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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 5, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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case. just released by the sonoma county sheriff's department and here is what we've just learned. the man shot by deputies is a 32-year-old man from san francisco. his name is peti koffi and he rented a house in bodega bay for the long weekend and his friends told investigators he consumed two hits of lsd and became delusional and then did two more hits when things got out of control. friends say he started trying to leave the house around 8:00 p.m. punched a woman at the house. stabbed a man with a pencil and choked another man. he got oust of the house, into his rental car and backed into a parked car before crashing into the garage of their rented house. next he ran down the street until security guards stopped him. investigators say he picked up a landscaping stake and stabbed security guard before knocking him to the ground and he got into the security guard truck and sped toward a man and woman just walking by. he hit them, the woman has
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serious injuries. the man is okay. then place say he drove off the road and toward another couple who were standing on a bluff. the woman suffered serious injuries. investigators say he just kept driving into a wall and through yards. now chp officer and sonoma county sheriffs got there at about the same time and say he tried to run down both officers. the deputy fired several shots when koffi would not stop. investigators say at least three bullets hit him through the windshield of the security guard truck. he is hospitalized in critical condition tonight. facing two counts of attempted murder, three counts of assault with with a deadly weapon and carjacking. the two women he hit have serious injuries and they are expected to recover with the stabbed security guard. video of the stunning series of events will be released soon so you want to keep attune to abc7 news. >> that is an amazing story. >> you couldn't make this up. >> thank you.
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[ sirens ] dramatic video, new at 6:00, you could hear the sirens as firefighters in san francisco rush to a home in the marina district. that was on fire. here is a closer look at the fire from the ground near beach street. it only started about an hour ago. the fire was contained a short time later. new at 6:00, a san francisco judge upheld two controversial 2018 tax measures after challenges from business groups. the case was overtwo prop c, one that passioned last june for additional tax on leases toward early childhood care and education and the other prop c pu the money toward combatting g homelessness. the city attorney raised the ruling issuing a statement that said, the initiative right is about direct democracy. it is one of the most precious rights of our democratic process. the sunnyvale department of
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public safety removed a credit card skimmer on a pump at the 76 gas station on el camino real by wolf road. the skimmer was completely invisible to the naked eye. only one pump was affected and officers recommend contacting your credit lender if you believe you're a victim. caught on camera. a hit-and-run. a tesla was sideswiped by a truck in los gatos yesterday and the victim posted the car video in hopes someone helps find the driver. turns out, someone did. abc7 news reporter chris nguyen has this story. >> reporter: during an evening drive on the fourth of july, tense moments for a tesla driver and his young son all captured by the company's century mode tule. >> he's coming close and hits my car. i hear my son's forehead hit the backseat. >> reporter: watch as john's de hill road in los gatos only to be struck a few seconds later by what appears to be a ford f-150. >> i realized that thias speeding pretty aggressively. >> reporter: this view from the dash cam shows the truck almost
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lose control after the impact. >> frustration, thankfulness at the same time to make sure that we're fine. but even more anger as this guy just is speeding off. >> reporter: someone who saw the video called in a tip to the los gatos police department. that led them to a house in campbell friday afternoon where they found the truck and its driver, 32-year-old dennis someones of san jose. he was arrested for hit-and-run and reckless driving. for now it is too early to tell if this was an accident or intentional act and if drugs or alcohol had something to do with it. >> people will be irresponsible no matter what community you're in. >> reporter: other tesla owners say they're glad the camera technology is built right in. >> if all of the cars can pick up from what tesla is doing, adding this to their car, i believe driving would be much more safer for us. >> if anything happened, there is evidence for the accident. so it is not just a testimony from the driver.
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>> reporter: the power of social media being used to help prevent something like this from happening to someone else. >> having that technology with dash cams is so important and vital to making sure that you're protected and your family is protected, especially if god forbid something like this happens. >> in los gatos, crit nguyen, abc7 ne abc7 news into today a major explosion rocked a dormitory at the university of nevada reno and part of the building argenta hall collared. another dorm was also damaged. authorities say no one was killed but eight people were injured. one official said the explosion was caused by possible mechanical failure in a boiler room where technicians were working. the blast could be felt throughout the area. take a listen. >> oh, my gosh! >> oh, my god -- >> we have to go. >> the whole apartment complex -- i live on college quite a bit. e,
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>> argenta hall houses up to 750 students and it is not clear how many people were inside. classes were in session today. a day after being closed for the fourth of july holiday. a grass fire burned close to homes in pittsburg this afternoon. a neighbor sent us this cell phone video from his driveway, near ranch road before 4:00 p.m. and burned ten acres of grass. cal fire assisted with quickly putting out the flames. nobody was injured, no homes were damaged and people did not evacuate the area. firefighters are investigating the cause. >> well fireworks may have started a fire that burned a remote part of martinez today. threatening a house. sky 7 was over the area of the fire fight that helped put out the flames and cornell bernard joins us from the ground. and this is a -- this fire is an example of what we all worry about. >> reporter: yeah, you're right, eric. and luckily this fire now contained. firefighters say it started off
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in franklin canyon road racing to the top of the hill in a matter of minutes. fireworks is the suspected cause of this fire and dozens of others in the last 24 hours. >> i've gotten to the point where i can tell how close it is and it seemed very close. >> reporter: marjorie moore was right. sky 7 was over the fire fight which looked like a smokey battlefield. the fast-moving wildfire racing up a hill close to highway 4. watch as cal fire helicopters do water drops. seconds later air tankers drop retardant on the fire to try and stop it. it grew to 24 acres, threatening her ranch for about an hour. >> well i brought the car up here to the driveway so i could evacuate if i needed to. wondering the whole time why didn't i put together a container with everything that i really wanted. >> it was certainly started by a human. >> reporter: fire officials have an idea about the cause. >> it was caused by something hot, it is likely that it was not a cigarette butt, they're not hot enough but it is
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possible it was fireworks. >> reporter: firefighters got a work out on the fourth of july. all over contra costa county there were so many grass fires they almost lost count. >> 37 fires in a six-hour period last night between 6:00 p.m. and midnight. we believe probably every one of them was started by fireworks. >> reporter: news that fireworks may be the culprit, not surprising to marjorie moore. >> for years every knew years and fourth of july we heard not only fireworks but guns. >> reporter: no homes were lost. nobody hurt. that is the good news tonight. firefighters are urging people not to set off fireworks andn places like this or anywhere else. live in martinez, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> thank you very much. aftershocks from southern california's largest earthquake in two decades continue to rumble the mojave desert near los angeles. >> there are locals there on edge. a 5.4 aftershocks hit the region today as residents and businesses were trying to clean
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up from yesterday's 6.4 magnitude. the epicenter 11 miles northeast of the town of ridgecrest. >> the kitchen is completely destroyed. everything fell off the walls, out of the cabinets. >> we lost everything that we have. i have no tv, i have no dressers, i have nothing. >> surveillance video inside of a market captured the moment the quake hit. you can see there that employee running for safety. this video shows children performing in a fourth of july show when suddenly the ground started to shake. now area residents are worried about the threat of an even bigger quake. >> well that earthquake was a reminder that a bigger one could happen any time. >> many of you may be wondering if it happened in southern california, are we next? abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez is in the newsroom to debunk that myth. >> i was wondering. what happened in southern california is not expected to drigger an earthquake here but a bigger one could occur on the same fault that caused damage
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yesterday. in any case, now is the time to go over your earthquake supplies. there seems to be a popular belief that an earthquake in one area helps relieve the seismic stress in surrounding areas. that is not true. in most cases, earthquakes actually increase the risk of future earthquakes. >> there is always the possibility that an earthquake could trigger a larger one. >> it is so important that we're prepared for the moment the earthquake strikes. >> stop it right there. i know you've heard it before but i'm here to tell you what you need to do to prepare for an earthquake. the basics -- >> my name is jeff and we represent earth shakes, in business 25 years. these are the things that you need to have in your earthquake kit. >> reporter: you can't live without water. >> we have water now that comes in 50-year shelf life. >> wow! >> sow only have to replace it one. >> reporter: and food that keepz
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for 25 years. >> we have solar blankets, we have body warmers, you need to have light, and we have light sticks and other products here. you need to have first aid. >> there are also some things to do to protect yourself during an earthquake. the cell phone video shows a man standing below a door frame. for decades we've known it is drop cover and to hold on. >> nice size earthquake -- >> if you can, leave the home. don't stop to take video of your ceiling light fixtures. >> that was a big one. >> reporter: finally, i learned today that i was storing my supplies in the wrong place. i have them in the garage. they told me they should be outside in the backyard covered. i know a lot of you are saying i knew that, but hey, i didn't. so there. the things you have are important. but you should also visit our website to find out more of what you're missing, what you have, anyway, it is a great site. in the newsroom, lyanne
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melendez, abc7 news. >> a lot of folks didn't know that. >> we can't be complacent about that. coming up next, a minor league game with major significance. >> a north bay baseball team looking for people to step up to the plate to help a teenager facing a potentially life altering illness. and warm weekend. it will start that way. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up. >> you know his feels -- >> joey chestnut, are you are you feeling today? we called him and asked. here what is on the menu the day
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new at 6:00, oakland fire
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department is investigating a blaze in ann encampment in sunnyvale. witnesses at 33rd avenue say a man set fire to a unoccupied tent. it spread to a mattress and a palm tree in the encampment. abc 7 news has made a commitment to building a better bay area digging deep into the stories that affect your quality of life. today we combed through the 76-page report san francisco released about the homeless. preliminary data released back in may reveal there are more than 8,000 homeless people in the city meeting the federal definition of homelessness and now we know more about them. half of the city homeless are in district six, which includes market street, the tinder loin and soma. you could see on the map here. a third of the city's homeless are in shelters. for the unsheltered, more people are spending the night in vehicles than in prior years, although most still sleep on the street.
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la three quarters were homeless and already in the city when they lost their home and the most common reason is losing a job. you could dig into the data where you live. we have information about the homeless in all nine bay area counties. going back over a decade on our website at and while you're online, go to facebook and join our better bay area group. it is where you could share your ideas about building a better bay area. if you have been to a minor league baseball game, then you know sha sometimes the promotions could be unusual. but in marin county tomorrow night, the san rafael pacifics will put one on that is very serious. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman joins us from san rafael to explain nor. hey there, wayne. >> reporter: good morning. it is 15 minutes from game time and it should be an interesting game. they're playing sonoma. tomorrow night is the game that counts. how often does a baseball game make a difference in a life? tomorrow it will.
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minor league baseball is a long, hard road, especially at the independent level. in san rafael, the pacifics for instance have no connection to a major league team but this is a place for optimists, even with long odds. >> if anybody knows long odds. >> it's a baseball player. >> reporter: because' appreciate long shots, axel johnson will take one in the cheek tomorrow night. a medical swab to perhaps benefit 15-year-old daniel rose fighting an even tougher up hill battle. >> i don't think anyone should have to go through this. >> reporter: daniel has a rare form of leukemia. until january he was just like any freshman at marin catholic high school. his mom has the pictures to prove it. >> that is two months before diagnosis. >> reporter: but leukemia treatment has evolved and bone marrow transplant cure 95% of all patients but daniel's case is an outlier. they need to find a one in million or two million genetic match for a donor and in a
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hurry. >> if he goes out of remission, there is not confident that they could get him back in remission. >> reporter: so on saturday night a donor drive at the pacific game not only for daniel but for many others like him around the world. the team and family want fans to donate swabs to a worldwide bone marrow data base looking for a match. the cure could be as simple as drawing blood. >> what you're giving up is not much. and for any other person, it could save a life. >> what does the worry stop? >> it doesn't. >> reporter: at least they're getting help and acting on it. >> when you hear how hard it is to find a match, then it is -- you got to step up to the plate. >> reporter: so they'll have quite a few people stepping up to the plate in a regular baseball game. but tomorrow they hope that all of the people will come out here and get swabbed to help several hundred people -- and the owner of the team said if you come out here to get swabbed, i'll let you in for free. he also notes, and the family
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notes, if you can't go to the game, you could mail for one of the kits. just swipe it through your cheek and mail it back. there is a website address at live at san rafael, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> it is a win-win. many thanks to you. you see the blue skies there. it is not that way everywhere in the bay area. >> yeah. abc 7 news weather anchor spencer christian has the forecast. looking into the weekend. hey, spencer. >> dion and eric, we expect to see some coastal fog this time of the year. it is a regular feature. this time of the day, but right now we're seeing very little along the coast and live doppler 7. this is a view from mount tam on to the bay. just a few minutes ago, in the last hour, we saw quite a bit of fog surging through the golden gate. now there is just a whisp showing up. a current temperature, 65 at san francisco. oakland 67 and 81 at redwood city and 79 morgan hill and 79 at half moon bay. a few puffs of clouds but not a lot. 81 degrees in santa rosa.
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napa 69. it is 80 at petaluma, 86 fairfield, concord 89 and 84 in livermore. and one more live view from the low cloudiness off in the distance. not a lot though. these are the forecast features. fog will push across the bay but we expect it to pull back to give us sunny and mild to warm conditions once again, tomorrow with a much cooler pattern beginning on sunday. so overnight, again, we'll see fog pushing across the bay locally and inland and at lowe's in the mid-50s to upper 70s around the bay to upper 80s and maybe even a couple of low 90s inland. and here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. after a day with high temperatures reaching about 90 inland tomorrow, maybe even some low 90s, we'll see only mid-80s on sunday inland. it is even cooler on monday. so pretty sharp cooldown over a two-day period. the temperatures tart to rebound a little bit next week and by thursday temperatures around 90 inland and 80 around the bay,
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mid-60s on the coast. >> looking forward to that 90 in the east bay. >> get your rag ready. well get ready to feel the bun. up next, a campaign with meat to bring back a costco favorite. the bay area team behind it and the famous hot dog introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo. bigger, tastier strips of juicy chicken with crunchy batter. spice them up with hot sauce or cool them down with buttermilk ranch. try my 100% all-white meat spicy chicken strips combo today. only at jack in the box.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo.
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the 2020 primary is well under way but this election season one marin county teenager is focused on an unconventional issue. the costco polish hot dog. >> you heard right. he launched a campaign to bring the polish dogs back and now even has the endorsement of hot dog eating champion joey chestnut. >> liz croy has this story. >> reporter: it is a different kind of revolution. >> it is time that we take our polish dogs back. >> reporter: yes, move over bernie, the bay area now has polish dogs 2020. a very serious campaign to bring the beloved polish dog back to the costco menu. campaign video and all. >> and join me in voting for polish dogs 2020. >> reporter: the face and brains behind the campaign is 16-year-old junior vice president at san marin high. we caught up with him as he prepared to take his campaign overseas, or really on a family vacation to europe. we asked him why polish dogs? >> because i love them with all of my heart.
6:25 pm
they are tasty. they used to be at costco. >> reporter: he created an instagram account and facebook page and youtube channel to promote his cause. his hashtag is feel the bun and hoping this campaign sends a bigger message. >> i designed the whole movement so that it was easily accessible to my peers who could draw inspiration from it in order to raise awareness for things they care about as well. >> reporter: on the polish dog issue, he's generating real support. >> this man is a genius. he needs to be put on a pedestal. i vote for him for president as well. >> reporter: we even called up joey chestnut, san jose champ still recovering from the 71 hot dogs he ate on the fourth and gave a ringing endorsement. >> i'm behind it. i think it would be good to get polish dog back. i think more than one of meat on the menu is a good thing. >> he's a -- a legend on the food world and the hot dog
6:26 pm
world. >> he's going to get it done. >> joey sounds like he's still recovering. >> i think so. the fourth of july was the day for backyard barbecues so it is a good thing today is the 5th of july. >> we tracked the journey this bear and cub made through southern california backyards today. plus -- [ barking ] >> michael finney digs in the world of dog t
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>> announcer: now news to build a better bay area. from abc 7. on monday two bay area men are due in contra costa superior court to answer to charges of eight counts ever felony animal abuse and negligent. >> gary reynolds is the owner of nor cal canine and the co-defendant in the plat shirt worked as a trainer. prosecutors say this dog gunner died while under the care of nor cal canine and seven other dogs were found to be under extreme duress and presenting health
6:30 pm
problems and the judge ordered reynolds not to take care of animals during the trial. this is one of the two recent incintontra n whic a d a trainer's care. michael finney is here with an exclusive story. >> you've been working on this a long time. >> it has been a long time. the other case involves not only the death of a dog, but accusations of breach of contract and failure to provide service for two other owners. with an estimated 89 million pet dogs in this country, concerned pet lovers and professionals are calling for more regulation of the dog-training industry. >> reporter: crane plays with her dog dolly at her home in san ramon and said dolly hasn't been the same since being attacked by a dog trainer's own dog a year ago. jane's other dog died in the same attack. the san ramon woman and her husband went on vacation and left their dog in the care of this woman, dawn smith.
6:31 pm
>> i received a call from her frantic telling me they had been walking my dogs and a pit bull came and killed kenzie and she saved dolly. >> reporter: smith later admitted it was her dog and not a pit bull that killed her dogs. she believes kenzie died at this apartment where smith was believed to have lived sat the time. a lawsuit filed last year by another dog owner against smith accused her of breach of contract and fraud for failing to provide the services paid for. the attorney dropped the case when process servers could not locate smith to serve her the necessary legal papers. we attempted to contact smith for this story but we are unsuccessful. last summer she did speak by phone to abc 7 news about the death of kinsey and said sher dog ma have escaped her kennel while she was out shopping. she told abc news she was no longer in the dog-training business and had no income to pay for crestwell's expenses.
6:32 pm
however, she pledged to pay crestwell back for the $26,000 in vet bills for kenzie's care. to date jane said she hasn't received a single payment. we learned of at least two other pet owners who also have had complaints about smith. lucy alvarez sent her dog princess to smith to learn better social skills with plans to send a second dog for training as well. lucy said she reluctantly allowed smith to use a shock caller on princess after smith convinced her the shock would be minimal. she regretted the decision. >> the second time was worse. the first time she was a nervous little dog but the second time she was very scared. >> reporter: lucy said she signed a one nif year contract but training abruptly ended after less than five months when she said smith no longer returned any calls or emails. angela maxwell hired smith to train her dog to teach her how
6:33 pm
to better socialize with other dogs. she paid for six sessions and also allowed use of a shock collar. >> she ran my credit card and gave me the collar, which has been a help. he does respond to it. but after three sessions, she disappeared. >> reporter: several months later the two exchanged emails during which smith apologized saying she had been out of town and offered to complete the classes with angela's dog. angela said she gave up on scheduling after smith didn't get back to her again after that. at the sbca in san francisco, dog trainers are both accredited and certified by credible dog training associations. that is not always the case. >> unfortunately, your dogs have to be licensed but your dog trainers do not. >> reporter: the spca considers shock collar a tool of last resort. >> dogs learn better using things that motivate them to
6:34 pm
reinforce behaviors you want to see more and things that cause pain and fear have the opposite effect and don't build new behavior. >> reporter: a board member with the association of professional dog trainers believes shock collars should ome be used when other training methods have failed. his group is calling for more oversight of its industry. >> i believe the majority of trainers are looking for regulation but what that looks like is still up in the air. >> reporter: we checked with nine schools and organizations which the spca or the association of professional dog trainers say offer respected certifications for dog trainers. eight of the nine have gotten back us to and none have any record of smith being credentialed. as jane's dog dolly lives with a breathing tube in her neck and is still recovering from her injuries from one year ago. >> we need to bring some kind of legislation or something in the state of california that has some kind of perimeters for what
6:35 pm
a dog -- what kind of qualifications a dog trainer has to have. >> reporter: now, i have a list of reputable accreditations and organizations from both the spca and the association of professional dog trainers, plus a list of questions you should ask before hiring a dog trainer. you can find this at >> michael, incredible story. thank you. well today a bear and her cub roamed a neighborhood in south for the third day in ray row, but they are now on the way out. check it out. this aerial video shows the bears roaming a neighborhood in castaic 40 miles north of los angeles. the neighborhood is full of families and pets and swimming pools which were irresistible to the mom a bear and it took them a day to get this close to homes. >> wednesday night is the first time we've seen here and we have e sres of her in the wash and ro t street and today she
6:36 pm
was in the backyard. >> reporter: the cal department of fish and wildlife arrived to relocate the bear and they were able to load them into a truck. officers used a hose to keep them cool as the temperatures soared. overcoming the odds and beating expectations. >> a high school valedictorian has a dream of starting his own gelato business and not letting an incurable disease get in his way. >> what is your favorite part of playing chess? >> the people. >> that is why she's one of the best young chess players in the country and her
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one day after capturing his record 12th title at the nathan's hot dog eating contest, joey chestnut is taking it easy. we called him to ask how does he recover? >> liquid and sleep. and it's -- things are -- i'm super lethargic right now. it is something that i expect. i've been doing it for a while and i have to make sure that i try to eat healthy and not do anything crazy. treat my body right. >> eric, you're right. he does sound a little lethargic. the 35-year-old said he'll very
6:40 pm
very little today and maybe a sal he had and enjoy chicken or salmon tomorrow. >> that is a tough sport. well the girls junior chess championship starts on wednesday. >> and a 12-year-old girl will represent the bay area. the south bay community dustin dorsey made for an easy opponent. >> i'm sitting down for a game of chess with ruey yangen, the number one chess champion at 12-year-olds in the united states getting ready for the u.s. junior championship. are you excited for the tournament. >> yes. i think it will be nice to play against the other girls in the u.s. it is calculation and especially put up good -- to calculate more than you do and it is kind of hard. >> and i'm probably an easy opponent compared to some of the other players, huh? >> yeah. >> okay. >> when my parents bought me a chess board so i started
6:41 pm
playing. >> she played chess, when she was 4 years old. and then she played chess every day and i'm thinking she's really good at chess. it is really exciting. >> i got one. and she gets it right back. but i get another one -- oh, no. oh, boy. that went south quick. what is your favorite part of playing chess? >> beating people and -- watching their faces when they realize they lost. >> not going to happen -- oh, no. and just like that, folks, it's done. that is why you are a chess champion, right? >> kind of. >> she will be playing in the u.s. junior national championships starting on july 10th. best of luck to you. >> thank
6:42 pm
>> i'm glad dustin volunteered to be embarrassed, because i didn't have to do it. >> i'm with you. will the week be
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it'it's crepe dayday for a family traditiony's. we started about 22 minutes ago and now we can continue that tradition at home with free denny's delivery. see you at
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the results of an international study are giving you hope to patients with a devastating disease that has no known cure. >> and the work began here in the bay area with patients facing a future. >> he hopes to start his own gelato business and is experimenting with recipes. >> tequila with strawberries. >> reporter: but to get this far he had to conquer a severe genetic disorder nin as pecan. the condition overwhelmed a brain with iron disrupting motor function and robbing many of the ability to walk or even speak normally. >> my hands tense up. >> reporter: we first met brent several years ago at the hospital oakland. that is where doctor elliott had experimenteditg t iron-related condition. after learning about his work, brent's mother veronica convinced the -- the doctor to
6:46 pm
try the drug for pecan. >> she pushed me into doing this which are families are remarkable about. >> and the excitement took over and the worry because it was a drug that was opening. >> reporter: with the compassionate use waiver from the fda, he began treating brent and several other pare-- patie and that led to an international trial and now they've just published the results. >> the drug effectively removed iron from the brain. we observed that the rate of deterioration significantly slowed down. >> i wasn't surprised because i had seen it firsthand with brant so i was very sure from the get-go. >> reporter: brent, who was not part of the current trial, graduated as valedictorian from his high school class in fremont. he's gone on to earn certificates in business management. and while the doctor stresses that the drug does not treat the
6:47 pm
underlying cause of the disease, he believes it holds the promise of an improved quality of life for patients suffering from similar conditions. a quality of life that brent believes could some day include a career in the gelato business. >> i hope it happens. it will help so many people. now pecan is one of several similar conditions known collectively as nbia or neurodegeneration with brain iron accumulation. researchers believe it will not only help the patients but may also have applications in diseases ranging from alzheimer's to maybe even parkinson's disease. >> our best to those guys. >> we'll be following. well, weatherwise, what are we in sre f? >> hot. because you look crabby? >> no, i look that like that every day. here is spencer with the forecast. >> partly crabby this weekend. a look at live doppler 7. sunny skies and a patch of coastal fog but more overnight
6:48 pm
creeping across the bay and overnight lows in the mid 50es and tomorrow the fog, breezy at the coast and sunny everywhere. and upper 80 toss low 90s inland and here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. after the next warm-up tomorrow, it is going to turn sharply cooler and mostly crabby on sunday. and monday with high temperatures on monday only just barely breaking the 80-degree mark inland and barely 70 around the bay but a gradual warm up for the remainder of the week and by the end of next week temperatures in a more seasonal early summer range. nobody will be crabby. >> spencer, are you team dion or team crabby? >> i will have to flip a coin and figure it out. >> look at how diplomatic he is. >> i didn't buy it. thanks a lot. anthony flores joins us now with sports. >> i'm team smiles. >> oh, good. >> still to come, a second player from the a's is added to the american league all-star roster. and cinderella is having a ball
6:49 pm
at wimbledon. the epic
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nba free agents can officially put the pen to paper and sign their new con tracks tomorrow. we already know where a majority of players are going, except the nba finals mvp. kawhi leonard has everybody playing the waiting game. he's trying to choose between the lakers and clippers and raptors and some reports say the
6:52 pm
clippers are out but until we hear from leonard, we don't know. his camp has done a great job of, well, saying nothing. one player waiting for kawhi to decide is boogie cousins. he's still on the open market. reports say the lakers have interest in boogie but they're waiting on kawhi before making a move. and nba summer league action in vegas, the warriors taking on the hornets. jordan pool struggled in the california classic and not here. hits the three. then he feeds eric pascal tor the three ball from the corner pocket. he seats it. second quarter. >> bowlen with a triple and right now the warriors lead it by a point in the second quarter. a's relief pitcher liam hendrick will join matt chapman at the midsummer classic. he was named to the american league all-star team today. he's replacing tampa bay charlie mortan who is hurt. he has an e.r.a. below one. that is the lowest mark among american relief pitchers. he's 3-0 with three saves and 60
6:53 pm
strikeouts in 40 games. the plb all-star game will be next tuesday in cleveland. nfl training camp start at the end of the month, antonio brown, looked like in mid-season form. check out the hand-eye coordination. don't let her drop. and still moving his feet. raiders players report to camp in napa on july 26th. the u.s. women's national team is one win away from claiming the fourth world cup title. standing in the way of sunday's showdown with the netherlands, despite the success for the red, white and blue, the hype is focused on alex morgan's tea-sipping celebration against england. so what is the real tea. morgan said she was just shouting out her favorite celebrity. >> my celebration was more about that is the tea which is telling a tor -- a story and spreading news. sophie turner does it often, she's one of my favorite
6:54 pm
actresses. so it wasn't a hit to england in any way. >> well, the clock hour struck midnight on coco gauff's cinderella run. taking on herzog and she was down a set in the second. she was up 8-7 and the tiebreaker and look at the point, no doubt about it with the winner and this is the turning point of the match. she's pumped up, mom and dad fired up. so was the crowd. she had two match points. she fought off. now to the third, up 6-5 and herzog into the net. cocoruns it down. sets up the huge forehand slam. now to match point. she was on the brink of elimination in the second set and herzog hits it long and gauf has the win and the 15-year-old moves on in three sets and she isn't the only one an internet sensation. >> i actually, right after the match i went on cnn and you saw
6:55 pm
her go like this after. and i didn't tell her, but she's going to go and i know she'll be a meme and i'm going to re-tweet it. so i'm excited. >> oh, mom. isn't that just like every kid. asew from coco gauff, this is the most memorable moment. unexpected cooldown thanks to a rogue splinkler. they thought it was over with and then it attacked again. there was so much water that fell on the court that the match had to be moved to another court. one of the tennis players looked heated after the water interrupted the match but the cooldown was good. >> europe is going through a heat wave. they might not mind. >> they had a good match after that. >> in the east bay, we could get you one of those to cooldown. >> so you could turn that frown upside do. >> yes. >> they don't have sprinklers in the east bay and the frown is permanent. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on
6:56 pm
covi tv 20 and video games not just for 12-year-olds and your typical gamer. and then fourth of july side show spinning out of control in the east bay. what is being done to prevent a repeat this weekend. >> and coming up tonight on abc 7 at 8:00, it is marvel agents of shield, that is followed by a two-hour 20/20 about robert blake, the actor acquitted of murdering his wife and then abc 7 news at 11:00. and stick around for jimmy kimmel live at 11:35. >> and that is it for this edition of abc7 news. make sure to look for breaking news any time on the abc 7 news app. i'm dion limb. >> and i'm eric thomas and i'm not smiling. for spencer and anthony flores and the team, good night.
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