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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  June 9, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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today, have put a ton of resources on the fire. two helicopters have been dropping water as well as six planes dropping water and retardant on this grassy line behind the shooting range where this fire started. it has so far burned 100 acres. it is now 30% contained. like i said, a lot of four water teupbders, four bulldozers, all making sure the fires that are popping up do not spread and become a big disaster. >> there's been a lot of initial attack locally, as well as other fires outside the area that are in the north bay. definitely busy. it's been warm and dry and very windy. >> all right. back out here live. take a look. you're looking at signs to a shooting range, a public shooting range. er of what the cause of hills .
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this fire is, like is the case with most fires, the investigation is ongoing. it is a possibility that people who were out shooting on the range may have been the cause f this fire. again, that is still under investigation. while firefighters continue to contain the flames, which they hope will be out by tomorrow. it is hot out here. live in san jose, abc 7 news. kate, thank you. they're dealing with scorching temperatures trying to fight the fire. it is in the 90s. it is going to get hotter tomorrow. >> eric, it was a very hot day. well into the 90s. i first want to take you to the mallick fire. sit hot and dry.
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oakland, half moon bay and the city of san francisco today. very warm. 80s and 90s. heat alert still in effect for monday. we still expect hotter temperatures, especially inland tomorrow. all right. drew, we'll see you then. thanks. the heat is on across the bay area. residents looking for shade are looking for ways to keep cool. cornell better demand live with more on the heat advisory. cornell? it is coasty here in downtown novato. take a look. lots of folks making the best of it. art, wine and music festival.
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likely, there's lots of shade. people finding ways to beat the heat. >> i just moved here from florida. so this is really nice for me. >> whitney scott and friends were basking in a rare heat wave in san francisco. stacy rosenbaum was putting sunscreen on as the sun and the sand heated up big time. >> lots of sunscreen. lots of water. making sure we stay healthy, stay safe. >> swimming isn't allowed, but surfers were braving the water. they tweeted this out urging folks to be careful. sunday street event came to golden gate park. >> absolutely boiling. >> ashley was wilting along with her blooms. >> we're not selling anything today. it's just not worry it. >> the fire department did a fire hose demonstration. >> remember to seek out the shade so you don't get
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overheated and get heat exhaustion or heat stroke. >> it brought high fire danger to point reyes. no f allowed. the street fair brought big crowds to telegraph avenue. >> sharon was keeping her cool. >> i dressed for the occasion. nie comfortable shoes to take a walk to stroll in, back and forth. no sleeves. >> she had the right idea for sure. back here in novato, this wine and music festival coming to an end tonight. this is the 36th year for it. admission has always been free. always lots of water to drink. that's the main thing today. cornell bernard. >> firefighters fighting flames in yolo county after a wildfire
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forced people from their home. it has burned 7 buildings. there is no word on when evacuated residents will be allowed to return to their homes. the fire is 20% contained. right now pg&e has cut off power to 20,000 customers in butte and yuma counties as a precaution to reduce the risk of wildfires. the utility says it has more than 250 employees inspecting 800 miles of electrical lines in the area looking for any defects that could spark a fire. yeery'stored servicete abc 7city where voters teachers voted on a
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contract with the new haven unified district. >> the district managers have played so many games with us. >> it includes a 3% raise. they originally demanded 10% over two years. the strike has lasted for 14 school days. there are about 4,000 workers in california with 1,200 working in the bay area. they are still going to hold rallies on wednesday. a man is under arrest in contra costa county accused of driving under the influence and crashing his car, killing his
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girlfriend in the passenger seat. 25-year-old joseph john martinez from vallejo lost control of his sedan on lone industry way in brentwood and slammed into a utility pole. a 23-year-old woman died at the scene. her name has not been released. martinez suffered minor injuries and was treated at a local hospital before being booked on felony dui charges. one of the nation's pride parade took place in los angeles. hundreds of thousands lined up to watch the colorful celebration of lgbtq community. it was televised for the first time. the san francisco pride celebration is at the end of the month. the parade is on sunday, june 30th. well, next up, toronto. we found warriors fans making the road trip north of the border. the gift of a lifetime between siblings.
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the warriors face elimination tomorrow night in toronto. whether they'll be taking the floor with or without kevin we begin with abc 7 sports anchor mindy bach. >> reporter: kevin tkrabt walked on the court to practice with
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the team for the first time after his calf injury after the media were required to leave the floor. >> he's going to practice with us today. he will get extra work with some of our younger players. we'll gauge it from there. he hasn't done it. so he's doing more today and we'll know more after. >> reporter: the team feels more like itself and they are consistent is having the last piece that makes the warriors whole. you'll hear from the players about their mind-set heading into a must-win game with the title on the line. fans are also following their favorite team. we ran into lucky fans and plan to attend tomorrow's night between the warriors and the
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raptors. the chen family is going. >> i flew all the way here to watch the game. now game 5 in toronto. go raptors! >> a raptors win would be begin for all of canada. abc 7 is the only place to watch the warriors in the nba finals.. they are explicit about who they are rooting for. abc 7 news at 4:00, followed by the pregame show at 5:00, nba countdown at 5:30, and game 5 at 6:00 p.m. followed by after the game with sports director larry beale.
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well, another one of the bay area moments today. escape from alcatraz. meteorologist drew tuma with the accuweather forecast. >> all right. you saw kevin durant practice with the warriors for the first time since hurting his
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and from the looks of it, this tradition is going to last awhile. denny's has new crepes! see you at denny's.
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thousands wok up early this morning to take part in one of the oldest and grueling triathlons in the world. the escape from alcatraz tests the endurance of athletes out there. 2,000 biked 18 miles through the presidio and ran eight miles through the golden gate recreation area. >> we don't do these because they're easy. yeah. i didn't line up to be comfortable. i wanted to get out and push myself and have some fun. missn accomplished. arizona ben kanoute won finishing is 1:59. ashley gentle came in at 2:13. the warm weather is expected to pick up the pace of the melting
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snowpack in the sierra the next week. forecasters say martz of the merced river in yosemite national park could flood. river currents can be strong. and that water is cold enough to cause hypothermia for some people in just 15 minutes. >> tomorrow will be even hotter than today. live doppler 7. it is quiet. it will be clear skies. no fog on satellite as well. temperatures currently in the east behave. oakland 89 right now. 91, san leandro. berkeley, 92. castro valley coming in at a hot 95 degrees. it was a warm day. 9 1 in fairfield.
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86 in san francisco after a record high of 91 this afternoon. 89 in san jose. santa rosa and napa at 91 degrees. after a hot day today, we are in store for a warm night. look at how many cities the next 12 hours will stay in the 60s tonight. a warm start to our monday. future tracker temperatures, look at these numbers. th heat advisory has been anoth. tomorrow, 10:00, lasting through 9 in the evening. areas shaded in orange. pretty much the entire bay area is under a heat advisory. heat stroke or heat exhaustion could be elevated due to the higher temperatures, higher than
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normal. highs monday, look at microclimate. starting in the south bay, 99 in santa clara. 100 in san jose. 97 in sunnyvale. equally as warm in palo alto, 95. 92, san mateo. 94 in menlo park. san francisco tomorrow not quite as warm. 86 the high in daly city. 86 sausalito. east bay tomorrow, a little bit warmer than we are right now. 95 san leandro. richmond up to 91. and then inland we are just bking tomorrow afternoon. 102 in antioch and pittsburg. p. spare the air day. the poorest air quality inland
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east bay and santa clara valley. tomorrow if you can carpool is a good idea. cut down on the pollutants in the atmosphere. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. tomorrow another hot one. the heat advisory still in effect. a little bit of coastal cooling. it is hot, inland in the 90s. gradually cooling off mid week. by thursday, the fog will turn. both saturday and sunday looking nice. temperatures in the 70s and 80s. kevin durant practiced with the warriors for the first time since hurting his calf a month ago. he is officially listed an questionable for game 5. the question is, will he actually play. mindy bach has a me vipreview o
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monday's game. >> iguadala says their confidence hasn't wavered even with an nba title on the line and whether kevin durant can return for game 5. >> we respond in a good manner in terms of our men tkalt, in terms of our confidence doesn't waiver. that's something i see coming into the game. >> we will see what happens tomorrow. hopeful live comes back. it is his decision to make or the coach's decision to make. >> we have to have will power to get back, be patient. he will be very welcomed, i will say that much.
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>> reporter: it is the mind-set he expects the team to have monday night. abc 7 sports. thanks, mindy. sometimes the difference between winning and losing can be one mistake. just one mistake against the dodgers. his only mistake was to the second batter of the year. muncy with a splash hit. bumgardner not happy. he responded with if you don't want me to watch the ball, then go get it out of the ocean. it was the only run of the game. he had a chance to tie it with a runner in scoring position in the second. they took two out of three and win it /rangers game was briefl delayed by weather. when they did get going, olsen with a two-run bomb in the second inning, his ninth home run since coming back from
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injury. it inspired khris davis, who would go his 13th of the year. since may 13th, two-run shot made it 5-0 oakland. frankie struck out 10 in six innings. the a's almost blew an 8-0 win but would hang on and win by the final of 9-8. check this story out. emerson pratt, daughter of casey pratt. she spent her second in the hospital. they reached out on twitter and invited her to one of their games. today, she along with harper, threw out the first pitch. the best part. ice cream. look at that smile. what a great memory. stanley cup final. boston leads shraoeus 1-0. 3-2. highlights tonight on the news at 11:00. all right. some of my friends back in st. louis are excited about tonight.
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>> a lot of excitement going on. >> that's right. good. anthony, thank you. >> well, it was a dark debut for dark phoenix. see which beat it out for the top spot.
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tonight on abc 7 news at 1:00, we continue to monitor the fire burning in south san jose. it is one of many fires keeping firefighters busy in the hot weather today a gun battle with deputies that went down after a man shot at his wife's amazon alexa speaker. $47 million was more than
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enough to rule at the box office. dark phoenix the latest in the "x-men". $33 million. it cost 2 million to make. it is the first film 20th century fox film released by disney. secret life of pets, aladdin, king of the monsters 4th. rocket man 5th. disney is the parent company of abc 7 news. we'll see you right back
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>> hi, everyone. i'm lizzie bermudez. welcome to "bay area life," the place where lifestyles, interests, food, and entertainment all come together. there's so much to explore. on today's show, we're giving you an inside look at the brand-new galaxy's edge at disneyland resort. >> this thing is amazing. it's something that you couldn't even dream about 20 years ago. then, one organization creating a positive atmosphere for young adults. >> they're learning time management, they're learning how to communicate on a whole different level, and really learn how to take care of themselves. >> plus, a hospital bringing advanced care to its community. >> we have a great group of providers. we have a great group of staff that really take pride in what we do. >> then, pack your bags. we're expl >> the coast is uncontainable beauty on a level that i don't


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