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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 17, 2019 1:07am-1:42am PDT

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a 5-year-old boy was able to walk away from his summer camp alone. his absence undetected. a fire ripped through a self-storage area, destroying personal items and lots of memories. >> i'm kate larson in san francisco. why this man has won a major international award for the way he's changing food. now, news to build a better bay area, from abc 7. only on "abc7 news," a 5-year-old boy walks away from a catch on the peninsula, and no one knew he was gone until his mother came to pick him up. >> this happened on elder avenue. adding to the mom's terror, the boy was picked up by strangers a few blocks away. >> amanda del castillo is live, as she sat down with the parents, and the camp's founder. >> reporter: yeah, dan, ama, the incident happened back on june
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24th. the camp leaders have sent outleters detailing its actions to improve safety. the boy's mother said she returned and found nothing changed. this mother was here to pick up her son. she showed her i.d. and waited. >> other parents came in after me to pick up their child and my son wasn't coming out. >> reporter: at the same time, her husband got a call from work. >> there's a lady on the other line that said they found your son. >> reporter: they found him blocks from the camp. >> in the moment he was lost, found, before we even knew or they knew he was lost. >> reporter: they eventually took the story to social media after the camp's response was not adequate for the incident. >> what if hwaski atf was hur or a rr:ons the
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camp says it's working to correct. >> we marked the boundaries, and it's down to the staff to make sure they don't go beyond them. >> reporter: training staff and increasi increasing roll call. the camp director was also terminated. >> this whole situation is unacceptable. the staffer didn't notice the child had left and that's not okay. >> it goes back to the fact that the ultimate obligation and duty is on the people who are in charge of these kids. >> reporter: the camp founder says in 18 years, this is the first time anything like this has happened. still, the family will not be reenrolling their son. amanda del castillo, "abc7 news." >> amanda, thank you. two earthquakes hit the east bay earlier today. they were small in size but felt hundreds of miles away. >> sky map 7 technology pin
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pointed the epicenter of each quake. >> the first struck at this afternoon. it was a 3.5. today's quakes did set off an early earthquake warning. it can't prezikt earthquakes, but it can detect them as soon as they happen to provide a potentially live saving alert. >> here at the lab, we received four seconds of warning before the shaking hit us. so here we go alert on our cell phones. four seconds later we felt like shaking. >> that system is being tested by different agencies, including b.a.r.t. "abc7 news" can help you prepare for an earthquake for any
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natural kasidisaster. go to our website to get more tips on preparing an earthquke kit. a medical student who sent several weeks at a summer program said she was terrified after finding a noose near her dorm. she shared this video. she and fellow program members found it friday night. the new orleans native was angered by what she said was the university's dismissive response. >> it just didn't sit well with me. i felt very comfortable about the whole situation. the police were just like, oh, we took it down. >> the public safety is investigating this and will be classified as a hate crime. in the east bay, a grass fire destroyed dozens of storage units. it started near the junction of
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highway 4 a interstate 680. our reporter is live now. lisa, has anyone come by to see what happened to their belongings? >> reporter: no one has come by for a couple of hours. management is notifying all those affected tomorrow. from sky 7, you can see smoke billowing out of the back of this mini storage. fire raced through 50 units in a matter of minutes. >> we've had some customers calling in to see if their stuff is affected. one came in and hers is completely gone. she's devastated. >> reporter: the fire started as a brush fire near a homeless encampment. people living there have been questioned by investigators. the fire jumped from near highway 4 to the storage units, and then crossed the freeway towards 680 south. witnesses called it a wall of flames. >> all across was smoke everywhere.
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so it was definitely a fire. i had to clear the area. >> as tall as those pine trees, flames were coming up. it was scary when we first saw it. >> reporter: this blaze one was a hard one to fight. trf there was the heat and the self-storage center to contend with. >> when we get there, it's hard to get inside there, and it spreads fast, thin walls. so we have to get on it fast. >> reporter: once the fire was out, personal items like furniture, heirlooms and old letters could be seen through the smoky haze. security is here, and firefighters are coming and going, making sure no hot spots reignite. lisa amin gulezian, "abc7 news." >> thank you. the ghost ship trial is moving into a new phase as the case gets closer to go to the
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jury. here's more on that and other headlines. ♪ >> they went out, we went out strong. >> jurors heard from the final witness in the ghost ship trial today. the two defendants both face involuntary manslaughter charges for the deaths of 36 people. a police officer testified for the prosecution today. defense attorneys accuse him of lying. and now attorneys will get ready to deliver their closing arguments later this month. it happened in may. hackers who demanded a ransom, launched a cyber attack that disabled part or all of the asian art museum's computer system. the museum never paid the ransom. the governor of puerto rico rejects calls to step down amid the leaking of hundreds of offensive chat messages. protesters have been demanding the governor's immediate resignation.
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the messages include profanity, homophobic and sexist remarks. you can find the headlines or our free "abc7 news" app. "abc7 news" is exited to building a better bay area. one of the issues we've been reporting on is the homeless using b.a.r.t. to get to the airport to sleep there. the airport, b.a.r.t., and police are joining forces to tackle the problem. for the first time ever, the airport will pay b.a.r.t. for a second police officer to patrol the station. the transit agency says it will make fair gates and barriers taller to fight fare evasion. the house of representatives condemned president trump over tweets he made targeting four congresswomen of color. president trump urged them to "go back to the countries they came from." >> reporter: tonight, the house passing a resolution condemning president trump's tweets as racist. >> the resolution is adopted.
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>> reporter: the vote, largely along party lines. only four republicans voting for it. this afternoon, a bizarre debate on the house floor. >> every single member of this institution, democratic and republican, should join us in condemning the president's racist tweets. to do anything less would be a shocking rejection of our values and a shameful abdication of our oath of office to protect the american people. >> reporter: that statement igniting chaos. republicans objecting to the speaker, even using the word "racist" to scredescribe the tw. >> he's the one who doesn't like duley elected members of congress. that means he doesn't like the americans who sent us here. >> reporter: mitch mcconnell said today the president is not a racist, and the tone of all this is not good for the country.
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reporting from capitol hill, abc news. i'm kate larson in san francisco. coming up, how this tiny restaurant is in the center of a huge movement to turn around climate change and improve the way we eat. a new electric car is about to hit the market, and the manufacturer says it can fully charge in nine minutes. >> wait until how much it will set you back. temperatures on the way down. i'll show you how much coming up. will smith has been nearly perfect this year. >> all that is ahead. but here is a look at what's coming up on jimmy kimmel live. >> i strongly urge you to continue watching tv all night tonight. that is a beautiful job you did there. this is absolutely --
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"abc7 news" is committed to building a better bay area, and one of the issues we focus on is the environment. >> reporter kate larson introduces us to a local chef o w just awarded an
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international prize that some equate to the nobel prize for food for combatting climate change from the kitchen. the impact of mission chinese food has extended beyond san francisco's dinner crowd. the bold menu now a catalyst for global issues. mission chinese food co-founder expects that change to impact the environment. he was just awarded the culinary prize and 100,000 euros for his efforts to fight climate change through food. >> farming can reverse climate change, using compost instead of fertilizers, plowing less. >> he's partnered with the state of california to create an optional surcharge on resurnese implemented last year. >> now it's just a matter of how quickly we can change the food system. >> reporter: through all of the attention that his new award
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brings, he hopes that this will inspire other chefs and restaurants around the world. >> it's time now not to just say i'm going to do better, but to wake up. >> reporter: michelin star restaurant owner dominic kren was one of the judges who voted to award anthony his prize. she spoke at the sales force tower where she's opening a zero waste cafe this year. >> you come there, you bring your own cup or you drink it there. it's about changing one at a time. >> reporter: this is a nonprofit based in spain, the fourth time they've awarded their world prize. in san francisco, kate larson, "abc7 news." scientists at uc davis are hard at work building a better strawberry. they've been able to produce five new varieties that will use less water and produce more fruit and there's a good chance it will cost less.
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it's patented 60 varieties since the 1930s. new developments, labor leaders urged safeway employees to vote yes on a new tentative contract. that pending three-year deal covers thousands of safeway workers from the oregon boarder to the bakersfield area. union leaders call the contract a "win." the same union is negotiating for new contracts with two other chains. temperatures trending downward. >> oh, yeah. meteorologist sandhya patel is watching it closely for us tonight. >> that's right. those numbers did come down just a little bit today, but tomorrow we're in a holding pattern and it's cooler after that. i want to show you something pretty cool. this is the buck full moon. the fog was in and out, but moved far away away to allow us to enjoy this. if you had a chance to see the moon, it was amazing. this is the month when antlers
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grow on deer bucks. now you know. here's a live look at live doppler 7. reducing visibility to five miles in half moon bay, so you'll need to watch out across certain areas. temperatures from the 50s to the 60s, unless you're in cloverdale and ukiah. the numbers up into the low 70s. so still warm up there. today's highs in the mid 60s, all the way to the mid 90s. antioch, 91 tomorrow afternoon. temperatures dropping down to the 80s for a few days. and then the heat will return sunday through tuesday, as we head into a new workweek. cameras showing you overcast skies in san francisco tonight. typical for july. san jose cameras showing you just a few clouds passing through. cooler weather for the end of the workweek and warming up again beginning on sunday. i want to show you your planner. fog limited first thing tomorrow morning. temperatures in the 50s. clearing skies, seeing those
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numbers coming up into the low 60s to low 90s. so bright and breezy. and then the sun goes down and the fog creeps back in. tomorrow morning, some areas with reduced visibility, so watch out, temperatures in the 50s out the door. tomorrow afternoon, it's still going to be warm inland, just not as hot as it was earlier in the week. 89 in fairfield. 74 in oakland. 77 in san mateo. 81 in san rafel. breezy but bright in half moon bay, 64 degrees. if you're going the always game tomorrow, it should be really nice weather. mild, 69 degrees at gametime. coming up to about 74 degrees. so you'll need the sun screen. accuweather seven-day forecast. the summer spread, a 30-degree range from coast to inland. low 60s to low 90s. say goodbye to the 90s for at least three days, dropping down to the 80s thursday, friday, saturday. 60s coast side, and a little
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warmer sunday, monday, tuesday with low 90s inland, low 60s at the coast. i don't think we have too much to complain about. >> not at all. it's the world's first electric super car. this model can go fast, but hang on to your hats when you hear the price tag. >> and tomorrow on "good morning america" a preview of "the lion when i have an asthma attack... i feel like a fish with no water. learn how to prevent your child's next asthma attack. because even one attack is one too many.
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move over, tesla. lotus is coming through. the british sports car maker unveiled an electric souper car called the ebiah. it can go from 0 to 60 in three seconds and hit speeds of over 200 miles per hour. >> is this a car or rocket? the company says the battery can be fully charged in as little as nine minutes. how much will this set of hot wheels set you back? $2.1 million. >> that's a good looking car. >> it is. yeah. >> some day that will be my computer vehicle. >> sure. >> i probably will be at a different job. >> you'll have to be. >>ly have to be. in sports tonight, two streaking
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good evening. giants rolling right now, even a rare blown save from mr. will smith cannot slow down. in extras, after clowie i blowia three-run lead late. this guy dipping his pizza in ranch dressing. that is just wrong. tony walters to center. but superman for the layout grab. in the 9th, yes, with insurance. solo blast, his seventh. giants up 4-1. enter will smith, all-star closer. allowed two homers, including a two-run shot to ian desmond. so now it's 4-4. alex dickerson, go ahead single to right.
1:36 am
buster posey goes home. giants four runs in the giants win their fourth straight, 8-4 is your final in 10. the a's hosting the m's. right field bleachers. in the third, matt chapman to left, scoring two runs. 2-1, a's. junior loving it. bottom five, it's chappy again. a two-run shot to left. his 22nd of the year, and he plays gold glove defense. next batter, matt olson, back-to-back jacks. a's up 5-1. to the 6th, loriano to center. alex smith can't come up with it. that's a double. next pitch,es off for third. he comes around to score. and the a's win their fifth
1:37 am
straight by a final of 9-2. all right. the face-off age challenge is all the rage now. this is what steph curry looks like. lebron james came into the nba as a teenager looking like a marine. that was an old king james. and kawhi leonard, or morgan freeman, not sure. this app comes from the russian tech company wireless lab. so putin has all of your images now. hope you're comfortable with that. abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> the's a little scary. >> yes, it is. the future can be
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when you boo an intruder... you act fast. so do we. raid is the fastest ant & roach killer on the market. the fastest!? (spray) raid! get raid and get tough on roaches fast. sc johnson all right. that is our report. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. for larry beil, sandhya patel, all of us here at abc 7, thanks for being here.
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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute. "it's in the middle of a match for 50,000 people. how one person creates sheer chaos. >> where is the security? >>. >> car trouble requires a machine built for tugging and why the pulling part might be a problem. >> a grandmother gets a birthday gift that is something really special. >> the sweet story behind this custom figurine. >> that is really and jack veil confusing the heck out of people sfwhchlt we're going to see it tonight. >> why his prank invites are working until meets his match.
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>> father is in the middle of giving his sermon during a mass in brazil. look at the size of the crowd he is speaking to. >> massive. >> 50,000 people to be exact. and then out of nowhere this happens. >> whoa! >> oh, my goodness. >> this is not like some rock band trying to hug this guy. where is security? this is large. >> fantastic. the question, charity, that woman goes straight at this priest and pushes him off the stage. you can hear the thump. >> he never saw it coming. >> she's not going to get anywhere with all those people. where does she think she is going to go? >> not very far. >> she was apprehended. this is another video of the priest after the incident. he has a big smile on his face and telling people other than being a little sore and probably


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