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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 27, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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making news in america this morning, the first debate. ht>>o mentioro-runner joe biden as democrats take on everything from getting rid of private health insurance to solving the immigration crisis. this morning, the issues, the key moments. >> on one side everybody should be treated with respect. >> i'm still talking about everybody else. >> but you're looking at just one small part of this. >> the technical troubles. >> what's happening? >> we are hearing our colleagues' audio. >> and the response from president trump as he lands in japan this morning for a crucial summit with world leaders. we're live in osaka. also new this morning, the first tour inside this facility where migrant children are being detained. what we saw and the new report of kids being fed instant noodles three times per day.
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how lawyers are now fighting back on behalf of the children. the deadly shark attack. a college student from california is killed on vacation. what happened moments before she was attacked. plus, the toddler hit by a foul ball during this major league game. just how serious her injuries are. what her family is now saying. a mcdonald's worker who was homeless is shamed online for trying to sleep at work. the people now rallying to his side and changing his life. and a sign of the times, but is america really ready for a $100,000 pickup truck? good thursday morning, everyone. we do begin with the first debate. the democrats who want to be president are giving us a glimpse of the issues that will dominate the 2020 campaign. >> ten of those candidates took the stage in miami last night arguing over climate change, the economy and immigration.
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but it was health care that divided them the most. only two candidates, elizabeth warren and bill de blasio, said they would get rid of private health insurance. >> reporter: president trump was apparently watching the debate tweeting that his team is fact-checking and tweeting, sorry, i'm on air force one off to save the free world. >> abc's karen travers is in osaka, japan, where the president is arriving this morning for the g20 summit. but we begin with lana zak in miami with the big moments from the debate. good morning, lana. >> reporter: good morning, kenneth and janai. you know, for many of these candidates it was the first time that they really got to introduce themselves to a national audience, and for better known candidates like cory booker and beto o'rourke, they really dominated in terms of the amount of time that they were on stage. those two speaking the most while other candidates like john delaney and bill de blasio tried very hard to edge their way into the conversation. health care emerged as a dividing line in the first democratic debate on nbc. >> who here would abolish their private health insurance in
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favor of a government run plan? >> reporter: senator elizabeth warren aligning with bernie sanders in medicare for all. >> there are a lot of politicians who say, oh, it's just not possible. what they're really telling you is they just won't fight for it. >> reporter: former congressman john delaney taking a swing against democrats who would eliminate private insurance. >> we should be the party that that keeps what's working and fixes what's broken. >> reporter: governor jay inslee tried to distinguish his record. >> and i am the only candidate here who has passed a law protecting a woman's right of reproductive health and health insurance. >> reporter: only to have it zinged by senator amy klobuchar. >> i would say there's three tt pretty hard for a woman's right to choose. >> reporter: the texas contingent sparring over immigration. >> if you're -- >> i want to make sure -- i want to make sure everybody gets treated with respect. >> i'm talking about everybody else. i'm still talking everybody else. >> you're looking at just one part of this. >> reporter: and senator tulsi gabbard and congressman tim ryan
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fighting over afghanistan. >> you have to stay engaged in these situations. >> is that what you will tell the parents of those two soldiers who were just killed in afghanistan, well, we just have to be engaged? as a soldier i will tell you that answer is unacceptable. >> reporter: all candidates asked what is the greatest geopolitical threat. a wide variety of answers. >> china. >> russia. >> climate change. >> reporter: but this one got the most applause. >> donald trump. there's no question. >> reporter: and as much as they would take on one another, took on president trump, one name that they didn't take on, the democratic front-runner joe biden. he and nine other democrats will take to the stage to try to make their case to voters tonight. kenneth, janai. >> lana zak in miami reporting on the first of the two nights of the democratic presidential debates. thank you, lana. in addition to tweeting about the debate overnight, the president also spoke about some key trade issues. >> he's arriving in japan this morning for the g20 summit, and everything from tariffs to iran to vladimir putin will be on the
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agenda. abc's karen travers is there in osaka. karen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, janai and kenneth. world leaders are arriving here in osaka for this two-day economic summit, but president trump is facing several major foreign policy challenges, but his attention is focused on he's heading to a high-stakes world leader summit, but on the way to japan, president trump's mind was on politics back home. on a refueling stop in alaska, the president weighing in on the democratic candidates' debate. >> what are your expectations? >> i think they're all going to do very poorly. >> reporter: over two days here in japan, president trump meets with nine world leaders including russian president vladimir putin. it's their first meeting since the release of the mueller report, which detailed how russia interfered in the 2016 u.s. election. the president's previous sit-downs with putin have sparked controversy for what mr. trump has said and for details that were kept secret. at the white house wednesday, he was asked if he would tell the
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russian president to not interfere in u.s. elections. >> i'll have a very good conversation with him. what i say to him is none of your business. >> reporter: just two weeks ago, the president told george stephanopoulos he'd consider taking offers of opposition research from a foreign nation. >> it's not interference. they have information. i think i'd take it. >> reporter: with u.s./china trade talks at another standstill, president trump sits down with president xi jinping to try and seal a deal, but he's still threatening tariffs on an additional $300 billion of chinese goods. >> china has been paying us billions and billions of dollars. until i got here they never paid this country ten cents. >> reporter: on board air force one, the president still fuming on twitter that robert mueller will testify before congress reiterating what he said before leaving the white house. >> it's a disgrace. no obstruction, no collusion. now the democrats want a do-over. >> reporter: other big meetings here for the president on the sidelines of the g20 summit include the leaders of india, germany and the crown prince of
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saudi arabia. as he has done ahead of other world leader summits, janai and kenneth, the president was complaining this week that allies are taking advantage of the united states. janai. >> and those meetings with nine world leaders come at a crucial time for foreign policy. karen travers there in osaka, thank you for joining us. now to the new legal battle to protect children at the u.s./mexico border. >> we learned overnight that lawyers representing migrant children are now demanding access to border facilities for inspections as the battle over what to do in washington gets even more complicated. this morning lawyers are now asking a judge to step in demanding immediate inspections at border facilities. it comes as we get a firsthand look inside a texas border facility where migrant children were reportedly living in squalor. the station in clint reportedly denied children soap and toothpaste according to lawyers who went inside and spoke with them. abc's matt gutman toured the facility where cameras were not allowed. >> what we saw are kids who are basically in a holding cell type of situation.
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it looks like a drunk tank. concrete floors, concrete rooms with hard glass between them and the central area, but we're told that the kids can actually roam and we did see them roaming around. >> reporter: matt says children there receive three meals a day including oatmeal in the morning and a burrito for dinner. >> we also heard about people complaining about kids being filthy, kids being mistreated. we didn't see any evidence of that specifically. what i mostly saw are kids who are bored out of their minds. >> reporter: a doctor who treats children after they leave these facilities says some migrants have been served instant noodles three times ray day. >> if we saw these kids three four years from now, we'd probably have to refer them pediatric psychiatrists. >> reporter: it comes as this image grips the on he father's neck face down in the water. the father tried to claim asylum and enter legally at a texas port of entry but was reportedly turned away, so he then turned
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to the rio grande. the man's mother in el salvador says all her son wanted was a good future for his family. meanwhile, president trump is blaming democrats for the drownings. >> i hate it, and i know it could stop immediately if the democrats change the law. they have to change the laws. the democrats refuse to change the loopholes. they refuse to change the asylum. >> reporter: but during last night's debate democrats claim the problems at the border are the president's fault. >> if you go to guantanamo bay, there are terrorists that are held that get better health care than those kids that have tried to cross the border. >> we have to get under the skin of why we have this crisis in our system because we're not being honest about the division that's been fomented in this country. >> a lot of talk but some action on capitol hill. the senate has approved an emergency aid bill for the border, but it's different than the house version. now lawmakers face the difficult task of trying to reconcile the two bills. time now for a look at your weather for this thursday morning.
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the current radar shows severe weather that will stretch from the pacific northwest into the northern rockies and the plains today. those storms could bring gusty winds and torrential downpours. hail and isolated tornadoes are also possible. looking at today's high temperatures, the heat has settled in along the east coast with high temperatures of 88 or higher from new york down to miami today. cooler in new england, but 90 for louisville and 92 degrees for a high today in the mile high city denver. coming up, the first pickup truck that costs more than $100,000. also ahead, how many jobs will be lost in the next decade because of robots and the three states that will lose the most. but first new details about what happened just before a california woman was attacked and
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a family's snorkeling trip in the bahamas ends in tragedy as a swarm of sharks attacked a california college student. three sharks attacked jordan lindsey. her parents and other family members say they tried to warn her, but she didn't hear them in time. the 21-year-old was pronounced dead at the hospital. delta and jetblue airlines are now allowing travelers to cancel their flights to the dominican republic without penalties. the announcement comes after several american tourists died in the country. dominican tourism officials are pushing back against claims that the country is unsafe. they insist the recent deaths of american tourists are unrelated. meanwhile, a newly uncovered safety flaw in the boeing 737 max jet could keep the plane grounded for months longer than previously expected. government test pilots have found a problem with the computer system that could send
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the plane's nose pitching down. it was found during testing of boeing's updated software. the jets have been grounded since march after two deadly crashes. a new report paints a bleak picture about the effect of automation on american jobs. it predicts robots will replace 20 million factory jobs around the world in the next decade. here in the u.s. the report says workers in oregon, louisiana and texas have the most to fear. that's because of their high dependence on manufacturing and globally competitive industries. chevy's new pickup truck could be the first with a six-figure price tag. the company is rolling out a new version of its heavy-duty silverado with high-tech improvements and the latest infotainment technology. the truck is expected to be the first pickup in the u.s. to cost more than $100,000. one chevy official said people want to trade up. trade up and pay up. >>he rolls-royce of trucks. >> of trucks, i guess so.
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coming up, how being a morning person benefits your health. but first two kids are nearly kidnapped at a busy airport. what their family is saying about these terrifying moments caught on camera. and up next, the injuries suffered by this 2-year-old girl hit by a foul ball at a major league game. will the family sue? ll at a major league game. will the family sue? ...that's why i've got the power of 1 2 3 medicines with trelegy. the only fda-approved 3-in-1 copd treatment . ♪trelegy. ♪the power of 1-2-3. ♪trelegy 1-2-3 trelegy. with trelegy and the power of 1 2 3, i'm breathing better. trelegy works 3 ways to... airways,... ...keep them open... ...and reduce inflammation... ...for 24 hours of better breathing. trelegy won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. trelegy is not for asthma. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. do not take trelegy more than prescribed. trelegy may increase your risk of thrush, pneumonia, and osteoporosis.
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relieves depression, restores heart rhythms, helps you back from strokes, and keeps you healthy your whole life. from the day you're born we never stop taking care of you. we're back now with new we're back now with new details about the 2-year-old girl hit by a foul ball during a major league baseball game. >> the family is now being represented by a prominent houston lawyer as they reveal the extent of the young girl's injuries. >> got some guys that everybody is high on down there. >> reporter: this morning new details about the condition of this toddler hit in the head by a foul ball. the 2-year-old was sitting on a relative's lap last month at houston's minute maid park. the batter, albert almora jr., was overcome with emotion after realizing the girl was hit. >> it was clearly an injury to the brain, but how extensive or
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what the residuals will be, it's really too early to tell. >> reporter: her family now says the toddler was hospitalized for several days with a skull fracture, brain contusions and even suffered a seizure. >> the eeg is abnormal, and so the seizures are a major concern right now. >> reporter: she and her family were sitting ten feet past the protective netting at the park. the injury in houston is among several fan injuries at ballparks this season. just last sunday a teenager says she suffered a concussion and vision problems after getting hit by a foul ball. last year major league baseball introduced a mandatory policy for teams to hang netting past both dugouts. now the washington nationals and the chicago white sox have announced plans to go farther and extend the netting. as for the astros, the team tells "the houston chronicle" they're studying options to add more netting, but these injuries have some asking whether the netting goes far enough. for now no legal action has been taken by the family. experts say cases like this are hard to win because of the
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so-called baseball rule. since 1913 every ticket comes with a disclaimer saying the buyer assumes all risks during the game. a police officer at atlanta's airport is being praised for helping to stop an attempted kidnapper. it was all caught on camera. a woman first tries to take a stroller with a baby, and then she tries to grab another child. their parents managed to stop her, and as the suspect ran off, the officer tackled her. safety experts say this could happen anywhere, and parents should trust their instincts. >> well, you know, they dodged a bullet. this could have been a really bad situation, and i give it to the parents that they did the right thing. they jumped in and were able to save their children. i think it's a lesson for them and it's a lesson for all other parents out there that this could happen at any time, you never know. >> police say the suspect may have been under some kind of mental distress. being a morning person could provide an important health benefit for women. a new study finds women who are
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naturally early risers have a lower risk of breast cancer than those who are night owls. researchers say modifying sleep habits won't help because the risk is associated with a genetic trait, and that genetic trait is what makes us a morning person or a night owl. >> still not a morning person over here. >> i know. up next in "the pulse," the giant bird that once roamed the earth. also ahead, the new fast food carrot, which is actually meat. a lot to explain. and a heartwarming update about the mcdonald's worker who was homeless and was criticized for sleeping at work. how his life is about to change. how his life is about to change. how his life is about to change. ld's worker who was homeless and was criticized for sleeping at work. how his life is about to change. r and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven? and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. oh! up to 12 pounds? a two-year study showed that ozempic® does not increase the risk
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ask your healthcare provider today about once-weekly ozempic®. more often than we even realize. pronamel repair can actively help repair weakened enamel that takes minerals and it drives it deep into the tooth's surface. pronamel repair takes it to the next level. ♪ it's time to check "the pulse," and we begin with a picture that was meant to embarrass a fast food worker in georgia, but instead it turned his life around. >> a facebook photo shows simon childs sleeping inside the
4:23 am
mcdonald's where he works. the woman who posted the picture wrote, quote, it was just another reason to move out of town, but it turns out simon was homeless. he also has a newborn, and his mom just died. >> after his story got out, strangers started donating diapers and clothes and started a fund-raising account online and now simon has a place of his own. >> i'm not homeless, no, not now thanks to her. i didn't think that the community would care enough to do that, but they care. >> simon also received a new car, job offers and a free haircut. he says he holds no ill will toward the woman who took that picture. >> you never know what others are going through. >> that is true. arby's is bucking the trend of plant-based meats in the fast food industry by introducing a new culinary concoction. >> it is a true troll. the restaurant has unveiled a new food category called megetables starting with the marrot. it's a turkey breast made to look and taste like a real carrot.
4:24 am
unfortunately, just a publicity stunt, so megetables won't be coming to a store near you any time soon. >> megetables. >> megetables. meat vegetables. >> okay, got it. one more story about vegetables. people in florida will soon be able to grow their own veggies without fear of being fined. >> believe it or not, some towns started to outlaw vegetable gardens claiming they a a visually pleasing but the governor has now signed a law making bans illegal. good job, florida. finally a very big bird once roamed the earth with humans. >> scientists have found fossils indicating that a 12-foot bird weighing more than 900 pounds roamed across europe about 2 million years ago. >> it was three times the size of an ostrich. scientists say the birds were likely a food source for humans. >> that big the humans were probably a food source for the birds. >> that definitely is not a megetable, is it? >> oh. >> oh, right? >> oh, what would -- what would a leg of that taste like? >> that's very true, and with florida, actually getting gardens again, florida loves
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febreze unstopables. breathe happy. an outpouring of emotion for the two victims of the deadly ford shooting. we're learning new details about what happened. few sparks but lots of one-minute speeches. the gloves stay on in the democratic debate for the 2020 white house. the santa clara county planning commission takes its first look. it's thursday, june 27th, 4:27 in the morning. >> plooek has your first look at the day ahead. we were predicting cooler temperatures out there. >> right now 47 in palo alto. no 60s which has been unusual. most of us in the low to upper
4:28 am
50s. this afternoon temperatures in the low to mid 50s. upper 60s in santa cruz and oakland. low to mid 70s about else until you get to concord and antioch. here is alexis with the commute. >> good morning, mi. we have a grass fire in contra costa county. that will cause a highway 4. i had a slowdown on the eastbound side. it looks like that has cleared. looks like they're back up to speed. possibly another flare-up or hot spot they're woging on. they don't have lanes closed currently. a quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza. of course no metering lights yet. that should happen closer to 5:20. a little stackup in the cash lanes on either side. fewer crews fought a large brush fire mere nrz.
4:29 am
contra costa county firefighters worked with cal fire to put out flames around 1:00 this morning. firefighters had it contained within about an hour. that fire burned up to five acres. nobody was hurt. also happening today, a final farewell to a young police officer from the bay area. >> police say a gunman killed officer tara o'sullivan last week in sacramento. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live in pleasant hill. amy. >> reporter: good morning. there will be a funeral in the sacramento area. but right here in the bay area she's being remembered as well. look at the flowers left here along with american flags. this is at her high school in pleasant hill, college park high school. tara o'sullivan was shot and killed last wednesday while she ad other officers responded to a domestic dispute. police say adel am bran know ramos ambushed the officers. her parents are speaking out for the first time since her death.
4:30 am
her father says this is the job she always wanted, and there's only one person to blame for what happened last week and that is the suspect. >> the loss of our daughter falls on one person's shoulders and in no way will we ever place blame on any of the >> reporter: there will be a memorial sur vis for o'sullivan today. the sacramento police chief is asking the community to come out and show support, asking people to line the freeways for the funeral procession at 1:00 to show appreciation for her sacrifice and support for her family. live in pleasant hill, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> more information about the memorial service. it starts at 10:00 this morning. we will be streaming it live on our website. you can go to or watch it on


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