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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  July 6, 2019 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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tv's number 1 dai 1 video show right this minute . a paraglider runs straight into a big bubble. what happens when it cannot get up or down? >> i don't know why i try. dog owners unite to make a point. >> sometimes the universe is not on your side. how it goes downhill in a hurry. . he mixes hip-hop and opera. his own brand of hip-hop. >> figaro. >> with the talent behind the electric town. >> figaro.
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we have christian, oli, nick and gayle breaking down the best on the web including the latest craze con founding pets. it is the invisible item. who falls for it and who sees through it. [ laughter ] >> >> do it one more time. there is not much in the way of winds. >> the predominant wind was straight on lunch. >> you have to launch into the wind. >> i think i will have everything. >> it is running and gathering speed and heading down the hill. >> ohno. >> [ screams ] >> by inches. >> he has nothing in the way of
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help. >> that direction. a tree. he said, i did everything wrong . >> he is stuck in a tree. will check in with mark. >> i am good. i suck at paragliding. >> how far is he? >> he is trying. he is just hanging there. >> i cannot throw these risers over. >> you have to see him climb off the tree. >> he's tried to unwind and untangle everything. it's a nightmare. >> it will be caught on pinecones. >> does he have help? is there anybody else around? >> be careful coming down. >> down is half the battle. they have to work together to get it properly untangled. it is caught in another tree. >> he is nice.
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he climbed up to get the wing. >> she is the one untangling it. >> it looks clean. >> repeat after me, everybody. >> olayinka >> olayinka. >> oyindamola. >> oyindamola. this meant mixes hip-hop and opera for his own brand of is a. >> ♪ >> i love it. it is quite the matchup. >> ♪ >> he is a trained opera singer who has gone viral before. >> he start with the san jose opera, utah, san jose, los angeles, but he likes hip-hop.
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if you like opera, you mix them together and that is what he did with the aria from figaro from the barber of seville from rossini. >> figaro, figaro, figaro. >> i'm not sure about that. this is the recently released recording. >> he clearly has a incredible voice. >> ♪ . >> it is a great way to expose people to opera who may be opposed to it. >> i love that rossini gets the hip-hop do over. it is about time. it is been a few years. >>
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>> ♪ there is certain types of dogs who have recently gotten a bad rap. pitbulls fall into that category. people think they are dangerous. you think it is fine if you have a put bull. >> when they are trained and treated nicely. >> that is with the people in this video are about. they sponsored the event where you see there are pitbulls in the area. all the owners have created the event where they bring the dogs to hang out. they also invite people to meet the dogs and understand more about the breed. unfortunately, sometimes the universe is not on your side. >> [ expletive ] >> wow. >> another dog walks up and his
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dog and the other dog go at it. before you know it, they are falling down the side of the ravine. things do not escalate. there are no reported injuries. but, it was an unfortunate turn of events they ended up being counterproductive to the efforts . the universe also conspires against this little girl. she is on the home shopping network. she has this unbreakable set of dishes. the host is holding the plate. she would let it drop to prove to you it is unbreakable. >> [ laughter ] >> it practically disappears. >> the entire show is a commercial break. what do you do? >> good point. [ laughter ] >> it is all good.
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>> >> team sports are a big family affair. >> oh yes. >> they put together this routine as a surprise for their daughter. just when you think the show is over, or they come. >> [ screams ] >> right out the gate. they do it well. >> this came about overtime. >> they started a facebook page. learn the moves in 5 days. >> i think we're looking at my future. my daughter expressed the interest in gymnastics. >> it is awesome. they hit their marks. they know what they are doing with the hoop. >> i am curious to know
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have credit in their daughter's eyes, or embarrassment. >> millions of used later, they have fans online. >> it happened in space. as they approach the end of the routine, it goes perfectly. the crowd goes wild and applauds. the take about. this seals the deal. >> their daughters are so proud of them. look at how they embrace them. the run out on the mat. all set up for the ultimate selfie. see the slick way he catches all the action. >> can a guy really down 60 raw eggs? the food challenge that is not for the faint of heart or
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closed captioning is provided by >> the rtm videos that. the best way to watch video. download it now. >> >> one of the key ingredients to a perfect selfie is location, followed by location, and then location. he went to idaho city.
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he follows the action of the subaru rally team car all the way around. >> fantastic location. and also perfect commentary. >> what more do you need? that is great video. thank you for sharing it. now, this is a selfie video. >> if you look, he has a visitor . >> a large visitor. >> what is happening. >> in the middle of the story he notices the animal creeping over. >> [ screams ] >> that is how it goes.
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>> i don't know what he was expecting to happened by throwing something at it. the bird will freak out and come after him. >> [ screams ] >> the scream heard town around the internet. >> not very many videos since the start of the show have made me sick to my stomach. this one makes me want to hurl. because he is eating 60 raw eggs of. 60. 6 0. he is it to the next level. >> is it begin? >> no! he cracks all the eggs into the big container. he starts drinking. you guys will have to watch this
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. i don't think i can get thrgh it again. you can go back and count them if you want. >> i will take your word for it. >> do not be afraid. >> go at your own pace. >> he got farther than i could have predicted anyone would. >> are you saying he has gone farther in life? >> he is still going. i cannot believe it. >> and he does not look like he is feeling well. >> >> oh my god! >> who would have known he could do that? that is incredible. >> they have been the most effective food challenge we have ever seen. discussing. >> you could be impressed by herself. >> 60 eggs please.
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>> a strange creature is caught in the car. >> what has a grip on the grill, next? >> that thing is massive. >> this person goes blonde. the moment she hits a snag. >> oh, no! >> what is up, they be? what is up, baby? >> so babies can sleep soundly all night wishing you love, sleep and play pampers
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statement necklace... or, let your neck make the statement. gold bond neck and chest cream. 97% had firmer skin. gold bond ultimate lotion, ultimate skin. watch the video again and again. head over to share with your friends. >> you can guess what animal is stuck in the grill of the volkswagen. i will not bother. i doubt you have heard of it. >> a penguin. >> >> a turducken before it is cook. >> a combination of 2 animals in the name. they are gathered around. >> the thing was hit by a car.
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do you think poking with a stick will help? >> they take hold of the tail. that thing is really in there. >> that thing is massive! >> apparently, that animal was -- in the in a family. it likes insects. they love termites. they can polish off a one quarter million of termites in one night. >> now, suddenly, someone is gently rapping at my door. >> look at this one. >> this is from south africa. >> i will let you in.
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they are engaged in a facebook conservation group. the came along to help. >> they are estimating it will be 8 feet long. it will not go without a fight. they pick it up with no problem. then he announces -- >> you can stand closer if you want. >> -- no, thank you. speak -- >> many people think it is a form of self-expression. even when your hair is short, it is part of your identity. she is on instagram. she puts her hair up again this time around she goes with the bleached look. that is what this is about. she goes blonde while she does it. >> oh no. >>
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oh, dear. i thought it was shampoo. >> look at her facial expression when she sees her hair going into the call. it is falling off her head. >> did she nair her hair by accident? >> oh my god! >> you do not relax bleached hair. >> it is bad. it is all coming up. >> it could be worse. there you go. now she will go and wash it. >> oh my god! >> she posted pictures shortly after that. she can rock whatever style she wants to. >> she is lucky. >> she is owning this one. >> it makes for a great life video.
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a great live video. >> it is the newly invisible set up for your pet. >> you jump over this. >> the funny
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there was a video not long ago
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showing how to embellish them. >> it is the lunch break. >> humans are pulling a bamboozle. we believe it started here. it is cold the invisible challenge. come on. you see what they do. >> i will do this with my dog.
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>> [ laughter ] >> please, please, please. >> the dog becomes more and more confused and frustrated. it prevents him from being a goodbye. >> it is kind of like an intelligence test. he manages to tear it down. there are lots of videos are they do the exact same thing. i'm trying to be a good boy. >> they are friends. their acute as well. do they make it through? >> they are too nice. they are gentle and courteous.
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>> there is a great advantage to being small. this doc send figures things out instantly. this dachshund figures things out instantly. this is the german shepard. he knows what to do. >> you have to love.sledge hammer. >> they have to clean it up. you have to love the sledgehammer.
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