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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 15, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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start of a new week. welcome to monday, july 15th. >> looks like a nice day ahea y. you're absolutely right. a beautiful start to the day. live doppler 7 confirming the lack of fog out there. we get sun to start out in san francisco. in the 50s in some spots, 60s east bay and south bay. a little milder by noontime, back in the 80s inland, but will climb to the upper 80s and the upper 70s throughout the day today. the breeze will kick up through out the afternoon. then we'll look at a lot more fog coming into play. a quick glance at the golden gate bridge, it looks nice. not so much in the east bay, right alexis? >> it sure isn't. we've got a fatal collision and investigation under way rate now in the san pablo area. they did update the location just a bit. east bay 80 before you get to el portal. they issued a sig alert. a couple lanes on the eastbound side of the roadway, that's the only good news in this, is that it's normally the lighter side of traffic for the morning commute.
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we've got the two right lanes blocked, two left lanes are able to get by. this was a serious crash that happened just after 5:00 this morning. we had a box truck that hit the guard rail. a pickup truck involved in that initial collision, too. and then a couple more vehicles hit a lot of debris that was in the roadway from that initial collision. so working on getting more details. we should have sky 7 at the scene in about ten minutes. i'll have an update coming up shortly. we are tracking breaking news out of contra costa county. at least one person has minor burns after a fire an an apartment complex in martinez. the fire broke out just after 4:00 this morning on the third floor of the building on el hambra avenue. you can see firefighters were there and crews managed to knock down the flames in about 20 minutes. neighbors evacuated the surrounding apartments out of precaution. the cause is still under investigation. they were killed while sleeping on a sonoma county beach. a double murder that went unsolved for more than a decade. >> finally this morning, the man who confessed is scheduled to
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find out his face. nbc 7 reporter anser hassan is live for us. >> reporter: good morning. suspect shaun gallon, part of his plea deal, the sonoma county district attorney will not seek the death penalty in this case. instead, gallon is likely to be sentenced to three consecutive life terms. last month gallon pled no contest to three murders. two years ago gallon was arrested on suspicion of killing his younger brother. the d.a. says during that investigation, gallon wrote a note to investigators saying he would talk to them about the jenner beach murder case. that case involved 26-year-old jason allen and 22-year-old lindsay cutshall. the couple died from gunshot wounds to heason the beh. that case went unsolved for 12 years. the 40-year-old gallon has always been a person of interest in this case but wasn't named as
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the main suspect until 2017. the d.a. says the decision not to seek the death penalty is in part due to his plea but also in speaking with the victims' families. gallon is likely to be sentenced this morning. we'll the latest coming up later on. in santa rosa, anser hassan. president trump doubling down this morning on racist tweets he sent out over the weekend. >> in just the last two hours he tweeted, when will the radical left congresswomen apologize to our country, the people of israel and even to the office of the president for the foul language they have used and the terrible things they have said. the tweet appears to be directed at four members of congress who are women of color. women he told to, quote, go back to the countries they came from over the weekend. here is abc 7 news reporter mona kosar abdi. the president who for years questioned president barack obama's citizenship is criticized this weekend for telling four democratic
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congresswomen to leave the united states, using language similar to what he's used toward undocumented immigrants ahead of deportation raids. this week targeting congresswomen of color. in an earlier tweet he told to go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came, failing to acknowledge that three of the four minority congresswomen the comments were directed at were born in the united states, the other a naturalized citizen. now overnight trump tweeting in part, quote, their disgusting language and the many terrible things they say about the united states must not be allowed to go unchallenged. >> a group of people that came from -- i don't know where they came from. >> reporter: all four women highly critical of trump's immigration policies and the deportation raids that launched sunday. so far immigration groups and local officials say they haven't seen it. new york's mayor tweeting, quote, no confirmed i.c.e. activity. i.c.e., however, confirms it's
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out there. for the past week it was actually shows speaker ploers feuding with the four democratic congresswomen over support for the border aid package. it took the president's comments to unify the democratic party as pelosi and others came to their defense. mona koes is a abdi, abc news, washington. after four deaths in 16 days on train tracks, the quiet zonen thr rnnlshere's an emergency. it was part of a decision to reduce public opposition to the trains. the board is expected to discuss the issue at its meeting on wednesday. the head of san francisco-based juul is apologizing to the parents whose children are now addicted to the company's products. u.s. surgeon general declared the use of e-cigarettes by teens a national epidemic. juul ceo kevin burns appears in "vapor rised,
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addiction." a dog is back with her owner this morning after she was stolen outside a san francisco market. take a look. this is the video of that reunion. it happened around 11:00 last night. all this started on saturday in japantown when the owner left her dog tied outside of a store. you can see the surveillance video showing the man untieing the leash and walking away with the dog named lily. her owner reported the case to police and searched all over the city. an officer ended up spotting the dog with another woman at a park last night. the woman who found lily said she was roaming the streets of the tenderloin alone and planned to take her to an animal shelter to check for a microchip. >> i can't describe how important lily is to me. she's like the hugest source of joy in my life. i can't believe i got her back.
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>> her owner says she made a mistake leaving her outside the market and she did learn her lesson. at last check police have not identified the man seen taking the dog in that surveillance video. it's going to take even longer to get the boeing 737 max planes back in the air. what that means if you have a flight booked this summer. in paris a man taking to the skies with something most of us have never seen before. a live look outside. wow, is this beautiful, from our east bay hills camera. nice and clear this morning. temperatures in the 50s and 60s from oakland to livermore, and we've got another day of
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they're multiplying. no, guys, its me. see, i'm real. i'm real! he thinks he's real. geico. over 75 years of savings and service. starting with clear sky. a trough of low pressure will control our weather for the rest of the week. 60 in oakland, 62 in san jose. pier 39 looks nice and quiet with the clear sky. 58 cool in petaluma. it's mild in our inland valleys. the fog stays off the coast today for a sunny day. it moves back in quickly late tonight into tomorrow. that begins our more dramatic cooldown as you look at the golden gate bridge. beautiful out there. a little breezy in and outside
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the bay today. we'll be looking at temperatures in our east bay valleys. in the 70s, this is actually more towards oakland, out towards orinda and elsewhere around the bay. low 80s in the south bay. alexis, any better news? >> not really. we still have a traffic alert, sig alert in effect for the san pablo area. a caltrans still camera pulled up right now. i'm not sure how well you can see the situation. this is east bay 80 just before you get to el portal in the san pablo area. two right lanes are blocked, two left lanes are open. this is a fatal collision that happened just after 5:00 this morning. this is the countercommute direction, so only a ten-minute delay. i'm keeping an eye on that. looks like a little delay filled in on the westbound side, too. four vehicles involved. we're waiting for sky 7 to get to the scene. we should have a better perspective once they're overhead. we'll have another update in a few minutes. switching gears, you've got to take a look at this man.
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he is soaring above paris. that is a french inventor showing off his fly board yesterday. he carried a rifle and flew above the bastille day celebrations. >> it's striking, but he looks like a spiderman villain or something with that rifle. >> i could do without the rifle. it's a really cool invention. i guess it was a military display, so maybe appropriate for that. but a little alarming. >> feels like just a huge red flag. >> i don't even want the delivery drones overhead. i don't want this guy over me. >> i don't consent to the future. i'm going to say that right now. >> coming up next, cold brew or hot brew. if you're drinking coffee for
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jets is still up in the air. the plane is unlikely to be ready to carry passengers until at least 2020. officials say the plane maker is working on a fix for a flight control system that played a role in two deadly crashes. the global max fleet could
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return as soon as january. it was originally scheduled to be back in the air in september. american airlines announced it is canceling flight until november 2nd over the grounding of the 737 max. that amounts to about 115 cancellations a day. the airline is confident that coming software updates and new training elements will lead to the aircraft being recertified this year. american has two dozen of boeing's best-selling 737 max jets in its fleet. 6:16 now. we know coffee is rich in antioxidants. people who enjoy a cold brew during the summer months may not be getting the same health benefits. doctors at the cleveland clinic says hot brew is healthier than cold brew. dr. michael >> there is brewed wot water, tes a little less acidity and a little less antioxidantsment when i say a little, about 50% less
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antioxidants. >> so if you prefer grdrinking cold coffee, have iced coffee because it's brewed hot and poured over ice. james bond is about to retire from m-16 in the miest movie. we know who will be taking his place. >> actress lashawn nah lynch will play a new character who takes over bond's secret agent number 007. daniel craig will reprise his role of bond. the new movie is filming in italy and the uk. this is the 25th movie in the franchise. >> to be clear, we do not know who bond will be in the 26th movie of this franchise. that's still up in the air. we don't know if it's this amazing actress, but people still excited to see her at least in a few scenes of this new movie. >> going to take your word for it. >> i don't know anything about james bond. i'm that one know a little, bus
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yourself i think. you're younger than me. >> sean connery. >> depending on who you identify as the real bond. >> pierce brosnan. >> good morning everyone. we have a sunny start to your monday. getting out the door, you can count on a beautiful day today. despite the breezy winds this afternoon, sunny at the coast and feel good even in san francisco. the early part of the day will be less windy. live doppler 7 looking at the clear start here. mt. tam, you can see the breeze on top, 62 in san jose. cool 54 at the coast and lake tahoe 30s and 40s right now. 79 in south lake. 59 in napa. it is 68 in concord and near 60 in livermore. we're milder this morning by a good six degrees. that's due to the clear start and those northerly winds. the fog has been with us day to day. that will continue as we get into monday night and tuesday. . the cooling trend, it gets under
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way throughout each and every day. here is the breeze today at noontime at the coast. in the north bay up to 15 miles an hour. by 4:00, it's getting a little gusty at the coast and into the overnight hours, 15 to 20-mile-an-hour winds stay with us. look what happens throughout the evening commute. it's a breezy afternoon, you'll feel the cooldown for your tuesday. today, 79 for you in fremont. 87 in livermore. 85 napa. 81 in san rafael. mid 70s in the peninsula. looking at a nice afternoon each and every day. the mornings will be gray and temperatures continue to slide into the low 80s by the end of the week. alexis, what's the news this morning. it was pretty bad. >> it's not much better at this point. i want to take a live look at things from sky 7 there in san pablo over this fatal collision, east bay 80. this is just before you get to the el portal exit. i believe that vehicle arriving on the scene is the coroner just arriving. this is pretty wild.
6:20 am
you can look down the hillside. you can see a flatbed truck flipped over onto its side. then we've got a ton of guard rail taken out. sky 7 panning out for us. that long strip of metal is still blocking the two right lanes. look at that. a lot of debris. it sounds like there were two vehicles initially involved in this crash, and then i believe two more hit the guard rail or some of the pieces of wood thrown into the roadway from that first crash. i believe we've got four total. again, unfortunately, one person did not survive this collision. we have the two right lanes blocked, two left lanes open. as sky 7 pans back, we have a delay approaching this scene. it is the countercommute direction. it's eastbound 80 so not too bad. about a ten-minute delay right now, maybe a tiny bit oth onloo. much, much better than it would be if this were on the other side of the roadway. we're continuing to give you
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updates and we'll take another look at things from sky 7 in a moment. right now a quick check of a few other areas with drive times. southbound 680 walnut creek to dublin, 14 minutes, southbound 101, santa rosa to san francisco looking good. "good morning america" coming up at 7:00 on abc 7. >> ginger zee has a live look at what's ahead this morning. hi ginger. >> hi reggie, high natasha, missed you guys this weekend. great to be back with you. coming up on gma, eight states on alert still as barts of barry moving north. there's still fears of flash flooding from texas to illinois. i'm going to have that forecast up for you on the track of it. rob marciano is right there on the ground. also this morning, the investigation under way after this amusement park accident was cause on camera. so hard to watch. that all happened overseas. we'll have the details on it. also, it's amazon prime day.
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two huge days of savings. wait until you see what the competition is offering. rebecca jarvis will have tips for us all. we're kicking off our lion king week. our cameras there when the duchess met queen b. it's all coming up only on gma. >> it's all great. >> i can't get over that video. i'm sure ginger you saw bob iger was standing right there. how do you stand next to beyonce -- >> right in the frame. >> he's so cool. >> who turns their back to beyonce? >> beyonce is right there. i would be staring at her the whole time and escorted away by security. >> i know. >> exactly. >> we adore you ginger. thank you. >> that's why he's out of the company and i'
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good monday morning to you. 63 degrees in san jose. if you're spending time in the south bay, 83 for a high today with sunny skies. warm in morgan hill at 89. upper 80s in gilroy. cupertino 81 today.
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get set for cooler days throughout the workweek. millions of people will be diagnosed with dementia or alzheimer's disease every year. there is a new study w tell you about from rush university in chicago.o to decr. the researchers say, first of all, do not smoke. exercise at least 150 minutes per week, eat a diet rich in leafy green vegetables. limit alcohol to a minimum. participate in activities that stimulate your mind like crossword puzzles. researches say even doing four out of those five things can reduce your risk by 60%. this study was presented yesterday at the alzheimer's association international conference in l.a. the stars align for a missouri baby with a very special birthday. get this. rachel langford says her little girl was born at 7:11 p.m. on july 11th and weighed 7 pounds and 11 ounces.
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>> is there a brand deal somewhere in here? >> keeps going. mom said she had seen the numbers 7 and 11 throughout her pregnancy. she said many times she would look at a clock and it would be exactly what time? >> 7:11. >> mom says she's going to reach out to 7 eleven to tell the chain about the coincidence. both mom a are doing well. they'll be like, shear a free slurpee. one lottery player in san jose got close, a ticket worth $1.2 million was sold at a 7 eleven store on moorepark in west san jose. five of the six numbers were a match. the winner has not come forward yet. >> i feel like an episode of "lost." we're seeing patterns and numbers, too. what's going on? the writers of the show don't know. up next at 6:30, why the napa valley wine train could be getting into real estate. >> a young girl and her mom
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ma this wild ride? a white water river raft plunging over a waterfall with half a dozen a mother and daughter are recovering this morning after being pepper sprayed at this 7-eleven. i'm jobina fortson live in share with the details. i.c.e. raid worries. no arrests in the bay area this weekend. many people are still on edge. what a bay area congresswoman found at the border. prime day is here and the deals are already flowing. how to find out when the items you want most will be going on sale. take a break in looking at your ipads, iphone or whatever to watch us for a second so you know what it's like when you walk out the door. >> basically we're saving you money by distracting you from the prime day situation. >> you walk outside. you see all the beautiful sunshine. today will be the warmest day and the sunniest if you're in san francisco or want to head to the coast. here is live doppler 7 confirming that we are clear.
6:32 am
as you look live from the sutro tower camera, isn't this gorgeous to wake up to? 57 in downtown, 62 in san jose. mild from the exploratorium camera, typically cool in the north bay. we're milder in concord in the upper 60s and about 59 in livermore. heading out the door, it is cool north. it is mild elsewhere. a few degrees cooler around the bay with breezy winds this afternoon. we have one major issue this morning. a sig al left in san pablo. taking a look at things from sky 7. sky map 7 over that. the crash is on the countercommute side of interstate 80. eastbound 80 before the el portal exit. that's a huge piece of guard rail curling out in the two right lanes. if you look down the hillside, there's a flatbed truck 234ri7d over on its side and unfortunately someone did not survive this collision. an investigation is under way. the coroner is on the scene
6:33 am
right now. no estimate on when we'll get these two right lanes back open. a big cleanup under way that caltrans is going to have to come out after they finish measurements and clean up the posts and the guard rail and get this thing taken care of. it could be several more hours. as sky 7 pans back, there's a backup you would imagine. i'll quickly flip over on the traffic maps and show you what this looks like. on the east bay side, about ten minutes, you can use san pablo avenue to get around that. an investigation is under way after a woman and her child were pepper sprayed. >> it happens at a 7 eleven last night. abc 7 news reporter jobina fortson is live in san jose. >> reporter: a store clerk here at the 7 eleven tells us last night he saw two women arguing out here and then one of the women pulled out pepper spray and sprayed the other woman and her young daughter. the store clerk says the child was crying and her face was red.
6:34 am
he says the mother and the daughter ran inside 7 eleven to get some water and he doesn't know what happened to the other person involved. you can see in this video police were in and out of the 7 eleven last night investigating and questioning people nearby as well. the store clerk says he's never seen anything like this. >> -- it's really bad. they need to solve their things like maturely, not using pepper spray -- >> we're starting to hear from san jose police with additional details on exactly what happened here. make sure to stick with us on air and online and through our app for those details. live from san jose, jortsz, abc 7 news. president trump's promised nationwide deportation sweep did not materialize as expected. there were no reports of i.c.e. raids in any of the ten cities including here in san francisco.
6:35 am
undocumented families as they remain in a state of limbo. some are carrying these cards that spell out their rights like not having to answer the door in the case of an i.c.e. agent knocking. the eyes of america are not just focused on the raids. abc 7 news spoke with congresswoman anna eshoo who visited a dedeposititention cen the weekend. >> we need comprehensive immigration reform. border patrol is doing everything they can. they're a law enforcement agency. these children don't belong in a law enforcement agency. they haven't committed any crimes. >> the congresswoman said the conditions at the center are inhumane. many members of congress wore face masks because of the risks of bacterial meningitis. we've been tracking the story since president trump announced the raids last month. we have a series of stories on our website if you'd like to take a look. prosecutors in the ghost
6:36 am
ship trial are expected to call rebuttal witnesses this week. derick almena and co-defendant max harris face 36 counts ofntas for the 2016 fire in oakland. prosecutors say they let people live in the warehouse illegally and ignored safety measures. the defense suggested the fire was the work of arsonists. a coast guard crew returns to home base in alameda after seizing hundreds of millions of dollars of cocaine. this video has gone viral. have you seen this? a chase involving crew members from the cutter monroe. this drama unfolded in the pacific off south america last month. crew members jumped right on to a moving semi submersible vessel. >> this is a pretty dangerous operation. these vessels are very difficult to get on to, especially when they're non-compliant. they didn't stop. there's no rails, no safety features. once they do get on board, t n'knng tthpehe hatch, and you
6:37 am
never know if these folks will be violent, if they're going to have weapons. >> the coast guard arrested five smuggling suspects and seized 17,000 pounds of cocaine. that's worth about $230 million dollars on the streets. amazon prime day well under way. before you shop for deals, there's a warning from authorities how you can avoid scammers. you're looking live at the big board of the new york stock exchange. we're beginning a little bit down this morning. we'll show you how the markets are doing coming up next. disney's live action lion king hitting theaters this week. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. lacuna ma at that time da. >> good morning everyone. looking at the live start from live doppler 7. beautiful way to start your monday. trough of low pressure setting up to the north and west of us and that will allow for the fog to come back and for us to he slower clearing and gusty winds.
6:38 am
we'll have the breezy winds this afternoon from our east bay hills camera. it looks nice out there with 62 san jose, 58 on the peninsula, morgan hill. 54 half moon bay. look at the golden gate bridge. it is clear. we'll have a beautiful day here, although we'll get gusty at the coast and temperatures in the 60s there. in the 60s in concord. 59 in napa. 56 santa rosa. heading out the door, a little cool in and outside the bay. we'll have those breezy winds. so a little kwaucaution needed there. elsewhere on theness p, climbing through the upper 70s, redwood city, mountain view. it should be a pretty nice afternoon for july. we've been running a bit below average. another warm day inland with numbers flirting with 90. 74 in richmond, 75 in san mateo with 81 in san rafael. santa cruz 77. the fog is back. it will take a little longer to clear tomorrow. enjoy the clear start today. wish i could say the same about the traffic. i know it has been rough. >> it sure has.
6:39 am
e o lanes for quite some y 7 time. the two left lanes are open. this is eastbound 80 before the el portal exit. that sort of strange object in the roadway is a huge chunk of guard rail taken out by this truck that flipped down the hillside and unfortunately looks like the driver, to me anyway, of that vehicle did not survive that. that's the coroner's vehicle. they're on the scene, working on getting a tow truck that can get that vehicle off the hillside and left it onto the tow and repair the guard rail. sounds like dot and caltrans will be there to start the cleanup effort. it is progressing, but it doesn't look like that will clear any time soon. as sky 7 pans back, we have significant delays approaching the scene. 10, 15 minutes right now. onlooker delay on the westbound side. you can use san pablo avenue to
6:40 am
get around that. a quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza, we don't have any other major problems this morning. the metering lights have been [ screaming ]. >> i don't know if the actual picture is the best part or the reaction that you can hear. just a treat for whale watchers. this is off of australia's gold coast. can you believe it? a group of tourists on this boat enjoying the beautiful weather out there. they spotted not one but an incredible double whale breech. >> that's amazing. >> that
6:41 am
6:42 am
6:43 am
good monday morning. i'm lisa argen in for mike nicco. we're clear up and down the coast. looking at 70 in monterey. 96 in sacramento, steamy by fresno, 84 in los angeles winds will be quite gusty out there. reggie? [ screaming ]. >> now, i'm not going to cast blame here, but i will say this terrifying moment for a group of rafters could have been avoided. >> ter gngve
6:44 am
this hped overnd pennlvia multip"dangerpoint." they plummeted over the falls and were able to grab on to boulders before emergency crews pulled them out. >> so glad they're okay. this could have turned out differently. happening this morning. the man who admitted to killing two young people faces sentencing. >> it was a shocking double murder that went unsolved for more than a decade. anser hassan. as part of shaun gallon's plea deal, the district attorney's office will not seek the death penalty in this case. instead gallon is likely to be sentenced to three consecutive life sentences.
6:45 am
last month gallon pled no contest to committing three murders. two years ago gallon suspected on suspicion of dilg his younger brother. during that investigation gallon wrote a note saying he would talk to them about the jenner beach murder case. that case involved 26-year-old jason allen and 22-year-old l. the two were found shot to death in the head as they slept on the beach. that case went unsolved for 12 years. gallon, who is now 40 years old, has always been a person of interest in the jenner beach case but wasn't named as the main suspect until 2017. the d.a. says part of the decision not to seek the death penalty is due to gallon's plea and also based on discussions with the victim's families. he'll be sentenced this morning. live, anser hassan, abc 7 news. happening today, a bail hearing is scheduled in new york city in the case of former
6:46 am
american financier jeffrey epstein. he is accused of luring dozens of girls as young as 14 to his luxury homes in new york and florida and paying them for sex acts. his lawyers say he is no threat to flee and should await trial under house arrest in his manhattan mansion. prosecutors are calling him a flight risk and say evidence against him is, que,er > eningno it is black friday in july. amazon prime day is today and tomorrow. other stores including target, walmart and ebay are offering their own sales to compete. target's online sales called deal days run through tomorrow. walmart got a bit of a head start, starting their discounts yesterday. ebay has a 48-hour crash sale on phones, gaming systems and shoes. amazon's deals are available to prime members only. this morning on gma rebecca jarvis explains how to keep track of these prime day sales. >> you can look on the amazon app and look at upcoming deals and look for the very specific things you want in your cart.
6:47 am
that way you're not going to be incentivized to shop for anything. a lot of these deals are for a limited time only. as soon as it goes live you'll get a notification on your phone, your ipad. still ahead on gma, find out which products will have the deepest discounts. gma starts at 7:00 after abc 7 mornings. ount fraud while online. security experts say logon to amazon's website directly from your browseer. don't start by clicking on links sent to you. they can take you to websites that look like amazon but just meant to steal your credit card data. another iconic retailer could be bankrupt. an idea to address the housing shortage in the north bay. here is this morning's money report. the napa valley wine train has an expansion plan that includes housing for employees. owners plan to build a hotel and rail station in napa. the napa valley register also reports they want to build two apartment buildings with 55
6:48 am
units. iconic luxury retailer barney's could be headed for ba. thtse compan has filing. the biggest issue, apparently skyrocketing rent because the rent at baavrneysmanro mil to$30 mli past january and that has wiped out the company's profition. a live look at the new york stock exchange. you can see we're still slightly down this morning about 30 points. second quarter earnings season kicks off with citigroup reporting first. we'll see a number of banks reporting earnings tomorrow. netflix reports wednesday afternoon. so many of us counting down to friday when disney's "the lion king" hits theaters. >> box office magazine reports the movie is protected to make up to $200 million during its opening weekend. the movie's premier in london was a royal affair. look at that. prince harry and meghan markle making it to the film.
6:49 am
may met the cast and crew including beyonce. on gma this morning, director john favro and the voice of pumba seth rogan reveal what it was like to meet the royal couple. >> it was great to meet the duke and duchess, the royal majes majesties. >> so many watching a movie with royal themes with the royal couple. is this connecting with them in some way? >> is it wrong i'm focused on the pumba he's holding. >> you're focused on that, not his shirt or sweater? >> you can watch more of the interview on gma. >> i thought you were going to say the skinny legend. >> he's transformed himself. >> i love that guy. good morning everyone. we're looking at a beautiful start to the day. a lot of sunshine out there. that's because the fog has been
6:50 am
kept at bay. a northerly grade yebt is keeping it out of san francisco and a sunny start to sfo where we're looking at pleasant weather, upper 70s to near 80. 58 in morgan hill. exploratorium, tons of sun for you in the city today. 69 your high, 62 by the delta. looking at milder numbers in concord this morning. as we look at our 24-hour temperature change, even where it's cool, it's milder in the north bay compared to yesterday with all the fog, the mist and the drizzle. that will be back tomorrow and for much of the upcoming workweek. it's a clear start. still warm inland. temperatures will cool throughout the workweek, especially towards the end. the breeze kicks up later today. noontime, breezy at the coast. despite the sun, the winds are getting gusty, 4:00 in the afternoon. 20 miles an hour around the bay. through the overnight hours, we stay windy at the shoreline. by the evening hours tomorrow, we've got the breeze, gusty
6:51 am
winds and fog moving back into the bay. so highs today from the upper 70s around the bay. 75 in oakland, 74 in richmond, looking at 77 in palo alto. 89 in santa rosa. another warm one for you with 87 in livermore. the accuweather seven-day forecast, looking at the warmest day of the week and the sunniest will be today. low clouds and fog start tomorrow. getting even cooler by the end of the week below average good morning alexis. any good news? >> i don't have any good news. i have a couple of updates to our situation in san pablo. eastbound 80 before the el portal exit. it looks like caltrans crews have arrived and working on cleaning up this mess from this deadly crash that happened just after 5:00 this morning. a huge piece of guard rail taken out in the collision. then we've got the flatbed truck that flipped down the hillside. actually have seen two heavy-duty towtis that are waitg
6:52 am
to get in and hopefully pulled up the hillside and out of the area. we have the two right lanes blocked, two left lanes open. that backup holding steady at 10, 15 minutes even though it is normally the lighter side of traffic you can see on skyn skyn giving you that location. as of right now we still have no estimate on when that will reopen. quick check of drive times. exactly one hour. westbound 580 tracy to dublin, southbound 101 san rafael to san francisco looking good, in the green at 17 minutes. j. lo fans have another chance to see her in concert tonight. the concert at madison square garden was cut short because of the citywide power outage on saturday night. jennifer lopez was in the middle of her fourth song. she apologized to fans saying she would make it up to them. of course, not her fault.
6:53 am
tickets for saturday night's show are good tore the upcoming concert. >> great she's doing it so soon. usually they don't. meanwhile, 85,000 kaiser permanente employees announce they're ready to go on a nationwide strike. the workers are from multiple unions, expected to vote on authorizing the strike later this month. a strike would be one of the largest since a walkout in 1997. the union says talks broke down on issues of wages, benefits, safety and staffing. keiser says more discussions are still planned. aides walk san francisco raced more than $1.2 million from donations this year. >> how are you this morning? >> abc 7 news anchor dan ashley emceed yesterday's events. our station is proud to be a ee t help a support annualnd
6:54 am
people living longer and healthier with more complex health issues. >> it raises awareness, brings people together so we recommit to ending the epidemic. >> since 1987 aids walk san francisco has raised more than $90 million. in the south bay sneaker lovers bargained to add coveted shoes to their collection. sneaker-con draws collectors from all over america. >> sneaker-con only happens once a year, here in the bay area. a big show, a lot of people selling, a lot of stores, a lot of people trading, buying. >> just trading up for consolidating our items for bigger ticket pieces. >> everybody loves sneakers in the bay area. we all do it once a year. >> one next, the 7 things
6:55 am
you need to know before you go. >> first our instagram picture of the day. if you haven't follow us and you can see a lot more great photos like this? >> i've been seeing this all over
6:56 am
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itit's crepe for our family at denny's. a family tradition we started about 22 minutes ago and now we can continue that tradition at home with denny's delivery. see you at denny's or 6:57. whether you're just joining us or heading out the door. here here are the 7 things you need to know before you go. >> number one, a mom and her two children were outside a 7 eleven
6:58 am
when another woman assaulted her and pulled out pepper spray. the victim and her kids were evaluated at the scene. police say both women did know each other. number two, big issue on the roads this morning. deadly crash east bay 80er in el portal in the san pablo area. caltrans crews are out there trying to get the guard rail cleared. this is part of the collision that happened just after 5:00 this morning. tow trucks are getting into position. cleanup is under way. number three, the man who pleaded no contest in the notorious murder case is expected to be sentenced. detectives say shaun gallon confessed to killing a couple as they slept on the beach in jenner in 2004. number four, in a new tweet, president trump is calling on the four democratic krong women to apologize to the country after he said over the weekend they should go back to their countries. democrats are calling the
6:59 am
president's comments xenophobic. number five, big online summer sales happening now. amazon prime day is today and tomorrow. target also competing with its own deal days and walmart, macy's and ebay have their own sales. number six, a clear start out there, even a sunny beach day. the winds will get gusty, 69 in san francisco, 75 in oakland, 87 in livermore. number seven, adam lambert loves san francisco. the singer was in the bay area for a concert with queen over the weekend. he posted this photo of a house in the castro in instagram saying this is where his aunt, uncle and mother briefly lived. you said that's the same shirt he was wearing when you met him? >> it is. he must really like that shirt. he's very nice in person. >> and can sing even at like 6:00 in the morning. >> amazing, and hitting those queen notes. you know what i'm saying? >> i do know. match me up here. >> we'll be back in 25 minutes with another abc 7 news update.
7:00 am
>> nice to have a break from the fog this morning. we hope you're enjoying it and hope this is a great start to your week. "good morning america" starts right now. >> tha opyoa odee and as we join you this morning we're tracking the latest on barry. the storm is on the move, still causing big problems. bracing for barry, eight states now on alert for flooding as the tropical threat moves north after scenes like this. roofs ripped off buildings, dozens of water rescues and dangerous rip currents. the human chain to save stranded swimmers. we're live in the region with the latest. also this morning, the storm of outrage over the president's racist attack on four congresswomen, all women of color, telling them to go back to their home countries. what they are saying this morning as the president doubles down. deadly amusement park accident. caught on camera, the horrifying


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