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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  July 8, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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tonight, the dramatic raid in new york city. investigators storm the home of multimillionaire jeffrey epstein, who was friends with the rich and powerful. using a crow bar to get in. he's under arrest, charged with sex trafficking. girls allegedly as young as 14. and tonight, what prosecutors now say was discovered in his home. also tonight, the severe storm in the east. the flooding emergency. commuters stranded on top of their cars. halting amtrak, water pouring in. and ginger zee standing by in the next major storm and the potential tropical stranger in the gulf. millions tonight on edge in california. those two major earthquakes. a 6.4, then a 7.1. what scientists are now saying tonight. our correspondent takes us right up to the damage. the family tragedy on a cruise ship.
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a toddler playing with her grandfather falling overboard from a deck 11 stories high. she did not survive. authorities looking into how this all happened. the unexpected drama in court today. kevin spacey's accuser on the stand. what he suddenly declared. and the questions about what was erased from his phone. breaking developments in the race for 2020. tonight, the first candidate to drop out. joe biden's apology. and the one candidate and her new fund-raising total making news tonight. and america strong. they have just arrived home at this hour. the world champions. and tonight, the video you didn't see, right after their victory. good evening. and it's great to be back with you after the fourth of july. and we begin tonight with the dramatic raid and those new charges here in new york city. multimillionaire jeffrey epstein was hauled into federal court today, charged with sex trafficking, allegedly involving dozens of minors, girls allegedly as young as 14. investigators using a crow bar to break in, and tonight, what
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they say they discovered inside. epstein socialized with the rich and powerful, including president trump and former president bill clinton. tonight, he has pleaded not guilty, but prosecutors are fighting to keep him behind bars. abc's tom llamas leads us off outside federal court. >> reporter: when federal agents raided the manhattan mansion of financier jeffrey epstein, they say they found hundreds, if not thousands, of female nude photographs, many of the photos seeming to show underage girls. the fbi arresting the ultra-wealthy epstein on saturday at teterboro airport in new jersey. he had just landed from paris in his private jet. in a dramatic news conference, the u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york laid out the shocking charges. >> today, we announce the unsealing of sex trafficking charges against jeffrey epstein. >> reporter: according to the indictment, from 2002 to 2005, epstein, quote, "sexually exploited and abused dozens of
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minor girls at his homes in manhattan, new york and palm beach, florida." and that he allegedly had girls recruited "to engage in sex acts with him, after which he would give the victims hundreds of dollars in cash." and "paid some victims to recruit additional girls to be similarly abused epstein." >> many of the underage girls that epstein allegedly victimized were particularly vulnerable to exploitation. the alleged behavior shocks the conscience. >> reporter: investigators say the alleged assaults occurred in a massage room epstein had set up. >> he asked me to get comfortable, to take, you know, my clothes off. >> reporter: courtney wild says she was victimized by epstein at the age of 14. we were with her as she headed to court, learning the prosecutor had called for more victims to come forward. >> today, i'm asking everyone to take a good look at this man. >> just to hear that they're standing up for the victims, you know what i mean? it's just, like, so overwhelmingly un -- it's past due. >> reporter: epstein, 66, owns at least six homes and two private islands.
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in the past, he socialized with both president bill clinton and president donald trump. in a 2002 profile in "new york magazine" before any allegations surfaced, trump is quoted as saying this about epstein -- "it is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as i do, and many of them are on the younger side. no doubt about it, jeffrey enjoys his social life." epstein's arrest came as a surprise to many who have followed his case. in 2007, he faced a potential federal indictment for running a scheme to recruit underage girls to his home for lewd massages. the multimillionaire struck a plea deal, serving just 13 months in county jail, registering as a sex offender. the agreement also halted a federal grand jury investigation and gave epstein and any potential co-conspirators immunity from federal charges in florida. the u.s. attorney who authorized that deal, the current secretary of labor, alexander acosta. outside of court, michelle licata, another alleged victim, told us what it was like to be inside, hearing the allegations.
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>> i started crying, because it put me back into that place where i didn't want to be, but it was actually great to see him in that seat. >> so, let's get right to tom live outside the courthouse tonight. and tom, you pointed out that jeffrey epstein had been given immunity to federal charges in his florida plea deal, but federal prosecutors here in the southern district of new york say they can still charge him? >> reporter: this was a major issue in court today, david. that's exactly right. epstein's attorneys arguing this feels like double jeopardy, but prosecutors say that immunity deal was only for florida, not for new york. now, epstein pleaded not guilty, he's fighting to get out on bail, but prosecutors say he's an extreme flight risk with all his money and two private jets. a judge will decide next week. david? >> tom llamas leading us off tonight. tom, thank you. we're going to turn next here this evening to the severe storm in the east today. the flooding emergency that followed. commuters, in fact, on top of their cars. some scrambling to climb on top
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because of those rushing waters. others abandoning their cars on flooded streets. trains in arlington, virginia, plowing through a waterfall inside the station there. some flights delayed. amtrak service suspended for hours. and here's abc's stephanie ramos now. >> reporter: a flash flood emergency around the nation's capital during the busy monday morning commute. up to half a foot of rain falling in just two hours. forcing dozens of water rescues. drivers scrambling to the top of their cars to safety. many caught offguard. >> i was stopped at the light. a bus came through, it was like a tidal wave hit me. boom! >> reporter: roads turned into raging rivers. a torrent of water carrying away this footbridge and swamping this parking garage in alexandria, virginia. the general manager of this power sports shop tells me this basement flooded in about 30 minutes. and that water is not receding. they'll need a pump system to get all of it out. all that rain with nowhere to go. commuters caught in the middle. at this d.c. metro station, a
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waterfall right through the ceiling. the owner of this hardware store in virginia says she prepped for heavy rain, but nothing like this. >> by the time i left the basement, i swam out of it. it was probably close to my shoulder height. >> and stephanie with us live tonight from virginia. and steph, we're starting to see some of the damage left behind. several roads still closed tonight? >> reporter: that's exactly right, david. pedestrian bridges like this one also closed off. this bridge is destroyed. it shows just how powerful today's storms were. the rain has stopped and flooding across the d.c. area is now slowly receding. david? >> came through quickly. stephanie, thank you. is that storm now moving out, as stephanie mentioned there, as a new system takes shape tonight. we're also watching what could be trouble for the gulf. a tropical system may be brewing. chief meteorologist ginger zee is tracking it all for us. she's in oklahoma city tonight. ginger? >> reporter: well, david, we are steamy here in oklahoma. the heat index right around 100. so, plenty of heat to fuel these thunderstorms. rightn the map. severe thunderstorm warnings in nebraska.a
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tong now, this is going to progress through those northern states, very july-like pattern. strong to severe s minnesota through iowa for tomorrow. then it's wisconsin, michigan, illinois and indiana's turn. all the way down the st. louis for damaging winds. let me take you to the southeast, because there's a disturbance that we're watching that could become a tropical depression in the next five days. no matter what it becomes, from texas to the florida panhandle, we'll have to watch for heavy rains going into the weekend. david? >> we'll be watching. ginger, thank you. there are new images and new worries this evening after those back-to-back earthquakes in california. a family's living room shaken apart there. you see the flat screen tv just destroyed. this woman sitting at the side of her pool just trying not to fall. well tonight, what scientists are now saying, and abc's marcus moore is at the epicenter in ridgecrest, california. marcus? >> reporter: david, many people in this part of southern california are rattled as they endure aftershocks and try to recover from two powerful earthquakes, including the one that happened on friday. and that severe shaking scarred the landscape. look at this.
5:39 pm
there is a crack that stretches through the desert for as far as the eye can see. and tonight, there's concern that another earthquake could happen at any time. tonight, california on alert. more than 5,000 aftershocks rattling the state since the massive 6.4 and 7.1 quakes hit. the strongest here in 20 years. >> oh, my god! oh, my god! >> reporter: the tremors igniting raging fires and damaging homes. >> structure fires as well as several outside fires and hazardous conditions. >> reporter: the outbreak of aftershocks seen on this map may continue for weeks. and officials say there is still a slim chance of a major one hitting again. >> to get back to a normal life, it is important that we get the help that we need to move past what we've all experienced. >> reporter: in ridgecrest, there's a scramble to repair the damage. but people here are grateful there have been no serious injuries, but still anxious. some sleeping outdoors. >> if another big earthquake happens, i don't want to be stuck or stranded inside the building when it could collapse
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and i feel safer outside. >> marcus moore with us live tonight. and marcus, they are still warning to be vigilant for more aftershocks? >> reporter: they are, david. and they are telling people that it is safe for them to go back inside their homes, despite any aftershocks they may experience. but be prepared. if the ground starts to shake, take cover under something sturdy and hold on. and also have 72 hours worth of food and water ready in case there's another major earthquake. david? >> several unsettling days there in california. marcus, we thank you again tonight. and we turn this evening to the family tragedy on a cruise ship. a toddler, playing with her grandfather on the 11th deck of this ship docked in puerto rico, somehow slipping away and falling to her death. abc's erielle reshef on the investigation into this tragedy. >> reporter: tonight, authorities in puerto rico investigating a grim scene, as an indiana family grieves the death of a 1-year-old little girl who fell overboard from a royal caribbean cruise. investigators say the toddler and her grandfather were playing on deck 11 of the "freedom of
5:41 pm
the seas" cruise ship while it was docked in san juan on sunday afternoon, when she plummeted through a window to the ground below. the young victim traveling with her parents, siblings and both sets of grandparents on the week-long caribbean cruise. her father, alan wiegand, is a police officer in south bend. tonight, the department asking "the community to pray for the entire wiegand family as they grieve." royal caribbean saying in a statement, "we are deeply saddened by yesterday's tragic incident, and our hearts go out to the family." david, authorities are still trying to determine just how that little girl fell. we're told her family will stay on the island during the investigation. david? >> all right, erielle, thank you. next here, to president trump tonight responding after the british ambassador to the u.s. and what he said about president trump in leaked cables. abc's kyra phillips is at the white house tonight. >> reporter: tonight, president trump tweeting his administration will no longer deal with britain's ambassador to the u.s. after leaked diplomatic cables
5:42 pm
revealed the ambassador describing the trump administration as "dysfunctional," "diplomatically clumsy and inept." >> the ambassador has not served the uk well, i can tell you that. >> reporter: in the memos obtained by "the daily mail," ambassador kim darroch declares, "i don't think this administration will ever look competent." he writes that president trump "radiates insecurity" and when dealing with him, "you need to make your points simple, even blunt." he says the president's life has been "mired in scandal," warning trump and his family may have been entangled with "dodgy russians." >> we're not big fans of that man. >> reporter: the uk foreign secretary defending the ambassador. >> we pay them as taxpayers to give us their frank assessment of the situation in the countries where they are serving, which is what our ambassador in washington was doing. but it's a personal view. >> and kyra phillips live at the
5:43 pm
white house tonight. kyra, president trump says his team will no longer deal with this british ambassador. so, any response from the uk tonight? >> reporter: well, david, prime minister theresa may's office calls the whole episode, quote, a matter of regret. but says the ambassador continues to have the prime minister's full support. and just moments ago, david, we learned that the ambassador has actually been disinvited from an official dinner with president trump tonight. david? >> not terribly surprising. kyra, thank you. to iran tonight, and the u.n. atomic energy agency has now confirmed tonight that iran has exceeded the limit on uranium enrichment, set by the 2015 multinational nuclear deal, the deal that president trump abandoned a year ago. this is iran's first major breach of that deal after new sanctions from the u.s. now, to the race for 2020 tonight, democratic front-runner joe biden has now apologized for comments he made about working together, across the aisle, citing his work with segregationist senators as an example. delivering his apology in south carolina.
5:44 pm
>> now, was i wrong a few weeks ago? to somehow give the impression to people that i was praising those men who i successfully opposed time and again? well, yes, i was. i regret it. and i'm sorry for any of the pain or misconception that may have caused anybody. >> that apology over the weekend. and tonight, the first democrat now to drop out. california congressman eric swalwell ending his bid for the white house, choosing to run for re-election instead. there is also news tonight in the race for campaign cash. the numbers just in for second quarter fund-raising. mayor pete buttigieg just ahead of joe biden. but elizabeth warren also making news. she has surged past bernie sanders and she has raised that money with small donors. the women's world cup champions have brought their victory back home tonight, just in the last hour or two, arriving at newark airport a short time ago, after scoring a record fourth world cup championship. of course, their second in a row. now, the big parade planned here in new york city, and here's abc's eva pilgrim.
5:45 pm
>> reporter: tonight, a hero's welcome home for the women's national soccer team, now back on u.s. soil. the players exhausted, but exuberant. ♪ we are the champions >> reporter: celebrating their world cup title, golden boot winner megan rapinoe posing with the trophy. and a team photo, holding up number four -- four world championships, the most ever. >> goal! >> reporter: they made their point on and off the field. >> equal pay! equal pay! >> reporter: putting the issue of pay equality front and center. the president of fifa proposing to double the prize money for the next women's world cup to $60 million, but that number falling drastically short of the men's projected $440 million prize. >> my friend just sent this to me from the '99 world cup. >> reporter: how old were you in that picture? >> i was like -- i don't know, 13 or 14. all those kids that were over there supporting us and supporting us at home, you can be standing in front of these
5:46 pm
microphones any day. >> reporter: and the team will celebrate their big win with a ticker tape parade marching through new york's canyon of heroes on wednesday. david? >> all right, can't wait for that. eva, thank you. and we should mention that all of the world cup champs will be live on "good morning america" right here tomorrow morning. of course, we'll be watching that. in the meantime, much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. the surprise moment in court today. the young accuser in the kevin spacey case and what he suddenly declared while on the stand. also, the deputy and young father killed in a shootout. how it happened. the teenage pilot who had just graduated killed practicing takeoffs and landings. investigators on the scene. and more on those americans injured in the running of the bulls. people ask why they do it every year. and tonight, one of these americans injured while trying to take a selfie after finishing the race. a lot more news ahead here on a monday night. we'll be right back.
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waiting 15 months to report the alleged incident, prosecutors had said it was only three months. that was just the beginning of the questions that unraveled today, including what happened to the accuser's phone. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: the case against kevin spacey in jeopardy tonight. his accuser taking the stand today, but then, invoking his fifth amendment right after questions about whether he had deleted text messages, leading the judge to strike his testimony from the record. spacey's lawyer pounced. >> he's the sole witness that can establish the circumstances of his allegation on the night in question. this case needs to be dismissed and i believe it needs to be dismissed today. >> reporter: the judge seemed to agree, saying he wasn't sure if the case would continue or collapse. the accuser's mother, a former boston tv anchor, admitted today -- >> i deleted a few things. >> reporter: but she says she did not delete any texts relevant to the night in question. another issue, the accuser's phone is missing. the "house of cards" star is accused of groping the then-18-year-old in nantucket in 2016. the 59-year-old actor has pleaded not guilty to a charge
5:50 pm
of indecent assault and battery. just last week, the accuser dropped a civil lawsuit against spacey. as for that missing phone, a state trooper testified today that he returned the phone to the family, but did not get a receipt. now, both the accuser's father and mother testified they don't know what happened to the phone. the judge set another hearing for the end of the month. david? >> all right, linsey, thank you. when we come back, the deadly shootout. the young deputy and father killed. and more on that teenage pilot crashing. she had just graduated. and what she was practicing when it all happened. cel. it's so important to us that verizon is supporting military families. when i have a child deployed, having a reliable network means everything. so, when i get a video chat, and i get to see their face, it's the best thing in the world. and i've earned every one of these gray hairs. military moms, we serve too. (vo) the network more people rely on, gives you more. like military plans with a special price on unlimited, $100 per line, and big savings on our best phones when you switch. that's verizon.
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to the index of other news. and the sheriff's deputy killed in hall county, georgia. deputy nicolas dixon died in a shootout with suspected thieves wanted for a series of car break-ins. the alleged shooter was wounded. four suspects in custody. deputy dixon was a married father of two. the deadly crash involving a teenaged pilot in oxford, mississippi. 18-year old lake little killed practicing takeoffs and landings. she had just graduated from starkville academy there. overseas tonight, and the americans injured during the running of the bulls. two americans gored in spain. one of the men finishing the run, thinking he was safe and trying to take a selfie when he was struck in the neck. both are expected to recover. coco gauff's amazing run ending at wimbledon. the 15-year-old losing in straight sets today, but she has a big future ahead. we'll be watching. and another american pulling off a major upset. 29-year-old alison riske beating number one seed ashleigh barty, advancing to the quarterfinal.e. that cou when we come back, millions watching, celebrating, but what you didn't see.
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finally tonight, america strong. the world cup champs. and the little girls and boys inspired by them. millions of us celebrated this moment. >> that's it! u.s. wins their fourth world cup! >> reporter: the u.s. women's national soccer team now winning the world cup four times -- and the second in a row. so much confetti. what we didn't see was that they made confetti angels right after. >> you're in my snow angel. >> reporter: trading confetti for champagne. >> let's go! ♪ we are the champions >> reporter: and so many little girls dreaming. >> i think, as a mom, to have these kind of girls as role
5:58 pm
models for my daughter -- incredible. >> it's just so important for the younger generation to just see this and to have women be fierce and strong. >> reporter: all over the country -- >> it's so empowering. it's absolute magic to see them up there. >> reporter: seeing their own future on that field. >> usa! usa! >> reporter: and the girls and boys watching in new orleans. and 3-year-old leah screaming "goal!" and then there was this little girl, wearing the mia hamm jersey back when she was in elementally school. this is her now. at 24, rose lavelle is a world cup champ with her team. welcome home. can't wait for the parade and the entire team live on "gma" tomorrow morning. i'm david muir. great to be back with you. we'll see you right back here tomorrow night. good night.
5:59 pm
what was in those burr toe bundles. >> we would have 150 seconds of warning but if it repertoires here under san tran, we wouldn't get much time. >> ready or not, an earthquake will come. there is no apt for that, not here, not right now. , manufacture than two and a half years since the deadly goes ship warehouse the founder takes the stand as the defense's final witness. >> announcer: now news to build a better bay area from abc 7. this was just really a very bad situation and point blank it could have been a lot worse. >> a few days give us a new sense of perspective on the recent earthquakes to the ra l c -- rattle california and the risk we face in the bay area.
6:00 pm
i'm dion lim. >> i'm eric thomas. a 7.1 hit and now we're wondering what's next. >> caltrans is working to remove damaged pavement never ridge crest. the highway cracked in three separate areas in a four-mile stretch from thursday to friday's earthquakes. officials say repairs will be completed earlier than expected. >> all of our roads and concrete like sidewalks, gutters have been inspected and they, all of our roads are in good condition. >> here is another view of the aftermath. drone video shows cracks in the desert. friday 7.1 magnitude quake took place in an area with several little faults. about two hours ago president trump tweeted spoke to house minority leader about the earthquakes in california and informed him that we will be working very closely on emergency funding. also spoke to governor gavin newsom all working together. >> while there were no major injuries, theres