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tv   Nightline  ABC  July 2, 2019 12:37am-1:07am PDT

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this is "nightline." >> tonight -- bad blood. pop star taylor swift unfiltered, blasting music manager scooter braun for buying the record label that owns her back catalog of songs. the man who swift says bullied her and why she's coming out against high-profile artists, kanye west and justin bieber. inside the artist, swift responds. plus, wild calling. the california veterinarian dubbed america's sexiest vet. >> i think i have fur in my mouth. i'm sorry. >> sharing his love for animals and wildlife conservation in his globe-trotting show. >> they're right next to me. this is crazy. >> getting up close and personal
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with the instagram star making waves with his passion for his friends in the animal kingdom. but first, the "nightline" 5. ♪ ♪ this is how driving should feel. the tech-advanced nissan leaf.
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the best selling electric vehicle of all time. this is nissan intelligent mobility. ♪ good evening. thank you for joining us. taylor swift is not holding back, calling out music manager scooter braun for buying the rights to her entire back
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catalog of songs. so what does all this have to do with kanye, kim kardashian, and justin bieber? here's abc's paula farris. ♪ ♪ you need to calm down >> reporter: there was nothing calm about taylor swift's reaction to this week's headlines. ♪ you need to calm down but the 29-year-old pop star's entire catalog of music was sold. but it's not just the sale that has her upset. it's the buyer, scooter braun, the high-profile manager behind artists like justin bieber, ariana grande, and once kanye west. the "bad blood" singer calling it "my worst case scenario," blasting braun who she alleges publicly bullied her along with bieber and rest. just this weekend it was announced that braun acquired her former label, big machine, which owns so many of her deeply
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personal recordings, for $300 million. in a passionate and unfiltered tumblr post swift writing, "my musical legacy is about to lie in the hands of someone who tried to dismantle it." swift's emotional message spotlighting a debate about whether or not artists should own the rights to their music, something legends like prince and sir paul mccartney have publicly grappled with. and while the pop princess is no stranger when it comes to controversy, her latest statement has ignited yet another public feud. this time with one of the music industry's most powerful players. >> this happens all the time. but because of taylor's platform and her very heartfelt take on the situation she's raising her hands and saying this is messed up. ♪ >> reporter: but before taylor was taylor the fresh-faced teen met scott borchetta, who would sign her at just 14 years old as one of the first artists for his
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new label, big machine records. >> big machine records became a giant almost immediately thanks to taylor. >> reporter: just starting out, taylor spoke to abc as a freshman in high school. >> when i go through something, i have to write a song about it. i have to write a poem about it. ♪ here's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar ♪ >> reporter: it was "teardrops on my guitar" that first helped make her a household name. ♪ and through the year country pop anthems like "our song" -- ♪ take me somewhere we can be alone ♪ -- and "love story" became the soundtrack of the teenage experience. ♪ it's a love story, baby just say yes ♪ now worth more than a reported $300 million. she would go on to release five more albums with big machine until it seemed amicably parting ways with the label last november, signing with republic
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records and universal music group, writing on instagram, "it's also incredibly exciting to know that i'll own all of my master recordings that i make from now on." but to really understand the background here, let's rewind a bit. it's 2009. taylor is still country. kanye isn't married to a kardashian. cut to this now infamous moment at the vmas. >> i'm going to let you finish. but beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. >> reporter: and thus a celebrity feud is born. fast-forward to 2016. kanye at the time repped by braun releases the song "famous" calling out taylor by name. ♪ i feel like me and taylor might still have sex ♪ ♪ i made that [ bleep ] famous shortly after kanye's wife kim posts this video to snapchat which seems like a conversation between her husband and the pop star. >> yeah, i mean, go for whatever line you think is better. >> reporter: the "keeping up
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with the kardashians" star speaking out on her show defending kanye. >> i'm just like speaking the truth. like he called her, spoke to her. >> reporter: at the time swift fired back on instagram writing, "i was never given the full story or any part of the song." going on to say "i would very much like to be excluded from this narrative, one that i have never asked to be a part of since 2009." >> scooter braun and taylor have a history. justin bieber, who scooter braun manages, opened for taylor a few times, and things were all good. until the feud between kanye west, kim kardashian against taylor swift a couple of years ago, which was really a pretty ugly feud. >> reporter: after the news of the sale broke swift writing, "all i could think about was the incessant manipulative bullying i've received at his hands for years. like when kim kardashian orchestrated an illegally recorded snippet of a phone call to be leaked and then scooter got his two clients together to bully me online about it."
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swift referring to this photo of braun, west and bieber that the "sorry" singer posted with the caption "taylor swift what up," adding this is scooter braun bullying me when i was at my lowest point. he's about to own all the music i ever made. another point of contention, the songstress claimed she wasn't given the opportunity to buy her music from big machine records. but scott borchetta, who sold the label to braun, said that's not the case, slamming back in a post of his own writing, "taylor had every chance in the world to own not just her master recordings but every video, photograph, everything associated to her career. she chose to leave." and refuting swift's claims that she was blindsided by the deal, stating that he personally texted swift the night before to inform her prior to the story breaking. >> it's a very hot market to be buying and selling music assets. so usually it's a business decision and a buyer-seller sees
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an opportunity and goes after it. >> reporter: the deal and the controversy splitting the entertainment industry down the middle. coming to braun's defense, bieber himself, apologizing to swift for that post but adding in part, "scooter has had your back since the days you graciously let me open up for you. for you to take it to social media and get people to hate on scooter isn't fair." adding "it was my caption and post" and that braun "told me not to joke like that." sources close to braun say no bullying happened. perhaps the detail that's most confusing to many is that an artist as big as swift doesn't own the rights to her masters. >> in a record deal it's actually standard for the record label to own the master recordings because the company is the one putting up the money for that music to be recorded and promoted. so it's actually the exception when the artist owns the recordings and then licenses them to the label.
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what is more common is that sometimes artists will be able to buy back their masters from the record label. ♪ we found love in a hopeless place ♪ >> reporter: artists like rihanna. the "we found love" singer according to billboard acquired the rights to her masters from def jam. and the late nipsey husslehussle rapped about it. ♪ own my own masters even music legends like paul mccartney and prince publicly fought for the rights to their own music. back in the '90s the "kiss" singer add mantly fought his own label for his own music at times writing "slave" on the side of his face. telling "rolling stone," "if you don't own your masters, your master owns you." >> in a lot of ways the trailblazer for the modern kocht an artist owning their masters is prince. he got out of his deal with warner brothers, he fulfilled the contract, and he went on to
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do a succession of one-off deals. every time he'd release an album it was a one-off whereby he owned the masters, he licensed it to a record company, and you have literally probably 20, 25 different record companies putting out prince records at various times. ♪ i promise that you'll never find another like me ♪ >> reporter: swift's upcoming album due out next month will be her first with her new album and the first she'll retain the masters to with singles like "me." for "nightline" i'm paula farris in new york. up next, the veterinarian turning up the heat with his passion for wildlife conservation. can you actually love wearing powerful sunscreen? yes! neutrogena® ultra sheer. no other sunscreen works better or feels so good. clinically proven helioplex® provides unbeatable uva/uvb protection to help prevent early skin aging and skin cancer
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♪ dr. evan antin knows a thing or two about living out your passion. the california veterinarian instagram star claiming the title of america's sexiest vet now showcasing his love for animals on his globe-trotting show. here's abc's maggie rhule. >> reporter: tall, dark and handsome meet adorable and fluffy. this is dr. evan antin. >> every time i walk by him he'll talk to me or whistle at me or something. >> what's he say? hey, doc. >> he'll say hello or he'll whistle at me. sometimes he does the cat call. >> reporter: instagram star now with more than 1.2 million followers and a loyal youtube following. but first and foremost he's a veterinarian. >> he's really great. he's easygoing. of course he's easy on the eyes.
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but i have a husband. so don't put that on camera. >> reporter: treating everything from exotic birds to cuddly rabbit patients at his office in southern california. >> no one would go back if he wasn't a good vet. the looks can only get you so far. >> very true. >> reporter: "nightline" first met him in 2016. >> getting to the gym is something i like to do on a daily basis. >> reporter: fans saw his hunky good looks and jawline on social media earning him a reputation as america's sexiest vet. >> are you sick of people talking about your hotness? >> i mean, it's not a bad thing. so it's not like i'm offend bid it or whatever. >> fine, if my jawline saves the elephant, i'll take one for the team. >> oh, my god. i try to stay in shape and healthy and whatever. but like i just love what i do. and seriously, if it helps me get to do what i love to do then so be it. >> you are known as america's hottest vet, but what do you want people to know you as? >> spreading awareness for wildlife conservation and
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showing what vet medicine is all about and trying to educate people about animals in general. >> i'm talking to elephants. >> reporter: today the 34-year-old's traveling the globe for his animal planet show "evan goes wild." >> mouth looks good. give me a big mouth. yes, that looks very good. >> reporter: sharing his medical kills in underserved communities and remote areas around the world with little to know veterinary health care. it's all in the name of animal conservation. >> they're right next to me. this is crazy! >> oh, my god, it's a dream come true. i think i have fur in my mouth. i'm sorry. >> pause the interview. >> yeah, it's my dream show. it's me getting to work with wildlife around the world and spread wildlife conservation and awareness. and i'm a vet. so i get to work on individual animals and share their stories. >> what did you have to do to go from, you know, little evan to big-time tv star doctor? >> i put everything together. i love the sciences. i love medicine and surgery. obviously animals are a huge part of my life and something
12:56 am
i'm passionate about. i think this is my calling. i worked toward becoming a vet aggressively. i know this is my calling. i know this is where i belong on this earth to be doing. >> there's a big lizard sitting right there. i think there's something wrong with his mouth. i need to be clear. i have a lot of experience working with monitors and i don't want anybody trying this at home. >> reporter: not afraid of violent creatures, dr. antin leaves it all on the line. >> there are some places i saw where it seemed like your cameraman couldn't even keep up with you. do you ever get nervous? >> i work with a lot of dangerous animals and i have a healthy respect for those animals. and there are moments that when i work with wildlife and even on the show where like we have some close calls. it's a reality check. >> all right. whoo. whoo. hey, beautiful. >> getting up close and personal with everything from whales -- >> i'm chasing my dream right now. >> reporter: to bearcats. >> just going to hang on by their tails.
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>> reporter: to elephants. >> i'm putting in some of her favorite grains and some fruits and a little bit of molasses to sweeten it up. and then the medications. >> reporter: the scarier thing he says are the realities he's witnessed for animals around the planet. >> it seems like sometimes it's fight for conservation against poaching and littering and pollution and climate change and everything seems futile. when you see these people that are so passionate about it and they devote their lives, their income, their time,ar their everything into helping wildlife and domestics around the world, i think that sparks passion in people. >> reporter: he hopes to encourage viewers to take conservation into their own hands. >> try to avoid straws. really single-serving plastics in general. >> reporter: have you seen that in your travels? the wildlife you're trying to help being affected by plastics. >> it's heartbreaking. you go to an urban area or city and you see their waterway. it looks like adump. >>eporter: dr. evan says hi gwi stride. it's all for the love of animals. >> do you get recognized walking around? >> on occasion, yeah. >> reporter: what do people say? >> they just say they think i'm
12:58 am
henry cavill or -- >> which is fine. that's good. >> yeah, no, he's a stud. he's cool. or that you know, they just say i love what you do with animals or i love your instagram page or your show or whatever. >> reporter: true fans already know that dr. antin is off the market. >> this is so adorable. whole gang's all here. >> reporter: we had a chance to meet the whole family. including the woman whose been supporting his dream from the very beginning. his fiance natalie. >> when i was a punk snowboarder undergrad, she believed in me then. >> yeah. he had long hair and everything. >> no. really? >> reporter: the two met 13 years ago. >> we met on a cruise ship, and he very specifically said he was so inspired by people like steve irwin and jeff corwin, and we talked -- we had a mutual love for both of them. so we talked about that. he even said he wanted to be on animal planet. >> reporter: and now that her fiance's been dubbed by "people" magazine as the sexiest beast charmer in america, what does she think? >> it was honestly hilarious.
12:59 am
i think i laughed more than anything. >> reporter: so maybe she thinks the title's a bit, well, ridiculous. but anything to help save the planet she's all in. >> i'm like proud that he has built this platform and that he uses it for such a good purpose. and people listen to him. and i think it's a really amazing, wonderful part of this like world of technology that we live in. >> see you guys next time. >> reporter: for "nightline" i'm maggie rulli in calabasas, california. >> you can watch "evan goes wild" on animal planet go. and next, the 15-year-old tennis phenom beating a tennis legend at wimbledon. ♪ there are roadside attractions. and then there's our world-famous on-road attraction.
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and finally tonight, the rising young star's shining wimbledon moment. you're watching 15-year-old cori round of the kingin il andillia >> i was just telling her thank
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you for everything that she's done for the sport. and she's been an inspiration for many people. and i was just really telling her thank you. i met her before but i didn't really have the guts to say anything. so i was like, i mean, now or never. >> the florida teen comparing her performance to a grade she'd get in school. >> on my science test i got a b, and today i'd give myself an a. >> gauff becoming the youngest player to ever qualify for the tournament. commanding the court and crowd with her record-breaking achievement. >> you go, hon ,f thoutwork them." that's "nightline." our full episodes are served up on hulu. thanks for the company, america. good night.
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