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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 15, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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muslims in the bay area building. united in prayer and grief over 59-year-old rond jones pleaded the new zealand masse not guilty today. >> when you see the evidence we saw, it's clear to us that the person had no respect for life. >> an animal control officer is adopting rocky. the suspect was released from jail. he's due back in court later this month. the widespread college admissions cheating scandal has a connection to cal. former businessman and vancouver resident david sadu is accused of paying $200,000 for a proctor to take the s.a.t. for his two sons. his son wdmitted ucoined the rowing program. their father pleaded not guilty today to charges in boston. >> we're going to address all the allegations happy to be in court like the district court in boston and look forward to our day in court.
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>> no administrator or coach has been implicated. this is one of the top stories on our website. learn more about the case at his platform, i'm jobina fortson in san francisco, where andrew yang says he's the person to beat donald trump in 2020. next. letting their imaginations >> hundreds of cyclists -- run wild. how million luck y some lucky k >> how security and support are ramping up for the bay area's explore for free. muslim community. find out why the so-called "abc7 news" starts right now. house is being called a public >> live where you live, this is nuisance. >> that story and more. "abc7 news." but first, here's a look at >> here's the very latest on the what's coming up on jimmy kimmel deadly terror attack at two live. mosques in new zealand. >> watch this if it's the last the 28-year-old australian thing you do. >> yeah. suspect appeared in court today, smirking to the cameras and making a white power gesture. he's been charged with one count of murder. other charges are li people ared dead and dozens remain hospitalized. new zealand's prime minister vows the country's gun laws will
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change. the gunman streamed video of the attack live on facebook, raising questions about social media and radicalization. elizabeth her has more. new zealand in mourning, with the nation paying tribute to the victims of an attack that authorities say was motivated by hate. >> today as the country grieves, we are seeking answers. >> reporter: the nation's prime minister condemning the country's first terror attack, with police there with one suspect in custody. police say two mosques just miles apart came under attack by at least one gunman targeting muslims attending friday prayers. >> people were running out. i saw some people had blood on their body. >> reporter: the 28-year-old man, nseen here in court, chargd with murder with officials saying more charges are pending.
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>> now is the time for change. >> reporter: two other armed suspects, also taken into custody, but their association still under investigation. the president condemning the attack, calling it a monstrous terrorist attack. >> i told the prime minister that the united states is with them all the way, 100%, whatever they need, we will be there. >> reporter: police are not yet saying if the same gunman is behind the two mosque attacks. they will only confirm no one in custody was on any watch list. the south bay, police presence was easy to see today. the people i spoke with say there is little fear and a lot of faith. the weight of the massacre in christchurch, new zealand is being felt a world away. in the south bay, the corment a
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toar that loadng to seem people around us. >> reporter: during the day, we saw police patrolling outside the muslim community in santa clara. in the evening, officers were there in san jose. the council on islamic relations says this is reality. why are all these business owners so excited? >> it's just being prepared for we're going to comcast. it's ahead of the game, ahead of the curve. the possibility. individuals that went to that it's going to add to the productivity of our business. mosque in christchurch did not it's switch and save days at comcast business. anticipate to be victims of right now, get fast, reliable internet violence. >> reporter: taking proactive for $49.95 a month and save $600 a year. measures is the mission. >> we don't take chances. just one more way we take your business beyond. but hurry, switch and save days ends april 7th. internet that's reliable. internet that's fast. ro that's super important. >> reporter: akbar sayad says any place of worship is the i just want to get it right now. call today. safest place to be. comcast business. beyond fast. police were close, and he says private and undercover security also present. >> there was security all over the perimeter, and also we have
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cameras. anybody that comes in, they're all captured. >> reporter: measures many hope will keep the muslim community focused on prayer and peace. >> don't let things go to your head, because there are people during herbert hoover's out there who don't understand kanlddy in the mid '20s, a really in depth what islam is. candidate promised a chicken in >> reporter: there are several every pot. vigils in the south bay planned now one is proposing money in through monday for that your problem et. information, go to an true yang held a rally in san francisco today. as jobina fortson explains, he's promising a universal basic >> news" spoke with america's top diplomat in new income. >> introducing the future zealand earlier this evening. president of the u >> he described how the u.s. is helping its long-time ally and >> reporter: a few weeks ago, a friend. >> we have a relationship that's lot of people in this crowd had been going on for decades. no idea who this man is. >> how long have you known autdn information flow happens on a >> spo daily base and has been increased over the last 4 hours. >> reporter: hen we will be there and provide any popular podcast, making the case for universal basic income, or and all assistance. ubi. >> it's going to be a bipartisan
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>> ambassador brown expressed shock over what happened and effort. it's something that everyone can describe how violence and crime get excited about. are rare in new zealand. >> reporter: he's proposing the >> we don't have a lot of hate country set guaranteed payments of $1,000 per month to all u.s. crime here. citizens 18 or older. >> never in like a million years 6 million people, everybody would i think a president would knows everybody. preach this. >> some facebook users saw a >> reporter: some don't find it live stream of the terrorist. realistic, but yang thinks ubi will help working americans who will lose their job tomaon. facebook took it down only after the midwest has been hit hard by being alarmed by police. this. matt says that's why people in >> the attention is getting his hometown of cleveland markets under product and supported donald trump. >> they thought donald trump was maximizing profits, rather than the safety issues. their only way to have a chance and i think i've seen time and to solve their problemoblem ob s time again the safety issues have to take precedent. >> upgrades to artificial intelligence could help detect violence on social media. >> reporter: friday was yang's another idea i panic largest rally yet and many are buttons that would resemble the watching to see if it will won't to build momentum. light button and the site host jobina fortson, "abc7 news." on the peninsula, the till would be notified. of hillsboro filed suit against
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stay with us, we'll bring you the flintstone house owner, the latest on and calling the dwelling a public the "abc7 news" app, as well. enable the push alerts to get nuisance. updates as new information comes in. developing news now out of it was purchased for $2.8 los angeles county. million in 2017. firefighters are still at the since she's added a herd of scne of a massive fire in dinosaur sculptures and other landscaping structures to carson. it happened around 7:30. accommodate future parties. the modifications, they say, are in violation of severa officials say a seal failure at municipal codes. a crude oil pump is to blame but >> a number of students enjoyed a night at the museum for free. no injuries reported. >> 2019 is the first year for rock family night. t we're going see some warm >> two philanthropists donated temperatures. >> sandhya patel has the latest. >> it's a well deserved weekend $20 million to provide free break. admission for children to return take a look at this live >> that'amin i gp a memories the ure. looking at the towe view. spring-like weather this weekend. city, 68, oakland kid also have for a long time. we're talking science, let's 69, walnut creek 69. talk about the science of
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unbelievable, above average, weather. >> sandhya patel is here with antioch 70 degrees. so no rain is on our radar, as that. >> absolutely. is it going to be one of those we widen out the picture here, winter weekends where it feels everything is going in one more like spring, not too many direction. places in the country where you and that is north of the bay can hit the beach in winter. but you will be able to this area. but there is rain in our future. i'll be back with the hour by weekend. santa cruz, 72 this weekend. well above average. hour look when you might see that wet weather. bodega bay, 64. a teenage girl is fighting for her life after being struck ocean beach, 65. by a car near san francisco's monterey, 68 degrees. it's not going to get much lake merced. police say the 14-year-old and better than this, especially if you really want to get out and her mother were in a cross walk soak up the sun. so let's talk about those with their dog when a car hit temperatures. they're going to quickly rise them. tomorrow. so the morning will start out on the mother is expected to the cool side. by lunchtime, stimson beach at recover. investigators say the driver stayed at the even and is 60 degrees. cooperating with police. concord, 63. temperatures will keep rising. a cyclist death, parking on by 4:00 p.m., you're looking at 63 degrees at stimson beach. howrd street has been moved to about 70 degrees in concord at expand the bike lane. around that time. but they've identified two other so definitely on the mild to streets that need immediate improvements. warm side. a wild picture right now, as we our rep
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work towards the tower on telegraph hill, visibility is >> reporter: we've seen several great. no fog to speak of. a look at those temperatures in the 40s and the 50s. cars here use the bike lane to so quite comfortable out there double park and even to cut and a live look here, you can traffic. cyclists tell us they want see for miles as we look back changes. rds a sparkling san francisco. in single file, over 100 sunny and above average cyclists came very close to cars temperatures this weekend. tonight. rain makes a return on tuesday. they say this is nothing. but no rain to ruin the st. compared to what they go through on a daily basis without patrick's day parade tomorrow. protected bike lanes. 59 degrees at 11:00 a.m. >> i was hit, fortunately not mid 60s for the afternoon. too bad in a hit and run, a car perfect parading weather. really nice looking conditions. running a red light. >> reporter: patrick lived to tomorrow morning, definitely tell his story. grab that extra layer. 40s, 50s in the morning. for the afternoon in the south bay, 71 degrees. >> we lost someone named kevin san jose, gilroy, 71 in santa manning five clara. most busy unp looking at 69 in redwood city. lanes. 65 in pacifica. a-y wity a coast is clear tomorrow, 66 in the sunset. truck on howard. 68ow 70s in >> that's just sad. >> reporter: how many close calls have you had? petaluma, santa rosa, napa, east >> today, three.
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>> reporter: since the death, bay. 69 in oakland, 70 in fremont, parking on 6th and howard has been removed and the bike lane union city. extended. inland, 72 concord, 07 in now this group of>> needs to be livermore. 69 degrees in walnut creek. for those that love the rain, i want to show you what's coming. next tuesday, we have some bike lane. they can start that process showers that will start to move right now and remove cars and in. going to be a rainy tuesday lanes, and the mta is the only night going into wednesday, one that can get this done. which is the first day of >> reporter: they say they're spring. we'll start to notice the wet looking into expediting a permanent change. >> there's a request for bike weather, even some snow. so the first day of spring is lanes going all the way to the next week. i definitely want to let you know that the sun's sun's sun's embarcader embarcadero. >> reporter: they're planning to rally on the steps of city hall directly over the equator on next tuesday, wanting permanent march 21st. protective bike lanes. warmer weekend going into monday near 80 inland. actrokeoearo while level one system tuesday going into spring. and that means -- watching a surveillance video. prosecutors say it shows him >> all right. tossing a puppy into a garbage and a big chute. that dog survived a violent
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the california department of fish and wildlife captured these two bears. they were orphaned as cubs when their mother was hit and killed by a car. the two were tagged so they can keep track of them. >> on to sports. >> larry's here. >> steve kerr wants to see appropriate fear tomorrow night. and will k.d. go
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good evening. the warriors showed what steve kerr likes to call appropriate fear in their win over houston on wednesday. now the question is, can they
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maintain that focus tomorrow night at okc? kevin durant listed as questionable with an ankle injury. did practice today. the warriors had a great game from boogie cousins against the rockets. they were aggressive all night long. it's what kerr would like to see in the final 15 games of this regular season. >> i think our guys enjoy a tough environments on the road. we tend to play the best when we're threatened and people question us, even when we question ourselves. a couple days ago, we were like, come on, we have to get things going. hopefully we maintain that level of appropriate fear. >> we'll be live right after the warriors/thunder game tomorrow night. all the highlights and a tour of the new arena, 8:00 p.m. and the future home of the warriors tomorrow night. duke and zion williamson, man against boys.
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with authority! 48 seconds to go. one more look at zion bringing the house down. carolina down one. we're going to be generous and call that a pass to sierra white. tarheels take the lead. 30 seconds left, you know who they're going to. let's go to zion. spin move, misses, follows his own shot. tip-in. he had 31. duke by one. last chance for carolina. coby white. .eedaway. ti-73. they'll face florida state in the acc title game tomorrow night. oregon and arizona state go down to the wire. bobby hurley, 90 seconds to go. we're going to overtime, tied at 67-67. all ducks, quack, quack. amin with the left. i believe he made that sound effect.
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oregon wins 79-75 and faces washington in the pac 12 title game. i'm going to be operating one of the big cats tomorrow. [ laughter ] i
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at the ross spring dress event. on now! yes for less. . happyt. patrick's day. >> thanks for being here. >> hav
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- brie larson, from "gotham," ben mckenzie, and music from tierra whack, and now, for the most part -- jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: that's very nice. thank you. thank you. thank you very much. i am jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. i'm glad you did. i'm glad you're here in southern california where on behalf of all of us we're sending warm wishes to those of you who are digging your way out of winter storm scott.
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