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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 12, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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this incident happened at a home near montecito drive and macking woods laneman. >> chris nguyen is live with the very latest. >> reporter: dan, police are still at the scene here at the home on montecito drive. if you look behind me, you can see na home has been blocked off as police continue their investigation. a neighborhood on edge as a killer remains on the run. tonight a community is devastated after learning about the death of one of their own. >> absolutely devastating. i'm sill choked up about this as are most of my neighbors over there. it's just hitting very, very close to home. >> this was the scene on montecito drive throughout the day. a heavy police presence following a home invasion now being treated as a homicide. this man lives two doors from where it took place. >> this is the first time something of this scale has happened on our street in our snabd in the victim's neighbor
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heard someone breaking into the home around 9:30 this morning and called police who quickly responded. sky 7 flew overhead as investigators searched for evidence. >> we do a pretty good job of remaining vigilant. we're all active on next door and what's app. >> neighbors identified the victim as a beloved grand foreknown by most of the people on the street. is he believed to have been home alone at the time of the invasion. the manner in which he died remains unclear. vincent sanchez family friend never thought something liking this could happen here. >> it was a completely sebsless act and it's hard to believe that this happened in this community. >> reporter: and just moments ago, neighbors were allowed back into their homes. but at this point, a suspect has not been identified or apprehended. live in san jose, chris nguyen, abc7 news. >> thanks very much. happening now in oakland, a vigil about to get under way to protest the pending i.c.e. raids. >> this issue seems to have only
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two sides. >> it starts on sunday and they're going to take people out and they're going to bring them back to their countries. >> there is an attempt to intimidate immigrant and latino communities across the country. >> if you have come to this position, you've been here years and gone through the court system and been found you have to be deported, you have to follow the rule of law. >> did i versity is an american strength, not weakness. >> for the second day advocates are holding rallies and protests. >> and this one is at city hall in oakland where news reporter lesley brinkley joins us live. lesley? >> hi. there's very heavy security and metal detecters even inside oakland city hall. they tell me that's because of this vigil. a fairly heavy police presence. this is supposed to be a peaceful gathering. we've got church leaders, we have local labor unions as well as activists here who are opposing federal immigration policy and hoping to protect
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immigrant children. but i can tell you from traveling around oakland today, this city is already on edge. >> what we here want is hey, there's a raid here or somebody saw this car parked here and it's been parked here for a long time. is it safe for me to go shopping or take my kid to their dental appointment? >> the immigrant family defense fund is gearing up for a busy weekend of phone calls and rescuing those detained by paying out bond money. that could ranging from $2,000 to $10,000 they say for those hose are transferred to a border detention center. >> is there fear this weekend? >> i see it amongst a lot of my family members and people that i know. they are concerned. >> this 39-year-old born and raised oakland resident didn't want to be identified. he said most of those he knows here in the fruitdale area of oakland will be laying low and
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going to work hoping nothing too crazy happens. >> don't run and hide in your home because you're not going to solve anything. you're going to continue to work. continue to be in school and do well. and continue to do your paperwork to become a citizen. >> oakland mayor libby schaaf declined to go on camera but issued a statement saying i want to assure members of our community not to panic but to be prepared. we are a proud sanctuary city. she famously tipped off the community last year before a similar federal raid. immigrants are getting these red cards advising them if he federal agents knock on their door to not let them in unless they have paperwork signed by a judge calling local law enforcement will not help. sergeant ray kelly said we are in the dark about what the federal government is going to do. we will not show up at i.c.e. raids. kelly also said to not call in to 911 if you happen to witness
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a raid in progress. they want to concentrate on using 911 for only crime and safety issues. as you can see behind me this vigil is just getting under way right now. i'm going to have a lot more from you from this location at oakland city hall coming up on the news at 6:00. i'm lesley brinkley, abc7 news. >> lesley, thanks so much. on a related note, faith leaders and it cantivists with the rapid response network spread the word about support services available to santa clara county residents. >> our focus is helping people from the faith community perspective is letting people know not to bury their hands in the sand bud to know your rights, speak from a place of power and not panic. >> the trump administration will not will not terrorize this community. you have a lot of advocates here not only locally but nationally. >> in san francisco, religious action groups converged on i.c.e. headquarters. the demonstrators included
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japanese americans interned during world war ii and survivors of the holocaust. 97-year-old ben ste'7"-year-olde us his tattoo from the ausz witnesses vacation camp and says he doesn't want to see families separated the way they were in nazi germany. >> because i want to pour out my heart in support of the and the children. >> the interfaith group called for an end to detention camps and raids planned by the trump administration. >> it's important to know your rights. we have resources to our action. click on human resources for a list of local rapid response hot lines. >> this is a story you'll see only on abc7 news. a bay area woman claims six flags discovery kingdom in vallejo is not meeting needs of all its guests. that woman uses a cheech you see
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and spoke with abc7 news reporter melanie woodrow about her recent experience. melanie is live in vallejo tonight with her story. >> reporter: yeah, she's been here many times before. she loves these big roller coast kers you see just over my shoulder and all of those past experiences were positive. until now. >>, she describes herself as a proud disabled woman and a thrill seeker. >> i love to be able to do satisfy my thrill seeking adventure. >> sky diving skiing and riding roller coasters are some of her favorite pastimes.
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>> i like speed. >> reporter: she's a diamond elite member at six flags but says her recent trip to vallejo was more than disappointing. >> i just want equal access. >> reporter: she was there with her assistant, daughter and service dog ready. but their attempts to ride batman, super man and the joker were foiled. ride operators said she would have to walk three to five steps in order to ride the rides, something he's not able to do. she says one operator left her in a small enclosed porch >> it's tight. her niese and assistant says the ride operators were disrespectful and rude. >> it was ridiculous. i've been working with her for four or five years now and you know, we have experienced some pretty less than tasteful interactions with people. but this was like i had never
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seen someone act like this towards me and her before. >> reporter: in an e mailed statement to abc7 news, a spokesperson for six flags discovery kick dom apologized for how the matter was handled writing, "yes but certain disabilities are prohibited from riding various rides and ra tractions. our accessibility includes requirements of the federal american disabilities act. the policy should have been explained with respect and compassion. also that the team members involved will be retrained. >> she has not filed a formal complaint yet but plans to. she says she typically prefers to work with the establishments first to educate them. the spokesperson here says that she's invited back and he hopes she has a more enjoyable experience next time. live in vallejo, melanie woodrow. >> thank you. alette told us what happened by
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sending a message through our facebook page. if you have something you think we should cover, let us know. we'd love to hear from you at news. >> facebook will reportedly pay a roughly $5 billion for its handling of the cambridge analytica scandal. the federal trade commission approved the settlement with a 3-2 vote with republican representatives making up the majority. the investigation was launched in 2018 when it was discovered data from million of users was secretly shared with the conservative political consulting firm cambridge analytica during the 2016 election. one professor says the $5 billion fine amounts to 6% of cash on hand for facebook or about two weeks of revenue. >> california now has a plan to pay wildfire victims. governor newsom signed legislation this morning to create a fund up to $21 billion. utility customers will contribute $10.5 billion. there is a $2.50 fee on monthly
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bills that you may never have noticed. it's going to be extended another 15 years. he says this is one thing everyone at the capital could agree on. >> this was a long process. a very inclusive process. and i couldn't be more proud, i'm standing here with the author, i couldn't can be more proud of the bipartisan nature of this process. >> in order for the utility companies to tap into the fund, they need to spend at least $5 billion on safety improvements. that's the catch for the utilities. >> all right. an east bay man had to call police after trying to plant a tree in his backyard. we'll explain what happened. >> plus trying to right a 75-year-old wrong. the effort to recognize the african-american sailors who mutinied in vallejo. >> and reaching into a crack in the earth. one man finds he keeps going. >> i'm meteorologist sandhya patel tracking heat for your weekend. fi
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>> 75 years ago next week, a quiet naval weapons loading post in the east bay all but disappeared in a huge fireball taking hundreds of sailors with it. next week there will be ceremonies of remembrance for the port chicago disaster. but as abc7 news anchor eric thomas explains, you cannot separate the event from the racism that contributed to it and complicated it. >> reporter: it was massive. it was a huge disaster. >> kelly english of the national parks service is take me go on a tour of the epicenter of the port check disaster july 1944. disaster may not be a big enough word to describe the hell unleashed when two cargo ships one nearly filled to the brim with bombs and bullets exploded. >> there were actually two explosions one after the other. it shook the entire east bay. it shattered windows as far away
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as san francisco and registered as a 3.4 on the seismographs at uc berkeley. >> reporter: it wasn't just property demolished. >> 320 men were killed, scores more injured. >> reporter: one of the ships vaporized, the other blown to bis leaving behind chunks of debris. this is one example. most of the dead were african-american sailors loading the ships with no training in handling munitions and little in the way of safety measures. afterwards, 50 black survivors refused orders to go to the island and resume munitions loading and they were court-martialed. >> i think if we were talking about white sailors instead of black, i think there's a very good chance it never would he have gotten anywhere near as far as a trial. >> reporter: they were convicted. but mark da season yea just got a measure pass nad he would exonerate the men. >> one of the things about this country at its best, we look back at what we've done at its worst, acknowledge it and learn from it.
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>> reporter: historians believe the disaster and treatment of black sailors led to the dee segregation of the military. eric thomas, abc7 news. >> new at 5:00 this evening, our first look at the man accused of hitting a toddler with his van and driving away from the scene. police just sent us this booking photo of hector lawyer yoes. he's in jail on felony dui and felony hit and run charges. police say he was drunk when he hit a 2-year-old girl near codingtown mall yesterday. is he also accused in a hit and run last week. >>. >> and in the east bay, a skull believed to be that of a native american was found in an oakland backyard. last night a man was digging to plant a tree in the backyard of his home on the 1100 block of willow street in west oakland when he uncovered the skull and called police needlely. no other remains were found. the alameda county sheriff's
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office said it's probably a native american. the coroner will work to make the final determination. >> another strong aftershock hit the desert. this one magnitude 4.5 just after 6:00 a.m. about five miles northeast of ridgecrest. the u.s. geological survey reports it could be lightly felt 150 miles south in los angeles. this map shows shareholder's after shocks. you can see many more. there have been thousands since last week's magnitude 6.4 and 7.1 quakes in the same area. the aftershocks are dying down now but they are expected to continue for a little while longer. and earlier this week, we showed you this image of the massive crack created by the 7.1 quake. it is big enough to be visible in satellite images and as abc news anchor alexis smith explains, it's also big enough to reach into. >> a ridgecrest man assess sag the daniel after two major earthquakes rocked the region
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used a giant stick to show how deep this crack goes. eric katlyn shared this video that shows him lowering a long piece ef wood and his entire arm into a crack to touch the bottom. he posted this video on facebook saying, "so here's the deepest fissure i found today. it was deeper than i am tall. wasn't about to try and test it though." >> boy, that is wild. >> let's turn our attention now to the weekend weather forecast. >> how does it look, sandhya patel? the details for us. >> it looks fantastic for the weekend. i want to show you something. while it got hot inland, we got temperatures go up into the mid-90s today. look at the fog. sitting there right near the coast along with the sea breeze kept the coast nice and comfortable. that's exactly why some people are in santa cruz enjoying sunshine right now. it is a beautiul day in santa cruz. those temperatures 61 in the
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city. red wood and morgan hill in the 80s. nears another live picture from our golden gate bridge camera. you can see what i was just talking about. this is typical for july as you know. we have nooirns out there. fair field, concord, santa rosa 84, napa have cooled nicely at 77 degrees. i want to show what you areas are not going to be exactly cool. you felt the heat today in antioch. only hotter tomorrow. 96 degrees. temperature will come down not so noticeable sunday but later on next week you will notice the numbers will be in the 80s. so there's going to be a definite drop in the numberses. in case you're traveling i want to show you the travel forecast. mild to warm for the bay area airports tomorrow, west wind 5 to 15. 72 to 87 degrees in the afternoon. %-p an isolated shower can't be ruled out. bright skies in chicago, some thunderstorms, 89 and los angeles will be backing in
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the warmth, 88 degrees. here's a live look from our roof camera. and you should be thankful for the sea breeze because that's why we're not going to be excessively hot. fog confined to the coast overnight. hot inland and mild at the coast this weekend. cooler days early next week. you can always download the accuweather app and track temperatures which tomorrow morning will be down into the mid 50s to mid 60s range. clear inland, fog around the beaches and near the bay. tomorrow afternoon in the south bay, it's going to be pretty warm. 93 in morgan hill. 89 los gatos. 87 san jose. mid 80s around cupertino, peninsula low eights from palo alto to mountain view. 66 in pacifica. 67 half moon bay. breezy foggy daly city. 67, 70 in downtown san francisco. north bay up to 84 in san rafael. upper 80s from sonoma to napa. 92 in santa rosa. you want sunshine and mild weather. it's going to be nice in the east bay.
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7 degrees in hayward, 76 oakland. 80 in union city. inland, this is where it's going to feel like summer. 93 in livermore. 95 concord, fairfield. shorts and t-shirts will do. 96 in antioch. sunday for the aids walk in golden gate park, don't have to worry about the heat. a foggy start. mid to upper 50s in the morning. temperatures in the mid 60s with sunshine later in the afternoon. not a sunny picture in the gulf. tropical storm barry 65-mile-an-hour winds. it is going to intensify to a category 1 hurricane. that is the forecast from the national hurricane centering as it makes landfall early saturday morning. and then continues to dump just copious amounts of rain along the gulf coast states. louisiana, mississippi, those areas going to get drenched. up to 25 inches of rain possible in isolated areas. flooding a concern, storm surge flooding, river flooding and gusty winds and threat of
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tornados. accuweather seven-day forecast, back to the bay area, sizzling inland the next two days. mid-90s there. mid 60s coast. you don't like the heat? wait think monday. cooling under way and continues right on through wednesday with 80s inland. 60s near the coast. so really some nice looking weather ahead. i think you have to pick wisely to where you go so that you're happy with the weather this weekend. >> but there's something for everyone. >> absolutely. >> thank you, sandhya. >> first a name and then maybe a hollywood big shot. the effort to rename a park after e.t. that's next. >> then at 5:30 on world news with david muir." >> coming up tonight, the state of emergency landfall, hours away. a lieu of threatening storm and potential hurricane. levees will be tested in new orleans. rob is live with the track. the new earthquakes tonight, this time seattle
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a proposal to rename a los angeles park featured in the
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movie "e.t." the extra terrestrial is picking up steam. >> the park is in the porter ranch neighborhood. kabc explains the connection. >> hold it back. >> this is a scene in the more than 30-year-old blockbuster movie "e.t." that scene shot at porter ranch park in porter ranch. >> it's something to share and be proud of. >> lisa schroder and many others in the community recently thinking heck, why not just change the name of the park. >> the porter ranch neighborhood council voting to rename this park e.t. park honoring the rye connick movie shot in 1982. this very caterpillar fixture which i'm standing atop was included in a scene in that movie. in the scene, the main characters in the movie meet near the caterpillar fixture during their scramble to help him get home. >> what do you remember most about that movie. >> oh, geez, the satire when he
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went home. >> the park was recently renovated old equipment scrapped for new swings and more. that is for the exception of the old caterpillar fixture. >> it was important tore maintain the caterpillar, part of the scene in the movie. >> reporter: the neighborhood council member jason hector said voting to rename the park is a no brainer. >> definitely. yeah. everybody calls it e.t. park. saying along with renovating are the park, and the conversation about renaming it e.t. park picking up steam now that the neighborhood council has signed off on it, it's up to the city department of recreation and parks commission to give the final stamp of approval. if that happens, the neighborhood council has ideas to give the parka e.t. theme. >> one being a statue of e.t. with a finger pointing up. >> reporter: once it's all said and done, is he hoping steven spielberging will join the community for a special renaming ceremony. >> e.t. phone home. >> reporter: come on, mr. spielberg, you've got to
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come now. abc7 news. >> that's fun. >> they're still going to boost attendance at that park. >> they have to give it a theme. >> yeah, the second half of the baseball season is about to get under way in oakland. an a's skipper bob melvin has something to say about it. that's next. >> first we want to thank rob for this picture of bowling ball beach in mendochino county. you can see why it has that name. >> it's gorgeous and surreal. share your pictures with us with the #abc7 news. your but as you get older,hing. it naturally begins to change, causing a lack of sharpness, or even trouble with recall. thankfully, the breakthrough in prevagen helps your brain
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and actually improves memory. the secret is an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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coming up on abc7 news at 6:00 tonight, we are live in san francisco as part of our team coverage about the anticipation and preparation for immigration raids set to happen this weekend. new at 6:00, fired by the governor. why one state division head is now out of a job. plus, which b.a.r.t. station is about to get cheaper parking
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coming up in just a half hour on abc7 news at 6:00. >> finally tonight a little baseball. fresh off the all-star break, the a's ready to start their playoff push. >> the a's on the field right now getting ready to host the chicago white sox. won seven of their past ten games and within strike is oing distance of a wildcard spot. >> bob melvin says the team is geared up for another second half surge. >> i think we're capable of getting better as we go along. i thought that from the beginning and so i think that's the case. i think we have more confidence at this point. we're getting contributions fro guys and we have some guys that are going to heat up that are going to impact our lineup, as well. >> that's optimistic. >> high hopes for the a's the second half of the season. we hope the giants have a good second season. they're playing tonight in milwaukee and right now second inning, 0-0. >> early. >> go a's. >> "world news tonight with
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david muir"" is next. appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze. thanks for joining us. tonight, as we come on the air, the state of emergency. bracing for impact just hours away. authorities are calling this a life-threatening storm about to slam into the gulf. new orleans and the levees will be tested. mandatory evacuations. rob marciano is live with the track and when this makes landfall. also tonight, president trump's labor secretary is out. just 48 hours after taking questions, explaining why he allowed a controversial plea deal for jeffrey epstein all those years ago, alexander acosta now resigning. what the president said standing right beside him. yet another round of earthquakes in the west tonight and then in southern california. the ground moving again. the major headline tonight on the hill. jon stewart with 9/11 first responders by his side. the effort to make sure money
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for their treatment never runs


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