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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  April 6, 2019 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." if you miss your exit, what do you do? >> hit the brakes, jam it in reverse. >> see the idiot's guide to creating chaos on the highway. ♪ >> that is a cool cat. his journey from the street to rap stardom. it looks like your average adventure flight. the midair maneuver you've got to see to believe. breaking down the best on the web, including a "game of
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thrones" worthy battle. see the queen who is on her way to a happy ending. >> you better behave. >> you are very smart drivers out there. what do you do when you miss your exit? >> keep going straight and be patient. >> no. i panic, hit the brakes, jam it in reverse. >> that's exactly what that driver does. >> wow. >> the driver of that small van decided to stop in the middle of a very busy fast-moving freeway, causing the other van behind them to swerve out of the way, lose control and end up on their side. and then -- >> continue. >> you punks. they didn't even check on the accident they caused. >> that's horrible. >> there's a lot messed up happening in this video. >> tell me the authorities threw
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the book at them. >> kind of. they had to pay a fine of $30, which isn't so much. the driver was given demerit points. he had his license suspended. no injuries were reported. it's kind of up in the air whether the driver of the van that caused the accident is responsible for the damages to the other vehicle. let's just relax a little bit and head over to russia. >> right. >> it's a good tlihing this drir is paying attention. >> yes. the good thing is, this driver noticed it and was able to swerve out of the way. you can hear the crashing as it's coming toward us. >> do you know if it was crashing into other cars or taking out the guardrail? >> not sure the extent of the damage. after the truck finally stopped, we drive past it. you notice that there's a lot of
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damage to the front of the vehicle on the left-hand side. no major injuries reported in this incident. >> the urgency is evident for firefighters here in madrid. you see the apartment fully engulfed in flames. check out the angle. you see the same apartment, one firefighter handing off a dog. he picks up a second dog. then an explosion. watch it again. they pass off one dog. they grab the dog's owner. the cherry picker starts moving. the firefighter is still there. making sure everything is okay, everybody is out. he is eventually climbs on. >> that's amasz izamazing. look how close they are to the fire. >> they would never say that's brave. talk to these guys. it's just what we do. >> good news is that even though four people were hospitalized, there were no fatalities in this incident. a more comical rescue. >> helping the marsupials get
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back to shore so they don't end -- >> that would be a wallaby. >> there's crocodiles and sharks. >> the wallaby was in the water. it needed a rescue. >> he will kill you. if you want to swim, you are a [ bleep ] lunatic. >> they eventually get it back on land. >> go, son. live your life. no worries. >> there's precision and then there's this. pretty spectacular video actually. they are flying together. he is under the canopy flying alongside. this is pretty cool. then they just get a bit inventive. what's this? casey goes over the top and then flips. at this point, we now start getting into a roll. we're heading down towards the ground. watch how the suitor is matching the spin, matching the speed.
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this is incredible. as it continues, watch as the wing student continues, continues to get closer and closer and closer. look at this. literally holding hands, both of them, while spinning down towards the ground. after five seconds, they let go, separate so they can finish their flight. we have never seen anyone pull off anything like that. >> we are speechless. that doesn't happen very often. we recognize the level of skill, timing and perfection that needed to happen for this to actually work. >> there was hands across america. now there's hands above america. you don't see that every day. >> i didn't think this would be possible. it doesn't seem to make quite the right amount of sense. >> they did the math that day. >> floating on air with the greatest of ease. >> they made it look easy.
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>> little pip is a cool cat. ♪ >> little pip has quite the story. gold chains and all. ♪ >> when pip's owner took him in, his eyes were closed. they got him in the groove of things. ♪ >> what is going on? >> the cat likes to swim? >> yes. pip is living his best life. pip is joined by his homie braden. emily says she told him all
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about little pip and he quickly came up with this song. ♪ >> pip has a website. he has written a children's book. a volunteer. >> the cat? >> you know, he has a crew. they make all these things happen. ♪ >> pip and emily would like folks to know this goes to show the most unwanted animal can be rescued and bring joy not only to their family but everyone around them. ♪ >> five friends, but only one
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it has been said there may be more money than friends. >> get in it. >> a tesla that cost just under $50,000. >> last one to leave gets to keep it. >> depending where people sat, three in the back, two in the front, that wouldn't be fair. >> you have 20 seconds -- >> from this point on every hour, they get 20 seconds in which they can be out of the car and then sit down. if you are outside at the end of 20 seconds, you are done. >> how quickly you can use the rest room? >> you can't. >> one out of ten. if we guess the same number -- >> he loses in a silly way. guess a number went one and ten. >> time for the next switch. >> we lose jake. >> i'm out now. >> he is a tall guy. by this point, his back is killing him. chris gets motivated by his mom? >> if you do not win, you are
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out wheel. >> you are out of wheel. >> at this point, we are 22 hours in. >> it's 6:30 in the morning. >> after a full day, garrett's back is out. >> these guys didn't go to the bathroom? >> no. skipping over instances where people have been getting creative. >> 37 hours in. >> we start realizing this challenge is going to go on and on. there's one choice to decide the winner. >> play rock, paper, scissors. >> the same way our cameramen decide who does the extra work. they will play rock, paper, scissors. first person to three. >> rock, paper, scissors, shoot. >> ahead 1-0. >> 1-1. >> the technique of always goes scissors. >> before you know it, it's 2-1 chris. next one, if chris gets it, he wins the car. tie.
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tie. tie. >> chris won. >> that means the guy that was going to be cut out if he doesn't win, wins his own tesla. >> i'm a big sister. it's really cool when you get to teach your little sister how to do cool things, like alexis, she's 19. she has taught her little sister lyric, how to dance. at this point, they are pretty much in sync. they are recording the video. look, little lyric, she's mimicking alexis. how cute is she? i can't stand it. the thing is, you can tell she's really paying attention to the dance moves, the choreography, the presentation. then something happens.
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the little lyric noticed it. she has now lost her look. >> perfect moment to teach the little one, the show must go on. >> no. perfect moment for little sister to teach her big sister how to keep herself together. >> when the situation seems to be back in control is when little lyric is finally able to get back to her dancing. this is nothing new. they have videos on her instagram that show her dancing with her sister over and over and over again. >> i guess she was born for this. >> yes. seriously. look at her moves. look at this. she can't even walk at this point, it doesn't look like. look, she's got her little rhythm. >> cuddles the cat is caught roaming around. see the vanishing al qae ining .
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the keto 30 challenge is four steps. >> this is the first program that's worked for me. >> lose weight now, now available at cvs and these other fine retailers. good news for all our mountain bike fans out there. there's a new streaming service. >> didn't have the right bandwidth. >> he has been on this trail numerous times and has crossed this stream countless times. this time, he said, i may splash as i come through. >> he does lean back. see him get way back trying to lighten the front end. he has been through the stream a number of times. maybe on this day it was a little deeper. it grabbed the front wheel. >> can you tell us if he is okay? >> he is fine. the next video. a guy and girl out golfing.
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he has flip-flops on. there's a grassy hill. how could you not want to slide down the hill in your flip-flops? there you go. there you go. >> stop, stop. >> pull up your pants. >> covered in grass stains and mud. >> terrible human being. >> sitting there like you and us. >> all the good people, you are the good ones. >> most of you are lovely. >> as we know, cats are magical
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beings with one fault. some people believe they can be spirits. some people, maybe just one, sharon brown is convinced cats can telepath. we have home security camera footage. that's cuddles. this is where it gets a little weird. when sharon saw this, she had no explanation how cuddles was able to do this. cuddles meanders up behind that recliner. vanishes. then a few seconds later, reappears. from the other side. to point out that there's no way in the house that that should have been possible, that's the back door you are looking out through the kitchen. the front door is behind her. we would have been able to see cuddles make his way around. at the same time, cuddles didn't
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have near the time to be able to make that transfer. at this point, considering the video, sharon has concluded that this is conclusive evidence that cats can telepath. it's called video editing. >> have some editor slow the video down and watch the fan. i'm sure there's an edit point. >> there are no extra cats or twins. there's been no video trickery. you guys can be negative over there and we will be right. >> this is a cat. i'm comfortable with my decision. >> they will have their opinion. but we know that cats now can beam. >> watch cuddles visit you tonight. >> you have to fight me. >> it's an epic battle for the ages. >> battling it out to the death. >> the quest to capture the queen's heart next.
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remember the way we used to do things? hey man... like connect with friends? dig it! or get in shape? or sell a house and pay a real estate agent a big commission. [crash] at redfin, we charge you a 1% listing fee. and because is america's #1 brokerage site our agents get more eyes on your home so you sell for thousands more than the one next door. don't get stuck in the past. sell with a redfin agent. >> can she do my dream house? just my house. >> it's a trap. ♪
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♪ >> don't tell hbo, but i've got five minutes of exclusive footage from the new season of "game of thrones." fyi, the budget may have dropped. it's still footage. in this case, you can see the mighty stead.
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he is looking. >> i don't recognize this area. >> at this point, this is where she must have sensedsomething. she comes out. tickled pink by what she's seeing. she, too, has a quest to go on. it's time to head to the carriage. in a couple of minutes, they get to this fine keep. >> if you want her, you have to fight me. >> it looks like he has someone he has challenged to a battle to the death. they head toward each other. oh, no. battling it out to the death. the swords are ringing. they make contact. it's incredible.
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a final plunge of his sword. at this point, it was costly. it looks like she's after a rock of her own. >> he will ask for the hand of the queen. >> he is asking, exactly, for the hand of the queen. with a handshake, he admits defeat. it looks like from this point on, it will be happily ever after. they might die in the next episode. >> he better behave. >> that's our show. we will see you next time on a brand-new rtm.
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