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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 14, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning, it's sunday july 14th. i'm chris webb. let's look at the accuweather forecast. lisa is tracking the forecast. hi, lisa. >> live doppler 7, the fog from marin county to the coast. a live look outside here where it is awfully gray in the city. 54 in san francisco. 58 in redwood city, in the mid-50s half moon bay. this is the golden gate bridge. nobody there. you can see denies fog. you need wipers in and around the pay. petaluma 52, 60 delta, strong winds up to 30 miles an hour.
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still a hot day inland. a little cooler around the bay. looking at temperatures warming quickly in the 70s and 80s again by noontime keeping that fog at the coast, that steady onshore flow, mid-60s. looking at 90s. hot day inland but cooling trend ends tomorrow. chris. >> families preparing for possible immigration raids that now could be hours away. in some san francisco neighborhoods people are inside hoping to stay safe. the possible raids are supposed to happen in nine cities today. they are supposed to focus on 2,000 people identified by president trump as a top priority for deportation. abc 7 news reporter lu eer luz s more. >> hopefully it's a false alarm. >> deanna lee norris is holding onto hope raids won't happen in her neighborhood. her husband is undocumented and won't be going to work. >> we need to get prepared if they do catch him.
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we have to have our information, not to open the doors, not to fill out papers. >> reporter: on every corner, it's palpable. >> i work with preschoolers. we notice families and streets are quieter. they have to be safe. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: in this laundromat, this woman who preferred not to be identified said her sister and children are undocumented. they are staying all night with her. they are afraid i.c.e. knows where they live. they want federal government to rethink the raids. >> translator: i pray to god, have some heart. >> what the community needs is justice. >> reporter: immigration lawyers rapid response networks say the their rights. >> from contra costa, sacramento down to ta clara county, we have dozens and
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dozens of immigration attorneys at free cost ready to represent you. >> the rapid response network is informing the undocumented community to restrain from answering any questions by an i.c.e. agent unless they have a warrant with their name on it. in san francisco, luz pena, abc 7 news. in other parts of the bay area, city officials held events and take a stand against any possible raids. abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard continues or team coverage from berkeley. >> we do not know if i.c.e. will come into the city of berkeley. >> the mayor told the crowd at the city sponsored rally that berkeley is ready to protect undocumented residents from possible i.c.e. raids. >> we are a proud sanctuary city. our policy is our police will not cooperate in any way in any i.c.e. enforcement action. >> councilwoman says know your rights. >> when an i.c.e. agent comes to your door, you are not required to open the door. >> r carolina said her uneasy .
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raids. she works with undocumented students. she remembers the fear she had when she was undocumented. >> when i saw police, it would scare me or even to have friends. >> sfo said they won't assist ooisz in any way. >> immigrant workers run st. francis, this airport and we are here to say as unionized workers we will not collaborate with i.c.e. in any way deportations happening at sfo. >> meantime peninsula congresswoman jackie speier and colleagues returned to a detent thgs not improved later. >> it's inhumane. we've got to move these p populations to other locations. >> in mcallen, texas, he conceded what he saw was tough stuff. meantime back in berkeley there >> close the camps now!ention
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>> the mayor says you can almost guarantee there will be protests if i.c.e. comes into berkeley. mantime aclu has filed suit in federal court requiring you all immigrant detainees have a lawyer if they use. it's important to know your rights and we have information to help. go to our website, for information on resources, immigration and a list of local resources. now to barry, the first official hurricane in the atlantic. it made downfall as a category 1 but downgraded to a tropical storm. the governor of louisiana is urging residents to stay vigilant. barry is on the move packing punishing winds and torrential downpours. the biggest threat now is life threatening flooding. >> don't let your guard down thinking the worst is behind us.
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the national weather service is telling us when it comes to rain it may not be true. some think because it's a category 1 when it came ashore and now downgraded it does not represent a threat. that is not the case. >> search-and-rescue teams are being sent from across the country to louisiana, including from the bay area. barry is expected to become a tropical depression later today. new york's mayor says there will be an investigation into the massive blackout that hit the city. people on the streets cheered when the lights came afteho in the da. some of the city's most iconic tourist spots were affected. abc news repor repor repor repor
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more. >> it was so dark you could barely see a few feet ahead of you. the new york city skyline black. customers in the dark. >> i don't think they could make it any darker, so hard to see. >> shortly before sunset lights went out on upper west side in midtown, two of the area's busiest neighborhoods. >> no power at 66th street. >> some of the city's subway stations normally bright eerily silent and pitch dark. trains still running. >> luckily we had air conditioning on the train. we were there a good half hour. >> times square silent, dark in the middle of a j.lo concert. >> obviously we're going to reschedule the show. i'm so sorry this happened in our moment. >> carnegie canceled, people taking to the streets. con ed said an explosion.
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governor cuomo acknowledging the worst. >> still workers at their best. stories of new yorkers getting out and managing traffic at sperkss. >> ir-- intersections. >> reporter: iron really it was two years to the day when new york had a power outage. we just learned j.lo rescheduled for monday. a man pleaded to charges he murdered a couple on a sonoma beach. he confessed to killing jason allen and lindsey as they slept on the beach in 2004. he also admitted to shooting and killing his brother in 2017. prosecutors are not seeking the death penalty against him as part of a plea deal. he will likely receive a sentence of three consecutive life terms in prison. a playground in alameda was badly damaged in what firefighters believe is a case of arson. alameda fire crews put out the
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fire on wood antioch park on cypress avenue after 3:30 yesterday morning. the entire play structure and surrounding rubberized turf was inflamed. just a faw hours earlier, crews responded to the same park to put out a fire in a garbage can. when abc 7 news arrived on scene, a touching note asking for the park to be rebuilt had been posted on the fence. thankfully no one was hurt. time 5:09 on this sunday morning. lisa keeping an eye on the accuweather forecast. >> we have a lot of low clouds and fog. the usual pattern out there with some mist and drizzle. in fact, temperatures are cool in the 50s but we will be hot again inland. we'll talk about the changes ahead which include a cooler week next in my accuweather seven-day forecast. >> lisa, thank you. also ahead a shark reeled in by fishermen on san francisco bay. more video from their incredible encounter. plus a race to diffuse a powerful political weapon. how you see berkeley researchers
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welcome back, everyone. time is 5:12 on sunday. we're taking a live look outside from golden gate bridge camera. can you see a very quiet start to the morning. not many drivers out it's all fogged in. we'll get a check of accuweather from lisa argen in just a little bit. first, in the eastbound one person was sent to the hospital
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after a van crashed a cvs in mar augusta yesterday. several people were inside the van. one of them was hurt. police say an elderly driver was trying to park but his foot slipped off the brake and onto the aksel ra the building was not damaged. a man shot at six flag harbor. police say the suspect and victim argued before the shooting. the victim was taken to john muir medical center and is expected to survive. the gunman drove off in a silver four-door sedan with front bumper damage. a fresno man who had his car broken into in redding was able to help police track the suspects through his dash-cam made by a palo alto-based company. our sister station in fresno has the story. >> reporter: video captured the
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camera. >> one of the items he took was a hat, like a dad hat because i'm expecting. >> his wife dory will give birth to their daughter in november. a personalized water bottle printed with the baby's ultrasound was also taken. >> it belongs to my wife and it's from my daughter. it was very personal. >> when he returned to his northwest fresno home on monday, he started getting notifications on his phone. >> he went and connected the camera to another vehicle and he was trying to figure it out. that's when i got a picture of his wife. >> he kept every motion activated video and notified redding police. >> they were like you know where they are. i said, yeah, i'm watching them live and i have a gps location pinpointing their spot. >> on thursday police moved in on these two people with his he oh, my gosh
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>> the man in the video told police he bought the camera for $30. officers are still looking for a suspect. >> he was able to retrieve some video from the camera and provided it to the officer. that's part of this case. but it was a pretty dark and poor quality, so it didn't have a whole lot of facial features. >> ceo andy hodge of palo alto said their videos led to dozens of theft arrests. >> so the owner not only got video of him breaking into the car but got video a few times after from that camera because he didn't quite understand that this isn't a dash camera like they have been building the last few years, this is next generation where it's connected like your phones. >> i never thought i would go down the road of tracking down a person, locate him, communicate with the cops from two different cities and try to get in and
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nailing down live on my phone. >> in fresno, abc 7 news. >> we have some incredible video taken by a group of sport fishermen who hit the bay yesterday morning. you won't believe what they managed to reel in. take a look. fishermen out on the bay in alcatraz when they said they hooked a gigantic shark. that shark took the bait chomping down on a fish carcass on the hook. after a mighty struggle that last add minute or two, the fishermen cut the line and reeled the shark back into the bay. these gold en retrievers might melt your heart. they have a mission to accomplish. they are pup yers in in san raf. they came to the campus yesterday for a day of training. the pups are between 5 to 15-month-old. they are undergoing two full years of training before the dogs graduate from the program and will be a vital companion to
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a new owner. happening today the 33rd annual aids walk san francisco in golden gate park. the opening ceremony begins at 9:45 this morning at robin williams meadow. if you haven't registered, you can do so at the park. the fundraising walk benefits dozens of local hiv and aids programs. time is 5:17 and turning to weather and bay area forecast with lisa argen. >> hi, chris. check it out. live doppler 7 once again looking at low clouds and fog situated along the shoreline. with that mist and drizzle. when we go to the north you'll notice spin in the atmosphere there. that's the system that will allow for temperatures to come down in our inland valleys as we go through the workweek. here is a check on tropical storm barry looking lopsided. a six-hour loop, 45-mile-an-hour winds moving to the northwest at 8. with it taking a lot of the heavy rain but still looking at the rain right along louisiana,
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arkansas, and mississippi. so as it continues up through the mississippi river valley, we're looking at rainfall amounts from a couple of inches to around 5" to 18 ir" where we have orange and yellow shading around lowcountry of lake charles. this will continue to bring flash flooding and isolated tornadoes to the areas. certainly thinking of those folks and what will be a nice sunrise, 35, 40 minutes away from mount tam. patchy fog there, 54 san francisco with 58 redwood city. 57 morgan hill. and we're looking at walnut creek where it's going to be a bright start to sunday, 53 santa rosa, 58 delta, southwest winds up to 30 miles an hour. 59 in livermore. you can see from mount diablo, 20 miles an hour, mount tam up to 50 miles. we're looking at gusty winds above half moon bay. those steady onshore winds will
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be with us throughout the afternoon. here is a look at mount diablo, absence of that finger of fog we saw yesterday. the mist is at the coast. we will look for the fog to clear the shoreline today but it will be hot again inland. looking at the cooler pattern beginning this week. so in the south bay, numbers are stacking up like this, mainly low- to mid-80s from milpitas, 81. 85 in san jose with 88 in los gatos on the peninsula look for upper 70s redwood city. 81 in palo alto. the fog along the coast here. so partial clearing. we'll call san francisco partly cloudy skies at 70 today. mid-60s in the sun set and breezy winds setting up again. 85 in nafovato. calistoga, warm there with mild numbers towards berkeley and oakley in the mid-70s. a little further, orinda, castro valley, low- to mid-80s. inland once again right on the edge of low 90s from pittsburgh
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to brentwoo. upper 80s in san ramon and 90 in livermore. accuweather seven-day forecast still looking at 90s today and lower 90s tomorrow inland. as we get towards the middle of the week, you notice we're shaving off about 2 to 4 degrees with our high temperatures each and every day. bayside in the 70s right on through the week. look at the steady temperatures at the coast. you download our accuweather app and see the trend certainly continues for july. it's been very little change day to day. but overall we have seep those numbers come down and be below average for the month. so the heat, well, a little bit left of it today inland. >> we'll enjoy it while we have it. thank you, lisa. abc localist with inspiring stories called more in common. this week meet the town of whittier, alaska, where just about everyone, all 240 of them, lives in the same building. >> we're in whittier, alaska, a
5:21 am
town you can only get to through one of the longest tunnels in north america. it's almost a fairy land with incredible streams coming down the mountain, beautiful foliage. just about everyone lives in the same building. >> really unique to live within and amongst 240 people, alaska's first gated and only gated community. >> everybody works together as a community, yes, i love it down here. >> i was born. >> it's a totally different world here. >> we're not a homogeneous green. >> we're filipinos, nature i was, whatever causing controversy, we have to get along. >> people from all walks of life have ended up in whittier. 220 people from all around the world. there's something that brought us all here, and here we are together.
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welcome back. from "game of thrones" to nancy pelosi, you've likely seen those computer generated fake videos. while some are funny, others can have serious political consequences. kate larson shows uc berkeley researchers leading the charge to fight the technology. >> millions of people saw this distorted video of house speaker nancy pelosi posted to social media in may. >> he was engaged in the cover-up. >> it made it sound like pelosi was drunkenly slurring her words and she was not. >> that really wreaked havoc on
5:25 am
democracy, society and personal safety. >> a computer science professor at uc berkeley. he and graduate student are developing software to combat the technology, synthesized through intelligence. seen here in 2018 about the danger of deep fakes. >> see, i would never say these things but someone else would, someone like jordan peele. >> this technology allows you to create highly sophisticated fake content, and it doesn't require a lot of skill to create the content. >> we started tracking when a person isheir eyebrows are moving, how their lips are moving, how their cheeks are moving. >> ahead of the election she's mapping how specific politicians move when theygamanipula yeawasy for newsrooms like ours, so if there's a video in question we can run them through her
5:26 am
software via a portal at uc berkeley. >> the technology, so creation of a fake becomes so diane average person cannot create it so easily. >> you have the freedom of your speech. but the constitution doesn't give you the right to put your words into my mouth and that's what a lot of this technology does. >> palo alto assemblyman introduced a law unless there's a disclaimer. >> you can create these videos if you want to, but you have to be honest with the public about the fact that it's fake. >> reporter: he hopes his bill will be signed into law in 2020. kate larson, abc 7 news. >> still to come on abc mornings, a little girl still hospitalized after a hit-and-run
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us. i'm chris nguyen. we're waking up to a nice day across the bay. here is meteorologist lisa argen with more conditions where you live. good morning. >> good morning, chris. as you look, try to find the fog. a nice picture, coming up at 5:59. it is 54 downtown, 59 in san jose. morgan hill upper 50s and on the coast it's 54. here is our exploratorium camera, cloud cover over the bay. closer to the coast, some mist there. 57 up in napa with numbers in the 60s as you go out towards concord. kind of mild with livermore in the upper 50s. notice the fog right at the coast, right on through 10:00 and 60s over in oakland. as we go through about 2:00, we're still looking at cloudy skies, half moon bay, pacifica. in the 80s inland and the fog gets wiped away along the shoreline looking at another warm day inland before temperatures continue that downward slide throughout the week ahead.
5:30 am
i'll detail that for you in a few minutes. chris. >> lisa, thank you. starting today, federal immigration officers are scheduled to sweep nine cities nationwide including here in the bay area. they are targeting about 2,000 undocumented immigrants as outlined by president trump. some families in san francisco are staying inside hoping to stay safe. immigration lawyers say they are ready and want the undocumented community to know their rights. there have also been recent immigration arrests in some cities like san diego but those are different from today's possible operations. a santa rosa family is going through a tough time as their 2-year-old daughter remains in serious condition following a hit-and-run. police say the driver was under the influence. only on 7, abc 7 news reporter spoke with the victim's father. >> reporter: her family is still in shock after she was hit by a drunk driver in santa rosa. >> i'm very mad, i'm very angry
5:31 am
that he was driving and he was driving so recklessly. >> the suspected driver was a man with four dui convictions and police say was also busted for another hit-and-run a week prior. soon after thursday's crash police found larios and his van at a nearby apartment complex. >> should have stopped and said let's call 911 and get some help for this little girl. please, help her. no, he took off. >> the day of the crash she was with her great-grandmother running errands. at one point they were getting bought car when the toddler ran away. then beverly hourton heard the crash. >> a very loud thump. then when i saw people screaming and running into the street, then i realized it was probably her. >> she was thrown several feet. she's on a breathing tub has bruised lungs and head lacerations. she's currently sedated and is in and out of consciousness. >> we are praying and praying
5:32 am
and praying, you know, that she's going to make it through. she's a strong little girl, she will. she will make it enthusiastic. >> she's just 3' tall and loves to make people laugh. her family can't wait until she's home again. >> when you see her, she brightens you up. any time we take her anywhere, everyone always falls in love with her. >> a gofundme has been set up to help the family. if you would like more information go to the website, where we have a link to the page. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. and as lisa mentioned, you can see here that gofundme page so far has raised just over $11,000. the goal is $25,000. again, we put a link to this fundraiser on our website, if you would like to help. time is 5:32. in the east bay police are searching for two men suspected of killing another man in concord. police say adam renfroe of
5:33 am
brentwood and robert brown of bay point responsible for the death of daniel schrader. the victim was found on clayton road suffering from several gunshot wounds. he died at the hospital. officers believed the suspects were holed up inside a bay point home yesterday. a standoff there came to an end several hours later with no man located. >> very unfortunate we've upset the community on saturday morning. we've got the response out here to try and keep the community safe. this person is dangerous, armed with a firemen. >> police say both renfro and brown are considered armed and dangerous. anyone who sees them are urged to call 911. time 5:33. a busy street in concord are closed while crewsherehen y.d b
5:34 am
galindo and mira vista terrace. the road is expected to open the crane used on renaissance construction. more than a million dollars in damage done to the 80-unit complex. nearly 2r50 people had to be evacuated from nearby apartments. there's a two-day fundraiser dedicated to keeping police dogs safe and healthy. abc 7 news in concord for cover your canine event. teamed up with police forces around the area to raise money for four-legged officers. live demonstrations showing the canine's incredible stills were held. money raised for equipment for the dogs like bulletproof vests, trauma kits and heat alarms. >> so if my car gets too hot, my alarm goes off on my belt to tell me i need to get my dog and rolls the window down to help them not suffer from heat related injuries.
5:35 am
the canine servin concord police force for thee years. coming up on this week, 2020 presidential candidates senator amy klobuchar and tom steyer will talk about their campaigns. you can watch the full interviews on this week with george stephanopoulos on abc 7. still ahead on abc 7 mornings. she's only 6 years old and she's already been honored by the united nations. we'll introduce you to paisley and tell you how she's helping refugees around the world. as we head to break, a live look from
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parade during french revolution. more than 4,000 armed forces are taking part. french president macron will show military disper tears during the parade. they are under pressure to increase military amid washington and brexit from european union. here at home and nearly every corner of the world there's a debate and struggle over immigration. one heard a story about the polite of refugees and that got her thinking. tom llamas introduces us to paisley. >> when most kids spin a globe, they are likely thinking where can i go. with 6-year-old paisley elliot,
5:39 am
she's thinking where can i help. two years ago in preschool she listened to a story about refugees and it sparked a lot. >> you learned about refugees at school. it wasn't a topic i wanted to discuss at length with a 4-year-old. >> she learned there are refugees not only in her home state of texas but all over the world. >> they had to run away from danger. their country is not safe. >> so she started with stuffed animals, collecting 250, donating them to kids in war-torn syria. from there she visited mexico to deliver 500 pounds of donated supplies. >> she came back and said my heart is going to explode. >> paisley's passion for giving is only getting stronger. she started a nonprofit called paisley's pal to try to build a house for children at the worst refugee camp on the planet
5:40 am
located in greece. >> lemonade for sale. >> she donated her piggy bank and selling $3 glasses of lemonade and making sure customers know where the money is going. >> i'm not keeping the money, i'm building with the money. >> we because the up with her and family in anything nicaragua. >> she's been recognized by the u.n. again, only just 6 years old. a little girl making a big change. >> i never want to stop changing the world. i'm going to do it forever. >> that was tom llamas poin art building the school. great work, paisley. 5:40 on sunday. today is a little cooler than yesterday. >> a little cooler. we should hit low 90s inland and we have that fog at the coast creating lots of soup there. check it out.
5:41 am
mist and drizzle. you'll need wipers if you're headed to marin county or parts of san francisco with a light mist. it is 54 here. 50 palo alto with 65 in concord. so already a good 15 degree spread and a look for that summer spread again this afternoon. details coming up. lisa, thanks. also head, steph curry can do it all, baseball, golf and now football. two-time mvp enjoying the week in tahoe. more dale's little girl is heading to college. luckily, her dorm is about 10 minutes from a hotel by wyndham. ashley's meeting all her in-laws, and she's about 10 minutes from a hotel by wyndham. jeff is flying to... oh never mind. but hey, 10 minutes from a wyndham. he's having the best. day. ever! and he's about... 10 minutes! 10 minutes... from a hotel by wyndham. with over 6,000 hotels across the country, a great hotel by wyndham is closer than you think. book direct at
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time right now 5:43. we're taking a live look outside from san mateo bridge camera. thanks so much for starting your day with abc 7 news. we'll get a check of the full bay area forecast in just a little bit. happening today sunday streets returned to san francisco mission district on duboce, 26th and valencia from 11:00 to 4:00.
5:44 am
liveability to learn about transit, health and equity. also a pop-up play block with kid friendly activities. also happening today berkeley will host its own version of sunday streets, a celebration of music called cornerfest featuring live music, food and drinks. pet owners can dress up their four-legged friends for the pet parade, prizes will be given for the best dressed. 11:00 to 6:00 in downtown berkeley on shaddock avenue. things returning to normal at sales force transit center. abc news there where muni and transit buses resume service. it's the first time transit agency served the $2.2 billion facility in nine months following its sudden closure because of cracked steel beams. in sports the a's and giants are closing out their first series back since the all-star break. the giants are in milwaukee looking to win the series over the brewers. first pitch at 11:10. then a's could sweep white sox. first pitch at the coliseum at
5:45 am
1:07 this afternoon. giants fell short against milwaukee's best. anthony flores with more in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everyone. i'm anthony flores. the giants are still in last place in the division and still not yet at 500. there as bright side. they are making a push for the wild card. they have won nine of their last 11 games sending mad to the hill in milwaukee. up 1-0. brewers trying to tie it. pena to deep left center, kevin pillar picks up to crawford, play, buster posey with the tag. he's out. check out the replay swipes him before he sweeps the plate. top nine, down 4-2. a one-out two-run single to tie it. bruce bochy pleased for the moment. bottom nine, one strike away from extra innings but reyes gives walkoff double. the game winner is scored giants
5:46 am
lose 5-4. a's and white sox, sunny day at the coliseum. second batter for the a's is matt chapman. he doubled off the right field wall to bring in marcus simeon. 1-0 oakland. four batters later robby grossman, a sharp single to left, chapman and matt olsen score omega it 3-0. herman singles to right, chris davis scores, that's 4-0. that puts an end to the day for white sox starter colby. bring in detwiler. franklin barreto greets with three-run bomb. 7-0 after the first inning and aides roll 13-2. >> anybody can do damage any day. we're not relying on one guy every day to come in and produce. scoring up top but a lot of guys in the bottom are carrying the team for the day.ede in being good one through nine.
5:47 am
to tahoe for american century championship. steph curry loves golf. not sure he's loving this. on 14 from the pine straw. knocks it into the grandstand. steph can only laugh. couldn't do that again if he tried. fans love it, though, because he plays it from there. they clear out the seats. nice shot on the green and just rolls onto the collar. his play partner justin timberlake can't believe it but steph missed par pike.rors ng deep over the middle. of course rogers hits him in step, average three-sport star and looking forward to the next nba season. >> you get to the finals, that's a sign of accomplishment. we wanted to win, look forward to next year. it's going to be a different setup. we've got a lot of confidence. >> well, i just had to gain a lot of perspective from the finals as well. i kept texting steph and telling him i'm ready to go if somebody
5:48 am
gets injured. i never got the call, so it's good to finally catch up with him. >> now, steph is trailing his father heading into the final round. the loser between the two has to sing karaoke at next year's opening night dinner. that's a look at your morning sports. i'm anthony flores, have a great sunday. >> weather wise changes ahead in the accuweather forecast. lisa argen tracking it for you on this sunday morning. hi, lisa. >> hi, chris. it's been a quiet july. temperatures have been running similar or somewhat below average and we're going to keep that trend going. here is a look from mount tam where you can't see much fog. we are looking at very gusty winds in the upper elevations up to 40 and 50 miles an hour out of the northwest. otherwise that fog is kind of broken up this morning except for right along the coast. concord average high in the mid-80s this time of year. today is a warm one for you. at least we've got those 90s for you inland, 92 today. temperatures a little change tomorrow but then look what happened throughout the week.
5:49 am
we're coming down into the 80s. ten by the end of the week highs struggling to make it into the low 80s. you get the idea that the numbers are going to allow for a cooling trend for the week ahead. around the bay, a look from exploratorium camera. you can see cloud cover here. with that it is cool in san francisco. live doppler 7 fog from marin county coastline down through d. it's clear inland. as we go further to the north there is an area of low pressure or trough that will set up once again to the north of us. that's going to allow for steady on-shore flow keeping those west winds alive all week long and allowing for cooler highs as high pressure drifts off to the east. here is a look at emeryville. gray skies with 50s. from the coast, city, upper 50s, san jose 57, redwood city. morgan hill 56. a pretty nice start to the day there.
5:50 am
sunrise in 10 minutes. 53 anniversary, concord, down the road in livermore cooler at 59. sfo, a lot of cloud cover on the peninsula. that lifts for temperatures in the 70s. some lower 80s as you get further south. watch out for the fog and mist along the coast this morning. another hot day for you inland with temperatures in the 90s. so that's more like summer. but as we get through the week, we'll lose those 90s and those winds pick up along the coast and around the bay. so here is our steady fair wet friend. at 7:00 this morning you can see patches of fog over into the east bay. it clears, though. 11:00 looking at clear sky coming right back into play as we get set for your monday morning commute. by the afternoon, it's at the coast allowing for cooler numbers. 76 san mateo today as well as oakland. so average highs a little bit warmer than average view in oakland. overall upper 80s in napa,
5:51 am
comfortable san rafael at 83, 67 with partial clearing at the coast. if you're headed into the city for aids walk, it is going to be cloudy to start out or partly sunny with upper 50s. 10:00 looking at numbers in the low 60s. we've got sunshine with mid-60s. those winds out of the west southwest up to 15 miles an hour. the accuweather seven-day forecast today, we're hot inland, low to maybe mid-90s looking at upper 70s around the bay. mid-60s and slightly cooler into monday and tuesday. download accuweather app. the temperatures slowly going down. nothing too dramatic. we will certainly lose some of that heat inland. >> i'm sure some of the folks, even though it's not too dramatic some will enjoy the slight cooldown. lisa, thank you. on the peninsula surfers took part in a nonprofit that helps protect natural resources. abc 7 news in pacifica for the surf contest. it brought together surfers ages 40 and up. >> i think it's the only amateur
5:52 am
surf contest specifically designed for older surfers. it's a community event. it brings the surfing community here in the bay area together once a year in july. the event gives lifelong surfers a way to continue competing out in the open water with people in their own age group. next it's less than 24 hours away. amazon prime day. what you need to know about this opportun
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maybe for the men. lash volume that speaks volumes. lash blast mascara from covergirl 1 lash blast sold every 2.3 seconds last night's $194 million powerball drawing. 13, 23, 32, 35, 68, and the powerball 21. there was a jackpot withnner in tennessee. we have a million dollar winner the tickets matching but not the powerball near lawrence expressway in san jose. congrats to that wieber.
5:55 am
winning numbers from last night's $61 million super plus, 1, 13, 18, 20, 30, and the mega number is 17. nobody picked all six. time now is 5:55. today is national mac and cheese day. the soma food park will host mack and cheese meltoff. more than a dozen vendors selling the cheesy pasta all day long. tickets $5 a person. that gets you into the event but you still have to pay for the food once you're inside. it starts at 11:00. the price of avocados continues to go occupy. the demand and slight reduction in production are to blame. the price enve stores in mexico price them the same but the average price is under $2. prices are expected to drop next month when production ramps back up in mexico. amazon prime day starts at midnight today.
5:56 am
the company will from more than a million deals for 48 hours on items like furniture, electronics, groceries, clothing and much more. amazon devices that will be available for discount include fire tv stick, echo, as well as the facebook portal. walmart, ebay and target are also having their own sales this week. next on abc 7 mornings at 6:00. fear in some pay area neighborhoods with possible i.c.e. raids looming. we have team coverage. also barry has made landfall. now officials are warning people in the south to stay vigilant due to the threat of flooding.
5:57 am
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or the sight of soft fur, warmed byneflavours,g sun.yomigb or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed. ♪
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try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. >> announcer: news to build a better bay area. this is abc 7 mornings. good morning, it's sunday july 14th. i'm chris nguyen. let's look at the accuweather forecast. here is meteorology lisa argen tracking live doppler 7 for is, hi, lisa. >> hi, chris, the fog is filling in around the bay. as we look at marin county, the coast, over to the east bay. east bay hills, beautiful view. sun officially up with temperatures ranging from mid-50s to 60s in san jose. it is paeching aroutchy around mild 64 in oakland, upper 50s in livermore. that is san rafael there


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