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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 9, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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great day. making news in america this morning, record flood. one month's worth of rain falling in one morning. a stream turning into a raging river. one rising 11 feet in one hour. the new images plus the growing concern right now about a brewing tropical storm that could impact millions this week. new details about the sex trafficking case against multimillionaire jeffrey epstein. the financier with ties to president trump and former president clinton. what agents say they found inside a safe in his mansion and what took so long to bring this case. team usa's triumphant return home. ♪ we are the champions >> reporter: the big plans for the world cup champions and their message to the fans this
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morning. plus, the news overnight about prescription drug prices. what a judge has now decided. a revelation from a dancing parrot. what the bird is teaching us about the human brain. and early in the morning or after work? the best time of the day to work out if you want the best results. good tuesday morning, everyone. we begin with the record flooding that slammed the mid-atlantic. the cleanup is just beginning this morning. >> the washington, d.c. area got socked and got soaked with nearly one month's worth of rain in one morning. the rainfall breaking a 148-year-old record. >> meanwhile, the next big concern is a possible tropical storm brewing in the gulf of mexico. it could impact millions of americans this week. abc's trevor ault begins our coverage. trevor, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, janai and kenneth. you know d.c. is notorious for
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bad traffic but monday morning, you would have needed a boat to get through some of these roads. this morning, the d.c. metro area trying to dry off after nearly a month's worth of rain in one morning. >> never seen nothing like this before. never seen nothing like this. >> reporter: the torrent of rainfall washing out roads around virginia and maryland. dozens of water rescues called in for stranded drivers, some of them forced to climb on top of their cars to avoid the rushing waters below. >> i was stopped at the light. the bus came through. it was like a tidal wave hit me, boom. >> reporter: the rain pummeling the area as thousands were on their way to work monday. commuters caught in the middle. in arlington, virginia, a train forced to plow through a waterfall coming down through the ceiling of a son and at ars to be a raging river swamping thiages rorte the national archives building. officials saying the declaration of independence and the constitution are safe.
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others not so lucky. a mudslide in potomac, maryland, collapsing the wall of this house and in virginia a hardware store owner trying in vain to protect her business. >> by the time i left the basement, i swam out of it. it was probably close to my shoulder height. >> reporter: the floodwaters now receding as a new weather system takes shape. a possible tropical depression developing in the gulf over the next five days likely leading to heavy rainfall from texas to the florida panhandle. officials continue to share information about just how dangerous and chaotic this flash flooding was. more than 75 water rescues have been reported in d.c., virginia and maryland. janai, kenneth. >> wow, the dmv hit hard there and now we're watching the tropics. trevor ault, thank you. >> thank you. president trump says he will no longer deal with the british ambassador to the u.s. after finding out that the ambassador called him inept and insecure. ambassador kim darroch was disinvited from a dinner with the president last night. in memos leaked to the press darroch also warned that president trump may be indebted to the russians.
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"the sun" newspap the british are investigating whether russia hacked into the ambassador's memos. the governor of new york could sign a law that could give key members of congress access to his state tax returns. those taxes could reveal many of the same details found in the president's federal tax returns which he has refused to release. republicans are vowing to challenge the new york law. to the case against mul multimillionaire jeffrey epstein who has previously ties to president trump and former president bill clinton. epstein has pleaded not guilty to sex trafficking charges. prosecutors say they found suggestive photos of girls at his mansion and now his alleged victims fear he'll use one of his private jets and two private islands in the caribbean to escape those charges. this morning prosecutors are fighting to keep politically connected financier jeffrey epstein behind bars. they say he sexually assaulted dozens of young girls at his homes in new york and florida. >> we think he has every incentive to try and flee the jurisdiction and when you have two planes and you live much of
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the year abroad, you know, we think that's a very real risk. >> reporter: agents raided his $77 million manhattan mansion. one of the largest private homes in new york. they say they found hundreds of female nude photographs, some categorized. >> the alleged behavior shocks the conscience. >> reporter: the indictment claims epstein recruited girls to engage in sex acts with him after which he would give the victims hundreds of dollars in cash. abc's tom llamas spoke to two of epstein's alleged florida victims. >> when you saw him, it just brought back bad memories. >> yeah, it brought back the last time i saw him, which was right there at the massage table, and it just started making me feel uneasy, nervous. >> reporter: courtney wild says she was assaulted in epstein's home when she was 14. she spoke to us on her way to court monday. >> just to hear that they're
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standing up for the victims, you know what i mean, is just like so overwhelmingly un -- it's past due. >> reporter: in 2007 epstein faced similar charges in florida but struck a controversial plea deal serving only 13 months in jail. his political connections now once again in the spotlight. in a 2002 profile in "new york" magazine before any allegations surfaced, donald trump is quoted as saying this about epstein, it's even said that he likes beautiful women as much as i do and many of them are on the younger side. no doubt about it, jeffrey enjoys his social life. and a spokesman for former president bill clinton released this statement last night saying the former president knows nothing about the terrible crimes jeffrey epstein pleaded guilty to in florida or those with which he has been recently charged in new york. a judge will decide next week whether epstein is released on bail. meanwhile, the alleged victims' lawyer saying this indictment has been a long time coming.
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>> the only reason that i can think of it took so long to bring this indictment is that the times have changed. people care more now and victim blaming is somewhat of a thing of the past. >> epstein's attorneys argue the charges feel like double jeopardy but prosecutors say the previous deal was only for florida, not new york. the man who negotiated that plea deal in florida, the current u.s. labor secretary, alex acosta, is facing new scrutiny. house speaker nancy pelosi is now calling for him to resign. president trump has declared a state of emergency over california after those two large earthquakes. the declaration frees up disaster relief money. a local bank is also recovering offering short-term low interest loans so people can replace food and medical supplies. some are still sleeping outside fearing another strong aftershock. abc's marcus moore is in the quake zone. >> reporter: many people in this part of southern california are rattled as they endure aftershocks and try to recover from two powerful earthquakes including the one that happened fdae.
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look at this. there is a crack that stretches through the desert for as far as the eye can see. >> incredible there. meanwhile, some encouraging news. the hospital near the e epicenter of last week's blast is now fully operational. a major setback for boeing as it struggles to get its new 737s back in the air after two deadly crashes. an airline in saudi arabia has now canceled an order for nearly $6 billion in planes. instead it will buy planes from boeing's rival airbus. the boeing 737 max has been grounded since march. time now for a look at your weather for this tuesday morning. good morning. those drenching thunderstorms continuing to push south of d.c. into the southeast, parts of the carolinas and florida. we're going to need to watch out for those, especially into the afternoon. this area of low pressure once it gets to the gulf there is the potential for it to develop into a tropical system later in the week. we're going to watch that very closely and see which way it goes. but we also need to watch out
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for additional severe thunderstorms across parts of the plains into the upper midwest with damaging wind gusts and hail a threat. i'm accuweather meteorologist adam del rosso. coming up, a drug bust involving burritos. also ahead, surprising developments in the kevin spacey sexual assault case. plus, the investigation into how a 1-year-old girl fell to her death off a cruise ship. later, the new technology your boss won't like. a n
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we're back with a bear entering a barbecue restaurant in alberta, canada. he didn't stay for long. the restaurant posted the video saying the bear was turned away because of its no shirt, no
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shoes, no service policy. silly old bear. a different kind of scare in myrtle beach, south carolina. a family saw this shark swimming only feet away from them in the water. the lifeguard had already ordered everyone out of the water. an investigation is under way to figure out how a 1-year-old girl fell to her death from a cruise ship docked in puerto rico. the girl is the daughter of an indiana police officer. she was playing with her grandfather on the pool level of the royal caribbean cruise ship when investigators say she fell from a window. police are trying to determine if the window was already open before she fell. a massachusetts judge could soon dismiss the sexual assault case against actor kevin spacey. the young man accusing spacey of groping him in a bar invoked the fifth amendment monday when asked whether he deleted messages from his phone. the judge appeared to agree with defense attorneys that the case should be dismissed but he did not make a ruling. the accuser's parents also testified about his phone. >> i deleted a few things.
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>> i think you've had way too many questions that have -- >> sir, listen to me. you keep this up, i'll hold you in contempt. >> the accuser's mother insisted she did not delete any messages relevant to the night in question, but that phone is still missing. in the race for 2020 elizabeth warren raised more than $19 million during the second quarter. she beat bernie sanders who raised 18 million and trailed only pete buttigieg and joe biden. warren like sanders accepts only money from small donors. tom steyer is expected to announce his campaign for the white house months after saying he would not run. steyer has spent millions of dollars calling for president trump's impeachment. illegal burritos have landed a los angeles man in prison. prosecutor i say those foil wrapped packages were filled with meth. the street value, $40,000. the suspect was convicted and faces 15 years behind bars. the proposed tariffs on china could cause a bible shortage in this country. the majority of christian bibles
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sold and given away in the u.s. are printed in china. evangelical groups say the tariffs would make them too expensive to give . coming up, 15-year-old coco gauff's inspiring message after a tough loss at wimbledon. but first team usa returns home after their world cup soccer win. their message to the fans this morning. up next, important news about prescription drug prices. what a judge has now decided. across the country, we walk. carrying flowers that signify why we want to end alzheimer's disease. but what if, one day, there was a white flower for alzheimer's first survivor? what if there were millions of them? join us for the alzheimer's association walk to end alzheimer's. register today at
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that keeps you up again, and again. advil pm silences pain, and you sleep the whole night. advil pm belvita breakfast biscuits to get you through your nine, ten and your eleven-a.m. team mixer. made with a delicious blend of grains. get 4 hours of lasting energy to outlast your morning. back now with new details on the death of disney star cameron boyce. the actor passed away in his sleep at the age of 20 after a e.izu theoras completed the autopsy but the cause of death is still undetermined pending further investigation. the medical examiner has requested more lab testing to determine the cause of death. also new this morning an update on a story we've been covering about prescription drug prices and a new government rule that would force drug companies to list their prices during tv commercials.
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a federal judge is now blocking that rule. several drug companies were claiming it would violate their first amendment rights. we turn now to team usa's triumphant return home after their dramatic victory in the world cup final. >> they're getting a hero's welcome home while sharing stories of their hard fought win. ♪ we are the champions >> reporter: chanting we are the champions the u.s. women's soccer team touched down at newark airport in new jersey finally home. >> we're so happy to be back. >> reporter: getting ready for the ticker tape parade in new york city tomorrow team star megan rapinoe showed fans a photo of her back in 1999 when she was watching the women's world cup from the stands dreaming of a moment like this. >> my friend just sent this to me from the '99 world cup. all those kids that were over there supporting us and supporting us at home, you can be standing in front of these microphones any day. >> reporter: the hero of the final game, rose lavelle,
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gave thanks to all the u.s. fans who traveled to france. >> first off i just have to thank the fans because i think every single game it was basically a home game for us. i think the fans really showed up for us and we felt it every time we stepped out on the field, and they were a huge part of our success. >> reporter: this morning "sports illustrated" out with this cover calling the team world class, unflappable and unequal saying it was the most competitive women's world cup yet. the team's hard work and determination are paying off. now they say they're more hopeful than ever they can win their legal battle for equal pay in their sport. [ chanting "equal pay" ] >> reporter: but most important they say is the message they can send to all young girls. >> go for it. dream big. go for everything you ever wanted. >> that's a great message. team usa will be live in times square this morning for an exclusive interview on "good morning america." that's coming up at 7:00. and in tennis it'll be serena williams and alison riske for an all-american showdown. irse pulled off a shocker
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beating the top ranked woman in the world, ash barty. today will be her first ever quarterfinal in a major tournament. serena is seeking her 24th major championship. and 15-year-old coco gauff's cinderella run at wimbledon has ended. she captivated the all england club advancing into the second week before losing in the fourth round. she says her new fans have only just begun to see what she can do. >> i hope they learned about me, that i'm a fighter, and i'll never give up, and i hope they learned from me that i mean anything is possible if you work hard and just continue to dream big. >> we certainly learned all of that, coco. gauff said she's excited about her future. as to what's next, she says she's not sure. her age limits how often she can play in pro events. mets fans finally have a reasonable to smile. slugger pete alonso took the home run derby crown last night and beat fellow rookie vladimir
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belvita breakfast biscuits to get you through your nine, ten and your eleven-a.m. team mixer. made with a delicious blend of grains. get 4 hours of lasting energy to outlast your morning. ♪ time to check "the pulse" starting with a dancing bird and scientists say he's no copycat. >> snowball the cockatoo has been an internet star for years but researchers now say he learned how to dance on his own. they believe he taught himself how to vogue, do the body roll and a dozen other dance moves without imitating anyone else. >> researchers say spontaneously inventing new movements to music is something only humans and parrots seem to do because we
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share certain traits and, kenneth, he's doing some of your favorite dance moves. >> i don't see his beyonce. >> oh, you're right. >> do that one again. you got some of her hairstyle. also, janai just learned what bird is the word. ♪ bird, bird, bird ♪ bird is the word feel like slacking off at work? netflix has a sneaky new way for you to binge your favorite shows while pretending to work. >> netflix hangouts is a new extension on google chrome that lets you watch shows but makes it look like a conference call. whatever you're watching appears to be a four-person conference call but one of the calls is actually a program on the streaming service. genius. genius. >> they got the workers from "the office" that they're doing a conference call with. i would watch that one. if you ever wondered what time of the day you should work out, we have an answer. >> researchers looked at whethes
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as long as you work out consistently around the same time. they found a consistent routine is crucial. >> the key is associating your workout with some pre-existing mental cues so you won't skip it. experts recommend 115 minutes of moderate physical activity each week. when are we going to start working out, k. mo? >> at the same time. but i need to know why do i feel sick every time i put my gym clothes on? my brain. finally today is cow appreciation day today and chick-fil-a is celebrating. >> the company says it's a chance to say thank to you customers and honor the cows who encourage everyone to eat more chicken as a means of self-preservation. >> customers can get free food. there's a catch. >> of course. >> you have to wear cow theme attire or a cow- themed accessory. >> sounds a little difficult but you'd be surprised how many people make it work. >> a lot of them. they're saying they're ready to moo-ve along and get some free food. how about we moo-ve along. >> eat more chicken. i'm just a normal person
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crave victoriously. making news right now at 4:27. derick said he was a home depot in oakland said a crime wave is driving business away. a draw discussed. here we go, 3, 2, 1 --
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>> mike, how is the weather today? >> looking better than yesterday. i almost said it again. not as much drizzle as yesterday morning. not as humid, how about that? 60 in clear lake. here's a look at the highs today. mid-60s at the coast into san francisco, and a few 80s inland. we will be just a touch warmer than yesterday. we have a warming trend that starts today. overall we are looking quiet this morning. just got reports of a crash in the san francisco area. right now we are looking at our only stretch of red on the map so far this morning. 23 miles per hour here, and that's filling in and slowing down. our other typical slow spot, the cash lanes for the bay bridge toll plaza, 4:28 in the morning, already a wait but no issues if you are using fast track. ghost ship founder returns
4:29 am
to the stand. yesterday he gave jurors an emotional account as he defends himself against 36 counts. >> he said he was misled about the accounts. >> almena is hoping to be the star witness in his own defense, and yesterday he blamed the building's landlords for safety problems at the warehouse where 36 people died in the house. he came emotional when his attorney asked him if he felt responsible for the people who died. he said, quote, i built something and i attracted beautiful people to my sphaeu when asked about the conditions of the warehouse, he said he believed it was safe and was given permission to raise his children there and his wife is
4:30 am
there as well. >> he's enough a tough guy, a criminal, he's an art eugs. >> the defense claims the deadly fire was intentionally set by several men in dark clothing. almena and harris are both facing decades in prison. once almena wraps up his testimony this week, the case will be presented to the jury. if you are just waking up to us. hello. a quick update on your traffic and weather. >> let's jump in and set the table and show you it's not clearly as kraeu as yesterday. i am getting reports of clear conditions up across the north bay. here's the way it looks from the exploratorium. you can barely see the topf


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