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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 6, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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coast. we will talk about the ups and downs temperature wise of the week ahead coming up. >> lisa, thank you. plus a violent night in bodega bay. news to build a better bay how a bad trip during a fourth area. this is abc 7 mornings. of july celebration led to an good morning and thanks for officer-involved shooting. joining us. also a minor league baseball it is saturday, july 6th. team showing their support for a i'm chris nguyen. marin we begin with breaking news on the 7.1 earthquake that shook california, the impact felt in las vegas. you see the big apple coaster at the new york, new york hotel swaying for 40 seconds after the quake hit. emergency crews have been working overnight to fix the damage from the quake, centered around the town of ridgecrest. that's the same area where a 6.4 quake struck on the fourth of july. last night's quake came at around 8:19 p.m. and was even felt as far north as sacramento. there have been multiple reports of damage to buildings, power outages and minor injuries. we'll have more on that in a second. but first let's send it to meteorologist lisa argen for a preview of your bay area forecast. good morning to you, lisa. >> hey, chris. good morning. you are looking at mount tam
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where you can see the low clouds, the fog, the beginning of the sun coming up just about five minutes ago. we have a nice day on the way. the clouds will clear by mid morning and we are looking at 50s across the bay right now, some upper 40s in the north bay. by the middle of the afternoon 70s around the bay. inland will be climbing into the 80s. san francisco should see the mid 60s today, partial clearing. in fact, we should get some sun at the coast. today will be the warmest day out of the weekend where numbers will climb to near 90 inland, but get set for a sharply cooler day tomorrow on sunday. chris. >> lisa, thank you. now back to our top story. the magnitude 7.1 earthquake that rocked ridgecrest last night. these are just some of the images showing the damage the quake caused, rattling light fixtures inside restaurants that put people into a panic, while multiple fires from ruptured gas lines were reported in kern
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county. this one was centered 11 miles away from ridgecrest. again, that's in the same area as thursday's 6.4 earthquake. video shows a massive fire at a mobile home park in ridgecrest. state emergency officials provided an update late last night. there are also reports of collapsed buildings, power outages and gas leaks in the small town of trona. that's in san bernardino county. a hospital and a number of care facilities have also been impacted. officials say there are multiple injuries reported, but it is unclear how many. there are resources that were already deployed in the area after thursday's earthquake. >> we have significant reports of fires, structure fires, mostly as a result of gas leaks or gas -- a line breaks. there are gas line breaks throughout the city. there are also reports of water main breaks. power is out and communication we continue to monitor breaking news. a magnitude 7.1 earthquake that is out to parts of the rattled the town of ridgecrest
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community. >> in a series of tweets, late last night. this is video showing one of the governor gavin newsom says the fires that broke out at a home state of california will in the city. the fire was likely caused by a continue to offer support to aid ruptured gas line. residents in the region. the governor had officially a neighbor spoke about the moments the earthquake struck. requested a presidential boy, it was scary because it emergency declaration for further -- for direct federal was bouncing, knocked my tool assistance to further support emergency response and recovery box over. i came outside, walked around in impacted communities. the corner and that thing was he has also activated the state 100-foot high. >> he said the quake felt much operations center in mather to stronger than thursdays, but he its highest level and the center is working closely with state, said he felt the shaking from the previous quake lasted much federal and local emergency longer. we will have more coverage of managers and first responders. the quake ahead. the magnitude 7.1 earthquake sonoma county sheriff's are rattled southern california and describing a bizarre series of caught thousands of people off guard, from bakersfield to events that led to officers fresno, and san jose included as shooting a man they say was under the influence of lsd. well. "abc 7 news" reporter luz pena officers say the man punched, has new information and some of the best video we are seeing. stabbed and choked those around him during a fourth of july outing in bodega bay. officers say the man did that, >> reporter: inside this marshal's store in ridgecrest, and so he was shot by deputies. california, the agony can be he's a 32-year-old man from san heard as the lights went off and francisco. his name is betai koffi. glass shattered inside the store and employees began to scream for everyone to get out as the he and five friends rented a
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house in bodega bay for the building shook. customers ran out and young kids jewel 4 weekend. can be heard in the background his friends told investigators he consumed two hits of lsd, crying while the fire alarm was going off. became delusional, then hit two more hits -- then did two more hits. more than 170 miles away from that's when things got out of control. friends say koffi tried to leave ridgecrest inside the the house around 8:00 p.m., punched a woman at the house, stabbed a man with a pencil and choked another man. he got out of the house into his rental car and backed into a o parked car before crashing into morango casino, the lights began the garage of their rented to sway like a cruise ship. house. next he ran down the street in this other video we hear a until a security guard stopped him. investigators say he picked up a woman running to a young boy, landscaping stake and stabbed pulling him away from a trailer the security guard with it before knocking him to the moving nonstop feet away from ground. koffi then got into the security him in the desert. >> we can feel tremors here in guard's truck and sped toward a the building. man and woman who were walking >> reporter: the earthquake also by. he hit them. was felt in las vegas in the middle of the pelican versus the woman has serious injuries, knicks nba summer league game at the man is okay. then police say koffi drove off the thomas max center. the building shook, postponing the road and toward another couple who were standing on a the game. >> here in las vegas. >> here in las vegas. bluff. >> wow. >> reporter: now, the san the woman suffered serious bernardino county fire district injuries. investigators say koffi kept also tweeted this. reports of homes shifting, driving through a wall and foundations cracking, retaining through yards. chp and so nona county sheriff's walls down, and one minor
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deputy got there at the same injury.een pouring into time and say he tried to run down both officers. the newsroom overnight. the deputy fired several shots when he wouldn't stop. here you can see water spilling investigators say at least three out of a home -- spilling out of bullets hit him through the windshield of the security a pool a home in ridgecrest. guard's truck. he is hospitalized in critical here is a look at some of the condition this morning, facing two counts of attempted murder, damage in trona. three counts of assault with a these pictures are from reporter deadly weapon and carjacking. letizia juarez from our abc again, the two women he is accused of running down are sister station in los angeles, hospitalized with serious showing what state route 178 looks like. injuries, but both are expected it is now closed and caltrans to recover along with the has no estimated time of reopening. take a look at this video of a stabbed security guard. the sheriff's department says rock slide caused by the quake video of the stunning series of on state route 178. events will be releasedsoon. it is between ridgecrest and time now is 6:14. happening today, the san rafael bakersfield. this section of the highway is also closed. pacifics, a minor league caltrans is there assessing the baseball team, will hold a donor damage and figuring out how to drive in honor of a local teen clear the road. who desperately needs a bone the good news, there have been no reports of major injuries near thecent. marrow transport. back in l.a. the ground was 15-year-old freshman daniel rose was recently diagnosed with a shaking at dodgers' stadium as rare form of leukemia and his the dodgers hosted the san diego family needs to find that one in padres. you can see the camera swaying a million genetic match for a there. some people got out of their donor soon so the pacifics are seats but the game proceeded as pulling out the stops to get fans to donate swabs to a
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normal. seismologists say because worldwide bone marrow database. this earthquake was >> you are giving up is not much and for any other person it could save a life. thursday is >> when you hear how hard it is called a foreshock. to find a match, then it is -- you know, you got to step up to "abc 7 news" reporter amanda del the plate. castillo spoke with usgs >> the pacifics hope to have officials. >> we wereanos several hundred people at bureau working a different story tonight's game. if you can't make it, you can when we felt the earthquake. still do one of the cheek swab initially i felt a little dizzy tests. head to but then i looked up and saw the we will tell you how to get one of those kits. happening today, it is the light fixtures swaying. i want you to take a look at the 36th annual filmore jazz video. of course, nothing compared to festival in san francisco. the power people in southern organizers expect more than california experienced but still 100,000 people this weekend. it is the largest free jazz quite shocking. we spoke with usgs officials in festival on the west coast, or menlo park and they say the, visitors can groove to the quote, big one is still coming. sounds of live food and despite how powerful the earthquake was, yesterday night they're calling it a more common drunks. the festival runs today and hazard. now, we also spoke with people tomorrow from 10:00 until 6:00 in the south bay who say swaying on filmore between jackson and chandeliers caught their attention. eddie. let's send it over to >> we were eating dinner at the meteorologist lisa argen. now she is tracking the spaghetti factory and we could see the chandeliers moving and accuweather forecast for us. we could see the employees hi, lisa. >> hey, chris. talking to each other. we are in the thick of summer i was like, oh, maybe it was the and fog has been our friend each air conditioner, but they were and every day. here we are, live doppler 7 with just swaying.
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>> pretty scary, especially the fog up and down the coast after what happe frightening. from marin to san mateo, patchy >> this is a more common hazard across the bay. as we know from our own it is getting clear. we will get some sun at the experience having lived there shoreline, and today will be the warmer day out of the weekend, loma tri 2014 six to seven mile visibility from the airport. earthquake. half moon bay you see a little the big one is scary. so if it helps you be less finger of it over into oakland, scared, think about these things, they will come more hayward and fremont. a nice-looking shot from the often, they're easy to prepare roof camera where you can for and recover from. seattle bit of sunlight there. >> reporter: seismologists say looking at more to come. another quake of 6.0 would not mid 50s, san francisco, san jose be surprising. and half moon bay with 53 in menson said we saw the power of morgan hill. oakland is checking in at 58. the earthquake fluctuate from speaking of our east bay hills, check out the fog that is 6.9 to 7.1 because of new data visible here from our volmer constantly updated. others are responding online peak camera. it certainly has extended over through facebook and twitter, the bay, but it will quickly saying that they too felt the earthquake in santa clara, san clear by mid morning. wow, upper 40s in petaluma. jose, menlo park as well as morgan hill and other places that feels like fall, right? 49 in santa rosa. across the bay area. of course, we have resources 56 by the delta, but certainly available online to help you mid-july weather for the bay better prepare and protect area. yourself in the case of an 59 in concord and 54 in earthquake. livermore at the airport. visit and click on those stories. we have the clouds, upper 70s on at the usgs office in menlo the way for many of you. park, to the san temperatures near seasonal averages on the peninsula and
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the south bay as well. your forecast highlights then, the patchy fog, sunny and mild to warm again today, and the warmest day out of the weekend, but then much cooler weather francisco fire department about arriving for tomorrow. what is important to have on it has been cloudy along the hand. >> as a bare minimum, have a plan. have a plan of how to reunify coast each and every morning, but getting some sunshine, with your family, whether you allowing for temperatures to get are living in san francisco or visiting san francisco. have a kit with you, whether you just comfortable enough. low 70s, not too hot out there live here, it is in your hope, in your workplace, in your car. for sure. temporarily we'll get a little sun around sten son and bodega >> public information officer bay but not making it out of the 60s. jonathan baxter suggests in those winds up to 20 miles per addition to food and water your hour. 66, half moon bay and monterey. kit should have a in the south bay today, nice afternoon at 83 in san jose, battery-powered radio, usb solar santa clara. 82 in sunnyvale. charger and blanket. upper 70s for you in many having emergency numbers written down and put in the kit could be locations from menlo park to l useful if your cellphone runs out of power. palo alto. we expect more details to emerge 80, redwood city and mountain later this morning. until then head to our website,, for the latest information. view. downtown it has been stuck in time now is 6:08 on our saturday the upper 60s. in north bay notice the 80s morning. lisa argen tracking the accuweather forecast for us. nudging into around calistoga here in the city temperatures currently in the 50s. and santa rosa. >> that's right, an indicator of further south, a nice
6:09 am
the stable air is the fog, the low clouds apatchy fog with us here in emeryville. 58 degrees, and looking at numbers in the mid 50s in san jose and san francisco. temperatures are coming breezy that vaut o na that novato at 82. you head inland and notice that the 90s designated towards the delta getting the mid 80s from san ramon to pleasanton. 87 in livermore. the accuweather seven-day forecast looking at 60s around the coast, 80 around the bay, 90 inland. tomorrow coming down at least six degrees inland, another six degrees around the bay, and then the low clouds and fog at the coast. breezy winds throughout your sunday. it looks like the coolest day should be monday. temperatures continue to bottom out, and looking at the milder weather beginning tuesday and wednesday. download our accuweather app, and once again by thursday we will have the summertime spread and just some subtle changes into friday. so nothing extreme in the weather department. it has been kind of nice. >> i like that, lisa. thank you. just ahead, a real hot dog
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book direct at dan harris joins us from new york to tell us what is coming up at 7:00 on gamm gamm. >> coming up on "gma", the breaking news overnight, southern california rattled by a second earthquake in just two days, this one the largest in 20 years. this morning the damage and the question, are there more quakes coming here? plus, a string of explosions at the university of nevada reno,
6:13 am
ripping through two dormitories. what investigators are saying about the cause of these blasts. finally, on a lighter note the drama at wimbledon. 15-year-old tennis star coco gauff comeback, fighting for an amazing victory. what her coach is telling us about an incredible winning stream. it is all coming up on "good morning america". we will see you soon. the 2020 primary is well under way but this election season one marin county teenager is focussed on costco's polish dog. the teenager launched a campaign to bring them back. he has the endorsement of hot dog eating champion joey chestnut. "abc 7 news" reporter liz kreutz has the bay 2020, aurish serious campaign to bring the beloved polish dog back to the
6:14 am
>> reporter: weigh caught up with him as he prepared as he prepared to take his campaign overseas or really on a family v vacation to europe. >> i love them with all of my heart. they used to be at costco. >> reporter: he has created an instagram, facebook and youtube channel to promote the cause with the #feelthebun. he wants them back but he hopes the campaign sends a bigger message. >> i designed the whole movement so it was easily accessible to my peers who could draw inspiration from it in order to raise awareness for things the issue he is generating real support. >> this man is a genius. this boy needs to be put on a pedestal. i would vote for him as president as well. >> reporter: we even called up gey chestnut, san jose's eating champ, recovering from the 71
6:15 am
hot dogs he ate on the fourth. he gave a ringing endorsement. >> i'm behind it. i think it would be good to get polish dog back. i think more than one meat on the menu is a good thing. >> he is a legend in the food world and hot dog world. i would love to have him on board. >> reporter: liz kreutz, "abc 7 news." >> we reached out to costco. they don't have a comment at this time on the polish dog 2020 campaign. we asked izagani if he might run for president one day. he said he is not ruling it out and for now is focusing on this campaign. spoken like a true politician. well, they may not compare to polish dogs, but wiener schnitzel is celebrating its chp dogs next week. for just $0.58, one penny for each year in business, wiener schnitzel will sell you a hot dog on jewel 9th. you can pick it up from either -- you can choose either the brand's famous original
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chili dog or its mustard dog. the limit is ten per person. for dessert, the cheesecake factory is offering free slices of its oreo cheesecake. it is partnering with door dash to deliver the treat but there's a small requirement. you have to place a minimum order of 17.76 in honor of the declaration of independence. don't forget to use the promo code oreo at checkout. that runs through tomorrow morning. still to come, fires, collapsed buildings. the damage we are seeing after a magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck southern california. plus, local police are stepping up law enforcement this holiday weekend. a look at how there are moments in life that leave a lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun.
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you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
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news to build a better bay area. this is abc 7 mornings. good morning and thanks so much for waking up with us. i'm chris nguyen. we are monitoring new developments this morning about the magnitude 7.1 earthquake felt up and down california. first, a look at the accuweather forecast. here is meteorologist lisa argen tracking the conditions where you live. hi, lisa. >> hey, chris. what a beautiful shot from the roof camera, the glowing sun off the cloud deck there. you can see a lot of gray, but some highlights there. we have plenty of sunshine on the way today. mid 50s for you, half moon bay,
6:20 am
san francisco and redwood city as well as san jose. from our east bay hills camera, look at the fluid fog over there. it will clear quickly, but look at the numbers. petaluma and santa rosa just in the upper 40s. 59 in concord, but by 10:00 you are ten degrees warmer in concord at 69. as we go through the 2:00 hour, into the 80s for many of our east bay locations, 70s around the bay. the fog temporarily clears the shoreline. it will be cool though, in the 60s. enjoy today. if you want it warmer, tomorrow will be cooler. back to that breaking news. another big earthquake has rocked southern california. officials are now warning ofer i it was centered 11 miles from ridgecrest. that's in the same area as thursday's 6.4 quake. officials will survey the damage when the sun comes up and will provide an update later this morning. abc news reporter tai hernandez has the latest.
6:21 am
>> reporter: the ground shaking again in southern california. a howerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck just ten miles from the town of ridgecrest. >> we have significant reports of fires, structure fires, mostly as a result of gas leaks or gas -- a line breaks. power is out and communications is out to parts of the community. >> reporter: people reporting feeling a rolling and shaking sensation for at least 30 seconds in los angeles and as far awas y as las vegas, lake tahoe and mexico. >> i felt like we were moving on a plate or on a bed in a swimming pool. >> it was my first time and i said, why the chandeliers moving. then we realized, oh, my god, it is an earthquake. we run outside of the hotel. >> get under the table, under the table. oh, my god. >> oh, my god. >> oh, my god!
6:22 am
>> it was was a bad one. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> oh, the front door came open. >> that's okay. it's okay, just hold on. >> there have been a number of injuries reported. don't have a total number of injuries. i don't know a count on injuries or fatalities. >> reporter: seismologists say the fault system that's causing this much activity will likely cause ground ruptures. ty her nai hernandez, abc news, new york. again, we expect emergency officials to release more details later this morning. until then, head over to our website, for the latest information. in the east bay, oakland police are stepping up patrols this holiday weekend to keep the community safe from illegal fireworks, gunfire and side d reporte reworks on independence day, and this video posted on social media shows a fourth of july side show on high street near the interstate 880 on ramp with fireworks exploding overhead.
6:23 am
officers arrested 12 people, towed 17 cars, issued 101 vehicle code citations and recovered 200-pound of fireworks when they broke it up. >> chp always tries to keep its hand on the pulse of what is going on in oakland, and this particular ee haven't wvent wase show event. we do everything we can to shut down the activity because it is highly dangerous. >> authorities estimate there were 400 spectators at the side show, some shooting off fireworks, other possible gunfire. the opd and chp are working together to crackdown on side show activity and say they will be in full force this weekend. 6:32 is our time. san rafael police continue to search for the suspects in a brazen smash and grab at a jewelry store. this video was taken at about 3:30 a.m. on june 23rd. you can see the suspects smash their way through the front door of the villa jewellers, using what appears to be a rock. three me climb through and start
6:24 am
breaking the display days with hammers, grabbing whatever they can. a witness saw them leave and get into a gold mercedes and drive off. police are looking into whether the case may be connected to other burglaries. >> the owner that i spoke with was obviously very upset and really was hoping that we would get this out to everybody so we could publicize this case since there are some similars in the bay area. >> while the video is clear, identifying the suspects could be a challenge because of them were wearing sweat shirts, ski masks and gloves. the sunnyvale department of public safety removed a credit card skimmer on one of the pumps at the 76 gas sustain on el camino real by wolf road. officers said the skimmer was completely invisible to the nak naked eye. only one pump was affected. officers recommend contacting your credit lender if you believe you are a victim. on the peninsula, the san francisco international airport has doubled the space where uber and lyft drivers can wait to pick up passengers. the added third lot is on san
6:25 am
bruno avenue on the north side of the airport. it is designed to help free up the current traffic congestion on east millbrae area. that's where rideshare drivers have been picking up arriving domestic passengers causing grid lock. >> it is a big lot, looks like it can hold maybe three times as many as the old lot. we have to wait until the next ride comes up. depending on how busy the airport is, it could be a half hour or an hour. this is much better because it has place for everyone to wait without affecting the community negatively. >> drivers said an added bonus, a nearby bathroom. still ahead, a hit-and-run caught on camera. hear from the man behind the wheel of the car that was almost run off the road. first, a live look from a cloudy golden gate
6:26 am
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caught on camera. a hit-and-run, a truck sideswiped a tesla in los gatos on thursday. the victim posted his car's videos in hopes that someone would help find the driver. turns out someone did. during an evening drive on the fourth of july, tense moments for a tesla driver and his young son, all captured by the company's century mode technology. >> he is coming close, he hits my car. i hear my son's forehead essentially hit the back seat. >> watch as john's model x turns
6:29 am
on to blossom hill road in los gatos only to be struck by what appears to be a ford f-150. >> i realized that the car was speeding pretty aggressively. >> this view from the dash cam shows the truck almost lose control after the impact. >> frustration. thankfulness at the same time, making sure, you know, thatter we're fine but more anger as the guy speeds off. >> someone that saw the video called in a tip to the police department. that led them to a house in campbell friday afternoon where they found the truck and its driver, 32-year-old dennis munz of san jose. he was arrested for hit-and-run and reckless driving. for now it is too early to tell if it was an accident or an intention at act and if drugs or alcohol had something to do with it. >> people are going to be irresponsible no matter what community you're in. >> other tesla owners we spoke with say they're glad the camera technology is built right in. >> if other cars can pick up from what tesla is doing, adding this feature to this car, i
6:30 am
believe driving would be safer for us. >> if anything happened, there is going to be evidence for the accident, you know. so it is not just like testimony from the driver. >> the power of social media being used to help prevent something like this from happening to someone else. >> having that technology with dash caps is so important and vital to making sure you are protected and your family is protected, especially if, god forbid, something like this ever happens. >> police are reminding drivers if they're involved in an accident, safely pull over to the side of the roadway, assess the need for any medical aid, exchange information and then contact police if necessary. time now, 6:39 on this saturday morning. lisa argen continuing to track the accuweather forecast for us. what a wide temperature spread today. >> that's right. we have upper 40s from palo alto, the north bay and low 60s in brentwood. as we look at santa cruz, we are on our way to a sunny and mild afternoon with low 70s there, but first we're dealing with the fog. that is bringing a chill to the
6:31 am
air. we will talk about the rest of the weekend, which features cooler temperatures but we have a warm-up in my extended outlook. the accuweather seven-day forecast is next. >> thank you. liam hendriks will be seeing stars as in all
6:32 am
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are making a blockbuster trade for oklahoma city thunder's paul george. that will clear the path for free agent leonard to sign with the clipper. it is a four-year, $141 million contract. leonard had met with the clippers, lakers and raptors in the last week. in sports, it is the last weekend of the first half of baseball season. the giants look to bounce back from last night's loss against the cardinals. first pitch at oracle park at 7:05 tonight. the a's are on the road, hoping for another win over the mariners. first pitch at t-mobile park in seattle at 7:10 p.m. the a's have a second player on this year's american league all star roster. anthony flores explains in this morning's sports. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. the oakland a's now have two all stars on the team, relief pitcher liam hendriks has been added to the american league all star roster replacing tampa bay's charlie morton who is hurt. now, the midsummer classic is tuesday in cleveland. hendricks and the a's taking on the mariners. third inning, a's down 1-0 until
6:35 am
franklin boretto hits his first home run of the season, tying the game at 1-1. mariners took a 2-1 lead, but in the seventh khris davis with a single. domingo santana having trouble picking up the ball, allowing matt olson to score. davis would come home later in the inning on a sac fly. grossman adding insurance in the ninth with two out, hit it over the head of santana. two-run score making it 5-2. the all star will come in and close it out with a strikeout, one of two ks in the game. the a's going on to win it, final of 5-2. giants and cards. st. louis getting to drew pomeranz quickly. second batter of the game, jose martinez hits it 433 feet to left. then paul goldschmidt hits a two-run shot traveling 449 feet. pomeranz going four innings, giving up four runs on six hits. it is 3-0, cards. giants will come back to tie it in the third.
6:36 am
alex dickerson with his fourth homer of the season. it will end up in the cove. we were knotted at 3-3. st. louis will get it back though in the fourth. tommy edmond with an rbi triple on the cards, go on to win it 9-4. nba summer league action in vegas, the warriors taking on the hornets. check out the action. 13 points, throwing down the alley-oop. look at this. getting up. third quarter now. jacob evans driving between two defenders and lays it in. he had a dozen points. dubs up one. smile au geech showing some range, draining it. nice still and put back there or layup there. warriors fall though to the hornets, 93-85. that's a look at your morning sports. i'm anthony flores. have a great weekend. we are looking ahead to a pleasant day across the bay area. here is meteorologist lisa argen with the full accuweather forecast. hi, lisa. >> hey, chris.
6:37 am
starting the weekend with patchy clouds in san francisco. temperatures are in the mid 50s, but you can see sun trying to work its way in. temperatures will be around average, but upper 60s has been the popular number for you in downtown san francisco. that's where it will remain today. tomorrow though sri have a cooldown on the way so starting with the usual, the low clouds and fog. the warmest day out of the weekend is today, and then a stronger onshore push as the system moves to the north of us tomorrow, allowing numbers to come down six degrees around the bay and inland. from the roof camera you can see the breeze blowing there. we will have the typical 20 miles per hour sea breeze throughout the day today. there's live doppler 7. the fog situated from the marin county coastline to san mateo and a few patches across the bay, but reaching as far into our inland areas where visibility not bad, down to about five miles half moon bay. eight miles, hayward. you can see from vollmer peaklmr
6:38 am
have some fog. you can see sutro above the cloud deck, so it is about 1,500 feet. looking at mid 50s for san francisco, san jose, 53 in half moon bay. cooler numbers in the north bay. this is walnut creek. in the upper 40s in santa rosa and petaluma. southwest wind about 12 miles per hour through the delta, 56 there. upper 50s, concord. mid 50s, livermore. the winds have been an issue with keeping the coast cool. as we go through noon time they're light across the bay. we will get the dusty winds along the coast throughout 4:00 in the afternoon. through the overnight hours they begin to ramp up again. this is overnight, gusty, northerly winds. then we will get the breeze with us through the sunday afternoon, and that will instigate the cooling by about five degrees. if you are looking for the warmth, we've got it today with numbers approaching 90 degrees inland. how about upper 80s for you in
6:39 am
concord. 88, santa rose ah. 73, oakland. near average to a bit below average in our inland valleys. 79, palo alto. feeling pretty good in san mateo at 77. as we get towards monday, it should be the coolest day of the week with widespread inlans -- 70s inland. coming up a few degrees on tuesday, but by wednesday we will notice that the temperatures begin to close. accuweather seven-day forecast, 60s coast. monday we are following the trend with below average numbers. tuesday, a bit of a recovery into the mid 80s inland. it is wednesday and into thursday that you feel the warmth east of the caldecott tunnel and around the bay. it is feeling like summer but keeping the consistent 60s at the coast with the low clouds and fog. certainly a typical july bay area forecast. >> lisa, appreciate it. state investigators are calling on the alameda county
6:40 am
district attorney's office to take action against an unlicensed contractor on accusations of taking advantage of a 77-year-old berkley man. "7 on your side" first brought this case to the attention of the authorities seven months ago. michael finney has the exclusive story. >> reporter: la vea patton says his trouble started when he hired someone to fix his garage and repair his roof. the 77-year old said he hired i.l. global after being contacted by the company unsolicited. >> i wanted to do some repairs on this garage here. the roof was leaking. i wanted to repair that and it needed a new garage door. >> reporter: he says he signed this contract for $10 thoirks 895 back in july of last. in the coming months he said people kept asking him for more money. before he knew it, the checks he wrote totaled $19,550. that's $9,055 more than the contract called for. >> he kept bugging me to pay
6:41 am
him, you know. so i just went on and paid him. >> reporter: his stepdaughter found out about what was happening and put a stop to it. >> i just think he was really gullible and really wanted the job done, that he just kept giving him checks. it is just really hard to explain. >> reporter: ginger hughey contacted "7 on your side" and we brought this case to the attention of the contractor state license board. >> they had a contract for a certain amount of money and paid upwards of double that amount. i believe there were concerns about workmanship, too. >> reporter: state records show i.l. global was run out of this home in san rafael by a man with a contractor's license with the state. he agreed to talk to "7 on your side" only if we didn't videotape his face. >> i'm very, very sorry for the stuff that happened to him. the it was up to me i would have never let it happen. i wish there was something that i could do but i just don't have the money or the physical
6:42 am
ability to do it. i'm very sorry. >> reporter: he answered an ad in craig's list from yosef lubovich of i.l. global requesting that a licensed contractor allow him to work under his license. lubovich agreed to pay him $1,000 a month nor the right with him being responsible for supervising the work lubovich did. vicente become the responsible managing officer of the company or an rmo. >> it is an area of concern for us, and it is something we are always looking for ways to address to try to deal when we could identify these qualifiers who are actually just qualifierers in name but actually aren't involved in the running of the company. >> reporter: i havicente has ag to give up his license. he blames a fall from the roof for not providing the proper oversight. he is accused of exceeding the contract amount, willful for
6:43 am
fraudulent act and failure to timely pay his subcontractors. lubovich told us by e-mail that patton requested lots of changes. we did what we obliged to do and more. no overpayments were made. an agreement has been adjusted the moment more issues have been discovered. >> they more or less talked me into it because i already had a contractor that i usually go to. >> reporter: the alameda county district attorney's office is expected to make its decision on whether to take further action in a couple ofi'mic eir way through a calif
6:44 am
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welcome back, everyone. here are the winning numbers from last night's $95 million mega millions drawing. 6, 38, 47, 57, 63. the mega number, 12. nobody picked all six, so tuesday night's jackpot goes up to $107 million. good luck. in southern california a bear and her cub roamed a neighborhood for three days, but now they're on their way out. the aerial video shows the bears roaming a neighborhood in cast iac about 40 moils noriles nort angeles yesterday. it took the bears a little while to build up the courage to get this close to homes. >> wednesday night was the first
6:47 am
time that we've seen her and they got some videos of her in the wash. yesterday she was in the tree across the street, and today shifts on the side of our house, in the backyard. >> the california department of fish and wildlife arrived yesterday afternoon to relocate the bears. they were able to tranquilize both bears and load them into a truck. office officers used a hose to keep them cool as temperature soared. a final check with lisa argen. imagine if you look out your window and see bears rolling through? >> yes. amazing. we will have a nice day today. not a lot of heat unless you are in the warmest inland valleys where numbers will approach the upper 80s in the delta. 91 in antioch. 89 in concord. upper 80s in sonoma. how about 77 for you in san mateo. 68, downtown. the accuweather seven-day forecast, enjoy today because it will be cool and breezy tomorrow. that continues into monday, but then we will reverse the friend
6:48 am
on tuesday as we begin to see warmer temperatures getting near average by wednesday and thursday. that's what happens. we kind of go up, we go down a little bit, but keeping the low clouds and fog with us to keep things in check around here. >> yes, you're keeping us on our toes, lisa. thank you. thanks to you for joining us on abc 7 mornings. i'm chris nguyen alongside lisa argen. we will leave you for now with a live look outside at the bay bridge from our abc 7 exploratorium camera. "good morning america" is next. wi wa,olw "abc 7 news" returns at 8:00 a.m. we will see you then.
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you should know the location of a decent bathroom.ation, my gut says, take new benefiber healthy balance. this daily supplement helps maintain digestive health naturally while relieving occasional constipation and abdominal discomfort. new benefiber healthy balance good morning, america. we're following breaking news s overnight.
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>> oh, my gosh. >> the quake jolting residents already shaken up on july 4th swaying chandeliers, starting fires. this game postponed. >> look at the scoreboard begin to sway back and forth. >> was this the big one they were predicting, or could there be another one? what the experts are saying could come next. also this morning, dorm explosions. the back-to-back blasts. >> we just had a massive explosion. >> smoke shooting into the air, walls collapsing, people injured.did this happen? census challenge. president trump searching for a new way to add a citizenship
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