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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 16, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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fault. not far from 680 and 580. the fault is in parts of both alameda and contra costa counties. >> a lot of people reported feeling the quake from livermore all the way to san francisco. i was iin danville. at first i thought a piece of furniture or something fell over and then a few more other shakes, it was okay, we are having an aearthquake. fortunately it didn't last too long. >> team coverage on today's earthquakes. news reporter lesley brinkley? >> reporter: i'm down here in black hawk at the shopping center. nearly everyone said they felt the shaking. even though they're miles from the epicenter. behind the me the black hawk theaters. imagine being in that dark theater reclined back in your seat and the screen starts swaying. what do you think? did people panic or take it all in stride? we found out. >> there's nothing to really have for reference to see shake
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other than the screen. so it was really kind of something to experience. >> it was her first movie. >> yeah, yeah. myaby with me. when do i grab my backpack and leave or look for cover? >> it was kind of a fast jolt. >> what did people in the theater do? what was the reaction be? >> really nothing. that's why you was kind of surprised. >> no panic in the cinema. people stayed in their recliner seats and "toy story" played on. some reported hearing glass shattering in a nearby market. at home, others were shake-up a bit but no one reported anything falling from shelves. >> just felt a big jolt. yeah, and lights were shaking. >> how about you? did you feel it. >> yeah, i was home. i had a bit of a heart attack. >> reporter: here at the local fire station they followed protocol and moved engines outside. >> it was uneventful. we've had no related 911 calls
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and no calls from the community. so far so good. >> so a wake-up call perhaps. a big jolt followed by an aftershock. life goes on for californians who take had kind you have thing in stride. i did talk to many people this afternoon who said this also reminded them of their fear of that big one that could be coming. reporting live from black hawk, lesley brinkley, abc7 news. >> thank you. the quake and the aftershock hit on the greenville fault. the usgs says it's the eastern most of all the major faults in the bay area. >> this fault is a little more quiet and the other ones but has experienced magnitude 5.4 and 19 0. >> the usgs says the general rule is there is a one in 20 chance that a larger earthquake will follow today's 4.3 magnitude. >> coming amid ongoing shaking in southern california following
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the earthquakes in ridgecrest over the holiday. in just the past few hours, several aftershocks rattled the area, the largest a 4.5. you can see both on this map. clearly there are significantly more earthquakes near ridge kret. you can see the quakes in the bay area. >> spencer has a closer look at the earthquake and what it means. >> an interesting graphic. we put it together in our weather department today. at 11:00 p.m. is when the main earthquake occurred, 4.3, a depth of seven miles was followed as you may have just heard several minutes later by a 3.5 aftershock and weaker aftershock at 3:03 at a depth of six miles beneath the surface. here's a look at the location of the fault line relative to other faults. it is the eastern most of the local bay area faults. east of the mount diablo fault
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and farther east of the calaveras fault. a look at color coded chart here that will give you an idea how not so intense the shaking was for today's quake. the lighter colors there, indicate weak to light shake. light to moderate near the actual center of the quake. so far we're fortunate it wasn't a very strong quake. also very fortunate that there wasn't a lot of shaking, no severe or strong shaking with this quake. >> all right, spencer. abc news can help you prepare for an earthquake or any natural disaster. go to abc7 norcal to get more tips on preparing an earthquake kit. >> abc7 news has learned that the computers of the asian art museum were hacked in a ransom aware attack in may. the system was restored but are still unanswered questions. >> news reporter vic lee live an the asian art museum with a story you'll see only on 7.
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>> larry, there are still questions, questions like how much data if any was lost, was there an adequate backup system to the computers. now, the asian art museum is a city agency but its operations are run by adation. those computers, that computer system was the jurisdiction of the foundation. >> it happened in may. hackers who depended a ransom launched a cyber attack that disabled part or all of the asian art museum's computer system. a representative of the quasi city agency confirmed the attack to abc7 news saying "everything is now fine and that the museum never paid the ran some. san francisco police were contacted and the city's i.t. security experts helped get the paralyzed computers working again. but the museum would not confirm if any of the information in the system was lost in the ran some aware attack. >> ran some aware is definitely a problem. >> danny o'brien is with
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electronic frontier, an international digital rights group and believes the museum was not targeted. >> i don't think there's a shadowy figure out there targeting san francisco city or its connected institutions. this is all opportunistic criminals. >> the museum declined to say how much money the hackers wanted or how it was to be paid. o'brien says most hackers want untraceable currency. >> it's you know, i want unmarked bills. whether that's good old fashioned cash or using cryptocurrency or another method. >> in the aftermath of the cyber attack, he says it's important for the museum and all city agencies to revisit their security protocols. >> if you have good backup systems, that's a pretty effective way of preserving that data out of the hands of the criminals. >> san francisco is now one of almost a dozen cities in the
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country that's been hit by ran some aware attacks. it is fast become a digital nightmare for the public sector. some cities like rivera beach in florida paid the ran some approved by the city council. >> a ransom amount of approximately 65 bitcoins, a cryptocurrency whose value changes daily. >> the 65 bitcoins on the day rivera beach paid the ran some was the equivalent of $600,000. this is not the first time san francisco has been victimized by a breach in its computer system. in july, 2008, san francisco made national headlines when department of technology specialist terry childs commandeered the city's computer network block officials access to the system. childs who was later arrested would only release the network's password to then mayor gavin newsom. childs gave it to new some when he went to his jail cell. both the city and museum
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declined our requests for on camera interviews but we have learned in the aftermath of this cyber attack, and the city's i.t. security specialist did warn all of the city agencies to be careful. to double-check their security protocols including hair backup systems. vic lee, abc7 news. >> we have new det hayward that kill a flight instructor. investigators from the ntsb are beginning their investigation. officials say their robinson 44 helicopter crashed during an instructional flight. the teacher and student were hovering over the runway and in contacting with air travel control but there was no distress call before the crash. the investigation could be complicated by the fact there is no black box which could have helped explain what was happening at the flight controls. the ntsb specs to release a preliminary report in two weeks. >> the in the north bay, a fifth pedestrian death in the last
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month has both the smart train railroad and those who use or live around it looking for answers for prevention. wayne freedman joins us live in marin county. wayne? >> reporter: good evening. this is hamilton stations in novato. down this track a few motel, another train will be coming. smart has been running for 23 months now and finally they're beginning to find some of the same problems as railroads elsewhere. the north bay smart train had more than the usual bells, lights and gays near golf course drive and reasoner in the park today. they had a police officer keeping an eye on the crossing after a pedestrian died here yesterday afternoon. in this case, smart general manager far had mansourian says it appears to have been a suicide. >> my heart stops. we feel about the families that have to go through that. >> reporter: yesterday's death may have been suicide but two or three other deaths here since june have been ruled accidents. trains moving at 79 miles an hour in close proximity to cars
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and people have never been a popular mix. >> you know the train is coming. you either choose to be there or you move. >> reporter: now with the suicide, smart encountered some of the same problems as caltrans and at golden gate bridge that regard the deaths as more a an symptom than a cause. >> this is not a train crisis. this is a public health crisis. >> it's alarming and concerning there is something we can do about it. >> reporter: kara connors works for the buck a loo foundations. now after the recent deaths, they're talking about solutions ranging from better insulation between tracks and peds to outreach to people just being more aware. >> there's not one issue or one particular issue that causes someone to that i can their life. there's a combination of things that cop to play. and unfortunately, like a domino effect, people are taking their lives at the train tracks and we can't have that anymore. >> and as we come back live,
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that's one of the signs in two languages next to tracks telling people if they have suicide inclinations, in both languages, a number where they can call and where they can get help. it's worth noting that tomorrow at the board meeting for smart, they have invited the buckaloo foundation to talk to them about this issue. live in novato, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> thank you. big changes are.coming to deal with the increasing number of homeless people using b.a.r.t. to travel to san francisco international airport. we've reported on the significant number of hopeless sending up there after taking b.a.r.t. airport officials and the transit agency are taking steps to combat the crisis. they will have access to b.a.r.t.'s security cameras at the airport. an aofficer will be assign the to the station and be fare gates will be made higher to fight fare evasion. >> housing crisis helping to build a better bay area. one developer's plan hit a big
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snag. circle 7, we wear the logo every day now. do you know where it came from? the origin story of the circle 7. and steep streets? >> he >> apparently san francisco does
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the huntington beach whom spent four days lost in the wilderness says she's thankful to be home. cheryl power appeared today with her family on "good morning america." she took her dog for a short walk on friday in the national forest when a man with a knife
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suddenly emerged from behind a tree. >> i tried to be compliant. until i had the chance to run and i took off with my dog. i wasn't sure where i was because i had been running out of fear. >> joe powell spent 45 minutes looking for his wife before he alerted authorities. cheryl managed to find water, ate a cactus and hiked that night to avoid getting dehydrated. she was 2 1/2 miles from her last known location after they heard her dog barking. she is resilient and strong but, hawesed. >> organizers of the annual burning man festival are broadening their message about trash. attendees are supposed to take anything and everything with them when they leave the desert in nevada. org sunrisers are imploring people not to dump their trash on the side of interstate 80. they want attendees to be more responsible so the federal government does not impose any
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new rules including mandatory trash dump centers. it starts august 25th. >> the final season of "game of trones" broke a record with its long list of emmy nods. >> romina puga has more from los angeles. >> reporter: the 71st annual emmy nominations are out honoring before the shows on stwigs. >> game of thoens." >> despite disappoint. in the final season story arc, it racked up the most nominations with a total of 32. the most for any program in a single season. >> these are the nominees for outstanding drama na series. >> this year's show has the widest array of first-type nominees since 201137 one of those went to the drama "pose." >> about to go mainstream. >> in the camdy category, the marvelous mrs. maisel garn areaed 20 nominations. >> the final seen of "veep" is back in the running this year. newcomers joining the race like
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russian dahl, the good place and flea bag. another record this year is "saturday night live." nominated for outstanding variety, sketch series. making it the most emmy nominated show of all time. one within name no one's heard yet that of the host are the emmys following the oscars lead and going hostless? we'll know for sure when it airs september 22 td. >> los angeles. >> bruce springsteen received a nomination for best preorder recorded variety special. if he wins he will become the first rock star to win a emmy, grammy, oscar and tony. >> this year marks the 70th anniversary of abc7. we're looking back at memorable moments from the past. one of those was the creation of an iconic logo you've seen a few times. dan ashley has the story how it got started right here in the bay area. >> a big part of channel's
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identity launched in the 1960s was the circle 7 created by a san francisco graph nick designer named dean smith. >> dean came up with this brilliant design of a circle 7. the infinity circle of the station's going to go on forever. >> the logo first appeared on news set and microphones, then was added to the vehicles. there was even a special circle 7 item for station executives. >> this is a cuff link. you have to remember in the 1960s, men still wore french cuffs and liked to have them showing. > kgo managers wore their circle 7 accessories to a national abc network meeting and they were such a lit, the logo was adopted for other abc owned stations. >> and you may have noticed in honor of abc's anniversary, we've been wearing the pins again. >> they are back. the video was a small part of a special segment host by dan ashley. you can find it and other
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memorable moments from the station's past on any abc7 platform including amazon fire. i love looking at the old film 'sool io nice to look back. >> especially the jackets with the big wide lapels. >> some o jackets are best left in the '70s. >> exactly. how about this weather? the heat is going away. temperatures are moderating a bit. it's still warm in a few spots. i would say comfortably so. here's a live view from the east bay hills camera. that looks more like mount tam. it is tam. let's look at the forecast futures. i skipped ahead with the old clicker. we'll see foggy areas at the coast and near the bay overnight. minor cooling at the end of the week, friday and saturday. we'll warm again on sunday. that will continue going into early next week. overnight look for fog at the coast. locally inland. overnight lows mainly in the mid to upper 50s. mild night is coming our way. as we look further into the night, we notice we'll have a
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full moon tonight. called a full buck moon. moon rise occurs at 8:40 p.m. it curse in the month july when new antetokounmpolers generally grow on buck dreerz. your full buck moon will be visible tonight supering you're away from the fog. tomorrow, we'll have a nice and sunny day with high temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. 87 in morgan hill and 84 at gilroy. on the peninsula, most locations highs near 80 degrees, not quite so mild. san mateo 77. mainly low to mid 60s the coast. downtown san francisco tops out at 6. north bay 89 at santa rosa, 84 at napa. east bay highs 74 oakland, 77 at castro valley and the inland east bay will be our warmest region with highs at or above 90 degrees in some spots. concord, pittsburgh, w a san
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ramon and pleasanton with ouruwr seven-day forecast. mild to warm tomorrow. a little bit cooler on thursday. and then we'll get our coolest days in the seven-day forecast on friday and saturday. those two days highs reach only mid 80s inland, low 70s around the bay and maybe 60 degrees on the coast. minor warming kicks in again on sunday and warms up to 90 inland on monday. upper 70s around the bay and low 60s on the coast. back. catch the full moon tonight. it will be spectacular. buck moon. sounds like a good flame for a relief pitcher. buck moon. >> i like that. >> you hope buck moon isn't buck wild. >> oh. i like it. >> do not go there. >> got a million h aut the steet in the world? apparently nowhere near san francisco. but we are
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i'm sure you've been wondering the entire world. where guinness says it's this street in wales. right here. it has a grade of 37.4%. it actually does not look particularly steep in this video as we zoom in. come on. wales, okay. but we're in san francisco. there's a hill around every corner here. let's go on a little trip, shall we? according to city's bureau of engineering, this is the steepest street in san francisco, filbert between eleven worth and hyde. a grade of 31.5%. number three on the list, that's jones between union and filbert. uphills on the left, downhills on the right. check out theis str a29% grade. i hope you're writing these down. if you think it's tough to drive
4:25 pm
up the hill, we found somebody who has to walk it every day th had to come up that hill the first time? >> i wanted to cry. i was lik my goodness. this is my route? >> sorry. look at this hill. tops the city's unofficial list of steepest hills. bradford street bob thompkins avenue, a grade of 41%. that's steeper than that street in wales. one of two streets in san francisco that are actually steeper, this unofficial list uses data from the government and open source mapping. >> the new lion king" film from disney premieres this week. today reggie aqui spoke with robin roberts about her special on the movie which airs tonight at 8:00. >> today i'm going to bring it, talking about the lion king" and disney. i have to ask the question everybody is asking me, jon
4:26 pm
favreau, the director of lion king" i know you talked to him, how did he get those loins to act on cue? >> come on, man. oh, please. you know. you know, you know what he did. and we're going to try and explain how that all happened in the special. but yeah, you're watching it. eating your popcorn and wait, how did they do that. that's what we try to explain a little bit with the behind the scenes. john fab row, he knocked it out of the park. you're a fan of the lion king" and billions of people. you have to honor that and know that people will be sitting in this seat like come on, what you got? but you also want to bring your own little flavor to it. you want to respect the history of it, but also you want to as best as you can, with respectf eit. >> "thli you feel tig special a
4:27 pm
tonight at 8:00 right here on abc7. >> fab row is a great director. in some very funny movies. >> a historical landmark or an opportunity? the dilapidated nursery some say could be affordable housing. others have a different plan. we'll explain come up. >> some of the biggest names in the tech industry came under fire today on
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abc7 news is committed to building a better bay area. a develop ser facing a challenge in its effort to build new homes. >> the plan to surgeon the site of an owed plant nursery on woolsey to housing in the portola neighborhood. the old greenhouses haven't been used in more than 25 years. neighbors not ready to see them torn down. >> abc7 to explain both sides of the story. >> guys, neighbors have make this site housing. i want to show you this sky view from sky 7 over what's left of the garibaldi nursery. at one time, this was one of two dozen locally tallian american owned nurseries here in the district. the nursery closed in 1990 and then in 2012, neighbors started a campaign to buy the property and turn it into a community
4:31 pm
park, farm and flower garden. but couldn't come up with the money and in 2017, a developer bought it for 7.5 maryland with plans for a 63-unit development. so now neighbors have applied to make this a historic landmark. i was abe to talk with neighbors and the developer about this and here's what had he told me. >> our plan is to do housing which is much needed. 20% affordable. and create a dedicated lot that will contribute to the public that will have education and historic elements to remind people about the lift of what this site was used for and the garibaldi family and their roses. >> we're very proud of the agcult 250ur8 heritage here in the portola. so lose these would be a devastating blow. >> do you feel like it's an uphill climb. >> it's definitely a david and goliath battle. big developers with a lot of
4:32 pm
money versus a little neighborhood. we're very blue collar, we're not rich down here. but we believe in our history and that matters. >> reporter: the neighbors say their vision for this is to restore the green houses to make them commercial farms so they can sell flowers and produce to local restaurant anderson making this an education space for local children. reporting live, kumasi aaron, abc7 news. >> what's next? >> well, this is just the beginning of the process to see if it will be a landmark. the first hearing out of three will be tomorrow at 12:30 in the afternoon, guys. >> thank you so much. >> governor newsom appointed several leaders and experts to advise his administration on solutions to address the homelessness epidemic. libby schaaf is one of the elected officials involved. the group will assist local governments in crafting regional strategies to address homelessness.onalnings are planned in the months ahead
4:33 pm
including in northern california in october. >> we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. join our better bay area facebook group. >> some of the biggest names in the tech industry came under fire today on capitol hill. representatives from google, amazon, google and apple appeared in both houses. in the senate lawmakers questioned the growing power and influence these companies possess. >> facebook has two competing missions make the world more open and connected and make a lot of money. as facebook attempts to serve both these missions they wreak havoc on the rest of us. >> one after another after another after another. >> arizona republican martha mcsalley said she doesn't trust the companies. on the house side, the major questions surrounded anti-trust issues whether the companies allow consumers enough options or steiffingal the competition. companies defended their policies with a facebook exec
4:34 pm
attempting to emphasize the ways they do not dominate. >> the fallout over the president's controversial tweets continues. tonight the house will vote to officially condemn them. mang teb teb has the latest fret capital. >> reporter: president trump saying on the offensive, continuing to speak about the four minority congress women at the white house today. >> i have clips right here, the most vile horrible statements about our country. about israel. about others. it's up to them. they can do what they want. they can leave. they can stay. but they should love our country. >> reporter: this feud started over the weekend when trump tweeted why don't they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came? he's referring to four elected officials, all women of color. all-american citizens are three of them born in the u.s. congresswoman illiana omar has lived here since she was 12 years old. the squad is not backing down.
4:35 pm
>> he's the one who doesn't like duly elected members of congress if he doesn't like us, that means he doesn't like minnesota, that means he doesn't like the people of michigan. that means he doesn't like my constituents in the bronx and queens. that means he doesn't like the americans who sent us here. >> trump's tweets having the unintended consequence of uniting the democrats who have been quick to criticize the president's behavior. >> it's un-american to tell people to go back to their country. >> reporter: tonight the house will vote on a resolution condemning the president's tweets as racist. so far only a handful of republicans coming forward to deenounce the president's tweets. some doning the controversy, others defending him. >> i believe this is about ideology. this is about socialism versus freedom. >> the house will vote on the resolution later tonight. this is largely a symbolic vote. gop leaders are encouraging members to vote against the resolution calling it politically moat have aed. reporting from capitol hill, meghan tevrizian, abc news.
4:36 pm
>> and late update, the house as racist. tets >> "tank" star and mavericks owner mark cuban owes the nba $50,000 for leaking word of au league proposal allowing copes to challenge certain calls made by officials. measure was discussed and did pass during a board of governors meeting. the fine is a drop in the bucket for cuban. he's worth more than $4 billion. early on when he was an owner he was fined seemingly every week. he did point out the irony that the story about him being fined was leaked by the nba. so which nobody will be displibed for, of course. >> making history in space. >> liftoff. we have a liftoff. 32 minutes past the hour. liftoff on apollo 11. >> 50 years ago today, apollo 11 launched. why that launch was so important
4:37 pm
and what's still ahead in space travel. >> i'm spencer christian. here's a view of crystal clear skies from the east bay hills camera. we do expect is the appearance of some fog tonight. i'll have the forecast in just a moment as abc7 news at 4:00
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engine running. liftoff. we have a liftoff. 32 minutes past the hour.
4:40 pm
liftoff on apollo 11. >> today marks the 50th anniversary of the apollo 11 launch in which two men would become the first to walk on the moon. one of those men, of course, was neil armstrong. his space suit just went on public display again for the first time in 13 years. news reporter david kerley has details how it was created. >> on a table in a museum lab, possibly the most iconic suit in the world. >> it's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. >> neil armstrong was on the moon for less than three hours but his suit still carries the dust of that historic walk. >> there is moon dust embedded here in this suit. >> the lunar dust is embeddd on the surface and that tells us its history representing apollo. >> it took a kickstarter campaign and two years to preserve armstrong's suit. 21 layers of material. some of it invented for this space suit but this was not the work of an aerospace company.
4:41 pm
>> yes, try on a new playtex at your favorite store. >> that's right. the woman's garment company playtex won the contract to build the apollo space suit. >> they make girdles and bras and industrial gloves. >> expandible fabrics, things that could give a little bit. >> the basic fabric of a space suit was theirs at playtex. >> sonny and his team put together a film to sell nasa the design. the seoul of the overboot that left the footprints, their design. but their first full systems test was the moon walk. while the world was excitedly glued to their tv sets watching men on the moon, there was an anxious nervous man in mission control, sonny ream wanted the walk to end, worried something might fail. >> when buzz aldrin starts talking about kangaroo hops, what are you thinking?
4:42 pm
>> get back. we he can declare success. i don't know how many craters he wants to look at, get him back inside. >> he finally did. armstrong's suit now proved for us to see up close, something that touchdown the moon and so many of us. >> do you watch people look at the suit? >> so i will watch people. i love to see people's reactions. it's very emotional. >> david kerley, abc news, washington. >> that's a great story from the playtexing and to mission control. get back inside. get back in. joining me is nicole minor, director of moving images with the san francisco exploratorium. you have a great title. moving images. i'm not sure exactly what it means but it sounds fancy. >> a little bit of everything. >> let's start with the moon landing 50 years ago. why is that so important? >> i think the moon sparks our imagination and space travel in general and i think that the moon is so important to us and so important in different
4:43 pm
cultures for different reasons but we have so many things that we can learn from it and i think there's so much more to learn. >> i was doing some research and i did not realize, i just assumed that russia had been to the moon or china. but we're the only country to land an astronaut, an human on the moon. >> that's right. i believe 12 americans have stepped on the moon and we're the only ones. >> where do you think space travel is heading? it seems like, literally and physically we've gone past the moon. the moon is not that sexy anymore when you can get to martinezs. elon musk is talking about we need to figure out how to colonize marpz why don't we start with the moon? it's only three days away. >> i think that's what nasa and the current administration is thinking. the new mission to the moon will be a gateway to martinez. that's sort of what they're thinking of it. they can put a station on the moon. it will be easier to get to mars from the moon and so what's interesting is that they're
4:44 pm
naming that mission ar tee mus. in agreeing mythology, that was the apollo. so 50 years later. i believe they've also committed to sending the first woman moon very exciting. so the hope i think is there are a lot of different options from the moon for getting to mars. some of the missions happening now are looking at some of the ways the moon can support us better. there's an indian mission trying to get-go to the south pole of the moon where there's been ice discovered. ice then could be used for water for astronauts, it could be used for oxygen, could be used for rocket fuel even. i believe that one of the other things they're looking at is mining on the moon.pantlyhe'sew substance helium 3 they're looking at it this is many years in the future but it could potentially be a new fuel source. there's a lot of different ways they're looking at the moon now i think and sort of exciting to
4:45 pm
what could happen to the future. >> the moon is hot again. >> what's the exploratorium doing to honor the moon planned e landing? >> we're going to have a big party this saturday july 20th. that was the day of the actual landing on the moon. and we will have -- we're open from 10 app to midnight. it's for all ages. and we will have a really fun roster of activities. we have a giant inflatable moon which we've got in one of our garys that's 16 feet wide. the artist made it so that the all of the sort of surface you can see all the details of the moon so you can actually see a little bit of the craters and the depth. it's really beautiful. >> could we put spencer inside it. >> just random thoughts. you've got a lot of stuff plan this had weekend. >> we have talks. we'll have activities. hands on activities. we'll be showing films and we're going to show a very old film with live music.
4:46 pm
one of my favorite things that we're going to have is we're going to have hal walker give a presentation. hal was part of the '69 mission. he sent a laser from here up to the moon and that's how we've gotten the most the best distance measurement of the earth to moon. >> fascinating. thanks so much for coming in. we'll see you on saturday. >> thanks very much. >> now your accuweather forecast with spencer christian. >> starting with live doppler 7 showing an absence of fog at the coast right now. during the overnight fog develops at the coast and push over the bay. spotty drizzle over the coast tonight. commuters will encounter a little bit of fog tomorrow and mainly a sunny day. while we have fog present with us overnight lows mainly in the mid to upper 50s. tomorrows highs from mid 60s at the coast to about 90 in the warmest inland spots. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. gradually cooler as we approach the weekend. then it starts to warm up again
4:47 pm
to more seasonal levels on sunday and monday. we don't have any radical changes coming in the temperature range. just seasonal minor dips and minor increases. trying to find the opposite of dips. ups. >> that works. >> mad ups. >> okay. >> you guys are so cool. >> you've heard of the battle of the sexes. now there may be truth to some differences when it comes to your health. we'll explain. >> i'm michael finney.
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skirp news now. cvs issuing a voluntary recall for health products that may not be stable. >> here's michael finney with the details. >> there are a lot of them. you must have gone through the list. cvs health is recalling 30 kinds of eye drops and"mentes over concerns they may not be sterile. the manufacturer of the product is a pharmaceutical company called alteir. thems mayot be safe. no far no problems have been reported. we have a full list on our
4:51 pm
website. go to >> apple the latest company to be spoofed in a robocall scam. consumers received calls warning them of spushs activity on their icloud accounts or iphones. after a recorded message from supposedly apple support. an agent comes on the line to ask for, personal account information. don't fall for it. apple is encouraging victims to report this ruse on their website. consumers should use caution when answering calls from any ha unfamiliar numbers and never, never give out information during unsolicited phone call. >> walt disney company reportedly in talks with tesla to change the cars at "tomorrowland" to mini teslas. the changes planned for the "tomorrowland" speedway in disney world. right now they're gas powered.
4:52 pm
the new cars would be battery powered and built by radio flyer. online reports say this is going to be a big improvement with less noise and pollution. not to mention a better ride quality. disney, of course, is the parent company of abc7. how many times did you ride those when you were a kid? >> plenty of times. imagine the acceleration with a tesla. >> slow down there, sport. >> buckle up, michael. we're going for a ride. i can't wait. thank you. >> thanks, michael. >> huggies is doing something it's never done before. putting dads on diaper boxes. huggies tweeted the video of its new special delivery diapers featuring different pares holding babies. this is kind of a big deal for huggies. they once got criticism for ads that portrayed dad as disconneedrom the caretakering role. >> biological clues as to why women may be more likely than men to be develop alzheimer's i
4:53 pm
men. they also identified some new sex specific genes that seem related to risk and progression of the disease. experts say two-thirds of cases in the u.s.s are in women and not just because had he live longer. >> now to something a little fishy. a couple got kicked out of a sushi restaurant in new zealand. why? because it was a couple of penguins. >> you love it. >> they were spotted underneath a sushi truck. run, guys. they were released back into welington harbor but get this, they crossed track and went right back to the sushi restaurant. wide life officials think they were shopping around for a place to nest. so cute. >> adorable. but yes, run. >> get out of the sushi place. >> the new tourist hot spot on the central coast. up next, the hot tv show drawing in crowds. >> kristen is here with what's
4:54 pm
coming up at 5:00. >> new at 5:00, the latest on the pair of earthquakes that rattled the hills of the east bay. when you need to escape your car, what works and what doesn't. >> ideally you shouldn't toss them in thet to do with bares w they stop working. these stories and honey, this gis ridiculously fast. we are seriously keeping up with the joneses. keeping up with the ford's. keeping up with the garcia's. the romeros. patels. the wahh-the-wahh wolanske's. right.
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month tierre has always been a popular traction for viewers who
4:57 pm
want to enjoy the aquarium or the beach. restaurants. but now even more tourists are heading there because of the hit show "big littlize." >> dustin dorsey looks at what's drawing them in. >> i'm from brazil. i wanted to come to monterrey because i knew we had this from "big little lies." >> i want to go to the "big "big little lies" cafe. >> people from all over the world are, sited about the series. it's brought a lot of fans from the show a lot of people just come to the area period. it's been quite a phenomenon. when they come here and tie big "big little lies" to the monterey peninsula they're effective static. >> the creators set out to find a location that looked like an ideal vegas destination which brought them right here to monterrey county. >> they picked quite a location. monterey is a beautiful place. it's been fun.
4:58 pm
great for business. people having their coffee thinking pretending like they're the stars. >> it was pretty cool. i just need reese witherspoon's gorgeous wardrobe and feel a little bit part of it. i love "big little lies" and when i saw the scenery, i was desperate to the come. when we came to california for a holiday, this was a vital stop for me. >> we live in a beautiful place. it's hard to describe. you can see it on tv. i like the show anyway. but i love seeing the different scenes especially around the wharf because my office is on wharf. you know, big sur, of course, just all of it. >> the scenery is not like we usually see of america and it's rustic and it looks really rugged. and it's beautiful. and then it's a perfect setting, a quite dark story. >> definitely showcases the beauty.
4:59 pm
>> the beach looks spectacular. i was mesmerized for a few seconds. >> thank you so much for joining us for abc7 news at 4. >> i'm larry beil. abc7 "news at 5:00" starts now. >> shook everything right away. >> just felt a big jolt. >> two quakes circled near livermore. we are live with team coverage. >> plus, fire at a storage facility here martinez. it started as a grass fire and then spread. >> also the changes being made to deal with the increasing number of hopeless people at sfo. >> and another fatal incident in the north bay. some a say it's a public health crisis. >> plus facebook tries to ease fear on its cryptocurrency plans on capitol hill where reaction was anything but cryptic. >> why one city wants a huge jump in grocery bag fees from a dime to a quarter. >> now from abc news, live breaking news. >> and that breaking news is in pacheco where a stubborn fire burned at least 20 storm units.
5:00 pm
that fire put up big flumes of smoke vis from throughout the east bnd parts as a brush fire along highway 4 but gusty winds pushed the flamesnd engulf a ro of storm units. some of them had cars with full gas tanks inside providing more fuel to the blaze. >> a great illustration how critical it is that we -- that everyone be safe in their outdoor activities. this is a grass fire or fires. it started along a highway. the most common cause of these fires is carelessly discarded cigarettes. >> the cause of the fire has not yet been determined. investigators will go in to find a cause after the flames are fully under control. >> now a live look from sky 7 where you can see that large emergency response although we are not sin


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