morning america." prison without parole, george. >> let's bring in genealogist cece moore who has worked on dozens of cases and thanks for joining us. i know you can't talk much about this but you say the newport police's dedication made a huge difference. >> absolutely. they never forgot about linda, her >> dead her story. or her family. if they hadn't tried every new technology that came out, this case would haven't a suspect under arrest right now.
7:34 am
we've been using these types of websites. it's new to use it for crime scenes. just in the last nine months or so. the crime scene dna is now being compared to the dna of the people who j uploaded their dna to these websites. from that we can revers reverse engineer and help identify these suspects in these cold cases. >> this fers so much hope for the families of victims, doesn't it? >> it absolutely does. we have over three dozen cold cases now where we've been able to help provide an identification to law enforcement and these families are so thankful to get answers. >> and you say you have dozens of cases coming down the road. can you keep up with the demand? >> there is a large demand but we've built a team now of genetic genealogists that are working with me. there are four of us. we have dozens of cases coming
7:35 am
in and we've got so many in the pipeline where we will be able to make these identifications and help law enforcement to finally close some of these cases. >> cece moore, thanks very much. michael. now to that legal battle for gwyneth paltrow. she's filing a countersuit against a man who's suing her for millions over a collision on a utah ski slope. paula faris is here with more. good morning to you, paula. >> good morning to you, michael. this is a he said/she said. the latest twist is gwyneth paltrow filing this countersuit, claiming her innocence, saying this is all an attempt to exploit her celebrity and wealth. this morning, gwyneth paltrow is fighting back nderson aimshaynet paltrow slammed into him three years ago, leaving him with a brain injury and four broken ribs.
7:36 am
weeks ago and had this to say in a press conference. >> when she hit me, of course, my head fell down the hill so i went eight feet or ten feet. >> reporter: but in a counterclaim, paltrow's attorney claims the opposite occurred. they claimed the 46-year-old was on vacation with her children, when sanderson was uphill from ms. paltrow plowed into her back causing a full body flow. she claims that after sanderson knocked her down, he apologized for running into her and her attorneys claim she skied away to join her children, although she was shaken and upset and quit skiing for the day even though it was morning. >> as hard as i got hit, she had to be going much faster than i was to make up for that. >> reporter: in his lawsuit, sanderson claims paltrow was san o ys he heard a terrible scream right before the crash alleges that neither paltrow nor her ski instructor made any attempt to help him or
7:37 am
alert the ski patrol. this morning, paltrow is countersuing for just $1 plus legal fees. and sanderson, who waited three years to file his suit due to his ability to function because of the alleged concussions, is responding to this countersuit through his representative. he's saying that, quote, gwyneth paltrow's answer and counterclaim is rife with errors and they also have a witness who corroborates the story and notified the staff and got him the help that he needed. >> it is not over. >> it is not. >> can we say our sincere condolences for the loss of your father. this is your first day back. >> he was an extraordinary man and i'm overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and abc has been incredibly supportive and thank you all for your support. i feel loved and my dad was just a wonderful man. >> thank you for sharing that. coming up, we're going to go
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we're back with our we're back with our countdown to the oscars. the big show just three days away and t.j. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, robin. the producers will admit all how do we get the ratings up and
7:42 am
the ntime downw do we do this b same time staying true to he 90-year oscars tradions? there might not be a host, but there won't be any shortage of star power on that oscar stage. just three days away from what's already been a controversial show, i caught up with the producers who addressed rumors and speculation running rampant. >> tre's a lot of things floati around out there. 're here over the week between nominations and show building a show and we're really happy with the thing? >> yes. ♪ we will, we will rock you >> reporter: legendary rock band queen featured in the oscar nominated "bohemian rhapsody" is among the major musical acts set to take the stage. the producers al initially said awards in four cagories including cinematography would be handed >> were you surprised by the backlash of taking theour
7:43 am
categories out? >> a little bit insofar as no one actually would have -- we had such a good edit on it, nobody would have really noticed it. it was painful for us to see that kind of backlash. so we're happy where wended up. >> repter: keeping the show on time is a majoncern. >> we've asked that people stick to the 90-second rule, whi is from the time their name is called to the time they exit the stage. >> how strict are you going to be? if you're very strict the moment like the one he gave us on live tv would not have happened >> will you marry me? >> reporter: yes, oscars producer glenn weis is the glenn weiss who gave us that memorable moment from la year's emmys when he received an award and haed out a ring. honor those people on the stage. >> so that's the maipurpose but also, guys, last year's show was 3 hours and 53 minutes.
7:44 am
was 4 hours and 23 minutes. that was in 2002. but get this, the shortest in history was 15 minut back in 1929. george, you would have loved that ond some kind of happy medium, something in between. they're looking for a swspot and i asked specifically will you hit that three-hour mark and they gave me a firm we'll try. >> airm we'll try. >> but 15 nutes. what were they doing, speed reading? >> wasn't it the first o, t.j.? >> there were ly three films that year. 1929, it was the first one and, george, you wouldn't have even made it through your fir beer. the show was over. >> keep having a good time out there, t.j. keeput of troubl thank you.k you souc >> rhteronbc >> 8:00 p.m. eastern on sunday. >> that's right. coming up, everybody, the high schoo body shaming their o squad and
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surprise! no. i'm not gonnang tget a date in this!n. we had a lot of great tes in this car. ugh, no. no, ew. now to a throwback that's making a big comeback. the flip phone. but this one comes -- here, robin, as you gave me that look -- this one icomes with a twist and a hefty price tag. >>h. >> yeah, jan norman is here.
7:49 am
she has it all. >> yeah, guys, i mean talk about a thwback thursday. this flip phone is a big talker. it doubles as a smtphone and tablet but it's not for everyo. samsung admits it'a luxury product. if you want one it's going to cost you. th isn't your mother's flip >> anything you want. >> reporter: the galaxy fold is a potential game changer in the smartphone revolution. samsung introduced the first of its nd folding phone in a splashy unveiling in san francisco. >> we're givingou a new device that just doesn't define a new category but defies category. >> reporte wn it's folded e new galaxy 4-6 display but flips into a 7.3 inch tablet with enough space to display three different apps at once and the galaxy fold also has two batteries and six cameras but e feature that caused some in the audience wednesday treally flip out, the price tag. >> starting from $1980. >> it's really disappointing
7:50 am
because there are consumers out there that really want to take advantage of all the cool technology that was announced on these phones and $2,000 is a lot of money for the average consumer to spend. >> reporter: social media is reacting to that hefty price tag. one posting a picture of two phones taped together tweeting, that will be $2,000, please. it will be available starting april 26th and there's also word that apple has applied for a folding phone patent. you're still caught on the cost. >> yeah. >> astronomical, right, for a cell phone? >> but it's not a cell phone. >>ou get both. you get two one and i really would like one for christmas, you guys. >> drop the hint. >> keep hope alive. thank you, janai. coming up, duchess meghan's
7:51 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ and evewhere i go ♪ there's always something to remind me ♪ ♪ of another place and me ♪ ♪ welcome back.
7:54 am
let's go ahead and start with a look at e pandas at the national zoo. how cool is that? th's bebe who's 3 years old and jing who's 20 years old. you can have fun at any age is what we've learned there. all that sponsored by king's hawaii. coming up on "gma," high school coaches under fire accused of body shaming their, we'll have as on duchess meghan's star-studded shower who was there?
7:55 am
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7:56 am
good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." >> good morning. i'm jessica castro from "abc7 mornings." and metrologist mike nicco is here with our forecast. >> we'll start with the golden gate bridge. if you're out and about, everything is going to be good. a breeze that will keep temperatures feeling a little bit cooler than average. we'll hang out around 54 to 57 degrees. more frost coming tonight. and some rain monday and tuesday. >> taking a look at some traffic. we have a shoulder block past the bay bridge toll plaza. also want to take you to the east bay where we've got a problem on northbound 680. two-car crash. that is blocking one lane. but you're backed up into
7:57 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. jussie smollett is now in custody. charged with a felony, accused of lying about that racist and homophobic attack and the newly revealed video of those two brothers and what they told a grand jury. snow emergency. that massive storm causing so much trouble and now a new warning as a major new storm gathers strength crossing the country from now through the weekend. ginger tracking the latest. cheerleading outrage. coaches accused of harassment. discrimination and body shaming their squad handing out awards they say were jokes. targeting their high school cheerleaders for how they look now under fire from parents and the aclu. ♪ baby love meghan markle celebrating her baby shower with a block
8:01 am
-- blockbuster circle of friends from amal clooney to abigail spencer, the selfie posted by serena williams from inside the hotel, new details this morning from inside the party as beyonce and jay-z bow down to meghan overnight in the tribute video that's now a viral sensation. ♪ the doctor's in the house. ken jeong is here live and who is in "jeopardy" this morning. one-on-one with the legendary alex trebek and they're here to say. >> good morning, america. tm. >>h,eah. >> thought you'd never see that. >> hope you're well. >> yes, we do. we are just three days away
8:02 am
from the oscars and not only is it the biggest night in hollywood, it is the biggest night in fashion and we've got the trends to watch out for and also have a special oscars edition of "deals & steals." >> you know tory johnson is going to bring it. first we begin with breaking news. jussie smollett turning himself into police facing that felony charge accused of files a false police report and eva pilgrim is back in chicago. good morning again, eva. >> reporter: good morning, robin. a major turn in this story this morning at 5:15 jussie smollett turned himself in to police. this morning, jussie smollett taken into custody. police accusing him of filing a false police report fabricating the racist and homophobic attack he said he suffered at the hands of two men wearing ski masks. >> this announcement today recognizes that "empire" actor jussie smollett took advantage of the pain and anger of racism to promote his career. >> reporter: now facing a felony charge of disorderly conduct. if convicted the class 4 felony
8:03 am
could put the 36-year-old behind bars. newly released surveillance video these two brothers who police initially identified as attackers are seen buying what appear to be a ski mask and red baseball caps. police say the men who sat for more than two hours for a grand jury yesterday told them they were paid by smollett to stage and participate in the alleged attack. overnight, a new statement from smollett's legal team defending the actor saying, like any other citizen, mr. smollett enjoys the presumption of innocence, particularly when there has been an investigation like this one where information, both true and false, has been repeatedly leaked. given these circumstances, we intend to conduct a thorough investigation and to mount an aggressive defense. authorities tell us that smollett didn't give a statement before turning himself into police. he's expected in bond court this afternoon. >> thank you. we move to that winter storm
8:04 am
causing hundreds of accidents across the country and now a second storm coming on its heels and ginger following it all. >> and also making history starting in st. cloud, minnesota, where they've had their snowiest february on record and twin cities also making that mark and now we go into what happened on the southern end. they feel like they need an arc. from mississippi up to arkansas. there's more where that came from. with this next storm that's dropped a half inch of snow in las vegas. that's the most snow measurable they've seen in more than a decade so since 2008 they haven't had measurable snow with this snow system that has schools closed because of those winter storm warnings. we're talking about two to three feet of snow around flagstaff or some of the areas there in the mountains of arizona. it will bring heavy rains to parts of lake memphis, down into mississippi and damaging wind, so severe storms, we're starting to get into that spring feel and
8:05 am
that goes into saturday. >> what did you say about spring? >> come again. >> the spring feel. >> okay. that -- michael really appreciate the that. coming up, the high school cheerleading coaches accused of body shaming. did they go too far? and it's almost time for the oscars tory johnson has "deals & steals" and lara is upstairs. this guy, can't wait to talk to him about his brand-new comedy, ken is in the house and we also have the best audience. don't go anywhere. "deals & steals," oscars, this is jam packed. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. is jam pammed. we'll be right back. e all the w ♪ and he said ♪ ♪ girl, you take care of me ♪ ♪ you are my thera♪y ♪ the better half of me ♪ say it again ♪ ♪ if you love me, love me, love me ♪ like you say ♪ ♪ darling tell me all the ways ♪
8:06 am
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8:10 am
[ applause ] >> wow. welcome back. this terrific -- whoo. go ahead. all right. yeah. i love that. >> whipped into a frenzy. >> because they know it's "deals & steals." >> yeah. >> and they get free stuff. [ applause ] and tomorrow, though, we're gearing up for the oscars with a preview of parties and tips to throw your own but now it's time for a little "pop news" and lara. >> it is. [ applause ] no one does elton john like the one and only sir elton john. this man gets pretty close. the exclusive first look at the new trailer for the new big biopic called "rocketman." take a look. >> what did you say was again? >> reginald iasrying to do soth bold. >> you're still sounding flashy. >> can you even play the piano
8:11 am
in those? >> i know you are. ♪ >> oh. [ applause ] and today, sir elton john giving edgerton rave reviews saying no one has sung his songs better except him, of course, "rocketman" hitting theaters nationwide may 31st. we all cannot wait. [ applause ] >> thank you for that. and more movie news, chris hemsworth gearing up to play a new role as wrestling superstar hulk hogan. >> whoa. >> i thought this was an interesting bit of casting news. it will focus on hogan's rise to fame and hulkamania, a term he coined in 1984. deals for the project in the midst of closing with netflix. hogan is on board and will act
8:12 am
as an executive producer. >> interesting. [ applause ] a prickly problem is happening in the desert. more and more people, please stop doing this, trying to steal cactus plants. i can't imagine that this is easy to do, frankly, but cactus poachers are a huge problem in parks across southwestern states. according to "the guardian" they can bring -- is it cactuses or cacti? >> cacti. >> thank you so much, cacti, we learn something new every day on "gma." bring up to $100 a foot on the black market and new trend in hipster decor. everyone from here to china wants them for their interiors. one park in arizona, rangers are implanting microchips into their cactus trunks to track them. i guess the real
8:13 am
stealing their plants. >> so you thought of that line and said i'm going to do this story? >> i did. [ applause ] >> or be committed. >> that's right. either one could happen. >> yes. and finally, this music usually means another "star wars" movie is about to be released. but today it's something -- well, it's more specific, shall we say. it's a new sport that has been born from the incredible popularity of the films. dueling with lighted swords like the lightsaber brand now officially recognized as a sport in france. [ applause ] it's real, people. there it is. the french fencing federation now embracing the use of back iyou will ain a ularity of fencing. they are equipping clubs with
8:14 am
light saner holding tournaments and employ so-called jedi masters.this u.s. group called e sabre legion that competes. they practice their jedi skills and in fact right now, joining us live to show us how it's done, robin, this is real. please welcome terry and charley. special surprise for you. [ applause ] >> all right, guys, amazing. oh, and we have a winner. [ applause ] >> of course, it's from the dark side. hello. who is terry, who is charley? >> i'm terry. >> hi, terry. hi, charley. >> i think you got him. >> i think so. >> did this start out as a love of "star wars" or fencing? >> both, so -- [ laughter ] we took both our passions and combined them, came up with a
8:15 am
sabre legion and now we have 8,000 members worldwide. [ applause ] you've got to love the sport that is sponsored by a beer. [ applause ] >> it actually looks like the same stuff i got in trouble in the house for doing. >> that's how it all started. >> teach me a signature move. [ cheers and applause ] >> yes, absolutely. >> all lightsaber duelists have to know how to spin and strike. >> we'll do it one more final. >> spin and strike. >> every "star wars" movie, right there. >> i already got the move down. [ cheers and applause ] >> nice job, nice job. >> i'm in the lead. i'm in the lead. >> you're in the lead. [ applause ] guys, are you waiting for this meltrni >>mpics. >> that's right. >> we're coming.
8:16 am
[ laughter ] >> gentlemen, thank you so much. >> thank you very much. thank you. thank you. >> thank you, michael. now we're really changing gears to the "gma" cover story. outrage growing over a high school ceremony where coaches are accused of shaming their own cheerleaders and amy is back with that story. >> this is a crazy story, robin. the aclu sent a letter to the school district in wisconsin saying the awards amounted to harassment. >> we are -- >> reporter: they are the reigning state champions and this was meant to be a celebration for their cheerleading squad. >> her butt. everybody loves her bu >> reporter: the aclu is atenin scatetter to a wisconsin school district sayi yo humiliating exercise in body shaming. >> i was shocked. i was angry.
8:17 am
>> reporter: are under fire for allegations saying its coaches engaged in sexual harassment, sex discrimination gag awards to their squad for their large breasts, big butts and slender fingers. >> we love her butt. everybody loves her butt. >> there are girls as young as 14 on that cheerleading squad. the most troubling thing that we heard from a cheerleader on the squad was that nobody had brought this forward after it happened in march 2018 as far as the girls go because it was normal. >> reporter: according to the aclu, parents who asked to be anonymous and one other coach alerted the principal who investigated. the aclu says months following the ceremony the school district's human resources director sent the head coach pat utak a letter asking for her resignation. she is currently coaching the squad. in a statement, the school district says a clear
8:18 am
expectation has been set that awards of this nature are not acceptable and are not to be given at tremper cheerleading banquets going forward. the aclu wants the coaches involved disciplined and for them to attend mandatory sexual harassment training. if not, they threaten to take legal action. >> they call for disciplines against staff involved in those cheer awards who did not take corrective action and all mandatory training, a fair ask in a situation. it's kind of draw dropping that's still going on. >> incredible. >> crazy. >> thank you for bringing that to us. we're going to move on to meghan markle and her sparkling baby shower here in manhattan. diane macedo here with the details. >> hey, george, meghan markle is back in the uk after a whirlwind trip to new york and what better way to end that trip than a baby shower with some of her closest was a babor a
8:19 am
princess.and gu arvetohe marc tel for meghan markle. >> it was a jam-packed power. host serena williams laid out a fantastic spread with. candy floss machine, a dessert spread by the famous new york chef jean georges from the hotel and they also learned how to arrange flowers so it was a packed itinerary but great fun for the guests. >> reporter: those guests included "suits" co-star abigail spencer, jessica mulroney and george clooney. serena williams who hosted the event also posted this selfie from up side. >> the baby shower took place in one of new york's most expensive suites and serena williams is believed to have picked up the bill. so wouldn't surprise me if there wasn't a little discount. >> some reports criticized the
8:20 am
extravagance. >> this was a private trip for meghan. all the expenses w for by herself but there was intervention from the u.s. government, state department provided security for a majority of her stay in new york and even the nypd got involved for the final 48 hours. >> reporter: others are sending their well wishes. >> if the baby shower wasn't big enough reason for the celebration for meghan, there was a huge surprise when the shower finished from beyonce and jay-z who acknowledged her in their big awards acceptance speech. >> everything is love. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: the couple also writes on instagram, congrats on your pregnancy. we wish you much joy. and meghan is now back home. she reportedly hitched a ride home ride on the clooney jet but they're off to morocco heading there to highlight that.
8:21 am
>> how about rochester, michigan. i always think it's a good idea to make fun of yourself. well, mary beth here said this is what i caught. me trying to get to my front door after one of those ice storms. she starts slow, she knows it's dangerous, precarious if you will. she's laughing at herself. and she also knows this is being recorded. that's the whole best part of it. she ends up going to her knees and crawled in getting there eventually, safe good morning. i'm abc7 news metrologist mike nicco. grab the sunglasses and coats. it's going to be brisk today. enjoy dry and milder weekend with rain returning early next week. today's temperatures, about three to eight degrees below average. even colder tonight, 30s just
8:22 am
about everywhere, a few 20s and only 42 in san francisco for ou. you know that music. for ou. you know it. and i'm here with the host of one of the most iconic game shows ever, "jeopardy's" alex trebek. that's right. >> good morning, america. >> the show is celebrating its 35th season doing an all-star game tournament and great to have you here. took you 35 years to get to the all-stars. >> i know, but we're doing it -- you forgot to mention one thing. this is not only an all-star tournament but it's an all-star team tournament and you know how important it is to be part of a team because you feel a responsibility to the other members. you're not just a solo performer now. if you mess up, it affects your teammates. >> yeah. >> and that puts a lot of pressure. >> aaagh! you just put pressure on me
8:23 am
thinking about that i feel like a kicker who needs to win the game right now. little scared. but the all-star tournament kicked off last night and we're going to get to that in just a moment. i want to interview you and only the style that you can because we are doing it in "jeopardy" style. >> oh, all right. >> yes, we are. there's only one category. there is only one category and it is called alex trebek answers, yes, that is a category. >> all right. >> so we'll see how many we can get through. okay, here we go, alex, for $200 let's start with the celebrity who surprised you most. >> who is cheech marin? >> correct. why is that? >> because everybody had expectations having watched cheech and chong. we figured cheech is going to show up, okay, alex, you ready to play? and that was not the case at all. he was bright, very knowledgeable and he won his game. >> and he won. >> yeah. >> good competition. [ applause ] >> for $400 your least favorite.
8:24 am
>> no personality at all. thought to save his soul. >> great answer. for $600, the funniest contestant ever? >> oh, new yorkers are going to love this because it's your guy, the new york bartender, austin rogers, who is going to be in the tournament, he's one of the captains. >> so he's one of the captains in the all-star tournament. >> he was a character. we've interviewed him a few times. yes. yeah, that's awesome. okay, and for $800, "jeopardy's" most difficult category? >> you'll love this one too. we had an entire category called football, but nobody rang in on, let alone come up with any kind of response. the entire category. >> that's easy money. >> yeah. football, america's sport.
8:25 am
>> yeah. >> nobody rings in. it made all the headlines. >> i would have done well on that episode. >> i think so. and for $1,000, your favorite "jeopardy" tournament. >> for years it has been the teen tournament but now i think it's going to be this all-star team competition. [ cheers and applause ] because we're seeing the best of the best working together and it has an added element that our regular shows do not have and that is it gives the viewers the ability to go behind the scenes and see what the strategy is, the captain is talking with the players and say, here's how we're going to handle it. you're going to go first and we'll try to wager big in double jeopardy, if we hit the daily doubles and final jeopardy if we're behind this is what we'll do. be sure to watch the tournament. >> be sure to watch the tournament. 18 all-stars. the first-ever all-star tournament is
8:26 am
now istings. the one and only, alex trebek. when we come back, ken jeong will be here when we come back. trebek. when we come back, ken jeong will be here when we come back.
8:27 am
good morning, north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." good morning. i'm jessica castro with "abc7 mornings." oakland teachers are on strike this morning, they are picketing at campuses throughout the district. schools are open and classrooms will be staffed by administers and other hired help. students can still go to school. negotiations yesterday between the teachers' union and the district broke down without a deal being reached. >> looking at the roads. we have a slowdown in the try valley. just the shoulder blocked at this point but you're backed up almost all the way to the 580 split. certainly plan on some delays. metering lights are still on but no significant delays into the rest of
8:28 am
okay, so you've been to the it's great right? earth. but i bet you haven't done this. or that. or been here. i bet you haven't met her, or him, or them. ooo, dance-off! this is... incredible. you, see what i did right there. and when is the last time you felt like this, or that or (sighs deeply) i mean, come on- that's basically a perfect moment. it's time to make some magic for as low as $70 per person, per day.
8:29 am
now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> cold morning waiting for you outside in case you haven't stepped out. we're still in the 30s and 40s. everything is dry. a little breezy but there's no small craft advisory. a little bit warmer this weekend with a few more clouds but it will remain dry until monday. >> we'll have another "abc7 news" update in abo
8:30 am
good morning, michael and george. >> good morning, robin. and good morning, america. >> roll, tide. >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. [ applause ] >> welcome back to "gma" and those are some of our great viewers wishing everyone at home a good morning. we love it like that. now, we have a very funny guest. we'll bring to the table, you know him from "crazy rich asians," "the hangover" and his show. now he has a new stand-up comedy special on netflix. hmm, can't wait to talk to him about that. welcome ken jeong. [ applause ]
8:31 am
>> love it. >> thank you, guys. thank you. thank you. >> i love that. >> that's my signature move. >> go to move. >> that's my go to move, what's up, america. >> i'll tell you what's up. it's thursdayback thursday and dug up your high school journal. high school -- so we want to show some pictures. what were you thinking? can we put the pictures up from his high school? you're in a tree. what are you doing in that tree? what, what. >> i look like the ugliest koala bear ever. i'm in the wilderness in sydney, australia. no, i was -- that was my senior year in high school and i was actually a member of the student council and said let's do something wacky.
8:32 am
let's put ken in a tree. i did not know you guys were showing that. that's amazing. that's amazing. >> we will redeem that picture because we have a second one. you were outstanding senior. outstanding senior. [ applause ] >> there you go, ken. >> yeah, in dog terms this is like least valuable pug, you know what i mean. >> oh, no. >> you are the most valuable. everything you've been in you have taken over the show, man. you've done movies, tv and now your first netflix special. >>eah. >> thank you. >> what's the name of the special? >> you can't say it? you can't say it, strahan. >> i can't if i want a job tomorrow. >> me and you ain't right.
8:33 am
it's called "ken jeong, you complete me, hoe." it's named after my wife. my wife, no joke, vietnamese doctor last name ho so i married a ho. >> she came up with the name. >> yes, it's very true. my wife actually came up with the name for the show. it's based on an old joke i did and it was her idea to call it you complete me, ho so blame the ho, yo. [ applause ] >> so, do your daughters have the same sense of humor as the mom -- >> they do. like i married my wife because we literally both love -- we have an identical love for comedy. i think that trickled down to our kids like alexa and the othewe're so close. >> zoe. >> thank you, robin. zoe, love of my life.
8:34 am
and we are -- look. with a koala. we're actually with a koala. [ applause ] >> we were in australia last november. oh, my goodness. oh. but they really do have -- they have a great sense of humor and i really do think that exemplify in our family to live, love and laugh and we really take that to heart. just to try to have a sense of humor about ourself no matter where we are in life. >> i probably shouldn't admit it but my daughter harper saw "the hangover" when she was 11. >> what? >> wow, that's great parenting, george. wow. wow. dad of the year. hmm. >> so you gave me your answer. your daughters have not seen "the hangover." >> my daughters have not seen it nor will they ever. to them it's an audio book. they're not going to see nothing. uh-huh.
8:35 am
when they're like, daddy -- it wasn't me. it wasn't me. >> will they see the special? >> well, no, nothing -- they won't see that one neither. no, they won't -- it's a little bit not safe for work, this special and, you know, but it is -- i mean if i bleep out certain things but i do think, you know, it really is the act in many ways is a kind of a love letter to my wife and she's -- she's a breast cancer survivor, ten years cancer-free and still cancer-free and, you know, yeah, and in all seriousness, you know, and she's also in the special as well and so i really wrote and that's at the end i talk about her, her successful fight against cancer and i do lace it with some jokes just to keep the pace going in a stand-up situation and humor is good. but it really -- i actually wrote the ending of this first and in many ways this see involved into a love letter to my wife.
8:36 am
>> ah. can we have a clean -- >> speak about your dad in a special. we can show that one. >> i tell you, man, to be hangover rich and famous as an asian kid. asian parent, they don't know how to govern that. my dad went from father to freeloader just like that. you know. slippery. as a kid he was like you better get me good grades. after "the hangover" you better get me s class mercedes. >> you do not hole back. [ applause ] you do not hole back. john who directed the special also "crazy rich asians" did that, as well. >> yes. thank you. >> it looks like you had so much fun filming that. >> "crazy rich asians," and to quote john it's thought a movie, it's a movement to have this representation, you know, asian -- the first all asian-american cast in a hollywood studio film in 25
8:37 am
years since "the joy luck club," the imwhack was not lost on us, to have the commercial success, i look at that movie as paying it forward to my kids. if they want to get -- want to be in entertainment, there is like strong role models like female role models such as constance wu and to me this movie is bigger than all of us. >> many of them will be presenters at the oscars which b it?utely >> i wou l >> yeah, sequel. i mean, i would cater it, you know what i mean. i would do a lot of different things. whatever they would want, we're all a huge family now and that's -- >> great to hear that. >> you will not be catering. you'll be in the movie. okay. ken's comedy special available on netflix.
8:38 am
tell everybody the name of it. >> "you complete me, ho." >> just want you to know and coming up, "deals & steals" on star style. we'll be right back with tory johnson. [ applause ]
8:39 am
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back now with an exclusive first look at the march cover of "vanity fair" that features miley cyrus. the singer is opening up about
8:41 am
marriage with liam hemsworth and also revealing that she's working on a new album. yeah. you can read more on "va good morning. i'm "abc7 news" metrologist mike nicco. a cooler morning but with total sunshine we'll end up in the same place, mid to upper 50s this afternoon. a little bit of a breeze out >> this weather report sponsored by subaru. robin, let's get some "deals & steals." >> all right. thank you, ginger. now, it is time for "deals & steals" as we are counting down to the oscars with star styles for a steal. tory johnson is here with big savings. [ applause ] 50% off. >> yes. >> she can rock those earrings. >> so these resin hoops are totally on trend. we see them everywhere and have a huge assortment and there's a
8:42 am
variety of sizes, shapes, different colors, a huge assortment and even more you will find online. great price normally range from $48 slashed by 62%, 18 to 20 bucks. >>. [ applause ] >> not bad. >> okay, now emily can rock that whole plaid look but what if we want an accent. >> if you want an accent of the plaid, then a scarf from accessory c accessory concierge will be a good bet. nice oversized scarf. so many ways to wrap it around your shoulders or neck or tie it. lightweight. good transition and good deal. normally, soft, right. normally $36, today it's cut in half, 18 bucks. >> oh. >> next. okay. >> we'll go to the videotape because we have serena, you know, how she loves to wear those tanks. looks so good in them.
8:43 am
>> what's amazing about that. she could wear any kind of tank on the tennis court but she's got that wide strap tank to go to a business meeting. that's that wider strap sort of elevates it so you could wear it to a business meeting or any kind of, you know, workplace like having that wider strap than a spaghetti strap elevates a tank. what i love about this, the fabric is great. a stretch that retains its shape, it's longer than typical ones so it's not going to ride up. >> oh, please. >> or roll. >> no rolling and riding with these skinnytees. a huge assortment online. way more than you see here. they come in every color. this is a great piece season to season. normally 28 to $48, all cut more than half, so 13 to $19. >> ooh. [ applause ] >> okay. >> oh, lady gaga. >> so we've got the bold lips on lady gaga, tracy -- >> the ones on instagram.
8:44 am
>> i'm wearing right now. >> yes. >> alaina put -- this is -- [ applause ] there you go. this is a lip powder and this is what alaina used on you this morning. all the lip stuff is really amazing. what i love, you have the powder but the opus collection. you probably don't know and you're reading while cease's glamming you up. >> i woke up like this. no, no, i did not. no. [ applause ] >> she uses the opus brooklyn uses the starless collection on lara. we have a lot of good stuff. >> normally 22 to $42. everything today ro s wherspoon and have busy philipps.
8:45 am
some pictures of her. i follow her on instagram and always has oversized frames. there's a pair -- where is my blue pair. it looks just like busy's pair and we've got a huge assortment from peepers, all kinds of sunglasses and readers normally 23 to $25, not today, $11.50, to $12.50. >> and our best style icon ever. [ applause ] >> got this slouchy hobo. >> i am a slouchy hobo. >> normally $50. today it's $22 from k. carroll. [ applause ] you are my best supermodel. you are my best supermodel. >> thank you and good night. >> everyone -- thank you, ara. wait a minute. i know you want to know what they're going home with.
8:46 am
everyone is going home with products from skinnytees, sterling forever and stellar beauty. thank you. >> that's fun. [ applause ] >> we have partnered -- they are very happy. we partnered with all of these co companies and get them on our website. thank everyone. every time the "deals & steals," the companies come through. >> you're no sloppy hobo. sara haines here with another slouchy hobo. real housewife of beverly hills lisa rinna is on her way and hanging out with ken jeong too. we couldn't let him go home. you stay with us bau next on "gma," the hottest trends that may take over the oscar's red carpet.
8:47 am
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>> announcer: tomorrow, wake up with oscar. >> don't you look smashing. >> >> announcer: the final countdown is on and no one does oscar like "gma." the star, the party, the exclusives. >> i think we found a new "gma" co-anchor. >> announcer: tomorrow. [ applause ] >> all right. it's time now for our road to the oscars. just three days away. we're not just talking about the awards but red carpet, of course, lifestyle expert melissa garcia is with us today. predicti predicti predictions? >> pinks and red, metallics and embellishments, feathers, bows and ruffles. >> we've got some stars with us today. >> yes, we're going to talk about what we think they will wear. right over here with regina king. >> her two most recent trends. she wears a strapless dress or something offer the shoulder,
8:50 am
shows off her decollete, column style and i think she'll wear something similar in this vein this weekend. >> this model. >> here we have nicole. and i love this. this is so pretty. so this is sort of what she's been wearing but amped up and have that strapless style so she can show off her decollete. >> we have the leg showing lots of leg. it's still conservative but sexy for the oscars and, of course, that pink color that we're seeing a lot of and metallic. >> now, melissa. >> i know they're like all surround us. >> yes. they're all here. so she tends to favor a long sleeve andore sophisticated silhouette but there's a little bit of drama whether color or embellishment so i think she'll stay in this sort of family. so here we have jennifer who looks gorgeous so this is again, i love this color. i think this color would be
8:51 am
gorgeous on melissa. this gorgeous bronze. head to toe sequins. the right amount of sexy but not too much and i think this would look gorgeous on melissa. feels like very her. >> i love her. great job. >> moving on to amy. so here's amy and, again, she too steps to gravitate towards the column. demure, sophisticated. >> i agree. >> doesn't take tons of risks. polished and refined. >> when i see her and i often do, no, but not a lot of sparkle. clean lines. i think you're right with your predicts. >> this is what i think. i would love her to take a chance with color. i think this would look beautiful. here we have this gorgeous dress in that vibrant blue with that strapless -- >> we're surrounded. >> that strapless -- oh, we lost her. i caught here. she's here. ruffle detail, of course, something i think we'll see this seeing and this weekend as well and, again, it just pullsing to
8:52 am
the color and beautiful with her complexion. so, so pretty. i love this dress. i really love it. and i love the earring you chose too. i hope amy is watching. >> i caught her just in case. >> you sure did. finally what will lady gaga wear? >> i think we're all like on pins and needles. i cannot wait to see what she wears. she always pulls out all the stops so a lot of people are thinking is she going to go gaga, glam. she's been going glam recently. i think she will stay glam and did research. every award she's been doing a white or light color so i think she'll stay in a light color family. >> you don't think she'll now go dark. >> she's been a lot of the lights. most color she did was that blue valentino. >> here's melissa's prediction. i love it. >> this is so gaga. so gorgeous. i love this. so this is big. bold, tons of embellishment and
8:53 am
tulle and pink color that i think we'll see, ombre effect, hawaii low is something i've been seeing on the runway, might be a micro trend and the earrings pull the whole look together. >> you look gorgeous. >> gorgeous. >> yes. >> you killed it with all the styles. thank you for your predicts and can see what happened this sunday at the oscars right here on abc. we'll be right back. dearest britain. we love you. maybe it's your big hearts.
8:54 am
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"good morning america" is sponsored by blue buffalo. you love your pets like family. so feed them like family with blue. >> my girl. >> did you have a good time today? >> that's weird, george. >> leave it to george. [ applause ]
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good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." good morning. i'm jessica castro from "abc7 mornings" and here's mike nicco with your forecast. >> look at all that sunshine. maybe one or two clouds over our mountains. if you're out and about, sunglasses for that weather and temperatures will be a little bit below average and a slight breeze will make it feel a little bit cooler than that. we've got dry weather through sunday and some moderate storms monday and tuesday. just getting word of a 20 minute b.a.r.t. delay. if you're driving this morning we have the bay bridge metering lights on. and a quick check of drive times, southbound 680, that's recovering from an earlier crash. 37 minutes. you're in the red. time now for "live with kelly and ryan." and our rep
9:00 am
>> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, the award-winning host of "jeopardy," alex trebek! and from "the real housewives of beverly hills", lisa rinna! plus, to call members of our studio on audience will join "live"'s oscar countdown game. i'll next on "live"! and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! >> ryan: hey there! hi!


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