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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 10, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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committed to building a better bay area. >> the story went direct tly to the mayor. >> she never wants anything like this to happen to anyone in san francisco and that means she has to work harder. >> these are the drug parasdrug >> she's showing what they left of breaking in and stealing clothes, jewelry and family heirlooms. >> so creepy. housed needles, for heroin use, i mean, actual heroin on my table. no. that is not acceptable. it's just not. i have three young kids, not acceptab acceptable. >> we caught up with mayor london at an event. i asked her about what happened and what's being done. >> what do you think about this happening and she wants to leave the city now? >> yeah, i think it's unfortunate that this happened. of course, if anyone is victimized in this way, it's
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really a violation and of course, i understand her reaction to this issue and so that means we have to work harder to make sure that we have more police officers on streets, that we are addressing some of the causes of crime in the first place and investing in the right programs and doing everything we can to deal with these issues. >> reporter: we shared the mayor's response with angela. >> what do you think? >> i'm glad to hear she's taking seriously and addressing the root causes. i would love to see the statistics that show car break-ins and crimes are down because that doesn't really match with everyday experience. and i'm glad to hear she's thinking about it but i think we need really specific plans. i want to know exactly what the plan is. >> so about plans, angela's city supervisor said the city made significant investments in place and drug treatment and pretty hopeful the changes will help
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turn things around in the next few years. >> l's hope >> yeah. >> all right. thanks. crime is one issue that drives people to the breaking point with the bay area. cost of living is another. housing here is among the most expensive as you know in the entire country so it's a struggle that a lot of us can relate to. >> while cities are trying to build more housing, it may come late for teachers and firefighters and anyone trying to earn a living wage. >> lyanne melendez is live with the story of a teacher desperately, leeann trying as best she can to stay in the city. >> reporter: yes, indeed, dan. we heard of people having two, three jobs just to be able to live in san francisco and other parts of the bay area. this teacher went on next door to say my teaching job is no longer sustainable so i need a couple of jobs to make it work. the ever increasing cost just to live in san francisco has impacted the quality of life of this struggling teacher. >> going out just around the
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community will be you'll spend $100 in a weekend, which is something that personally i can't afford to do that. >> reporter: raleigh works for a non-profit teaching english to adult refugees. she earns $25 an hour. >> i wouldn't teach forever. i can't see myself doing administrati administrative jobs. >> reporter: despite to make ends meet, she asked on the neighborhood network how to get help getting a second job. >> my child needs ftutoring. >> reporter: the city maintaining the only way to keep people like her in san francisco is to build more affordable housing. today aboard of superi voorsuper approved spending $19 billion to buy this property with the intention of developing affordable housing. the mayor's office of housing and community development set a
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goal of 10,000 affordable units by 2020. as of last december, the city had completed 7,386 units and confirmed 2,827 units are in the pipeline expected to be completed by 2020, which would surpass the goal set by san francisco. the california legislature is also trying to pass a bill that would cap yearly rent increases in the state at 10%. to keep people from being forced out. >> i rent when i'm 20% one year, many people have experience those spiking increases and for many people in the bay area, that's a matter of life and death. it's a difference between keeping a roof over their family's head and being on the street. >> it makes no sense anymore sometimes to struggle here when we could go somewhere else, make the same amount of money and make it work. >> recently the city agreed to
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put a $600 million bond on the november ballot to produce or preserve more housing, 20 million will be set aside for teacher housing. still, many will agree that the city waited too long to start building more homes. in the newsroom, lyanne melen z melendez. >> let's talk more about solutions, our mission is building a better bay area. >> tonight we have examples. one is big picture, the other is in a smaller scale but with a large impact. >> let's begin with chris nguyen who is live in san jose for us, chris? >> reporter: hi, ama. here having a roommate isn't the most appealing option but for some, it has become a lifeline in groups like catholic charities here in santa clara county doing their best to help bridge the gap. as the bay area continues to grow, it's safe to say most of us are having a tough time keeping up and with some of the highest housing prices in the country, some people are now doing whatever they can to keep
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themselves from being forced out. >> there is some help outside. we just need to be looking for. >> reporter: meet this woman that's relieved because of a recent home makeover that will provide her with recent stability. >> i couldn't believe it. if that's true or not. they said yes, we're going to help you. you qualify. >> reporter: waters was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy and lives on a fixed income. she got in touch with catholic charities after learning about the organizations home share program. they connect people that need housing with homeowners that have under utilized space. waters had a spare bedroom to rent out. >> we do the background check and get to know our clients. i got to know her and find out what they are looking for to make the match perfect. >> reporter: there was a slight problem. waters' home had fallen into disrepair and didn't have heat nor was it wheelchair friendly so catholic charities connected to rebuild silicon valley. volunteers came in and made the repairs valued at $5,000 for no
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cast to whereat aters. >> the ramp the toilet set. >> reporter: local organizations working together. >> it utilizes the home more and preserving the housing stock we have and making the most of it. >> reporter: most room rentals are around $900 per month. to see if you qualify, head to our website. we put a link there on chris nguyen, abc 7 news. >> chris, in the case of this homeowner, sounds like she doesn't want to move out of the bay area even though it may be cheaper elsewhere? >> good point, ama. she is currently on a fixed income and depends on social security and just to put things into perspective, when she bought that condo eight years ago, it cost around $250,000. the latest appraisal was around $800,000. so easy for people to say hey,
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you know, you should be able to move out of the bay area and be fine and get a cheaper place elsewhere but she says why should i have to move? this is my home and this is where her medical team is. >> thank you so much, chris. to the east bay where they are thinking big picture when it comes to creating new housing. >> development planned what's now the south shore center in alameda would transform the island with some big city style high rises, construction could last for decades. >> liz continues coverage with a look at the details on this plan, liz? >> reporter: hi, dan and ama. this proposal would build 1200 units here including an eight-story apartment building in this parking lot. it will help address the detail and lease space here in the shopping center as well as address housing shortages but people who live here, many say it's the size of the proposal that has them concerned.
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the south shore shopping center may soon be cutting down on retail and adding in residential units. >> the long-term vision for this land is that we make it a more dynamic mixed use space by adding residential here. >> reporter: the developers proposed to build 1200 units across the retail space. the first phase would begin at this parking lot which they hope to convert into an eight-story apartment building with stores and restaurants on the ground floor and 300 units above. the proposal that some who live in the area are questioning. >> i think it would be sad to have the building stop this view. >> we're a little concerned about the number of units that will be brought into town, traffic of course -- >> reporter: the eight-story building would block his views i understand thelaisnd. s wl a we can't deny that it is. we're on a waterfront site here and there is a car wash and
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mcdonald's close by. a big five. we think the highest and best use for the land is really housing. >> reporter: there is no denying that's something alameda needs. >> we live in the bay area where we have a housing crisis and we do need more housing. >> reporter: we sat down with the mayor to ask about the housing proposal. she's open to the new development but wants to make sure it includes low income housing but housing for middle income families, as well. >> i think there is great potential. last night the number thrown out is 1200 new housing units. i don't know that's the correct number but again, that's the start of a very preliminary process. >> reporter: now the developers say they plan to have a mix of low income, middle income and market value units this is preliminary. it could take several years for it to get approved. if it does, they hope the first phase will be built by 2025. liz kroiz, abc 7 news. >> yes, still a few years ago.
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liz, traffic in alameda just like everywhere else around the bay area is a big concern for folks. did the developer say if they have a plan to address it? >> reporter: yeah, you know, they didn't really have an answer to that concern. they say it's still an early phase. they are getting input as they try to figure things out. the mayor said it's incumbent on everybody to do their part to help, take the bus, walk, take the ferry, carpool. she said if you want to help with congestion, you know, be part of the solution. >> okay. liz, thanks very much. >> what do you think about all of this? we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. new at 6:00 tonight, the abc 7 news i-team digs into a report pg&e knew the equipment could spork wildfires. >> the evidence that's specifically linked to the deadliest wildfire in state history. november's campfire in spencer .
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a report tonight finds pg&e knew for years its power lines could spark wildfires but didn't take steps to fix them. >> dan is here with reaction to really a troubling headline. >> dan and ama, this comes as we're heading into another fire season. scrambling to find lines and
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towers can hold up as brush and trees dry and high winds hit. >> pg&e admitted the transmission line sparked the campfire that spread to the town of paradise and beyond last november killing 85 people. >> that caused sparks, the sparks fell down into the brush and the fire started. >> wildfire victims attorney dario showed the i-team photographs of tower 27 to 22 with a broken sea hook that held an insulator, flash mark and other damage. >> if you look at the picture of the view going southwest, you can see that the mountains torched. if you look at the view going to the northeast, no damage. there is no question that this is where the fire started. there is nothing else around it that could have started the fire. >> today the "wall street journal" reports documents obtained under the freedom of information acre show before the campfire, pg&e knew the 49 of the steel towers that carry the electrical line failed needed to be replaced entirely and some of
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the towers are more than 100 years old but the journal says pg&e delayed upgrades to some of the oldest lines ranking them as low-risk projects. >> this company puts profits before people again and again and again. >> consumer activist are calling for the state to take over the transmission lines saying pg&e can't be trusted to spend money wisely. >> when they need a lobbyist, they have no problem lining one up and hiring one when they need 100 lobbyist. when they need 100 lawyers for a bankruptcy filing but when they need someone to walk from one transmission line to another, they can't do it. >> pg&e has long been criticized for its maintenance program. we spoke with state senator jerry hill in february. pg&e had improvements they would make on the line and they deferred them. they got the money for it, spent the money on something else and asked for the money again and then had every year they were supposed to do it and still haven't started the work that was going to be done on the
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line. >> last month, pg&e announced inspections found thousands of repairs needed for the line and decided to retire it permanently. the journal reports they began detailed inspections only after the campfire that destroyed paradise. the company has begun using drones and provided the i-team this video of inspectors at work. pg&e emailed me statement today, we're taking action to meet the challenge pg&e is completing advance inspections of the electric infrastructure in the high fire threat areas and will make the status of the high priority repairs publicly available next week. also today, the judge overseeing pg&e's federal probation issued this order. the company has to respond to the "wall street journal" article paragraph by paragraph and to explain why they paid out $5 billion in dividends before filing bankruptcy instead of fixing the lines and towers and trimming trees. how to use your money.
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>> fair question. >> it is. >> thanks, dan. >> tomorrow pg&e will host a second open house meeting this week so customers can learn about preemptive power shutouts in times of high fire danger. the next meeting is at walnut creek from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. >> fire danger may tick up because we have heat coming back. >> we do. spencer christian is here with details. >> it will be hot in some inland areas. here is a look at live doppler 7. sunny skies and still now. they are a little area of low clouds forming well offshore but at the moment, it's still pretty warm out there. 24-hour temperature change shows most locations are about four to five degrees warmer than yesterday at this hour right around the bay and near the coast. inland areas up to nine degrees warmer. the warmup is underway. this is the view. the golden gateway off in the distance, low clouds beginning to develop but we don't have a
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marine layer yet. oakland 71, 78 redwood city and 80 morgan hill and 63 at half moon bay and you can see the blue sky over the golden gate. the fog certainly has not reach that location yet. 79 at santa rosa and petaluma 73. one more view, this is santa cruz beach. there were lots of people there and still are. many more may follow as the warmup continues. these are the forecast features, areas of fog and spotty morning drizzle mainly near the coast and bay. warming trend continues tomorrow and there will be hot days inland friday through sunday. overnight, though, as the fog develops and pushes locally out and produces spotty coastal drizzle, low temperatures mainly in the mid to upper 50s and milder concord abo antioch. 88 morgan hill and .
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up on the peninsula 76 and palo alto 79. on the coast, mainly mid 60s under breezy conditions and downtown san francisco 68 and 88 clove dale and 87 lake port and 86 and over to the east bay we go where we'll see highs of 74 and hayward 77 newark and 76 castro valley and inland east bay mainly upper 80s to 90. it's going to get even warmer on friday. inland highs in the low to mid-90s, maybe a couple upper 90s. right around the bay, not much of an increase on friday but saturday will be a warmer day just about everywhere. upper 90s in many inland areas saturday. we expect that to be the hottest day in the forecast feature and on sunday, not much change. some of the inland areas in the upper 90s on saturday will drop down to mid-90s on monday. down into the gulf of mexico it
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is quite warp. the waters are warm and a tropical system developing there likely to become a tropical storm by tomorrow. it's name will be berry. it's expected to be a huge rainmaker for the gulf coast and may intensify to level one to a hurricane. excuse me. making landfall in the central gulf coast near lake charles louisiana on saturday. we'll keep watching it. here is the seven-day fors ec we have warm, warm weather through sunday. a little cooldown on monday. not much, though. and the cooling continues tuesday and wednesday. by tuesday, wednesday next week we'll see temperatures back at a more typical range but we'll have well above average temperatures friday through sunday. going to be a little toasty. >> all right, thank you. let's give you a live look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza as the evening commute is well underway. pretty smooth out there. >> yeah, before this year, there was a pretty easy way to cheat
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new at 6:00 police made an arrest in a drug investigation that's gone on for weeks. today detectives served a warrant while hes at work. inside his home, officers say they found 11 ounces
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152 ectasy pills and loaded firearm magazines. he was arrested at work and booked for felony charges. crews took samples from a 30-gallon drum that caused a hazmat response in daly city. sky 7 was over the scene. this was at south gate and west ridge avenues not far from skyline boulevard. the product is stable and person neal -- personnel removed the drum. a san francisco citizens group filed a lawsuit to stop the city's plan to build a homeless navigation center. that 200-bed center will be located on the embarcaderembarc. safe embarcadero for all, the filing seeks a temporary restraining order and stay to keep the development from progressing until the lawsuit is decided. the city attorney's office emailed abc 7 news in response to the lawsuit state income part quote rather than try to shift the problem to someone else's backyard, everyone needs to do their pa> lifornia's law
6:26 pm
cars to have temporary plates that can identify them cut down on toll judgers in the bay area. dealer paper plates cost the region an average of $1 million a month in tolls because there was no way to track the car. the bay area toll authority says in may of this year, it dropped to $250,000 per month. if it is confident it will drop more. the new law went into effect january 1st. tomorrow it's been a week since the first of two big earthquakes struck southern california. did they prompt you to update your emergency kit? next, see the changes happening at a fire station that will let first responders know about a quake before it hits? >> my house came out well and my cousin's house and some others didn't. >> it's about more than rebuilding roads and fixing houses. see
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you mighyour for your heart... or your digestion... so why wouldn't you take something for the most important part of you... your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. you're looking at a tool a fire department has to use in an emergency especially an earthquake. firefighters are also getting
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tools that can warn them about an earthquake before it actually hits. >> abc 7 news chris ryes shows you how it works. >> the moment an earthquake is detected by the usgs sensors, this fire station will not only get an alert, an automated system will leap into action opening doors, turning on lights, shutting off the gas and activating speakers, all thanks to the software system, the first time it's being used by a public agency in northern california. >> our company is doing more than just a warning because we're able to take action. it's one of the most exciting projects i've worked on. >> this communication system is brand-new and want to connect to the system's smart station in the future. >> this is a long-range audio device. it's a large trailered speaker. it's battery powered and rechargeable so we can take this anywhere in the
6:31 pm
>> these drones are just a few months old. they can fly with no restrictions and have speaker and spotlight capabilities. >> with this drone, it has a thermal imaging camera so you can take a quick view of where the hot spots are. also using very useful in finding a lost hiker or finding thermal signatures you look for. >> it will go into service in august full of brand-new equipment. >> all those pieces of equipment will be crucial because it didn't just happen we got all these resources. >> reporter: the chief said this technology is a product of many lessons learned over the years. top on the list, getting communication out to the crew and the community as soon as possible. chris ryes, for abc 7 news. some of the people who track earthquakes for a living are moving to a new home. scientists are the united states geological survey will leave their current facility and relocate to moffett field.
6:32 pm
they faced a $12 million a year rent hike when nasa reached out with an invitation. >> hey, we're building what we hope is a federal science campus here. how would you like to co-locate? that provide the opportunity to move from something market-based rent to come here and be on a very exciting dynamic campus. >> as you can see, there is still work going on to get the facility ready for the usgs. well, today the usgs helped brief vice president mike pence on last week's earthquakes. these are pictures from pence's twitter account as he flue to california for the communities that were hit hardest by the quake, recovery is about repairing more than just the physical impacts of the event. >> carlos from our sister station traveled to san bernardino county to get the story firsthand. >> reporter: a warm meal for the hernandez family, the first in
6:33 pm
several days. >> this is wonderful. we're blessed right now to have this. >> reporter: today they came to the high school for food, water and information from city and county agencies. their home was damaged in the quake. >> we can't cook. we had a gas leak. the fireplace crumbled. >> reporter: at this town hall, this are power companies and water agencies and agencies with structural repairs and many people. >> the tank ran out of water the night before last. we're without water. if we have bottled water to the animals. >> and the question i've gotten the most is how long is the shutter going to be open? >> the shelter will be open until you guys don't need it anymore. >> there are a lot of buckled roads and concrete
6:34 pm
they are getting to everything as quickly as they can. >> it's been tough. this community was hit hard. everyone is coming together with water and ice. they are working together to get it restored. >> my house came out well. my cousins house and others didn't. we're doing good. we'll pull together and we're coming back. >> abc 7 news can help you prepare. we have tips what to pack in an emergency kit. go to nor ca cal. the cross-examination of derick almena continued today. the exchange between him and the prosecutor got testy and at one point the defendant was questioned about what his young son found after a party at the warehouse in 2015. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony was inside the courtroom. >> parents of those who died in the ghost ship warehose they seen enough of derrick al men da -- derick almena's testimony.
6:35 pm
>> he put the blame on everyone else. he won't take credibility for anything. >> i protested vehiclously. >> derick almena's attorney was livid outside of court regarding the 2015 incident. a wild new years evidence party after which his young son found a used condom. >> he's a minor. it's an area that should remain confidential. it has nothing to do withperspe was a disgrac to bring it up. >> reporter: they are trying to establish the ghost ship was not a safe environment, so unsafe it led to the december 2016 fire that killed 36 people. the information about the condom was inside a police report and recorded on a body camera worn by an officer that responded to his call for help dealing with the people that had thrown the party. the prosecutor audry james asked
6:36 pm
almena whether he had proper permi permits. he admitted he never got permits for work but insistered it was the owners or contractor's responsibility. the exchange with james was often testy. >> he hasn't slept in three days. he is in there fighting for his life. >> reporter: it's not clear whether his testimony will extend into next week. laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> we've been covering the ghost ship trial every day it's been going on and getting close to the end. download the abc 7 news app now so that you'll be the first to find out when the case goes to the jury and when a verdict is reached. one of the top concerns in the effort to build a better bay area is crime. san francisco police say the city has seen a 14% decrease in auto burglaries, car break-ins but a tourist suffered life threatening injuries yesterday when police say he was run over by two men breaking into cars. within the last hour, police
6:37 pm
released photos of the suspects' vehicle and are looking for help in identifying it. it's a silver four-door bmw. police say two suspects were breaking into cars in the legion of honor parking lot yesterday. the victim was trying to take pictures and wants more officers out there on the streets. >> this is why i continue with more academy classes because we need a police presence in areas where we know there are large groups of people at any given time. >> police say if you witness a crime, contact them immediately and be the best witness with information regarding a suspect description and incident details. preventing car break-ins was part of our coverage during s safety week. all of the story haves been posted at school down and click on building a better bay area. whether you use a car, bike or bus or something else, how you get around the bay area can
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all right. check this out. you are looking at a rocket being dropped from a boeing 747 above southern california. virgin orbit showed this video. it's designed to put satellites into hard to reach locations. the rocket test went well they said. virgin orbit is the sister company that hopes to fly tourists to space some day. >> on a basic transportation talk about a transportation option could help build a better bay area. dockless electric bike share arrived for the first time. bay wheels, the new name for a ford go bike delivered the first bike to oakland. these are different than the old ones. they have a built in retractable cable lock which means they don't have to be returned to a dock. the e bikes debuted last month
6:42 pm
and will be placed in san francisco and berkeley and emeryville. all of the old electric bikes were remove in may because of complaints about the brakes. this rider showed abc 7 news his broken arm that he says happened after the brakes on his go bike froze up. he's suing lyft that owns the bike share system. >> wheels down in central california for the plane we're here for you. so chances are, you've seen us around the house. or around the yard... on the shelf... or even out in the field. your mom knew she could always count on us... and your grandma did too. because for over 150 years, we've been right by your side.
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the british ambassador stepped down after controversial comments were revealed over the weekend. the letters written by kim darroch called the trump administration inept, incompetent and clumsy. the president went to twitter to attack derrick personally calling him a wacky guy and said he would no longer speak with the diplomat. today darroch resigned. >> i told him it's a matter of great regret he field his need to leave his position. >> the u.k. government is currently investigating the source of the leak. in a debate between the two candidates for britain's prime minister, front runner boris
6:46 pm
johnson said he wouldn't rule out firing darroch for the remarks. after a pufull day of political events, the vice president attended a lunch and spoke to agricultural business leaders with an indaupdate to t forth american free trade. he advocated for swift entry. >> we will not allow under this administration and this president, we're not going to allow outdated trade deals to hurt american farmers or american workers anymore. >> meanwhile, karen pence addressed military spouses. the discussion centered around employment opportunities, pence launched an awareness campaign for that exact cause last year. all right. back now to talk about the weather in a moment. >> for now in southern california more than six months after the fires burned land,
6:47 pm
property owners finally have the green light to rebuild. the state paid to than 800 million pounds of ash, metal, concrete and soil from every single property in the burn zone. the state park service and hundreds of home and business owners now must patiently wait for their permits to rebuild. >> they are applying current building code requirements to any structure and most building owners have a code in their policy that enhelps them. >> the public works director said they expect that number to increase significantly in the next few months. of course, with the heat coming back, we're concerned once again about fire danger. >> certainly. let's get to spencer christian. >> that's a concern with rising temperatures and will be rising over the next few days. we've looking at live doppler 7 with sunny skies cover the bay area but we have patches of fog developing and fog will spread locally across the bay overnight with possibility of some spotty drizzle mainly near the coast.
6:48 pm
overnight lows will be in the mid to upper 50s. milder in the inland east bay and maybe low 60s there. here is the forecast animation showing advance of the fog at 6:00, 6:30 tomorrow morning in the middle of the morning rush. look for reduced visibility as fog will be dense in some areas. it will burn back to the coastline by noon. most of the day after mid morning will be sunny. it will certainly be warm especially inland where highs will reach upper 80s to near 90 and upper 70s around the bay shoreline. 68 here in san francisco. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. warmer friday and saturday. saturday is likely to be the hottest day of the forecast with highs inland in the upper 90s, low to mid-90s and mid to upper 60s on the coast. not much change sunday but a gradual cooldown on monday, tuesday, wednesday temperatures will be more average for mid july. >> sounds good. >> we like average. >> we do, a lot. thanks. the good news is not everyone is leaving the warriors. >> that's right.
6:49 pm
>> this guy is not average. he's going to like those temperatures. he's here to see them awhile. official klay is here to stay. sights and sounds
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
>> klay is here to stay, the warriors saying they signed klay thompson. the deal details not released but believed to be five years,
6:52 pm
190 million. that's a good neighborhood to be in. he's undergone successful surgery to repair his torn acl. rehab expected to last five to seven months. the 27th annual espy awards begin in an hour here. tonight, bay area football coach rob mendez will be honored with the award for his story of perseverance. we caught up with the coach this summer. here is a part you can watch in its entirety on >> come on. keep it going, panthers. think about the end result. think about the four corners. panthers, nobody out works us, panthers. >> rob mendez was born with a rare condition leaving him with no arms or legs. 31 years later, he's changing the football community with his coaching ability and inspiring the world with his story. he doesn't let his condition stop him and now he has everyone asking who says i can't?
6:53 pm
>> who says i can't is an original statement for myself to always just, you know, be determined, stay hungry in life. it actually came from a friend challenging me in an eighth grade dance. you can't go out there and dance with that girl. turned around and said oh, yeah? who says i can't. it always kept me hungry. i love when the kids say nobody and it's true. nobody but yourself can hold yourself back and that's what i've realized over the years. >> hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry. >> his presence should tell anyone if you pay attention your mind is a very powerful thing. the positiveness of your mind can get you do to unbelievable things, unbelievable feats and that's what he does. >> yeah! >> i hope who says i can't will show people that, you know, being happy with who you are and hopefully, you know, they really understand the true meaning of it, which is believing in
6:54 pm
yourself. i've alwayseeomneo n afraid of. be bold and fail. be bold and success. that's just natural. be bold and just try things in life and eventually you'll come across your passion. >> what a story that is. check it out on our website. u.s. women's soccer team has been busy since winning the world cup sunday. today they were honored with a parade. tens of thousands of fans came out to celebrate the u.s. 2-nil victory over the netherlands. the red, white and blue clenched back. that message goes beyond soccer and here is megan rapinoe. >> we have to be better. we have to love more, hate less. we have to listen more and talk less. we have to that this is everybody's responsibility, every single person here. every single person whose not here. every single person who doesn't want to be here. every single person who agrees and doesn't agree. it's our responsibility to make this world a better place.
6:55 pm
>> training camp in the nfl open around a couple weeks. r raiders antonio brown putting in the work. look at this video. those glasses block his vision so he can't see the ball but he's catching it. he has weights and his wrists, he should be unstoppable this year if he's doing that the offseason. did you see this? in case you missed it yesterday, we've uploaded better video. wife carrying championships and that guy on the far right, that's spencer abc gma may of '97. the wife carrying championship. we have better video we wanted to show video. it's okay. it's okay. tn' hiserlahter ] >> that's right. it was a lot of fun. >> oh, yeah. >> we got the uploaded video quality so better. >> i like it. >> good stuff. >> thank you so much.
6:56 pm
>> join us tonight at 9:00 with kofy tv 20 channel 713. beer redefined. >> the state law that's changing the taste of your favorite brew. that's at 9:00. i'm cornell bernard and coming up tonight at 11:00 a flower farmer is working the land and giving back to her community six stories up in the middle of berkeley. that's coming up tonight. join us for that. tonight on abc 7 here is a lineup. catch the espys beginning at 8:00 followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. stick around, jimmy kimmel live comes on at 11:35. >> that's this edition of abc 7 news. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. for spencer christian, chris alvarez, we hope you have a great evening. >> see you later.
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