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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  June 1, 2019 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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news to build a better bay area. this is abc 7 mornings. we've made it to saturday, the first of june. good morning and thanks so much for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. let's start with our first look at the accuweather forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen. she's tracking the forecast. hi, lisa. >> it is beginning to improve in our inland valleys so we have a quarter mile to a half mile up in the north bay, two miles at the coast so it's sunny inland and as a result we have numbers in the low 60s there. 52 in san francisco with 61 in san jose. here's sfo. look how gray it is and the sun is on the way for the upper 60s. by noon time we'll still have fog at the coast and limited clearing there and it will just
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be in the 60 s, the warmest locations later in the day and around the bay, mid-70s to low 80s by the afternoon so it will warm up pretty nicely. in that range what you expect for this time of year, 60s to low to mid-80s and we'll talk about a minor cooldown for the second half of the weekend and then things warm up all in a few minutes. >> thank you. developing news, at least 13 people including the gunman are dead and four more are seriously hurt. this after that gunman opened fire at the virginia beach municipal center. police say the shooter was a disgruntled employee. officials spoke at a news conference earlier this morning about the shooter. >> the suspect, and this will be the only time we will announce his name, is dewayne craddock. he was an engineer with public utilities. he was employed with that department for approximately 15 years. >> officials say the suspect was a virginia national guardsman before 9/11 and left in 2002. police say he was still employed
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and had a security badge to enter the building. the motive of the shooting remains unclear. we will have a live update from virginia beach coming up in just a few minutes. happening today, hoping to strike gold. california democratic presidential candidates are swarming the bay area for the california democratic party convention. 14 candidates are scheduled to speak throughout the weekend. abc 7 news reporter liz croits has more from oakland where senator elizabeth warren drew thousands to the town hall. >> ivy, amy tara and linda came prepared. >> we wanted to be first in line and we got it. >> the four friend arrived at lany college in oakland at 1:30 to see elizabeth warren. >> we were a little crazy about how early we got here. >> it wasn't until seven hours later that warren took the stage. >> hello, oakland! i'm elizabeth warren. i'm running for president because i've got a plan for that! >> in front of the crowd of
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6500, the massachusetts senator went through her campaign stump speech which included highlights of her key progressive policies. >> i have the biggest anti-corruption plan since watergate. i want to see an ultra-millionaires wealth tax. let's do it. universal child care for every baby age 0 to 5. she also addressed gun violence and mentioned the mass shooting in virginia beach just hours before. >> on the question of gun violence, i will be fearless. warren's visit to the bay area, her very first of the campaign cycle. she made a splashy entrance, too. earlier this week she put up this billboard in silicon valley going after big tech. a bold move, but in a field of 20, candidates have to do something to break through. ? she's one of my top candidates, but i'm keeping an open mind and we're early in the process. >> the event was supposed to be a town hall style event where warren would take questions from voters and warren decided to
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skip that portion and she decided to stay late taking photos with supporters. liz croits, abc 7 news. >> luz pena spoke to several others who say they're ready to win the golden state. >> reporter: 3400 democratic delegates from across the state were all ears at the democratic convention. >> he's been fighting for what he preaches for over 30 years. >> at least 14 democratic presidential candidates are in the bay area right now. we spoke to several californians who tell us that climate change, immigration and health care are some of their top priorities. senator kamala harris was all about supporting women's rights while standing next to planned parenthood's leaders in the bay. >> we will not stop fighting until every woman in the country has the right and the ability to make a decision about her own life and her own body! >> a couple of blocks away in the mission district, presidential candidate beto
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o'rourke welcomed his supporters. his biggest priority, he says, immigration. >> we have a lot in common, our two states. we are both immigrant states. we're both border states at a time when the president has trained the focus of this country to the u.s.-mexico border, that is exactly where we are. we unveiled a bold and ambitious proposal to fix the country's immigration laws. >> not everyone that showed up agrees. >> people who come here illegally, you know, should not be provided benefits at the taxpayers' expense. >> inside the california democratic party convention, the hallways in sessions were buzzing and all of the major democratic candidates are expected to be present in the bay area except for former vice president joe biden. in san francisco, luz pena, abc 7 news. >> south bay congressman ro khanna has received the prestigious best office for constituent services award. >> it is a reflection of my team in the district and it's about helping solve constituent problems and working with the
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community and how good you are in working for the residents that you serve. >> khanna stopped by abc 7 yesterday. he says all 435 members of congress were up for consideration. it was given out by the congressional management foundation. marco rubio's office won for the senate. we'll have continuing coverage of the california democratic party convention throughout the weekend. time now is 8:06. back to developing news out of virginia. 13 people including the gunmen are dead and four more are seriously hurt. this after that gunman opened fire at the virginia beach municipal center. abc news reporter trevor alt is live with the latest. trevor, police say the shooter was a disgruntled employee, but there are still so many questions as to why he did what he did. you've been covering the story on the ground. tell us more about what you're learning this morning. >> well, chris, good morning. so far we've learned a lot about the history of the man who police say massacred all these people.
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we learned he served in the national guard from 1996 up to 2002. he left 17 years ago and it was just a few short years after that that he joined the public utilities department in virginia beach. his employment continued through friday and he entered the building yesterday as an employee and then opened fire. >> the lives of 12 people were cut short by a senseless, incomprehensible act of vileness. >> a dozen dead, law enforcement sources confirming that 40-year-old dewayne craddock, a longtime public utilities employee entersed the virginia beach municipal center and fired indiscriminately among his coworkers. >> 2405 courthouse drive. a male in front of building 2. >> the carnage began just after 4:00 friday afternoon and spread throughout the building. police saying they found victims on all three floors and another in a vehicle outside.
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employees describe hiding in terror. >> we heard gunshots. we kept hearing gunshots and we kept hearing the cops saying get down. >> i thought it was a disgruntled citizen and i never thought it would be an employee that you talk to daily. >> four officers quickly responded, zeroing in on the shooter. >> a lengthy gun battle soon followed. >> a long gun battle and multiple shots were fired by the suspect. >> police say the shooter rained heavy gun fire even hitting an officer in a bulletproof vest before he was shot and killed. >> they recovered multiple emptied, extended magazines at the scene and a 45 caliber handgun. the community in shock. anthony daniels was speaking to a local affiliate with his wife inside when suddenly an emotional reunion. >> reporter: so far this morning officials have also revealed the names and faces of the 12 people who were shot and killed in this massacre. they say 11 of those 12 were city employees, but that brings
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us back to the big question, chris, of motive. officials say they still don't know why this shooter decided to kill all these people. reporting in virginia beach, trevor alt, abc 7 news. back to you. >> our thanks to you for that live reporting. abc 7 news sat down with instructors at threat scenarios and a local company that used live scenarios to train civilians and law enforcement on how to handle violent situations. as dan ashley explain, the co-owner stresses four steps for preparedness. >> first is preventative. situational awareness, knowing your surroundings and being able to identify threats before they become threats and the second is running, trying to get out of there as fast as you possibly can to one of those exits and potentially making an exit of your own perhaps through a window. the third step is going to be hiding. that involves finding a piece of that will stop bullets that will penetrate anything in an office
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environment and the fourth step is if all of the above fails you'll have to fight and you'll have to fight with surprise speed and violence of action. >> sna research the latests d is different. >> these scenarios are dynamic and they're incredibly scary and incredibly dangerous. all we can teach people is having a plan and acclimated to stress can help improve their odd, but there is no solution about how you can survive something like this. >> dan ashley, abc 7 news. time now is 8:10 and president trump is sharing his condolences this morning and he's been in touch with the governor of virginia as well as the mayor of virginia beach and committing federal resources to ensuring that they can do what they can to be there for that community during this time of great feed. you can find more information about active shooter preparedness on our website at abc 7 time now 8:10.
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in santa rosa, fear of possible gun violence created a tense last day of school as the campus was put on lockdown. high school. ansar hassan has more. >> the benavidez family is relieved to be celebrating graduation. >> i am scared for my son, and i worry outside the school. ih him, and he say i'm okay. >> his son was among the santa rosa high school students that were on lockdown in the gym and some even hid in the locker room. police say a 15-year-old student who was suspended from school for another violation allegedly brought a gun to campus. police say he wanted to show the gun to his friend, and two other students reported the incident. >> he observed another student racked the firearm and more than 30 officers searched for the student who had fled campus. police found him a few hours
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later. after being arrested the student took police to a nearby na tew gun away in the garbage of the men's ♪ ♪ >> with the incident behind them, graduation went on as planned, but senior grace alchemmy wasn't sure it was going to happen. >> we saw the principal start running and the police officer started running, too, and there was an insane lockdown with my friends crying and being scared. being here today and celebrating at the end of that was special for me and mad me value it so much more. >> any student who didn't finish their final exam because of the lockdown will be given a waiver and will have not to retake any test. in santa rosa, ansar hassan, abc 7 news. >> a lot of heavy stuff to talk about this morning and let's switch it up and talk about the weather. a little foggy outside if you looked outside the window and hopefully the sun is headed our way. >> that's why we're starting out in the east bay hills camera because we do have sunshine underneath the low clouds from
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concord to livermore and as the sun continues to erode back westward, even partly cloudy, but cool in the beaches and it's in the low 60s in concord and 60 in livermore and a slight cooldown and a slight warm-up, altogether with my accuweather upon seven-day forecast next. >> also ahead. it's the ultimate power lunch. someone just paid a record amount to dine with warren buffett and help a local charity. >> this hasn't had
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♪ grab your things, salutations. coffee that is a cup above is always worth the quest. nespresso. tis all i desire. did thou bring enough for the whole kingdom? george: nespresso, what else? welcome back. new this morning, a woman is dead after falling while taking photos near waterfall in lake tahoe. these photos show where it happened yesterday at eagle falls in emerald bay. officials say the woman lost her footing and went over. visitors are reminded to be cautious when taking gphotos in dangerous area. the fire district warns to not underestimate the power of waterfalls, river and cold water temperatures. new this morning apple is planning to get rid of itunes. according to bloomberg the company is expected to announce the news at its annual developer conference in san jose on moay
8:17 am
podcasts and watch movies and tv shows for nearly two decades and apple will launch three new apps, music, tv and podcast to replace itunes. users will be able to manage their devices through the music app. >> at abc 7 news we're focused on building a better bay area and we're digging into the issues that affect our quality of life while also looking for improvements and sometimes we get a chance to show case an example. a grocery store called community market as abc 7 news anchor eric thomas explains, this is about more than shopping. it's a celebration. >> everybody's got to eat. >> that's the main reason activist brahms ahmady worked so hard to turn a really good idea into a brick and mortar reality to help people who work in an underserved community. >> they want the good seafood choices and good bakery, deli and quality and affordable for
8:18 am
them. >> hoover foster and clawson neighborhoods pulled out in the '70s, leaving behind a food desert for 9,000 residents, when ahmady started pursuing his idea the step was simple to acquire land, construct awe new building and staff it and 13 million came from grants and we raised $2.2 million. this woman who says it will be more than just a market. i'm really excited that things like community members coming in and being able to do music or us being able to test run someone's homemade jam. >> in addition to fresh produce it will have everything a grocery store deli specializes in and you'll be able to get espresso and custom-made coffee. this couple can't wait. >> they'll serve organic foods and all kinds of stuff and i'm having a baby so it's good for me. >> we would have to drive to, like, another city, san leandro and emoriville. >> special deals with vendors will let them sell at or below
8:19 am
the prices of nearby markets. in oakland, eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. share them by joining our better bay area group on facebook. time now is 8:19. june is lgbt pride month and cities across the bay area are kicking it off including in the east bay. yesterday in concord, city council members raised the pride flag at city hall. today is contra costa county pride in concord and there will be deejay, food and the kids' area and it will be at todos santos plaza. the winning bid was more than $4.5 million. that's a new record. the previous high bid was $3.4 million paid back in 2016. the money goes to the glide foundation in san francisco which helps the homeless. the winning bidder will dine with buffett at smith and col n wollensky in new york city on a
8:20 am
mutually agreed upon date. >> meteorologist lisa argen is tracking the accuweather forecast. hi, lisa. >> hi, chris. it is feeling and looking a lot like june starting out with the compressed marine layer and more fog at the coast and it's beginning to erode and the inland east bay, concord and livermore had some fog and it's getting sunny and 2 mile visibility at the coast and it will be touch and go here, chilly with sun at times and petaluma, visibility reduced there and from the roof camera you can see the compressed marine layer below 1500 feet and that is allowing for that typical pattern that we get here in the summertime. 53 in san francisco and 55 in oakland and 65, mountain view, san jose and 52 in half moon bay and at the airport, certainly gray and the sea breeze later on will warm up through the 60s today and how about upper 60s san mateo and 57 in fairfield, and where the sun has been out it is warming up from fairfield
8:21 am
and 62 in concord and 60 in livermore. compared to yesterday at this time we are warmer at 7 degrees warmer and novato, warmer for you, as well and from our exploratorium camera. you can see the sun light on the water and the dark clouds above. a little bit of mist and drizzle along the bay and mild to warm and temperatures in the 90s and we begin that warm-up on monday and a bit of a cooldown tomorrow. so as we have the fog and low clouds at the coast pulling back temporarily, we have showers and storms once again in the sierra nevada and the stable air in the shoreline and instability into your sunday at the coast and we'll get a stronger push of low clouds and fog into your sunday, slightly slower clearing. i think that's why we'll have a cooler day and there we go once again with the showers in the mountains. and in terms of the beach, well, partly cloudy at best with 63 ocean beach and 62, half moon
8:22 am
bay and water temperature cool in the low 50s and cloudy in santa cruz now and 72 later on and we'll be enjoying highs climbing through the 80s as soon as monday. a bit of a dip tomorrow and then we come up on monday with oh, 60s to 70s around the bay and you'll feel the warm-up inland and by tuesday we get the warming back around the bay into the city, slightly warmer and wednesday holding on to a few 90s and cooler after that for the end of the week so it's not going to stick around for the warmup and it's just temporary and numbers near average, 78 for you in fremont, palo alto, 82 for you in san jose and the accuweather seven-day forecast and upper 70s across the bay and slightly cooler temperature and monday the temperatures recover and download the accuweather app and that's when you can track the heat inland and only for a couple of days, though and it will spread around the bay, as well and warmer at the coast and we're not going to lose that fog
8:23 am
altogether and then cooler by the end of the week. so although it is june, you know, we get that good dose of low clouds and fog so we're not disappointing on that front. >> that june gloom in full effect. >> abc 7 is the only place to watch the warriors and the nba finals, game two is tomorrow in toronto, and we are well represented there. abc 7 sports anchor mindy bach and abc 7 news anchor dion lim is there for the game. the dubs show at 4:00 p.m. and game two is at 5:00 p.m. upon be sure to stay with us after the game for abc sports director larry beil. >> dub nation, rise up. >> rise up, dub nation. >> let me hear you, dub nation. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ laughter ] >> the warriors on abc 7. >> abc 7. >> abc 7. >> see the dubs on 7. ♪ ♪
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target, expensive red wine. it was all over the ground. it took ten police officers and two trappers to wrangle the gator. thankfully, no one was hurt. still to come on abc 7 mornings. abc 7 news i-team reporter dan noyes finds out how far san francisco police found who leaked a document it led them to a home with a crowbar and sledgehammer. something different and sweet. th
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news to build a better bay area. this is abs this is abc 7 mornings. >> thanks for waking up with us. i'm chris nguyen. here's meteorologist lisa argen. she's tracking the conditions where you live. hi, lisa. >> hi, chris. we're looking at the beginning of june allowing for a dose of low clouds and fog and it has been compressed closer to the surface and that's why we've been seeing reduced visibility and here from the roof camera, san francisco and a little bit of sunshine and 61 mountain view in san jossy and the se and you still have some of the fog and the numbers represent a warmer start in concord, fairfield and by the delta near 70 degrees. santa rosa still cool at 52. so the plan after the fog burns off from santa rosa to half moon bay, one to three-mile visibility and even four miles in livermore will be mostly
8:31 am
sunny skies and by mid-morning we're at 70 in the san ramon valley and you can see the fog making a quick comeback and cool 60s there throughout the day and 80s arrive inland and still a mild night for the graduations and around the bay looking for 60s. slightly cooler tomorrow and we'll talk about it in a few minutes. lisa, thank you. we are learning the length through which san francisco police went trying to identify wh leaked a report on jeff adachi. i-team reporter dan noyes has been going over the newly released court documents and has the latest. san francisco police raided bryan carmody's home three weeks ago seizing 68 items including cameras, computers, cell phones and notes. the aim to find out who leaked carmody a copy of the incident report on the death of jeff adachi in february. it contained photos of the north beach apartment where adachi died and details of a mystery
8:32 am
woman known as caterina who was with adachi that night. they got permission from a judge just one week after his death to obtain information from a cell phone the day after adachi died. subscriber information, call detail record, sms usage, mobile data usage and cell tower data. glen smith is with the first amendment coalition. >> just when you thought it couldn't get any worse it has. >> carmody's attorneys called the warrant an alarming and disturbing attack on the free press in an attempt to unmask mr. carmody's confidential source. the warrant goes further allowing police to conduct remote monitoring of the device day or night including those signals produced in public or locations not open to public or visual surveillance. secret spying without carmody's knowledge. >> it just shows a willingness to really push it to extreme limits in terms of tracking
8:33 am
movements and getting a log of who you call and who has called you. >> smith says there is a clear violation of the first amendment and california's shield law which protects journalists and their sources. >> it may also be telling that nowhere in the warrant did the word journalist appear. did the judge know? did the police try to hide that fact? no comment from police. for the i-team, dan noyes, abc 7 news. the oakland coliseum now has a new name. the longtime home of the oakland as and the raiders will become ring central coliseum. officials unanimously approved the change yesterday and the deal is valued at $1 million a year with the option for the fourth year. ring central is based in belmont and specializes in corporate communications and temporary signs will be placed at the coliseum next week and signs will replace them later. >> now to something sweet from popping canned toe flame-toasted marshmallows and fairy floss. soft serve ice cream is next level at this popular texas ice
8:34 am
creamery. >> the sweet and the salty. i don't know how they did it, but this is sea salt and probably the best ice cream i've ever had. ♪ ♪ >> salty texture. ♪ >> so creamy. ♪ >> my name is jerry chen and i'm a partner of aqua s here in houston, texas. ♪ >> when you think about international business, you don't really think about ice cream at first, but we thought we wanted to bring a concept from australia all of the way here to the u.s. ♪ aqua s is a global organization that has expanded beyond just australia to eight different countries. we are actually the first aqua s store here in houston, texas. >> the first taste of it was like velvet heaven. >> the name behind aqua s is
8:35 am
composed of two parts and first is aqua which represents the color of our ice cream. the s represents sea salt soft serve which is a mouthful and also the color of the s represents the kohl are on of our signature flavor, sea salt. >> i like it because it's different. i've never had a flavor like this before. ♪ >> the sea salt soft serve is our signature flavor and it actually originated from okinawa, japan. our flavors rotate on a twice a month basis. we always have the signature sea salt flavor year round. our current rotation has orange and sea salt and also horchata and sea salt. we have pandam from southeast asia and we have a blueberry milkshake which is a nice local flavor so everyone has something to enjoy. >> the flavors switch out every 15 days which always seems to be coming back. there's always something new and exciting. >> we like to push the boundaries of the customers' dessert experience and bring it to the next level by offering something out of the ordinary
8:36 am
through our toppings. we have the fairy floss which is cotton candy, you have the pop rocks and the toasted marshmallow and the sweet popcorn. >> each of these toppings add a different element to the base ice cream and something to make them think, oh, wow, i never thought this would be good as a soft serve ice cream flavor, but hey, it's pretty dang good. >> it's not just the ice cream, but the entire experience. the general feeling in the atmosphere is one of joy. so the way we design the aqua s store is to have something very picture-friendly in every nook and cranny. when they get their food nobody touch it, i need to get a picture of it and i need to post it on social media and that's something that we strive to help the customer achieve that picture-perfect moment with every ice cream. ♪ >> when i see someone walk into the store for the first time, their eyes light up at all of the decorations, the atmosphere
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and the mood and then when they take that first bite of ice cream and i see them transported in their minds to the place of bliss that really just makes my day. ♪ ♪ >> you can check out abc's brand at and it's also on facebook and instagram. still ahead on abc 7 mornings, the farm that not only brings food to life, but to people as well. first, as we head to break here is a live look outside from the abc 7 roof camera. the sun is finally starting to peak out here in san francisco. you see the flag waving around there. lisa argen
8:38 am
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happening today, be prepared for street closures in san francisco as the annual union street festival takes place this weekend. the historic festival will be available from goth to fillmore and arts and craft stores will line union street. this year there will be a cuisine court highlighting international food. also be a carnival crossing for kids with games and sports. the festival runs from 10:00 until 6:00 today and tomorrow. be definitely good out there as long as may is behind us, june is going promise some more typical weather which is this with the low clouds and fog at the coast. partial clearing and temperatures warming up inland.
8:41 am
so we are only in the 50s here, but 60s where the sun is shining, south bay, east bay and temperatures fairly average today before we take a dip for the second half of the weekend. i'll explain next. >> lisa, thanks. >> also ahead. kevin durant is not playing game two of the nba finals tomorrow, two of the nba finals tomorrow, but he's on the road to babybel: i used be a one-cheese operation, but me and crunchy here make a great team. we even finish each other's... babybel: (to crunchy)you're supposed to say sentences... crunchy: ---sentences. babybel: well not now. delicious new babybel cheese and crackers. babybel: saved it!
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just don't leave the lights on, okay? to mateo, my favorite chair. to chris, the family recipes. to craig, this rock. to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. >> in sports, the giants continue their road trip in a battle of last place teams.
8:44 am
san francisco takes on the orioles at camden yards at 1:05 p.m. the as battle the astros at ring central coliseum in oakland. first pitch is at 7:07 p.m. the warriors will practice today ahead of tomorrow's game two against the raptors. it appears kevin durant is getting closer to returning. anthony flores has details in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everyone. while the entire country of canada is still celebrating the raptors' win over the warriors in game one of the nba finals, as for dub nation, many are still on edge. this was only the second game one playoff loss for the warriors in the steve kerr era and kevin durant is not coming to save the day in game two. kerr says k.d. will not play sunday. this is video of k.d. friday in toronto. he's still rehabbing his right calf that has kept him offhe floo hurt against the rockets may 8th. durant went through a light, individual workout, but did not
8:45 am
practice with the team. despite losing game one, the warriors will not rush k.d. back into the lineup. >> this is a tricky one. if you re-injur the calf then that's it and he's done for the series. so when he's ready to play he'll play and that's our approach and i'm just not going to answer any questions about, you know, do we miss him against this team or that team. it's just -- because it's just a sound bite and it doesn't matter. the only thing that matters is we have to win the game with what we have and then when he comes back and we put him out there. nothing else matters. >> game two is sunday afternoon and can be seen right here on abc 7. our pregame coverage starts at 4:00 and then stay tuned for after the game with larry, kerry, adonnell and mindy. the warriors are not the only team from oakland playing in a big series. the as trying to close the gap in the west place houston and the as came in
8:46 am
winners at ten out of the last 12 and no score in the fourthn a week. that's a two-run former a josh k gets houston on the board with his fifth of the year,er inially into his old beachers and i'll start, and shows us tied at two. top eight now, derek fisher. no, a different one goes and gets that one off lou trev oin and t and houston goes on to beat the as. the giants making their first trip to camden yards since 2004. it makes it 5-0 giants and the biggest, first inning of the year and draw pomerantz gave it all back and more in the bottom of the inning and dwight smith jr. with the denny special. that's a grand slam and just likethatt's 6-5 os. top two now and mike ties it up
8:47 am
with his first beg league homer and we are knotted at 6-6 and congrats to bruce bocce and p pomerantz didn't make it out and that makes it 2-6 and the orioles beat the giant, your final score 9-6. that's a look at your morning sports. i'm anthony flores. have a great weekend. getting a check now of the bay area forecast with our meteorologist lisa argen. hi, lisa. >> hi, tim -- >> chris! >> chris, yes. tam, tim, chris. okay. gotcha. good morning, everyone. we're looking at low clouds and fog here and the marine layer burning back to the coast throughout the day today and it will be cool there. inland, though is a different story and 80s arrive and low 80s in walnut creek and there should be at this time of year and sunday and then the numbers begin to rebound on monday and tuesday looks to be the warmest day and still warm on wednesday and then by the end of the week we are cooling b cams of
8:48 am
gray there from the clouds to the bay and temperatures will be seasonal, though. four-mile visibility? livermore. despite the sun there are still pockets of fog and three miles in hayward and three petaluma. so getting a little bit better and the roof camera and the sea breeze getting going throughout the afternoon. so even when we do get that clearing it is going to be cool with low 60s at the coast and 64 in mountain view and 61 in san jose and 52, half moon bay with mid-50s in downtown, san francisco. lots of gray in emoriville and 72 in and around oakland today. 55 is nota rosa and it's 57 in napa and 62 by the delta and where the sun is out we have 60s to near 70 around vacaville. since the sun has arrived, but elsewhere, not much of a change. maybe a degree or two warmer.
8:49 am
mid and upper 30s here and the snowy scene for june 1st in the mountains and thunderstorms arriving again today and through tomorrow. so still a little unstable in the mountains. fog near the coast. we've had some drizzle and mild to warm over the weekend and temperatures will climb into the 90s inland and just temporarily for next week. here's monday and it's a warm up for mid and upper 80s inland and upper 60s around the bay and tuesday looks to be the warmest day and you see the reds and some of those pinks coming in to play and still warmer around the bay and by wednesday we get the sea breeze back in the day and still mild, though. a nice little warm-up if you're looking forward to that and with the oranges at play it's getting warmer in san jose at 82 and 74 in mill pitas and it should be pretty nice from redwood city to menlo park and it should be in the upper 70s and that's where you'll be. 66 downtown in the north bay and how about 80 today for sonoma
8:50 am
and 82 calistoga and 72 and union city, 77 and you head inland, low to mid 80s from pleasanton and to fairfield. graduation, concord high school at the pavilion, and 6:00 tonight and looking at numbers very pleasant right on through the evening. the accuweather, seven-day forecast and temperatures nice today, 60s, 70s to mid-80s and tomorrow a little bit cooler and we'll have the temperatures rebound on monday, tuesday and wednesday. it will be the warmest days of the week and you download the accuweather app and cooler by the rest of the week. my name is lisa. >> i'm chris. nice to meet you. all of the times i call francis la lisa when she fills in for you. >> we are show casing remarkable people who improves lives of others. >> bringing people together on a farm to make the world a more inclusive place.
8:51 am
meet our newest abc 7 star. >> what grows in the fertile soil of common roots farm stretches beyond nature's bounty. spend a bit of time and you'll see something else growing. >> good job. ? beneath the warm, santa cruz sun. >> it's been cool to see him come to life. this is his element outside, a place where he can spread his wings and this is a place for everyoneaumn to win, to be loved and to f his home a around cooking and participating in things and we get to help support him and we've seen the support fade because he's doing more and more. >> heidi cartan who five years ago had a big dream to bring in richmond to her son noah's life. >> he hassy is reb
8:52 am
a wheelchair and super social and loves to be outdoors and in this country when you turn 22 all of the school-based services stop. >> parents of children with disabilities banded together to buy this parcel of land to answer an important question. >> now what are we going to do with these young adults to make their lives meaningful and something that they really love and giving them a place. >> despite no farming background, heidi and the team knew of a farm's diverse range of jobs will help a diverse group of people. we've been able to find something where they can flourish and feel responsible for it. so with special adjustments. a big highlight of this greenhouse will be acceptable, and we have the vertical towers over here. they take away that working from the ground and having to bend over. >> the farm slowly grew. today, 25 to 50 people attend each week and more than 125 participants on special volunteer days, but more
8:53 am
importantly is the transformation of everyone here, disability or not. >> we have no end of dreams here. >> common roots farm is buildings residential living space for those to live and work on the farm. if you'd like to get involved or donate to this non-profit, you can do so by visiting our website abc 7 i'm dion lim, abc 7 news. and if you'd like to nominate someone to be an abc 7 star, you can go to our website, abc 7 >> time now is 8:53. hello kitty, a popular snack van is rolling back
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here are the winning numbers from last night's $444 million mega millions drawing, 7, 8, 26, 65, 67, the mega number 4. nobody picked all six so tuesday night's jackpot goes up to $475 million. by the way, tonight's powerball jackpot is not too shabby at $350 million. good luck. >> happening today, the hello kitty cafe truck will pull into contra costa county. it will stop at walnut creek from 10:00 until 8:00 the truck will sell all kinds of hello kitty offerings from cookes to macaroons to head bands. each snds o foil g kitty cafe e xt spill next inorte madera. if you want a sugar fix, there
8:57 am
you go. >> oh, yeah. i uld sa in san francisco and we'll call it partly cloudy in the 60s and the numbers dropping through the 60s and a cool evening, elsewhere, 72 in oakland and 79 vallejo and mid-80s arrive in the valleys and 82 in santa rosa and the accuweather seven-day forecast and cooling tomorrow and we rebound on monday and we heat up tuesday holding on to the warmth inland on wednesday. and then we're cooling back thursday and friday. so once again, we're kind of up and we're down a little bit and today the warmer day of the weekend especially inland and around the bay? a little bit of everything. >> lisa, thank you. >> and thanks to you for joining us on abc 7 mornings. i'm chris newen with lisa argen. for now we'll leave you with a live look outside with our abc 7 vedy
8:58 am
8:59 am
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