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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  July 10, 2019 1:42am-2:12am PDT

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>> peacock. showing out to get some attention. we see it in the animal kingdom, we see it in the human animal kingdom. that's what's going on in this first video here. this first video, dude sitting on his bike at a red light. >> don't do it man. >> he's going to do it. he starts revving up, the smoke starts building. ladies, aren't you more attracted to him, i know i am. >> i'm so much less attracted to him. >> how can he make himself look cooler. >> take off, do a wheelie, you're going to look amazing. >> oh! >> yep. >> what else can you say, you deserve it. >> you certainly got more attention coming your way. looks like baby driver has grown up and had some kids. >> oh! >> and keeps going. the outrageous driving here. watch it again as the car comes
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to the right-hand side in full rock out, manages to go to the side and pull a 360 and recovery. the guy that posted the video said the car had been going too fast. and later on as well he did see some red and blue lights in his mirror, so there may have been consequences to this performance. in this video from russia, you have the sweeping corner there. looks like it might be a little damp. >> stop, stop, stop! >> oh! >> upside down, keep watching, though. pretty lucky in this case as it starts to slowly roll over on its wheels. goes flipping all the way around, convinced it's going to stop, no goes straight through the barrier and into the water. you can see another video, they did say rescuers managed to save the driver and the passenger and
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there were no injuries. as for the cause some said speed. other witnesses say the driver may have fallen asleep at the wheel. i'm not sure what's going on here. >> fix those rails. those need to be metal not cardboard. taxi overboard, that's not cool. there is a bond that only sisters share and it's beautiful. a rereuni union unlike anyike ay >> several sisters. >> yes. these sisters haven't seen each other in about eight years. so as they reunite they hug and love on each other. >> you can tell it. look at them. >> i can't even begin to imagine. so manyecesf memories. right now they're probably going through childhood and the troubles they got into. >> they are ages 84, 86, and 90
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and their kids, the cousins decided to get them together. this is laughter and a lot of tears. it's a well known thing, even though they don't like to say it, grandma always has a favorite, right? >> uh-huh. >> cameron is away at school and tina's grandpa decided to do a little something for grandma. grandpa's like, quiet, she's upstairs. >> it's amazon, door. >> and when she sees him, she goes silent because she's so excited. >> cameron says his grandfather told him that grandma has been going through something, she'd be sad lately. >> so it's a bummer for the other grand kids they found out they're not the favorite. >> he said they already know. it made her day, that's all that
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matters. i always thought phoenix was a fictional bird. do we have actual footage of a true phoenix right now or are we at the oregon zoo using a thermal imaging camera. >> it's obviously a phoenix. >> that's cool. >> look at the way that camera picks up the different hot spots on the bird. clearly the whiter hot spots are the warmer parts of the bird. you see when the bird flexes and flaps wings, gets under the wing there. do you guys have a guess as to what bird actually it is and it's not a phoenix. >> a hawk. >> o. pto >> the only other one is an eagle. >> a type of eagle. >> a hot one. >> a bald eagle.
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>> bald eagle is correct. a neat way to see the symbol of america. ♪ ladies and gentlemen, get ready for the latest, greatest trick lining competition. >> oh. >> it's the narrowest trampoline in the world. >> that's basically what this is. >> is it sponsored by a cup company? these moves require you to land in a particular way. >> this is a world masters company preponderate it happened in germany, these guys have to perform these tricks. that's what they're being scored on, teams of two, so they have to out trick each other. >> the one dude pops up on -- >> oh, you win. >> men and women giving it their shot. but this girl is insane what she can do. she does like a side plank.
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>> take that fellas. >> amazing how any time anything is invented, they can stand on that thing and then you have a contest where you're doing triple back flips and pikes. >> they're developing a talent for what was coming next. these are the three winners, our lady that was so impressive placed second. i'm sure this is a sport drawing bigger crowds next time around because it is awesome. >> see hacky sackers what you could have been? >> happy flackers. a group out on the town stops for a quick bite. >> they're hanging out, it's late. the dramatic moment they make a big move. >> there's no escape. >> plus it's the season to soak up the sun. >> they got a good spot. they can see the view. >> but see all the relatable folks you'll find at the beach, coming up. let's go play some putt putt.
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♪ closed captioning provided by -- gold bond neck and chest cream. 97% had firmer skin. gold bond ultimate lotion, ultimate skin. the rtm videos app. now you can watch videos while you wait. secure for bore dom, download it now. these people in columbia are enjoying that late night snack. a few more customers walk in the door, a server walks over to welcome them and hand them a couple menus. but everything changes. one guy brings out a handgun. but everyone remains calm. you see the woman that game in with the guy start pushing the other woman toward the back, she throws her to the ground and according to reports manages to land punches.
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>> how many accomplices are there? i lost track of who's who. >> i'll tell you who's who, there's a second video from outside the store. it shows this woman and two men. >> and the guy with the gun. >> the first man walks in and pulls out a handgun and points it right at the server. police are still looking for these people, that's why the videos have been released. these shots of them entering the location are clear, so hopefully someone recognizes them and calls police. the wrong in this video is easy to spot. this guy walked through the gates right behind that woman, but that worker noticed it and immediately confronts the dude. the dude doesn't like it so much. the 23-year-old man was eventually apprehended, sentenced to 12 months imprisonment, suspended for 12 months but he has to do 150 hours of unpaid work and a 15 day rehabilitation requirement. and he was order to pay just
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under 1,000 bucks in compensation to the victim. ♪ summer vacations are in full swing, you might be hitting up some of those beautiful beaches and if you are, you are going to find all the people you might be spotting out there on the beach. >> you always feeling like they live there. >> forgot to heat this up before we came out here. >> that's okay. i've got this. >> they've got everything. >> those are the ones that are going to feed you good food while you're at the beach. no sandwich and a drink thing. >> those are the people you want to be friends with. >> there are people that don't necessarily do the beach, like this. or people like me. >> i promise there are no jelly fish in this pool. you need to relax, there's no sand out here. >> you can't guarantee that. >> there's nothing in the water,
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it's beautiful, clean, no sharks, jelly fish. >> you're a beach killjoy. >> i am. >> you're a little beach. >> that's true. there is one group of people that isn't down with everyone else in their beach party, the local. >> the best time to come down is after summer break and before the snow birds come down. >> september 22nd. >> so close. but without a doubt, my favorite, gave me a bit of flashbacks is the rookies. >> can you help me put this aloe on? >> on my way. >> those are painful. >> you're telling me. >> i burnt the bottom of my feet. >> that's because you used mayonnaise instead of sun screen again. >> it's bad. because you know what, it escalates. >> i'm leaving you, kevin. >> why? he's so hot. >> wait! >> please don't follow me. this is a fun project.
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this guy from the crazy doggy youtube channel has an idea. some model rocketry, a fin, and a simple designed rocket. have you figured out what he's using? >> are those matches with heads? >> no! >> now he has the whole thing skinned in match sticks without the head, and a little bit of black powder. he fills the tube with black powder and the heads he's cut off it. >> this is how spacex does it. >> they're lying. this is not going to launch. >> you think? >> i have a hunch this might not go as planned. >> here we go, t-minus 5 seconds and counting. let's see if you are correct, christian. >> model rocket scientist.
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>> i'm leaving you guys, i'm going to nasa. >> it just detonated on the launch pad there. you can see match heads raining down. the match heads quickly combusted, looked like there was no place for that pressure to go and went boom. >> i have ideas how this can be improved. >> she knows how to fly a plane. ♪ adorable ducklings found stranded. >> even stories up. >> how rescuers bring the whole family back to safety. >> rooftop party over. he's got his guitar but -- >> it sounds like a synthesized trumpet. >> why he's always strumming some strange new tune. >> he's doing it again! join us for a new favorite today.
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when there are animals to need is simon cowell from wildlife aid. he's shown up in gillford where a family of ducklings have been stuck seven stories up a building. simon explains this is a mallard duck and apparently they're notorious for taking their babies and hatching them in precarious situations. >> nothing look precarious about that. they have their own rooftop pond. it's perfect. let them grow up, their wings will flech and they can fly off the roof. >> they can't leave them there. the ducklings are pretty easy to capture. they get them into this net and collect them. >> it's the ducklings what about the grown ups, are they going to come back and say i swear i left the kids here? >> the mallard duck is apparently finky and feisty and
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at any point the mom might be like i'm out. they don't want to do that so they have to be extremely careful. after capturing the ducklings they have to find mama. they finally spot her and they're going to use her own ducklings to get her into the net. so they release the ducklings near the mom. and they swim off like a happy family. they're going to go with this area here. so they drop the carrier into the water. the ducklings cheerfully and so adorable just paddle out. mom is released and off they go. geeks unite. it's time to play a guessing game. do not open your eyes until i tell you you're allowed to. i want to play a series of
2:03 am
instruments to see if you can guess. >> harp. >> wait for the unit. what am i listening to here? >> bells. >> like the big, long bells, they look like wind chimes. >> bells. okay. next up. ♪ >> a trumpet? no. >> hang on, play it again. >> it sounds like a synthesized trumpet. >> or some dude going like -- >> clarinet. >> yes, clarinet. okay, open your eyes. >> is it a dude? >> he's doing it again. it's dude with his guitar. >> yes. some of them are incredible. the interesting way he's doing it, can you see, he has an air compressor? but truly incredible.
2:04 am
already nearly 2 million views online because people are like what's going on here. you have an acoustic guitar, don't know how to snare drum, that's okay. get some cash money. >> i like this creativity. >> yep. >> pretty cool. >> it's certainly original. tourists take a look around. >> selfie hmm.
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[cell phone beeps] [police whistle blows] [horns honking] woman: hey! [bicycle bell rings] turn here. there. excuse me. uh. uh. [indistinct announcement on p.a. system] so, same time next week? well, of course. announcer: put away a few bucks. feel like a million bucks. for free tips to help you save, go to ♪ feed the pig when i have an asthma attack...
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i feel scared. sometimes my parents have to take me to the hospital. i feel like a fish with no water. you know how to react to their asthma attacks. here's how to prevent them. call... visit... or call your doctor. because... a shovel, knife, fire starters, that kind of stuff. it's unfortunate but occasionally waterfalls dry up. that's what happened here in this part of india. so these tourists decided to go check it out. >> oh! >> what are you guys doing? >> what are you doing? >> look at that. >> don't wait, get out of there. flash floods killed people. >> they didn't know a flash
2:07 am
flood created it. but when they see it coming, they stop, look at it, and then run. >> here's an example of the dangers of them. look at the sky, not a cloud in the sky. but there's a storm, dumped all this is the >> a distant monsoon triggered floods. fortunately they weren't hurt and lived to tell about it. >> looks like someone turned on the water feature. head to this where we're trying to get this couple and this horse across this stream. >> this is not going to go well. >> she's not wearing shoes. >> we're almost there, let's do it. you got this. >> no! no! >> yep. >> i got to go. >> i'm so glad it paid off.
2:08 am
>> she knew what was up. she threw her phone onto rocks rather than take it into the water. >> she knew it was up, she wouldn't be on the back of the horse without shoes on. >> hoping for the best. >> this is the best, because the person in the background is living for this -- >> oh! ha ha! yeah! that's it, that's all. we'll see you on the next "right this minute." >> our contestant stan jastrzebski from lafayette, indiana, wants to get his wife something nice for spending hours helping him practice for the show. don't buy anything just yet, stan. i have a feeling your budget might be a whole lot bigger really soon. it's time to play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] how u doing? [cerplse]
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that's what i'm talking about. welcome to the show! everybody's fired up and ready to play today. you better rise to the occasion. these people are fired up. >> and my wife's expecting something, so... [applause] >> they're not gonna take a half-hearted effort. they wanna see someone win money. >> a full-hearted effort. >> you better deliver here. let's set up your board and get going. 14 questions between you and that $1 million. three lifelines up there on the board if and when you need 'em. let's make some money. >> let's do it. >> let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic musical flourish] okay, $500 question starts us off. good luck. after their famous battle in the bible, david "ran and stood upon" goliath's body "and took his" what? >> if this were a 21st century passage, it might be a different answer. uh, i expect that, uh... the answer is b, sword.
2:10 am
final answer. >> today it would totally be a selfie. but, yeah, sword is right. [applause] good start. $500. let's go for a thousand. according to, to keep an open bag of chips from going stale, you should store it where? >> well, there are a couple of things that would probably keep these cold and thus keep them from spoiling as quickly. but the most accessible one of those to the average person, i would think, would be d, in the freezer. final answer. >> does anyone really do that? does any--i didn't think so. you got it right. no one's going to the freezer for their chips. >> they're spoiling under the kitchen cabinet right now. >> right. just buy more chips. $2,000 up next. according to a popular meme, an honest title for what milton
2:11 am
bradley game of physical skill would be, "you think this game will end in sex, but it won't"? >> when my wife was in graduate school, we--she didn't have a tv--we played a ton of scrabble, and it never, ever ended that way. when we got married, she bought the game twister, and it hasn't ended, itself, in sex either. but i think the answer is d, twister, final answer. >> how long you been married? >> nine years. >> and you're still hopeful. god bless you. [laughter] that's right! don't lose the faith. someday... >> [laughing] >> that got ya to $2,000. this'll get us to $3,000. which aspect of your body does your hypothalamus not play a crucial role in controlling? >> the hypothalamus is in the brain, develops
2:12 am
along with your eye color. so the hypothalamus has the potential to control three of those, but i believe your eye color is genetic. so i'm gonna say c, eye color, final answer. >> i see what you did there. yep, that's right. [applause] >> [laughing] >> all right, $5,000 is next, the first threshold we can get to, so a big step. we'll take it with this question. in april 2018, the new york stock exchange mistakenly raised the flag of switzerland, not sweden, in an attempt to celebrate the ipo of what company? >> so let' see, um... i have been to the heineken factory, and it's in the netherlands. quantas is from au


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