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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 2, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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now from abc 7, live breaking news. >> all of a sudden we heard gunshots. >> people were yelling, get out, get out. >> you don't even know what you're doing, you're just trying to stay safe. >> terror at the mall. shoppers sent running for their lives after two people are shot. >> all these police came down with their weapons drawn. >> police search for the suspects on trains. >> it's a shame we have to deal with this. >> two young men were shot and two other people injured at the mall in san bruno. police say they received reports of shots fired just before 4:00 p.m. >> we have live team coverage. let's go to reporter least w ee gulezian who has been at the malt all evening. still no arrests, right?
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>> reporter: very true. police have searched every inch of this mall, inside as well as outside in the parking lot. police have from all over rushed to the mall in san bruno. >> i saw people running, i heard four, pow, pow, pow, pow, people were yelling, get out, there's a shooting, there's a shooting. >> patrons ran out of the mall, some opting to stay inside and hide in stock rooms. >> we were hiding, and we turned out the lights and locked the doors and told everyone to stay in there. >> i said no, let's go, let's go. the people wanted to stop right here by the garage. to me i felt like the gunman was going to be behind us. so i said no, let's go, let's go. >> i was talking to a customer in the store. she had a lot of fear and panic. she said what if this is the day
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i die? >> reporter: in reality, police believe the shootings were targeted and not random. two people were shot and rushed to san francisco general hospital. >> we believe at this point we may have two separate shooters, and they may have been shooting at each other or at someone else. so there was some type of intent or motive for this crime. >> reporter: police believe the suspects may have jumped on a b.a.r.t. train and gotten out of the area fast. that's why they scoured parking lots and structures. the police chief is frustrated something like this happened here. >> any shooting is a tragic, silly, stupid event, right? when you do it in a shopping mall or any type of area where there's going to be a lot of people. >> reporter: anyone who left their things inside the mall can get them tomorrow. the police department sent out a message on how to retrieve them. lisa amin gulezian. here's a look at the layout of the mall. the shooting was reported here in this area, close to the regis
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salon. two possible scenarios. the gunman escaped through the food court, down the escalators or up through the back in this direction, where there are also escalators. if you want another vantage point, here's a look at how close the food court is to the san bruno b.a.r.t. station right there. police believe it's possible one or both may have escaped on a b.a.r.t. train going down the escalators. b.a.r.t. passengers couldn't get to san bruno b.a.r.t. station for much of the afternoon, and when they arrived, they had to wait hours to get into the garage. amanda del castillo is live at san bruno b.a.r.t. with more on that part of the>>ept frustration from drivers who were unable to access their cars for hours. tonight, between the b.a.r.t. station and mall, still plenty of activity behind investigators. hours after service resumed,
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police and investigators remained on scene. at one point, investigators were taking photos of specific b.a.r.t. entrance gates. the station was closed for much of the afternoon, preventing riders from accessing their cars. >> i want to go home and take my car with me. so i'll be able to drive back here tomorrow morning to go to work. >> reporter: david tan says he was able to get around officers and made it out of the garage when it was stopped. >> every time i got up the elevator, i was stopped. they searched mr. car, looked in the trunk and told me i can't leave right now. >> reporter: when we got there, we saw a pice ne passengers say it forced them to take a bus bridge from other stations.g aftermath made for a chaotic afternoon commute. >> the platform from the
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embarcadero was really packed and they prevented people from coming down. in fact, some of them closed the gates. >> reporter: they were forced to wait for hours until the garage was opened after 8:00 p.m. and some good news. b.a.r.t. says it would not be issuing to tickets to drivers parked here. in san bruno, amanda del castillo, "abc7 news." >> amanda, thank you. the investigation led to police swarming the 12th street b.a.r.t. station in oakland, and clearing out passengers as they looked for the suspects. unser? >> reporter: good evening. police said they had found a weapon here at the 12th street b.a.r.t. station. but that is not correct. no weapon was found at any b.a.r.t. station and no arrests have been made. oakland police shutut an hour this afternoon.
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passengers were evacuated as police searched. police say they had a lead that a suspect or suspects were traveling on b.a.r.t. towards oakland. as officers made their way down the platform with guns drawn, one passenger says they watched inside the b.a.r.t. train, waiting until police let them out. >> it was a crowded train. we got to 12th street and the doors wouldn't open. the operator said there was police activity. and someone yelled, get off the platform, something like that. then all these police came down with weapons drawn. >> reporter: some very intense moments for passengers who had no idea what was happening on that platform. no weapons found, no arrests made. the shopper you're about to meet posted every single minute of her ordeal of the shooting on instagram. this is her story.
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this was the first moment of relief that she recorded on her phone. her social media foot print captured the moments she lived minutes before. in her first post, she alerted her friends a and family that she was barricaded inside the mall. >> the beginning was pop, pop, pop. and then like i was still walking. and then it got more and more. so it was like closer. >> reporter: she was shopping when she heard what she describes as a continuous round of bullets going off just feet away from her. her survival instincts kicked in, her first thought to run inside the closest store. >> the victoria's secret associates shut the door. it was a glass door, so they told us to hide in the back. >> reporter: ten people along with her hid in a storage room. and in silence, they waited for help. >> we were hunkered down in one
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room. it's dark, and the only way out is that door we came in. so yeah, that was the scary part. i was like, oh, my god. >> reporter: 10 to 15 minutes later, the s.w.a.t. team arrived. >> i was scared. maybe he's out here and about to shoot us. >> reporter: once she was out, there were no words, just relief. she told us she's not planning on going back to that mall any time soon. but something good did come out of this. a new perspective on life. a fire chief says a few weeks ago the department completed three days of training for emergencies like today. >> we've done recent training here in sbruno and the immediat western was let's get them in there and pull those victims out. >> the last time fire and police crews dealt with a shooting on
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this level is when an armed woman opened fire at youtube headquarters who shot and injured three people in april of 218 at the company's campus before killing herself. shed a threatened youtube for changes she felt were decreasing her video views and ability to mke money. we sent out the alert about this breaking news at 4:15 through the "abc7 news" mobile app. to receive updates as they come in, be sure to enable to push alert feature. we'll get you informed immediately. a day of action across the country over detention camps. what protesters are demanding of the trump administration. the flap over these flag shoes heats up. now one state's governor plans to take action. day turns to night. the stunning sight that had crowds looking to the skies today. 'she. meogidh f fre
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noisy protests across the nation today. one message, close the camps holding migrant children and families. one of those rallies took place in oakland. protesters held signs along a 580 overpass just before the exit. it slowed traffic back to highway 24. and in san francisco, sky 7 shows you hundreds of people blocking traffic on market street outside the office on senator dianne feinstein. our reporter has more on the controversy. >> reporter: the detention of migrant children and their families, hundreds came out in full force in san francisco.
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>> do not separate the families from the kids. that's unacceptable. and they're treating them like animals. >> reporter: protesters gathered outside of senator feinstein's office and chanted. they are claiming inhumane conditions at this homestead, florida facility. >> i'm hoping senator feinstein will notice we're gathering outside of her office. >> reporter: but after an hour, no one from the senator's office came out. so protesters blocked the intersection of the street where tensions ran high. >> they are working people. >> how would you like your children to be in a concentration camp. children are in concentration camps. you're inconvenienced. >> reporter: this man gave out
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flowers trying to appease drivers. >> i'm just trying to demonstrate to people bearing the brunt of our protest that we care about them, too. >> reporter: moments later, hundreds went on to protest on market street, captured here by sky 7, holding the photos of at least seven children who died in custody according to uclu. >> to put a face to the names, it's really important you have to represent these kids. new developments in the killing of an oakland city councilwoman's son. police have arrested a 23-year-old man in connection with the march shooting. investigators say the suspect was trying to rob him and his group of friends. his mother says the arrest is a small step forward. >> so many families never have the satisfaction of knowing what happened to their loved ones. this is the next step on a very
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long road to whatever the final resolution will be. >> victor was a student at usc. the district attorney's office says the suspect is also a gang member, which makes him el jill for death. >> nike is facing a backlash after capturing the release of a new sneaker. first, here are the shoes nike polled. it features the so-called betsy ross flag you see here with 13 white stars with a circle. colin kaepernick says the flag has a perceived link to an era of slavery. today, the governor of arizona announced he's rescinding financial incentives offered to nike to build $185 plant and bring 500 new jobs to the state. >> >> day turned to night in chile today as a total solar eclipse dazzled tens of thousands of people. the country is one of few places where it was visible.
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the eclipse lasted a little more than two minutes. the next one will be in december of next year, also in south america. north america will have to wait until april of 2024. >> they are fascinating to watch. >> people travel from all over. >> for just two minutes. let's turn our attention to the weather forecast. a lot of people traveling for the fourth of july holiday. >> let's hope for, i don't know, visibility, despite the fog, sandhya. >> we have the fog here in july on the fourth of july, just about every year. i can only remember a couple of them where it was fog free. dan and dion, i want to show you something that is stunning from our kgo roof camera. look at the sunset. sun went down at 8:35 tonight, and there were enough high clouds to give us a very colorful view. fog really wasn't much of a factor tonight. and it isn't right now either. so let's take a look at why. wind is pretty much gusting right now at 28 miles an hour
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out of the southwest. westerly to 25. that wind is keeping the atmosphere stirred up. so as you look at live doppler 7, a few patches of high clouds and fog. there is a system that is spinning just to the north. this is a trough over the pacific northwest. as long as that's around, we're in a cooler than average pattern and you don't have to worry about any hot weather, including the fourth of july. here's a look at the temperatures in the 50s to the 60s, across the entire area. we're in the comfort zone and i want to show you the fourth of july fireworks forecast says all eyes will be on the skies. 7:00 p.m., temperatures in the 50s to 70s. sunset is at 8:35. 9:00 p.m., fog near the coast and bay. cool and breezy, later on at 11:00 p.m. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. if you're going to watch those fireworks, grab an extra layer and enjoy the show. we want to show you a live look from our san jose camera, as we
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look at shark tank there. clear skies, breezy and cooler than average. foggy areas for the fourth of july. and a warmer pattern for those that like the warmth friday and saturday. tomorrow morning, patchy fog temperatures in the 50s across the entire bay area. in the afternoon, 66 in san francisco. upper 70s around 71 in oakland. 72 in santa cruz. so a mild pattern. in the eastern pacific, major category hurricane barbara, winds of 155 miles an hour. expected to weaken as it crosses the pacific. a depression by sunday, as you notice it approaches hawaii. if you're traveling there, you may be impacted by rain and rough turf. seven-day forecast, mild and breezy for wednesday, your fourth of july, and warmer with summer heat, saturday, 90s and
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60s inland and the coast. dion and dan? >> we'll take it. >> sandhya, thanks. tomorrow on "good morning america" elly kemper chats about her new book
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a private island used to promote the failed fire festival is now for sale. asking price is $11.8 million. the 35 acre private island if the bahamas was preachered in promotional videos used to lure millennials in early 2017. it ended on a bad note and was a bust due to organizational issues. it just never happened. but let's get an office pool together. >> do we trust that story?
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>> a little skeptical? >> hopefully not in sports. coming up, team usa advances to the women's world cup. how cal's alex morgan got social media all riled up. and evan longoria
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entering tonight, the oakland a's seven games out of first place in the a.l. west but just half a game out of the second wild card spot. emotional moments before the game. both teams honoring tyler skaggs who passed away yesterday. actually made his final start against the a's this past saturday. bottom of the 3rd, a's down 3-0.
11:29 pm
matt olson golfs this out to right, his 17th of the year. oakland down just a run. 4th inning, oakland, that same score. minneso minnesota, bases open. grand slam in his debut. oakland goes on to win 8-6. giants scored 13 runs in san diego last night. this young madison bumgarner fan hoping for more runs tonight. got his wish. this makes it 1-0 giants. top two, evan longoria, long gone. and the panda, juiced. but i think evan longoria really works out. watch this ball fly toward the top of the western metal supply building. second homer of the year. they're going to go for a sweep of the padres torment night. megan parrino out with a slight
11:30 pm
hamstring strain. world cup, lindsey hernan sends it to the box. the pride of cal scores on her 30th birthday. that got social media all kinds of fired up. 79th minute, ellen white, tripped up. you be the referee. it's going to be a penalty kick. that set up this, but the u.s. goalie gets steph houghton low. u.s. wins 2-1. warriors and lakers. eric pascal slams this home. third quarter, laker turnover. now we're running with friends. kick it out to jordan poole. splash. ten-point game there. the warriors' draft class, allen
11:31 pm
smailejic, a nice hammer last night and tonight. pascal here for three. the lakers win by ten. and hey, did you see this? do you think you're ready to play in the nfl? how about tight end paul butler, this workout, 900 pound tire flips in florida. camp opens up in tampa at the end of the month. i thought that was me, but it is not. >> because it's dan. >> it was dan. >>
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that's our report. we appreciate your time. have a good night. >> dicky: from the caesars entertainment's zappos theater, it's "jimmy kimmel live" in las vegas! tonight -- tiffany haddish, jimmy crashes a bachelorette party, and music from the killers with cleto and the cletones. and now, upping the ante, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you. goodnight, everybody. thank you. hello friends.


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