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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 17, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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making news in america this morning, unmistakable evidence. that's what the u.s. claims it has proving iran attacked oil tankers near the persian gulf. some lawmakers now demanding u.s. military strikes in response. what the trump administration is saying. the other global flash point this morning. china, an estimated 2 million people protesting in the streets of hong kong and overnight word that a popular activist is now joining their case. it's happened again. another shark attack off the east coast. this time a young boy. the third attack this month in one state. how bad the problem is becoming compared to previous years. the backlash growing after police are seen pointing guns at this family including their 4-year-old daughter who took a
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doll from a store. the new message from the police chief. new this morning, o.j. simpson back on twitter. the romance rumor he calls bogus. and fighting back. we hear from the 11-year-old boy who used a machete to fight a suspected burglar. >> i just like grabbed a weapon that was in the house and just acted with it. >> a lesson his dad taught him and his message to the suspect. good monday morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. we begin with the escalating tensions between the u.s. and iran after those attacks on oil tankers near the persian gulf. >> secretary of state mike pompeo now says the u.s. has unmistakable evidence that iran is to blame and he says all options on the table when it comes to how the u.s. will respond. >> that includes possible military strikes. abc's mona kosar abdi is here with the latest. mona, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, janai. good morning, kenneth.
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and you're right. secretary of state mike pompeo says it is unmistakable that the islamic republic of iran was behind the attacks on the tankers in the gulf of oman, but it doesn't appear that the entire international community has collectively reached that consensus just yet. the trump administration pointing to this video as clear and indisputable evidence that links iranians to brazen attacks on two fuel tajjers in the gulf of oman. pentagon officials say it shows iranian revolutionary guard patrol removing an unexploded mine from one of the tanker's hulls. the evidence is concrete. >> it's unmistakable what happened here. these are attacks by the islamic republic of iran. >> reporter: u.s. central command adding the evidence also shows iran attempted to shoot down an american drone like this one monitoring one of the tankers on fire. pompeo spending the weekend calling his foreign counterparts to garner support. >> the world needs to unite
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against this threat from the islamic republic of iran. >> reporter: however u.s. allies remain split about the allegations against iran. japan expressing skepticism while germany's foreign minister stating the video provided by the u.s. is not sufficient proof. pompeo bristled at the remark saying some countries, quote, just wish this would go away. >> this was taken from an american camera. this is the real data. >> reporter: but uk officials say they completely back u.s. assessments. the pentagon is reportedly considering sending around 6,000 troops to the gulf region. over the weekend pompeo would only say all options will be looked at. >> and we will always do the hard task it takes to protect american interests wherever they are. >> reporter: and it's important to note that minister denies the u.s. accusations. meanwhile, saudi arabia agrees with u.s. intelligence and says that it will not hesitate to deal with the threatt to its country's interests. janai, kenneth. >> we'll see howery it plays out this week. mona kosar abdi, thank you. the other big story this morning comes from china where the government is closely watching what happens next after an estimated 2 million people
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protested in the streets of hong kong sunday. they're demanding hong kong's leader resign even though a controversial extradition bill with the mainland has been suspe suspended. critics want it completely withdrawn fearing it will target dissidents and journalists. overnight a leading activist for democracy in hong kong joshua wong was released from prison early and joined protesters outside a government building. back here at home president trump's campaign has cut ties with several polling experts after the leak of internal numbers showing the president trailing in key battleground states. the news came after our exclusive interview with the president. george stephanopoulos getting rare behind the scenes for a prime time special. abc's daria albinger has more. >> reporter: an unprecedented look at president trump. abc news chief anchor george stephanopoulos spending 30 hours with donald trump over the course of two days flying with the president on air force one, sitting in on oval office meetings, even riding in his armored vehicle called the beast.
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>> this is some piece of machinery. >> oh, this is amazing. >> reporter: accompanying the president to a rally in iowa. democratic presidential front-runner joe biden in the hawkeye state the same day. >> donald trump is trying to take away your protections for pre-existing conditions. >> reporter: george stephanopoulos asking the president about reports that he's trailing biden in the polls. >> well, i don't believe those polls. >> reporter: adding. >> i'm winning everywhere. >> reporter: since that interview, the trump administration cutting its ties with the pollsters who may have leaked the results of the poll taken in march and mr. trump answering this question. >> your campaign this time around, if foreigners, if russia, if china, if someone else offers you information on opponents should they accept it or call the fbi? >> i think maybe you do that. >> that interference in our elections -- >> i think i'd take it. >> reporter: the comment drawing outrage among democrats and the president saying he would also
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definitely report the information to the fbi but the president remaining steadfast about the results of special counsel mueller's investigation of russian interference in the 2016 elections and possible collusion with election officials. >> there was no crime. there was no collusion. >> reporter: some democrats supporting impeachment over allegations of obstruction of justice placing mounting pressure on nancy pelosi to begin impeachment proceedings. >> it's not off the table. >> you're not worried about what happens in congress? >> look, the republicans in the senate, every single one of them that i see know this is a witch-hunt. they get it 100%. >> reporter: the president kick-starting his re-election campaign at a rally in orlando on tuesday. daria albinger, abc news, new york. an 8-year-old boy is recovering from a shark attack while swimming off the coast of north carolina. authorities say the boy was near bald head island when the shark grabbed him by the leg and left several puncture wounds. he was rushed to the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. the type and size of the shark is unknown but this is the third shark attack off north carolina
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this month. in one case a teenager lost her leg. just three attacks were reported during all of last year in north carolina. extreme weather is pounding parts of our country hitting major cities in texas and spreading all the way to the east coast. tornadoes roared through four counties in central indiana over the weekend. winds hit 100 miles per hour but no injuries are reported. in texas violent winds tore the roof off an industrial building in ft. worth. to the north in oklahoma these twin landspouts were even seen outside oklahoma city. let's take a look at your monday forecast. good morning. we're looking at widespread heavy showers and thunderstorms from fargo, minneapolis over towards denver all places in between. look for another round of rain to slide its way throughout the ohio going towards the northeast. for the evening time bracing for possibility of severe storms for monday evening from philadelphia, d.c. down towards
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the richmond area along the i-95 corridor along i-70 bracing for another round of thunderstorms reaching into the deep south. all the way from dallas down towards houston. i'm accuweather meteorologist paul williams. coming up, the new technical trouble for shoppers at target. but first the growing outrage after this arrest showing police pointing guns at a family after their 4-year-old took a doll from the store. what the police chief is now saying. and later, the
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we're back with a hit-and-run caught on camera. this pickup truck plowed into a motorcycle at the red light. it sent the biker 30 feet into
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the air but he survived. police in south africa are now on the hunt for that truck driver. >> wow, incredible video there. now to the video raising questions about excessive force by police in phoenix. a shoplifting investigation quickly escalated with officers pointing guns at a young family. major differences are emerging between the police report and the video captured by witnesses. this morning, this family's encounter with police in phoenix is the subject of a $10 million lawsuit claiming excessive force. >> get your [ muted ] hands up. get your hands up. >> reporter: 22-year-old dravon ames and his partner iesha harper, a pregnant mother of two, were stopped by police responding to a shoplifting call. the couple's 4-year-old daughter had walked out of a nearby dollar store with a doll without paying and without her parents' knowledge. put your u-- >> iby. >> reporr:tsking a harper then hands her children
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off to a stranger before being handcuffed. >> it was very scary situation. i never thought i would be in. traumatizing for me and my daughter. >> reporter: the officers feared that she was hiding something or reaching for a weapon writing that the couple refused commands. the couple was not charged with any crime. appearing on abc station knxv the police chief apologized and said the incident is under investigation. >> we're running investigations. we're being transparent. frankly we're rolling out body cameras much faster than we had been. >> reporter: this morning the phoenix mayor is slamming police saying there is no situation in which this is ever close to acceptable. the incident is also catching the attention of rap mogul jay-z. his alex spiro to work on behalf of the family. >> little girls around the world
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that probably picks up a toy or something and afraid of getting shot for picking up a toy or something they see in a store. >> the police chief says there are more facts to this story. the officers are on desk duty while it is investigated and the mayor is calling for a community meeting tomorrow. tough weekend for target for the second time in two days. shoppers had to face technical troubles. the first malfunction saturday caused the registers to go down for hours. the company blames an internal technology issue. sunday's issue was unrelated but some stores were unable to process credit card purchases. target has apologized. here's a fun story. a fund-raising campaign has now raised nearly $20,000 for a young entrepreneur helping other kids with medical issues. 12-year-old ella casano of connecticut came up with the idea for the medi teddy, you see it there. it is a stuffed animal pouch that covers i.v. bags and she created them to make i.v.s less intimidating for children in hospitals and has been fighting an immune system disorder for five years. ella has already received a patent for her idea and lined up a manufacturer. >> very nice there. great idea. so awesome. she's helping other kids.
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stop cleaning. start swiffering. o.j. simpson reportedly was sitting in the backseat. >> we're back with the chase that brought the nation to a halt 25 years ago today. 95 million people watched live as a convoy of police cars followed o.j. simpson in his ford bronco. simpson would later be charged and acquitted for the murders of his ex-wife nicole brown simpson and her friend ron goldman. >> and now simpson is turning to social media to, quote, set the record straight. this morning, o.j. simpson making his digital debut. >> hey, twitter world, this is yours truly. now coming soon to twitter you'll get to read all my thoughts and opinions on just
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about everything. f famer is now on twitter giving followers a hint of what they can expect. >> you know, for years people have been able to say whatever they want to say about me with no accountability. but now i get to challenge a lot of that bs and set the record straight. >> and then this cryptic message. >> this should be a lot of fun. i got a lot of get evening to do. >> he addresses he is khloe kardashian's biological father. >> all of these stories are just bogus. >> reporter: he says he was never romantically crossed with her mother, kris jenner. at the time was married to bob kardashian. >> the simple facts of the matter is she's not mine. >> we don't know where he's going. may be driving endlessly. he is threatening to kill himself. >> reporter: today marks 25 years since the white bronco chase before he was charged in the murders of nicole brown simpson and her friend ron
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goldman. he was tried in what became known as the trial of the century and found not guilty. >> if it doesn't fit, you must acquit. >> reporter: simpson was convicted on unrelated robbery and kidnapping charges in las vegas and spent nine years behind bars. now a free man, he says he'll be tweeting about everything from sports to politics. his lawyer tells abc news mr. simpson is the most positive person i've ever met. he's also very well informed on current events. he will not be negative nor will he comment on the l.a. thing. as for who he's following online so far only eight accounts. most of them sports related. >> but now let me just say to my fellow followers out there happy father's day. >> simpson was found responsible for the wrongful deaths of nicole brown simpson and ron goldman in a civil suit but he appears to be trying to put the past behind him telling the associated press, the subject of the moment is the subject i will never revisit. a boy in north carolina is speaking out after using a machete to defend his family's home against an intruder. police say 11-year-old braydon smith was home alone when the suspect entered the house
4:19 am
through a window. braydon says he told the man that he shouldn't steal from people and then he took action. >> he went into the living room to grab my phone to make sure i didn't call the 911 or anything. when i saw him try to put it in his pocket, i grabbed my machete off my wall and went to hit him and i hit him in the back of the head like right here. >> the suspect suffered a bad cut to his head and is now in police custody. braydon says he normally uses it to cut down trees. he says his dad taught him to protect himself, and he was hesitant but not scared. well, consumer alert. some ragu spaghetti sauces are being recalled. the jars may contain pieces of plastic. all of the affected jars have best buy dates of early june next year. you can find a complete list of the affected products on our website. in sports golfer gary woodland took home a nice big
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check after winning his first major tournament. he knocked in a long putt on the 18th green to lock up the u.s. open by three strokes. woodland claimed the tournament's tnd more than $2 million in prize money. a record-setting moment during the u.s. women's soccer team's 3-0 win over chile. carli lloyd became the first player to score in six consecutive world cup appearances. the americans advance to the knockout phase. they'll play sweden thursday. >> they are on fire. well, coming up next in "the pulse," a mystery in the sewers beneath one major city. also ahead, prince harry's alleged obsession with jennifer aniston. and the best video of the morning. the hawk who took quite a joyride. but we're also a company that controls hiv, fights cancer, repairs shattered bones, relieves depression, restores heart rhythms, helps you back from strokes, and keeps you healthy your whole life.
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at panera, our salads with peak-season berries... creamy avocado... and a dressing fit for a goddess. come taste what a salad should be. and order online for delivery right to you. panera. food as it should be. ♪ it is time to check "the pulse" and we start with a
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growing mystery in the sewers beneath portland, oregon. >> surveillance video captured groups of people climbing out of a manhole. a store owner checked the video after seeing a random shoe in the street. a little more digging revealed this was the second time people or turtles maybe have climbed out of that manhole this month. >> the officials aren't sure what they were doing underground. they have not found any signs of vandalism. just some empty pizza boxes and master splinter. next, prince harry's obsession apparently. a new book claims he had the hots for jennifer aniston. >> it claimed he once called her princess material, got her number and sent her emojis. >> the two never had a date. it was aniston's 2009 "gq" cover feet that reportedly ignited hit passions. the book's author is standing by his reporting. what could have been. this next story proves the
4:24 am
motto, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. a guy in florida, a florida man bought some property in auction for $9,000. >> he thought he got the deal of a lifetime on a house but didn't read the fine print. it was selling a strip of land that runs between two houses. >> yep. >> between two house. >> that little strip is a one-foot-wide strip of grass. the local government ran the auction and says the law does not allow refunds. you can force him to move their mailboxes, though, i guess. finally a real bird's-eye view. some incredible video of a hawk hitching a ride on the hood of a car. >> a sort of ride or die hawk. two women were driving around los angeles when it landed and stayed on the car, wasn't going anywhere for at least 15 minutes. they say it seemed as if the hawk was staring hair souls. >> it was stretching out its wind enjoying the air and wind before taking off again. >> i mean -- >> that's a real-life hood
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blue diamond almond breeze news to build a better bay area. this is abc 7 mornings. making news right now at 427, the chp investigate investigating another freeway shooting. this time a driver was shot inside the caldecott tunnel. >> you will not have to pay to cross any of the city's four bridges. confusion and delays at the checkout counter. weekend shopping turned into weekend frustration for thousands of target shoppers. i was one of them. >> oh, no. >> did you have to put it all back? >> no. she actually came over and helped us. we were the last ones before they told everyone in the line behind us it wasn't working. >> lucky you. >> i felt like i was getting
4:28 am
away with something. sorry. bye. good morning. welcome to monday, june 17. new week, new weather. >> a little warmer today. it was a very comfortable day to be outside. the next two days will be probably a little warmer than today. mid to upper 50s in most neighborhoods. morgan hill at 52. coverdale and novato at 51. brentwood 60. ukiah 62, clear lake 67. let's see where we end up this afternoon. along the coast, mid to upper 60s there. mid to upper 70s around the bay. the 80s returning to many inland neighborhoods. even 90s around antioch, lakeport and ukiah. let's get over to alexis. good rnmoing. overall we're looking at a quiet start to the monday morning drive. a lot of grown on our traffic maps. taking you to contra costa county, we had a crash on the northbound side of 680 at pa chak co-boulevard. looks like that was contained to
4:29 am
the shoulder. barrels were hit impacting the southbound side of the roadway. a couple of lanes blocked through the martinez area into pacheco. hopefully caltrans will have everything in place by the time the commute ramps up. bay bridge toll plaza, so far we're quiet with the exception of the cash lanes. we should see the metering lights closer to 5:15, 5:20. paramedics rush one man to the hospital after a shooting in san jose. this happened at a strip mall on clemons and story roads before midnight. witnesses say they heard one or two shots and then at least ten more back-to-back. a truck at the scene had bullet holes. there were evidence markers all over the police. police are still trying to determine where it came from. abc 7 news reporter jobina fortson is live in the details on max harris' day in court.
4:30 am
>> ghost ship creative director max harris is expected to testify today. he and derick almena ishaed with 36 counts of involuntarily manslaughter, that's one count for each person who died in the oakland fire. harris is accused of collecting rent and booking concerts without permits at the ghost ship warehouse. prosecutors say both harris and almena is rm for the december 16th fire because they held an event without proper safety measures and filled the building with flammable materials. harris' lawyers say he was made a scapegoat for the tragedy and have denied all the allegations. because there's so much interest in this case, the judge says there will be and overflow room set up for spectators. jobi jobina fortson, abc 7 news. a quick update on weather and traffic where you live starting with meteorologist mike nicco. >> let's talk about the winds.


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