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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  April 11, 2019 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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>> tv's number one daily viral video show "right this minute." a swimmer doing laps is suddenly in danger. >> the desperate scene with known around to help. >> my goodness. >> a cool game that let's you -- >> start building your own zoo on line. >> meet the man on a mission to save the real life animals he loves. >> the more you like the live stream, the more times you get in the game. >> there is a reason you should never try this at home. >> the improvement
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>> we are breaking down the best on the web including the best way to wake a sleeping husband. >> why answer that. >> it is definitely not what this guy wanted. >> good morning, babyhe secret . a great way to stay in shape. this guy here swimming some laps at a gym in south africa. one person walks up the stairs. for the most part, it looks like this gym is empty. spined around one more time to get to the other side of the pool. he stops to take a break and slips beneath the surface. the man has lost consciousness and it doesn't look like anybody is around.
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right before he went under the surface, he did call o. this man heard him and ripped off his jacket and does his best to get his face above the water. they get the swimmer out of the pool. many people now coming in to help out. the swimmer was sent to the hospital and has made a full recovery. the hero in this story has only been working at the gym since last july. he has said his dream have become a lifeguard. managers are putting in a good word for him. saying maintenance workers do not have any kind of formal first aid training at all.
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>> and despite the fact, he still saved someone else's life. >> idaho. she heard a noise and feared for her husband. there was an avalanche. not just snow, there are trees coming down along with that wash of snow. >> it is more of a mudslide, isn't it? >> it looks like things are starting to fall a little bit. >> the spring fall did affect others nearby. look at that building. it's broken. that's not the only one. there is the next door neighbor. >> it happened so slowly. it has so much mass behind it. >> over a month, veteran storm
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chaser caught this video in texas, oklahoma and illinois. this guy has been storm chasing for 27 years. what you are looking at is upside down lightening. it's rare but it does happen. >> how? >> the way lightening works is the negative charge on the earth and positive on the sky and they meet in the middle. sometimes, that positive charge comes from the ground and it creates upside down lightening. >> actually his camera was upside down. >> that is impressive. let's take a little cyber trip over to denmark to the rescue. he's doing these live streams. when we first talked to him, he had taken over the management of
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the zoo because his dad had recently passed. the zoo is comprised of rescue animals. they have a massage therapist that comes and gives the animals a little massage i also told you at the time, he is creating a game. before he took over the zoo, he was a game developer. the game is called rescue wars on line. now with this pc game, you can rescue animals and start building your own zoo on line. to tell us more about it, we have nico via skype on the line
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from denmark. >> who do you have there? >> this is one of the parrot. she lost most of her beak in an accident. basically, we saw so many people came see the stream and they were all pc gamers. you are part of the rescue team and you fight off evils. >> in the video, you are fundraising. >> the more you watch the live stream, the more kind you get inside of the game. yes, 100% of the profit the game makes is going directly to the foundation. >> do you think the people that play your game develop a respect
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for animals out in the real world? is. >> yes, exactly. they don't know much about it. i feel like giving them something so interactive they begin to care more about we have 600 animals, 120 species. >> it costs $300,000 danish a month. it is not done yet but in december, we are releasing to all the first at twitch at play rescue. >> you are the best. if you want to help out, head over to and go to tv show or get it on our moeb app.
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>> this video was sent to our facebook page. titled, never try this at doing some pretty significant diy feeling very, very it appears they may have put that into the when one door closes, you g t happens.dow
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it is fine. these two in the video are trying to do something weird. >> they take a tack in this case. >> that was the universe like, go to >> super model naomi campbell. c the story all about empowerment. and the mountain biker ahead who is blazing a trail. why he's a tough one to keep up with. >> brought to you by burlington. style for everyone.
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>> closed captioning provided by. >> super model naomiaomiaomiaomi recently in cape town south africa. ♪ >> this is like, i can do more than vogue. thank you very much. she's getting it done though. and then she went over to the
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marian rc school and of course all the girls there went >> a lot of those kids weren't even born at the peek of her career and still those kids went crazy. >> not only because she's a super model. >> you are right, as she walks around the room, they scream and cry. she gives hugs. this young woman was overcome with >> i'd give her a hug too. >> there is a enough love to go around. >> if you are trying your
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game, always helpful to have somebody else push you. in this case, a pro mountain biker. crossing it up over each jump. mateo is not a professional mountain biker yet. he's well on his way. he's got skills. >> you can see it because he's so small. the bike is small too. he's just sending it over these full size jumps. he's hot on his heels. doesn't seem to scare this kid at all. he said it was quite aumbl experience. >> it is always impressive to see this young talent.
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i'm pretty sure mateo has a bright future ahead of him self. >> sit back and enjoy this video next "right this minute." and still to come. returning to the wild to check on baby nala. >> being nourished eating dessert beetles. >> baby steps. >> a few fun stunts with some unexpected twists. and not so good. for the mundane. the awe-inspiring. the heart-racing. the heartbreaking. that's what life is all about... showing up. unless migraine steals your chance to say...
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it supports your heart... brain... eyes... and joints. megared. >> time to channel our inner david. we have to return to the wild and observe baby nala. >> last time she was released, we watched but then she ambushed the drone. they have a new drone and new
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footage. we find baby nala. observing the observer. we'll maintain distance. we are happy to see she looks fit and healthy. staying nourished by eating dessert beetles. no, no. just playing. more of a shell collection expert. still has a pointless pile of shells. >> is it possible, we don't understand the behavior of the species yet. >> they attempted to lead her towards food but at the same time, you cannot interfere. >> with fingers crossed, we leave baby
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day 36, we observe her black plastic bag. we see her on the seaside with what looks like a fishing line. we see her at the shore with a fishing line. but it is not a fishing line. day 38, it appears she stocked this corner store and bought herself a bag of chips. they start backing away. >> i'm sure there will be more to this documentary. >> thank you. >> panda bear bubble
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>> becoming quite popular when posting these kind of photos. then just some kind of stunt. in this way turns on the treadmill and it launches him right on. >> i feel like at some point, ryan got in trouble. his mom sent him and locked in the basement he was like, i have to pass the time. >> i guess with a flipper and par corpsist, that's what they
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are going to do. notice on his foot, he's secured a red plastic >> landed on a zip line midair. >> how cool is that and off he goes. >> an
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mite" an look de egle for what's the best way to wake up a sleeping husband? >> don't answer that. >> a little whipped cream. a big balloon. a thumbtack on the forehead. >> you cray. measure to make sure everything is correct. before you do that, head over
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and rig up the hair tie. >> he escalated. >> now get an air horn. good morning, baby. >> he didn't know what was coming his way. i got to wash this >> you still need to rinse off. >> now there is a mess ever where. >> he's been trained. >> that is so nice. >> he's a husband and one day, he wants to be woken up another way. >> by the way, we've been talking breakfast in bed. >> they got him >> told you he'd be cleaning it up. >> that's all for now.
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good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a thursday night. and we begin with that dramatic arrest in london. julian assange pulled out of the ecuadorian embassy. defiantly holed up in that embassy for nearly seven years. often speaking from that window right there. but today, a starkly different image. shackled out of the embassy. his long beard. soon taken before a judge. will he not be extradited to the u.s.? abc's david wright leads us off from london. >> reporter: until today, julian assange was untouchable. but this morning, british police dragged him out of the ecuadorian embassy bearded,


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