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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  June 3, 2019 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." a mountain biker takes a nasty spill as another biker -- >> rides right on by. >> the agony of an injured man just hoping someone will see him. >> so close! the call with the long distance boyfriend. >> and you can see the disappointment in her face. >> the surprise that turns a frown upside down. nobody is getting any sleep. >> because a few little cubs want to play. >> the video for every exhausted parent. we're breaking down the best on the web. including -- kids dropping wrappers where mom told them not
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to. >> she has had it. >> how it leads to one messy meltdown. >> the wrapper fairy is tired. >> i feel like the kids are off in their room making a video about how to drive their mom crazy. you never can predict when your time may come. >> this guy rob jacob is just out cruising around, testing this mountain bike out because he runs a youtube channel called rj the bike guy. this is a trail he's ridden he says hundreds of times. >> oh. >> he fell off. >> so right off that bridge, kind of head first. doesn't look that serious, however, rob is in some serious pain. >> what happened? he caught the bridge wrong. he accidentally drove off it. >> rob describes what he says happened. >> i hadn't noticed that the bridge has moved and i was following the original line and hit the bridge on the edge. >> so he just kind of led him off to the left side of it a little bit. >> muscle memory just kicked in. >> i was thinking, did i just break my neck?
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did i just crush my spine? >> that bad? >> yeah, that bad. he did remember seeing another biker nearby. can he get that person's attention. >> excuse me. >> so close. >> rides right on by. but here is the good news, the biker did notice rob. turns back around and tries to lend a hand where he could. >> i just crashed. could you stay with me for a minute. >> he wanted the guy to hang out for a minute. make sure i keep my consciousness. he walked a mile home in pain. woke his wife up from a nap. she took him to the hospital. he was there at the hospital for nine hours. that's where they discovered that he fractured three of his vertebra. >> no way! >> yep. went right down on his noggin. and the doctors at the hospital told him this -- >> the other doctor said if i hadn't been wearing the helmet the damage to my spine probably would have been much more extreme. >> rob said he won't need surgery but will take at least
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six to eight weeks to heal. >> wear your helmet. ♪ that, my friends, is a rugby field and that is the latest crew of grounds keepers. >> the rugby team certainly are quite big. >> they bulked up. >> the crew comes in and just start munching on the grass. >> this is ridiculous. >> do that do this to goats? >> this group of hippos wandered off the street and got bloated because this field is close to the river. they like to come out of the river and munch on the nice grass. >> as long as they don't trash the grass. >> they keep things nice and tidy. just don't play too hard and pounce. >> no, it's not that you have to worry about. it's the dede leave. >> fertilizer. >> animals wander around that
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area quite a bit. you have to get used to this. in every family, there's that one person can't be quiet, can't eat what everybody else is eating or cannot sleep. this little cub can't let momma sleep. here you are at the top of the food chain. you're an apex predator and yet you can't get any sleep because a few little cubs want to play. not letting momma nap or anybody else nap. >> doesn't matter what you are, parenting is the same. every parent had this exact experience. >> climbing all over you. elbow dropping you. kicking you where you don't want to get kicked and i guess i'm getting up at 5:30 in the morning. >> every parent goes through this. they're not getting a solid nap until they're grown and they have their own baby. one of the hardest things for college kids is when they've been dating someone in college and summer comes and they have to go back to their homes. that's the case for shanea here. she is facetiming with her man
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in texas, she's in nebraska. she is so into this conversation with kor corbin. >> she wants to fill him in on everything. suddenly he's gots to go. and you can see the disappointment in he so to hang up. then suddenly -- >> had it taken ten seconds longer, that guy is hanging up on me. >> now this next surprise just as unexpected. [ screaming ] >> oh my gosh! >> ryan has been gone for a little over three months. he's in the u.s. air force and decided to come home and not really tell anyone. >> that's so sweet.t. there's so much love to go around. a lot of catching up to do. a lot of laughing to do.
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>> yeah. you can tell everyone is just super happy to have their little homey back and they'll be able to spend a lot of time together, at least until he has to go back. >> oh my gosh! ♪ it's the most famous intersection at "right this minute." >> oh, yeah. >> yes. this particular intersection the two-way stop at four-way intersection in north carolina that as we know is a magnet for disaster. over the years we have seen many video just like these -- >> stop, stop, stop! stop, stop, stop! >> t-bone after t-bone cars rolling, ending up in the fields. >> oh, no! ♪ >> no! >> gosh. >> well, i hate to tell you this, but i got a newby. >> tell me they're doing
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something this time. >> there's a stop sign at every corner. >> yes. after years of david bruce contacting the north carolina department of transportation and then us as well showing the videos, we have been calling them as well. many statements have been made and now that statement has been put into action and you can see how well it works. >> there's a four-way stop. >> how much did those signs cost? couple hundred bucks. >> the north carolina department of transportation has acted and hopefully we will never, ever, ever see another video from this intersection. david bruce, we salute you. the kiddos are stressed out about the test, but one teacher -- >> decided to do something about it. >> how they're turning up the
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♪ closed captioning provided by -- well, it's testing season for a lot of kids as they get ready to end the school year. and with that can come some fear and anxiety. so mr. white, who teaches fifth grade literacy in charlotte, north carolina, decided to do a little something about it. >> video you see all the different things that the kids
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have been doing. mr. white said he talked to another teacher who told him that her third graders were dealing with similar things. that's where we got the idea to take this time kids might receive as negative and give them some positive vibes. ♪ >> this is actually perfect. let's make a music video, take your mind off it and just have some fun. >> that's exactly what he said. instead of being stressed out and scared, they came in hming this song and were read testing. at the end of the day, they know this stuff. he lets them do their thing, have fun and he said he threw the old guy moves in there and they made fun of him. white dude got it. >> did they all ace dance class? >> looks like every single kid knows how to move.
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>> he allowed them to naturally do what they do. he's able to connect with his students in a way that's helpful to them. it can be fun. >> let's nominate him for teacher of the year. >> i agree. >> his kids already have. >> hats off to you, mr. white.w. ♪ there are many who would agree that cars are music to your ears. but to the people who don't like exhaust and engine sounds, maybe they would like hot wheels music. [ laughter ]. >> isn't that cool? >> yeah. this is put together by five mad movie makers. they took apart a little toy xylophone, used an old bed frame and taped every piece of
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xylophone to the bed and used hot cars to make the music. >> are they releasing by hand or mechanism? >> i believe they are releasing by hand, however there is some editing going on here. this is music to hot wheels fan's ears. ♪ this little boy right here demonstrates what lots of kids do when they see something they have to put their hands on it. >> what? >> it's not a pet squirrel. that's in johnny hernandez. that's his nephew. johnny posted this video on our video. he said that wasn't enough. he went in for a second pat. >> that squirrel is going to be like hey, what's up, homey and
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jump on him. >> all right, buddy. all right. we can be friends. >> close your eyes. i'm going to play something for you and i want you to tell me what you think it is. >> a dog. >> a big, angry dog. >> yes. a very rare breed called nathan shepherd or that's nathan who can make the sound of a shepherd. >> oh, it was a dude. he sounded like a growling vicious dog. >> i want to know how long he's been working on perfecting that song because that's good. >> keep people away trying to sell you stuff at your front door. >> he doesn't need to download a phone app. he said this is his co-worker in north carolina and let's just say he has a party trick. >> who let the dogs out -- [ barking ] >> nathan did. big day for kelsey.
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>> this is kyle. in>> hey, ute." >and still to come, heading up mount st. helens for a little snowboarding. >> it sure looks pretty. >> see the run that's erupting with adventure. plus, the woman cruising on a scooter. >> stop! >> she doesn't need to slow down or stop, hello. >> why the best part happens when the ride is over. [ laughter ]. in a neighborhoodouse with a lot of other young couples. then we noticed something...strange. oh, could you, uh, make me a burger? -poof -- you're a burger. [ laughter ] -everyone acts like their parents. -you have a tattoo. -yes. -fun. do you not work? -so, what kind of mower you got, seth? -i don't know. some kid comes over. we pay him to do it. -but it's not all bad. someone even showed us how we can save money by bundling home and auto with progressive. progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents. but we can protect your home and auto. progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents. starting at just $12.99, buy at olive garden.back, join us for a new favorite today.
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let's talk about -- this entire segment is brought to you by -- this woman is on a scooter. >> slow down, stop! >> she doesn't need to slow down or stop. [ laughter ]. she goes down. that's not even the best part of all of this. >> can't even catch their breath. she's down there trying to get herself together but the laughter -- [ laughter ]. this is just under two minutes of laughter. [ laughter ]. >> they're not lying on the floor. my stomach cramping up from
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laughter. you okay? >> now you want to know if she ♪ le i remember those days. >> well, these guys decided to head up mount st. helens to kind of celebrate that anniversary. now, it is a bit of a trek. >> it sure looks pretty. >> they got high enough where they were able to then just hit the snow on this very cool day. i can tell you it's a straddle volcano, which means it's very active and can be very explosive, which is what happened back in the '80s when it exploded so violently. it looks really pretty as they're snowboarding around some of the rocks, some of the trees.
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>> and some of these shots i have to remind myself, it's not black and white. it's just the snow and the white. they're wearing colors. >> they shared a second video and we see another run from mount st. helens that is just beautiful. >> technically it san active volcano, you'll always see something. maybe a little puff every once in a while. >> blow your house down. >> not enough gas will get stuck down there because you know what happens once gas gets stuck. ♪ wrappers keep hitting the floor and now -- >> the wrapper fairy is tired. the wrapper fairy's back hurts. >> i think the wrapper fairy is mad. >> passive aggressive tutorial
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sporky or check out the channel because everything else he does is just incredible. sneaking a snack. ♪ they have this thing called passive aggressive tutorials. this tutorial she's teaching folks thousand put away their
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wrapper. >> i know it is very tempting to just open the package and drop it wherever you happen to be standing in hopes that the wrapper fairy will come and pick it up for you. >> people do that? >> yeah, that's rude. that is so rude. >> in this case it looks like the kids may do it often. she has had it. >> i have news for you. the wrapper fairy doesn't want to do it anymore. >> i think the wrapper fairy is mad, y'all. like big mad. >> the wrapper fairy is tired. the wrapper fairy is fricken' back hurts and she's had enough! >> okay. >> step one, when you go to eat your snack of choice and you pull it out of the wrapper, do not just drop the wrapper on the floor like some animal. >> we got that part, right? >> instead, t long journey over to the trash can, hold your hand over the trash then release your grip on the
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wrapper and let it fall into the garbage can. >> oh, look at that. easy peasy, one, two, three. >> this tutorial also applies to dirty tissues, chip bags, yogurt containers, cereal boxes, anything that you throw on the ground instead of putting in the garbage. >> yeah. basically she's tired of picking up you tired ungrateful people in her house. >> i feel like her kids are off in their room right now making a video about how to drive mom crazy. [ laughter ]. >> apparently she can't really get it right either. >> release your grip on the wrapper. >> putting trash away is harder >> i did not get it in my own trash can. >> bye. that's it for today's show. we'll see you next time.
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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. president trump in the uk, his state visit. the royal reception with the queen. tea with prince charles. would they see eye to eye on climate change? prince harry was there today, but not duchess meghan. and the president and those headlines involved what he said about meghan, the audio from that interview. and this evening, bracing if protests, the president not shying away from the political turmoil rocking the uk. back here at home tonight, the workplace massacre in virginia beach. what we've now learned about the alleged gunman who killed so many of his coworkers. what he did just hours beforehand. the major development in the search for that missing mother last seen dropping off her children at school. tonight, her estranged husband and his girlfriend arrested and in court. the cruise chip collision.


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