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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  July 9, 2019 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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♪ tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." >> yeah. >> it's a father/son moment that is -- >> hitting everybody right here. >> the gift that brought a grown man to tears. he's a star on a scooter with -- >> his camera mounted in a unique spot. a safari guide spots something, the trapped animal who's lucky he did. >> how did they notice it? >> we've got christian, charity, nick and gayle breaking down the best o
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with a plan and some fireworks. the prank that's got the ladies plotting revenge. >> you should be scared. >> me? i didn't do nothing. this one is hitting everybody right here in the feel. and he has placed a blindfold around his dad. the rest of his family has gathered around outside, as he gets down the stairs. he stops him, takes the blindfold off. >> yes. yes. >> and right before lester's eyes is a beautiful ford f-150, >> is th my truck?s -- aah.
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>> oh. >> dad just became a kid. >> yes. >> oh, that is so sweet. >> and dad is so appreciative within , he's crying. the story behind the video is more, he's been without a truck for two years and he owns a lawn care service. >> that's got to be tough to work. >> yes. so wife takes him to work, and now she doesn't have to. the son plays in an indoor football league and has been secretly saving his money. as he rests his arm around his dad, he gets in, tries it on for size. >> that'll do the job. >> can't stop crying. the video ends but continues to go viral.
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>> that's a good one. ♪ he brings us the most action behind all the action, the hottest action in action sports. we're talking about ryan williams. r. willy, one of the stars of the circus show that travels around the world. it's a unique spot and captures so much cool action. >> all the tricks on that scooter is mind blowing, but the way that angle captures it all. how you see ryan contort his body through the air. i thought it was a new way to see the nitrus circus trick. just watching his wide eyed look as it goes up and around. >> this is cool but i'm starting to feel like i'm on a roller coaster. >> comes in and grabs ahold of
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the handlebar. that's the best use of the angle. >> that's his nothing front flip, he goes flying through the air, so he's unattached to his bike. this girl, elly chew is a brand new member of the tour, and she's going to do some pretty big stuff off the megaramp. >> boom. >> boom is right. huge flip off the ramp, her entire team goes nuts and here's why. >> that was her third attempt ever. she never tried it before. >> third attempt at that trick ever and she nails it. someone's gone and got stuck in the mud. but the chevy is in the safari.
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and they spotted an animal in discussi distress, good for them. because initially i couldn't see it. can you see it? >> no. >> there it is. >> it's camouflaged, how did they see it? >> can we circle it. >> what are we rescuing insects? no. this has got itself well and truly stuck. it struggled initially, you can tell it's scared. it tries to get away but realizes there's nothing it can do. the rescue isn't too hard. he basically has to help it and slowly unstick it from the mud. >> it's a young one, so it's probably not particularly heavy. >> no. and it's obviously pretty tired as well. once he gets it out, there we go, pretty limp. but then instincts stick ikick
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there we go. >> i'm out. our next one, we have to add to the list of random things we see in russia. in this case we're in a supermarket car park. >> russia? >> where did this come. >> look closer, can you see anything? >> yes, it's band. >> there is some teeth around the snout of this particular crocodile that they say escaped from a nearby traveling circus. i don't know, someone on the checklist was like crocodile -- >> probably. >> i feel bad for that, it doesn't belong there. >> russia is like move over florida, we got this. >> this video soaring over san francisco is making me home sick. >> san francisco from above, it's fog. >> hey, there is lots of fog and
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it's part of its beauty, but let me tell you, when it shines, it sparkles. >> doesn't this fog have a name? >> yes, it's called beautiful. and believe it or not, san francisco has some really cool beaches. >> i don't believe it. >> they're right there. >> you wouldn't go anywhere. >> and that's where they shot that scene. >> yes, that's the palace of fine arts. it's a cool place, lots of art happening there. awesome. >> amazing to see how fast it rolls in. >> then it burns off and you go back to your regularly scheduled programming. >> you have amazing landmarks here. you get a quick shot of alcatraz and let's not forget about the stunning sunsets. but if you haven't made it to san francisco, trust me, go. the scene is set for something super romantic. >> this thing has been out
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♪ closed captioning provided by -- gold bond neck and chest cream. 97% had firmer skin. gold bond ultimate lotion, ultimate skin. don't forget to dvr "right this minute" and never miss another video. for years, decades we've all heard don't run by the pool. today, run, run by the pool and run fast. we have a bunch of kids swimming in this barge pool. it's a thing in china. but there's a big problem
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approaching. >> run, run, run, run. >> yep, at first crash then you notice this massive other barge that is out of control and crashing into this public community pool. it's terrifying. you see little ones running, adults running. there's commotion everywhere. finally grinds to a halt, thankfully no children or people in the pool area injured in any way. however, five out of the six crewmen aboard the tug boat attached to that barge were injured. >> they're going to be held responsibility. >> this is still under investigation. sounds like the barge driver was trying to make a turn that clearly did not work. here's another guy running around water. he had no need to because the ferry was not leaving. >> oh, boy just missed the boat. >> is the ferry going to the hospital because i think he
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needs it? that was just so stupid. play it again. >> okay. his legs go in all kinds of different directions. somehow he manages to pull himself out of the water, uses the same legs he just folded. i don't know how he didn't get himself seriously hurt. ♪ we've seen tina young so many times on this show, but this is a very different video coming from her youtube channel because this time she's the one getting a massive surprise from her boyfriend alfred. but if we rewind a little bit, he actually lets us in on what it took to pull this whole thing off. >> i began looking for a venue that was dog friendly and i came across the city harbor. i saw a photo of the room in front of luna park, so that was it. so i got kathy to invite her to
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a fake event which gave me time to go to the hotel and set up. >> he talks about the relationship and how it started. >> we have been dating for three years, and it's been the best of my life. we've created a business together, packed up our belongings and moved to sin ga pore. he wanted to go back to wear they met, which is sydney, australia. this thing has been thought our thoroughly. >> cool location, dude. >> her man, her dog cocoa and a big side that says will you merry me with sydney in the background. >> this is beautiful. >> that's instagram worthy. >> you have no idea. she said as soon as she walked in, she caught a glimpse of a picture of she and alfred and she had a hunch this is what she
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was going to enycounter. he drops down on one knee, shows her the ring and she immediately says yes. so congratulations to tina and alfred. ♪ every dog has a thing, a place they like to be pet. and it gets that interesting and special reaction. he smiles when you pet his paws. look at that grin, thanks. that's amazing. why did you stop? >> sorry. >> oh, big smile again. i love you so much. you're my favorite. what are you doing? okay. there's the smile once again. it's his little on button. what about cats? we know that cats like to sit in boxes, lounge out on watermelons -- >> huh? >> manny has found the right place. >> animals are weird. >> they are. especially cats.
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they're like, this makes perfect sense. >> i wonder if they just brought the watermelon home from the store so it's nice and cold. >> a long hair, probably hot. big news for her husband. >> he's very excited. >> next "right this minute." still to come, the bottle cap challenge gets a new spin. how a slick turn gets the trend an impressive twist. plus, james has his guitar. >> he's just getting it. >> see him rock out like a true rock star. >> you feel it. you just feel it. >> yes. join us for a new favorite today. then bring one home for tomorrow--on us. buy one take one for a limited time. only at olive garden. we take a deep breath and say yes to forever.
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instant big volume... so colossal! colossal mascara from maybelline new york, available at walmart. ♪ ♪ like us on stay in touch all day long. now back to the show. once it goes viral, it's then open for interpretation. we've seen it a number of times on our show. crazy internet challenges like the bottle cap challenge have
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gone so viral that people are taking their own spin with it. like thomas vu here. >> so many random versions. >> i've seen it done with a >>, a ba i that's the stuff with your own twist on it. >> you can take something you've seen and make it your own, that's what tommy says. got a couple different angles of it. that's what it takes to secure your place in the bottle cap challenge history. just like this. >> oh, no. >> chip diamond. >> chip diamond. >> of course that's edge bass master. >> i think this is going to be a massive fail. he's going to send the entire bottle flying across the room. >> chip, let's see it. here comes the big flying, kicking, leaping
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kaboom. with this bottle cap challenge, chip ain't got no time for that. >> i always do it wrong. >> chip, thanks for making this chae k good. >> i think it's the sweater. it's like his super power. >> i think it's the mullet. you know, if you got it, you got it. this kid james has got it. ♪ all you got to do is put a drink in my hand ♪ >> he's rocking out to "drink in my hand" by eric church. and he is just getting -- i mean, look at him. >> he feels the music. that is the face you make when you lived through some stuff. >> you feel it. you just feel it. you are slash in that moment.
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>> the drink is probably a juice box. ♪ >> i hope they get him guitar classes because this kid is going to be a great musician one day. oh, little cutie. yes, that little cutie is solaris and he's a baby genius. >> show mommy purple. >> he's only 6 months old and h. you don't know what they're absorbing. >> his mom knows because she's told him along the way. >> show mommy yellow. which one is yellow? >> almost saying it, you know what i mean? he's trying to say the word. >> oh, wow. >> everyone is reaching out to
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her mom asking how she's done this. she released the video talking about how she goes to the library and they have these books with colors in them and it helps associate which colors are which, and it's working. i have to be quiet so she don't wake up. >> he's pulling a fourth of july they w e break.
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>> that's right. when it comes to prank wars,
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escalation is a factor. and when it comes down to it, this particular prank war between boyfriend and girlfriend, it's escalated to ptsd levels. >> she's sleeping, and i bought some fireworks. >> break up. >> i have to be quiet, man, so she don't wake up. >> this is inspired by the recent fourth of july holiday where you like to blow everything up. i think he wants to blow up their relationship. >> stupid. >> stupid. >> don't do this. >> stupider in slow motion. >> he's there, he's so happy, man. he's taking his victory lap. >> he's falling in love with himself and she's falling back to sleep.
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oh, you're so cool. >> it wasn't that good. if you're going to prank her to get her up, you need more than a few fireworks. >> it's escalation. >> it wasn't enough for her, she's back in her z's. >> she's like, i'm going to go ahead and remain calm. when we remain calm -- >> that's when you come up with your best ideas? >> yes. when we are calm and not talking, you guys should be scared. >> me? i didn't do nothing. >> we're being collectively blamed. >> i already have nightmares. get out of my dreams. >> no doubt, it's going to keep escalating. we'll see where this one goes. >> nowhere. that's all for this show, but lots more fun stuff on "right this minute." we'll see you next time on a
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brand new rtm.
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tonight, the scare onboard. the midair emergency. the new images from onboard a delta flight. the pilots radioing they had an engine out. a piece of the plane trapped in the engine. the flight crew urging passengers to brace themselves. the toddler who fell 150 feet on a cruise ship. tonight, that family demanding answers, asking why a window was open near the children's water park area on that ship. the horrific scene in broad daylight. the stabbing spree in seattle. multiple people attacked. pictures from the screen tonight. and now the suspect. the firestorm growing over jeffrey epstein. his home raided, arrested and charged with sex trafficking. girls allegedly as young as 14. tonight, president trump is asked about the man he once socialized with. > and growing calls for the
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president's lay door secretary to


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