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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 16, 2019 11:00pm-11:59pm PDT

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good evening. i'm eric thomas. >> right away we begin with that breaking news. a person shot in the caldecott tunnel. officers are searching for suspects. >> kate larson is there near the tunnel life, kate? >> reporter: eric and dion, i'm on the side of highway 24, the traffic is now moving quickly towards the tunnel, but that was certainly not the case here for hours tonight after someone was shot. take a look at this. this was on the westbound side and one of two lanes that headed towards san francisco. that was more than two hours and that opened up and
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major traffic jam for two hours. someone opened fire at a car inside the tunnel. there were two people inside and the driver was shot in the head and the passenger was not shot. we just learned from the c that they believe this is an isolated incident. the only suspect description we have is that the suspect car is white. as soon as we get more information, we will update you on our website, and abc 7 mornings that start at 4:30 a.m. traffic is moving through the caldeco caldecott tunnel as the chop continues their investigation. i'm kate larson, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. now an exclusive story that has never been done before. shadowing a president for 30 hours. >> that's what george stephanopoulos did and his
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exclusive one-hour special on what happened aired tonight. >> darya is in new york with details. >> an unprecedented look at the president of the united states sunday night. abc news's george stephanopoulos spending 30 hours with donald trump over two days. sitting in on oval office meetings and even riding in his armored vehicle called the beast. accompanying the president to a rally in iowa. the democratic front-runner joe biden in the hawk eye state the same day. >> donald trump is trying to take away your protections for preexisting conditions. >> george stephanopoulos asked about reports that he is trailing in the polls. >> i don't believe the polls. i'm winning everywhere. >> since that interview, cutting ties with the pollster who is may have leaked the results of the poll taken in march. mr. trump answering this question. >> the campaign with foreigners,
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if russia or china offers information, should they accept it or call the fbi? >> i think maybe you do both. >> do you want interference? >> it's not interference. >> the comment drawing outrage among democrats and the president saying he would definitely report the information to the fbi, but the president remaining steadfast about the results of mueller's investigation of russian interference in the 2016 elections and possible collusion with trump election officials. >> there was no crime. there was no collusion. >> democrats supporting impeachment over allegations of obstruction of justice, platesing mounting pressure on nancy pelosi to begin impeachment proceedings. >> it's not off the table. >> you are not worried about congress? >> the republicans in the senate, every single one knows this is a witch hunt. they get it 100%.
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>> kick starring his reelection on tuesday. abc 7 new york. >> you can see more of president trump's interview and the preaction it's getting on "good morning america" tomorrow. gma begins at 7:00 a.m. right after news mornings. >> in the east bay, tolls on alameda's bridges marked a slew of comments through e-mails at the city council. speaking to the vice mayor to set the record straight. luz? >> you guys remember when you played that game telephone growing up. you tell one friend one word and when it gets to the last person, it's a different sentence. that's what happened here. the rumors started after the city council meeting spoke about a reaction and plan to reduce green house gases in alameda. would you pay a $5 toll to exit alameda? >> it's laughable to be honest with you. it's putting a toll on people
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coming on and off the island. >> it's laughable because the rumors are not true. >> nobody proposed a toll and there are no planned tolls. >> with the plan, it does state the options to reduce green house gasses by the year 2030. 2,000 new trees in the next 12 years. >> the staff said here's how to get to 50% reductions, but if you wanted to go to 80% by 2050, you are going to have to do big lifts. one of them could look like a toll on the bridges. >> the silver lining, residents are submitting ideas to the city. this mom was talking to her kids about it. >> the kids were talking about how they needed more water bottles because they don't want to use the plastic kind. >> all those ideas are being
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heard. >> on july 16, the council will vote on the climate action and resiliency plan and prove the city will decide how to implement the plan. for now they are reducing green house gasses. >> we are tracking a foggy night on the way. look at the east bay camera. rolling on the fog. we are going to see a foggy start to the morning. if you take 101 early in the morning, you will find the windshield wipers starting off in the mid 50s. tomorrow will be a warmer afternoon we will have the numbers in a few minutes. >> thank you very much. one of two men blamed for the
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warehouse fire could get a chance to speak in court tomorrow. the creative director was here on the right is expected to take the witness stand tomorrow. they are charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter, one for each person who died in december of 2016. they believe they are criminally responsible because they held an event without proper safety measures. there is so much interest in the trial a room is being set up for spectators. >> the sand fire started on saturday and spread to over 1,000 acres in a matter of hours. two people were hurt and seven buildings destroyed at 2500 acres. it was the largest wildfire so far this year in california. the cause is under investigation. >> the search is on for brazen thieves who hit a vacaville outlet store. no arrests have been made yet.
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they hosted this video to their facebook page asking for help in identifying the su one woman is seen filling a bag with clothes and a second has more clothing. everyone walks out the door as the alarms go off. >> thousands of people can call themselves stanford alumni and hearing from tim took. they celebrate their time on the farm. they are looking at videos streamed and he challenged the audiences and urged them to do more when it comes to 3r0 tenthing your privacy online. >> the chilling effect of digital surveillance is profound. it touches everything. what a small unimaginative world we would end up with. >> cook also praised the long
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relationship between stanford and silicon valley giants with innovations that have changed our world in positive ways. >> still ahead, chaos on a bay area freeway. a fiery wrong way crash that moments later a chain reaction piled up. hear from the witnesses. >> father's day was extra special for one bay area dad. the moment us occasion he marked at the hospital today. >> the rare blue lobster found a new home. why he is moving all the way from massach
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a wrong way driver is
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dead-on the peninsula this morning. it led to a series of chain reaction crashes and the arrest of a suspected dui driver. cornell bernard spoke with witnesses. >> watch closely as this wrong way driver heads south in the northbound lanes of highway 101 near university avenue after 2:00 a.m. he managed to avoid the driver just in time. >> what went through your mind when you saw the wrong way driver pass? >> it's what i can't say in this interview. it freaked on us out. >> they collided head on with a white mercedes and the wrong way vehicle caught fire. its driver was killed. minutes later, chaos in southbound lanes as some drivers slowed to see the crash. what happened next ka caugcaugh camera. >> people looking at this side
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and hitting one by one. one. on. passengers were injured when they got out of the car only to be struck by an on coming vehicle. >> the car was driver by a solo driver with no other occupants. he was arrested under the suspicion of dui. >> people were taken to the hospital. kevin cunningham sends good wishes to all the victims. >> i feel lucky. i will admit i'm not the most religious person in the world, but i'm drive seriously. >> they can't say how long that driver was driving there or why. abc 7 news.
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>> the maker of ragu is recalling pasta sauces because they could contain plastic fragments. they wanted to launch the recall out of abundance of caution. they have chunky to mamatotomat and onion. all were produced earlier this month and distributed nationally. >> ruiz foods recalled 246,000 pounds of el monterey breakfast wraps because they may contain pieces of color including small rocks. it affects the family size of the egg potato bacon and cheese wraps. the usda advised them of three customer complains. >> father's day will have special meaning for one family because today marks when their son went home for the first
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time. >> they werefic medical center this first time dad cradled his newborn son. the doctors cleared the boy to go home today. he needed extra care in the hospital after being born last week. i feel happy that they did a good job to take care of him. >> he felt special when his own father wished him a happy father's day for the first time this morning. >> for father's day, the weather was not bad. >> the sun, but not the hot temperatures to go with it. >> we are not finding extreme heat, but a warmer afternoon away from the coast. we are tracking the marine layer coming back strong. combined with satellite and the gray out there.
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on the bottom half of your screen, we will switch it over to the exploratorium and the low deck of cloud cover overtaking san francisco. when it's that low, we will find patchy drizzle close to the coast. playing out the next couple of days, the widespread cloud cover. a great start to the monday. it looks like the marine layer will clear faster than over the weekend. it's a sunny day away from the coast. that will get closer to 90. temperatures slightly above average. mainly in the 50s and 57 in san jose. 53 in napa and oakland checking
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in with a temperature of 57 degrees. we will settle in the mid 50s with the fog overhead and the drizzle along the coast. it looks like the cloud cover will break down. the only place we are finding the cloud cover is along the coastline. into the afternoon along the coast, we may find peeks of sunshine. temperature-wise, a lot of upper 70s. getting close to 90 degrees. highs in the microclimate starting on the south bay. 84 and sunny in san jose. along the peninsula, brighter skies in the afternoon. snin palo alto.
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sunshine and half moon bay. downtown san francisco, a cloudy start and sunnier finish to the day. 64 downtown and 65 in south san francisco. in the north bay, 80 in petaluma. the east bay after morning cloud cover. afternoon sunshine and 72 in oakland. 76 in san leandro. here's the warmest spot. 87 in concord. 87 in livermore. 90 for antioch. the seven-day forecast, the next seven days, warmer inland. by tuesday, they are holding steady by wednesday. we will likely lose that fog, but that leads to a cooler finish. hello to summer on friday. we are below average and the next couple of days is shaping up to be nice. something for everybody. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, a story trending on the website, this rare blue lobster found a happy home.
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11:24 pm when you can't get to the mountain... that's cool. ...we bring the mountain to you. let's go hike over there. i'm out. i'm out. me too. guys! crystal geyser alpine spring water. always bottled at the mountain source. it is official. a blue lobster discovered on the east coast is headed to a forever home. >> this rare blue beauty was posted by a restaurant on cape cod in massachusetts. it arrived in ay is food shipment. he will live out his live in a st. louis aquarium and it's for hockey fans. the bruins fans said st. louis is the perfect home after the
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blues won the stanley cup. i'm glad they could settle it nicely. >> unlike hockey when they play. anthony flores is here. >> the women's world cup, despite two performances, why the u.s. women's soccer team faced criticism and a major breakthrough at the u.s. open. how gary woodland won his first major cham
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i've been waiting my whole life for this. ♪
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gary woodland was a two-time champion basketball player in high school and he went on to play in college as a freshman.
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his team opened with an exhibition against kansas the year the jay hawks went on in the championship game. in that exhibition game, woodland had to play kirk heinrich and then he realized he had to do something else. he transferred to kansas to focus on golf. 16 years later, he's a major champion. brooks koepka came into the day four shots back. four of the first five holes, here comes a defending champ. he played like a major winner. nerves of steel. check out the approach on the par four. puts it in the spin cycle and makeles the easy birdie put. 11 under leading by one, there is a bunker in front and he goes over it. it rolls through in the rough. he would birdie. 17th hole up two shots way
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terrible tee shot in the par three. the chip in right there. 17th hole up two shots. that would put the pressure on 18 to make birdie. he finishes with a 68. he needed three puts to win and only takes one. that's the way you finish in style. gary wins the u.s. open, his first major title. final round at 13 under par. >> i worked hard my whole and have been surrounded by amazing people and always wanted to be successful. i didn't know what i was going to do. fell in love with golf and it transcended to today. that all came out and never lead myself get ahead. i kept telling over. it's never over. the last put went in and it came out. i was more nervous afterwards
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than i was at all today. i'm glad it's over with. >> the women's national team was criticized for too much celebrating in their route against thailand. team usa decided to dial it back in the second game against chile. the u.s. resting six starters. carly lloyd in the place of alex morgan and she would deliver 11th minute and scores in the 6th game. that's a tournament record. 1-0, usa. jewel i will go in for the first world cup goal. in the 35th minute, another corner and another header this time by likewise, her seconsahe sponsored by river rock casino. the way lloyd responded to the critics who said they were celebrating too much, golf
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claps. calm down. >> thank you. >> much more to come on abc 7 news. how an 11-year-old fought off a home intruder. >> we are hearing from the family of a man shot and killed in a southern california
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good evening. i'm eric thomas. >> in tonight's headlines, breaking news out of the caldeco caldecott tunnel where a shooting shut down for about two hours tonight. the two robbery lanes are back open. chop said someone was shot in
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the tunnel around 8:00 p.m. that person suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. >> a series of crashes on highway 101 in palo alto. a driver was heading south in the northbound lanes near university avenue before injuring the driver. the wrong way vehicle caught fire, killing its driver. drivers in the southbound lanes slowing to look at the crash were hit by another vehicle. chop arrested that vehicle. >> alameda will not implement tolls before they told abc news in response to a rumor that started after the city council meeting to discuss reducing green house gasses. the idea was to take steps where a 50% reduction by 2030. one suggested going further by installing $5 tolls.
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new developments out of southern california where a family member is defending his cousin who was shot and killed by an off duty los angeles police officer inside a costco. family calls him a gentle giant and claims he was mentally disabled. shoppers ran for the exits after hearing gunshots in the corona costco friday night. the lapd officer was holding his child when the man attacked him. a local newspaper identifies them as the parents of a man who was killed. lapd officers can carry guns while off duty. >> boeing's chief officer the way it handleda an automated system involving the 737 max jetliner.ia a hiia proted the u.s. and others to ground all 737 maxes. they promised transparency while they work to get the max in the
11:38 pm
air. they hope to have updated software later this year. >> an 11-year-old boy stopped an intruder who broke into his home while hitting a man with a large knife in north carolina. smith heard someone knocking at his family's front door on friday. that man burst through the dar doo are and hid in his bedroom and he was looking for electronics to steal. that's when the boy jumped into action. >> he took the phone and he dropped it. that's when i picked up my machete and hit him in the back of the head. if i didn't do anything, he could have taken me with him and done anything. >> police later arrested the suspect after he showed up at a hospital. >> a retired navy s.e.a.l. celebrates the 50th anniversary
11:39 pm
of nasa's lunar landing mission and the role he played in one of america's most historic moments. he was part of a recovery team who was first to set food on the moon. he landed in the pacific ocean about 900 miles southwest of hawaii on july 24th, 1969. >> that was the first man in the water. i looked in the hatch window to see if the astronauts were okay. they gave me a thumbs up. that was a pretty momentous experience for anybody and to be a part of history, it was a very exciting moment for someone as young as i was. >> he was 20 years old at the time and recounted about he and others helped the uss hornet, now a museum, pull the capsule on board. he visited on friday and retold the story at abounding grace church in san francisco. his goal is to inspire all who
11:40 pm
strive to achieve the impossible. >> a little father's day treat from royal watchers. a new photo of archie is released on instagram. archie is clutching his father's finger. a happy father's day to the duke of sussex. these are the only pictures of archie since his birth on may 6th. >> still ahead at 11:00, the alameda county fair wrapped up the first full weekend and a look at the sights, sounds and new attractions being offered this year. >> we have a foggy night out there. a warmer afternoon will greet us tomorrow. we will have the numbers in the forecast. >> the new brand schaefering inspiring stories in a digital series called more in common. >> meet the people behind t gay rodeo association and how they fight for lgbtq rights. >> i have been to rodeos when i
11:41 pm
was younger and they wouldn't let me compete, being openly gay. i have been beat up more than one time. at some point you get tired of being pushed around. when the gay rodeo came about, i jumped on it. >> a lot of guys have nicknames. why is that? >> some of us have to be closeted. i compete under an assumed name. i lost a job because a parent at the school i taught at complained i was gay. in many of the states in arkansas, texas, oklahoma, you can still be lead go for being gay. >> what do you say to the folk who is used to push you around? what do you want them to know? >> i'm a cowboy like they are. look at me now. i'm successful and happy and i have a family and get to do what i love no matter how much they wanted me not to.
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the battle brews on with a coffee shop and construction giant. all of it over the name cat. i visited the cat and cloud cafe in santa cruz where high profiled customers are now getting involved. >> when you walk into our quaint shop, i'm pretty sure you are not going to mistake the big construction equipment with the cafe. >> the coowner of cat and cloud cafe has been in a state of disbelief since august with the empty shop slapped with a legal petition to cancel the trademark by cater pillar. >> we are being bully said. >> cat and cloud is among 174 registered trademarks, including the word cat. caterpillar filed 125 canclations so far including -- internet sensation
11:46 pm
keyboard cat. you may have been one of the 150 million viewers of this viral video. >> i'm just a poor artist trying to afford another sack of cat food and maintain my integrity. >> caterpillar said it only applies to apparel, something that is a way for big companies to strong arm small businesses. >> expensive to pay for, up to $100,000. >> did you think of it when you looked at that t-shirt? >> not at all. >> customers and former chief evangelist are getting behind the cafe. kawasaki is leveraging followers to join the effort. >> sometimes you have to stand up for principal. this is one of those times. >> sofia bush is trying to get their message to the right people. >> it's not okay that everybody at cater pillar knows this is
11:47 pm
happening. we should stop this. >> cater pillar did not return the request for comment. >> cat fay raised about $14,000 on a go fund me account, but have a long way to go. >> okay. hundreds of people celebrated father's day with food, fun, and thrills at the alameda county fair. >> abc 7 news was in pleasanton capturing the elements the fair has to offer like this mega flip ride and an exhibit. >> it's for kids young and old to come in and have an incredible blast. they will land on you and you get to feed them. it's a lot of fun. >> this season's concerts adkinsndhe blossoms. the fair is open through july. the raptors are gearing up for the trade after defeating the
11:48 pm
warriors. the team members arrived back tonight after spending a day in las vegas. two million people are expected to line the streets for the parade. one would expect the raptors general manager would be at the parade, but his plans have not been confirmed. they are investigating a complain that he pushed a deputy in game six. >> one last check of the weather. >> tonight we are tracking the fog that descended over much of the region. we will show you the lows tonight that will fall into the mid 50s in most cities and likely find close to the coast some drizzle and pockets of drizzle. as we go into the early morning hours on monday. let's talk about the cloud cover. future weather over the central part of the day. it looks like it will erode quicker than it did this past weekend. by 9:00 or 10:00, much is confined to the coastline and that's where it sits for much of the day tomorrow.
11:49 pm
highs on monday is a typical summer sprout. san francisco at 64. 72 for oakland. the seven-day forecast, we will find the warmer day inland and warmer day on tuesday as well. temperatures moderate a bit back into the 70s and the 80s by friday. >> what are did you say if i i i asked you if the june gloom was over? >> not even close. we have days of it to go. >> a rough day for bay area baseball teams. the win streak comes to an end against the brewers. a chance at a win slips through the hands. make that glove of the
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to the a's starting lineup days after having surgery to remove a melanoma from his right ear. until then he has been given the green light to return to action. nothing better than having the first pitch on father's day. what a great moment. it was chris davis's give away day. this came in the second inning. that gives the team back and that's number as down in the eighth. one out and a runner on first. they seager will hit a two-run double and start an inning to beat the a's. are now final, 6-3. it was falling faster than i
11:54 pm
could run under it. >> i come in and i blow the lead for what it seems like the tenth time this year. it's frustrating and we can fight through this and come up for it us. >> the giants with a season long win streak looking to sweep the brewers and get it back in the second. kevin with the rbi double and he is helping his own cause. that's a baseitk up the the ne eric fames. golfs this one off the foul pole. the giants load the bases and brandon belt scores just one run and brand on crawford pops out to end the inning. the brewers clinging to that one-run lead and extend the lead in the 6th.
11:55 pm
jesus aguilar crushes this one. 412 feet. the brewers win 5-3 ending the win streak at four games. gary woodland won the u.s. open by holding off bru koepka. koep the 14th hole and using the three wood for the second shot on the par five. watch this. goes over the bunker through the green. that leads to a dirty. he i c goes in and saves par. puts the pressure on keap who needed to bird tow get into the clubhouse just one shot back. just misses. finishes with a 68 to win the tournament. how about this. close in style.
11:56 pm
that's a birdie. he wins the u.s. open and the first major title after a final round 69 finishes the tournament at 13 under par. >> people probably growing up said u.s. open would not suit me. i'm a long hitter and a bomber. coming to pebble beach and it's a shorter golf course. i went out and proved always believed that i'm pretty good. >> tie tied for 21st at two under par. >> clinching a spot in the knockout round after a win against chile and they did it with resting six of the starters. carly lloyd starting in the place of alex morgan and she delivers in the 11th minute. light score in the world cup game, the tournament record. team usa takes the lead and turn to davidson for the corner kick.
11:57 pm
lloyd with the second goal of the map. they cruise to the 3-0 victory. the sports report sponsored by river rock casino. that's a look at sports. >> thanks for joining us, everybody. everybody. >> abc 7 news continues ♪ ♪ everybody. >> abc 7 news continues ♪ this is how driving should feel. the tech-advanced nissan leaf. the best selling electric vehicle of all time. this is nissan intelligent mobility. ♪
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