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tv   ABC7 News 10.30PM  ABC  June 10, 2019 10:31pm-11:00pm PDT

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>> the jayson tatum baby grand. >> isn't it time you spent $1,000? >> available at rich dick's sporting goods. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: congratulations for finally tearing that wall down, jayson. you know, i don't design sneakers. i barely know how to tie my sneakers, but this is my creative outlet. one of our favorite traditions this time of year is our annual father's day youtube challenge. we do this with father's day coming up on sunday, and i'm pleased to announce that we're doing it again. so remember a few months ago, there were all those videos of parents throwing cheese at their children? the internet was flooded with videos like this. [ laughter ] it's a weird thing to do, but now it's the parents' turn to say cheese. this is your challenge, should you choose to accept it. sometime this week, record yourself throwing a piece of cheese onto your dad's face. maybe while he's sleeping, i don't know. post it to youtube with the title "hey jimmy kimmel, i threw cheese on my dad's face."
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have fun with it. be careful. don't throw a wheel of cheese at your dad, just a slice. then put it on youtube. be on the lookout for a message from us. we'll put the best videos on the show. we've had a lot of success with this. one year, we had kids hop on pop. >> ah! ah! [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that man has not had a decent night's sleep since. another year, we just told kids, tell your dad you love him. >> all: i love you, dad! [ bleep ] >> i love you, dad! >> ah, stop it! [ laughter ] >> i love you, dad! >> i am gonna [ bleep ] stick that thing so far up your ass, you're going to taste it. do you understand me? >> jimmy: what he means is, "i love you, too, son." so, this year, we want you to grab a kraft single or whatever. "hey jimmy kimmel, i threw
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cheese on my dad's face." we will also accept cheese whiz if you so desire. be creative. have fun with it at dad's expense and we will look at the results after father's day. we have a good-ish, if not great-ish, show for you tonight. the always excellent anthony anderson from "black-ish" is here. and then, we face off in a dunk tank battle. "sink it or swim." water.her anthony or iice cold will win tse tanks. ial and we're coming back with spider-man, too, so stick around. [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] ♪ e bacon burger from mcdonald's. fresh beef, applewood smoked bacon and gouda cheese. but to get one, you'd have to... get your passport. get to the airport. squeeze into the middle seat. go through customs. get into an itty-bitty taxi. say "llévame al mcdonald's mas cercano." and finally, order one. or, get to your neighborhood mcdonald's now. because for a limited time,
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>> jimmy: welcome back. a primetime nba special. and speaking of special, i have something exciting to announce. ever since i was a young boy growing up from brooklyn, i have loved spider-man. i read the comics, i had the lunchbox, i slept on a spider-man pillow until i was married i think. [ laughter ] and now, a dream i had on that pillow is about to come true because on july 2nd, i will be part of the new spider-man movie. [ cheers and applause ] thank you very much. now usually, marvel is very secretive about the footage, releasing scenes from these movies. but in this case, for some reason, they were okay with me showing this exclusive, extended, excelsior scene from "spider-man: far from home." ♪ >> hey, joe. picking up. >> hey, peter parker, my number one customer. [ cheers and applause ] fourth time this week. >> yeah, well, you know me. i just love dry cleaning. >> that's what i love about you.
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a lot of these millennials, they don't care about dry cleaning. they got washing machines. disgusting, quite frankly. >> sad. >> really is. anyway, let me get your stuff here. ah, oh. that's you, right? >> that's me. yes. thank you so much. >> all right. >> oh, my god. >> hey kid, listen. it's not my business to get into your personal balls or whatever, but can i ask you a question? >> yeah, sure. >> why do you get your pajamas cleaned every two days? [ laughter ] >> because i, ah -- i sweat a lot when i sleep. i have a sweaty syndrome. sweaty sleep syndrome. >> you're a sweaty betty. >> that's right. that's correct. >> my brother was like that. >> he was? >> oh, yeah. >> shame. >> just like a puddle. we slept on bunk beds. he'd be on top dripping on me all night. >> ah, man. [ laughter ] >> it's disgusting. >> it's not good. >> what about the holes? >> the holes? >> yeah, the holes. it almost looked like if a some kind of a mechanical octopus arm had taken a chunk out of the fabric. >> that's easy to explain. it's the -- >> moths?
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>> moths. massive moths. >> that's what i thought it was. >> right? i don't see my mask in here. do you have my mask? >> oh, connie. where's his mask? >> under the counter, stupid. >> under here? oh, all right. all right, here we go. >> that's you, right? >> no, that's matt's mask. mine's the one with the white eyelids. >> oh, right, right, right, right. all right, here you go. >> that's wade's mask. white eyes. >> connie, it's wade's mask. >> okay, don't care. >> red one. little red. >> white eyes? that's you, right? >> yeah, that's the one. >> beautiful. >> thank you. thank you. >> breaking news -- new york's very own spider-man swung into action this afternoon on the brooklyn bridge, saving a bus full of senior citizens from certain death. thanks to the masked hero's efforts, all 35 people on the bus returned home safely. ♪ >> that nutball on the tv, he's got the same goofy pjs you got.
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>> he does. >> hey, i know what's going on here. you are an influencer. [ laughter ] what are you on, instagram or snapface? >> snapface, yeah. >> connie, he's on snapface. >> oh, i like snapface. >> hey, give the place a little plug maybe? >> for sure. absolutely. you are truly are the best and most gullible dry cleaner in all of new york. >> that's what they say. that's what they say. i'll see you tomorrow, kid. >> all right. i'll see you tomorrow. >> oh, hey. tell your buddy banner, get some bigger pants. he's busting through them like crazy. >> he's pretty angry, but i'll try and tell him. >> i'm not a miracle worker! >> yes you are, joe. see you later. >> thanks, kid. hey, connie, let's go in the back and make love. >> okay, joe. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thanks, everybody. i'm pretty happy with myself,
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too. hey, we'll be right back with anthony anderson. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ go time daddy! [ giggling ] ohhhh man. took my hat off. [ "to love somebody" by bee gees playing ] that's crazy! [ crowd cheering ] [ screaming ] let's go mets! ♪ [ cheering ] through other people's you can vacations, scroll or you can be the kind of person that books their own vacation. a booker. scootin' through life at 7 miles an hour... [awesome] you see, bookers just go for it, they book a surfside resort, order a fourth taco even though three was plenty. 'cause bookers don't make bucket lists... no booking way, they make memories. just like this guy right here.
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this is nissan intelligent mobility. ♪ honey, we are seriouslynternet keeping up with the joneses. we are seriously keeping with the anderson's. we are finally keeping up with the ford's. keeping up with the garcia's. keeping up with the harvey's. with the wahh-the-wahh. with the romeros. patels. carters. the allens. wah. wolanske's. right them. no one is going to have internet like this. no one is going to have internet like this. xfinity makes keeping up with the joneses. simple. easy. awesome. check out gig-speed internet or any of our other amazing speed options. click, call or visit a store today. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hello again, friends. we are in primetime for game five of the nba finals. later tonight, we have a new show at our regular time with will arnett, ali wong, and music from king callaway. so, please join us then. our guest tonight is the
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talented patriarch of the vast "black-ish" tv empire. and the star or a new movie called "beats." >> hey, naya! >> hi. >> come on, man. why'd you do that? >> why'd i do that? why'd you freeze up like that? you just going to hit her with your creepy window game or y'all talking? >> not the creepy window game. >> no, i've seen better car accidents, man. i mean, no survivors. except for the dude that was pulling himself out of the wreckage with nubs where his hands used to be. he was still on fire. >> jimmy: "beats" premieres on netflix june 19th. please welcome anthony anderson. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: well, welcome. thank you for coming.
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good to -- i heard you just got in, huh? >> oh, just flew in. yeah, man, i was in bentonville, arkansas. walmart. as we like to call it in the hood, securing the bag. >> jimmy: oh, i see. [ laughter ] got you. >> it's crazy, man. i got off the airplane, walking out to the car. older gentleman, maybe in his late 50s, walked past me, smiled. and first words out of his mouth -- "you're gaining your weight back." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: what? >> i was like damn [ bleep ]. say good morning to me before you call me a fatass. >> jimmy: what goes through people's heads that they think that's a nice thing to say to a stranger? >> i don't know. gave me a complex though. >> jimmy: yeah. you've been thinking about it. >> i've been thinking about it for the last 12 hours, yeah. >> jimmy: boy. >> crazy. >> jimmy: i just want to mention how -- what a great job you did of playing henry jefferson on "all in the family." >> thank you. thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: the norman lear special that we did. >> yeah. >> jimmy: that was a lot of fun.
10:46 pm
were you nervous at all, doing that live? >> not as nervous as jamie foxx was. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. jamie foxx was very sweaty, very nervous. >> yeah. no, no, i wasn't. i was excited about it all. >> jimmy: yeah, you didn't seem that nervous. >> no, no. kudos to you, for, you know, putting that all together, man. so give jimmy a round of applause for that. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i get enough of that. >> yeah. no, it was a great time. >> jimmy: yeah, that was a lot of fun. now, as i recall, i remember you're hanging out a little with wanda. >> yeah. >> jimmy: sykes. you were hanging out with jamie. >> yup. >> jimmy: and woody harrelson. >> yup. >> jimmy: and you guys were -- whose car was that, that lamborghini that was in the parking lot? >> you know what's crazy? jamie came to work one day in this classic rolls royce. and i was like, yo, i -- i'm doing well right now, jamie, yo, what kind of car is that? and he was like, i'll have my car guy come. you talk to my car guy. and i was like, all right. he said, no, he'll give you a great deal. i was like, okay. so, the next day he had his car guy come by and his car guy showed up in a canary yellow $3.5 million lamborghini. >> jimmy: i have a photograph of that lamborghini. there it is. >> that right there. he was --
10:47 pm
>> jimmy: that's the car guy? >> that's the car guy right there, r.d. >> jimmy: trustworthy. >> yeah, no. [ laughter ] yeah. i don't know. i didn't get his permission to show this on the air, so i don't know if he has open cases or warrants right now. [ laughter ] but he brought that car, man, and allowed woody and i to test drive it. >> jimmy: oh, he let woody drive it? >> yeah, man. and woody wasn't in his right mind. [ laughter ] if you know what i mean. >> jimmy: i would not let woody drive this car. what was it like driving this car? >> yeah, first off, i could barely fit. but it was great, man. you know, woody drove it around the lot. >> jimmy: uh-huh. >> and so when he bought it back to me and allowed me to drive, i said, yo, can i take it on the street? he was like, yeah, so, you know, tyashe. dre it u. so we just drove under the arm. >> jimmy: oh, wow. >> and i did about 90 miles an hour. and got a little scared because it was a straightaway on peco and motor in the city. and we brought it back, man. >> jimmy: what does a car like this cost? did he actually -- >> i already said -- $3.5 million. >> jimmy: oh, it is?
10:48 pm
it's $3.5 million? >> yeah, yeah. it's all carbon fiber. >> jimmy: i don't care what it's made out of. >> they only make -- no, i'm just going to tell you what the dude told me. carbon fiber and i think they only made 400 in the world. >> jimmy: wow. and he sold those. i can't even imagine how nervous i would be driving a car that was worth $3.5 million. well, did you purchase -- are you interested in one of these? >> jimmy, i just told you. i couldn't get in or out of the car. [ laughter ] no! >> jimmy: okay. >> no! >> jimmy: we'll get you into something else. >> i'll buy a yugo. [ laughter ] not a lambo. i'll buy a yugo. >> jimmy: as long as it has an "o" at the end, you'll be all right. speaking of cars, your tv daughter was here. marsai was here. and she said that when she was younger, you promised her that when she was of driving age, you would buy her a car. >> jimmy, i'm not afraid to say that i lied to that child. [ laughter ] i lied. [ applause ] i lied. >> jimmy: because she's already got some cars picked out. >> yeah, yeah, she does. but i will honor that lie to
10:49 pm
her. >> jimmy: you will honor the lie. >> because she's been in press talking about it. so yeah, i -- >> jimmy: so you have get her a car? >> i will, i will. when she turns 16, she'll have a little surprise. >> jimmy: okay, what about the other kids? aren't there like five other kids on the show? >> look, i lie to them all the time. [ laughter ] but i never lied to them about a car, though. she was the only one i promised a car to. >> jimmy: and then you have your own kids which you can't get a nicer car for your tv kids than your human kids. >> have you met my human kids? [ laughter ] i can. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: which nba player -- to whom are you closest in the nba? >> well, right now, i'm going to say cp3. >> jimmy: okay. chris paul. >> yeah, chris paul. yeah, yeah. and -- >> jimmy: he played in your charity golf tournament. >> he played in my charity golf tournament. >> jimmy: when you have a tournament like that, how do you decide -- do you get to decide who's in your foursome? >> i do. >> jimmy: you do. >> i do. >> jimmy: and you do it by who's the best golfer or -- how does it work? >> yes, jimmy, there's no lie. i try to win my own tournament. >> jimmy: you try to win the
10:50 pm
tournament? [ laughter ] >> yeah. so, i stack my team. so, i had cp3, i had his dad, i had a female lpga -- >> jimmy: most of them are that. most of the lpga players are females nowadays. >> yeah, yeah. right. >> jimmy: they've come a long way. >> it's isabelle. i can't remember her last name. and she hits the ball 270 yards. >> jimmy: nice. >> and i had doc rivers. because i'm trying to lure chris paul back to the clippers. >> jimmy: oh, wow. >> so, i figured if i put doc and chris in my group, you know, i can talk to chris about what the clippers want without there being any tampering and us being fined. >> jimmy: oh. and did you discuss that subject with him? >> my lips are sealed. >> jimmy: oh, interesting. wow. >> but we'll see. >> jimmy: yeah, we will see, i guess. >> yeah, we'll see. >> jimmy: are you a basketball player yourself? >> not anymore. >> jimmy: no, okay. >> yeah. >> jimmy: this movie, you are getting great reviews for this movie. are you critical of yourself when you watch something like this? >> i am. and you know what's crazy? this movie and the character that i portrayed on "the shield," antoine mitchell, were the only two times that i've actually looked at myself and was like, damn, i'm pretty good.
10:51 pm
>> jimmy: really? those are the only two times? >> yeah, those are the only two times. every time else, you know, i sit and watch, i was like, oh, okay, that's cool. oh, all right, you guys liked that. that's funny. but, this character, romelo in "beats" -- >> jimmy: romelo? yeah. >> yeah, after i screened it for me and i was like, i'm pretty good in this film. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you know what would be a smart thing? >> thank you. >> jimmy: not that netflix needs my help, but if i was them, on the poster for this movie i'd put "anthony anderson says i'm pretty good." [ laughter ] >> of course i'm biased, but it's the truth. >> jimmy: all right. when we come back, we're going to find out how good you are at shooting a basketball. >> prepare to get wet. >> jimmy: because when we come back, we go in the dunk tank to play "sink it or swim." anthony anderson, his movie "beats" premieres june 19th on netflix. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back to our nba game night special. as you can see, directly below me, is a dunk tank full of h2o. [ cheers and applause ] all right, you animals. enough with those! [ cheers and applause ] we're about to play "sink it or swim." ♪ my opponent, sitting just across from me atop his own ice cold jacuzzi, is three-time nba all-star, anthony anderson. anthony. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] and our lifeguard today, as usual, is guillermo. guillermo, may i ask, ha swim, jimmy. >> jimmy: he does not know how swim, so we are on our own. here is our referee, my cousin sal, to explain the rules of this game. cousin sal. >> all right, here are the
10:56 pm
rules. i'm going to blow this whistle. you two are going to start shooting. one of you will make a basket, the other will get wet. okay? anthony, are you ready to keep jimmy's winless streak alive? >> yes! i'm ready. i'm ready. >> i'm going to blow this -- okay. you ready? >> jimmy: ready! [ cheers and applause ] >> oh! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> come on, jimmy! whoo! i'm getting shrinkage! >> jimmy: that's our show.
10:57 pm
thanks to anthony. thanks to tom holland. later tonight, we have a new show with will arnett, ali wong and music from king callaway. hopefully i'll be dry by then. see you there. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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the warriors today, thrilling comeback. a one-point win in game five of the nba finals, but they lose kevin durant to an achilles tendon injury. the emotional reaction, all the highlights coming up on abc7 news at 11:00. >> i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. record breaking heat today. i'll let you know when relief will arrive. >> i'm in san francisco where the death of a 14-year-old boy reminds us to stay safe as the weather heats up. >> i'm in san jose where student homeless advocates say the summer months bring about mor challenges. abc7 news starts right now. >> announcer: now, news to build a better bay area, from abc7. >> one dribble, one shot, got it!


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