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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 14, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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a brand new foot bridge that's supposed to keep
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i'm in east palo alto where police are looking for a group of teenagers who attacked two pedestrians on this bridge. >> i'm jobe nah fortson where bart is wrapping up a tough week. >> i'm in campbell where a new trend in the tech industry has nothing to do with tech. abc 7 news starts right now. >> announcer: now news to build a better bay area. from abc 7. pedestrians attacked by teenagers on a new foot bridge on the peninsula. tonight police are stepping up patrols. >> the bridge spans 101 and connects two communities. abc 7 news reporter luz pena is live with the latest. luz. >> reporter: ama, this bridge was opened four weeks ago. a he. four weeks ago the east palo alto community celebrated the
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opening of this pedestrian bridge 24 hours ago that joy turned into fear for? residents. >> i saw four, five teenagers and i was scared too after seeing them. >> reporter: at 8:00 p.m. on thursday the first attack was reported. >> they just converged on the victim and started beating on the victim on top of the foot bridge. >> reporter: according to east palo alto police the first victim was attacked right here by five teenagers. three ran west and two ran east. now let me show you an aerial shot of this bridge. in our exclusive sky map 7 technology you can see how this bridge connects two east palo alto neighborhoods. police say they're looking on both sides. an hour and 20 minutes later the second report came in. >> in the second robbery it was described as six to eight suspects who surrounded the victim demanding the contents of his pocket. >> reporter: the victim according to police pulled out a knife and the teenagers ran off. >> it makes me a little wary, you know, of course, which is a
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sad commentary. >> reporter: east palo alto police said they searched the entire area for surveillance video to identify the suspects. east palo alto police said they'll have four officers patrolling this area. i want to point out this patrol car that has been parked here the entire time during this story. i also want to let you guys know that east palo alto is alerting residents in this area to not walk by themselves but to walk in groups. in east palo alto luz pena, abc 7 news. >> always good advice. luz, thank you. developing news in southern california. one person is dead after a shooting inside a costco store tonight in southern california. witnesses heard an argument before the gunshots rang out. that caused a panic as shoppers tried to take cover or run. this happened in corona. that's in riverside county. police say the gunman is in custody. two other people were injured. in the east bay firefighters and paramedics raced to revive a baby boy who nearly drowned in antioch this evening.
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officials say the 23-month-old was found unconscious in a swimming pool at a home along north francisco way. the child had been in the pool for about five minutes. rescuers tell us the detective performed cpr for several minutes. he has been rushed to the hospital. bart is looking to get back on track after a pretty rough week. today there were equipment problems that caused systemwide there's a. it follows complaints earlier this week about sweltering cars and concerns over those new fare gates they're installing. abc 7 news reporter jobbina fortson is live in orinda with the story tonight. >> reporter: it was just last night we were talking about a multibillion-dollar budget passed to hel its issues. riders have made it clear they are frustrated and they're hoping these changes come sooner than later so they won't have to deal with the issues they faced this week like train delays or fare evaders and even in some cases no air-conditioning on
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cars. another day and unfortunately another bump on bart's road to improving its relationship with riders. friday morning a problem with the train equipment caused major delays at bay fair and nearby bart stations >> instead of make automatic switches between our tracks that allow the trains to function on their proper routes we have to kranks them manually. it creates a very large backup. >> reporter: sky 7 captured workers manually switching trains onto the fremont and dublin pleasanton lines for hours. the issue was fixed before the afternoon rush but the hiccup rounded out a week of other problems like no air-conditioning on cars during record high temps. >> in the 90s. we were perspiring. >> realistically some of our train cars are 20, 30, 40 years old. think about driving a car that old. it takes a lot of love and care, takes a lot of maintenance, but even with that sometimes everything doesn't work. >> reporter: this week there were also concerns raise over the double stacked gates being raised to stop fare evaders. some disablds riders and people
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with strollers find the gates difficult. >> my baby could have gotten smashed up in there. >> i've been riding bart for 40 years. overall it's good. >> reporter: deborah carter wants people to know it's not all bad. she's looking forward to the big changes bart has planned like its fleet of the future cars that are already beginning to roll out. one thing bart wanted to make clear is they rely on their riders for information. so if you're in a car and have an issue you can reach out to them via social media, for example, or even use the intercon system and contact the operator that way. for now reporting live in orinda tonight, jobina fortson, abc 7 news. and improving bart is one of the topics abc 7 news has focused on in our efforts to build a better bay . and no bt hasnnounced its eeof the future will be built in pittsburgh. lombardier transportation plans to begin abling rail cars this summer.
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at least 50 people will get hired at first. the mayor hopes it will improve the quality life in his city. >> there's a jobs-housing imbalance in the east county. we need to create more jobs in pittsburg so people can live, work and play here locally. >> more than 700 new cars will replace bart's original fleet. and say good-bye to the bart ticket. the transit agency says it plans to faze out the paper ticket by the end of the year. it's pushing all riders toward using clipper cards. bart added a 50-cent per trip fee for all trips paid for using paper tickets in 2018. abc 7 news devoted a week to covering bart as part of our commitment to building a better bay area.e, the toronto raptors say they are cooperating with the alameda county sheriff's office as the agency pursues a misdemeanor battery complaint against the team's general manager. masai ujiri is accused of pushing and hitting a deputy while trying to get on the court after last night's championship win. officers say ujiri didn't show
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his credential. >> you cannot push and shove multiple times a law enforcement officer engaged in the performance of their duties. it's unacceptable. we as law enforcement are not there to be pushed around. we're trying to do our job. and simply a little bit of communication would have went a long way. >> a fan who was nearby said the deputy did not ask for credentials and that ujiri did not hit the deputy. it's a crowded field. more than 20 democrats want to run for the white house next year. >> today we learned who made the cut for two different debates later this month. >> abc news reporter trevor hall has the story. >> reporter: after narrowing the crowded field to 20 candidates today the squlienz for the first democratic debate of the 2020 presidential race have been revealed. the first ten candidates taking the stage wednesday june 26th, among that group senator elizabeth warren, representative beto o'rourke, and senator cory booker. the following night a separate group of ten.
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this one including senator kamala harris, buttigieg. -- saying there was unlikely to be any real depth. >> i am prepared. and basically looking at less about what the other people are for or against and trying to figure out how i can get to the place where i can communicate to the american people what i believe, why i'm running, and why it's important. >> reporter: among those watching the race closely is president trump. he weighed in friday morning about his potential opponents, telling fox news he thinks the nomination will likely go to biden, senator bernie sanders, or senator elizabeth warren. >> i don't see the other ones. i really don't see it. they talk about kamala. i don't see kamala. i don't see -- i think it's probably between the three of them. mayor pete i don't see at all.
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i think that's a joke. >> three candidates will not get to debate at all, having not met the threshold to get into the field of 20. each night is scheduled for two hours of debate. now less than two weeks away. trevor alt, abc news, washington. whether you believe in magic or metaphysics it is a trend making its way into the tech industry. that story's next. these dogs were hurt in a wild police chase, remember. now starlet and onyx are about to start a new chapter. and making a bay area boy's biggest dream come true. abc 7 is the only station there for the special moment. i'm meteorologist sandhya pat patel. it is gray tonight. but find out if skies will open up, brighten up for father's day weekend coming right up. >> thanks, sandhya. first here's a look at what's ahead on "jimmy kimmel live" right after abc 7 news at 11:00. >> where do you find a golf shirt that's exactly the same color as your skin? >> that's good.
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new developments. two dogs are now up for adoption after surviving this high-speed rv chase last month. that stolen rv hit six other vehicles in the los angeles area. one dog jumped through the rv's ve re fmhe dshield to injuries. they must be adoptedneither dog woman who stole the rv. all right. crystals, tarot cards, and the tech industry. sounds like an unlikely combination. but in the south bay owners of many unique shops are seeing more customers with interest in the unexplained. abc 7 news reporter amanda del
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castillo has the story from campbell. >> reporter: you won't find the latest check r tech gadgets at this shop in campbell. but incantations owner says it's an outlet for the metaphysical in a technical world. >> people that find that balance between the two, they tend to be a little bit happier. they tend to move through their life a little easier. >> reporter: belief in the supernatural is far from a new concept. but hope of cosmic fortune is a growing trend in silicon valley. tech workers tell abc 7 news they've sat down with seers at major conferences, people who are supposed to be able to see what the future holds. but many say it's more fun than just for fate. >> when i talk to them, i don't see a hole, a spot, a problem, a need. but they do. they don't feel safe in the world. so they're k looking for a little more magic. >> healing crystals, tarot cards, all part of the growing trend. san jose resident catanya nun says she understands why many turn to alternative energies. >> i think they've exhausted all
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options. >> reporter: she picked up the practice after losing a family member two years ago. she found spirituality in the supernatural. but nun warned purchasing a pile of healing crystals isn't going to solve any crisis. >> it doesn't happen overnight where this stuff works for you. if that's what you're going in for you're going to be disappointed. >> reporter: tech workers say in their industry curiosity is always trend pg np campbell i'm amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. now to a story you'll see only on 7. >> yes, we helped to organize a big surprise for a san jose boy who's becoming known for his painting abilities. we first introduced you to 12-year-old tyler gordon last no. he's gaining national attention for his celebrity portraits including this one of singer jennifer lopez and her fiance alex rodriguez. he told us his wish was to meet them and give them his painting. thanks to abc 7 news, j. lo's management team, and the s.a.p. center, that wish came true. abc 7 news reporter amanda del castillo gave tyler the news.
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>> it's happening. you're going to the j. lo concert tonight and you're going to meet her in person. and you're going to be able to give her your painting. >> reporter: just a few hours later, after dancing and singing along at the show, tyler got his meet and greet and presented j. lo and a-rod with the painting. >> oh! >> that's amazing. >> that's awesome. >> wow. never give up on those, no matter how big of a kid you are, how old of a kid you are. >> yeah, no matter where you come from, you can dream really, really big. >> wow. that was so awesome. and check this out. tonight alex rodriguez tweeted a thank you to tyler. he wrote, "i'm so trading my basquiat in for this. what a talent." >> that's really cool. good story. let's turn our attention to the weekend forecast. father's day. >> meteorologist sandhya patel has what's in store for us.
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>> it's going to be a fabulous father's day weekend. i want to show you something cool from our south beach camera. this is a time lapse. tonight the giants won against the brewers and they had some fireworks and let me just put it to you this way. there's plenty of fog out there but it did not interfere with the show. so tonight as you take a look at our current readings you will know for sure that it is going to be good sleeping weather. temperatures are in the 50s across the entire bay area. san francisco 54. 58 in oakland. 57 in san jose. 54 degrees in half moon bay. really nice and cool. low to mid 50s from santa rosa to napa. 53 degrees right now in livermore. as we look at a live picture you can see what's bringing us the cool air. it's the marine layer. as we look toward san francisco. and a week from today summer solstice begins at 8:54 the sun's rays will be directly over the topic of cancer. already starting to see the summer pattern with the fog and
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the low clouds. pretty widespreads you see on live doppler 7. visibility down to five miles. petaluma six miles in half moon bay. so for all of you who have early plans tomorrow morning plan on this. gray skies from our exploratorium camera and even some spotty drizzle. widespread clouds and patchy drizzle overnight. mild, inland and cool at the coast tomorrow. and it is going to be fine weather for father's day. let's take a look at the father's day forecast, sun comes up 5. 47. temperatures at 7:00 a.m. will be in the 50s. if you're taking dad out for lunch comfortable. 50s to low 70s mild to warm at 4:00 p.m. up into the low 60s to upper aiths. and then in the evening it will still be very pleasant. a look at tomorrow morning. overcast skies, a little bit of drizzle out there. you'll need your wipers temporarily. temperatures will be in the low to mid 50s. tomorrow afternoon south bay numbers really 76 degrees in san jose. can't ask for better weather than this. mild. 74 in milpitas. 80 in gilroy. 71 santa cruz on theniula.low 7
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city. 67 in san mateo. foggy on the coast 62 half moon bay daly city 65 downtown san francisco. north bay 69 in san rafael vallejo 73 santa rosa. in the east bay mid 60s oakland hayward 68 fremont. head inland and there is no heat to speak of. 82 in antioch, 76 in livermore, 77 degrees in concord. accuweather seven-day forecast morning gray and drizzle giving way to afternoon sun away from the beaches. father's day a little warmer and that warming trend carries over into next week with low to mid 90s inland mid to upper 60s right near the coast. and as i mentioned, summer starts a week from today. >> oh. wow. already feels like it. >> earlier this week it definitely did. >> all right. well, it looks like a scene out of the old wild west. >> we ride along with the cattle drive that kicked off fair season. i'm on one of those horses down there.
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here i go, saddling up before this morning's cattle drive through pleasanton. 50 cowboys and cowgirls herded 150 cattle along city streets to celebrate the opening of the alameda county fair. the cattle drive honors the tri-valley history as a home to ranches before they were replaced by today's houses, office parks, and shopping centers. fair organizers tell us today length last cattle drive. the fair runs wednesday through sunday, from now until july 7th. always good family fun. good stuff. i feel like larry's got something to say. >> i was going to make an all
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hat and no cattle joke. but you had one of your cattle. a lot of cattle. >> 150 of them. ♪ rolling, rolling, rolling >> rawhide. >> all right. the warriors look ahead to next season, trying to figure out who's going to be on their team. and not everybody had a grea
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good evening. one day after the dreams of a three-peat came crashing down the warriors got to start picking up the pieces figuring out their plan for next season. reports indicate owner joe lacob will offer max deals to klay thompson and kevin durant despite their injuries. words is k.d. face timed klay
11:29 pm
thompson to offer his support. k.d. apparently said they have unfinished business which is encouraging for the warriors. maybe they both come back. unclear if either can play next year. imagine the warriors having to pay two guys who can't play 70 or 80 million dollars total. >> those guys are highly important to us and deserving of being rewarded in the right manner. >> it will be a wild free age t market. and we have to figure out our own situation, particularly with klay and kevin. and how all that shakes out. but i could absolutely foresee a place for demarcus here. u.s. open usually set up to be a grinding test of nerves, but scores low at pebble beach after two rounds. jordan reed, though, not particularly happy about this shot. and a la bo jackson years ago.
11:30 pm
there. tiger woods said he was hot after his round, which ended with back-to-back bogeys. 1 over today, even for the tournament. but makes the cut. gary woodland would take over the lead with a 6-under 65. check out this brad putt on his final hole. this is a 50-footer and down it goes. woodland leading at 9 under. justin rose is along in second. then it's oosthuizen, rory. 2-1 athletics. that was the last lead they would enjoy. j.p. crawford ground ball. this takes a weird hop past olsen. couple runs are going to score. it's a 3-2 game. then the mariners were in last place, by the way, busted open. omar navarez a two-run bomb. and the mariners go on to win by a final of 9-2. giants and brewers. sandhya, they're playing this in the arctic or what's going on with weather out there? >> it's the fog. >> all the fog.
11:31 pm
fifth inning. kevin pillar gone. his eighth of the year. panda, mike yastrzemski also homered. pillar is so strong he gets picked off here and then takes the base with him. there's a post at the bottom that's supposed to hold the base down. but not in this -- i've never seen that in a zillion years of watching baseball. giants win the game 5-3. i actually was going to try to work in a rawhide for dan but -- >> abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock are we tnot yet.? at crystal geyser we put our mountain source on our bottle...
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>> i'm ama daetz. for larry and sandhya and all of us thanks for >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- will arnett, from "always be my maybe," ali wong. and music from king calaway. and now, pace yourselves, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. those who've been with us during our nba pregame special in prime time for game 5 of the nba finals between the raptors and the warriors. in the history of the nba finals no team has ever come back from a 3-1 hole to win against an opponent to eats round bacon. and that was -- [ laughter ] the warriors' fas k tonight.


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