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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  June 14, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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what a season. what a finish. >> the beauty of klay is i said how are you feeling. he said i can't believe we lost that game. >> warrior hearts just couldn't get the win. >> there's a new nba champion. >> the warriors lost the nba title and final game ever. >> the warriors lost klay thompson to a torn acl after losing kevin durant to a torn achilles tentendon. >> you're talking ooabout two injuries in two back to back finals games, unheard of. probably never happen again. >> a sheriff's deputy was pushed while trying to get on the the court to join his team's
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celebration. the sheriff's office it's pursuing a misdemeanor complaint. wayne. >> reporter: good evening. after the series we're still dealing with incidents. what do you expect? for raptors president, this should have been his finest moment joining his team on court for a championship celebration but he didn't have his credentials and sheriff deputy has strict order so when they tried to keep him off the court, he pushed the deputy once and now faces charges. here is alameda county ray kelly by phone. >> at the end of the day you cannot push and shove multiple times a law enforcement officer engaged in the performance of their duty. it's unacceptable. we as law enforcement are not
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there to be pushed around. we're trying to do our job and a little bit of communication would have went a long way in the situation. it's unfortunate. >> reporter: back in toronto he did not acknowledge the incident on the team's twitter feed this morning but the league and the team say they are looking into it and want a resolution fromiop they had their own issue when minority owner mark stephens pushed raptor player. >> i hope it gets resolved in the best way possible. toronto, that doesn't blemish any of that. a drama tainted with relative tragedy has klay thompson suffered a torn acl in his left knee one game after kevin durant ripped his achilles tendon. >> how do you process that in. >> the most common conversation i had last night with everybody
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was we were just out of words. >> reporter: before leaving we asked about any take aways. >> i think perspective. understanding how fleeting this all can be. basketball, life in general. >> reporter: back to the subject, we asked alameda county sergeant did they held back in dealing with him. they said they did. they could have arrested him on the court but they thought it would be in bad taste. they thought it would ruin the moment. we asked if he's apologized. the sheriff's department said no. we asked if it would make a difference. the sheriff's department said that depends on the office. >> we shall see. thank you. after 47 seasons, the building that is known as oracle arena will be known as building the warriors into the teem they are today.
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watch 47 seasons, a golden good-bye on all abc 7 platforms including amazon fire. it's a really great program. it's a 14 minute film filled with feel good moments from oracle. east bay traffic jammed after a six car crash this afternoon. sky 7 got a look another the long line of cars earlier. the chp said it was first told of the head on collision around 2:30 p.m. and had to shut down both lanes. the accident has been cleared but the traffic is still heavy and it's friday. it's not clear how many people were hurt in the accident. however, the chp reported only minor injuries. bart service through san ler leandro is back on service today after long dela. they had had to do that for hours. the switches are supposed to be automatic but something malfunctioned. >> unfortunately a lot of our equipment is very old and it's
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past its useful life. it's something we're trying to address proactively but sometimes there's equipment out there that we haven't gotten to. >> the problem started at 9:00 this morning. it took until 4:00 this afternoon until everything was fixed. transit is one of the topics we focused onto build a better bay area. bart is making changes with new train cars that will benefit more than just riders. abc 7 news reporter has the story. >> reporter: there's no doubt bart's fleet of ageing train cars have seen better days. >> hot. very hot. very, ery hot in there. >> reporter: ask anyone rider. >> the bart cars are filthy. ar. disgusting. >> reporter: bart says hang in there. new cars are on the way. >> they have access for every one. there's three doors on each side. they work beautifully. >> i'm pleased to announce we
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will be transferring this work to california. >> reporter: the company that's building bart's fleet of the future is moving the manufacturing plant to pittsburgh from upstate new york. 775 cars will be assembled in this warehouse. >> we expect to be work on the first cars for bart in september. >> reporter: the plant will hire 50 new employees and more jobs could follow. >> bringing jobs is a novel concept to east county. normally we have to participate elsewhere in our work force and go and travel sometimes hours. >> reporter: pittsburgh mayor hopes other companies get the hint. >> bigger picture is to have more jobs, locally here in pittsburg. we have a lot of housing but there's a jobs housing inbalance here in east county. >> i got part-time right now. i'd like another job. >> reporter: carlos likes the idea of a good job close to home without the long commute.
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>> i've done many trades. i'm a quick learner. >> reporter: they plan to start hiring this summer. it will take several years to deliver more than 700 cars to bart. total cost of the contract, $2.5 billion. in pittsburg, abc 7 news. say good-bye to the bart ticket. they plane to phase out the paper ticket by the end of the year. it's pushing all riders toward clipper cards. bart added a 50 cent fee for using paper tickets in 2018. nixing the tickets will cut down on waste and the cost of maintaining equipment that reads the magnetic strip. when the bart ticket debuted in 1972, it pioneered cutting edge technology. abc 7 news devoted a week to covering bart as part of the commitment to building a better bay area. we rode trains all day long visiting stations. we talked the riders and the people in charge to see what changes are coming.
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you can see all those stories on our website, building better bart is part of building better bay area. a bay area hotel will pay one of the biggest penalties for blocking public access to a beach. the ritz carl tton is on the coast. droneview 7 flew over the area. you can see the beach and the cliffs next to it. it's stunning. one thing that is hard to see, parking. that's part of the problem. abc 7 news reporter is live to explain. chris. >> reporter: good evening. it's the beach we're talking about and it's right behind me. there's two ways to get there. over my left is a short walkway with a public parking lot about 15 spaces but if you want to take a prettier route, this picturesque trail you'll have to go through the ritz carlton where rooms can run you up to
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$1,000. the california coastal commission believes they have not been doing nufr enough to k this public. we wanted to document our own access of getting into the parking lot that is on hotel property. when we got there, there were plenty of spaces. that's fresh off the $1.6 million fine handed down by the california coastal commission this month in san diego. surf rider foundation following this issue is since the hotel's first violation in 2004. >> they were using the parking spaces for the public for hotel guests. they didn't have the adequate signage. we know shay have been blocking access. for them to say thaifr been providing it doesn't match up. >> reporter: that's the public access staircase that gets you down to this public, gorgeous beach. let me show you why it can feel like the ritz carlton is bit of
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a gate keeper. to get where i was standing it's a half a mile of walking through their property. this drone7 footage confirms how dominating the hotel against that stretch of coast. >> i've seen more signs now but i think once or twice maybe over these years i've had problems where there's a special vent may -- event and that was the only good reason. >> reporter: might be good policy than good luck. >> it's an example of how important the coastal commission enforcement staff is and how critical it is that they are able to do their job. >> reporter: that parking lot i was talking about is just up this walk at the hotel. there are currently 15 spaces. the hotel has agreedagreedagreed
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staff that such basic saaccess . >> thanks. the recent high temperatures are taking a hiatushiatushiatuss days. some cities saw drizzle. >> it's blue skies at the coast as you can see in this live picture. will we get beach weather this weekend? >> sandy is here with the answers. >> if you don't mind, a little bit of cloud cover, i think it will be just fine for beach weather. let me show you live doppler 7 right now. it's pretty much socked in at the coast except in santa cruz where they are seeing blue skies. we'll have our mie rcroclimate tomorrow. across the bay in oakland, a mild 66. 75 in walnut creek. if you're going to be inland, antioch, 82 degrees. i'll be back with the forecast coming right up. thanks. >> we're trying to build better
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bay area when it comes to rising homeless population here. >> see what fremont wants to create that's causing controversy with neighbors. a cat conflict. on one side is a santa cruz coffee shop. on the other, a m
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abc 7 news is committed to building a better bay area and looking for improvements that affect our quality of life be the growing numbers of homeless are becoming more wide spread, more visible and more concerning for a lot of people. in fremon, niles discovery
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church could become the home of a new navigation center. it's a homeless shelter. some people don't like the thought of one in their neighborhood and we have seen this issue get heated elsewhere. >> do you want me to talk or do you want to yell? >> that was san francisco mayor confronting an angry crowd over the proposed navigation center which was approved. abc 7 news reporter explains what's happening right now in fremont. l >> reporter: as the homeless population rises across the bay area, cities are racing to find solutions. >> not all, some have drug issues, chronic alcoholism, mental health issues. >> reporter: they are hoping to build a 45-bed homeless navigation center by 2020. a dozen are being being being
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at. 300 people have signed a petition from the beginning. >> this is part of the services that the homeless people need and deserve. this is a very busy intersection right next to a busy train track. >> reporter: church leaders who are supportive of the project were unavailable for comment. city council members will hold a study session to establish location criteria which city staff will use to narrow down the search. >> we're going to need to build more affordable housing. that will take a while to come online and we've got to start getting people off the street back into stable permanent living situations. >> reporter: nearly 500 homeless is summerre counted c wi.nuer wg moano help t s they i the proce. >> that's the exact strategy.
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>> the center would be built with funds allocate bid state and operate for five years. >> working with each individual and looking at specific needs and specific situations and then trying to figure out what's the best for them. >> reporter: a final location would be chosen by the city as soon as september. >> fremont is in alameda county. we have data going back over a decade for all nine bay area counties. see the numbers where you live at the monster is open. the fence has finally come down around the mid century monster on the shores of oakland's lake merit. the 1950s sculptture has been fenced off for years after it deteriorated to an unsafe condition. thanks to a community group it was repaired and repainted and the fence surrounding it has been removed. the battle brews on against the small coffee shop and a
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construction giant over the name cat. >> we have the story where some prominent names are getting involved. >> when you walk into our little shop i'm sure you're not going to mistake the big construction equipment with the cafe. >> reporter: jared has been in the state of disbelief since last august when their independent shop was slapped with a legal petition to cancel their trademark by construction giant caterpillar. >> we feel like we're being bullied. >> reporter: cat and cloud is among 174 register trademarks including the word cat. caterpillar has filed 125 cancellation petitions so far including. ♪ internet sensation keyboard cat. you may have been onemi ofllion video. >> i'm just a poor artist trying to afford another sack of cat food and maintain my integrity.y
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>> caterpillar says it only applies for apparel. >> expensive to pay for in lawyer fees. up to 100 grand. >> did you think of caterpillar heavy equipment when looking at that t-shirt? >> not at all. >> reporter: former chief evan jellist for apple are getting behind the cafe. he's lever aaging his millions online followers to get involved. >> sometimes you have to stand up for principle. >> it's not clear to me that everybody at caterpillar knows this is happening. when the right person finds out, they will say i don't think so. we should stop this. >> reporter: caterpillar did not return our request for comment. >> cat and cloud go fund me to pay for legal fees to fight
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caterpillar has raised 12,000 there are so far. all right. abc 7 news meteorologist is keeping an eye on our weekend forecast. >> we have a nice looking weekend. >> it's going to be gorgeous this weekend. we're not going to have to deal with very hot weather that we dealt with early in the week. let's take a look at live doppler 7. you'll notice that the beaches are pretty much gray at this hour. the low clouds are starting to make their push across the bay as seen from our emoryville camera. upper 60s san jose, mountain view. 55 in half-moon bay. mix of sun and some clouds from our santa cruz camera. nice day out there. here is a look at the temperatures. 70 in santa rosa. 72 in livermore. temperatures today from the upper 50s to the low 80s the that marine layer was refreshing. antioch will be 82 degrees tomorrow afternoon. a nice day. saturday, sunday, a little
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warmer. you don't have to worry about anything as far as the heat but the next week it does get hot. low 90s for those of you who like it monday and wednesday of next week. here is a look at a live picture from our east bay hills camera. notice the marine layer is taking over. widespread clouds and patchy drizzle overnight. mild inland and cool at the coast. fine weather is expected for father's day. leets ta let's take a look at your father's day forecast. temperatures will be in the 50s in the morning. noontime really comfortable weather. mild to warm for the afternoon. if you're spending time with dad out doors, really low 60s to upper 80s. in the evening it will still be pleasant. a little bit of spotty drizzle tomorrow morning. low clouds, fog, temperatures in the 50s. tomorrow afternoon in the south bay here is how to look. 76 san jose. 71 santa cruz. 80 in gilroy. 62 in half-moon bay. the fog will hang around well
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into the afternoon. daly city same thing. 62 degrees. 65 in downtown san francisco. north bay temperatures in the upper 60s. high cloiuds. heading inland in the low 80s for the warmest spots. 76 in livermore. 75 in walnut creek. you can download the app and track the temperatures the plan your weekend. accuweather accuweather, seven-day forecast, low 80s. father's day will will just beautiful. turning warmer on monday. notice the temperatures climbing up into the 90s for monday, tuesday, wednesday. even into thursday and friday but not really any extreme heat. this is what we expect around this time of year. 60s at the coast. we'll have our summer spread. looking at a wide range of temperatures for the upcoming
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weekend but for all the dads out there, the weather could not be better for the upcoming weekend. mpblt new tariffs meant new trade worries. >> see what
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those arexetive atch rin
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the opening bell as the florida company went public. at the closing bell it was almost 35. a nearly 60% increase. the dow was down 17 points. the nasdaq lost 40. mpb > uber and lyft are still trading below their ipo prices. because of the new tariffs there's been concern about international trade. so far there's nothing to worry about at the port of oakland. both imports and exports are up compared to last year. keep in mind last year was a record setting year. the port says it's seeing more trade with neighboring countries. be invincible. that's the theme of a women's summit. >> hear from some of the biggest
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visit, to learn more.
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be invincible. that was the message to hundreds of women who gathered today for a summit in san francisco. mayor london breed hosted the summit to help women find more opportunities and support in the work force. >> powerful event. the main event was house nancy pelosi who spoke about her confrontations with president trump. >> reporter: it was way for san francisco mayor london breed to inspire women to ask for what they want in a career and life. >> when you achiever success, it is also equally important that you do something for someone else because that's how we continue to build upon our success. that's how we make our city and our countryrplace. >> i think you have to be willing to ask for help and that doesn't mean you're weak. >> reporter: other speakers included a group of women who work for the national basketball
6:31 pm
association, the nba and the golden state warriors, a male dominated business. >> men have had male role models from the minute they are born and it's just now coming of ail for women to now see these senior executives and say, i can do that. >> don't let anyone diminish who you are and what you bring to the table and they'll try to do that. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi speak of her introduction to politics and her now frequent confrontations with president trump. >> he's the president of the united states. i respect the office he holds. i think i respect it more than he respects it but i respect the office that he holds. we have to try to find common ground. >> reporter: even speaker pelosi admits finding that common ground with a divided government may be the hardest achievement of her political career. in san francisco, abc 7 news. mpblt iran is denying basic cue
6:32 pm
mads made by president trump that it attacks two oil tankers in the gulf of oman. the united nations is calling for an independent investigation into what happened. the pentagon released video. >> well iran did do it and you know they did it because you saw the boat. i guess one of the mienes didn' explode and it's got iran written all over it. >> they treated injured crew men from the japanese tanker. a crewman said he saw some type of missile or other object flying toward the tanker. . president trump is also speaking out exclusively to abc news following robert mueller's investigation of his campaign.
6:33 pm
the president got into a heated exchange when he talked about questions from mueller's probe. >> they gave me questions. i answered them. >> not on obstruction. >> you're being a wise guy which is typical for you. there was no crime. there was no collusion. >> president trump also told george he would listen if a foreign country offered him information about a political opponent. you can hear more of what president trump said sunday evening at 8:00 right here on abc 7. let's move ovn for the moment. wouldn't it be nice to have a hot tub in your backyard and wouldn't it be nice if the offer was dirt cheap. >> we have been tracking this and joins us. michael. >> the hot tub seems to be made by respected manufacturer. the ads were placed on the biggest social media sites. what could go wrong? >> we first heard about this issue when leah posted this on my facebook page.
6:34 pm
did we just get scammed she asked. she saw this ad on instagram, an adult sized inflatable hot tub marked down from $399 to just $20. i went to fairfield to meet her and see where she planned to put that tub. >> this is it. shid rig shade right here. when she saw the ad, she thought it would be perfect for her kids. >> i said this would be cool. let me take advantage of it. i purchased things on instagram and facebook before. i thought it was secure. >> reporter: i know what you're thinking and leah does too. sdm y >> you know when i air this report, people will say did she really think she was getting a hot tub for 20 bucks. >> no, of course not. i'm not an idiot. >> reporter: she chanced it. the ad was on instagram. it looked safe. and time woz ras running out.
6:35 pm
>> there are things as much as price mistakes. there's close out sales. some people are trying to get off the ground and offer products far below their price. we checked with coleman. than you for this message. we reported this fraudulent website to our legal team. this website is not affiliated with cole man. leah found a reddit complaint where people complained about not getting the hot tub. the company which listed hot tubs under websites with names like harpers collections does not have great deal of contact information online, at least that i could find. i reached out to two e-mails that seemed to be part of the operation. i have not heard back. >> this just a flat out scam since no one seems to have been
6:36 pm
receiving these 20 dollar hot tubs. >> leah is not out any money at all. she paid throug pay file and filed a complaint and got all her money back. >> my husband is like ie whowhy you wasting so much time on this. i feel really bad. i can't believe a company like this exists. my dad said you should ask michael finney. he's helped so many other people before. just see if there's anything we could do. >> reporter: i contacted facebook, instagram and things started moving. these types of scammy ads have no place on facebook. we have removed the ads as well as several pages for violating our policies. because of leah and her dad, these ads are gone for good and so are those affiliate ed pages.
6:37 pm
one of the websites tied to this deal had barely been open a month. that's a red flag. i asked for the spokesperson for the company information and i was told they didn't have that info for me. be warned. >> thank you michael. dream come true for a bay area boy after last night's j-lo concert.
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a young artist from san jose got the surprise of his life. tyler gordon gave his portrait of generjennifer lopez and alex rodriguez to the celebrity last night. >> sometimes dreams do come true. >> reporter: a young san jose artist dream came true after attending j-lo's it's my party concert last night. 12-year-old tyler gordon gave the singer and her fiance his
6:41 pm
painting. >> that's amazing. >> that's awesome. wow. >> turn it around so everybody can see. >> that's cool. >> look at this thing. >> that's amazing. > how are you? hi. >> nice to meet you. >> you love to paint? >> yes. >> you're good. >> thank you. >> handsome. amazing. >> tyler gained national attention after up loading this time lapsed video. he looks up to the celebrity couple and told abc 7 news last month his wish was to meet them and give them his creation. abc 7 news, j-lo's management team and sap center worked to make that wish come true. >> never give up on those. no matter how old of a kid you are. >> you can dream really big. we came from nothing and our reality is coming true every day. we had a young girl sitting there crying looking at jennifer. it's why she does and why i do to inspire the next generation and tyler is another example of
6:42 pm
that. >> abc 7 news reporter is the one who got to tell tyler his dream was becoming a reality. watch his reaction. >> that would be amazing. >> it's happening. you're going to the j-lo concert tonight and you'll meet her in person and give her your painting. >> tears of happiness taking support a step further. tyler's mom surprised him with this personalized vest. his viral portrait in full view. a dream fulfilled. ♪ >> he's having a blast. >> absolutely. we know he has one more new fan today. a-rod says he will follow him on instagram. >> good. excellent. we had a wild week of
6:43 pm
weather in term of the temperature. >> look at that shot. looks gorgeous. we h
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did you feel it. an earthquake shook a neighborhood about ten minutes ago. there's no damage reported but you wouldn't expect much danger with a quake that minor. let's talk about the weekend weather forecast. >> the weekend looks fantastic. let's take a look at your evening planner. increasing clouds at 7:00 p.m. 50s to 70s. breezy and cool so you'll need a jacket later on tonight and clouds and even some spotty drizzle. we're seeing some mist right along the coast where it's socked in. the low clouds marching over the bay. tomorrow amp the clouds will pull back to the coast and you'll have a nice mild afternoon with low 60s to the low 80s. take advantage of it as you take a look at the basic accuweather seven-day forecast. turning hotter as we turn towards next week with low to mid-90s inland.
6:47 pm
thank you so much. >> big loss last night for the warriors not just in terms of the game itself but another player went down. >> it was unbelievable. the crowd was great. the game was epic. the finish, i can't believe this is happening. where do the warriors go from here here? how do they bounce back after devastating losses on and off the court? sports is next. -- >> mike: you see the awkward landing and right away california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones. >> mike: you see the awkward - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours. it's no ordinary day at denny's it's crepe day. a family tradition we started about twenty-two minutes ago. and from the looks of it, this tradition is going to last awhile. denny's has new crepes! see you at denny's.
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good evening. the warriors three-peat came crashing to an end last night. losing championships is tough. losing players like kevin durant and klay thompson is agonizing. a brutal finish to roller coaster season. how do the injuries impact the future especially with them looking at huge contracts in free agency. >> thompson running the floor and a foul. thompson grabs his left knee. >> the beauty of klay is i said how are you feeling. i can't believe we lost that game. i'll never forget him walking out shooting the free throws, just as a fan. >> you're talking about two career altering injuries to two of your best players and back to
6:51 pm
back finals games. unheard of. probably never happen again. we're in new territory now. >> with long recoveries looming, both players will miss significant time next season. the goal is to keep them. >> those guys are highly important to us and deserving of being rewarded in the right manner. >> it will be a wild free agent market. we have to figure out our own situation, particularly with klay and kevin and how all that shakes out. i could absolutely forsee a place for demarcus here. >> reporter: free agency begins on july 1st. the draft is next thursday. bob meyers and the warriors front office have a lot of work ahead of them.
6:52 pm
>> i can't believe it's in five days. i just can't. >> takes so much energy and emotion to do it back to back to back to back to back. did i get that right? i think everybody is fried right now. that's what the summer is for. we'll recharge the batteries and be ready to go in late september. >> those guys need rest. great shot making today at the u.s. open. over cast. chilly. tiger ended the day with back to back bogeybogeys. look at this expression. that's all you need the see. he'll make the cut. phil mickelson looking for his first career u.s. open win.
6:53 pm
how's that's for a background right there. there's my yacht. justin is second. shot a one under 70. he's seven under par. >> i'm still in the ball game. there's so many guys with chance to win. we have a long way to go. we'll see how it shapes up for >> he's out to remove a melanoma from his right here. the mole turned out to be cancerous. scotty hitting .215. expected to be back next week. good news they caught it.
6:54 pm
steve kerr was joking with commissioner after the game and said wouldn't it be nice if we could go to italy and drink wine and ride bicycles and rest up. there was one report that k.d. facetimed klay and i think klay was in the hospital getting his mri and he said we have unfinished business. >> it begins. >> which would lead you to believe that k.d. was going to come back. we'll see. sgh you plan and then you see what happens. >> all right. thank you, larry. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on cable channel. two dogs caught in the middle of a high speed chase. one jumped out and update on what will happen to them at
6:55 pm
9:00. silicon valley techies have found gnaw passion. crystals. but they are not for decoration. find out what's driving this new trend. mpblt co at 7:00, it's marvels, agents of cheeshield. it will be followed by 20/20. at 11:35, stay tuned for jimmy kimmel live. finally, a few thoughts about what really matters. if you watched the warriors raptors game you saw something important. you saw one of the best teams in the storied history of the nba lose. sure we wanted them to win but to lose the way the warriors did last night is a victory in its own way. first they left it all on the floor. gave every measure of themselves in the effort. when they came up short, they were gracious and dignified in defeat. did you see the way they spent
6:56 pm
time on the court congratulating their opponent. more than an hour steph curry was still there taking pictures and saying good-bye. winning well is easy. losing not so much. when athletes and their fans take a tough loss with grace as both did thursday, it's powerful. they say that sports develop character. what really matters is that as we saw last night, they reveal it. i always love the hear from you. let me know what you think. follow me on twitter and facebook. >> all right. that is going to do it for this edition of abc 7 news. always look for breaking news any time. >> we appreciate your time. >> leaving you with a live look outside from our walnut creek cam. >> happy fathers day to all the dads out there.
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i will begin today with a gentle reminder that this is the last regular competitive game on "jeopardy!" for two weeks, because starting monday, the teen tournament gets underway. you won't wanna miss that. eric and becky, good to have you with us today. e.j., nice to see you again. let's go to work in the jeopardy! round. get things off right now with these categories, starting off with... and this is in honor of father's day, which is coming up, and we're gonna need both the first and last name in each correct response in this category. next category is... some of us do. notice the quotation marks. and finally, we'll deal with... e.j., start. big top for $600.


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