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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  April 6, 2019 1:42am-2:11am PDT

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deadly explosion. >> it can be dangerous for firefighters and these guys want to catch it on their camera so they're working with the fire and rescue, they have the container set up, they light the fire, make sure it's nice and soaked and hot. the firefighters open the door, allow some oxygen to get in. it will take a moment for this to blast off. clearly, we've got something wrong. the firefighter there steps in. >> and that's why they're so dangerous. >> exactly. the unpredictable nature of these backdrafts are so intense. they open up another door and it hurls open another window. they open up the doors and see if they can drugger another back
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draft. >> that was like a rocket. >> exactly. >> and they do a thirty run. it's pretty incredible to see a true back draft in this slow motion style. it goes to show you how important the training is for our firefighters out there. >> he said what, now? >> little madeleine has a major problem. how she busts in on mom to break it all down. >> this is a classic case of he said she said. she has to get this off her chest. plus, a crew heads out to chase some serious -- >> mission accomplished. >> see their epic adventure driving through the dubai dunes. they're living the dream ♪ , ♪ and here comes the wacky new maid ♪ -maid? uh, i'm not the... -♪ is she an alien, is she a spy? ♪ ♪ she's always here, someone tell us why ♪ -♪ why, oh, why -♪ she's not the maid we wanted ♪
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knowing that our flavor dreams should always be giants but our footprints should not. kettle brand chips. no small flavors. no small potatoes. no small flavors. not worrying about having dry mouth. closed captioning provided by -- stop imagining. start acting. the rtm video is out. now you can watch videos while you wait. secure for bordome. >> mommy was trying to be alone. but her daughter doesn't care. she has something she needs to talk about. >> he told me that i was looking like -- and trouble because then
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i told him because i said i didn't. he's lying. >> please notice where this is happening. >> in the bathroom. >> 100% certainty that she is now sitting on the throne. but there is always a time when your child needs to tell you something. >> but this is a classic case of he said she said. you have to adjust this balance against mom trying to have a moment alone. >> well, hold on a second, though. the expression of her face clearly speaks urgent. this is a matter that must be discussed now. >> mom says she was trying hard not to laugh, so she translates for those people who didn't understand you what madeleine was saying. >> so she told you that he called you a booger head and
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then you got in trouble? >> yeah. >> girl, now you know who your friends are. >> i can't believe she would do that. >> i love that mom has her back. >> here invited to go on an adventure to the dunes in dubai to ride. >> awesome buggies. he packed up his bag, goes to dubai and jumps on buggies. these are 1600 core power dune buggies. and it is awesome. he brings out his drone so they can intet some really cool videos. >> mission accomplished. >> right about here, when he o ts a little close.he had that re. the drone is not aing prerly, but it is cool. he can adapt. so he's going to do a handheld. >> you have to be flexible.
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>> i love that their faces are completely covered which makes sense because if you do end up in the sand, you don't want it -- >> right? >> i hope this is don't crash. >> they don't, but eventually he does manage to get the drone up into the air again. watch this moment here. when they're filming, he's able to guide it close and they touch the drone. they're really powerful machines which makes it even more exciting when they try to do wheelies on these things. check out the whole thing on or check it out on our mobile app. the roads out there, man, they're crazy. >> experts estimate one in three crashes are caused by distracted driving. but mobtop. what they need is a not person drivers will actually pay
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attention to. >> who would that be? >> introducing smart dog. the first dogs the trained to train humans. is smart dogs will be at their best when you're at your worst. when will they be available to the public? never. smart dogs are not the answer, but geico has a simple tip. turn on do not disturb while driving. >> that feeling is really good. it will shut your phone off until you get to your destination and then you can respond. so you're not going to be democrated by incoming messages or calls. >> this look unlocked. >> jailhouse makeup. >> and it's kind of brilliant. >> her best beauty secrets from the big house ne.our mamaayouan't. and some f
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every day, you learn something new. today, you guys are going to learn a few makeup tips. >> what i'm going to be doing iu i actually thought about this. she is actually featured on a show called "love after lockup." she was serving ten years. she says in some prisons, you can order from a catalog that is approved, but if you don't have access to it, this is how you do it. you're going to need a magazine, a stick of deodorant, a pencil and some instant coffee. and it's kind of brilliant the way they're able to use this. in the magazine, you're going to find the color you want to wear as eye shadow or a little rouge. you take your deodorant stick
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and rub it over the color. it comes off and using your fingertips you apply it. >> interesting. >> this is a work around for little girls that can't wear makeup. >> breaking the law even as a child. >> and if you like your eye liners, you take the graphite from your pencil and rub it against the page. take some vaseline and rub it over that. use the pencil to start applying the vaseline eye liner. don't forget the mascara. mix that instant coffee with it and use a tip to apply it. >> it gives you that woken up look, right? when it's caffeinated, your eyes will pop. >> this is all really mild. but -- >> it does the job. >> it does the job. >> she started a youtube channel
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where she started a bunch of how-tos on how they accomplish different things. >> this is nice. i hope i never have to use it. >> me, too. >> me, three. >> you know how it is. you're lying in bed at 5:00 in the morning, and suddenly you hear the garbage truck and you realize i didn't put the bins out. what do you do? if you live in new orleans, you don't need to do anything. >> this guy is one dedicated dude, sprints over, cares that cat, grabs the bin, runs back over to the truck, goes above and beyond the call of duty. >> he's where he's supposed to be and heads off on the rest of the round. >> i'm not the only one, actually. not rain, nor heat, nor papionpa can stop a posty.
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in this particular case, these two dogs have actually got out. 95% of the time, they're supposed to be inside, but the side gate was left open. disaster. but don't worry, help is on the way. >> these two are like, we aren't worried. we have a nice life. let's us back in. >> because this is where the as you can see, he's not being a good sport about it. he comes back. >> yeah, he doesn't want to play this game. >> goes running around the side. doing more than he was supposed to do. special delivery for the >> he wants to extend thanks. hubby has to pay up and -- the big bet that
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it's supposed to look messy. >> it's really pretty and i'm sure it's great. >> a bet is a bet, hei guess th when you bet your wife. so she's going to crack six eggs on my head. >> she participated in an egg challenge. sheet her that she wouldn't get 500 comments. but she did. >> but did she get the comments by postling my husband -- >> it doesn't matter. >> hello, everyone. >> they're live. >> just crock the son of a -- >> so she goes for it. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> time for egg number
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>> this is funner than i thought it would be. >> screw the dog. >> one by one, charactrack crack. >> that went down my neck. >> wait a minute, wait a minute, who does the laundry? if she does the laundry, the joke is on her. >> it doesn't matter. right now, the joke is on him. >> well, that's the show. so happy. >> so this is what >> that's it for today's show. we'll see you next time. - [narrator] the following is a paid program
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i never really realized how much work went into it, and all the products i was using. my anti-aging serum, and then i go to my moisturizer, and then i have to have concealer because i have to cover up all these spots and this redness around here. and then i put my foundation on. it's messy, it's a lot of work, and i spend a lot of money on products. but now with luminess silk it's one product. and i'm gonna show you just how easy it is. i'm gonna shake this up, one, two, three. so i'm gonna turn on, and i'm gonna start with this little area right here, and you're gonna see it just disappear. i'm just swiping along, and it's already fading away. you see that? gone. it's so much better than having to use a concealer. i mean really i just focus on my flaws first. and the luminess silk, it's water-based, so it's good for your skin it's really hydrating your skin. and me being 50 i need a lot of hydrating. right in there is really red. i'm just gonna take this, just like a makeup brush, and just go up and down, inside that little crease in there. i used to have to put a lot of concealer in there
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