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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 30, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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good morning, and thanks so much for joining us on this sunday june 309. i'm chris nguyen. let's start with accuweather forecast with lisa argen. hi, lisa. >> good morning. cloud cover over the coast, the bay. a roof camera showing a little breeze. we will have wind at the coast and not expecting total clearing at shoreline. 65 san francisco, san jose good morning to you, 57. another vantage point from east bay hills, can you see mount diab diablo. views in upper 40s. santa rosa, 61 in concord, warm
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with cloud cover.orecast calls sunny afternoon, clouds at the coast. in the city for pride celebrations we'll have that comfortable weather in the 60s, that sea breeze. some 80s making their way to the inland valleys. >> chris. >> lis, thank you. breaking news out of contra costa county. chp says multiple dead and multiple people injured after a crash in orinda. it happened before 2:00 in the web lanes of highway 24 near wilder road. the crash closed all lanes for about three hours but they have since reopened. developing news, president trump has become the first u.s. president to step into north korea reaching across the demilitarized zone to shake hands with kim jong-un. president trump extended an invitation to meet at the white house. it came at the last minute. >> reporter: history made at the border between north and south korea.
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president trump stepping across that line into north korea, the first u.s. president to do that. he shared a wa ki thn shaknds, a great honor. a lot of progress has been made. a lot of friendships have been made. >> reporter: through a translator, kim said that moment was president trump's willingness to open a new future between the two countries. the two moved inside for a more formal sitdown. it looked a lot like previous meetings with kim but those were highly choreographed. this one came together very quickly. administration officials scrambling after the president extended an invitation to kim on twitter saturday. >> i didn't really expect it. we were in japan for the g20. we came over, i said, hey, i'm over here. i want to call chairman kim, and we got to meet. >> in front of the cameras, little talk of policy or nuclear negotiations. instead president trump emphasized his relationship with the north korean dictator. >> we met and we liked each other from day one, and that was very important.
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>> b esidt visited overlook at u. lw and exaing thet of nearby conventional could pose a direct threat to south korea. president trump says negotiators for u.s. and north korea will restart talks which have been stalled since the summit in hanoi. the president also said he extended an invitation to kim jong-un to visit the white house. karen travers, abc news, seoul. >> happening today, more than 100,000 people will fill the streets of san francisco for the annual pride parade. organizers say san francisco pride is one of the oldest and largest parades in the world. go bed and presidential candidate kamala harris will be there. for the first time 49er executives will march from embarcadero to civic center. celebrations have been going on
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abc news reporter has more. >> reporter: dolores park was more colorful than ever as the san francisco annual dyke march revved up and took off. road captain carrie mcilroy led the way. >> we ride our bike, make a lot of noise, get people excited and have a lot of fun. >> reporter: she would know. she's been in the parade for 23 years. >> we have to be out here and we have to be able to show people we have a voice and we can show our pride and be part of the community. >> reporter: it's a message that resonates especially for these two recent high school graduates here at san francisco's pride for the first time. >> how was it? >> it was amazing. >> fantastic. >> we're from a very isolated town. it feels like you're in the middle of nowhere. you don't see any of these people, and it can feel like you're alone. >> reporter: pride started saturday with this champagne christening atop twin peeks, the annual display of the giant pink triangle, a tradition that started 23 years ago as an act
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of disor obedience. >> so long ago a tiny small group of us sneaked up to twin weeks and installed a tiny pink triangle so we wouldn't be arrested. >> reporter: decades later, equality is still not the same around the world. >> there are currently 73 nations around the world where homosexuality is criminalized. >> reporter: these thousands of people say this weekend is all about being loud and being proud. >> i'm using a wax crayon to tag everybody. >> i guess i've been chosen. happy pride. >> reporter: san francisco, abc 7 news. organizers of today's pride parade or celebrate are allowin policies to protest. according to the online publishing platform media, employees can march in a group called resistance
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contingent. more than 100 google employees submit add petition demanding its sponsorship and presence be stripped. they say the company's refal to remove racist and homophobic from youtube is detrimental to the lgtbq community. a quick reminder to plan according for the pride parade today. this is the route on the screen. several streets including market will be marked off. starts at 10:30, supposed to wrap up around 3:00. traffic could remain heavy with all the people expected to attend. we have a guide to pride, including full schedule of events on our website,, also traffic and transit options during today's big parade. time now is 6:06. new details after two deadly incidents involving smart trains in rohnert park. the head of smart wants to increase safety measures. a train hit and killed a man on a bicycle friday morning at golf course drive and roberts lake road. that's the same location of a deadly incident on thursday and
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the third there in the last year. investigory an vio fy'cint sho wrong side of the street. thursday's incident involved a pedestrian who walked under a gate crossing arm. the press democrat reports officials are looking into possibly hiring more safety officers to monitor the rail line and train stations. firefighters are keeping an eyoon a condominium complex under construction after it was ravaged by fire in santa clara. crews were still dousing water onto hot spots yesterday morning at the site of the fire along el camino real near scott boulevard. fire investigators were also on the scene trying to figure out what caused friday's massive fire. one person was hurt. a construction worker described to abc 7 news how he rescued a co-worker on the second floor >> as soon as i seen him, i told him, we've got to get out of here. i looked on the top floor and i seen the whole fourth floor in flames. >> investigators detained a
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person of interest friday afternoon but that person was released. the four-story condo complex with 5 completed later this year. abc 7 is committed to building a better bay area. one of the issues we hea now with riders. b.a.r.t. sent out this picture of 40,000 pound transformers delivered yesterday yesterday to san leandro yesterday morning. it will allow the transit agency to press a new power substation into service. it's being paid for by a $3.5 billion bond voters passed in 2016 by upgrading the power system b.a.r.t. says it will be able to run more trains. we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. share them by joining our better bay area group on facebook. time is 6:08 on sunday morning. lisa argen has been keeping an eye on the accuweather forecast. >> we have cameras above the
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clouds. that's where we have interesting views. est bay camera, mount diablo, 50s to lower 60s now. we'll see mid-80s later this afternoon. pretty warm in our east bay valleys. mild to cool elsewhere. will the fog clear the coast? what about the 4st? i'll have answers next. lisa, thank you. also, we're learning new information about the 2-year-old boy killed after contracting e. coli at a southern california fair. his family now sharing details about his life. plus an expensive theft in the north bay. what a suspect is accused of
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side shows have become a monster as one oakland officer put it. the department has implemented mandatory side show overtime. liz pena rode along with opd and discovered devastating consequences of speed related activities. >> reporter: the night started with strategizing with orders to protect their mission. officer charles stone is one of dozens of police officers on mandatory side show prevention assignment. oakland is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in overtime a year to prevent this illegal activity. >> larger crowds. more people bringing guns to side show events and more violence. really appreciate the help out here, man. >> chp is their ally. a joint effort to flood the
6:13 am
streets. >> it's sad that young people find it amusing and entertaining until their friends or their loved ones are involved in a tragic accident. >> reporter: forty minutes into our ride along, we saw death. we were on the way to continue the side show enforcement that opd has been on today for the entire weekend, and we just arrived to this. >> reporter: neighbors surrounded the scene, the body of the young man still inside. opd confirmed two drivers were racing, often considered a prelude to the weekend side shows. >> he swerved off, hit the curve. the car flipped over and wrapped around the pole. >> how often do you see this happening on your streets? >> every day. someone is racing every day. >> in several parts of oakland, towing companies like this one are on speed dial. >> we get as many as 25, there
6:14 am
-- once there was 57, i believe, one night. >> reporter: citations range from $500 to $1500. >> when is this going to stop? >> this is going to stop when the citizens of oakland also say, alongside the police, they -- that we've had enough. >> reporter: for now mission continues in oakland, liz pena, abc 7 news. police have not identified the driver who died. they are still searching for the other driver involved in that street race who did not stop after the crash. investigators are asking for witnesses to come forward. time now 6:14. new information about the 2-year-old boy who died after visiting san diego county fair. he and three other children were sickened with e. coli. relatives have identified the boy to the abc affiliate in san diego. the family has set up this gofundme page for jedidiah
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he suffered stomach pains four days after visiting the petting zoo despite washing his hands after. over the next four days jedidiah was in and out of the er before dying on monday. more on how the fair is responding. >> reporter: inspectors zooming in on the san diego county fair after four children who visited with sickened by e. coli. one of them a 2-year-old dying. >> our hearts and our prayers and our thoughts go out to the family. while we emphasize safety at the fair, we will continue to do so. >> officials say all four children visited parts of the fair that house animals, including two, investigators say, who visited the petting zoo and did not wash their hands. that section and all other access to animals at the delmar fairgrounds now closed to the public. >> unfortunately when you do have livestock or animals, there is a potential inherent risk. animals do relieve themselves, e. coli is in the feces.
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>> we have signage placed at the petting zoo. we have personnel there telling people, encouraging them to wash their hands after tey completed petting the animals. we have hand washing stations throughout the ground, particularly in these particular areas. >> health officials stress e. coli infections were not related to any food at the fair and have not been definitively linked to animals saying it's possible the cases may not be related. >> we may find as the cases that -- as the investigation develops that these just happened to be cases that occurred during the summer when it's more common for cases to occur. with the information we have available, we felt it was important to take these steps in an abundance of caution. >> marci gonzalez, abc 7 news, los angeles. >> these are recommendations for the center for disease control on how to protect yourself and your family from e. coli at the fair. wash your hands after touching exhibit area and feeding, holding or petting fair animals.
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don't eat in or around the areas. families should leave toys, strollers, pacifiers outside the area as well. north y, a thief made off with thousands of dollars of cigarettes. surveillance images show the suspect at a texaco station at a store on petaluma boulevard in petaluma friday night. the man grabbed an entire display rack with 30 cartons, ran to a car outside and took off. each carton goes for about $100. so if we do the math, that's about a $3,000 value. after nearly 50 years of selling bicycles of all shapes and sizes in downtown san mateo, a beloved mom and pop store is closing shop today. the owners of talbot's cyclery on south b street plan to retire. yesterday abc 7 news stopped by the store where the signs read "everything must be sold" talbot's toy land will continue to operate. today is also the last day for a mountain view market that's been a community staple for 45 years.
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milk pail owner steve rasmussen announced he was closing shop back in march. the final day for customers to show is today. the doors will close at 7:00 p.m. you can look back at the history of the milk pail market at time right now is 6:18 on sunday morning. let's turn over to weather and bay area forecast with lisa argen. lisa, good morning to you. >> hey, chris, good morning. we have high clouds and low clouds making for very nice pictures around the bay. in the afternoon we'll feature a few high clouds streaming through. we'll put this in motion. you'll notice many of us are looking at some type of cloud cover. the reason being, we have a weak system to the north of us and our typical pattern being set up with the low clouds and fog ebbing from the coast to parts of the bay throughout the morning hours and pulling back. from our roof camera, a pretty nice shot with that glowing sun. the official sunrise at 5:51.
6:19 am
we're looking at temperatures ranging from the 50s to upper 50s in oakland and san jose. it is 52 in morgan hills. slightly warmer this morning for most of you. that's due to the cloud cover. of course this is mount tam, high clouds, low clouds, a little bit of a breeze today, upper 40s, santa rosa, a cool start for you as well as pet petaluma, napa holding onto 50s, livermore at 55. this is san jose where it is certainly a beautiful view to wake up to. numbers will be in the upper 70s today. coastal fog, warm inland. cooler tomorrow. then we'll keep the temperature pattern about the same until we get -- until the fourth of july when we want to change things up a bit. slightly warmer inland. doesn't look like we're going to get rid of that fog for the long-term. maybe patches of it here and there. we start out with it right along the coast. it's with us throughout the afternoon, throughout the day today. then it pushes across the bay again for monday. as it retreats late in the day monday, looks like it wants to go away for a while but it's
6:20 am
going to come back. it will allow for those partly sunny conditions at the shoreline. we'll get some more sun as we head down towards santa cruz at 76. you notice it hugs the coast from ocean beach and half moon bay, pacifica, stenson partly sunny. it will be breezy at times not only today but through tomorrow as well. highs in a more narrow range from the coast to around the bay with 60s and 70s but we do get that warmth into the 80s in our inland sfraelvalleys. warm in vallejo, pretty good antioch, 86 concord, mid-80s in morgan hill. 70 oakland, 77 san rafael, palo alto 76. today in san francisco cloudy to start, 60 degrees 9:00. partly cloudy skies, more sun with clouds hovering closer to the beaches at 65, 3:00. low 60s throughout the evening hours. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast with today and tomorrow looking at a little change in terms of cooling off a
6:21 am
bit. so enjoy those mid to upper 80s inland. just 70 around the bay tomorrow. a little change at the coast. we've had plenty of fog there. that will keep us cool throughout the middle of the week. in fact, tuesday into wednesday we've got highs just in the low 80s. once again below average. the 4th looks pretty nice but we'll have the fog for the fireworks like usual in the city. looks like a warm-up. you can download accuweather app and keep track of that for friday and saturday which would keep us to where we should be inland. we should be around 90 which we haven't been. >> good to know. lisa, thank you. as the bay area celebrates lgtbq pride we've been digging through archives and found an amazing series of stories that give you a glimpse of gay life in the bay area 43 years ago started 16 years ago by a gay including the role gays played couple, gus and terry who still in the city's fashion scene. ten years ago cultural and keep it at the top of the fashion heap. what's the reason for gay's social center of bay gays was interest in this? >> part of the reason gay people polk street. here they worked and played and are avant-garde in fashion is here they spent their money. not on just proliferation of they have got extra money to spend in that direction.
6:22 am
special interest bars unparalleled in the growth of >> we're streaming this series san francisco but on onesumptio unedited. watch our special presentation of lookback, 1976 bay certain commodities that sets a trend for any special lifestyle. the gerual fashion world and but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish.
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dan harris joins us from new york to tell us what's coming up on "good morning america." >> president trump visited dmz, border between north and south korea, north korean leader kim
6:25 am
jong-un meets him there accepting an invitation extended over twitter. what this historic move could mean for trump's efforts to get the north to give up its nukes. plus county fair danger, multiple cases of e. coli at the san diego county fair. a 2-year-old killed after visiting petting zoo. the warning from officials this morning. finally the american americn pastime, yankees facing off in london for first major league baseball game ever in europe. the excitement for the game and royal welcome. all coming up on "gma." we'll see you very soon. >> speaking of which, prince harry and his wife meghan markle, we've got a preview of that appearance yesterday for the first ever major league baseball game held in europe. the new york yankees are playing a two-game series at the london stadium. prince harry's invictus games foundation was chosen as a charity partner. before the game the duke and duchess met players from both teams and were given gifts for their son archie. one player said -- one player
6:26 am
and megan actually have a special bond. the genologist told "boston globe" last year red sox star mookie betts could actually be her distant cousin. so they shared a hug as newfound family members. great it's. still a mornings, democratic candidates forreack dete wan aing meum yo mht want to fill u yr gas tank
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good morning and thanks so much for being with us. i'm chris nguyen. we're looking ahead to a pleasant hi, lisa. >> starting out with roof camera, this tells the story with low clouds and high clouds in san francisco. they will peel back to the coyotes but certainly will be cool there. plus the pride celebrations, 55 san francisco, 51 in morgan hill and in the mid-50s in redwood city. a little cooler in the north bay. this is walnut creek. beautiful view there with high clouds 49, santa rosa. while we have 61 in concord, quite a spread there. petaluma in the 40s and 55 in livermore. so we're slightly milder. that's due to the cloud cover overnight and the plan throughout the day today will be for the clouds to cozy up to the shoreline once again. mostly sunny skies. a few high clouds but 70s to
6:30 am
near 80 by the afternoon in our inland east bay, pleasant around the bay. the fog doesn't quite clear the coast. we'll talk about warmer weather as we get into the first week of july in a few minutes. chris. >> lisa, thank you. developing news. president trump met with north korean leader kim jong-un shaking hands and even extending an invitation to the white house. through a translator kim said this wo open up to a new future to his country. there was little talk about policy or nuclear camera. instead president trump emphasized his relationship with the north korean dictator. >> a lot of really positive things are happening. i'm glad you could be here to see this. tremendous positivity. practically great things are happening in a lot of places. but we met and we liked each other from day one, and that was very important. >> the president says negotiators for the u.s. and
6:31 am
north korea will restart talks, which have been stalled since that hanoi summit back in february. president trump says his administration is still planning to launch a series of immigration raids. they will likely happen in a week after the july 4th holiday. those raids were supposed to happen last weekend but delayed. president trump into at the g-20 in osaka saying i.c.e. agents will be legally removing large numbers of people. he praised a funding bill passed by democratic led house calling it humanitarian money. now to 2020 presidential race with the debate in the rearview mirr mirror, candidates are back on the campaign trail trying to rally supporters. here are the details. >> reporter: democratic candidates for president in all-out push trying to seize momentum on the first debate or put it behind them. president elizabeth warren bringing her pitch to a black church on the south side of chicago. >> this country is in a time of
6:32 am
crisis. >> bringing the crowd to its feet. >> do you think support for senator warren is growing in the black community? >> listening to some of the people i hear when i walked out, i was surprised to hear it is. >> she had my vote from the very beginning. >> reporter: i asked her about one of her signature plans, universal health insurance. >> with your health care proposal, how much will the average taxpayer pay in taxes? the senator did not give a number. >> we are paying now. we need to pay in a different way. no one should go bankrupt because they get sick. >> mayor pete buttigieg back in south bend after the contentious town hall. >> get the racists off the streets. >> reporter: stepping off the trail again to confront the tension in his community after the fatal shooting of a black man by a white police officer. that man, eric logan, laid to rest. >> this is my home, but also these issues can't be separated. the challenge we face here in south bend is symptomatic of a national challenge. >> reporter: he's not the only
6:33 am
candidate defending his record on race. joe biden taking heat from senator kamala harris on his opposition in the '70s to federally in grated busing to schools. >> she was bused to school every day. that little girl was me. >> reporter: biden getting support from an unlikely source, president trump. >> i think she was given too much credit for what she did. it wasn't that outstanding. i think probably he was hit harder than he should have been hit. >> reporter: rachel scott, abc news. >> following the first 2020 debates, democratic presidential candidate senator bernie sanders and former secretary julian castro will appear on "this week." you can watch full interviews on "this week" with george stephanopoulos right here on abc 7. the former new york city police detective who became a leading advocate for 9/11 victims has died. luis alvarez spoke in front of
6:34 am
congress asking lawmakers to extend compensation funds for victims of the september 11th attacks. his passionate plea received a standing ovation. within days of his testimony, alvarez entered hospice care after a three-year battle with 9/11 related cancer. he was 53. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell this week agreed to bring up legislation for a vote later this summer. the fbi is now getting involved after a strange theft from watsonville airport. someone stole a single engine cessna that was parked at the airport wednesday night. the four-seater was reported missing by its owner the next day. the co-owner of the airport restaurant says the thief knew what he or she was doing. >> pulling in a flatbed truck and thinking about lifting a plane onto a flatbed and then driving it out is really almost inconceivable. so it had to have been someone that had some prior knowledge maybe. >> the stolen plane is
6:35 am
registered to a corporation out of santa cruz. for the first time since the deadly campfire broke out eight months ago, a couple has been given the okay to move back onto their property. kathy and richard received a certificate of occupancy for their one-story home. they are the first to get a building permit after the november fire destroyed 14,000 homes in paradise and nearby towns. the county issued 20 building permits and paradise i should -- issued 65. a hiker who vanished a week ago in the mountains north of los angeles has been found alive. 73-year-old eugene jo was hoisted to safety from a canyon in the san gabriel mountains. despite not eating for five days emergency crews say he was talking and in fairly good shape. jo was hiking to 8,000 summit when he got separated. he said he survived by drinking water from creeks. joha since been flown to a hospital for evaluation.
6:36 am
you might want to fill up at the pump because the gas tax in california is going up tomorrow. it will increase from 41.7 to 47.3 cents a gallon. the increase of nearly 6 cents will pay for road repairs and mass transit programs. that's on top of a 12% increase back in november. the money is divided between state and local governments. still ahead on abc 7 mornings, a special sneak peek. we're taking you inside sfo's new $2.4 million harvey milk terminal. but first as we head to break, here is a live look outside from mount tam camera. lisa
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topping today a birthday celebration for walnut creek's oldest known turkey vulture. lord richard turning 45. he's been living at lindsay wildlife experience since 1974 making him one of the oldest turkey vultures in captivity. the center is throwing him a big bash today. the party includes a especially baked cake for richard, arts, crafts, story team. it's free with paid admission to the center which costs $10. also happening today, the annual summer artwork in the east bay. dozens of artists will display their work along sidewalks in montclair village. they are selling jewelry, ceramics, glassware and more. from 10:00 to 5:00 on mountain boulevard at lasalle.
6:40 am
should be a nice day to head outside and enjoy the sunshine. >> that's right. the sun is warm, the breeze is cool. as we take you to sierra nevada, 34 at the tahoe valley airport. see the clouds, 76 and partly cloudy skies. beautiful day in the mountains. temperatures there are going to stay in the 70s for much of the week back home. very little change. stay tuned for pride forecast, fourth of july and perhaps weekend warm-up next weekend coming up. >> a lot going on. lisa, thank you. also ahead, nba free agency is about to isant aboeamp with another finals mvp, the shshow me homecoming. baby sloth videos on youtube. amy, do you uh mind giving someone else a turn?
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good morning, everyone. time right now is 6:43 on sunday. we're taking a live look outside at the bay from abc 7 roof camera. you can see fresh island in the distance there. we'll get a check from lisa argen coming up in just a little bit. first in sports, giants will try to gain a split on this weekend's four-game series against diamondbacks. madison baumgartner for giants 1:00 p.m. at oracle park. a's take three out of four from angels down in anaheim. that game starts at 1:07. nba free agents can begin negotiating with teams at 3:00 p.m. today. rumors have been swirling daily about what kevin durant will decide to do next. anthony flores has the details
6:44 am
on what the warriors will tryto do. to convince him to stay in sports. >> good morning, everyone. this is the calm before the nba storm. free agency kicks off later this afternoon. the warriors and a few other teams are going to put the full-court press on kevin durant. reports steph curry flying directly from asia to new york city to meet with durant along with gm bob meyers. k.d. isn't just listening. it also appears like he's doing a little talking. espn reports durant and kawhi leonard talked about teaming up somewhere. two teams that have max contracts available are the l.a. clippers and new york knicks. brooklyn nets have two max spots but it's widely believed kyrie irving will take one of those. buckle up. this thing is about to get interesting. a done deal according to multiple reports, thompson expected to sign a five-year $190 million contract as soon as he can this afternoon.
6:45 am
klay thompson may not return until after the all-star break because of a torn acl but said all along if the warriors offered him the max, he would sign it without even meeting with other teams. check this out. what a view at stanford stadium, 50,000 out to watch the quakes and galaxy, the california classical. 11th minute, sees a space and buries it. his third goal last two games, 1-0 san jose early. it remained that score for some time. 10 minutes to pay, great pass to sal salinas who just came in as a sub. off comes the shirt. another classical game for sallinas as they win 3-0 on a role. >> it pumps me up. it pumps the whole team up. >> we played with so much energy tonight. i think it was a pretty good performance. right now no team in the league wants to play us. we feel that. we feel confident. we want to go out there and put our foot on the game and take
6:46 am
control of it, and it's working. giants and diamondbacks, oh, grade lid. top nine, d'backs, eduardo escobar deep fly to right. tyler austin no idea where it is. check this out, somehow makes the catch. darrick holland can't believe it. escobar can only tip his hat. great play. d'backs 4-0, bottom of the ninth vogt crushes this. a three-run shot, just misses going into the water. that makes it 4-3. there is life in the yard. nobody out at that point, but the comeback falls short. strikes out. that's the ball game. giants lose to arizona 4-3. a's and angels decent sunset in southern california as well. top five former aid on relief. chapman takes the first pitch over the wall for two-run homer. chapman's 20th of the year.
6:47 am
that makes it 4-0 a's. top six, trying to stretch a single into double but an awkward slide, his right leg gets caught. looks like knee turned, ouch, after lying down in pain he had to be helped off the field. officially called a knee sprain. let's hope it's nothing worse. a's win in shutout 4-0. that's a look at your morning sports, i'm anthony flores, have a great sunday. >> let's turn to weather now, the bay area forecast with lisa argen. hi, lisa. >> hi, chris, good morning to you. what a beautiful view from east bay hills. we see the fog settling in there. it's going to pull back and we have that typical sea breeze. this is what keeps us from seeing 90s in the inland valleys, which is pretty typical this time of year. hh temrasthe each df 8 livermore, gilroy. today if you're going to be spending any time in the city at oracle for the giants game, it will be comfortable in the upper 60s. i should say upper 50s to get
6:48 am
going and 61 at noontime. just low 60s throughout the afternoon. certainly a cool day, but it should be nice. plenty of sunshine, sunglasses, sunblock will be needed. as you look outside, what a beautiful view with the heat index. san rafael camera, mostly sunny conditions. there is some fog that will certainly be at our beaches today. not only marin county beaches but san mateo coast and live doppler 7 picking up on the low clouds, the fog. there's a trough to the north of us. it's been situated there since last week where the temperatures were well below normal. as that trough gets weaker and weaker, we're beginning to see a bit of inland warming, a little warming around the bay but keeping the slightly cooler numbers with us. the low clouds, fog, that's the kidnap cal pattern this time of year. 55 downtown, 57. from golden gate bridge, overcast, sunny in sausalito.
6:49 am
fairfax, santa rosa. 55 in livermore. santa rosa right now dipping into the upper 40s with all the cloud cover overnight. just slightly milder. san jose brilliant sunrise. coastal fog, cooler for monday. temperatures slightly cooler throughout much of the workweek. by the time we get to the 4th, we'll have usual low clouds and fog, fireworks, embarcadero, clear inland but a slight warm-up as we get to the first weekend of july. 79 today in san jose. feels good there as well as santa clara, milpitas, 72, los gatos, more yellows on the peninsula, moderate numbers mid-70s to upper 70s in mountain view, should see 78 this time of year. san francisco mid-60s today with 63. you'll have the fog at the coast. 78 in petaluma. average highs 84 in santa rosa. nearly that today. 82 in vallejo. on the east bay low 70s is average. you're at 70 in oakland, 74
6:50 am
castro valley. you head inland. still a little cooler than average but very nice with 86 in concord. 81 in livermore. parade route in the city starting out with clouds. 9:00, 0, 63 partly cloudy skies, noontime, 3:00 we're in the mid-60s. a lot like yesterday. fog by 6:00. accuweather seven-day forecast. today upper 80s inland, mid-70s around the bay, 60s coast, cooler tomorrow. pretty much everywhere except the shoreline. that stays consistent with the stratus right through the week. temperatures will stay very steady for tomorrow, tuesday, wednesday, then on the 4th slightly warmer. we'll have that fog. we're experts at that with the fireworks. by friday and saturday, looks a little bit warmer. download our accuweather app and track those temperatures. so with the low clouds for the fireworks, nayou know, they kno how to do that. >> absolutely. lisa, thank you. let's look at sfo working on a new terminal named after late
6:51 am
advance supervisor and gay rights activist harvey milk. the first phase of the $2.4 billion project is almost complete. abc 7 news reporter vic lee had a first look at the new facility. >> reporter: old photographs of the first elected openly gay politician line the wall during the corridor. milk served on san francisco board of supervisors for 11 months before he and mayor george moscone were assassinated in the fall of 1978. the photos covered the aftermath demonstrations but the coming together of a community to fight for its civil rights. the tribute to milk is a way airport travelers can learn about his legacy and what he meant to the bay area. >> the concepts of diversity, equity, inclusion, we're trying to represent that with these types of facilities, with this exhibit. >> this is the first of a multiple phased public opening of a new terminal. phase one opens july 23rd with
6:52 am
nine new gates. when the terminal is completed, it will add 16 boarding gates to sfo. this will be state-of-the-art with high ceilings and lots of natural light. in fact, the ceiling to floor smart windows automatically grow dark under the bright glare of the sun. the tinted windows return to normal when the sun goes down. it's also cost effective. >> 20% energy savings, although it varies. we have some buildings where energy savings is as high as 30%. >> still the most striking aspect of the new terminal is the artwork. this one of the city skyline fills an entire wall. >> you get a little bit of a taste of what the skyline can provide. that sublime experience of being in the bay area. >> reporter: it will be the first terminal in this country and perhaps the world that's named after a member of the lgtbq community. vic lee, abc 7 news. next, everything must go at a movie prop house in the bay
6:53 am
area where you can get some me
6:54 am
6:55 am
happening today, everything must go. the biggest movie prop house in the bay area is downsizing and selling more than 30,000 items. the prop house in brisbane is closing its doors and the owner says the landlord unexpectedly increased his rent by 80%. so he has no other option but to sell.
6:56 am
cinematography from the bench and matrix. the sale starts at 10:00 at the prop house on industrial way. a lot of history there. the price parade under way shortly, starting with cloudy skies. 9:00, 0, mostly cloudy, low 60 0 partly cloudy skies by noontime. mid-60s by 3:00, low 60s 6:00. the rest of the bay enjoying mostly sunny skies, high clouds, 86 concord, 70 oakland, mid-70s with sunny skies in santa cruz, 77 san rafael, santa rosa 82, accuweather seven-day forecast a little cooler for the first day of july and then for your tuesday a little change. 60s coast, 70s around the bay. low 80s inland and plenty of low clouds. by the 4th, looks like a slight warm-up. we'll keep that trend going by next friday and saturday to get temperatures where they should be for this time of year. still running just a little bit
6:57 am
cool but we're in the 80s inland which should feel pretty nice for pool weather. >> yeah. whether folks are marching or watching the parade in san francisco, just bring that extra layer just in case. >> yeah, looks pretty nice. >> lisa, thank you. thanks for joining us, abc 7 mornings. i'm chris nguyen alongside lisa argen. we'll leave you with a look outside. abc news returns at 9:00 a.m. we'll see you then.
6:58 am
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chase. make more of what's yours®. breaking news orng, erica president trump meets north korea's kim jong-un at the dmz. the historic meeting as donald trump becomes the first u.s. president to step into north korea. >> stepping across that line was a great honor. lot of progress has been made. >> the handshake extending into a meeting. what came out of it. what this could mean for future
7:00 am
diplomatic relations. summer storms. tornado touches down. more than 200 reports of severe weather in the northern plains and the east coast. >> this is a full festival evacuation. >> bringing strong storms, the hail and high winds. plus, what you can expect for fourth of july. caught on ca


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