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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  April 10, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> we appreciate your time. thanks for joining us. tonight, the deadly blast rocking an american city. the massive explosion, a building leveled. you could feel the blast across the city, witnesses said. at least one dead, several injured, raced from the scene. firefighters had been called to the area right before the explosion. also at this hour, the major snowstorm slamming several states right now. up to two feet of snow, dangerous winds, 1,000 flights grounded or delayed. 100 miles of a key interstate shut down tonight. rob marciano has the track and the timing as we head into this evening. attorney general william barr on the hill, pressed on how he could determine there was no obstruction of justice when robert mueller did not. and what he said about spying on the trump campaign. the horrific and deadly bus crash today. the truck barrelling through an intersection, slamming right into a school bus.
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that deadly police standoff, officers called to this home, both officers shot. and tonight, we have now learned what they thought they were responding to. the beloved high school principal who died after donating bone marrow to a boy. how does this happen? your money tonight. gas prices on the rise. and where it's already topping $4. and tonight, the new report. the best day to buy gas and the worst. one of the great mysteries tonight. astronomers now revealing the first image of a black hole. and a nation riveted. he was one of the most famous tv contestants, watched by millions. back in the news tonight. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a wednesday night. and we are tracking that major blizzard on the move tonight. 20 states, 1,000 flights affected. but we do begin tonight with that horrific scene in durham, north carolina, a massive explosion. it happened after a call about a gas leak near downtown, a downtown building, in fact.
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firefighters answering the call. they were trying to evacuate people when the massive explosion then happened. fire, smoke and the scene of devastation tonight. firefighters then battling the flames and looking for the injured, rushing them to get them help. tonight, we know at least one person is dead, several others critically injured, and abc's chief national affairs correspondent tom llamas is on the scene for you, and we warn you, the images are difficult. >> reporter: tonight, that deadly gas explosion rocking downtown durham. people running from the blast, covered in blood, as firefighters ran in, facing off with a giant fireball and smoke that could be seen for miles. emergency crews now digging through this mountain of rubble, making sure no one is still trapped. >> we just heard a loud explosion, like, boom. >> reporter: city officials say at 9:38 this morning, the fire department was on site, responding to reports of a gas leak, likely from a construction
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crew in the area that hit a natural gas line. then at 10:07, as evacuations were underway, that massive blast. >> the whole building shook. it was, like, intense. i felt it through my whole body. >> reporter: watch as this nearby bridge cam captured the impact and sound of the blast. the explosion killing at least one person, 17 others rushed to the hospital, six in critical condition tonight. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: the destruction seen from every angle. this is our first up-close look at some of the destruction. and everywhere you look, there are bricks and glass everywhere. you can see how powerful the blast was. five buildings were effected. across the street, all the windows blown out. in the building just next door, you can see the windows are gone, as well, and the roof has caved in. >> all you see is a cloud of smoke go up, and then you see the building just slowly crumble down. >> reporter: students at a nearby school were forced to evacuate. several businesses damaged or destroyed, including one housing a world class vintage porsche collection.
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the cars, like this stretch of downtown durham, ravaged. >> just a stunning scene tonight. tom llamas is live on the scene for us, and tom, i know you're hearing from officials tonight that search and rescue teams could actually be on the scene for days there? >> reporter: that's right, david. and actually right now, they're using both video and listening devices, because there's a mound of rubble, they want to make sure they don't miss anything. they're also going to have to tunnel under that debris. now david, we've covered a lot of home explosions, gas explosions here on "world news tonight," but i've never seen anything quite like this. the brick building exploded, sending bricks as big as this shooting out nearly 100 yards. one eye witness, david, told me it sounded like an earthquake. >> just incredible. tom llamas, our thanks to you for getting right to the scene there for us today. in the meantime, we turn next tonight to the other major headline unfolding right now. that major blizzard on the move at this hour. 20 states, a potentially historic storm. more than 1,000 flights canceled or delayed. in fact, more than 800 flights in denver alone. you can see snow and whiteout conditions. in fact, these images are from
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watertown, south dakota, tonight. interstate 29 there shut down for 100 miles. at this hour, the storm is gaining strength. conditions worsening as it heads east. we have the track tonight, as we head into the night, and abc's clayton sandell is in the storm zone for us. >> reporter: tonight, spring might be on the calendar, but a powerful blizzard is bringing winter back to millions. in south dakota, cars off the road. winds above 50 miles an hour creating whiteout conditions. a highway patrol shutting down more than 100 miles of interstate 29. the system even bringing thundersnow. on interstate 90 in billings, montana, watch as an suv driving too fast nearly slams into a roadside assistance vehicle. at denver's airport, a major hub, more than 850 flights delayed or canceled. colorado's governor activating the national guard in case drivers get stranded. to the south, the leading edge of the cold front spawning this gustnado near pueblo. and in the west, winds gusting
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above 45 miles an hour fanning a fast-moving brush fire in palm springs, california, tuesday evening, prompting evacuations. downing trees and power lines in l.a. county. and in southeast washington state, streets submerged in pullman. firefighters using a front-end loader to rescue a man trapped after a rain-soaked creek jumped its banks. >> clayton sandell with us live tonight from interstate 25, a white denver there behind you. and clayton, i know traffic is moving right now, but authorities are concerned this is getting worse as we head into the night and they're nervous about drivers headed out? >> reporter: that's right, david. officials here say they are taking no chances. they're already starting to shut down some major interstates here before conditions get so bad that they might be stranded in their cars. you'll remember last time, some people were trapped in their vehicles for more than 24 hours. david? >> yes, we remember it well. clayton sandell, our thanks to you. rob marciano would be the first to tell you that this is not all that uncommon in april, snowstorms, but this one could be historic. >> reporter: and it's really
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strong, david. also, it's moving really slowly. some of these blizzard warnings are going to be up for 36 hours, and a huge wind field with this. as far south as texas, could see winds of 50 miles an hour. denver getting the worst of it tonight, as the low bottoms out in through kansas. strong thunderstorms between chicago and st. louis tomorrow, in the warm sector. the cold sector, blizzard conditions, one to two inch snowfall rates an hour. look how slowly it moves, though. thursday night into friday morning, still snowing in st. cloud friday morning. and as far as snow totals go, one to two feet of snow for nebraska through minnesota. it doesn't feel like april, david. >> all right, we're thinking of everyone in the storm zone tonight. rob, thank you. now, to the major headline involving the president's attorney general tonight. what william barr said today on capitol hill about spying on the trump campaign. he said spying did occur, in fact, and he revealed he will set up a team to investigate. but democrats today wanted to know something else. how barr determined that there was no obstruction of justice when robert mueller declined to answer that question. mary bruce on the hill for it all. >> reporter: on capitol hill today, a startling declaration from the attorney general,
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bill barr, saying the u.s. government spied on the trump campaign. >> i think spying on a political campaign is a big deal. >> so you're not -- you're not suggesting, though, that spying occurred? >> i don't -- well, i guess you could -- i think spying did occur. yes, i think spying did occur. >> reporter: he appears to be talking about the fbi's 2016 surveillance effort to determine whether any trump associates were involved with the russians. the big question, barr says, was it warranted? today, he acknowledged he's seen no specific evidence of wrongdoing. but he's putting together a team to find out for sure. >> i am not saying that improper surveillance occurred. i'm saying that i am concerned about it and looking into it. >> reporter: the president has been demanding this, an investigation into the russia investigation. >> and this was an attempted coup. this was an attempted takedown of a president and we beat them.
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we beat them. >> reporter: democrats today alarmed by barr's announcement, questioning his independence. you think he's doing the bidding of the president here? >> yes, i'm sure this is exactly what the president wanted him to say. >> reporter: they're also frustrated that, for now, the attorney general won't discuss how he reached his own conclusion that the president did not obstruct justice, even though special counsel robert mueller did not make a determination. >> mr. attorney general, the thing is, you put this out there. i mean, the president went out and tweeted the next day that he was exonerated. that wasn't based on anything in the mueller report with respect to obstruction of justice. that was based on your assessment. >> all right, so, this was day two. mary bruce was there for it all. and mary, there is also news tonight on the president's tax returns. today was the deadline, house democrats had demanded six years worth of returns. they gave the irs until today to respond. no tax returns. and here's what the president said today. >> i would love to give them, but i'm not going to do it while i'm under audit. it's very simple.
5:40 pm
remember, i got elected last time, the same exact issue, with the same intensity, which wasn't very much, because frankly, the people don't care. >> mary, the president quite clear there, he said americans don't care, last time, he got elected. he said he's still under audit, so, what now? >> reporter: well, david, democrats are not giving up, but they are being methodical about this. they are not going to rush to subpoena. instead, they're going to double down on this request. they seem to be playing the long game here, laying the groundwork in case they need to fight this in court. david? >> mary bruce with us again tonight. thank you, mary. we turn now to the deadly bus crash today. the truck barrelling through an intersection and right into a school bus and other vehicles. dash cam video tonight showing the collision. you see the school bus right there, and then that truck comes right into the intersection, slamming into several vehicles, in fact. it happened in clinton, maryland. the driver of a car was killed, trapped between the bus and the truck. several others hurt, including students. abc's david kerley covers transportation. >> reporter: it's a bus carrying high schoolers around 6:00 in
5:41 pm
the morning, when out of nowhere, a semitruck plows into that bus. and it's difficult to see, but between the bus and the truck is a car that is squeezed, crushed between the two larger vehicles. the female driver in that car was killed. two students, the bus driver and three others were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. >> i do want to confirm that the students on that bus, and the driver, are okay. >> reporter: police would not confirm what the video appears to show. that the tractor trailer runs through a red light at the intersection, trying to turn, but barrelling into that car as it overturns and then into the bus. the ntsb does not plan to investigate this accident. but the federal government does tell us that on average, there are ten deadly school bus crashes every year on our roads. david? >> david kerley with us tonight. david, thank you. next, to new reporting tonight on that deadly police standoff. we have reported on the body cam here before. those two officers called to a home in suburban atlanta. the officers running up to that
5:42 pm
home, then coming under fire when they got to the front door. both were shot, both survived. and tonight, right here, we hear from them. we have now learned what they thought they were responding to. here's abc's steve osunsami. >> ah! >> reporter: the two surburban atlanta police officers seen in this body camera video suffering gunshot wounds during a routine police call are telling our station in atlanta tonight that they thought they were responding to a woman in labor, but the pregnant woman was already dead. >> as soon as i kicked in the door, about two seconds later, the guy started putting rounds on me. >> shots fired, shots fired. >> reporter: inside the house, 47-year-old anthony bailey was promising to shoot them dead, too, if they didn't leave. >> do not come in here. i got a lot of shots. >> reporter: officer keegan merritt, seen here, was shot in the hand. >> it stunned me, but i knew that he could see me and i couldn't see him and i was in a bad spot. >> reporter: officer taylor webb was shot in the chest and the hip, and was hiding in the garage before he was set free. after a 17-hour standoff, no one
5:43 pm
inside the home survived, including the gunman, who police say killed himself. >> the worst thing that happened over the entire incident is that civilians lost their lives. >> reporter: the officers tonight say they're glad that they were the ones who showed up first and not firefighters. david? >> all right, steve, thank you. and now, to the anger boiling on capitol hill today, aimed squarely at the pharmaceutical companies hiking prices over something many americans need, insulin. the house energy and commerce committee grilling representatives from three of the nation's biggest pharmaceutical companies over skyrocketing prices. >> i don't know how you people sleep at night. i just want you to know, your days are numbered. >> the executives answering that the prices are high partly because they say they need to spend more money to research better drugs. we turn to an alarming headline tonight about a beloved high school principal who underwent surgery to donate bone marrow to a stranger. a little boy in need of help. that principal then suffering complications and dying. here's abc's linsey davis.
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>> reporter: one final act of kindness is being remembered tonight, as this new jersey high school grieves the loss of their principal. dr. derrick nelson, just 44 years old, died unexpectedly over the weekend after recently donating bone marrow. >> even if you never even spoke a word with him, his impact was felt the moment you walked in as a freshman. >> reporter: according to the westfield high school newspaper, nelson was contacted by a bone marrow program, telling him he was a match for a 14-year-old boy in france. nelson reportedly telling the paper at the time, "if it's just a little bit of pain for a little bit of time that can give someone years of joy, it's all worth it." his fiance telling abc news that he suffered complications after his donation, saying, "his last kind and generous act on this earth, in giving so someone else might live, is a true testament to who he was." and david, doctors stress that complications from bone marrow donations are extremely rare. nelson is survived by his 6-year-old daughter. david? >> all right, linsey davis
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tonight. thank you, linsey. and tonight, the pentagon has now released the names of the three u.s. marines killed in afghanistan. they are corporal robert hendriks from new york, sergeant benjamin hines from york, pennsylvania, and staff sergeant christopher slutman, the new york city firefighter who we reported on last night here. their convoy was hit by a roadside bomb on monday near bagram air force base. the taliban is claiming responsibility. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this wednesday. one of the most famous tv contestants, this nation riveted, watched by millions, tonight, we remember him and the story behind him. also, the missing american couple disappearing on vacation in the dominican republic. what authorities today revealed about the couple from near new york city. the warning tonight about distracted drivers. the frightening moment right here on the highway when a speeding driver slams into the back of that truck because they were distracted. and your money tonight. gas prices on the rise. where it's already topping $4. and tonight right here, that new report, the best day to buy gas
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call 1-800-quit-now. we turn next tonight to your money. the average price of gas now at $2.74 a gallon and rising. in some places, topping $4. abc's adrienne bankert on the best day to buy gas and the worst. she's out to save your money. >> reporter: tonight, it's getting a lot more expensive to gas up your car. >> four days ago, we filled up and it was 20 cents cheaper. >> reporter: here in california, they're bracing for the highest prices in five years. the average now at $3.72 a gallon. but at this station, nearly $4.50. >> almost $5 just to get one gallon of gas, that's crazy. >> reporter: those price spikes fueled in part by refinery outages and floods hurting ethanol production. but experts say there are ways to conserve gas. >> adjust your driving habits, avoid those jackrabbit starts and stops. you know, aggressive driving is not only unsafe, it's also more costly. >> reporter: to save money, gas buddy found the best and worst days to fill up in each state. monday is the cheapest day to
5:49 pm
buy gas on average, and weekends are the most expensive days across more than half the country. david, analysts say that the price of gas is expected to go up again by this weekend. david? >> adrienne, thank you. when we come back, that american couple missing on vacation. what authorities have just revealed. and one of the great mysteries. the first image tonight of a black hole. . . the way you triumph over adversity. and live your lives. that's why we redesigned humira. we wanted to make the experience better for you. now there's less pain immediately following injection. we've reduced the size of the needle and removed the citrate buffers. and it has the same effectiveness you know and trust. humira citrate-free is here. a little change can make a big difference. humira can lower your ability to fight infections. serious and sometimes fatal infections, including tuberculosis, and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems,
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5:53 pm
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5:57 pm
as charles van doren got the questions right on the quiz show "21." >> did he behead katherine howard? >> he did! you've got 18 points. >> reporter: it appeared at times he was struggling to find the answers. no one knew he already knew them. >> yes, i know his name. halleck. general h.w. halleck. >> you're right. you have eight points. >> reporter: the role played by ray fiennes in the movie "quiz show." >> halleck. general h.w. halleck. >> you have 21! >> reporter: charles van boren won a lot of money. the equivalent today of a million dollars. >> congratulations for a wonderful victory. >> reporter: he was on the cover of "time." but amid growing questions about the quiz shows of that time -- >> the dramatic climax of the probe of fixed and rigged quiz shows. >> reporter: van doren would tell congressional investigators he had the questions and answers in advance. there were many other contestants, too, but charles van doren would become the face of it. >> for his wealth and fame, he paid a bitterly high price. >> reporter: after the scandal, after losing his teaching job at
5:58 pm
columbia, van doren would say he was foolish. >> i hope nobody ever gets in this situation. i really hope that they never do. but there's only way to live with it if you do, and that is to tell the trust. >> reporter: years later, he would say he created his life all over again. in his words, the result was something terrific. he and his wife had children, grandchildren. he was determined to read more, write more, to discover more. after a nation discovered that all of those answers on that quiz show were not what they seemed. a fascinating piece of history. i'm david muir. i hope to see you right here tomorrow. od night.t.
5:59 pm
what is the hardest thing about being homeless and solving homelessness? it's all part of our efforts to build a better bay area. prosecutors in the golden state killer case ignoring governor newsom's moratorium on the death penalty. will you soon be seeing kim kardashian west in a courtroom? maybe. how a san francisco law firm is helping the reality star become a lawyer. >> announcer: live where you live. this is abc 7 news. a sweeping report out tonight crunches the numbers on the bay area's homeless population. it also goes a step further, outlining several possible solutions and getting local leaders involved right from the start. >> we do have team coverage tonight looking at the numbers and solutions and reactions from both those local leaders and people who are homeless.
6:00 pm
>> homelessness is one of the issues that we've been product on as part of our building our better bay area initiative. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. laura anthony is live in oakland. laura? >> reporter: hi, ama. anyone who lives here in the bay area can see that it's a growing problem, these homeless encampments like the one behind me. the study shows most of the encampments, 70%, are in just three bay area counties. >> this is why we are all -- >> reporter: a moment of emotion to start a roundtable on homelessness, one to discuss the findings of a new report from the bay area council. oakland mayor libby schaaf began her remarks. a formerly homeless man marcus bishop approached her for a hug. [ applause ] >> reporter: until recently, bishop was one of nearly


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