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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  June 25, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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into the system that haven't paid. i mean, something needs to be done about that. >> fair evasion is an issue with homelessness, bart's cleanliness and security according to a report from the alameda jury. >> when bart tries to track down for fair evaders, for every one caught, 2300 get away. lessee bringly saw plenty affair evaders today even with the gates bart is experimenting with. she joins us live. >> reporter: we're at the richmond bart station by the new double barrier gates and in ten minute's time, we saw seven people slip right on through. the double barrier gates may be the newest way for bart to undermine fair evaders but many found creative ways around them. watch this woman limbo her way under the gate not caring that our cameras were rolling on her. and watch the guy in the white
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t-shirt slip behind a legitimate fair paying rider. >> people need to get where they are going and they have no means. >> reporter: so they -- >> so this doesn't stop. this didn't stop them. i was appalled. >> reporter: it's a problem we brought up to bart's transit security advisory committee today. >> what is that perfect time for the gates to be open to allow a safe passage through but also discourage people from piggy backing right behind it? there is still a little tinkering that needs to be done. >> reporter: this while chair bound committee member brought another topic. >> this was all captured by the news. >> it's not closing. >> reporter: she referred to abc 7 news coverage of the gates two weeks ago when disabled riders and those with strollers expressed fear the high gates would slam shut on them. >> it was cinching on the baby stroller that had paid, whose parent paid the fair. it's not a lot of fun to get caught by a fair gate and i
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have. i hurts. i'm not going to sue the district but somebody else will. and that will easily eat up all that money you think you're saving. >> reporter: bart says they had no problems with the richmond fair gates so far. saying they are using video to closely monitor all the gates that are part of this pilot program to find ways to stop fair evaders. the disabled access gate was not working today. >> given the problems with the fair gates in richmond, what is the timetable for saying yes they are working or no, they are not and getting them out of there? how do you evaluate that? >> i mean, you know, there are so many different ways to fair evade into our system to whack a mole because you can address it and stop it and pops up and expands in other areas. >> so it isn't just people who are homeless, it's people in suits. it's kids. kids that don't think they need
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to bother to pay the fea >> reporter: kids 5 and older are supposed to pay but many are sneaking under the fare gates with a parent along. dan and ama. >> leslie, is there any tie be between the fare evasion and homelessness? >> reporter: yes, that was actually discussed today as one component of the fare evasion problem and as you heard that one rider say, people are desperate. they somehow need to get towork or get home but they can't afford they say to pay for that bart fare. leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. the president of bart's board of directors came to abc 7 today as a guest on "midday live" and asked about the relationship between fare evasion and other issues. >> i see the link between fare evasion and crime numbers going
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up. is there anything to prove that link or is that a hunch? >> i mean, obviously everyone who fare evades isn't committing a crime but the perception of riders is that people who are committing crimes are not paying their fare and one of the things you can do is discourage people who are going to do bad things or looking for opportunities to steal a phone or do things of that sort and make it much more difficult for them. >> during that interview on "midday live" a poll was running at check out the results. the majority of people voted not good almost a quarter said bart angers me, more than 10% of responders don't even ride bart. >> abc 7 news devoted a week to covering part as part of a commitment to building a better bay area. we rode trains all day long and talked to riders and the people in charge. you can see all those stories on our website we want to hear your ideas about bart and building a better bay area.
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share them on facebook. happening now, the san francisco board of supervisors is hearing an appeal of a navigation center that's been approved for an empty waterfront lot. navigation centers are basically homeless shelters augumen augmeh extra resources. the city approved plans for a navigation center near bryant street despite fierce debate. abc 7 liz is there for the appeal hearing and has this update. >> inside there is a heated debate about the knave gages that are planned. those opposed to it are asking the city to reconsider they say the city did not take proper steps including an environmental review as well as adequate public input and those in favor of the navigation center, they say this is a classic case of not in my backyard versus yes in my backyard. we should get a vote any minute on the appeal. we will keep you posted as we learn more.
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in san francisco, liz kroiz, abc 7 news. there is body cam video and 911 calls in the fatally police shooting of a mentally ill man. 23-year-old miles hall charged at them with a four-foot long metal pry bar. his family filed a wrongful death claim. vic lee has new details. >> he's being violent and broke a sliding glass window threatening us. he has a long pole. >> reporter: multiple 911 calls came in the afternoon of june 2nd including ones from hall's grandmother and his mother who gave this warning. >> he's going to be aggressive to the police he needs to be apprehended. he cannot be in our house. he has to go. >> reporter: five officers responded to the neighborhood and encountered hall and say he ignored commands to drop the bar and ran towards officers. one officer fired bean bag rounds but hall continued to run. two officers fired their opens and hall fall to the ground.
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attorney john burris says the video shows hall running alongside officers. >> he was running by them and the fact that he was trying to get away you don't get to shoot somebody down who was running away unless that person has committed a deadly offense. or a serious . >> rorter: police say the contact happened rapidly and did not allow for an opportunity for dialogue. they say four of the officers had received crisis intervention training within the last year. the hall family attorneys are questioning that. >> reporter: they didn't act like it here and so that brings us a lot of questions, big questions about what the policies are at the department, what the actual training is and when people violate those policies and training, is anyone held accountable? >> reporter: while attorneys are questioning why none of the officers use their tasers. police say one of the officers at the scene had her taser deployed by did not utilize it.
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in addition to the wrongful death claim, which by the way is a prerequisite for a lawsuit, he says a federal civil rights lawsuit will also be filed. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> vic, thank you. today hints to a motive that may have spurred a murder suicide that left five dead. they were shot inside a home late sunday night. the victims and the suspect are all family. abc 7 news is live from the neighborhood with the latest details on this case. >> reporter: yeah, people here at this shopping plaza two blocks from the family's house is talking about sunday's shooting. i spoke to a neighbor that knew the suspect and said the family problems have been escalating and the family had a big argue the at the house over a week ago. he was a good guy. >> i would say yes. >> reporter: this neighbor didn't want to be identified says he knew the suspect for almost 20 years. he says todd worked in
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construction and described him as a hard working family man but says there were recent signs of problems. >> i think we hear it. >> reporter: according to the san jose mercury news, those killed just arrived from vietnam. ta was angry his life's family got visas while his family was denied. possibly due to unspecified charges on his record going back to the late 1990s. >> female he ysterical. >> reporter: on sunday night ta fatally allegedly shot two family members following a stand off, san jose police say they entered the house and found ta who fatally shot himself. two other people later died of gunshot wounds. >> that kind of shocked me because it's a 60-year-old coming to the conclusion. >> reporter: this man who also didn't want to be identified came to the shopping plaza on
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sunday night where residents evacuated to. he said nate boar hood is made of vietnamese refugees and the community has strong family ties so h was disturbed to learn the suspect allegedly shot and killed members of his family. >> he took his own life and the life of his family and that is very, very sad. >> reporter: several members of san jose city counsel issued a statement condemning the shooting. they say the city needs to do more to stop violence against women. we also reached out to san jose police department and say this is an on going investigation, that they have nothing new to add. reporting live, abc 7 news. a wife testifying in her husband's defense, it was a riveting day in an oakland court today. it could be key testimony in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial. >> only abc 7 news dug into the story of a peninsula story duped out of $10,000 by a fake home
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rental. we're digging deeper and finding more cases all over the bay area. i'm spencer christian. temperatures are dropping and wind is increa
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...6, 7, 8 ♪ ♪
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♪ big dreams start with small steps... ...but dedication can get you there. so just start small... start saving. easily set, track and control your goals right from the chase mobile® app. ♪ ♪ chase. make more of what's yours®. the chp brought in heavy equipment to remove a burned out trailer in marin county. it's been there all day long. they hope to have it cleared within the next few minutes. the fire force emergency responders to close westbound lanes of the highway. the chp tweeted photos out fire shortly after 9:30 this morning showing the trailer nearly fully engulfed in flames.
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the wife of one of the ghost ship defendants took the stand today. micah alison testified in defense of derrick but conceded they did not follow fire codes or get permits for changes made to the warehouse. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony explains more about the moment that brought alison to tears. >> she cried. she cried on the stand. >> reporter: defense attorney tony sarah says he got exactly what he wanted the jury to see when micah alison took the stand. alison broke down and cried when a giant photo of her family was shown. she also looked lovingly at her husband, ghost ship founder derrick. >> very potent when a mother and a wife, you know, speaks out really on behalf of her husband and their mutual vision very powerful. >> reporter: alison testified they created the ghost ship to be a place for artists and a space for the couple to store
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artifac artifacts. almost immediately the warehouse also became their home. when i saw the warehouse and all the possibilities there, i fell in love with it. alison told the jury she never felt unsafe, that the front stairs were unconventional but also sturdy. and that she often saw police officers, firefighters and child protective services inside the ghost ship. sarah told reporters alison and him both feel responsible for what happened december 22nd, 2016 when 36 people died inside the warehouse. >> she's vy authentic. she's doing her best to answer the questions, considering everything that's at stake. her husband is looking at 39 years in prison. >> reporter: a young man testified about a visit he made to the warehouse in 2014. he described it as crowded with stuff with narrow hallways and a front staircase that was quote like climbing up into a pirates ship. in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. only abc 7 news dug into the story of a peninsula family that
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lost $10,000 after they were duped by a fake home rental. we discovered the alameda county district attorney is investigating dozens of similar cases in the east bay. and the number of cases is on the rise. one property manager found two of his listings posted by a fake landlord. luz pena has the story. >> reporter: after the gonzalez family were duped out of $10,000, many of you said this had also happened to you. >> prospect of tenants gave out person information including social security numbers, pay stubs, that kind of information. >> reporter: he drove to the east bay where the property manager said two of his rental properties were reposted by a fake landlord and someone fell for it and sent person information. >> i don't know how but they basically took over our listing on those sites. so our site, our actual listing didn't show up on the sites we expected them to show up and then the fake one was there in the place.
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>> reporter: his business was not the only one thieves targeted. in the last six months, the district attorney's office received more than 50 real estate complaints. >> investigators here that investigate these crimes and we see a pattern and often times its people who are part of a bigger scam. and like i said, they go from location to location. >> reporter: in those cases, his properties were in san leandro and hayward and posted for $2,000 less than the original price. >> if it's too fast, if you're feeling pressured to enter into this transaction, if they are saying there is somebody else ready to rent right away, you have to send this money, you have to send your information right now. >> reporter: now how can you check that the realtor you're speaking to is in fact a licensed real estate agent? check their name and their i.d. on the california real estate website and remember, if a posting sounds too good to be true, it probably is. in oakland, luz pena.
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>> you can go online to read about the stories that prompted this investigative series and share them with your friends. it's all on our website, >> what a story that has been. let's turn our attention to the weekend weather forecast almost there but certainly midweek forecast. >> yeah, spencer christian is here with what we can expect, spencer? >> ama, dan, midweek temperatures are dropping but will rise again when the weekend approaches. here is live doppler seven. mainly sunny skies and you probably noticed a few thin, high passing clouds and probably noticed how gusty it is outside. 28 mile per hour gusts currently and san jose and around the area it's been quite breezy but mainly blue skies are showing up on the camera shots. this is the view from emeryville through san francisco and across season fran where it is 64 right now. 69 across the bay in oakland and redwood city 74 and san jose 76 and 80 morgan hill and 59 half moon bay and blue sky over the
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golden gate now although temperature readings, 86 santa rosa and 77 napa and low 80s at fairfield and concord and 77 at livermore and the view from the top breezy looking down at ocean beach and we see the little scattering of low clouds there. there is our forecast features, breezy with a cooler pattern and temperatures will be below average but we'll start warming up again for pride weekend. this is the image from our satellite and radar composite view showing why we have the pattern we have now. this area of low pressure dropping down out of the gulf of alaska is counterclockwise and circulation high clouds and along with cool marine air and some of that air will make it cool along the coastline with low temperatures there in the low 50s but most other locations away from the coast will see lows in the mid 50s and tomorrow look for mainly sunny skies, breezy again at the coast, temperatures below average but it will be a relatively pleasant and mild day.
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low 60s at the coast and upper 60s and low 70s around the bay shoreline. inland areas will warm up only to the low to mid 70s and we'll see a few upper 70s in the inland east bay and here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. the temperatures will continue tumbling a little bit into thursday as temperatures will be well below average that day but we start experiencing a bit of warming trend on friday and saturday. both days we'll see high temperatures in the mid 80s inland 70s around the bay and a couple degrees higher on sunday which is the day of the pride parade here in san francisco and upper trend of temperatures continue on monday and tuesday by tuesday of next week we'll be looking at high temperatures around 90 inland and about 80 around the bay shoreline. >> nothing too severe, though. >> not at all. >> thanks, spencer. the first glimpse inside the 2.4 million dollar terminal at sfo and the
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we're here for you. so chances are, you've seen us around the house.
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taking a live look at sfo that is working on a terminal named after supervisor and gay rights activist harvey. >> the first phase of the project is almost finished now. >> abc 7 news reporter vic lee got a firsthand look at the new facility. >> reporter: old photographs of the country's first openly guy elected politician lie in the expansive wall along the
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corridor before the assassination in 1978. the photos follow the aftermath of the murders and not only violent demonstrations but coming together of a community to fight for siecivil rights. the tribute to milk is a way airport travelers can learn about his legacy and what he meant to the bay area. >> the concept of diversity, equity, inclusion were trying to represent that with these types of facilities with this exhibit. >> reporter: this is the first of the multiple phased public opening. phase one opens july 23rd with nine new gates. when the terminal was completed, it will add 16 new boarding gates to sfo. this will be state of the art with high ceilings and lots of natural light. in fact, the ceiling to floor smart windows automatically grow dark under the bright glare of the sun.
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the tented windows return to normal when the sun goes down. it's also costfe effective. >> 20% energy savings. >> reporter: still, the most striking aspect of the new terminal is the artwork. this one of the city's skyline fills an entire wall. >> you get a little taste of when the skyline can provide and that is the blind experience of being in the bay area. >> reporter: the first push in this terminal opens four weeks from today and when it does, it will be the first terminal in this country and perhaps the world that is named after a member of the lgbtq community. vic lee, abc 7 news. i want to take a pass forward to get on a domestic flight, if you don't get an i.d. in the next year and a half. >> the latestnd t on the issues what the governor is doing about it. >> a man returns a defective
6:26 pm
iphone to be accused of shipping an empty box. how can you prove what you sent? i'm michael finney, 7 on your side is coming up. next, new at 6:00 a live update on the decision that's just been made about a new san francisco navigati
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when californians passed proposition 63 in 2016, they wanted stricter gun regulations across the state. >> beginning july 1st, they will get it. govern govern govern governor newsom spoke about it. >> this stuff is more for home defense and this is for the range. >> reporter: there is a lot of this going on in california gun stores, a run on ammunition leading to july 1st. >> shells to 556 to .9. >> reporter: how much more ammunition have you sold? >> 500%. >> reporter: normally gabriel vaughn would relish the bump in business but not when it comes no in reaction to a state law starting monday requiring background checks for anyone
6:30 pm
buying ammunition from him. >> guns don't kill people. unless gun is used as a blunt instrument, the gun is not particularly dangerous. a gun require as dangerous component and that's ammunition. >> reporter: california will be the first state to enact such a measure, it's aim to prevent mass shootings like the one in 2015 that killed 14 people. but it's not playing well among responsible users like noah st. claire. >> it's over reaction i think it's strictly political. >> reporter: as critics describe it, this is a redundant process to buy a weapon like this you need a safety card and then a background check and now to load it with ammunition, another background check. >> there is no existence of a black market for ammo in california. you essentially created one. >> the extreme rhetoric on the other side that works against basic common sense has to be called out for what it is. >> reporter: there are also
6:31 pm
prague m concerns. we spoke with several sellers today. none of them told us they heard from the state how to enforce the new policy. do you actually know exactly what you have to do? >> i don't. i don't know myself. >> reporter: should you know by now? >> you would think. >> we'll figure it out that day apparently. >> reporter: they will sell plenty of ammunition until then. waynefreedman, abc 7 news. >> an indiana family sued tesla today blaming dpekts efects i model s. kevin mccarthy and another person died after his tesla crashed and caught fire in 2016. the car thieves family claims the driver lost control when the car accelerated in downtown indianapolis. the lawsuit claims problems with the tesla made it impossible for mccarthy to escape from the burning car. tes tesla declined to comment. happening now, a decision was made by san francisco's
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board of supp supervisors. liz was at the meeting and live now with the result. liz? >> reporter: yeah, hi, dan. the board of supervisors voted to move forward with the navigation center. they said they did not see enough evidence from the opposition and an environmental review was need sod they wied s move forward. we'll show you video where the center will be. it's a parking lot. many people who live in the area came to this meeting tonight and said they are worried about safety. it a 200-bed facility. they are concerned that there is many families in this area and they are worried about it disrupting the community. those in support of this facility they say this is a classic not in my backyard versus yes in my backyard situation. ultimately, they say today really was focused on this appeal for an environmental review. the city says and the people
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behind the project says an environmental review was not needed but those against the project say they plan to take legal action and they are not backing down because ultimately this will be decided in court. so we will see what happens next. live in san francisco, liz abc news. the october 2020 deadline for californians to have a real i.d. is a burden on the dmv. offices will close for half a day to make sure employees are properly trained. the initial system did not meet federal guidelines. they are have a strike team to figure out the fix. >> there is one final audit we're looking forward to. we will respond to the audit in realtime and you will see a series of bold initiatives to address what is not working at the department of motor vehicles to make access to the real i.d.
6:34 pm
program much easier. >> reporter: you have to have a real i.d. but october of 2020 to board a domestic flight or else you have to use a valid passport. to get a real i.d. you have to go to the dmv in person and have several documents, one proving your identity and one with your social security number and two printed copies proving your california residency. if your name changed, you need paperwork to prove that. tomorrow 7 on your side will host a real i.d. hot line to answer all of your questions from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. we'll give out the phone number to call tomorrow when we have people ready to answer your calls. in the meantime, submit questions online now just use the #askfinney. michael and 7 on your side are always solving problems. when you shop online you can always return an item. >> most retailers make it simple to ship things back. >> he returned a defective phone and got charged for it anyway.
6:35 pm
michael finney is here to explain exactly what happened. >> this report will cause you to worry a bit. maybe every time you return an item you purchased online. this viewer says they followed all the shipping instructions to a tee. only to be accused of being a thief. >> siri, are you there. >> reporter: he couldn't activate siro. >> what's the weather in london? >> reporter: he just received the phone to replace a broken one and this one wasn't working right. >> so we took it into the apple store and they said yes, the microphone isn't working. >> reporter: curt made another claim for another phone through his at&t insurance. all he had to do was mail in the defective phone. >> i packaged it up and took it to the main post office. >> reporter: and two days later he received a new phone, problem solve the until he saw his next at&t bill. >> the charge is going to stand. >> reporter: at&t charged him $869 for that defective phone. saying he never returned it. >> so iphoned them up and said
6:36 pm
what are you talking about? i returned the phone within the ten days. >> reporter: he provided the tracking history. it shows the package was indeed delivered back in february. the company's reply a real shocker. >> they said the box was empty. that i -- they said i returned an empty box. >> reporter: curt says he spent hours on the phone assuring at&t he did put that phone in the box. no one would believe him. >> we contacted the warehouse. there is no phone in the box. it was an empty box. i said this is ridiculous. i felt like i was being treated like a criminal. >> reporter: he tried to imagine what he could have done to avoid being accused. take a picture of the phone in the box. >> they could say after you took the photograph, you took the phone out of the box. you can imagine if amazon told all their customers the products they returned were empty boxes, the whole internet commerce around the world would collapse. >> reporter: that didn't way at&t. >> my wife saw the frustration
6:37 pm
so she suggested go to michael finney. >> reporter: we contacted at&t and asked how someone can avoid such an accusation. it said we encourage customers to ensure their return items are securely sealed before sending. which curt did. however at&t has agreed to waive that $869 fee after all. >> i'm very thankful for 7 on your side. >> we really appreciate the company. when you ship an item, you might consider weighing your package and including that weight on the packing slip or the tracking information. now, look, that's definitely not absolute proof of what you mail but it might help in case of a dispute and it does give me something to work with when i'm arguing with the company. i want to hear from you, the 7 on your side hot line is open monday through friday from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. 415-954-8151 and reach me on my
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facebook page and through a b s abc7news.c we have people accused of sending bricks in the mail or buy something and bricks arrive with them. you know, unless we're taking a picture when we ship and when they open, i do. know. there is no foolproof way. >> thank you, michael. >> moving on, ten years ago today believe it or not, the world was stunned. we lost the king of pop. ♪ ♪ >> from music to memories, a look at how michael jackson is being remembered. next, meet ben affleck. miss lobster and hoping you have space in your home for them to move in forever.
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so, from all of us at bayer... thank you for trusting in us. then and now. we have breaking news to tell you about. special counsel robert mueller will testify publicly. we already have the story up on our website, mueller's testimony is scheduled for july 17th before two house committees about his investigation into president trump and russian interference in the 2016 election. you can learn more about it by going to happening now, a meeting in oakland that could result in the city banning public agencies from using facial recognition technology. if approved today, it will go to
6:42 pm
the full city counsel in two weeks. berkeley will consider a similar ban. last month san francisco was the first city in the country to ban this technology. now they are considering it in oakland, as well. also happening now, the san francisco school board is expected to decide the future of some controversial murals at george washington high school. it's called the life of washington but can be viewed as depicting the oppression of native americans and african americans. the mural shows colinizers stepping over the body of aaknaa native american. the artwork was done in 1836. the board could decide to cover the mural rather than paint over it. a bay area animal shelter is facing a full house tonight. take a look. three dozen boston terriers, the dogs have been taken in by muttville a rescue for senior dogs in san francisco.
6:43 pm
the terriers were freed from a hoarding situation. they are roughly 7 years or older in good health and a perfect addition to your home or small apartment. >> they would be perfect apartment dogs. all of niece dogs love snuggling up on the couch so i have two dogs who stay at home while i'm at work all day and these guys would do the same. they don't take up much space. they don't leave much hair around. they are pretty quiet. >> muttville is having a boston tea party this weekend to introduce the terriers to interested families. if you have room in your heart and home, you can call to setup an appointment or go online for details. >> let's check in live at the see l sea lions on pier 39. what will the weather be like? out swimming. >> spencer has the forecast for every day that ends in y. that's next.
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at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more.
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food dies are remembering anthony bourdain. he died but suicide.
6:47 pm
it was tweeted some heroes don't wear capes, we miss your whit my friend. chef rachel ray tweeted this photo of herself with bourdain. quote, i'm so grateful for a man i respected deeply. he was cool and brilliant and we found common ground through hum humor, music and food. i miss his whit and presence, singular man. in the take action campaign, we have a link of resources how you can get help with mental issues. go to action. >> you probably remember where you were ten years ago today when the news broke that michael jackson had died suddenly. the king of pop's heart stopped inside a house in los angeles on this day in 2009. jackson's doctor had given him an overdose of propofol pronounced dead after pear maras rushed him to the hospital. others shared memories and
6:48 pm
offered reflections while visiting his star. >> it's still amazing of who he was. he was like an artist and just a legend, you know, and i feel right now to this day he's still alive. >> jackson's legacy included 16 number one singles and 13 grammys. jackson dodged infamous for many years following allegations of molesting children at his never land ranch and being accused in a trial. >> musically quite a legacy. >> still to this day. >> speaking of legacy, spencer christian with a forecast. >> let's look at live doppler 7. mainly clear skies and clouds passing by and breezy and gusty and will remain that way overnight with low temperatures dropping mid to low 50s. east bay we'll see upper 50s and here is the forecast animation taking us into the early morning hours. notice an increase in clouds especially near the coast and those clouds contain enough moisture we might see spotty
6:49 pm
drizzle in the early morning hours but after that dry conditions over the bay and inland with clouds lingering at the coast into the afternoon hours and by afternoon, we'll see high temperatures reaching into the low 60s on the coast where it will be quite breezy. upper 60s to low 70s on the shoreline and low 70ists inlandd locations may reach upper 70s. cooler on thursday as you look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. warming on friday, friday and saturday both days show us temperatures mid 80s inland and mid 70s on the bay and very little change those two days but starts to get gradually warmer each day. sunday, monday and tuesday until we reach a high of about 90 inland on tuesday. by the way, pride parade on sunday in san francisco will take place under sunny skies and mild conditions. >> outstanding. >> thank you, spencer. >> okay. nba season is over but the warriors still making news. >> absolutely. larry is here. >> what is remarkable is the nba season is 12 months a year. >> it is. >> playing the game and free
6:50 pm
agency is its own entity. andrew iguodala making headlines and selling books. his book to be exact. the warriors forward talking injuries and what actually gets revealed to the public. sports is next. ...6, 7, 8 ♪ ♪ ♪ big dreams start with small steps... ...but dedication can get you there. so just start small... start saving. easily set, track and control your goals right from the chase mobile® app. ♪ ♪ chase. make more of what's yours®.
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good evening. andre iguodala is on a book tour revealing interesting besienl t -- behind the scenes nuggets.
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there is scrutiny keys achilles injury and described as a bone bruise later revealed to be a micro fracture. >> i had a fractured leg. and -- but it's being put out there like he got a bone bruise, no, it's fractured but i'm fighting with the team. i'm fighting with people and the media and then my teammates ask me every day, how are you feeling? how are you feeling? so with k, he get it from everywhere, too. how are you feeling? >> that's from the team and family or from people close to him and the stage, it's the last one. >> teams will often try to minimize injuries publicly to ensure opponents don't gain a competitive advantage. it's not clear whether that took place with kevin durant. ten years ago today the fate of the warriors changed dramatically. for the better. they drafted steph curry with the seventh overall pick.
6:54 pm
>> with the seventh pick in the 2009 nba draft the golden state warriors select stephen curry from davidson college. >> special thanks to the minnesota timberwolves that took two point guards, ricky and johnny with picks five and six and they did not take steph. didn't know at the time but the curry family was hoping steph would not be taken by the warriors because the franchise was a wreck. they preferred he went to the knicks but it worked out well. >> it's a dream come true for me to be drafted in the nba. be bean nba player and take my game to the next level. i definitely see godden state is a great fit for the way i play. the way coach nelson coaches and the direction this team is going. >> so much younger. speaking of splash backs, klay thompson spent time with jaba today and even ran into zaza o
6:55 pm
pachulia. we did not know klay was a big fan. he's expected to have knee surgery. on t baseball, the a's are in st. louis for a mini series the return of steven to st. louis. the cardinals traded him to oakland last year so he could be home with his ailing mother. >> right fielder steven pescotti. >> cool moment for him there and fans in st. louis. very classy. first inning, the shift is on. a great bunt by matt carpenter. not good enough matt throws him out. second inning. another map. this is olson solo blast. 13th on the season despite missing 34 games, 1-0 a's. here is matt carpenter again. this almost never happens and ssed plays and then the ball ricochets two runs score. carpenter ends up on third right
6:56 pm
now they are in the fourth inning and the cardinals are leading 3-1. giants and rockies at oracle with bumgarner on the mound. check out this video here. look out! that's jim harbaugh's backyard. the family was getting fired up for vanderbilt and michigan in the college series and dad got drilled. the ball hit jim's phone and lucky it didn't hit him in the head otherwise that would have been a different video we should be showing at this point. wi whiffle, ever get hit with a wiffle ball. >> bigger than a baseball but -- >> that would be worse. >> thanks. breaking news, sky 7 is heading to morgan hill right now. >> we have reports of a shooting at a ford dealership and there is a huge police response as you see there. you can see a fire engine there, as well. we'll have details on abc 7 brk krrksc 7 news at 9:00 and kofy tv 20.
6:57 pm
>> more than a dozen at least police cars will continue to update and have more. that is this edition of abc 7 news. look for more on the abc 7 news app. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz, for larry, spencer, thank you for joining us tonight.
6:58 pm
we're not going to make it. oh, we're going to make it. woo.
6:59 pm
♪ ♪ this is the... introducing today's semi-finalists-- an eighth grader from sioux falls, south dakota... a senior from bakersfield, california... and a sophomore from grand blanc, michigan... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"--alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. a sad moment on yesterday's program when young justin risked it all
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on a late daily double in the second round. didn't have any money to go into final jeopardy! however, do keep in mind that the players wto compete in the 2-day finals all go home with $10,000. shriya, eesha, and ryan. good to have you with us today, and good luck. here we go! ♪ here are the categories for you, starting off with... next... you get to... ...for us. and... and as a matter of fact, two as and two ds will come up in each correct response. shriya, start us. i'll go with people in american history for $200, please. - shriya. - who is ford? henry ford, yeah. people in american history for $400, please.


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