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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  July 16, 2019 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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video show, "right this minute." >> she's a woman who knows -- >> there is nothing like a good set of sisters. >> see what's in the box to tell them thanks. it's a new way to ride the r rapids. >> and doing this intentionally? >> the sink or swim moment for an up side down thrill ride. hope for pause is on the case after a dog in tender holo to a remarkable transformation. we have christian, ali, nick and
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gayle breaking down the best on the web. including record something baseball practice. why this is definitely a strike. >> whoa! >> wow! >> there is nothing good set of sister friends. sister friends are a little deeper than girlfriends. a friend that will cry with you, laugh with you, contradict them out with you. these ladies have been through everything. and so on this night asia white gathered her girls. she had a little something for them. >> i love you. >> we love you. >> way all need friends like that. >> i was in college and struggling. can you give me $10? or when i was going to wait until last year. you were there for me. >> asia gets motional as she starts to talk about the strength of the relationship. >> there is nobody else that can be my friend like y'all are my
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friend. >> this is aboutthey wto high s together. survived college together. >> and because of that, i put together something for you. >> those are pretty boxes. >> there are instructions to opening them. >> when you open the box, i need you to grab the bottle out. inside the bottle is a message. >> i thought waits a bottle of wine. is the message drink? bottoms up. >> we're going to california! >> they're headed to carabata. the toronto corn val. it's a huge festival that happens in august. they were going to take the trip last year and asia got sick and hospitalized. instead of going without her, they canceled the trip. so this was her way of saying thank you. >> party on, girls. >> yes. thick or thin, party
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>> if you're into stranger things that could show on netflix, you might know something about the up side down. >> it's scary. >> could be. especially if you find yourself up side down on a raft. >> we're going to get crazy today. the five of us are going to go through buffalo in an up side down raft. >> not buffalo, new york, buffalo the river rapids. >> he said in an up side down raft. they're doing this intentionally? >> purposely good raft. flip it up soid doide down. this is like jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. >> except when you have that you have a parachute and skills n this case, need a freaking oxygen tank. >> they have skills and orrs. >> all clear now. >> okay. >> i thought they were going to be upside down going in up side down which would have been really cool.
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>> up and down, bucking with that white water. >> and into a huge trough near the bottom. hold on. >> then they make it through. th and they get off this thing. >> i still think it would have been cooler. >> glad to hear that challenge. could be a cool video. >> they were all pretty stoked they made it through. having a little bit of fun. this is the cool part. how do you ride an up side down raft? >> oh, my >> all i can think is hope dealers. they deal hope for pets in distress. they may not belong to anybody yet, but if they're in distress,
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they'll go to this one. they say a dog in hollywood has been hit so they show up. there it is on the side of the street waiting for help. they know something is wrong. she says the back legs on this dog are not >> this poor little guy, it's a little girl. they named honey pepper. they have to get the lucky leash around her. that's the easy part. then they turn that towel into a stretcher and that's when you see those eyes, those eyes we learned recently, they communicate with humans to let us know that, hey, i'm in pain. i'm >> ouch, ouch, ouch. they're handling her with such gentle care. can you see where the legs are hanging down. that's where that injury is. they get her into see their vet. their let is dr. antonio padraza. and look what they find.
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>> i feel your pain little puppy. >> two months later -- she is hooking for a forever home. that face. that smile. those puppy dog eyes. she has it all. the woman that called decided i have to do something so she did. she knows how to body paint. she got a model. yes! >> so cool. a fund-raiser was launched and launched over $1,000 to help with medical care. >> good >> for parent to be so envious of this couple for four years got to live and travel around europe. documenting their journey in this video. a lot of these images we have seen before. but this is their story. the story of race and vma wood. >> you know what i just realized, these things have been
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placed. >> yeah. >> people come back and they say look at my vacation and they click through. now they put together the amazing, two three, four minute videos, editing to music. it is a joy to watch. >> and you'll appreciate the fact that these guys were actually scared to travel by themselves. so the fact they went on the journey in the first place is huge for them. they visited 25 countries including greece, portugal, slovenia, germany, finland, england, switzerland, norway. >> wow. for four years, that is a dream trip. you're right, too. this is something that's only 2 1/2 minutes. it's something you can pop on and watch. it just helps you remember your trip. just the highlights. it just jogs the memory of the good feelings you had traveling around the world. >> twin babies about to brawl. see the sweetest duo square off next. >> i feel like after this they went and built a blanket fort
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closed captioning provided by -- gold bond neck and chest cream. 97% had firmer skin. gold bond ultimate lotion, ultimate skin. >> now back to the show. >> to russia, where recommend p sitting in a car listening to terrible music but says take my wore for it. this says something. >> yep, see it right there. it is russia after all. >> let's just label this bear as russia's music critic.
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>> could have breaken the glagls the glass. >> let's get out of here. >> my theory. not the music that people regularly see bears from their car. and the bear have learned that's the good theory. probably the right theory. >> i was really hoping he would growl. didn't feel like tha >> i give you -- that is good. >> now over to colorado for a brutal run, knock down drag out moose fight. >> oh, beautiful beach.
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>> no. no. no. they're angry. watch the huge impact. >> blasting into each other with great fire and anger. >> it's adorable. >> this website. >> i feel like they built a blanket fort and ate cheerios. >> let's hope that they did. >> croatia these days is all the rage because some of our favorite shows happen to have been filmed there. it has become a top destination for a lot of people now including this extreme athlete rory who has decided to do something pretty cool and maybe illegal. >> we're going to -- channel, going to be this cathedral in croatia. >> yeah. no question. >> but if you need a miracle, that's the place to be. our base jumpers then
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climbing. >> they put up a ladder just for him. >> it is a beautiful place, a beautiful night. look at that view. you look down to the plaza below and with just a quick count of three, off he goes. >> three, two, one. >> he's got very little time to deploy. he has no time for errors. >> he lands safely. he immediately has to gather his parachute and very quickly gets out. you see him taking off. and, of course, he obviously got away because they were able to post to their
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>> we're going to the barbershop for this round of name that tv character. now here's your hit for the first one. he's been on tv for nearly 30 years. can you guess who that is? >> you and i. >> that is crusty the clown. even with the afro show. the whole character. yes, that is rob the original's art work. his 3-d haircuts. he's done crusty the clown. >> i love rob. he is so dope. also, what did he use for the hair? this dude's hair texture is not like that. >> never mind the hair, look at the smoking cigarette. >> yes. >> and the paint. >> pretty perfect. yeah. did he a good job. now character number two. this one did not have the same kind of tv longevity. but i think you can guess who that is. that is aria stark from game of thrones. the person who did this is a serbian barber. he is known for doing afters,
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athletes, world leaders. he said aria was his first female. he said it took him 11 hours to do this. the guy got out of the chair finally at 3:00 in the morning. >> your hair doesn't take that long. >> you're right. >> 12 hours? you want to do it, go for it. >> stand up comedian with spine bif da. >> she is funny and does stand out. >> next "right this minute." and still to come, it's time for dad's daily pep talk. >> already, you can tell he is like fine. give me your fill. >> how he's just not here for it next. >> i don't know what that means, dad. >> no. >> plus, katie's living life on the road. >> anywhere on the planet. >> the big way she's upgrading by downsizing coming up. >> whoa: "i am here." aim to say that more with aimovig. a preventive treatment for migraine in adults
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so colossal! colossal mascara from maybelline new york, available at walmart. well then chill your reese's, dessyou'll eat it slower.ast? i wouldn't know i swallow mine whole like a duck. not sorry. reese's. promotional consideration provided by -- all right. time for that morning pep talk from dad. can you tell that he is fine.
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give me your fill. i sat here for it. >> did you have a good day the adaycare today? we're not going to get in any fights? >> yes. >> we're going to be nice to all of our friends? we're going to share. >> yes. yes. yes. fine. >> look me in the eye and tell me. that look me in the eye. >> no. no. >> i don't know what that means, dad. >> she doesn't look in the eye. she looks past him. sure. >> dad, i can't make promises i can't keep. i don't want to disappoint you or lie to you. >> look me in the eye. that's what i thought. >> she is not worried. she is going to keep it real. >> he has a boyfriend? >> yeah. >> stop it. >> no way. she's fine she cracks up every sin boyfriend? >> yeah. >> who is your boyfriend? >> you know what? i have a boyfriend and whiplash now. >> right.
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>> that was we get down to the nitty-gritty. do you love your boyfriend? >> yes. >> do you love daddy more or boyfriend? >> my boyfriend. >> oh! >> dang. dad felt that one. >> you no he she really loves dad more than the boyfriend. >> keep this video in your back pocket. any time you need something funny. really? >> it's a really cute moment. >> you got a boyfriend? >> yeah! >> tell daddy, yes. >> yes. >> katie carney did something fantastic a few years ago. >> i just had this idea in my head i really wanted to go on a road trip and live in my car for a month. she did. she got together with a friend and they traveled. >> it is something i enjoyed doing. and so it's kind of been my goal since then to keep doing it. to keep being on the road, to keep being on road trips, to keep staying in my car and
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sleeping in my car and living in my car. >> she ended up getting a job transcribing documents. >> i have created a life for me because i know i want to travel. at least have the ability to. >> she stayed in her car and off she went. in fact, as we speak, she's in montana traveling through the grand tetons and yellowstone enjoying her life and making it happen. >> i love this idea. she is living the life. she's comfortable in her car and using what she has at her disposal to live the life she wants to live. >> i don't need anything bigger than this. i'm only 5'2," i sit in the back sleep. i'm totally fine in the backseat. >> in this video, she takes us on her nightly routine. >> i'm stopped at a flying j. and i'm about to go to sleep. >> she then has to secure the windows. she covers them up. she goes through the typical nightly you are teen. she washes her face using wipes. she brushes her teeth.
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she is able to just jump in the back of the car. and night-night it is. >> that's great. >> what kind of car is she in? i'm curious to know. >> she's in a toyota yaris. >> whoa. that is a compact car. ? she really likes it. >> this is more comfortable than some beds. honestly. >> she shares all of her adventures on her youtube channel. >> this is the life that i want. that's why i'm doing it. it's not for everybody. but for her, it works. and good for her, man. >> coach rusty is back and -- >> why his old school tricks never go out of style next. >> i honest
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that leave therea lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
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that has all my favorite ingredients in it. >> you have to make it in home. it tastes better if you're out in the wilderness making a fritata. >> swing! swing! >> whoa! wow! >> direct hit. that was a strike. >> hit it straight at the camera. was someone holding it? >> no, set the phone up. >> oh, my god! that is your phone! >> it is? >> oh. >> yeah. oh is correct. if you're going to do a little batting practice, you might want to have one of the heavy duty cases on it. he connects with the ball but it's a foul ball. so instead of going forward, it goes backwards and he can't even be mad because he did it. >> yeah.
3:27 pm
>> he's the one that sent the ball towards his phone. >> the cameramsmsms seems to be. >> everything seems to be fine. something cool. it was uploaded. we're really into this dude. coach rusty. >> oh, yeah. >> says getting back to his roots and kicking it old school. >> this hurts my head. i honestly do not understand how had is possible. >> right. because most of us can barely take a swing and queconnect wit golf ball. >> we know. right. >> i got bruises. >> yeah, well, back to rusty here. in the caption he says to himself, four years ago he was just learning how to juggle a ball. and remembers watching videos. >> look how far he's come since then. this dude is ligit. >> that's all for now. but if you're looking for more great viral videos, check
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tonight, the firestorm. president trump and race. the president declaring today "i don't have a racist bone in my body." the effort to condemn the president in congress. how far will it go? and our correspondent tonight asking lawmakers on the hill to go on the record about what the president tweeted about those four congresswomen. and you'll see as many try to avoid the question. outrage in new york city tonight. the officer in the eric garner case will not face federal charges. his family tonight saying the justice department failed us. bracing for dangerous heat tonight. 15 states on alert from texas to the northeast. it will feel like 108 in d.c., 106 in new york city. and the warnings about the potential for another blackout. rob marciano is live. new images


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