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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 14, 2019 1:07am-1:41am PDT

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♪ the makers of roundup. i'm kate larson. good evening. logan couture scored two more today, a jury awarded a bay area goals tonight and leads the nhl couple $2 billion. with 13 this postseason. friends and family lit but he was the only one scoring candle it is fremont tonight to for the sharks in game two of remember the life of a high their western conference finals school student killed by a suspected drunk driver. matchup with st. louis. i'm amanda del castillo in the south bay. bruce bochy, look how pumped he a medical journal published the was. sharks down early 2-0 in the second period. a length -- to save her mother's couture. life. "abc7 news" starts right now. stealing a puck, trying to get the breakaway going. >> now, news to build a b 7. oh, stops on a dime and pokes it aleast five people are de, ten injuredalaska, after tw in. making it happen. two the rush, sightseeing planes collided in mid-air. >> this shows one of the injured passengers rescued and brought shoots and scores. tied at 2-2. to shore. late third, 3-2 st. puts it up. the coast guard is going to search for the night for the person still missing. >> it happened at the southern blues win 4-2. tip of the state. series tied at two apiece.
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most of the passengers were from a cruise ship the royal >> kind of like last series, we princess. we just spoke to one of the passengers who had been oni, yot played a decent good game, and then play, in my opinion, that wasn't anywhere near what we're capable of. i don't think we played to our plane if i had decided to choose capabilities. >> it's always discouraging to the later. drop a game, you know? we understand it could happen at one, two, three, four, five, any time, anywhere. whatever it >> we have to go to st. louis and win a game. >> this is video of the ship in this is behind us and looking forward to game three. seattle before it departed. the trip started in vancouver on the warriors were back at saturday and is supposed to practice today, heading into arrive in anchorage on may 18th. game one of their series with likely going to the ntsb is sending a crew from washington, d.c. to investigate. tonight, a major verdict against the makers of roundup miss the first two games. for causing an east bay couple's he'll be re-evaluated thursday. cancer. no guarantee everyone needs to a $2 billion in punitive damages, the third jury to say the company failed to warn consumers about the product's dangers. little bit on the kevin stuff. kate larson ie with the injury is open ended in terms of how long he's going to need to recover. baseball, he's visiting the ordered monsanto to pay the
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couple $1 billion each, it is mariners. chris davis going deep, not the thi the largest judgment once, but twice. the other k.d., gone over a so far. they responded by calling the month without a homer. award excessive and the a's took a 4-1 lead. unjustifiable. holding hands and mauoving slow, mariners, tie i in the 10th and walk it off. a vicry for the $2 billion reward seems less victorious when you know the pain they have endured. the a'se rirs 6-5n 10. >> we've been fighting cancer for nine years now. abc 7 sports. it was caused by roundup. >> reporter: the couple sprayed monsanto's weed killer roundup >> still a mystery about at their home and a few other properties for more than 30 k.d.some >> you've got to wait. maybe two, three, you don't years. they saw the commercials know. a strained calf. we have to spraying the herbicide. >> their ads, we felt that it was incredibly safe to use. >> reporter: then both, now in their 70s, developed cancer. she was diagnosed in 2011 and alberta in 2015. >> now she needs or she dies.
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>> reporter: this is the third case to prove that cause cancer. in march, monsanto was ordered to pay $80 million in damages to a santa rosa man who used roundup and is in remission monsanto called the latest verdict disappointing and will appeal. the consensus they said among off! familycare provides mosquito protection leading health regulators with a dry formula that's not oily or greasy worldwide that the productks be so you can keep living life your way. used safely. off! live on. there are more than 13,000 sc johnson cases st pending in courts across the u.s. against monsanto, including more here in the bay area. monsanto disputes a warni inini roundup was ne rdy f angin ourp. we havcific. it's an active pattern that is
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unfolding. and we have storms lined up 4,000 miles plus away from the bay area. so here's what you can expect. unsettled weather this week, with periods of rain, winds at times. okay, i never thought i'd say this, and there's even a chance of thunder on thursday. but i found bladder leak underwear here's a look at live doppler 7 that's actually pretty. right now. all's quiet, but this is not how surprised? it's going to look very soon. it's called always discreet boutique. i'll be back with the timeline it looks and fits like my underwear. coming back. i know what you're thinking. >> thank you, sandhya. how can something this pretty protect? in the east bay, an emotional tribute to a high hidden inside is a super absorbent core school student in fremont, who that quickly tur was life was cut short over the weekend by a suspected drupg for incredible protection. so i feel protected and pretty. driver. cornell bernard is live where always discreet boutique. new color. new size. there was a candle light vigil. >> reporter: ama, so much love tonight from students, friends, and family for a young man with a big heart and big dreams. >> that's my brother. he was a great kid. he had a great future. >> reporter: family and friends showed their love for the 17-year-old with kind words and
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candles. the junior at washington high school played football his jersey on display. mom saysit herfe.o graduating, and being able to get his license. but that fell short. >> reporter: the 17-year-old was killed early saturday when the car he was riding in was struck head-on by a wrong way driver. ashley marie oliver was arrested we appreciate your time. for drunk driving. i'm dan ashley. >> take the message. >> i'm ama daetz. do not drink and drive. thanks for being here. >> good night. >> reporter: he and four other teens were headed to the beach. three of them were not wearing seat belts. >> i was really struck by his honesty and his open heart. >> reporter: friends say armando ♪ tv's number one daily viral wanted to be a firefighter. >> we both decided firefighting video show, "right this minute." would be a good b >> look at that. heasus helpful >> tyler is not sure what the
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prson. >> reporter: a grieving mom, now big birthday gift will be. struggling to move forward >> but still -- >> clearly she's coming. without her son. >> i will never, ever be able to >> the magic moment he finally knows what it means. celebrate a mother's day again with my son. people are just trying to instead, i have to plan a cross the street. >> that goose is like huh u. funeral. >> why there's no jay-walking >> reporter: the go fund me with the geese police. she's been standing there account has been set up to help patiently. >> and waiting and waiting. the family with funeral >> why the wait was not worth expenses. cornell bernard, "abc7 news." it. >> oh. plus, your chance to win a an east bay uber driver is new ipad with today's buzz word. facing kidnapping charges. and a guy rigs up a 23-year-old was arrested, two >> the quirky home improvement women accused him of trying to minus the improvement part. having sex with them. investigators say women told police he tried to keep them from getting out of the car. >> this might work h pzeaiting r one each jumped out of the vehicle as it was moving in order to escape. him. >> wait. as part of our effort to build a >> here on that table. better bay area, we spent a week digging into the rideshare industry, including what filled with presents. filled with present. background checks drivers go through. what's in that, tyler?
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read all the stories on our webse,abne. >> what's that? look for the rideshare reality >> oh, wait, wait, wait. section. but i hear something. the oakland a's have the >> nick, come here. green light to move forward with he spotted that. almost some sort of weird, high plans to develop a new ballpark. pitched, i don't know, video today's decision means the baseball team has four years to interference. next gift comes out. carry out environmental studies and apply for permits to build not quite sure what to make of the stadium. the water front site would this. replace the current home at the not too happy about this one. coliseum. in the south bay, we're learning about a santa cruz >> at this point -- woman who donated a piece of >> am i getting a dog? herself to save her mom. >> that's an interesting >> it happened right here in the assumption that you've made with the gift you've been given. bay area. there's absolutely no other >> amanda del castillo has a really powerful story. indicator happening that you might be actually getting a dog. still, clearly keeps >> reporter: rose lynn's shows no sign of the pain she endured. at one point, her kidneys were barely functioning. she needed a transplant. >> there's nothing, i'll just be on dialysis forever. >> reporter: she had grown used to the eight-hour treatments.
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oly 19 at the time, her daughter found research on pair and chained organ donation. >> nobody knew what i was talking about. they didn't know which department to transher me to. one of the hospitals i called, they transherred me to the morgue. >> reporter: until she reached dr. john roberts. >> one is, nobody had ever done it before. >> reporter: the first nonidentical organ swap. volunteering to donate one of her organs to save her mother's life. >> i said no, no, don't do anything for me. >> reporter: they found that match, a pair of sisters, one in need of a liver, the other needed a kidney. in part, she donated part of her liver. the transplant surgery happened in july 2017. transplantation. nearly two years later, mother'
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day has a different meeting. >> she saved two lives. >> reporter: her daughter improved the quality of her life. >> it's e life. >> reporter: in the south bay, amanda del castillo, "abc7 news." from child care workers to dog walkers, we're often letting strangers into our home. i'm michael finney. a special building a better bay area, what you can do to stay safe. also here, delivery on demand. how burger king plans to help out hangry drivers. night.e's a look at whng on jimg >> very well done. whoa, whoa, whoa!
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get raid and get tough on roaches fast. sc johnson tastier... i was literally born for this. ♪ you had me at fried chicken pacifier. try my new spicy chicken strips combo today. with 100% all-white meat chicken. we're talking about wet weather this week, but would you believe that we have seen storms later in previous years? take a look at 2017 and 2015. it rained in the second week of june. but way back in 2014, we had a storm all the way back on july
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22. mind you, rain totals were low. we're looking at a lot more rain this upcoming week. meteorologist sandhya patel will have the detailed forecast in accuweather in just minutes. home safety. abc 7, building a better bay area. >> keeping your home safe is usually about keeping people out. but what about people you invite in? >> like your babysitters, delivery people. we let in a lot of people. but how can you make sure they're not dangerous? >> this woman, who was arrested and accused of posing as a nanny by stealing the identity of real nannies. she's just one of a number of incidents that "abc7 news" covered. >> in our continuing effort to build a better bay area, michael finney examines what you need done in a background check to be safe. >> you can't be too careful who you let in your home unfortunately. >> reporter: that's the warning of john clark from the police department, following the arrest
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of darlene, accused of stealing the identity of real nannies to gain entry into people's homes. the case brought back memories for residents patrick michael and his sister, rosalee. a caregiver they hired through a national agency back in 2010, stole from their mother, rose. these are pictures of patrick and rosalee helping their late mom back then. after accusations of signing checks to herself and making fraudulent credit car charges, the caregiver pled guilty. >> we discovered that some of the charges on the charge card were from porn graphic movies, an my mom wasn't into porn. >> reporter: in all, the caregiver stole $30,000 from patrick's mother. the family's attorney would discover -- >> they only use the cheapest --
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99 cents. in other words -- >> reporter: julie jackson is a former police officer and is now a private investigator. she's at the marin county superior court to conduct a background check on a job applicant. she's checking for both -- >> won their criminal case, but maybe someone went after them in civil court. >> reporter: ss went hiring through a company, ask lots of questions. >> what databases are you using? are you checking every county and city they lived in? we need to ask those questions? >> reporter: live scan is a database of criminals, but does not include all criminal charges. rosalee said if she could do it over again, she would have checked the references. >> every one of them was fake, because the attorney and i did a
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big investigation into everyone she listed and everything was false. >> reporter: you can hire your own investigator to conduct a check, and that will cost you around 75 to $500. that depends on how many cities the person you're investigating has lived in. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> good info. this week, we forecussed on safety as part of our efforts to build a better bay area. learn how to protect your family and your home by watching "abc7 news" all this week. we've got several days of rain coming. >> meteorologist sandhya patel has the scoop for us. >> that's why you're going to need to bring up the rain gear. and if you have patio furniture, you'll want to bring it inside. you still have time to do it. right now, we have clouds around as we widen out this picture here. there's the wider picture. you will notice that the storm system theyear. it stretches across the region,
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and it does have enough moisture with it to traps port in a pretty good amount of rain. that's the first storm. we have more storms ahead, as well. so let's take a look at our rain chances. they're all level ones beginning on wednesday going through sunday. monday of next week, we may need to bump that up. be prepared, it is not exactly what you see in the month of may where you have a stretch of rainy days. here's a look at those temperatures. comfortable right now with all the cloud cover around. visibility is good, looking at san francisco. mostly cloudy and cooler tomorrow. wet and windy for your wednesday. chance of thunder thursday and another tomorrow this weekend,t. a little fwbit of drizzle in th morning. pretty cloudy, and tomorrow afternoon, a cooler day, as
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well. temperatures in the low 70s along the coast. the clouds will be increasing as the day goes on, leading us to our storm impact scale. a light level one for wednesday, light to moderate showers. most areas from a quarter to inch of rain. wind gust to d showers develop later on, and 11:00 a.m., you see the few showers coming in. in the afternoon, evening is when the main action comes through. this is not good for evening commuters. 5:00 p.m., light to moderate rain. day night.ity picks up110 in terms of rainfall totals, these totals are pretty healthy for this time of the year. some of these numbers would reflect what we would see for the entire month of may. so0.39 for san jose.
1:28 am
over an inch in santa rosa. half an inch in san francisco. these are just some of the estimates. this does turn to snow in the mountains, believe it or not. and the totals range from four to 22 inches. accuweather seven-day forecast. cooler tomorrow, level one wednesday, chance of thunder thursday. early morning showers friday. and another storm for saturday, sunday, with a chance monday night. time for all the rain gear. tomorrow on "good morning america," anthony anderson is live to talk about his
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hungry and stuck in traffic? that's a bad combination. get a whopper on wheels from burger king. they have an app that allows people to have a hamburger delivered to their car. it's already been tried in mexico city and will be offered in los angeles, shanghai and in brazil. drivers will need to be within a certain zone to make sure their order arrives hot and beverages are cold. that's when you are stuck in
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traffic, you're hungry, you're hangry. >> that'cry. imib burger now, right? >> i think so. >> everything is possible, dan. not everything. a disturbing trend for team teal. win game one, lose game two. could logan couture prevent that from happening tonight in the tank? is it poss
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a van that changed us and chips forever so thanks, keeper of the keys
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