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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  June 8, 2019 7:00am-7:59am PDT

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be relentless. ask your doctor about everyday verzenio. good morning, america. fires and floods striking part of the nation this morning. wildfires raging out of control in arizona. the fires exploding in size. planes and helicopters called in to fight the flames while in the south, water rescues. cars stranded, churches flooded and the forecast for lots more rain on the way. tiff deal. president trump suspending his threat to mexico citing a deal on migrants and protecting the southern border. what mexico is promising to avoid those tariffs and the presidential demand that wasn't met. breaking overnight, safe and sound, a missing hiker rescued after a week in the arkansas wilderness. >> did you advise you have him? >> i do have him. >> the treacherous conditions he had to contend with.
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>> we got wildlife, snakes and bears and stuff like that. >> before help finally arrived. and royal appearance. duchess meghan takes her place on the balcony to attend the queen's official birthday celebration trooping the color. ♪ all the pomp and pageantry. and raptors soaring. toronto taking game four of the nba finals leaving the warriors in an unfamiliar position, down three games to one. can golden state battle back? drake's take on it. >> where y'all at? where y'all at? >> and could kevin durant be the warriors' last hope? all the drama on and off the court. can we just talk about how nuts it is that golden state is down? >> they're down. >> they're such a stacked team. >> back against the wall. but i mean good for the rap -- i'm from the bay area so i support the warriors but good
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for the raptors, though. always love an underdog story. >> i spent some time recently with some friends from toronto. this is a huge deal foouin we'll ha to see. we'll have much more on this wild series coming up, but we start here this morning with a twin weather-related emergency. >> a major wildfire flaring up north of phoenix. look at these flaming hills. this is in tonto national forest. authorities believe this fire is human caused, and it comes as the american west is bracing for a big blast of heat with temperatures approaching and exceeding 110 degrees. >> meanwhile, they're dealing with flash flooding in the southeast where there have been relentless rounds of rain, so let's kick things off here with rob, who is covering all of this. rob, good morning to you, sir. >> hey, good morning, dan. you know, the southern plains and the midsouth have been dealing with those rising waters. still rivers in flood stage. that system now sliding to the southeast. very slow moving. we got heavy rain today. this while in the west wildfire season has begun. this morning, wildfires raging
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out of control lighting up the arizona sky. crews still battling the so-called mountain fire of phoenix that exploded overnight from 30 acres to over 6,000. helicopters and planes frantically dropping retardant and water trying to slow the wildfire down. its massive plume of smoke detected on national weather service radar reaching nearly two miles in the sky. also this morning, flash flooding striking parts of the south. rapidly rising water stranding cars in north carolina. you see firefighters pushing vehicles to safety. in virginia, rain causing high waters on roads there. authorities putting up barricades to keep cars away from the danger. and in tennessee, flash flooding filling two churches with several feet of water. first responders called in with boats to rescue at least five people. this system has a tropical connection and because of that, the rainfall rates have been anywhere from 2 to 3 inches per hoit's kind of cut off from the
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main flow so we've got flash flood watches still posted for parts of kentucky and the ohio valley back throug that surge of tropal moisture. if we time it out really, you don't see it moving all that quickly right through tomorrow even into sunday. atlanta, louisville, charlotte, columbia, charleston, some of these areas do need the rainfall. they'll take it. they just don't want to see it all at once obviously. we could see locally 4 plus inches as we go through tomorrow. more on this and the fires out west a little later. over to you. >> rob, we know you'll be tracking it all and we'll check back with you soon. we want to transition to 3ru78's suspending his threat on tariffs on mexico. the two countries reaching an agreement at the southern border and white house correspondent tara palmeri is on the north lawn with the very latest. tara, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. it's been a tense couple of days over here. negotiators have been scrambling since president trump threatened to slap tariffs on mexican goods. theyere wo c ancominojust g u.s.usesses, but
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overnight the president backing down on his threat to slap tariffs on mexican goods after mexico agreed to new measures to through the u.s./southern border. >> they're letting millions of people walk up through their country. >> reporter: after touching down in washington, trump tweeting that the 5% tax on mexican goods set to take effect on monday are, quote, hereby indefinitely suspended. mexico and u.s. officials emerging with a deal late friday night after three days of frantic negotiations. mexico agreeing to a show of force sending 6,000 troops to its southern border with guatemala. >> in mexico we take unprecedented steps to increase enforcement to curb irregular migration. >> reporter: the mexican government also vowing to crack down on human trafficking and smuggling networks. >> those crossing the u.s. southern border to seek asylum
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mexico where they may await adjudication of their asylum claims. >> reporter: the 11th hour deals come as the president faced opposition from his own party. >> well, there's not much support in my conference for tariffs. that's for sure. >> reporter: trump threatened to increase the tariffs every month by 5% until they reach 25% or until mexico took steps to curb the flow of migrants. both democrats and republicans feared u.s. consumers would bear the brunt of the costs. and tara palmeri is back with us from the white house and, tara, we've seen president trump touting this deal on twitter, but he didn't get everything he wanted. >> that's right, whit. president trump originally demanded that all asylum seekers from central america apply for asylum in mexico and not the u.s., but mexico managed to skirt that part of the deal. president trump also promised on twitter that mexico would buy more u.s. agricultural products, but that language never made it in the deal either. whit. >> all right, tara palmeri at the white house, thank you.
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>> whit and tara, thank you both. a lot to talk about. here, so let's bring in a ng. abc news chief political analyst matthew dowd joins us from texas. matthew, good morning. the president faced a lot of criticism from both parties for threatening tariffs, but this this new deal, even though he didn't get everything he wants, looks like it could be spun as a victory, so what say you? >>ell, i whas promised doesn't actually follow through. we remember full well all his conversations related in north korea. it doesn't often come through the way it's supposed to happen and i'll give you a golden state reference in this. just because steph curry hits a three-point shot in game two doesn't mean he's won the series and there's a lot more things that have to happen related to our economy, related to other trade relations with other foreign countries and specifically related to mexico as i say from how they follow through so a lot more to go on this path to success.
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>> and there are signs of late that our economy is slowing down, though, let me stay on this immigration issue. i want to show you some numbers that appear to be on the president's mind as he threatens tariffs against mexico. 144,000 migrants were stopped at the southern border in may alone. that puts the u.s. on track to reach a million migrants stopped at the border this year. that would be double last year's number. so cutting down on illegal immigration, as we all know, was a huge campaign issue for the president in 2016. if he doesn't bring these numbers back down, do you think that will hurt him with his base in 2020 or is he bulletproof there? >> well, i think that's the real question. i don't think it will lessen his margin. among the base, i think he's got a pretty solid third of the country in this, but i think it's a question of motivated they'll be if this signature thing he said he wanted to do he hasn't been successful and he hasn't built that many, as we know, hasn't built that many miles of wall as he promised in
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this, so i think, one, in 2020 and we're a long way away he is going to be judged on that signature promise and whether or not he did stop the flow of illegal immigration, and he's going to be judged on the state of the economy, and both those things i think are in question as we head into 2020. >> matthew dowd, always great to see you on a saturday morning, thank you very much, sir. >> great, great to be here. well now to more breaking news. a hiker lost for a week in the arkansas wilderness rescued overnight. joshua mcclatchy's family never giving up hope he would be found. abc's marci gonzalez joins us with more. good morning, marci. >> reporter: eva, good morning. his family says he had never hiked in this particular area but was prepared. friends tell us he somehow got disoriented and ended up in an area so remote, it took rescuers four hours to carry him to safety. this video capturing the overwhelming relief moments after joshua mcclatchy was rescued overnight found nearly a week after disappearing while
7:10 am
hiking in arkansas. >> thought i'd never see anybody again. >> reporter: cell phone data helping rescuers narrow down their search area. >> did you advise you have him? >> i do have him. >> reporter: and a national guard helicopter with infrared finally spotting him in a hard to reach rugged area. >> by the time he saw us, he thought his rescuers were angels. >> reporter: mcclatchy was visiting from ft. worth to celebrate his 38th birthday setting out for a hike on the mountainous buckeye trail by himself friday sending his mother photo and text updates, the first coming in at 11:27 saturday morning then this photo, his view from the trail at 12:09. several hours later she got a jarring update. >> i checked my phone and noticed that at 4:51 he had texed letting me know that he needed help. >> reporter: that text reading, hey, mom, i need your help, remain calm and we'll get through this. he went on to write, i'm dehydrated and getting low on water. i have bad reception and can't make calls and giving her a
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rough idea of his location. then the messages stopped. friends say mcclatchy somehow got turned around and disoriented on the trail. >> most of the search and rescue team were ecstatic and one of the best rescues they had participated in, and it was incredible seeing him come out of the woods with the team and just be welcomed by his family and friends who were waiting for him when he got out. >> we're told mcclatchy is in good spirits and in a hospital being treated for dehydration. his friends calling it a miracle that the weather, which had slowed search efforts, finally cleared enough for that helicopter to head out to find him, whit. >> great to see that smile on his face during the rescue as well. marci gonzalez for us, thank you so much. we want to transition to texas. the coast guard searching for a missing boater identified as the chief of kemah police chris reed. police say reed who is an army veteran was out on the water with his wife friday afternoon when their fishing boat was hit by a big wake from a
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boat, which sent him overboard. it's believed he was not wearing a life jacket. now to the u.s. and russia both blaming each other after a ship from each navy nearly's lana zak is in w with this story. good morning, lana. >> reporter: good morning, guys. take a look at these aerial images. the "uss chancellorsville" and a russian destroyer on a literal collision course coming within 50 to 100 feet of one another. from on board the proximity was so close americans could see russian sailors appearing to sunbathe on deck. the u.s. says they took emergency measures to avoid catastrophe waving off a helicopter that was planning to land on the "chancellorsville" throwing all engines into reverse at full throttle. it took place near islands locked in a dispute between china and japan, a u.s. ally. >> the acting secretary of defense patrick shanahan said russia's move was unsafe and unprofessional. that war of words is continuing this morning?
7:13 am
>> reporter: that's right, eva. this is just the latest in the what u.s. military and nato say are dangerous military maneuvers from russia. u.s. admiral john richardson is calling the russians out on twitter. he's writing that the u.s. navy will not be deterred from supporting the free and open use of the seas and skies where international law clearly allows all to operate. but a russian military leader is now claiming that the u.s. purposefully tried to flex its military might as chinese president sxi was meeting with putin in russia. another troubling story of a different variety this morning. as people all over the world are celebrating pride month, police in three major cities are investigating possible hate crimes targeting the lgbtq community and abc's zachary kiesch is here with more. >> reporter: the encounters have been violent and even deadly. this morning, a community on edge after at least three separate attacks targeting the lgbtq community in recent weeks. in england, two women were becaus we lesbianson a london
7:14 am
they shared the experience and graphic photos on facebook. >> they started very aggressively harassing us. >> reporter: the couple telling the bbc that things quickly turned violent. >> fighting broke out, and they took my phone, her bag, and they ran off the bus. >> reporter: two other attacks both fatal are being investigated as hate crimes right here at home. in detroit this man identified as devin robinson has been charged and after pleading not guilty was arraigned in connection with killing three members of detroit's lgbtq community. >> it's rough. >> we just want justice. justice. >> justice. >> just justice. >> just for all of them. >> lgbtq is really feeling concerned and afraid and attacked for being who they are. >> reporter: in atlanta, ronald peters was killed. his neighbor says he witnessed the attack. >> he didn't deserve that. the driver jumped out with a mask on, and you hear pop, and
7:15 am
he just locked up and fell over. >> reporter: authorities are still searching for any leads in peters' case now turning to the public for any information that could help identify the killer. georgia is one of four states along with south carolina, wyoming and arkansas without an official hate crimes law. >> we've made so much progress on this issue in the last decade or so, but obviously there's more work to be done based on your reporting. >> yeah, i was thinking the same thing. incredible strides but the fight for equality obviously still continues. >> and jusbeind to one another is the bottom line. >> no doubt. >> yes. well, now to the nba finals and the raptors just soaring taking game four now leading the series 3-1. abc's t.j. holmes is in oakland where the warriors are finding themselves in unusual position. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: hey, good morning and two words for you this morning, eva, uh-oh. we could be watching the end of an era, the end of a dynasty, the end of a championship run
7:16 am
by these golden state warriors after the raptors came in and not just stole two games at oracle but took them in commanding fashion and are now just a win away from their first championship in franchise history. if golden state is going to come back they are going to have to make some history of their own. >> kyle lowry back to ibaka with a slam. >> reporter: the defending champs are on the brink of elimination. >> they look beatable. >> reporter: in front of a stunned crowd, the raptors took a commanding 3-1 lead over the golden state warriors in their own building. >> warrior fans leaving oracle arena. will it be the final time? >> reporter: the raptors were again led by kawhi leonard. >> kawhi leonard dominating right now. >> reporter: who made big shot after big shot on his way to scoring 36 points. the warriors who have been hobbled by injuries got much needed firepower back. klay thompson who missed game three was in good form. >> klay thompson lighting it up. >> klay was amazing. i mean, you know, with a tweaked hamstring to do what he did.
7:17 am
>> reporter: but his 28 points weren't enough but despite some impressive offensive performances, this was a defensive battle that left some on both squads battered, even bloodied. raptors guard fred vanvleet needed seven stitches and a new tooth after taking an elbow to the face. >> you see that left elbow right smack into the face. >> reporter: meanwhile toronto super fan drake had a question for the warriors' faithful? >> where y'all at? where y'all at? >> reporter: the last time this warriors team overcame a 3-1 deficit was in 2016 when kevin durant was playing against them. now durant could be their last hope. >> and as far as k.d., you know, there's been hope that he would come back the whole series. >> there's only been one instance in nba history that a team has come back from 3-1 down to win the title and that happened to these warriors just a few years ago, 2016 when lebron and company came back from 3-1 down.
7:18 am
it was a little bit sad in heree a ll be shti down for they're moving to their new billion dollar digs across the bay at the new chase center, so this could have been the last game, the last time these warriors in their 47 years have been in this building, could have been the last game they ever play here, guys. >> i do want to point out -- we did have a conversation last week, and you actually called this possibility of toronto winning this whole thing. >> well, again, i talked to my guys, the experts, the nba guys. i'm not taking credit for this, but they saw something in that game one that they thought this thing could be over in five, even six games and wouldn't have been surprised by a sweep. toronto is a dominant, long, young, athletic team and, look, the warriors are depleted. they've got some injuries. not using it as an excuse but have been wounded warriors for awhile so they look outmanned and outgunned. >> t.j. just broke a fundamental
7:19 am
harris rule, which is never pass up the opportunity to take credit. >> we usually take our sports predictions from dan. >> he's so excited. >> i can say as a warriors fan, that's a heartbreaker. >> yeah. >> you can see game five of the nba finals monday night. it won't be at oracle. that will be right here on abc, 9:00 eastern time. >> t.j. says there's a chance. we'll cling to that. >> no chance of me being able to stay up into the fourth quarter. last night i tried. oh, no. can they move it up a little bit earlier? that would be nice. not only are the warriors banged up but the levees are banged up across parts of the midsouth and arkansas. here we go. this levee has been threatening to fail all week long and by the grace of god as one official said, it has held thankfully. the arkansas river beginning to come down a little bit but still a lot of pressure on those levees. meanwhile, in the west we mentioned fires. here's another one for you in cordelia. a grass fire breaking out there. pg&e in northern california
7:20 am
taking preemptive measures to shut off power this weekend because they're worried about a fire starting now as we begin fire season in the west. all right, this low squeezes out and this low kind of kicks up the winds today and then a ridge builds over the west over the next couple of days and we're looking for temperatures that will soar, not just into the 70s, 80s, 90s and 100s today and tomorrow, but looking forward into the beginning of next week, and we're looking for temperatures to get well up above that and even into the northwest. our first heat wave out west. good saturday morning, i'm lisa argen and here's a view from san jose. temperatures climbing 10 to 15 degrees above average and elevated fire danger over the weekend and looking at the peak heat on monday and gusty elevation winds on monday above 5,000 feet in the north bay. look for 82 in richmond and 93 santa rosa and 86 in fremont and 90 morgan hill and the
7:21 am
uh-oh. we're out of time. back over to you. >> that's right. two words. >> uh-oh. >> that's it. >> well, we're hoping no uh-ohs for the united states women's national soccer team. they're hoping to repeat as champs as the 2019 world cup is under way in france. the first match saw host country france score four goals over south korea. the u.s. is set to play its first match on tuesday against thailand. good luck to them. and now to arnold schwarzenegger. his security team has been busy lately. this time the incident happened in the home state of california. video shows him getting on his $6,000 electric bike just moments after his security detail pulled a taser on a potential bike thief. now, this was outside a gym in l.a. you can see the security guard holding the suspect with a bandanna on his face at taser point while schwarzenegger takes his bike back. this incident comes just weeks o drop kicking schwarzenegger in the back while at a sports festival in south africa. now, while that perspective on
7:22 am
the video looks kind of bad, check it out here. schwarzenegger barely moves. my favorite description of that incident, like a flea kicking a rhino. the 71-year-old was not injured. >> he's still tough. well, an airline passenger's mysterious death. the complaints about her health she made just minutes before landing from her 13-hour flight. and a majestic celebration, the royal blow-out for the queen's official birthday. "good morning america" is sponsored by subaru. love, it's what makes a subaru a subaru. love, it's what makes a subaru a subaru. just listen. (vo) there's so much we want to show her. we needed a car that would last long enough to see it all. (avo) subaru outback. ninety eight percent are still on the road after 10 years. come on mom, let's go!
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who used expedia to book the vacation rental which led to the discovery that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. expedia. everything you need to go. good morning, everyone. i'm chris nguyen. happening now, high-fire danger across the north bay is prompting red flag warnings this weekend. the danger is so high that pg&e turned off power to 1600 homes at 6:00 this morning. in napa county, some parts of napa and lake berryessa went
7:28 am
dark. in solano county, selections of suisun city and vacaville are affected and in yolo counties parts of davis are impacted. for more on those conditions let's check in with lisa argen with the bay area forecast. >> hi, chris. winds right now are at 55 miles an hour on top of mount tam. you are looking at it here and so we're talking about the elevated fire danger and temperatures warming quickly. 66 in san francisco and it is 56 in morgan hill and here's a look at our east bay hills where it will be in the low 90s today. heat advisories through
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welcome back to "gma" on this saturday morning. happening right now, deal with mexico. president trump calls off the threat of tariffs on mexican goods after mexico agrees to take strong measures to stop the flow of migrants through the u.s. southern border. the u.s., however, did not get mexico to agree to be a safe third country where asylum seekers would be granted asylum in mexico and unable to claim asylum here in the u.s. also right now, cutting ties. fedex announcing it will not renew its contract to provide express shipping for amazon packages in the u.s. the move comes as amazon is boosting its own in-house delivery network including buying its own cargo planes and trucks. fedex says this will not affect international deliveries and only accounts for a little over 1% of the company's total revenue. >> i'm still waiting for the drones. >> they're coming.
7:31 am
one lucky ticket, a single winner will take home stlion mega millions jackpot and that ticket, which matched all the numbers and the mega ball, was sold at sorrento deli near tory piensz golf course in california. the winning numbers, 17, 19, 27, 40, 68 and the mega ball of 2. i love it was sold at a deli. i'll have some pastrami and $500 million. >> yeah, exactly. >> only one person got that ticket. they get the whole thing to themselves. >> yeah. also, meghan markle is apparently at the queen's official birthday today. that's what everyone is talking about. it's the queen's birthday but everyone is talking about duchess meghan and her appearance at the trooping of the color. >> i'm sure that's not annoying for the queen. >> she's pretty gracious. i think she gets enough attention. >> our executive producer mike pointed out, meghan is there. it came in our ear. >> we've been super excited about it all morning. >> meghan is there. >> all morning. >> just so everybody knows. first we do want to transition to a mysterious tragedy after a transatlantic
7:32 am
flight. an american woman suddenly dying after getting off a plane in dubai. abc's erielle reshef joins us with what her grieving family is saying this morning. erielle. >> reporter: good morning to you, whit. brandi hodges' family says she was an avid traveler, vibrant and healthy with no sign of any illness before stepping onto that flight to dubai. this morning a desperate search for answers after her shocking death. this morning, the sudden death of this seemingly healthy american woman baffling investigators and rocking her family. >> my sister called me and started crying hysterically. i'm like, what's wrong? >> reporter: 40-year-old brandi hodges boarding a 13-hour emirates airlines flight from new york to dubai on june 5th with her cousin. minutes before landing her family says she started to complain she didn't feel well and was short of breath. >> so they sat down and brandi fainted. so then my sister went and got one of the flight attendants. >> reporter: brandi apparently given oxygen and ice coming to briefly answering questions before falling gravely ill again loaded into an ambulance that
7:33 am
never made it to the hospital. >> after so many minutes when looked back to find out why they hadn't left and saw that brandi wasn't back there. >> reporter: her family says she was taken to an emergency medical room inside the dubai airport where first responders used a defibrillator but were unable to revive her. emirates airlines confirming a passenger died shortly after getting off that jfk to dubai flight thursday offering condolences to the passenger's family and saying it is providing them with assistance. and the u.s. state department also confirmed brandi's death and said it is providing consular assistance. her family tells abc news she had no known prior medical condition, was energetic and had plans to go skydiving with her cousin. she was adventurous. this is truly a tragedy. >> a lot of question. >> thinking about her family today. we got to switch gears and get it over to rob for a look at the weather. what's happening? >> let's go to our 49th state.
7:34 am
show you an unusual event, that funnel cloud spotted by a pilot over the kenai peninsula. left part of your screen. there it is. a little funnel spinning down, cold core likely. and also likely no damage but a very cool spot as he makes a left-hand bank turn. all right. from the cool shot in alaska to the cool waters of the atlantic. but sunshine today. and there it is, the first time this spring the bouncing ball is back. we get into the mid-70s across the i-95 corridor along the beaches here with that onshore wind, it will be a little bit o. you got to go down to the southeast but as you know, it's kind of raining and not so great there and some rip currents too so we'll try to improve the beach forecast next week. this week today here's our threat for severe weather. damaging winds, large hail, a brief tornado. this is a fairly sparsely populated -- although fargo, grand forks we'll watch out for you late in the today as this front that will kick all this tropical moisture finally out to sea pushes through.
7:35 am
but that's not till monday, tuesday, wednesday. the next couple of day, as mentioned, the good saturday morning. waking up to some cool temperature, but we're looking at a quick warm-up today. upper 60s by the next few hours and then by 1:00 we're in the 80s this weather report sponsored by behr paint. this weather report sponsored by behr paint. if the water is too cold, go out to paint the fence. walt, yeah, baby. come on. back by popular demand. it's the beach forecast. spike it, macedo. all right. here you go. oh, happy summer, everyone. >> oh, yeah, we're happy for the summer. i saw him standing there with it. >> i didn't see him in the shadow. >> it's coming. it's coming. i was anxious. >> good times. coming up on "good morning america," pomp and pageantry for trooping the color with duchess meghan stealing some of the spotlight. and the plea to the beyhive after what happened with beyonce
7:36 am
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7:40 am
the trooping the color marking the queen's official birthday but all eyes looking for someona make their appearance. abc's julia macfarlane is at buckingham palace with more. good morning, julia. >> reporter: good morning, eva. well, if you hadn't had your fill of british pageantry this week after president trump's state visit, well, then you're in luck because behind me hundreds of troops are on parade for the queen's birthday, but as you say, all eyes are on the newest mum in the royal family. it's a celebration fit only for a queen. a special british tribute for the longest reigning monarch in history. meghan, duchess of sussex, ngh rest o first public the royals to say, happy birthday to her majesty, queen elizabeth. the duchess breaking her maternity leave to attend the trooping the color, the military parade to mark the
7:41 am
queen's official birthday. having stayed home earlier this week, skipping president trump's state visit and bypassing the banquet held in his honor. >> we've just seen the duchess of sussex making her first appearance since giving birth five weeks ago. clearly she really wanted to be here. >> reporter: meghan accompanied by her husband prince harry in the same military outfit he wore at their wedding last year. no sign of baby archie, though. >> if meghan and harry have brought little archie to buckingham palace today, then this could well be the first time that he has met some of his cousins. we're not however expecting archie to make an appearance on the balcony. he is a little bit too young. >> reporter: also out today, kate, the duchess of cambridge and her children, george, their father, prince william and his father prince charles both in full military dress riding behind the queen who as head of the british arher troops as her birthday treat. all the splendor and ceremony culminating in a fly past watched by a full house of
7:42 am
royals from the balcony on buckingham palace. and the whole royal family on that iconic balcony is what all the crowds have gathered here to see and, of course, meghan looking radiant in clare waight keller of givenchy, remember, she designed her wedding gown, whit. >> all right, julia. thanks. i like how the queen gets two separate birthdays, the regular birthday and then the official birthday. >> she's the queen. she gets whatever she want. >> i suppose so. >> as most women hope they can. >> exactly. coming up here on "good morning america," your chance to visit the international space station but for a price. e station but for a price. inventory - ♪ ♪ it needs to track it all, from cincinnati to singapore. ooo! ♪ ♪ and protect it all. customer records, our financials, they better be secured. but i also need easy access, to manage data across my clouds - no matter where it lives. ♪ ♪ so if an auditor shows up, i can be a step ahead.
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7:45 am
welcome back to "gma." you don't need to be an
7:46 am
astronaut to visit the international space station. you can now be a regular joe with big dreams and some big bucks. >> astronauts, welcome to space. >> reporter: a vacation to outer space might sound like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. >> hop in. you're next. >> reporter: but now if you have big dreams and deep pockets, nasa could make it a reality announcing plans that tourists can visit the international space station as soon as next year, but the cost, well, that's out of this world. >> houston, we have a problem. >> reporter: the sky high price estimated at $58 million just to get you there and back, plus -- >> it'll be roughly about $35,000 a night per astronaut, but it won't come with any hilton or marriott points. [ laughter ] >> reporter: in the midst of a new space race where private sector billionaires like elon musk, jeff bezos and richard branson are developing technology for space tourism, nasa now joining in.rt firs wan and n the b 24 d
7:47 am
presen t a sustainable lunar >>asa saying they to use shuttles by bong ton money, it would be worth every penny. >> i can't imagine anything mor, wonderful to do than fly in space. >> yeah, sounds nice but like who has that kind of coin? >> well, we should point out that private citizens have traveled to the international space station before but that was in the 2000s organized and paid for by the russians so this would be a first for the u.s. and for nasa. and, dan, with your new book deal, you could afford to take us all now. >> yeah. >> or was that dan abrams? >> yeah, it was probably dan abrams. >> it was dan abrams. >> ah. it's okay. we still love you. >> i'll take a couple of you guys to space. just not whit. >> let's do it. >> free is my favorite price,
7:48 am
thank you, dan. >> you're welcome. we will be right back with new music from bts, breaking news from the k-pop scene. coming up in "pop news." >> did i just make you uncomfortable by touching you? >> no. >> hr! >> did i just make you uncomfortable by touching you? >> no. >> hr. eart? well, i'm managing my a1c, so i should be all set. actually, you're still at risk for a fatal heart attack or stroke. that's where jardiance comes in. it reduces the risk of dying from a cardiovascular event for adults who have type 2 diabetes and known heart diseas. that's why the american diabetes association recommends the active ingredient in jardiance. and it lowers a1c? with diet and exercise. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration, genital yeast or urinary tract infections, and sudden kidney problems. ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that may be fatal. a rare, but life-threatening, bacterial infection in the skin of the perineum could occur. stop taking jardiance and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of this bacterial infection, ketoacidosis, or an allergic reaction.
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7:53 am
♪ oh, oh, sometimes my dreams come true ♪ ♪ sometimes they turn to blue >> i like it. got a nice ring to it. they actually sing this song in korean and english but the message is universal. don't stop pursuing your dreams. the band also plans to launch a video game also called dream glow where players actually get to manage the boy band. the group performed live on "gma" last month to kick off the summer concert series. get this, some fans actually camped out for days to see them. >> in the pouring rain, by the >> and every time we say they'll be on "gma" the social media scene just blows up. people are loving bts. so this song is going to be big. speaking of boy bands, new kids on the block is out with a new video this morning for their song, " '80s baby." the video features concert and footage from their mixed tape tour and features cameos by other '80s stars like salt-n-pepa, naughty by nature, debbie gibson and tiffany joining the group on tour.
7:54 am
let's take a listen to that. ♪ baby, you're still my '80s girl you know you are ♪ >> i'm a little partial to this song. i don't know why. [ laughter ] l le ey'rall having the tour wraps up in florida on july 14th. they're having a great time. the crowd is having a great time. greatness -- >> are they still boy bands? >> now? wt you call them? >> i think man band. >> man band doesn't have the same ring to it. >> when you twirl a cane because you need a cane, it's a different deal. >> if you need a cane. >> hey, they still dance. >> they sound great. >> yes. >> and they still got the moves. they're hanging tough, guys. hanging tough. >> hanging tough, nice. beyonce's publicist has a message for the beyhive. chill out. she is stepping in after this video went viral of beyonce and jay-z at a golden state warriors game. you can see the wife of the warriors owner, nicole curran leaning over beyonce to talk to jay-z. well, she now reportedly says she's received death threats on social media by people accusing her of disrespecting beyonce.
7:55 am
she says she was just taking a drink order and she needed to lean in in order to hear jay-z. beyonce's publicist yvette noel-schure is sharing this picture of the couple writing, it will bring no joy to the person you love so much if you spew hate in her name. >> so you're not supposed to cross the path? don't cross the plane of the queen bey. >> that happens all the time. >> i mean if you read lips you can see he's saying triple mocha latte. >> i think he might have been ordering something with vodka in it. but that's another thing. >> practice makes perfect for the wallenda family. here is nick and his sister liljana doing what they do best. overnight in sarasota, florida, the members of the flying wallendas as they're called are preparing for a never before attempted feat. they will walk 1300 feet across a high-wire 25 stories above new york city's times square. that will also be lijana's first stunt since being severely injured during a tightrope in 2017 when she fell. big moment. you can catch it here j23rd.
7:56 am
>> thank you very much. you're a great zebra. >> zebras bite. nguyen. construction on the smart trainee extension to the larksberg ferry terminal. third street is closed at heatherton street until 4:00 a.m. on monday. sky 7 give us a closer look at the area that's impacted.
7:57 am
the san rafael train station will be closed and shuttle busses will be all weekend long. the chronicle reports yesterday's visit was ordered by u.s. district judge william alsop so embattled utility leaders can see it in person. it was also part of the tour. pg&e is faulted for starting the november 2018 fire. as you'll recall, 85 people died in that disaster. in the south bay, silicon valley's newest public park will welcome its first visitors this morning. bear creek redwoods is located south of los gatos transforming the 1400-acre spaceome to thousf towering redwoods some 800 years old. turning to weather now and the bay area forecast with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, chris. elevated fire danger with the red flag warning in effect and look at the breeze here from
7:58 am
mount tam. wind gust up to 55 miles an hour and 68 in san francisco and 59 in oakland and 55 in san jose. check out the golden gate bridge and 64, santa rosa. napa almost 70 degrees. you've been warm all night long due to the breezy, northerly winds and 68 in livermore and here's a look right now. at the wind gusts they'll be dialing back throughout the day today and picking up again tonight. chris? >> lisa, thank you. >> the red flag warning in effect right now in the forth bay where pg&e is turning off metastatic breast cancer is relentless, but i was relentless first. relentless about learning the first song we ever danced to. about teaching him to put others first. about helping her raise her first child. and when i was first diagnosed, my choice was everyday verzenio. it's the only one of its kind that can be taken every day. it gives us more time without cancer progressing. verzenio is the only cdk4 & 6 inhibitor
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it's saturday, june 8th, good morning and thanks so much for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. let's start with the first look at the forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen tracking the conditions where you live. hi, lisa. >> here's live doppler 7 and it is clear, but boy, the winds are fierce in the upper elevations right now, red flag warning in effect above 1,000 feet. this is for the weekend with soaring temperatures and heat advisories right on through tomorrow where numbers will climb to the triple digits in our inland and east bay. there's the flag. san francisco doesn't look too bad and we're looking at temperatures in the upper 60s and upper 50s and


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