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tv   Nightline  ABC  April 13, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines. ♪ wheel... of... fortune! ladies and gentlemen, here are the stars of america's game -- pat sajak and vanna white! hey, how you doing? thank you. thank you, jim. [ cheers and applause ] oh, we don't deserve that. we don't... thank you very much. -hey. how are ya? -woman: hi! good to see you, folks. get ready. we're gonna start it right off with a "toss up" and give away $1,000 to one of these folks. "phrase" is the category. go get 'em, vanna. ♪
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[ bell dings ] joe. i am out of here. that's it. goodbye. but you're not, right? but i'm not. joe proszek from charlotte, north carolina. let's hear all about your life in charlotte. what do you do there? well, i work for the charlotte 49ers, charlotte athletics. go, niners. -charlotte is a school there? -it's a school, yeah. it's the university there in charlotte. i'm the director of athletic video, which is perfect for me. i get to be around sports even though i really wasn't big enough to play 'em for too long in my life. -so you can still hang around. -yeah, i'm still happy. big outdoors guy? oh, i love it. just anything that gets me outside. look behind you. yeah, i know. i was saying this is the perfect time for me to be on, weekend escape. and it's not really outdoors. it's phony. eh, it's good enough for me. but we're glad you're here anyway. -thank you. -hi, julie. julie regalado... correct. from santa monica, california. -a pastry chef, huh? -yes. yeah? i've been a pastry chef for 15 years at some of the most prestigious hotels, and, um... did you grow up cooking and baking and all that? no. i actually went to school for broadcast journalism,
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and somehow, during my ways, i figured it out, and i love art, so that's the way that i can incorporate my art skills into my work. and talk about your... you're married. and you got some exciting news coming along, huh? yes. i am married to my amazing husband james. we just celebrated our 1-year anniversary. and i'm -- we are expecting our first child, so we're very excited about that. -well, we're excited for you. -thank you. and we wish you luck on the show. thank you. hi, jennifer. we have joe, julie, and jennifer here. yes. jennifer hedge is from bakersfield, california. -what do you do there? -i am a district superintendent for an elementary school district. okay. and you're married? i am. we're newlyweds, and we have a blended family with the "brady bunch" -- three boys and three girls, all the way from 20 to 11. i have trevor, jerika, jessalyn, ethan, trenton, and chloe. have you ever seen my "brady bunch" impression? no. [ chuckles ]
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[ laughter ] that's great. we asked for hobbies. you said, "i have no time for hobbies." i don't have any hobbies. all right. well, then i won't ask ya. all right, get ready. we'll do another "toss up." this one is worth $2,000. and the category is "in the kitchen." ♪ [ bell dings ] -jennifer. -pressure cooker. yeah. she gets it. [ cheers and applause ] whoo! good for you. she won $2,000. she'll be starting our first round. the category is "things." and go ahead and spin, jennifer. s. there is an s. actually, two of them. whoo! and you're off to a nice $1,200 start. i'd like to buy an e. uh-huh. three e's.
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t. yeah, three t's. whoo! i'd like to buy an a. yeah, well, can arrange that, too. there are two a's. i'd like to solve the puzzle. all right. past present and future. -i think that's it. yeah. -whoo! [ laughs ] hi! how ya doing? -hi! good! -congratulations. thank you. you made that look way too easy. $2,800 that round. also got that "toss up." you're up to $4,800. off to a nice start. and we're off to a commercial start, and we'll be right back. hooray. yay!
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jim: tonight's mystery round is brought to you by aspercreme with lidocaine. woman: who knew cupcakes could be so painful? but the smell of pain cream isn't very appetizing. aspercreme is maximum strength relief that's odor free. aspercreme. jim: $10,000! all righty. [ applause ] so we're doing one of our crosswords here, and the clue is "it's in the can." joe, you'll start. t. one the can. r. and one r, yeah. -i'd like to buy a vowel. -okay. an e.
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one e. buy another vowel -- a. and there's a lot of a's up there. let's see, one, two.. three, four... five a's. all right. n. yep, one n. pick up that "chicago" trip. that'll go right down there. [ applause ] okay, you've got that. you have $1,350 cash. what do you want to do? -i'll buy a vowel. -mm-hmm. the u. two u's. and that's it. all the vowels are gone. all right. l. no l. hmm. julie. [ horn honks ] s. yes. three s's. pick up that "1/2 car," that nissan versa.
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okay, you got that and a little bit of cash. -p. -yeah. two p's. g. yes, there's a g. -m. -there you -- yeah, that's it. [ laughs ] so it's a matter of reading what's up there. don't leave anything out and don't add anything. go ahead. asparagus peas tuna spam. -there you go. -thank you. -all in the can. -hi. -hi. -how you doing? doing well, thank you. my hands feel cold. are they? was i cold? was that cold? i felt like that was a cold handshake. -no. -all right. it's a great handshake. but hers are warm, so i feel much better now. $3,800 and you have that "1/2 car," which means you can pick up the other half somewhere along the line. and wouldn't that be nice?
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everybody has some money. that's good. and we'll be back after these messages. [ applause ]
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[ distant traffic sounds ] [ loud traffic sounds ] [ music replaces the noise ] the new galaxy s10 on xfinity mobile.
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the phone and network designed to do more. switch and save today, and you get a new galaxy. say "get a galaxy" to learn more. "wheel" has a new letter. a new letter? no. a new newsletter. oh, a new newsletter. now from right inside their email, members get video messages from us, great show clips, and fun games. ooh. so join the wheel watchers club at glad you're back. "fun & games," that's what we're looking for this time. and it's our "prize puzzle" round. and julie, who has half a car, would love to get the other half. here she goes. r. and there's an r. yeah.
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-can i buy a vowel? -mm-hmm. e. there are four e's. s. one s. yeah. t. there are two t's. and you're up to $2,000-plus. -i'd like to buy a vowel. -yeah. -a. -one a. h. one h. oh, boy. i see trouble, and there it is. and, julie, i have to take that "1/2 car." i'm sorry about that. jennifer, your turn.
10:14 pm
l. one l. i'd like to buy the o. there is an o, yeah. -ooh. -aw. joe, your turn. n. there are two n's. buy a vowel -- i. yeah, three i's. that's it. vowels gone. g. one g. oh, boy. everybody's... had some bad luck. that was bad timing there. julie, you have no money. gonna give it a spin? yes.
10:15 pm
well, you might have some money soon. p. one p. $3,500. wow. z. is there a z in that puzzle? yeah. -i'd like to solve, pat. -all right. zip-lining above the trees. yes. uh-huh. [ cheers and applause ] [ laughs ] [ applause ] 'cause you don't want to zip-line into the trees. no. it's important to be above the trees, especially if you're doing it on the island of saint lucia, because you'll have a real... oh, my gosh! [ cheers and applause ] oh, my god. jim: julie, here's a place to soak up that warm island sunshine! a fun and relaxing tropical getaway awaits you at the all-inclusive st. james's club morgan bay in saint lucia. with luxurious accommodations and enjoyable amenities, including four swimming pools, a variety of water sports,
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four dining options, and nightly entertainment. be as active or relaxed as you please... hey, hey! $11,800 that round. julie has $15,600. we still have lots of money to give away. don't anyone despair. we'll be back with more in a minute. [ applause ] vanna: closed captioning sponsored by... man: prevagen. your brain changes as you get older, but prevagen helps your brain. in clinical trials, prevagen improved short term memory... to score the latest styles forg the whole family... ...and something for you. oh yeah. that's yes for less. you heard me - 20 to 60 percent off department store prices! at the ross spring shoe event. on now! alright,yeah!excited? waaahoo...
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well... that was fun, right? it's time to get more. lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines.
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and you find the same style you knoyou saw there... ross that's yes for less. yes! say yes to those spring trends you love, at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less. hi. it's "toss up" time. "movie title" for our third "toss up" of the night. here we go. ♪ ♪
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[ bell dings ] jennifer. smurfs: the most village. [ chuckles ] no. no. everybody else. oh. julie. smurfs: the lost village. yeah, that's -- that's it. [ cheers and applause ] i'm with you, jennifer. $3,000 more for julie, who's up over $18,000 now. "place" is the category for the next round. and you won the right to spin the wheel. go ahead. t. one t. i'd like to buy a vowel -- e, please. yeah, there are a couple of e's. i think the "lose a turn's" gonna get you. okay, jennifer, go ahead.
10:20 pm
h. one h. s. s, she says, and there is no s. joe. r. one r. n. no n. julie, back to you. but not for long, i'm afraid. jennifer, try it again. -oh, man. yikes. joe. -come on, joe. g. there's no g. julie.
10:21 pm
l. there is an l. actually, two l's. and there's $1,600 for you. -i'd like to buy a vowel. -mm-hmm. i. no. jennifer. d. no d. joe. y. yes, there's a y. p. and there is a p. c. was hoping you'd say that. yeah. the rest are vowels. go ahead. i'd like to solve. the royal palace. there ya go. that's more like it. -thank you. -nice going. had to get one. yeah! good job. [ audience laughs ] one day i'm gonna be high-fived right in the head. uh, $2,400 that round. you're up to $3,400. and the good news for everybody is
10:22 pm
we have time for another round. vanna, may we see another puzzle, please? there it is. the category for this one is "occupation." [ bell dings ] and that sound means i'm gonna give the wheel a final spin. ask you to give me a letter. if it's in the puzzle, three seconds to solve it. vowels worth nothing. consonants -- we'll add $1,000. they'll be worth $1,600 apiece. again, it's "occupation." and, jennifer, we start with you. let's have a letter. r. yeah, two r's. [ buzzer ] joe. t. two t's. [ buzzer ] julie. s. one s. [ buzzer ]
10:23 pm
jennifer. n. there you go. two n's. dance instructor. that's it. yeah! yeah! [ cheers and applause ] that turned out all right, actually. yeah. you may have made more money than you think there. "the lost village." [ laughs ] you know what? i don't know the smurf movies real well. i wouldn't worry too much about that one. [ laughs ] what i would concern myself with is that you had a really good night. $6,400 that round. $11,200. nice going, jennifer. nice to have you here. thank you. thank you. i'll be back. -had a good time, i trust? -i had a great time. and we got some money for you -- $3,400. -thank you, joe. -i'll take that. thank you. yeah. you got it. -so that leaves you, huh? -yes. $18,600. so... you get to choose from among three categories for the bonus round, and here they come. which one are you gonna play? is it gonna be a "phrase"? is it gonna be "food & drink"? or "living thing"?
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you get your choice. what's it gonna be? "food & drink." aha. aha. i don't know why i said "aha." [ laughs ] it seemed like the thing to say. we'll see how she does right after this. ♪ what sore muscles? what with advpounding head? .. advil is... relief that's fast. strength that lasts. you'll ask... what pain? with advil. a great dishwasher needs a great detergent. so ge appliances tested finish on over 5000 dishes proving dish after sparking dish that it's not just clean, it's finished. switch to finish quantum. recommended by ge appliances. the way you triumph over adversity. and live your lives. that's why we redesigned humira. we wanted to make the experience better for you. now there's less pain immediately
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a little time wand nowfavorite people goeat denny's,y. $6.99 goes a long way too. you can get 2 eggs, 3 sausage links, 3 strips of bacon and 2 buttermilk pancakes all for just $6.99. the new meat lovers slam is here. see you at denny's. so who's in the audience with you? i have my amazing husband james, michelle, and steven. okay. and they all look amazing, but james looks really amazing.
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he is. [ laughter ] i'll bet. okay, ready to spin the wheel? -yes. -go ahead. there's $100,000 out there, you know. and where are we? there we go. grab that for me, please. thank you. come on. we're gonna head over here and ask you to stop right there and work on this puzzle, which tonight, you chose "food & drink," right? yes. so we'll see how this happens here. we have a couple letters from the r, s, t, l, n, e. and now you'll pick three more consonants and a vowel. p. that'd be one. d. if you're scoring at home, that would be two. m. and your vowel. a. all right, let's see how all this works out. audience, please. it's always tempting, but be very quiet as we go through this. huh.
10:28 pm
all right, "food & drink." you have 10 seconds to try to work that out. good luck. baked jams. baked hams. no. ♪ [ buzzer ] baked yams. yeah. you baked everything but the yams there. i'm sorry. [ audience laughs ] and we have to look in here... oh. ...and find the convertible. [ audience groans ] she's fine. it's okay. don't... okay. i believe you're overreacting. she won $18,600 cash and prizes. she's having her first child. everything is good! -congratulations. -thank you so much. thank you. oh, thank you, thank you. good luck with everything. -thank you, pat. -vanna and i will be right back. ♪ are we there yet? no. are we there yet? ah. you win the round! you're a genius. i know. vanna: wheel of fortune free play.
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download now. -you like yams, don't you? -i do. i do know that about you. they are a staple in my refrigerator. really? yeah. yeah, they're good for you, too. -they are good for you. -yeah. i eat 'em all the time. now is a yam -- a yam's not a sweet potato. -it is not. -all right. yams are more orange. -and sweet potatoes are... -are more yellow. ...are less orange. well, that cleared that up. and we'll see you next time for more cooking tips. -so long. -goodbye! jim: promotional consideration provided by... ...were low rates and award-winning service are just the beginning. i've got a certain way i like to do things. i like consumer cellular. their plans start as low as $15 a month with no contracts. and that's the way we like it. woman: get wireless the way you like it. call, go online, or find us at target. woman: not worrying about having dry mouth. act dry mouth,to soothe and moisturize...
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♪ this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- a stay-at-home mom from elgin, south carolina... a paralegal from durham, north carolina... and our returning champion, a student from seatac, washington... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek!
10:31 pm
thank you, johnny. a lot of numbers there for johnny to come up with a big total of $127,000 and change. justin and michelle, you know you've got your work cut out for you today, but who knows? it all depends on the category. so let's find out what they are in the first round of play. remember, there's one daily double. here are the categories... then we have some trail mix for you. we'll give you the... you i.d. the song for me, please. -ryan. -let's try o'boy, $200. michelle. who is conan o'brien? correct. o'boy for $400.
10:32 pm
michelle. who is electra? -right. -o'boy, $600. "give war a chance" is among the contrarian works of this political satirist. michelle. who is roy blount? no. ryan. -who's p. j. o'rourke? p. j. o'rourke, correct. o'boy, $800. justin. what is argentina? no. ryan. -what is chile? -yes. o'boy, $1,000. here's this ex-governor of maryland debating hillary clinton during the democratic primaries. justin. -who is o'malley? martin o'malley, you're out of the hole. i read the news today, $200, please. in december of 2017, fans of the ahl's bears of this pennsylvania chocolate town broke their own record tossing 25,000 teddy bears for charity.
10:33 pm
ryan. -what's hershey? -yes. -read the news, $400. [ beep ] happened in iran. back to you, ryan. news, $600. justin. what is loyola? loyola of chicago, right. news, $800. michelle. who is tony blair? correct. i read the news today, $1,000.
10:34 pm
[ beep ] those two words are bomb cyclone. we're done with that category, michelle. where to next? classic songs' first lines for $200. -ryan. -what's "born in the u.s.a."? -that's the song. -classic, $400. -ryan. -what is "my way"? -correct. -songs, $600. -justin. -what is "a day in the life"? -right. -songs, $800. michelle. -who is mary jane? -no. -ryan. -what is "free fallin'"? -that's it. -classic, $1,000. ryan. what is "you lost that lovin' feelin'"?
10:35 pm
oh, you're so close. it's not "you," it's "you've." y-o-u-apostrophe-v-e. so you lose $1,000, and you're still in the lead and we're gonna take a break. back in a moment. ♪ star wars galaxy's edge opening may 31st at disneyland resort
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promotional consideration provided by... michelle mueckler is a stay-at-home mom from south carolina who has started a collection of designer purses. so you're hoping to win a lot of money on "jeopardy!" because designer purses are expensive, aren't they? they are. i think my kids have already spent many times over what i'm hoping to collect to give them someday. so, yes. do you have a favorite designer of ladies' purses? i would probably say chanel, but i've got quite a collection of louis vuitton going on. okay, good for you. justin moody is a paralegal from durham, north carolina, who was married by a kind of priest that i've never heard of. -a dudeist priest. -a dudeist? a dudeist priest. it's a religion based on the film "the big lebowski." [ laughs ] my wife megan and i got married in a small town at a winery. we didn't know any of the clergy there. her best friend's father was an ordained dudeist priest
10:39 pm
and performed our ceremony. okay. right on, dude. way to go. [ laughter ] ryan fenster is our champion. he has won $127,000 and change, and yet, your sister goes to great lengths to keep you humble. -yes, indeed. -what does she do? she tells me to shut up every day. actually, this has -- we had a friend, a mutual friend said, "man, ryan's, like, the smartest guy in a room, but he never let on. how is he so humble?" she said, "easy. i tell him to shut up all the time." okay, let's get back into this. you have command of the board right now, champ. all right, yeah. let's try trail mix, $400. justin. what is manitoba? -you are right. -trail mix, $200.
10:40 pm
-ryan. -what's the pony express? -yes. -trail, $600. -justin. -what is the trail of tears? -correct. -trail mix, $800. answer -- daily double. [ applause ] you've just taken the lead. do $800, please. all right, here is the clue. what is the ho chi minh trail? that's it. [ applause ] trail mix, $1,000. ryan. -what is mount shasta? -no. justin or michelle? [ beep ] talking about mount whitney. back to you, justin.
10:41 pm
novels, $200. -justin. -who is hemingway? no. ryan or michelle? [ beep ] who is james joyce? go again, justin. -novels, $400. -ryan. -who is proust? -yes, marcel proust. -novels, $600. michelle. who is nora ephron? correct. autobiographical novels, $800. -justin. -what is look homeward? yes. less than a minute now. $1,000, novels. michelle. who is miller? right, henry miller. word puzzles, $200. a legal doctrine overturned in the 1950s. -ryan. -what's separate but equal? -good. -word, $1,000. this familiar phrase originates
10:42 pm
from tennyson's "the charge of the light brigade." justin. what is cannon to the left of them, cannon to the right of them? -yep. $800. what a celebrity might say to the paparazzi. ryan. uh, quit looking at me? no. justin. -what is quit following me? -that's it. -$600. game of stones. -michelle. -what is dominos? right, and now the last clue. i've got a few in the closet. -michelle. -what are pullover sweaters? you got it and that takes you up to $2,600. you're right in the middle. ryan, though, is the one going first to start us in double jeopardy!
10:43 pm
♪ new wok fired shrimp, another american chinese creation from panda express.
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new wok fired shrimp, another aalright,yeah!excited?ion waaahoo... well... that was fun, right? it's time to get more. lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines. seresto, serjake...eresto. seresto, seresto, seresto. whatever your dog brings home to you, it shouldn't be fleas and ticks. seresto gives your dog 8 continuous months
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of flea and tick protection in an easy-to-use, non-greasy collar. seresto, seresto, seresto. ohh no, jake. seresto. 8-month. seresto, seresto, seresto. closed captioning sponsored in part by... alex: a bit of an up-and-down round, that first one for our champion, ryan. so he's picking first now because he's in third place.
10:46 pm
you're gonna love this first one. those three letters -- a-g-e -- will come up in exactly the middle of each correct response. ryan. -world history, $400. michelle. what is the northeast passage? no. justin. -what is the northwest passage? -you are correct. world history, $800, please. answer -- daily double. all right. [ applause ] you know the drill. $1,000, please. $1,000 only? all right, here is the clue.
10:47 pm
what is egypt? egypt is right, yes. on the nile. -go again. -world history, $1,200. justin. -who is khrushchev? -yes. -history, $1,600. michelle. who are the sandinistas? yes. from book to tv, $400. michelle. what is "war and peace"? -yes. -book to tv, $800.
10:48 pm
michelle. who is stephen king? -good. -book to tv, $1,200. -ryan. -what is syfy? -yeah. -book, tv, $1,600. [ beep ] and that was "the last tycoon." ryan, go again. -world, $2,000. michelle. what is avignon? good. book to tv, $2,000. aidan turner plays this winston graham title hero fighting injustice in cornwall on pbs's "masterpiece."
10:49 pm
[ beep ] that hero is "poldark." back to you, michelle. -entitled, $400. -ryan. -what's a dame? -yeah. -entitled, $800. -ryan. -what is elder? -correct. -entitled, $1,200. -justin. -who is mussolini? -yes. -abcs of the cia, $400. join me at cia headquarters. it's the u in a uav, this kind of aerial vehicle, like the insectothopter, one of the cia's early miniaturized drones that was also a listening device. justin. -what is unmanned? -right. -abcs, $800. answer -- daily double. [ applause ]
10:50 pm
$1,000 again. again? all right. here's the clue. what is the director of central intelligence? you are correct. [ applause ] abcs, $1,200. justin. what are weapons of mass destruction? -yes. -abcs, $1,600. michelle. what is briefing? good. abcs, $2,000. -justin. -what is station? -correct. -middle "age" -- $400. -justin. -what is a menagerie?
10:51 pm
-right. -age, $800. [ beep ] "what is eager?" -back to you. -age, $1,200. michelle. what is a bagel? bagel, yes. middle "age" -- $1,600. -michelle. -what is a cager? -correct. -middle "age" -- $2,000. -ryan. -what are wages? -wages, right you are. -entitled, $2,000. -ryan. -what is ethiopia? -yes. -entitled, $1,600. -ryan. -who's the governor general? -you are right. -god bless americium, $400.
10:52 pm
-justin. -what is a nuclear reactor? -good. -americium for $800. -ryan. -what are gamma rays? -that's it. -americium, $1,200. ryan. what's a fire detector -- smoke alarm, smoke alarm? smoke alarm, we'll accept that. americium, $1,600. justin. -what is berkeley? -no. -ryan. -what is chicago? university of chicago. now the last clue.
10:53 pm
justin. -what is inferno? -no. -ryan. -what is pandemonium? that's it and that takes you into the lead. -[ blows ] -takes us to final jeopardy! yeah. our champion breathing a sigh of relief. here's the category for final today -- 1970s movies. we'll reveal the clue when we come back. and i recently had hi, ia heart attack. it changed my life. but i'm a survivor. after my heart attack, my doctor prescribed brilinta. it's for people who have been hospitalized for a heart attack. brilinta is taken with a low-dose aspirin. no more than 100 milligrams as it affects how well brilinta works. brilinta helps keep platelets from sticking together and forming a clot. in a clinical study, brilinta worked better than plavix. brilinta reduced the chance of having another heart attack... ...or dying from one. don't stop taking brilinta without talking to your doctor, since stopping it too soon increases your risk of clots in your stent, heart attack, stroke, and even death. brilinta may cause bruising or bleeding more easily, or serious, sometimes fatal bleeding. don't take brilinta if you have bleeding, like stomach ulcers,
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a history of bleeding in the brain, or severe liver problems. slow heart rhythm has been reported. tell your doctor about bleeding new or unexpected shortness of breath any planned surgery, and all medicines you take. if you recently had a heart attack, ask your doctor if brilinta is right for you. my heart is worth brilinta. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. ...finding the right drop can be overwhelming. and ordinary eye drops... ...just add temporary moisture. but you want more. you want relief that lasts. you want to address the main cause of dry eyes. you want soothe xp eye drops... ...from bausch + lomb. the only eye drop that contains restoryl mineral oils. it's shown to help restore the lipid layer. to seal in moisture... and protect against further irritation. ordinary drops can't do that. soothe xp. the right choice for dry eyes.
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great work by all three players on our show today as they now get set to deal with 1970s movies and this clue... 30 seconds. good luck. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:58 pm
you had a bit of a choice here. i hope you selected the right one. we start with you, justin. you wound up at $11,200. very impressive. and you came up with... "what is close encounters of the third kind?" and that is right. so you're gonna add to that, almost doubling your score. you're in the lead right now with $22,399. let's go to michelle. she had $11,400. and that total will go up because she also is correct. and her wager? $11,400. she is now in the lead with $22,800. ryan fenster, the champ, was leading. came on strong in the latter stages of double jeopardy! came up with a correct response here. and if he risked enough and oh, boy, he did, didn't he? he winds up at $29,100... -wow. ...making him a 7-day champion with $156,497. and he will try to add to that impressive total
10:59 pm
tomorrow right here. please join us then.
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