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tv   ABC World News Tonight with David Muir  ABC  July 13, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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time. >> for all of us here at abc 7 tonight, breaking news.c 7 hurricane barry strikes. the first of the season, slamming ashore as a category 1. 75 miles an hour and a powerful storm surge. homes and cars under water. emergency rescues. more than 100,000 without power. flooding danger. the torrential rain hitting right now. a significant threat to life and property. an anxious eye on the river banks and levees. the slow-moving rainmaker hovering over the coast, then moving north. deadly terror attack. a suicide car bomb, then gunmen storming a hotel overseas. more than two dozen killed. at least one american. fiery crash. the small plane crashing into a community center, flaming wreckage burning in the pool. border reality. the vice president face-to-face with migrants at a detention
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center, calling it, quote, very tough stuff, as thousands rally in cities across the country, bracing for sweeping raids on undocumented immigrants. and inside the shootout. the high speed chase and shootout with police. after the driver runs away, police find three little children in that car. and good evening. thanks for joining us on this saturday. i'm tom llamas. and we begin with the first hurricane of the season slamming ashore. barry hammering the gulf coast with fierce winds, and at this hour, torrential and potentially even more dangerous rain just getting started. the hurricane striking the louisiana coast with 75-mile-per-hour winds. the worst of the winds west of new orleans, leaving damage behind. knocking over trees onto homes and destroying this car. and right now, more than 120,000 people are without power. that radar map, you see it there, showing the heavy rain just touching the coast, set to
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move very slowly to the north. and at this hour, the torrential rain is just getting started. an ominous night lies ahead. abc's zachary kiesch starts us off in morgan city, louisiana, feeling the worst of the storm right now. >> reporter: tonight, hurricane barry is slamming the louisiana coast, packing heavy rain, relentless winds and a dangerous storm surge. the storm made landfall just west of morgan city as a category 1 hurricane. wind gusts topping 50 miles per hour uprooted trees. this car was crushed and this camper was flipped on its side. the strength built as barry closed in on the coast. floodwaters were just too much for this truck. you can see downed power lines littered morgan city. at least 120,000 in the dark across the state. >> a city that hadn't seen a hurricane in ten years, we found our weak spots quick. and we ended up with some utility issues. >> reporter: today, the coast guard reporting at least 11 people rescued.
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now, barry is making a slow march across louisiana at roughly 5 miles an hour and it's delivering a brutal pounding. you can tell by the size of the roots there this is a big tree. check it out, it's completely knocked off the side of this house and smashed this suv. antonio collins says they're not out of the woods yet. is the storm what you anticipated? or is it -- >> oh, we ain't got the worst part yet. >> reporter: the intense rainfall will likely continue throughout the night, a potential catastrophe for this town. morgan city has seven pumping stations just like this. now, this is a backup that's been brought in. now, the fear is that they'll be overwhelmed if we get to two feet of rain that's been forecast. here in morgan city, residents that remain are told to shelter in place, and if you look around, tonight, it's a ghost town. >> all right, and zachary kiesch is right there, feeling the effects of barry. he's in morgan city, as high winds and floodwaters continue to rise. zachary, the entire city is now without power and it's going to be awhile to get the power back
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with the storm still hitting. >> reporter: tom, as long as this wind and rain persists, there's nothing they can do to restore power. on many levels, it's a waiting game. now, they are trying to help those who can't help themselves, providing emergency generator to an assisted living facility. tom? >> zachary kiesch reporting live from morgan city right now. and as we said, the torrential rain from barry is just getting started. and we already are seeing its damaging effects. flooding in myrtle grove, louisiana, cutting off highway 445. and this neighborhood in livingston parish is already under water. abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano is in new orleans tonight. >> reporter: tonight, floodwaters rising on the outskirts of new orleans. lakeshore drive inundated with storm surge. high winds and heavy rain have city officials bracing for the worst. >> the primary risk continues to remain heavy rains for the city of new orleans. >> reporter: this levee south of the city spilling over, one of several to breach, submerging
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vulnerable neighborhoods. >> we have our boats, generators, as well as our high water vehicles stationed across the city in preparation for any events that we may face within the next 24 to 36 hours. >> reporter: authorities are confident that the levees and these flood walls will not be overtopped. the question is, how much heavy rainfall falls into the city that sits below sea level, and can the massive pumps like this one keep pushing that water out? earlier in the week, a much smaller storm dumping enough rain to overwhelm those pumps and flood downtown. new orleans hoping they can keep up this time with a tropical storm. in nearby baton rouge, locals stacking sandbags, hopeful they can avoid a disaster. alex perez is there. >> the vicious wind creating some big problems. this massive tree came crashing down into the middle of the street end onto this power line and snapping this utility pole just like a twig. and the window of concern here, far from over.
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the rain and the wind will persist here in baton rouge through the night. >> reporter: flooding killed 13 here in 2016, a tragedy still fresh in people's memory. >> not looking forward to it, but the main talk is just praying that it won't be as bad as they're forecasting, as far as the river flood stage. >> all right, and tonight rob marciano right there in some of that flooding. he joins us live. rob, where's the most danger heading into the night? >> reporter: well, i tell you what, tom, the next two days are going to be worse than the last two days, and right here in louisiana, really across the northern gulf coast is the worst. this storm surge. look at this. we have businesses that are inundated. this is the lake. look at the big breakers off this lake. about a five, six-foot storm surge. and with the south wind ongoing, this is not going anywhere. the center of the storm, 20 miles west of lafayette, louisiana. look at all the heavy rain as far east as mobile. is we've got flash flood washings in effect there. this thing will drift to the north tonight, but the rain shield is not going to move all that much. so, we've got rainfall that could get all the way to paducah, kentucky, that's where the flash flood watches extend, right on through monday and
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tuesday for 10 to 20 inches of additional rainfall right in the crux there. and again, once this south wind keeps going, this water with this storm surge is not going anywhere any time too soon. dangerous hours ahead. tom? >> rob marciano right there as the water levels are rising tonight. rob, thank you. we head overseas now to another breaking story we're following. at least one american is among more than two dozen killed in a deadly terror attack in somalia. the siege began with a suicide car bombing at a hotel and lasted more than 14 hours. the islamic terror group al shabab is claiming responsibility. abc's julia macfarlane has more. >> reporter: tonight, the shocking terror siege on a hotel in somalia. 26 people killed, including at least one american. the carnage unfolding friday night, when officials say a suicide bomber drove a car packed with explosives into the entrance of the asasey hotel in the port city of kismayo, a town on somalia's southern coast. gunmen then storming the building, with the siege lasting more than 14 hours.
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the hotel itself, popular with foreigners and lawmakers, now a shell, decimated by shrapnel and bullet holes. debris and burnt-out cars littering the streets. tonight, the terror group al shabab claiming responsibility. >> we demand a full investigation about the whole incident. >> reporter: the state department confirming at least one american is among the dead. also killed, canadian journalist hodan nalayeh and her husband. she had returned to somalia in search of positive stories about the people in the area. al shabab, a terror group allied to al qaeda, are behind some of the deadliest attacks in eastern africa, including somalia's worst ever attack in 2017. that killed hundreds. tom? >> julia, thank you. next, as immigration agents prepare for sweeping raids across the country, vice president mike pence came face-to-face with the border reality, visiting two migrant detention facilities in texas, seeing dozens of men in holding
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pens, calling this, quote, very tough stuff. it comes as thousands rallied against those coming r this protest in chicago. abc's david wright reporting from the white house tonight. >> reporter: as i.c.e. prepares to round up thousands of undocumented immigrants sunday, vice president mike pence toured two detention centers near the texas border. >> this is tough stuff. i knew we would see a system that is overcrowded, it's overwhelmed. >> reporter: some of the cages, standing room only. the heat, sweltering. the smell, overpowering. the men have no ready access to water. no cots to sleep on. just the concrete floor. some of them said they'd been here 40 days. >> we are not a terrorist. >> reporter: the vice president also met with children being held in a different area. >> are you comfortable, are you being well taken care of? >> si. >> reporter: pence's upbeat exchange, in stark contrast to the chilling first-hand accounts of young detainees filed last
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month in federal court in california. one 17-year-old from guatemala told his court-appointed lawyer, "it's always cold in the cage." >> different from what we hear from many of the critics. i couldn't be more impressed with the compassionate work that our customs and border protection are doing at this facility. >> reporter: democrats in congress were close to tears as they described what they witnessed at another texas facility. >> imagine traveling thousands of miles in grueling and dangerous conditions because you have no other option, only to be separated from your family, from your children, thrown into overcrowded cages, denied a shower, toothbrush, and yes, mr. chairman, drink water out of the toilet. >> reporter: with i.c.e. now hoping to round up some 2,000 undocumented immigrants this weekend, advocacy groups are pushing back, with protests like this one in cities across the country. >> if they're not doing any harm, if they're not breaking any laws, why should they get deported? especially if they have kids.
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>> and david wright joins us now. david, what's the latest that we know about these immigration raids? >> reporter: well, the president says those raids will happen tomorrow. nine cities, we're told, on the list, but two cities, houston and new orleans, have been told not to worry, they have enough to deal with with the hurricane. tom? >> david wright for us tonight. david, thank you. and there is a new focus to the investigation of alleged sex abuser jeffrey epstein tonight. officials are now looking closely at his sprawling new mexico ranch. this, as prosecutors are fighting to keep the multimillionaire behind bars, claiming he paid off potential witnesses ahead of his arrest. abc's erielle reshef has the new details. >> reporter: tonight, officials in new mexico are announcing multimillionaire jeffrey epstein's sprawling desert property outside santa fe, known as zorro ranch, is now tied to an investigation. the attorney general's office telling abc news it has been in contact with survivors and is investigating this horrific matter and will be forwarded additional matters to federal authorities in new york for proper action. epstein is also facing new
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allegations he paid two potential witnesses in new york a combined $350,000 to stay quiet. federal prosecutors accusing epstein of witness tampering, claiming he wired the funds last year, fearing the two might testify against him in a future trial, after the publication of a newspaper story alleging he sexually abused underaged girls. prosecutors say epstein demonstrated a willingness to use intimidation and aggressive tactics in connection with a criminal investigation. the accusations coming to light as prosecutors argue the disgraced financier, charged with sex trafficking, should remain in federal lockup without bail, claiming his extreme wealth and resources make him a flight risk. but epstein's attorneys want him to remain detained at home with a gps monitor while awaiting trial. >> money should not be able to hide you. >> reporter: using his $77 million manhattan mansion as private jet as collateral. >> i don't understand why it's a question, like, hey, you know,
5:43 pm
how many chances and how many slaps on the wrist are you going to get before somebody's going to, like, lock the door and lock you in it? >> reporter: and the battle over bail comes as abc news learns about a dozen new accusers have come forward in recent days with allegations against epstein. he has pleaded not guilty to the charges here in new york. and tom, as you know, if convicted, he faces up to 45 years behind bars. >> all eyes will be on that court case on monday. all right, thank you so much, erielle. next, to the newly released dash cam video showing a high speed chase that ended in a shootout in a nashville area neighborhood. police say the driver shot repeatedly at police before running away. only then did they realize the man had his three small children inside of his car. abc's stephanie ramos with that video. >> reporter: tonight, dramatic dash cam video shows police officers in tennessee chasing after their suspect with three small children in his car. the youngest, just 9 months old. drivers pulling over as officers try to catch up to 21-year-old darrien williams.
5:44 pm
eventually, officers force williams' car onto a front lawn, but police say that's wh williams pulls out a rifle and fires at officers. these windows in a nearby house hit. >> i've been here since 1988, i've never seen anything like this happen. >> reporter: you see one officer duck out of his vehicle as his suv gets pelted by bullets. no one was hurt. williams eventually surrendered. police say this all started earlier that morning when williams fired a shot in his apartment that went into another unit. when officers showed up, williams took off, leading police on the wild cross-county chase. williams is facing several charges, including attempted murder of an officer. the three young kids that police say were with him are said to be okay. tom? >> stephanie, thank you. and there's much more ahead on "world news tonight" this saturday. where beaches were closed today because of a great white. communities on edge after that
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shark and others were seen right near the shore. we'll tell you where this happened. the jailhouse beating. a deputy caught on camera punching a handcuffed inmate in the face. how this started and what police are now saying. and the small plane crashing into a community center. those final moments caught on surveillance. stay with us. i didn't have to shout out for help. i didn't have to get you a lift. and i didn't have to call your wife to meet you at the doctor. because you didn't have another dvt. not today. we discussed how having one blood clot puts you at risk of having another,... we chose xarelto®, to help keep you protected. xarelto®, is proven to treat and reduce the risk of dvt or pe blood clots from happening again. in clinical trials, almost 98% of people did not have another dvt or pe. don't stop taking xarelto® without talking to your doctor, as this may increase your risk of blood clots. while taking, a spinal injection increases the risk of blood clots, which may cause paralysis- the inability to move. you may bruise more easily or take longer for bleeding to stop. xarelto® can cause serious, and in rare cases,
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5:48 pm
occupied by a few people at the time, preparing and getting ready, decorating for a wedding that was going to be held here at this location this evening. so those people were not injured. >> reporter: officials say the plane, a cessna-172, like this one, took off from west houston airport and had only been airborne for a few minutes. and tonight, both the faa and the ntsb are investigating, and that wedding that was supposed to happen tonight at that community center, now has to find a new venue. tom? >> clayton, thank you. and up next, we go back live to louisiana, with an update on that torrential rainmaker, barry. we're already seeing its effects. our rob marciano live inside the storm zone. stay with us. [music playing] across the country, we walk. carrying flowers that signify why we want to end alzheimer's disease. but what if, one day, there was a white flower for alzheimer's first survivor? what if there were millions of them? join us for the alzheimer's association walk to end alzheimer's.
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you'll ask... what pain? with advil. time now for our index and we're tracking barry, which hit louisiana today as a hurricane. it's just getting started and already, we're seeing some of the damage. abc's rob marciano back with us tonight live inside the storm zone. rob? >> reporter: hey, tom. unfortunately, the back side of this is going to be much worse than the front side. the center just west of lafayette, slowly moving to the north. and all that heavy rain you see on the radar, to the east, is going to remain there, at least for the next day to day and a half, so, wet times ahead. flash flood watches extending
5:52 pm
well north into the central u.s. tom? >> all right, rob, you and your team, stay safe tonight. we turn now to the shark scare off cape cod tonight. a great white spotted just 50 yards offshore and several more reported just minutes later on that same beach, as well as other beaches, shutting down swimming at several sites. police urging that entire coastline to be on alert. and in ft. lauderdale, a violent jailhouse beating caught on camera. a handcuffed inmate kicking something on the ground towards an officer's deputy when that deputy suddenly punches him, knocking him to the ground. the broward county sheriff calling that deputy's actions unacceptable. that deputy has since been fired. and there is late breaking news from here in new york city. a transformer fire knocking power out to a significant part of manhattan, including our facility on the upper west side. homes and businesses without lights and air conditioning. traffic lights out. subway stations in the dark. reports of people stuck in a elevators. conedison expects the situation to be resolved soon. and when we come back, america strong.
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now that you know that hpv can lead to certain cancers, don't wait. talk to your child's doctor today. finally, america strong. here at home, and in nearly every corner of the world, there is a debate and struggle over immigration. one little girl from grapevine, texas, heard one story about the plight of refugees and had heard enough. tonight, what she decided to do. when most kids spin a globe, they're likely thinking, where can i go? but 6-year-old paisley elliott is a little different. she's thinking, where can i help? two years ago, while in preschool, she listened to a bible story. it was about refugees and
5:57 pm
it sparked a lot of questions for paisley. >> oh, great, you learned about refugees at school. ah -- wasn't necessarily a topic i wanted to discuss at length with a 4-year-old. >> reporter: paisley learned there are refugees not only in her home state of texas, but all over the world. >> because they had to run away from danger, their country is not safe. >> reporter: so, she started with stuffed animals, collecting 250, donating them to kids in war-torn syria. from there, she visited refugees in mexico to deliver 500 pounds of donated supplies. >> and she came back and she just said, "my heart's going to explode." >> reporter: and paisley's passion for giving is only getting stronger. she started a nonprofit called paisley's house, to try to build a school for children at the moria camp, considered one of the worst refugee camps on the planet, located in lesbos, greece. >> lemonade for sale! >> reporter: she donated her piggy bank and is selling $3 glasses of lemonade. and making sure customers know where the funds are going.
5:58 pm
>> i am not keeping the money. i'm building with the money. >> reporter: and today, we caught up with her as she was with her family in nicaragua, donating school supplies. >> i want to change kids' lives so they can have a bigger education. >> reporter: paisley has already been recognized by the u.n., again, she's only just 6 years old. a little girl making a big change. >> i'm never going to stop changing the world. i'm going to do it forever. >> all right. and we will be tracking all of paisley's amazing work. we want to thank our friends at wfaa in dallas/ft. worth for their help on that story. and we thank you for watching. i'm tom llamas in new york. "gma" and "this week" first thing in the morning. and i'll see you right back here tomorrow night. have a great evening. good night.
5:59 pm
tonight on abc7 news at 6:00. a deadly shooting at an east bay hotel and now a man hunt. what we know about the two suspects. and a father opens up after his -- is hit by a suspected dui driver. a story on annual abc7. >> and find out where this large shock was hooked in the area. bay area cities prepare for upcoming ice sweeps. the message local leaders have for undocumented immigrants who are worried they could be targeted. i'm eric tomas. >> and i'm --. san francisco is one of the cities named but it is possible others could be on the list as
6:00 pm
i.c.e. looks for about 2,000 people who skipped court dates. >> live in berkeley with details. cornell? >> reporter: eric, deon, the mayor of berkeley says his calls on the trump administration to close or improve conditions at detention centeres on the border. mayor jesse arogin told the crowd at the rally that they are ready to protect undocumented residents from possible i.c.e. raids. >> council woman says know your rights. >> when an i.c.e. agent comes to your door, you are not required to open your door. we want our community


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