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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  June 5, 2019 11:35pm-12:37am PDT

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at ross. yes for less. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- jada pinkett smith, from "nosferatu" zachary quinto, and music from bryce vine. and now, remain seated, jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: thank you. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thanks for coming. thanks for watching. a special welcome, those of us who joined us in prime time earlier tonight alongside game three of the nba finals. it is a contest between the golden state warriors and raptors of toronto. kevin durant was out of the lineup again. the warriors were forced to rely on their six other secret weapons tonight.
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this has been a very interesting week for the sea of oakland. not only are they hosting their fifth nba finals, their city council voted to decriminalize h hallucinogenic mushrooms. [cheers and applause] more people in oakland were watching their wallpaper tonight than game three. but for those who were watching, this is what the game looked like. >> that's poor communication. you had both guys lead the ball. and it's his first shot. curry against danny green. and the third quarter comes to an end. >> jimmy: i like it. oakland also unveiled a -- [cheers and applause] -- a new city motto "i just met god and i'm freakin' out." on the other side of the border, it was pretty low-key, not that
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they aren't excited, but they're very excited. but canadians aren't as, what's the word, terrible as we are. they are generally polite and friendly people. what happens when rivalry rears its ugly head? we asked raptors fans to talk some trash, give us the best of their worst, and this is what we got. >> trash talk! >> we're talking to canadians and asking them to trash talk the warriors, you ready? >> nope. we don't do that here. >> we're asking canadians to trash talk the warriors. >> i would not do that against anybody. canadians don't do that. >> let me hear you trash talk the warriors a little bit. trash talk! >> no, no, no. we are polite. we are canadians. >> i mean, they're a great team. i don't think i can trash talk them. they're in the finals for a
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reason. >> why would i trash talk them? they haven't done nothing wrong to me or my team. all i'm saying is everybody's playing right. so if they want to win they better play better than us. that's all i can say. >> that's pretty harsh. >> golden state ain't so golden anymore, huh? >> you're lossin' tonight, you're losin'. that's it. that's my trash talk. >> we cook curry, to curry's going to get cooked. >> uh, go to hell? >> that's terrible. >> oh, no. i don't mean that. i just hope they don't win. >> no trash. no. we console them when they lose. >> okay, ready? console! >> console! well, better luck next time. it's about time for toronto to be number one, hey, hey, hey! >> trash talk! [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: my god, what kind of
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monsters are those people? speaking of monsters, president trump is in europe right now. he's spent the past three days in london. he's now at his golf club in ireland. that's not a joke. he is. today his majesty joined the queen to commemorate the 75th anniversary of d-day. he agreed to attend because he thought the d stood for donald. the president sat between the queen and his wife melania. he didn't use the word threesome even one time. he spoke for about a minute but made the most of that minute reading selections from a prayer that was first delivered by fdr almost 75 years ago to the day. >> this day have set upon a mighty endeavor. a struggle to preserve our republic, our religion and our civilization and to set free a
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suffering humanity. >> jimmy: am i still on, he insulted his enemies back home v via twitter. he went after joe biden, the media. it's always great to spend d-day worrying about the vicious attacks against him. but before he laid his yellow head on the pillow he picked a fight with bette midler. he wrote washed up psycho bette midler was forced to apologize for a statement she attributed to me that turned out to be totally fabricated by her in order to make juyour great president look really bad. she got caught, just like the fake media gets caught, a sick scammer. he had a royal dinner with prince charles. he went back to his hotel, and this is what, he's thinking
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about bette midler retweeting something. he listens to the tributes, to the troops who attacked the germans on the beaches of normandy and what does he do? he attacks the star of the movie "beaches." because the only beach donald trump would storm -- [ applause ] -- is spring break in daytona. this is not the first time he's lashed out at bette midler. this has gone on for years. he criticized her looks, her singing, her appearance on the oscars. i don't know where this animosity came from. i think i figured it all out. it starts with a popular movie from 1993, "hocus-pocus". it begins in 1693 during the salem witch trials. she plays winnie, one of three witches who are sisters, the sanderson sisters.
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w winnie, mary and sarah sanderson. as in, what's the name of his press secretary? sarah huckabee sanders. you know where the movie was filmed? wittier, california, which is the home of none other than richard nixon, as you can see in this welcome home dick pic. richard nixon was the last president to be impeached by a witch hunt. at this point you're probably saying big deal, these are a bunch of random connections. i still haven't shown you what president trump would call the smocking gun. the father in the movie "hocus-pocus" is played by charles rocket, who is a cast member on "saturday night live," a show that regularly attacks donald trump, a show going into its 45th season, number 45.
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hmm. which president is donald trump? number 45. ♪ [ applause ] are you with me on this? >> yes. >> jimmy: now, wait, there's about a half hour more. charles rocket was also in the movie "murder at 1600", which is about a president who covers up his son's illegal activities. that film stars wesley snipes. what happens to wesley snipes after that movie? he went to prison! because of what? his tax returns! it's a bombshell. i haven't told you the character played in hocus-pocus. david denison. it's the alias donald trump used to pay off the porn star, stormy daniels. david denison, donald trump, embroiled in a witch hunt for
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paying off a porn star while using the name of a character in a movie about a witch-hunt, and that is why he hates bette midler! [cheers and applause] i think. i think. [ applause ] so while he was in england, trump sat for an interview with his former celebrity apprentice, piers morgan where among many subjects, he touched on the imaginary bone spurs that kept our president out of vietnam. >> you were not able to serve in vietnam because of a bone spur condition in your feet. do you wish you'd been able to serve? would you have liked to serve your country? >> i was never a fan of that war, i'll be honest with you. i thought it was a terrible war, very far away. you're talking about vietnam, and at that time nobody ever heard of the country. >> jimmy: he was never a fan, it was so far away. nobody'd heard of the country. now if we'd gone to war with
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kabul i would have been right there. there's a long-standing tradition when you have a conversation with the royal family you keep it private. he did not do that. he was supposed to meet prince charles for is15 minutes. they ended up talking about climate change. even though they spoke for an hour and a half, trump was able to boil the prince's position on global warming down to one very obvious sentence. >> he wants to make sure future generations have climate that is good climate as opposed to a disaster. >> jimmy: hmm, right. prince wants to make sure we have climate that is good climate as opposed to a disaster. it's fair, it's okay to disagree. if prince charles is smart he would have talked exclusively about the impact on the fried chicken industry. while we're on the subject of climate change. i think we found the president's next head of the apa, this is
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from scranton, pennsylvania where on occasion they will turn the news over to the viewers who are permitted to share their thoughts. >> we didn't have tornadoers here until we started putting in traffic circles. when people go round in round in circles it causes disturbance in the atmosphere and causes tornados. >> jimmy: he's right. he's totally, that is what causes. [ applause ] and you know what causes tidal waves? that gosh darn baby shark song! i mentioned tomorrow is the 75th anniversary of d-day, when allied forces landed on the beaches of normandy to defeat the nazis. the president will be in normandy to commemorate the occasion, and it's important that we remember that fateful day. to honor that president, franklin delano roosevelt and the president now we asked
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students to stage a lesson for audiences of all aims. i am proud to present this tribute with a capital t, to d-day, then and now. ♪ [cheers and applause] >> it was 1944. nazi germany was gaining control. they had imprisoned and killed millions of jews and threatening world domination. churchill and i were committed to stopping hitler. >> it was 2019. bette midler tweeted something mean about me. >> we had septembnt 155,000 bra u.s., canadian and british troops to normandy. >> i sent these two tiny thumbs onto twitter to call bette
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midler a washed-up psycho. >> it was a great victory fort allied forces. >> it was a great victory for me, donald jennifer trump. [cheers and applause] fake news! >> jimmy: and thank you, children. and let that be a lesson to all. >> best segment ever! best segment ever! >> jimmy: look at that. fdr was able to walk. >> jimmy: tonight on the show, music from bryce vine. zachary quinto is here. and we'll be right back with jada pinkett smith. [cheers and applause] ♪ abc's jimmy kimmel live, brought to you by geico. saving. whoa. travis in it made it. it's amazing.
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♪ >> jimmy: tonight, from the scary new amc show "nosferatu" zachary quinto is here. then, his song is called "la la land." bryce vine from the mercedes-benz stage. i met bryce and his dad, outside the mens' room at a movie the other night. we have another double header coming up friday night. we are back in primetime for game 4 of the nba finals with jamie and corinne foxx, chris bosh, derrick favors, jrue holiday, and zach lavine. and after that, we have a new show at our regular time with kevin costner, tim robinson, music from the lumineers, and my annual showdown with the winners of the scripps national spelling bee. eight kids won this year, so this is going to be an m-e-s-s.
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if you liked our first guest's movie "girls trip," but found it a bit too prudish, you're in luck. she gets very honest and unfiltered about everything with her daughter and mother on "red table talk." watch it mondays on facebook watch. please say hello to jada pinkett smith. [cheers and applause] ♪ >> jimmy: how are you? >> hey! >> jimmy: i like this vest you have on. it's almost aladdinesque really. >> it is, and that's one of the reasons i wasn't going to wear it. okay you already wore the genie pants at the premiere, but it was shiny and pretty. >> jimmy: you can never go overboard on genie pants or any of that stuff. how are you doing? is this a good time in the
11:55 pm
pinkett smith household? "aladd "aladdin" was a huge hit. >> it was. specifically because the critics weren't that kind. >> jimmy: is that true? >> yeah, they weren't that kind, but that's okay. >> jimmy: that's funny because in my house, because we got a screener of it, it's the best movie the family ever saw. >> can i be honest with you, i think it's my favorite role of his. >> jimmy: he was great in it. >> yeah. >> jimmy: i am surprised, is it because it's your husband that that stuff bothers you? >> it doesn't bother him at all. what's so funny, all these years, it's funny how tables will turn, you know, in partnerships. all these years i'm like, you spend too much time worrying about your career and box office and for the first time he didn't care and i did. it was like, i can't believe these critics are behaving this way. and i was like saturday night we're going to go thteand yng to s mov the people!
11:56 pm
>> jimmy: and did you do that? >> yes, we did. >> jimmy: what theater did you go to? >> we went to the theater in calabasas. >> jimmy: how was it? ? th >> they loved it. >> jimmy: of course they did. did they know will was in the theater with them? >> absolutely. you know will's not going to go into a movie theater and not let people know he's there. >> jimmy: this is the best 3d we've ever seen. >> but he was so kind. everybody wanted to take pictures and ought graphs and he said after the movie. and he stayed and took pictures with every single person. >> jimmy: well good, i'm glad he cheered you up. >> he didn't care. that's thing. he cheered me up. he's like, babe, it's okay. i said no, we're going to know, and i want you to know. and he's like, no, you want to know. >> jimmy: he was talking about
11:57 pm
an incident. now it's referred to as an incident. it started as a skydiving trip that he corralled you guys and twisted your arm to go on? >> oh, yeah. >> jimmy: as the whole family jumped, including your mom and her husband, your mom's husband passed out in the air at some point. >> yes, he did. >> jimmy: actually had a heart attack. >> he had a heart contusion. >> jimmy: a contusion. >> yeah. >> jimmy: which is bad. yeah, anything with the heart name on it is bad. >> i guess as the parachute came out your body flies back up into the air. so the pressure from the parachute hit his heart. so it's almost like a bruce on the heart, right? so i land and i look up in the sky, and i'm going, ah, this isn't lookin' too good. because he's limp. >> jimmy: yeah. >> okay? and then he lands, and they're like, he's out, he's out. and i'm like, oh, my goodness. now this man killed my mother's
11:58 pm
fourth but favorite husband. [ applause ] >> jimmy: he'd be in trouble. >> hey, i was like, this could be the view that breaks the camel's back. okay? so he was fine. but we had to take him to the hospital. and of course because he had that hard hit on the heart it made the body think he had a heart attack. >> jimmy: oh, will did indicate that you were not that happy at the end. >> i was not. >> jimmy: were you not. >> no. >> jimmy: does he have more things planned for you? >> he does. i think he's on this indiana jones kick. and i said look, you can do that, but remember he didn't take the rest of the joneses with him. okay? >> jimmy: it was just indiana. >> it was just indiana. so we need to do that. but for vacation, um, you know, we're butting heads right now, because he wants to take us to the serengeti, to watch the migration of the wildebeest. >> jimmy: right. >> now this is considered a vacation, okay?
11:59 pm
mind you, the crocodiles await the wildebeests as they migrate across the river, and i said really, i would just like to go to maui and play golf. i got new golf clubs. that would be great for me. >> jimmy: no alligators. >> no alligators, crocodiles. he says no, we're going to take that hot air balloon, you can see the wildebeest and the serengeti and do it on national geographic. >> jimmy: it will be an education. and you don't want that. but in a way he makes you do these crazy things every once in a while, but your show, i was imagining being him and watching his mother-in-law and his wife and his teenaged daughter talking about pornography, which is one of the subjects that you discussed. >> yes. >> jimmy: and i would imagine that will not only be uncomfortable for him but probably you too. >> yes, i must say that that
12:00 am
particular show was a tmi moment. >> jimmy: whose idea was it to cover that subject? >> you know, it was a group decision. >> jimmy: it was? >> it was, because there were a lot of women, part of our production team and a lot of friends of ours that have had problems with their mates and their relationships because of pornography. >> jimmy: i see. >> yes. >> jimmy: uh-huh. >> so we decided to tackle that issue at the red table. but i must say i learned a little too much about my mother and surely about my daughter. i was like, for the first time i never thought that i, personally, would have a tmi moment at the red table. and that was the show. >> jimmy: you're one of those people. >> i'm inquisitive. >> jimmy: there's never ake i'vd too much. >> except for that show. >> jimmy: more with jada pinkett smith after this.
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exactly what you need... yes. ...for your growing family? that's yes for less. everything your pet needs at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. i've committed some acts and done some very unloving things to people that i love. >> yep! >> because of my fear and my ego. because once my ego kicks in, we
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in trouble, because that, jada, baby, she ain't cute. >> yeah, right. >> jimmy: jada, her daughter and her mom on red table talk, which is on facebook watch. and the show is shot in your home. >> yes. >> jimmy: your real home. >> my real home. >> jimmy: why do you have it at your home? what happens if the amazon guy comes to your door during the deal? >> that happens a lot. we had a dog get out the other day and peed all over the place. >> jimmy: and it's fun? >> i guess if you want to call it fun. it's part of it. it's hard to lock a house down that is functioning while you're filming. >> jimmy: yeah. yeah. that's why i don't live here for instance. >> in the studio. but i think it's nice, because people actually get to come to the house. and it's more of a like, it feels like more of a conversation. and it's not really a talk show. it's a storytelling show.
12:07 am
>> jimmy: who do you have coming to the house? do you have anybody planned like weird guests or anything like that coming up? >> no, oh, not weird guests, what do we have coming up though, oh, we have a really interesting show about polyamry. a thruffle. this particular couple or group is two women and a man. >> jimmy: that would be great, yeah. >> yes. but there's all kinds of polyamorris couples. >> jimmy: and you discuss this with your daughter and your mom. >> here's a thing. it's a thruffle willow is following on instagram. she became very curious about this polyamorous thing. >> jimmy: do you think she's interested enough that you might
12:08 am
have two inlaw kids? >> listen, she's 18. who the heck knows what's going to go down. >> jimmy: speaking of that, you guys have this conversation about pornography, which is a crazy thing with your mother. your mother says she's watched, huh? >> yeah, that was like, wow. >> jimmy: have you ever discussed the fact that you've watched with your mother or your daughter? >> well, you know, here's the thing about technology and we discussed it on the show. it's like i remember when willow was about 10 or 11, and she was on tumbler and looking for her site. and she's like, mom, whatever we come across, this has nothing to do with me. i'm like, okay, fine. it was some of the most hard core pornography, just going to her tumbler page. and i'm like, whoa, whoa, whoa, what is that? you know, and she's like, mom, that's just part of it. okay. don't focus on that. i'm getting to my page.
12:09 am
so we had to have a discussion then. >> jimmy: did you tell her how hard it was for us to get something like that? how lucky she is? >> what's funny is i told her on the show, like you have to go to a seedy little spot and get tapes. >> jimmy: did you ever rent a tape at an adult video store? >> unfortunately, yes. >> jimmy: you did. >> and i didn't rent. i bought them. >> jimmy: you bought them. >> yes. [ applause ] >> jimmy: so you had a relationship with those tapes. >> listen, a long time ago. >> jimmy: do you remember the titles of any of those tapes? >> oh. >> jimmy: you know, in a way, they were part of your family. >> bad mamma come on, jimmy. >> jimmy: guillermo, go get me a copy of bad mamma
12:10 am
thank you for revealing all of this to us. >> i'm waiting for you to come on the red table. [cheers and applause] you come see me! >> jimmy: i'll bring my father and my son. >> there you go. >> jimmy: we'll have a six >> jimmy: jada pinkett smith. pcpc new episodes of "red table talk" premiere every monday on facebook watch. we'll be right back with zachary quinto. can change in minutes. your head wants to do one thing... but your gut says not today. if your current treatment isn't working... ask your doctor about entyvio®. entyvio® acts specifically in the gi tract, to prevent an excess of white blood cells from entering and causing damaging inflammation. entyvio® has helped many patients achieve long-term relief and remission. infusion and serious allergic reactions can happen during or after treatment.
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>> jimmy: welcome back. we have zachary quinto and music from bryce vine coming up. but first, facebook has always been a great place to keep up with friends and family. and now with facebook groups, users can connect more with people all over the world who share their interests. to demonstrate, our very own guillermo decided to expand his horizons and follow his bliss. >> i am a renaissance man. a man of many passions. and now, with facebook groups, i can connect more with people all over the world who share my interests, like playing basketball! ♪ and eating many delicious tacos.
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i love tacos. yeah, taco selfie! and then i like burning all the tacos off, training for marathons. and then rewarding myself with some delicious barbecue. i love so many groups, but when i look inside my heart, what is my deepest passion? what is the greatest group of all? >> dicky: find your group at [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: we'll be back with
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only on facebook watch.
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♪ >> jimmy: hi, welcome back to the show. our next guest is a magnetic actor who pins back his vulcan ears to play a supernatural villain that feeds off the souls of children in the new horror series, nosferatu. >> i have been watching you. what are the gases to which you have access? >> oh, oxygen, nitrogen, helium. some stuff called fluoride. >> it's an anaesthetic. >> you huff a little bit. do what people tell you to do. >> jimmy: i have a feeling, the bearded guy is in trouble. please welcome zachary quinto. ♪
12:24 am
[cheers and applause] >> jimmy: you have not been here for a long time, which shocked me today, because i run into you every once in a while. ten years is crazy. >> i'm so happy to be back. so what's happened over the last ten years? >> a little of this, a little of that. been a good decade. >> jimmy: i was reminded the last time you were here i had recommended that you steal the spock ears off the set of star trek, and then you did steal them, which was great. >> i did two movies since then, so my collection has grown exponentially. >> jimmy: do you take more? >> what i can. >> jimmy: where do the ears go? >> at first they were thrown in a box and kind of in a bookshelf in my house, and i was like, that's not going to last well. so then i have, i've found airtight containers and placed each pair in its own little container and put them in a box. i'm not telling anybody where they are.
12:25 am
you tried to goad me into telling you where they are. >> jimmy: do you have people coming into your home to try to get them? >> at first they stop at jada's, and then they come to my house to root through my cupboards to find my ears. i don't keep a lot of stuff. i'm very, like i get rid of stuff. i like to declutter all the time, but i feel like this is such an experience, such a formative part of my career i want something i can look back on and i figured the ears were something i could look back on. >> jimmy: this is an interesting thing. leonard nimoy did this show. i don't know if everyone knows this show "in search of." >> right. >> jimmy: which you are doing on the history channel, history, they call it. >> yes. >> jimmy: and it's crazy that are you doing that show, too. >> they reached out and asked if i would be interested in revitalizing the franchise, you
12:26 am
know, because of leonard's connection to it. and i love that guy so much. we were so close and always talked about not just the role and the experience that we shared in "star trek", but life and our kier yos its. and he was really engaged. so i felt like it was a way to stay connected to him. >> jimmy: it's funny, i never felt watching that show that he believed in any of the stuff they were in search of. they would be looking for big foot and the loch ness monster. have you found him yet? >> yeah. he's in the parking lot. no, we did the first season of the show, which aired last year. i traveled all over the world. it was actually quite exciting. we got to go to australia and the uk and italy and greece and everywhere. looking for the lost city of
12:27 am
atlantis. there's more where i'm in the studio introducing pre-produced packages and exploring things from a domestic perspective. >> jimmy: i understand completely. >> can't carve out the time to travel as much as i was able to last year. >> jimmy: i'm not going to south america to find killer bees. >> i was just in south america. >> jimmy: oh, you were? >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: did you find the killer bees? >> they're also in the parking lot with the loch ness monster. >> jimmy: you have a special following in south america. >> you do, too. >> jimmy: i have no following in south america. i have two canadians, one girl from uganda, and that's it. [cheers and applause] >> i had never been to brazil or argentina and i got to go for the first time. but the people are incredible. they have been supportive of me and my work over the years. >> jimmy: how do you think that
12:28 am
happens? do you speak spanish? >> no, i do not. >> jimmy: you don't speak spanish. you don't have any history there, but why do you think they suddenly decided you're their guy? >> they are really savvy, when it comes to television and pop culture. i think they really love -- >> jimmy: american stuff? >> stories we're telling and heroes was -- >> jimmy: oh, from heroes. [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: i love that. >> an oldie but a goody. >> jimmy: it's weird it's an oldie now. i remember seeing you for the first time on "heroes". and i was like, wow, that guy is really good. and now you are playing a similar character in a way. >> bringing it back around. >> jimmy: this character you play is also feasting on souls. >> yeah. steal people's powers by cutting into their brains. charlie steals the life force, the vitality and the youth of
12:29 am
kids he kidnaps by putting them in the back seat of his car. >> jimmy: uh-huh. >> and the show is an adaptation of a novel by joe hill, who is stephen king's son, so it's got this stephen kingesque quality. but he is such a great author in his own right. what i love is the lineage of his father. you can tell what he was exposed to as a kid and how his imagination developed. but he is so intelligent and takes things in his own direction. >> jimmy: people love his books. >> i had never read him before. this car is such a huge part of the show in the way kristine. >> jimmy: it's a rolls-royce. >> a rolls-royce, which i drive. >> jimmy: do you like to drive it? i would be nervous to drive it. >> i was nervous at first and then i fell in love with it. very temperamental. the gear shift is on the other side. >> jimmy: so you have to shift gears with your left hand? >> no, it's actually between the seat and the door. it's weird. so it's still on the side that we expect it to be on as
12:30 am
americans, but the whole steering column. >> jimmy: so you have to climb over it when you get out. >> yes. it's so weird. >> jimmy: we figured out a lot of things. >> we came a long way in automotive engineering. but i was never a car person, but doing the show i have such an affinity for cars and understanding why people love them. ly i had to cultivate, the guy who i play had this car for 70 years. ly to foster this relationship that made it look like i knew what i was doing. >> jimmy: you're really driving. >> sometimes we're up on trailers for different shots. but there were plenty of days when i was out on the road with it and wearing layers of prosthetics and creepy fingernails. >> jimmy: we have some of that, a photograph, because you play multiple ages. that's you as an old nosferatu. >> i really started
12:31 am
moisturizing. >> jimmy: do you look at this and worry this is what might happen to you? >> i kind of think i take better care of myself than charlie manx. >> jimmy: that is scary. >> joe harlow, the incredible makeup artist designed the looks. he ages. he ranges in age from where i am in life to up to 135 years old. it get even older than that. >> jimmy: and he's still driving. >> and he's still driving. >> jimmy: that's his most dangerous. you don't want him to steal your soul but also getting on the 405 could be deadly. >> he and prince philip. >> jimmy: it's very good to see you. >> you, too. >> jimmy: please don't make it another ten years, n-o-s 4
12:32 am
"nos4a2" airs sundays at 10:00 p.m. on amc. and we'll return with music from bryce vine. >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. have fast internet a littland now the besthat you mobile network too? yeah and get them together and save hundreds on your wireless bill. wow, that's great. oh, and this looks great. are these words for sale? no. go, go, go, go. now you can get fast, reliable internet and save hundreds on your wireless bill. that's simple, easy, awesome. taxi! should i have stopped her? get started with a limited time offer
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12:37 am
this is "nightline." >> tonight, bad catch. the catfishing crisis. a veteran fighting to clear his name. his identity stolen and sold around the world. used in hundreds of fake profiles to lure in dozens of h leaving them heartbroken. plus, hoop dreams. inside the frenzy and rivalry on the court as two of the nba's top superstars face off, shooting for victory with the championship on the line. but first, the "nightline" five.


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