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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 11, 2019 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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cessna and flew it out of the airport before crashing into the ocean. >> detectives did find hugo marr's car had been abandoned parked in a parking lot near the airport. it's a parking lot commonly use bid pilots. >> he was an active member of the santa cruz flying club and had authorization to get into the airport. on the club's we be site he was in good standing with the club but failed to follow protocol by not making a reservation to use a plane that night. >> someone authorized has access and has been a pilot before, we believe that this is a tragic incident. >> reporter: the faa says the plane disappeared from radar about three miles over the ocean. however, the coast guard has stopped their search. to date no, wreckage or body has been recovered. family members of marr were at the press conference and appeared emotional and would not speak toe media. he has no history with police. investigators say they're looking for leads why marr would
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have stolen the plane. >> we're asking any person who may have seen hugo marr to please contact account watsonville police department. >> reporter: chris reyes for abc news. >> you a stolen car went airborne at mineta san jose airport overnight and caught on video. the santa claire rats county sheriff's office says deputies classed the car after the driver refused to pull over. it ended near the southwest expressway. three people ran out of the car. a 14-year-old girl and 18-year-old man were caught but deputies could not find the third person. during the commotion, a bystander was bitten by a police k-9 and taken to the hospital. the 18-year-old arrested has been identified as anthony zavala. stolen passports, social security cards, ids, credit cardsed were recovered from the stolen car. >> a san francisco man aed
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of a drug fueled rampage july 4th was arraigned today from a hospital room. >> batay coffee is charged with ten counts including attempted murder. cornell bernard is live with the details. cornell? >> dan, am marks batay was arraigned here at the hospital today. he did not enter a plea for a rampage which happened over the july 4th holiday. now, a judge escorted by a sonoma county sheriff's deputy arrived at the hospital for a 1:30 arraignment. 30-year-old batay coffee an engineer at youtube. he and friends rented a home in bow gay degas bay. he took four times as much acid as his friends and became violent attacking his friends, leaving the house where he stabbed a security guard with a landscape light. stole a truck, hit three pedestrians before being shot three times by a sheriff's
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deputy after coffee allegedly tried to drive into a chp car. his attorney spoke exclusively . with abc >> it do souead a badip if you will. and reacted. but i haven't been able to be have a conversation with him yet about what exactly was going through his mind or what he remembers. >> reporter: of coffee's arraignment was continued till august 14th. his bail set at more than $2 million. but his attorney doubts he will be well enough to make it to court even in august. live in santa rosa, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> the whole thing was so strange. we reported last night that he didn't apparently have a criminal record. does his attorney say if he's acted this way before? >> reporter: his attorney says he is a model citizen. he's spoken with his parents. he's been a good guy. a model citizen.
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he attended stanford. had a good job and accomplished musician we're learning. the attorney says it's very sad man accused of ng. deliberately plowing his car into a crowd of pedestrians returned to court today. it's the first time back in court after isaiah peoples was charged with multiple hate crimes. chris nguyen is live with the latest on this case. chris? >> reporter: hi, alma. peoples did not enter a plea in court this afternoon. currently at issue is whether or not is he mentally competent to stand trial with many people now wondering how long it will take for this case to proceed. this afternoon, sunnyvale resident isaiah joel peoples show little emotion as he walked into a courtroom to face multiple charges including eight counts of attempted murder. investigators say the army veteran was heading to basebal
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into a group of people at the sunnyvale crosswalk. prosecutors believe at least two of the eight victims were targeted because of their race and religion. >> their life and working on their health. so they're in various rehab centers trying to get better. >> reporter: the sunnyvale department of public safety believes the crash was intentional based on the lack of skid marks at the scene. family members maintain peoples has ptsd from being in the military. his defense attorney is looking at other angles. >> we're asking to have some brain scans done to see if there might be an abnormality or lesions in his brain which may have played a role in this incident, as well. >> reporter: south bay legal analyst steven clark says it could be awhile before peoples entered a plea. >> until the defense has a complete understanding of their client's mental let status both at the time of the crime and currently, this case will continue to move slowly. >> community members including
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representatives from the council on american islamic reeses are watching the case closely us. >> our families safe walking along the side of the road, this is problematic that people are being targeted wherever you might envision to be safe. >> reporter: and we've learned that the 13-year-old victim who was previously in critical condition is now out of a coma. she's expected to survive. but she has a very long road to recovery. we're live in san jose, chris nguyen, abc7 news. >> whether he is the defendant scheduled to return to court again? >> reporter: yeah, peoples is due back in court in in september. the defense team says they want more time to conduct those medical tests and they also have a lot of evidence to sift through. >> chris nguyen, thank you. >> police in livermore looking for a potential witness to the killing of a 16-year-old earlier this week and released a photo of a white volkswagen was in the drive-through of a taco bell on
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stanley boulevard at the time of the fight and the deadly shooting monday night. in livermore. police are still looking for the suspect identified as 21-year-old jorge tellez. friends say the victim was a livermore high school student. >> and we're getting a look this arn from the frontline of the based members of the coast guard risking their lives to stop drug runners off south america. >> hard to get on. now! >> isn't that the wildest thing? members of the crew of the coast guard cutter "monroe" then jumped on onto the semi submersible vessel last month. crewmen arrested five suspect drug trackers and seized 17,000
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cae. those drugs would be worth thor r more than $230 million on streets. >> imagine having almost no time to react when two surfboards fly off a car and head toward you. it happened to a person walking across the golden gate bridge. that person happened to be chooing video of their walk on monday when the surfboards suddenly came loose from a car's rack and landed on the pedestrian walkway. the person who shot the video suffered minor injuries. the surfboard's owner is cooperating with the investigation. >> the state assembly today voted to approve governor newsom's plan to change the way wildfire damages are paid in california. the bill creates a new $21 billion fund to compensate victims of wildfires caused by power lines. money for the fund will come from taxpayers and shareholders of the utility. the plan would also require utility companies to get annual safety serttications and change the standards for making utilities pay for wildfire damage. the governor has said he would
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sign it right away once it passes. pg&e meantime is hosting a wildfire safety open house waln. earlier this week, a similar event was held in oakland where residents learned about preemptive power shutoffs in times of high fire danger. pg&e says it will give a 48-hour warning to customers in the event of a planned outage. tonight's open house at the gardens at heather farm on ig nashio valley road from 6:00 till 8:00 p.m. >> taking on crime and soft issues in san francisco. >> but ultimately, police presence is what's going to make a difference around addressing a lot of these issues. >> fur more officers are the answer, why don't we have more of them on the streets? we put the question to city officials. plus. >> i feel very threatened and scared by these raids. >> i.c.e. raids on tap for this weekend. cities being targeted. we'll run them down for you. >> and an urban farm high in the sky. the community going to new heights in farming.
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>> i'm spencer christian. warmer inland today, warmer everywhere tomorrow. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up. >> let's take you outside on this sparkling thursday afternoon. the bay bridge toll plaza is moving pretty well as you can see. stay with us. abc7 news continues route after this.
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we have breaking news out of santa rosa. police responded to a crash where a person was hit by a car. sky 7 is avenue right outside the coddington mall parking lot. you can see there are some police suvs there.
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there's also police tape that's blocking off range avenue as we're kind of panning off here a little bit to take another vantage point. you can see the whole foods market on the corner. police have not released many details but they are saying to avoid the area. you can see some of theo work h make sure that we have more police officers on the streets, that we are addressing some of the causes of crime in the first place, investing in the right programs and doing everything we can to deal with these issues. >> police staffing is a major issue in san francisco. yesterday, mayor london breed as you saw there told us police presence is the key to solving some of the crime problems in the city. >> she said that in response to the attack on a tourist at the legion of honor and the case of a woman whose hope was ransacked and littered with drug paraphernalia. why is the police department short staff fundamental. >> it's one of the issues we're looking at in our effort to help build a better air.
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>> liz kreutz gins us a snat 123457 snapshot of police in the city. >> reporter: we spoke to the mayor and police chief today. here's what we found starting with the numbers. there are currently 1,859 full duty sfpd officers assigned to the city. the population of the city is 883,305. so let's compare that to ten years ago. take a look. in 2010, there are 1,920 full duty officers in the department. more than there are today. at the same time, the population was also lower at 805,235 people. so what does that mean? well, there are fewer officers per capita in san francisco and there were ten years ago. in fact, there is currently one officer for every 473 people in 2010, there was one officer for every 419 people. and as the police chief pointed out to us today, that doesn't take into account the huge growth in employment in the city which on any given day can
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double the population of san francisco. >> look at the traffic patterns around the city. it takes longer to get from point a to point b. they play into the whole formula about who we need to deploy, how many. >> do you believe you're understaffed right now? >> we can use more definitely. >> across the bay area, police departments struggled with reacutement. the good news, staffing is continuing to go up from a low since 2015. sfpd tells us they have eight police academies planned over the next two years, more than they've had in the past. we did ask the mayor about this today. she said it all comes down to money. we'll have more of her response coming up tonight at 6:00. >> lis kreutz reporting. an east bay farmer is helping build a better bay area by taking her crops of flowers to new heights located high atop a berkeley roomtop looking to give back to her community with full bloom. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard has the story. >> right now, i have a lot of
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flowers that i need to get out into the world. >> reporter: most days you can find joanna letz tending nearly a quarter acre of sweet peas, zinnias and edible chocolate cosmos. >> if anyone wants chocolate cosmos, i've got lots. >> reporter: on the roof of this six-story apartment building in downtown berkeley where she leases space. >> it's a nice office. >> yeah, it is. >> reporter: it could be the first working rooftop farm on the west coast certified organic. she sells is herbs to restaurant and flowers toocd recely o-re farm relocating back to berkeley to give back to the town with are she grew up. >> hopefully people will see how important and wonderful it is a but also supporting everything that we do here. >> reporter: a sophisticated irrigation system keeps all the flowers happy. you better believe all the flowers and soil is pretty
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heavy. believe it or not, this building was designed a few years ago to support this farm in the sky. benjamin farr designed the sustainable farm and says the bay area needs more of these. >> we're working on a couple different projects in san francisco and different clients to see is the value of not just providing food but also the habitat for pollinator friends. >> reporter: joanna admits it competing hasn't beens. roughly 80% of flowers sold in california are imported but she's digging in. >> so much can grow on top of a roof. >> reporter: and harvesting her flowers in the sky. cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. join our better bay area group on facebook. >> starting today, san francisco's gold be gate park will be filled with the sound of flowe piano music festival opened this afternoon at rd. for the next ten days, anyone who buys a general admission
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ticket to the guard been have access to grand pianos scattered across the grounds open to anyone wanting to play a tune. tomorrow night starting at 6:00, the garden will host flower piano at sunset for a chance to see and hear the space at dusk. >> we have food trucks and bars and adult beverages and it's really, really incredible. just the opportunity to get in the garden at night is a whole other experience. >> next weekend, the guard been host late night performances with the flowers lit up with a colorful light show. >> that is so fun. >> cool idea. >> chopsticks. >> da da da da. >> people gather around. we couldn't do this on the east coast. you wouldor in ere thi weekend. for sure. here's a look at live dopplersu and fog building at the coastline which we expect this time of year. sort of a mixed bag in our
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24-hour temperature claing change. most locations near the coast are a couple degrees cooler than this time yesterday while virtually all inland areas are several degrees warmer than yesterday. a live view from emeryville. you can see the fog building at the coastline. hasn't made much of a push over the bay. 63 in san francisco. oakland 1, 80 redwood city, morgan hill 83, 61 half moon bay. blue sky over the golden gate. temperature readings for you right now. 88 at san sa ta rosa. petaluma 80. concord 88 and 84 at livermore. i'm trying to bring the temperatures down. here's a view from mount tam looking down onto the bay. coastal fog beginning to expand a little bit there. these are our forecast funs. areas of fog near the coast overnight. sizzling warm this weekend inla
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beginning monday. overnight, we'll see a bit of a surge of low clouds and fog across the bay and locally inland. overnight lows relatively mild ma 50s to low and mid 60s. then tomorrow, we have a warmer day coming our way than today. upper 60s in some coastal locations. low 80s around the bay shoreline. low 90s in the -- mid-90s in some of the warmer inland locations like clover dale, 85 tomorrow and antioch 95, as well. looking ahead to saturday, even warmer in some pots with upper 90s showing up in some inland paernz lots of upper 70s and low 80s near the bay. sunday very little change as the heat will hold on. monday will be the beginning of some minor cooling and we'll have even further cooling after that going into tuesday and wednesday. speaking of warmth, down in the gulf of mexico, lots of warm water there feeding strengthening tropical storm barry which is just above minimal tropicaw and gaining st
4:21 pm
as it continues to churn in the warm waters of the gulf of mexico and expected to make landfall tomorrow along the central louisiana coast as still a tropical storm but close to category 1 hurricane strength and it will move directly north ward into louisiana and arkansas. expected to be a rainmaker. the potential for widespread flooding from that storm. the accuweather seven-day forecast here in the bay area. notice we still expect saturday to be the warmest day in the forecast. friday, saturday and sunday toastly inland with lots of mid to upper '90s. temperatures settle into an average range for this time of year. a little bit of spike in heat over the weekend but nothing extreme. >> thanks. cleaning up the bay, the new tool in the fight against trash, could it make a difference. >> plus, ayesha curry's hot it's no ordinary day for our family at denny's.
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well who, doesn't love a good family food fight? right? certainly not ayesha curry the host and judge of the abc competition show that tries to find america's number one food family. >> a lot of fun. tonight two bay area teams are still in the running. reggie an we can talked to her about the show and her own friendly competition with her husband, steph curry. >> it's so fun to watch you on television at any time but especially when you're doing the thing that you love which is, of course, food. >> yeah. >> now i hear on tonight's episode we still have a san francisco family vying for that money. >> we do. beat do. we really do. we have a san francisco family and a santa rosa family i believe. >> oh. >> so that's pretty darn exciting. and it's crazy because obviously, i didn't go through the casting process because that
4:25 pm
wouldn't be fair. so it was pretty cool to see that some you know, bay area families made it through. very exciting. >> i love that. >> two very different families too which i think is interesting. >> for people who don't know yet what the show is all about, it's basically, it's a competition show where you are the host. you're also a judge. so they really have to make sure that they are not messing with you throughout the show. >> no. yeah, no, it's been great. so we have these dynamic families of three, whatever that might look like, right? because a family is not one thing these days. we have everything from brothers to in-laws to mom and her sons. we have cousins, like there's an endless amount of possibilities in the way these family dynamics go. and they're all, this week's episode they're being awarded their permanent kitchens in their family colors and they're all competing in these series of challenges to become america's number one food family.
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not only that, they're also competing for 100 grand which is incredibly high stakes. >> your show is on abc tonight. and then your husband is also on crazy a abc tonight. he is the opening act holy-moly. >> exactly, right. what a change. what a nice bright and merry change. >> now, don't miss ayesha curry's "family right after steph curry's ho holy-mo holy-moly. >> the bay area city that could be a target in response to i.c.e. raids. >> a
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>> we have an update to breaking news in santa rosa. a toddler has been seriously hurt in a hit and run. police are inspecting a white van with a roof rack which matches the description of the suspect vehicle. that police gave us. you're looking at that there. crash happened on range avenue outside the coding town mall. the child wandered away from duts and hit by a van. the child was unresponsive and taken to the hospital and said to be flown to oakland children's hospital. >> hope for that child. here are the stories making headlines. authorities in watsonville believe a man may have crashed a
4:30 pm
plane off the santa cruz county coastline two weeks ago after stealing that plane but no evidence i've crash has been found. police are asking anyone who may have had contact with hugo marr to call them immediately. the man accused of deliberately plowing his car into a crowds of pedestrians in a crosswalk today. the attorney for isaiah peoples wants brain scans on his client to look for lesions that may have played a role in the crash. he has been charged with multiple hate crimes. >> b.a.r.t. is testing out a possible new gate to deter fare evaders. dion lim tweeted video of the blade like additions to the fruitdale station. b.a.r.t. says they are not sharp. >> immigration raids in ten citiesive including san francisco are set to start on sunday leaving thousands of families on edge as you can imagine. questions remain about where i.c.e. plans to house detainees as centers have already exceeded
4:31 pm
capacity. abc news reporter mona cocar abdi is live in washington with more. >> reporter: i.c.e. officials won't confirm or deny reports of raids happening this weekend but just last week, president trump did say they would happen "fairly soon." the threat looming for weeks. >> they're going back to their countries. they go back home. >> reporter: now plans are reportedly under way for raids arresting thousands of undocumented immigrants. the effort coming weeks after president trump tweeted about the operation. then subsequently postponed to give democrats to f >> pleas me sur everybody who you e,atter you'rs thes thursdraids. immigra >> it has to stop now. >> reporter: republican senator lindsey graham defending the raids saying it's simply enforcing the rule of law.
4:32 pm
>> to dee port people who who have gone through the process and lost their case is not truly. >> reporter: nancy pelosi asked the president to reconsider. >> as they prepare to go to church, they feel very threatened and scared by these raids. >> reporter: according to "the nw york times," officials say "when possible, family members who are rested toothd will be held in family detention centers in texas and pennsylvania. i.c.e. is already operating beyond capacity. housing more people than they have beds for. at the same time, the trump administration is fighting against these disturbing images released by the inspector general of the dhs and allowing cameras to capture these pictures of a recently opened facility showing unaccompanied minors laughing and playing soccer. >> we're going to bring cameras in and let facility. >> reporter: and the times" reporting that the operation may not be very successful because all one has to do to avoid being arrested is not open the door when the officials come knocking.
4:33 pm
> moneyna, last time these raids were scheduled they were cancelled. are you hearing any talk about that possibly happening again? >> reporter: well, the president did say that these raids were absolutely going to happen after there wasn't any congressional action on immigration. but again, it is important to note that opponents do say that he does this all the time. he issues a warning or a threat and then pulls back at the last minute. we just heard from 2020 democratic candidate julian castro who said from the iran strike to just hours ago the census, the citizenship question on census, the president seems to change his mind a lot. there is still the possibility. reporting live in washington. >> back to you. >> thanks very much. local leaders have condemned the raids. >> we talkedoco mayor london breed this afternoon. >> we know that there's going to be a lot of fear unfortunately. we stand by our commitment as a sanctuary city regardless of what is happening with our federal government.
4:34 pm
and we do everything we can to support and protect our residents. >> several immigrant rights groups are planning a process outside the i.c.e. office in san francisco. about 30 minutes from now. news reporter lyanne melendez will have a live report at 5:00. and if you're worried about i.c.e. showing up at your door, you have rights. you have resources. we have those for you and tips for what to do if i.c.e. shows up at your front door on our news app and >> president trump abandoned his effort to include a citizenship question on the 2020 census. it was quite controversial. he's instead ordering every federal department and agency t with all records it requests pertaining to the number of in country. president trump says he'll sign an executive order to put this new plan into effect immediately. the supreme court recently thwarted his plan to include the question on the 2020 census. >> u.s. customs and border
4:35 pm
protection has been directed to make it clear airline passengers are not required to submit to i.d. checks when getting off planes. if there's no law enforcement related reason. the clarification comes as a result of a lawsuit settlement. passengers on a delta airlines flight from the san francisco to new york in 2017 filed the suit not long after president trump's initial travel ban, they were forced to stay on the plane till customs officers checked each passenger's i.d. the government agreed to pay legal fees as part of that settlement. >> the now to the gulf of mexico where there is a line of storms swirling and forecasters say that system could become a hurricane as early as tomorrow. the state of emergency has already been declared in louisiana. abc7 news reporter romine na pugh ga has the latest. >> my goodness. >> dangerous storm surge, heavy rain and winds all major threats to the southeast coast of louisiana as tropical storm barry moves toward land. >> first floor of my building.
4:36 pm
>> reporter: a hurricane watch is in effect for much of the louisiana coast. while barry is expected to strengthen into a category 1 by early saturday. >> this is going to be a major weather event. >> reporter: the governor urging residents to take action before it's too late. >> i'm imploring residents to prepare. >> reporter: gusts are at 40 miles per hour while the system is already slamming cities with winds and rain. dumping eight inches in just three hours in some areas. parts of the region could get up to 20 inches of rainfall. the mississippi river is expected to reach 19 feet. >> wow. >> reporter: the mayor of new orleans warning that water is their biggest threat. >> we do expect that this storm will be slow-moving. we're going to get heavy rainfall for up to 48 hours. >> reporter: the storm although a category 1 is likely to impact communities still recovering from previous hurricanes. new orleans mayor latoya cantrell says the pumps are
4:37 pm
working at optimal capacity but they cannot pump their way out of the levels expected so they've implemented a shelter in place. romine na puig ga, an abc news, los angeles. >> getting ready for the big one. the one thing you must have in your earthquake kit. >> plus a paradise for harry potter fans. where you can drink in all things from that magical universe. >> i'm spencer christian. a warm lovely summer afternoon from mount tam. we've got hot weather coming our way. i'll have all the details
4:38 pm
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there is a magical new coffee shop in downtown los angeles drawing a crowd. >> nimbus coffee is a must for any harry potter fan. >> i've read the bos, 27 times. i'm part of los angeles dumbledore's army which is the second biggest harry potter fan club in the harry potter tattoos. my office is all harry potter. a little bit of a fan. >> it's an urban wizard theme, and i think because it's a part of me i'm kind of like a child-like spirit and wanted something that would capture that and put my own special twist on everything. ♪
4:41 pm
i wanted a place that felt more like me that had food, really good coffee, great customer service and kind of had a different feel than what i had been experiencing in los angeles. >> it's so cute. the wand wally think over there is my favorite because i love all the little nods, all the little things. moving pictures and i don't know. it's really cool. >> i grew up with harry potter and enjoy the movies myself. it's kind of harry potter not themed but wizards and witches and that kind of. we feel like we're kind of giving a nod to that whole thing but it's a more urban twist. >> i'm a giant harry potter nerd. i saw on instagram through my normal harry potter group that they had opened. so i freaked out and had to come during lunch. >> it's good. >> sorry it's the blueberry juice. it's really good. >> construction took a lot longer than we thought. it took us eight months.
4:42 pm
transport you to a different space and feeling and vibe when you walked in here. i wanted you to have a really good day and make a great start to your day when you came in and get coffee. >> pretty cool. you can check out abc's new brand at and on facebook and instagram, as well. all right. i was starting to feel the heat today. it had been pretty cool. >> it is changing. i think it's going to get warmer still. >> you could have a harry hotter gathering. we're in the early stages of a fairly significant warmup. overnight mild with advancing fog and low clouds from the coast. overnight lows in the mid 50s to low 60s. tomorrow's highs from almost 70 at the coast to upper 70s and low 80s around the bay shoreline to be mid-90s in the warmest inland locations and hotter inland on saturday and sunday with a little change those two days. monday will bring a bit of minor startf trend taking us into next week.
4:43 pm
here's the seven-day forecast after some sizing inland temperatures, mid to upper 90s and even around the bay shoreline, mid 80s over the weekend. have a little bit of cool down on monday and temperatures sort of moderate on tuesday, wednesday and thursday into a fairly stable, steady and seasonal range. this year's aids walk san francisco is three days away on sunday, july 14th in golden gate park. the 10k walk benefits dozens of local hiv and aids programs such as project open hand and positive resource center. to register call 415-615-walk or visit sf.aids a love lay day for a walk and wonderful cause to get behind as we're doing here in our station. >> thank you, spencer. >> earthquake kits are a hot seller since last week's big quake. do you really know what you need in yours? ahead. >> it's good info. >> a different disaster zone turned into this summer,
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4:47 pm
1%. abc7 news was in golden gate park today where san francisco mayor london breed signed a $628.5 million safety and earthquake response bond onto the march ballot. the bond would fund seismic fitting for fire and police stations and upgrade city facilities that become shelters during emergencies bond seeds a two-thirds majority to pass. >> we all know we live with earthquake risks but we tend to put it to the back burner till something like what happened last week brings it to the fore. >> earthquake kits have the become a hot eller. joining me is skyler haul gren from red fora which focuses on this. great to have you with us. >> thank you for having me on. big-time.ales o hundreds of percentage e sftd set up an get people packed in
4:48 pm
garage, crazy enough. we're operating and a little bit of sleep. give me a little bit of grace. >> good for business but more importantly good for people focused on getting prepared for what we know will eventually happen in the bay area. >> it gets me excited. sometimes it takes something like this for people to take it seriously. californians are getting prepared at a much higher rate than ever before. the mind-set is changing a little bit. >> skyler, i have at home i have a big tupperware thing probably four feet filled with earthquake stuff. it's i would say 80% complete. i need to keep updating it. there's a lot in there. you have brought with you kind of a standard portable earthquake kit. first of all, tell me what the most important thing is in here right now and then whatever other items do you snead. >> there's about eight categories we focus on. two things, make it food and water. the two the things you can't live without. having fresh water and food in a situation where running water
4:49 pm
might not be an option and froeshry stores might not be open. extremely important. having some way to stay in touch, have light and so whether it's hand crank or solar powered radio, flashlight and phone charger are really important, too. >> i have a hand cranked flashlight and a radio, as well. i don't know if i have anything to deal with like an extra cell phone or something. is that a good thing to have or just a way to charge a cell phone? >> it's good to have. to be able to charge it. there's a good chance we might mot have service for a couple days. having a plan is important, too. but being able to charge that will keep new touch when phone service is back and an option. >> let's talk about that plan because it's not only the stuff in the supplies but it's having a way to communicate with your family and loved ones thattell . it is it a meeting point or a way to get question word to some other relative in the country.
4:50 pm
>> it can be overwhelming for people. tonight, order a pizza, get everyone around the table and talk about a couple things. if we're not in the same place when the next major earthquake hits, how do we communicate when we can't pick up the phone. that can be an out of town contact. oftentimes you can communicate with somebody out of the region if you can't in the bay area. >> call aunt jane and say we're okay. >> i'll call at 15 after and you call 30 after and communicate through aunt jane. meet up points. say we can't communicate but want to meet back up. home is ideal. we can't get home. >> a shopping center. >> something close by. if the whole neighborhood or community is inaccessible, a police further away we can get in touch. >> skyler, what's the run thing people tend to forget most to put in their kit? >> i'd say it's the plan. as much as we're selling a lot of earthquake bags right now and those supplies are extremely important. having that plan is something oftentimes people push off. they buy the supplies to check
4:51 pm
the box. but having the plan is important, too. we have a guide red that gives you a playbook to handle that with your family. >> now is the time after what happened in southern california. obviously, judging by the percentage increase in your business, people are paying attention. sky ker holmgren, tanks for coming in. we appreciate it. that's all -- let's take this opportunity to get prepare now. very important. abc7 news can help you prepare for earthquake or any natural disaster. go to norcal to get more tips on preparing your earthquake kit. let's do it now. >> don't forget your pets and kids. diapers and dog food in ours. so yeah, a lot to take care of. >> the site of the world's worst nuclear daft is set to become an official tourist attraction. ukraine's president set out plans for new walking trails and enhanced mobile phone reception. much of the area has been opened
4:52 pm
since 2011 but there's been a sharp rise in visitors since the hbo mini series aired in may. a nuclear plant exploded sending fallout across europe. it's estimated nearly 200,000 people have died from related cancer deaths. >> a growing global demand is partly to blame for exploding avocado costs. a natural seasonal dip in production in mexico and california is also making the pitted fruit cost rise. wholesale prices cost more than double what they did a year ago. retail is close to that. most of those passed on to cust ramps back up in mexico. where nearly 90% o cad doze purchased are grown. >> cleaning up the bay. up next, the ambitious new project from a local group, how it could help remove tons of plastic from the water. >> and kristen is here with what's coming up at 5:00.
4:53 pm
>> new at 5:00, a report of an explosion and smoke inside a safeway store in alameda. we're running down exactly what happened. attorneys for ghost ship defendant match harris say new testimony exonerates their client. we'll explain why. and robots at the ballpark and the new electronic strike zone when i join dan for abc news at 5:00.
4:54 pm
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4:57 pm
it pulls trash out of the water at the surface so it does not disturb marine life. they put this one in last night. this morning we had them show us what au they pulled from our bay. >> we have a plastic water bottle. it looks like maybe a packaging off a cookie or something. there's some you know wrappers, clear packaging. zip tie. this looks like possibly from a balloon that might have been released. >> it was actually impressed. he says he's visited cities where he has pulled about 100 pounds of trash a day out of the water. he pointed to spain as the worst offender when we asked. we didn't have a single plastic bag. he says this is a good sign of an environmentally aware city. i asked him to give us a grade. >> i think if i had to give pier 39 a gad out of ten, i would give them a 9.3 which is pretty
4:58 pm
high. i think 10 you can't give out 10s because you need to be kind of improving on things. but yeah, it's not a lot of debris in the water for such a busy city. >> reporter: now meet san francisco resident sydney white a sixth grader. she is going to log what is found in our bay in this sea bin for the next year. she's got a journal ready to go where she will write it all down. seize excited about the task and said we should all be aware of the environment and the products we're using at home. this sea bin will stayda a u fe. he's going to give there one to us. pier 39 is already interested in buying a few more to use it to clean the bay and also as an educational tool. in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> and thank you for joining us for abc7 news at 4:00. i'm ama daetz. >> a vehicle that does not have any license plates.
4:59 pm
individuals are sitting there for long periods of time. >> that's what some advocates are telling people to look for when it comes to potential i.c.e. raids. we're live at communities brace for the worst. >> trying to deter fare evaders at b.a.r.t. will pop-ups do the job? >> more than $2 million in bail. a youtube engineer suspected in a crime spree gets a visit from a judge. >> why attorneys for ghost ship defendant max harris says test news to build a better bay area from abc7. >> families belong together, every person in america has rights. >> i.c.e. raids are reportedly back on here and across the country and house speaker nancy pelosi is asking church leaders to appeal to president trump to put them off again. >> the president first tweeted june 17th that he would begin removing people here illegally the following week. but on june 2nd. he said he would hold off two
5:00 pm
weeks. the "new york times" says the raids are rescheduled for this sunday roughly 55 hours from now. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm dan an ashley. a rally getting under way outside i.c.e. offices in san francisco protesting the raid. >> lyanne melendez joins us from there with the latest. >> reporter: you need more are more information. people are loping these reports are wrong. still the focus of a protest like this one is to raise awareness and also ask people how will you protect your neighbor. >> a neighborhood that for years has voiced its contempt for inequality is today hiding


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