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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  June 20, 2019 11:35pm-12:36am PDT

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for all of us, thanks for being here. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- kumail nanjiani, cnn's jim acosta, from "yesterday," himesh patel, and "this week in unnecessary censorship." and now, simply put -- jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: thank you. gracias. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for joining us here in hollywood. can you feel summer coming on? do you feel that? today was the last day of spring, which means tomorrow is the first day of summer, finally we get to see the weird guy from i.t. in sandals again. it's all very exciting. our president is making some frenemies this summer. at the white house, trump hosted
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the prime minister of canada, justin trudeau with whom he's had a contentious relationship. you know you have a hot head president when you have to defuse tensions with canada. trump hasn't threatened to build a wall on the northern border, so. the president is having a bigly week. he launched his campaign and was on the cover of "time" magazine and looks like desk salesman of the month. how is this a way to position your body. in the interview, he says my whole life is a bet. and right now, the white house is running about as smoothly as one of his bankrupt casinos. he chatted with time for about an hour. he made the claim nobody in history has beenreated as unfairly as he has. he's done more in two and a half
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years than any president ever. he had someone bring him a list of his accomplishments, 72 bulleted, from one winning the election to save a turkey's life during thanksgiving. he ordered coke by pushing a button. he has a red button. it's next to the faucet that dispenses ranch dressing into his mouth. he was on fox news last night being lathered with love by sean hannity. >> it was like being at a world championship college football game where the score was tied. going into the last minute. it was, the entire rally. it was an incredible scene. and outside, there were thousands of people. and, i mean, we were asking people not to show up. we were saying please don't come, letting the word out,
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because we had 121,000 people. >> by the way, we searched ev y everywhere today found no evidence that they asked no one to come. they said they'd have food trucks and big screen tvs outside the arena. the city officials in orlando estimated the crowd at 19,792. so he's only off by about 100,000 people. this is another interesting mcnugget. trump's campaign team has come up with a diabolical way to make money. every time the president says or tweets something crazy, it causes a surge in online activity, because people want to know what he said. so whenever that happens, the campaign floods the web with ads, right at those moments to encourage his supporters to buy maga merchandise. basically, they've figured out a way to monetize stupid, which is kind of smart, really,
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[cheers and applause] but he's been raking it in. they made almost $25 million the day after his pep rally. there's plenty of new merchandise, including this incredible piece of shirt. this is not the cover of a kid rock album. that is our president. let's put that up on the wall so we can take it in. let me show you what we have over here, because this is really something special. this is, you can see the president of the united states perched atop a run away train, wearing what appears to be a championship wrestling belt. with machine gun bandoleers across his chest. there's a large unexplained explosion behind him to symbolize america. up there you see a helicopter. seems to be firing missiles at a bald eagle. the bald eagle's also carrying a weapon of some kind, as eagles do. and down here, there's a little now if that's for d ofgi
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twitter or he's planning to deep fry it and eat it for breakfast. there's the bird. and up here there's a flying saucer, a ufo which means we need to send in the space force. and obviously, this shirt is available in tank top, too. so, anyway, that's what you get your uncle for christmas. this is going to be a major part of the election in 2020. several southern states are doing what they can to overturn row rowe versus wade. they want to get the supreme court to reverse its decision. alabama has enacted a near total abortion ban. no woman should ever be forced to raise a child in alabama. it just shouldn't happen. [ applause ] and this is an issue that, that has divided this country for
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almost 50 years. women are still free to pick the name of the baby with the husband's permission of course, but these strict antichoice laws put women's reproductive rights at risk. thanks to these laws, not only is the right to get an abortion being threatened, even birth control is more difficult to get. >> for today's woman, having choices is more important than ever. when you need emergency contraception, the number one obgyn method is plan b. plan b is the best way to give you the reproduct ive choices yu need. actually, plan b might not be available in your state. fortunately, there's plan c. c stands for car, as in get in one and drive 230 miles or so to a neighboring state. >> and alabama has essentially outlawed emergency contraception.
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alabama, louisiana, georgia, even ohio. they're all trying to restrict women's reproductive health rights. >> now that you're actually pregnant, it's time to consider other options. plan d. d is for doctor. just find someone who claims to be one on craigslist. meet them behind a popeye's fried chicken and voila. who says women don't have the right to choose? >> hey, darlin'. get in the car. >> okay, okay. how about this. plan e. get emotional. go ahead and cry. just cry that sucker right out of you. >> hey. how'd it work? >> okay. try this one on for size. plan f. as in [ bleep ]ed. because that's what you are. would it kill you to smile? >> available at walgreen's. [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: thanks to the very
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talented rachel bloom, the star of "crazy ex-girl friend." they had the nba draft, and there was no better place to sem sees men sees men with the tags still on. our very own guillermo is headed to the memphis grizzlies. [cheers and applause] >> thank you. tomorrow night. >> jimmy: you leave tomorrow? we're going to miss you. we did something fun at the last game of the nba finals. we went to oakland for game six which went down to the wire. fans paid to get in, an average of $5800 to get in the day of the game. our goal was to see how much we could make them miss. we wanted to see how long we could keep warriors fans out of their seats in the final minutes. of the final game ever at oracle
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arena. ♪ >> this is the last game at oracle arena. how much did you guys pay for your seats? >> the very last row up against concrete. >> you spent so much money. have a look right in there and say last game in oracle, it's going to be historical. where the warriors won. whether the weather was cold, whether the weather was hot. whatever the weather, whether you like it or not. last game at oracle, it's going to be historical. >> ready? one, two. >> ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. >> last game at oracle, it's going to be historical! >> woo! >> woo! >> and he's gone. >> guys, your nachos! you left your nachos!oh,gre ske it out. here we go. last game in oracle. >> last game in oracle.
11:45 pm
it's going to be historical! we're the, where the wash ors win, >> whatever the [ bleep ]ing weather. >> 37 seconds left in the game, come on, guys. >> fave, four, three, two, one! >> last day at oracle. >> going to be historical. >> the [ bleep ]ing warriors are historical! >> last game in oracle, here we go. 18 seconds left. guys, your feelings, your feelings, your emotional feelings. >> the last day at oracle is going to be historical! where the warriors win. >> can you please focus? >> whatever the weather. >> i can't focus right now. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. o my god. >> oh, holy [ bleep ]. >> oh, my god, it's getting so close. >> what do you need? what do you need? >> you guys are so close. last game at oracle, it's going to be historical. where the warriors win, whether
11:46 pm
the weather is cold or whether the weather is hot. we'll weather the weather whatever the weather, whether you like it or not. ten, nine. 20, 19, 18, 17, three, two, one! >> welcome to oracle! >> last game at oracle. >> 25, 23, 20, 19, 5, 4, 3, 2,2, 1! >> last game at oracle! it's going to be historical! where the warriors win. >> and they're going to weather the weather, no matter the weather, whether you like it or not! >> weather the weather, whatever the weather, whether you like it or not. >> and action! >> we're missing the game.
11:47 pm
>> you're missing the whole game. >> we're missing the game. >> it's up to you. >> it's six seconds. tons of time left. >> the weather is great. >> 9.6 seconds left, which is a lifetime in a nba game. >> but it's also going to happen in this moment. so it's, where the warriors win. what's next? >> one, two, three! >> last game at oracle, going to be historical, where the warriors win, whether it was cold or hot, we weather the weather, whatever the weather, whether you like it or not! >> that's it! it's over, the raptors win! >> jimmy: all right. very patient. [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: sorry, guys. it's thursday night. it's time to bleep and blur the big tv moments of the week
11:48 pm
whether they need it or not. it is this week in unnecessary censorship. [cheers and applause] >> going to ask you to grab that person's [ bleep ] next to you. if you don't mind standing up all over this beautiful arena and [ bleep ] that sweaty [ bleep ] that you've been holding. >> we're about to walk into the oval office. where do you [ bleep ] your biggest [ bleep ]? is it in there? is it upstairs? is it in your study? >> really all over. >> they caught him frustrated. he's a total germaphobe. god forbid you lick your fixer and touch something on his [ bleep ], he'll flip out on you. >> a toddler is nearly hit by a [ bleep ]ing beach umbrella. >> sometimesly discover that republicans and democrats will [ bleep ] each other in traffic because they know each other and it is a very political time. >> they're going to talk to cory booker about his big [ bleep ] tonight. >> my name is cory booker and my big idea is baby [ bleep ].
11:49 pm
baby [ bleep ]. >> cory booker's big idea. >> with a woman, mother, who beat off a [ bleep ]. fabulous story. you ladies can't wait to get a little [ bleep ] on your faces, because lori's going to tell you about it. >> what game are we going to play? >> where you play [ bleep ] the fish. >> hey! the fish? >> no, no, not you fish. i mean a wild fish. >> that'd be pretty wild if you [ bleep ]ed me. >> jimmy: tonight on the show, music from himesh patel. jim acosta is here. and we'll be right back with kumail nanjiani. ♪ [cheers and applause] abc's jimmy kimmel live, brought to you by all state. (di) hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! state. steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?!
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♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jimmy: tonight, a gentleman who's a thorn in the president's very fleshy side. from cnn, jim acosta is here. he is the star of the new beatles-inspired movie. our first guest is an oscar-nominated screenwriter and a pretty darn fine actor too. you can see him for the second time in his career play an uber driver, alongside dave bautista in the action comedy "stuber." it opens in theaters july 12th. please say hello to ♪ [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: welcome. >> how's it goin'? >> jimmy: when you came out, i felt like i was looking at
11:55 pm
myself for a second there. >> we've got like similar good beards. >> jimmy: we're similarly handsome, yeah. >> you're getting much handsomer. >> jimmy: no, no, not really. >> what are you doing? >> jimmy: you should see me with my clothes off. we'll make an appointment to inspect each other. >> inspect each other? you have an audience here. >> jimmy: it's the key to looking better as the years go on is to look terrible at the beginning. >> that's very smart. i kind of messed up. i've always kind of looked like this. like right average forever. >> jimmy: you didn't eat enough at the beginning is the problem. >> that's right. and now it's more and more work to look exactly the same. >> jimmy: you, by the way, you know i love silicon valley, which is your hbo show. [cheers and applause] and this is sadly -- >> thank you. >> jimmy: it seems every great show on hbo is coming to an end. >> we sat next to each other at the "game of thrones." >> jimmy: yeah, that was fun, yeah. oh, speaking of game o"game of
11:56 pm
thrones," are they keeping the ending a secret to silicon valley in the same way as "game of thrones"? >> i don't think they care. i haven't asked, but i'm going to text them and see if i can find out right now. >> jimmy: you don't know what the ending is, either? >> no. >> jimmy: when do you start shooting? >> next week. >> how does silicon valley end. >> jimmy: who are you texting? >> amy, one of the producers of the show. >> jimmy: if she tells you, will you tell us? >> i can show it to you. >> jimmy: i would like to see it succeed. what did she say? >> she's already texting back. the dots are going. >> jimmy: she doesn't know this is a televised text. >> she really doesn't know. >> jimmy: beautiful. this is exciting. >> oh, my god. if you're big fan of the show, we'll just make small talk.
11:57 pm
oh. >> jimmy: what'd she write? >> don't read it out this is how it ends. >> jimmy: oh, my, what? that's not how it ends. is that really how it ends? >> i don't know. that's what she says. >> jimmy: really? wow. we'll see. >> now two people know. >> jimmy: very interesting, okay. >> wow, good direction. >> jimmy: i don't really want to comment because i don't want to ruin it, okay, i'll try to get past that. everything else, you met everybody, by the way, i know this show is hugely popular with real tech people. the guys in silicon valley, because you guys take stories from things that really happen there and base characters on people who are there. have you met all of these guys? >> yeah, so. >> jimmy: like the big tech guys? >> yeah, we met all of them. and we met them a long time ago. and now everybody's like, my god, these silicon valley people are real d-bags. we've known for six years.
11:58 pm
i remember when we first met these guys, and we were like, these guys are going to ruin the world. and now everyone's like, they're ruining the world! and yeah, i've known for six years. >> jimmy: seems like you should have given us a heads up or something. >> we tried to through the show, but people were like, it is great. it's not great. everybody with power on the hoe show is a jerk. >> jimmy: tom hanks gave you career advice that you shared with one of the producers. >> i should bring you around because you can name drop for me. because i can't be like i was talking to tom hanks recently and he gave me something. >> jimmy: what did he give you? what did hanks give you. >> i call him tommy boy. i was on the red carpet, and he was on the red carpet right after me, and i no he thknow th because all the cameras were turned this way.
11:59 pm
and i have a problem on the red carpet. i haven't figured out my red carpet face or pose. i'm always neutral. i don't know what to do. as soon as i got off the carpet, i met tommy boy a couple times before. and i was like, hey, t, good to see you. and he's like, get away from me. i say what do you do? you've been doing this for so long, how do you work the red carpet, and then he told me. he said, he said what he does is puts his hand in one pocket, foot forward, neutral expression. >> jimmy: okay, so this is you before you spoke to tom hanks, before he gave you that advice. >> oh, my god. >> jimmy: all right, now here you are after tom [ applause ] >> jimmy: and here. >> wow! he says hand in one pocket.
12:00 am
the other foot is forward, neutral expression on the face. i feel like i nailed it. >> jimmy: another name drop for you, you did nail it. your co-star, dave you have chemistry. >> he's lovely. >> jimmy: he seems like a really good guy. >> yeah, he's too good. >> jimmy: did you watch wrestling when you were a kid? i guess he wasn't on when were you a kid. >> no, no. i was a fan, but i stopped before dave sort of became a big star. my era was like brad hickman hart. that was my guy. he wasn't flashy, but his fundamentals were good. that's how i saw myself as a student in school. i was like, i'm never going to be a star, but hey, i know five plus five, you know. >> jimmy: and you had the wraparound sunglasses. >> no, so i meet the hit man? mania. >> jimmy: yes, you did. >> he was in a match this year,
12:01 am
and brad hickman hart was there. >> jimmy: you didn't meet him, even though he's your favorite. >> so i had a huge cutout of his face and a big face on my chest and i sat in the front row and pissed off everyone behind me. >> jimmy: how did dave like that? >> that was closer to the end. he did lose. >> jimmy: oh. >> that's my wife next to me, and my friend dave callahan next to her. you can see we're both grimacing. i look very upset because i said dave did lose. >> jimmy: now you have a loser's face on your shirt. >> yeah, i'm hiding the picture. >> jimmy: i don't want to be associated with this guy. >> this is not my guy. >> jimmy: when we come back we're going to see a "stuber." kumail nanjiani after this. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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so what do you think? >> yeah, yeah, wow. >> oh. >> look at that. >> let me show you >> vic. >> ah, it's okay. i'm used to that. so, how do you know my dad? >> he kidnapped me.
12:07 am
we killed some people. >> ah. >> jimmy: kumail nanjiani! "stuber" opens in theaters july 12th. it's very funny. did you know dave at all before you worked together? >> no, i met him at the chemistry read at the audition. we auditioned together. we had friends in common. i heard he was the sweetest guy in the world. he really, really is. >> jimmy: do you feel like you'll keep in touch with him for the rest of your life? >> i talk to him all the time. >> jimmy: you do. >> we're like brothers. i ask him for advice. he's really the sweetest guy. this happened. check this out. he's almost too sweet, you know, like it's not good to be around him because the comparison isn't good. >> jimmy: i see. >> so we were shooting this movie "stuber" we finished shooting a year ago, last june. and i walk into the hair and
12:08 am
makeup trailer, and there are presents everywhere. the whole place is lined with gifts. and people are so excited they're crying, high-fiving. dave went and got presents for every single person on crew. there are two main people in the movie. and one of them went and got presents for every single person and didn't tell the other person. and jimmy, these gifts are so thoughtful. >> jimmy: like what kind of stuff? >> like, like i know you've had trouble sleeping, so here's a book that will help you with that. >> jimmy: oh, wow. different gifts for everyone? >> everybody. like you know, your cat's in a better place, i mean nobody can replace pebbles, but i got you a certificate for a kitten adoption. >> jimmy: really? >> one was like, oh, your favorite color's purple, so i got you a purple louis vuitton bag. he knows people's favorite colors! how do you compete with that? i didn't even know her name. i just knew her as the lady who
12:09 am
always wore the purple shirt! >> jimmy: wow. >> so i'm kind of freaking out, right, and i go outside. i go on set and all anybody's talking about is what did he get you, oh, my god, i can't believe it. he's the best guy in the world. i'm stress eating funyuns. i'm, i get on post mates, maybe i can, you know what would go great with a louie vuitton bag? a medium order of french fries. dave comes on set and literally everybody's just clapping. they stop work. and they, i am not kidding. everyone's chanting "dave, dave, dave, dave"! f funyuns, funyuns. i'm like guys, we have to get to work. be quiet. people are trying to sleep. dave finishes shooting. i have one extra scene left, so i go up to dave and go dude, i love you.
12:10 am
i'm going to miss you so much. you're the best. and he's like, oh, no. i want to be here when you finish. plus it's going to, i know, ah. the balls on this guy. >> jimmy: yeah. he hangs out. >> it's like, it's going to take me a couple hours to give away all the gifts anyway. and then i have a thought that chilled me to my soul, jimmy. >> jimmy: what? >> he's probably gotten me a gift! >> jimmy: yeah, of course. >> i haven't gotten him anything. the color drains from my face. i'm texting my wife emily the whole time, what am i going to do? what am i going to do? so i go back to my trailer and the unthinkable has happened. it's just full of gifts for me. >> jimmy: wow. >> there's a card that says kumail on it and i know it's going to be horrendously thoughtful, so i pace back and forth. i can't look at this card, i can't swear right now but i want to. i open the card, i read it. it's so disgustingly thoughtful,
12:11 am
i start crying. and what he got me was he got me a real, like he was like a 12-time wwe champion. he got me like a big actual championship belt, with my name engraved on it! and it said undisputed champion. i'll tell you. who did not feel like a champion that night. you say undisputed. 200 people crew in atlanta that will dispute that. [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: oh, boy. well, there's still time. >> no. it's been a year! what am i going to do? >> jimmy: hand him something at the premiere, i think. >> some funyuns. oh, my god, one of the worst nights of my life. he said i put your name on the gifts. >> jimmy: kumail nanjiani!
12:12 am
"stuber" opens in theaters july 12th. we'll be right back with jim acosta. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ summer like no other with same day delivery, drive up, and order pick up. target run and done. (cat(cat 2) frisso many choices! (cat 1) look- lil' soups! (cat 2) there's the shreds! (cat 2) friskies has it all. (cat 1) i want it all- can i have it all? (vo) feed their fantasy. friskies. (vo) you can win free friskies for a year. learn how at another wireless ad. great. so many of them are full of this complicated, tricky language about their network and offers and blah blah blah. look. sprint's going to do things differently. and let you decide for yourself.
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♪ >> dicky: if you're going to be in the l.a. area and want to see the show, callgo to jimmy kimme.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our next guest is chief white house correspondent for cnn and maybe the number one reason why the president hates the media so much. his new york times best-selling book is, "the enemy of the people: a dangerous time to tell the truth in america." please welcome jim acosta. note ♪ [cheers and applause]♪ [cheers and applause] >> how are you? >> jimmy: very well, thank you. you made the best seller list today. have you received a congratulatory call from the white house? >> not yet. i'm not going to hold my breath. >> jimmy: would you agree with the president's assessment that he has been treated less fairly than anyone in history?
12:24 am
>> yes, i would say that, it's very sad what he's going through now being president of the united states. >> jimmy: there's a lot of real good stuff in the book. but he seems to have, i feel like deep down maybe he kind of likes you, even though he hates you, because sometimes he, of course he mostly hates you, but sometimes he compliment, he begrudgingly compliments you. >> he does that, yes, and i write about that in the book. there's an episode in february 2017 when we have a press conference. during this press conference he called my "very fake news." after the press conference is over, i get a phone call from hope hicks, and she goes, jim, i just want you to know the president said you were very professional today. and he said "jim gets it." and i thought wait a minute. i was just "very fake news" a few minutes ago and now i'm "very professional." it just goes to show this is a
12:25 am
reality show schtick that he took from "the apprentice." >> jimmy: could it possibly be that by complimenting you you will go easier on him? >> i think that's part of it. as i write in the book he loves the coverage but hates the scrutiny. one of the things, when we call him out on the falsehoods, some people call them lies, that's when it gets under his skin and folks get upset about it. >> jimmy: and yet he keeps doing it, so it doesn't seem to bother him that much. >> the president of the united states has uttered approximately 10,000 false or misleading statements since coming into office according to the washington post. i write that we are here not just to report the news but here to defend the truth. >> jimmy: well, yeah, i guess so. >> it's got to mean something. >> jimmy: not by choice, but that is the way it kind of has turned out to be. >> right. >> jimmy: one of the other items in the book, you said someone, i assume a senior official told
12:26 am
you that the president is insane. >> yes, that did happen. you know, from time to time i'll talk to officials, and they'll want to talk about this anonymously. they don't want to give their name. and i was just sitting down to have drinks with this person one day. he sat down across from me and said "the president's insane". and i went on to say what are you talking about? and he said the president seemed ignorant of the constitution. don't take it from me. take it from people who work inside the white house. they are exhausted at times because of his behavior. >> jimmy: and yet a lot of them keep working there and don't say anything publicly. >> that's right. one of the reasons why we've seen a problem with the white house press secretary, the one we have now or the one before is a lot of these folks have lost sight of the fact they work for the american people. they don't work for donald trump, they don't work for the trump organization. they're supposed to work for us. [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: theoretically. >> theoretically. >> jimmy: i don't think that's how donald sees it. will you miss sarah huckabee sanders when she's gone?
12:27 am
>> i will miss her terribly. >> jimmy: will you be invited to the party do you think? >> i don't think so. >> jimmy: what is your relationship with her like? off camera of hyou've had probl. >> after they took away my press pass, we had to go to court, i have it with me, they're not getting it this time. after i got it back there was a chas party wi christmas party and she and this guy bill shine came up to me and they wanted to sing the 12 days of christmas. and i'm thinking to myself okay we just went through this whole press pass court case and everything. we got to about five golden rings and i'm like, that's it. i'm out of here. >> jimmy: just the three of you they wanted to sing it? that's the craziest thing i've ever heard. >> it was. and i didn't know if it was deck the halls or deck the correspondent. >> jimmy: wow, that's really very disturbing, almost like a horror movie. >> it is, it was, actually.
12:28 am
yes. >> jimmy: and what about sean spicer? you did not, he's not going to like this book at all. >> he's not, well, listen, i would love to have a professional relationship with all of them, civil and polite at all times, but there have been times where it gets a little heated, gets out of hand. i was with my son one morning and i get this phone call at 7:00 in the morning and it says sean spicer and he proceeded to call me something i can't say in front of a family audience here. there was an f-word in there and so on. and my son looks at me and goes, dad, who was that. and i said, son, that was the white house. >> jimmy: that kind of sums it up. how old is your son? >> he's 10. >> jimmy: coming through the phone it was so loud? >> it was so loud it was coming through the phone. >> jimmy: that is really, really crazy. who do you think the next press secretary will be? my sources are saying mary hart. >> might be donald trump. he's his own communications
12:29 am
director. he might be his own press secretary. you know, there's a spokesman for the first lady, stephanie grisham, she may get it. but my sense of it is we're going to have a situation now where we're not going to see this white house briefing very much anymore. it's been almost 100 days since the last white house briefing. this used to be when the press secretary would go in, answer all of our questions, we don't do that anymore. now sarah sanders goes to the fox news live position. takes questions from them. and if she has time she'll stop and take questions in the driveway. it's not what the taxpayers are expecting. we pay their salaries. we should be getting our money's worth. not that i'm playing to the audience. >> jimmy: the photograph on the cover of this book, there as you right here, kind of just says the whole thing. you asking the question and the president going all right, jim, damn it. >> you know, it's funny, that picture i believe was taken right after i got my press pass
12:30 am
back. and they were saying we're never going to talk to jim acosta again. the next day, after i got my press pass back he took a question, a followup question. >> jimmy: sometimes the live work out all right. >> we're there to hole thed the feet to the fire. we're here to work on behalf of the american people and get answers to these questions. >> jimmy: jim acosta. "the enemy of the people" is available now. and we'll return with music from himesh patel. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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>> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> jimmy: our next guest is an actor and a singer and now kind of a beatle, too. he stars in the new movie musical "yesterday." it opens a week from tomorrow. please welcome himesh patel. so tell our audience what the idea of the movie is?
12:33 am
>> i play a musician called jack from england. and he's struggling, about to give up. and this weird thing happens. all the lights go out for about six seconds. he gets hit by a bus, and he wakes up and realizes he's the only guy on the earth who knows who the beatles are. he takes it upon himself to play those songs for the world. >> jimmy: and they think your character wrote all those songs. >> of course. >> jimmy: that's a good deal if can you get it, for sure. >> whether he can get it or not, that's the question. >> jimmy: have the surviving members of the beatles seen the film? >> i think ringo might have seen it. i think he sent a nice message to danny boyle, our director. paul, i'm not sure if he's seen it yet. >> jimmy: maybe can you get them a screening or something. seems like the least you could do, seeing as how you wiped him off the face of the earth. >> he agreed to us wiping him off the stay of the earth.
12:34 am
>> jimmy: i guess, the beatles have to like something to let you use it. you do all the songs live in the film. >> yeah. >> jimmy: a lot of people will record the songs and pretend they're singing them, but you sing them live. >> yeah, everybody you hear is me playing and singing live. >> jimmy: what are you going to sing? >> the title track from the movie "yesterday". >> jimmy: i know that one. let's do it, shall we? [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away now it looks as though ♪ ♪ they're here to stay oh i believe in yesterday suddenly i'm not half the man ♪
12:35 am
♪ i used to be there's a shadow hanging over me oh yesterday came suddenly ♪ ♪ why she had to go i don't know she wouldn't say ♪ ♪ i said something wrong now i long for yesterday yesterday ♪ ♪ love was such an easy game to play now i need a place to hide away ♪ ♪ oh i believe in yesterday why she
12:36 am
had to go i don't know ♪ ♪ she wouldn't say i said something wrong now i long for yesterday ♪ ♪ yesterday love was such an easy game to play now i need a place ♪ ♪ to hide away oh i believe in yesterday mm mm mm mm mm mm mm ♪ [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: very well done. that sounded great. "yesterday" opens june 28th.
12:37 am
thanks to himsh. thanks for watching, goodnight! this is "nightline." tonight daring


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