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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 17, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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as well. and possibly the window washers right there. >> scary for a little while but the good news is that the windo have more on the story as we continue on abc7 news at 4:00. good afternoon, thanks for joining us. i'm larry beil. >> i'm ama daetz. >> i'll make it very clear the city of san francisco is not going to pay ran some. we don't believe in taking taxpayer dollars to fuel criminal enterprises. >> the city of san francisco takes a tough stance on cyber attacks in the wake of the news abc7 broke yesterday about a cyber ran some aware attack on san francisco's asian art museum. >> the museum told abc7 news the system is now fine but the cyber attack put city hall's technology units on guard. news reporter vic lee is live with his follow-up report. vic? >> reporter: larry, ama, the
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cyber attack, the ran some aware attack crippled parts or all of the asian art museum foundation's computers. as you said, that system is now up and running. the city of san francisco, city hall told us today that they do have protocols in place so if there is a cyber aware attack, well, they can actually isolate it and respond quickly to it. the ran some aware attack in may raised alarms here at city hall. >> it has rielle straighted the conversation at city hall as to whether we're prepared, whether we have the right pro foe toe calls in place. >> aaron peskin believes the city is staying ahead of the hackers. >> we are prepared for cyber attacks. we are prepared for ransom aware attacks. >> city administrator naomi kelly told us the city has developed a comprehensive cyber security program. >> we are assessing our systems. we're doing routine monitoring,
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risk assessments. we're updating software on a regular basis. >> reporter: it was the city's i.t. security experts that helped restore the museum's paralyzed computer network after the cyber attack. an official there tells abc7 news nos ran some was paid. city administrator kelly says that's in keeping with the city's established policy. >> i'll make it very clear the city of san francisco is not going to pay ran some. we don't believe in taking taxpayer dollars to fuel criminal enterprises. >> reporter: what's more, the city she says has insurance to back that up. >> we have purchased cyber security insurance to make sure that we in the event of a hack or r ransom aware attack that we can replace hardware quickly. >> reporter: san francisco has had a lot of time to build a good system. in 2008, department of technology specialist terry childs can hijacked the city's
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finally released the networ password but it took a jail cell visit by mayor gavin newsom toh ⌞> that was over a decade call and a big wake-up call to san francisco government. since then we have stayed at the cutting edge of technology. >> reporter: the city administrator also told us they have ongoing training sessions with city employees and they also told us that the city computers are hacked on a frequent basis but so far, unsuccessfully. vic lee, abc 6 news. >> so vic, we've been talking about san francisco but what aout other cities? do a lot of them have liability insurance and no ransom policies? >> we did check with oakland and san jose, our neighboring cities here to san francisco. oakland got back to us and said they do have cyber attack liability insurance and they're collecting to see if they have a
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policy of not paying ransom like san francisco does. san jose did not respond to our inquiries. the u.s. conference of mayors recently adopted a resolution urging cities not to pay ransom and i'm told that many cities are adopting that same guideline. vic lee, abc7 news. >> thank you, vic. >> a federal judge has orders the fda to provide millions of documents to theranos founder elizabeth holmes she says is the key to her defense. holmes today appeared in a san jose courtroom. she and former theranos president are facing multiple fraud and conspiracy charges they engaged in a multimillion dollar scam to dee fraud. both defendants pled neelt. they say the fbi documents will rebut the charges. the fda has 75 days to provide all those documents. >> tonight a county judge ruled the man accused in a fatal
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stabbing at an oakland b.a.r.t. station is it competitive to stand trial despite mental issues. the judge made the ruling in the case of john lee cowell after ruing reports from three doctors, one believes he lacked competency and a third found him to be competent. he is found with stabbing and killingnial willson at the b.a.r.t. station on july 22nd of last year. her sister was stabbed, as well but survived. he is scheduled do enter a plea augusta 2nd. >> protests were held today in puerto rico and across the u.s. demanding the resignation of the governor. puerto ricans say the last straw was a leaked series of he messages showing him mocking women, the disabled and victims of hurricane maria. lyanne melendez is live in san francisco where protesters are still demonstrating today. >> reporter: their demonstration started at 2:00 this afternoon. of course, california time, to
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coincide with a much larger protest happening on that island that began at 5:00. of course, their time. we're not talking about two or three remarks made by their governor. we're talking about 900 pages obtained with things said by the governor that have been hurtful to the people of prosecutor. >> reporter: this demonstrationing in san francisco was never expected to attract the tens of thousands of protesters that gathered today in san juan. still the message was the same. >> we want him to step down like the people have made their voices clear. he needs to step down. >> reporter: remarks made between the governor and his staff and cabinet member were leaked by the center for investigative journalism. this one for example, against the federal board which manages puerto rico's financial crisis. dear oversight board, going f yourself. another comment was made by his chief financial officer against
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the mayor of and juan. saying he wanted to shoot her. according to the leaks, the governor responded, you would be doing me a grand favor. homophobic comments were also made against singer ricky martin. san francisco supervisor matt hainey recently visit the island. >> the government is failing the people there are corruption. some of these texts were homophobic and sexist. >> puerto rico is still in a deep financial recession. emotions still raw from the devastating hurricane and what they perceived was the lack of support from the trump administration. they thought the governor was someone they could trust. >> a huge betrayal. a huge huge betrayal. it's not a party issue here. it's a character issue. we need someone in that office that takes care of its people. >> if the governor resigns next in line would be the state secretary. a vacant position. it would then fall on the treasury secretary but he resigned amid the scandal. that leaves the justice secretary who in november of 201
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was being investigated for violating an ethics law. >> we're able to reconstruct puerto rico. we need somebody that wants to do it with us. we're tired of people taking our money. >> reporter: now, governor rosario said i was elected to this position and i have a job to finish. now, the economic impact of all of this is it already being felt on the island. yesterday, a cruise ship did not stop in san juan. instead, it went to the virgin islands. live in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc news. >> thank you. investigate remembers say it could take up to two weeks to determine the cause of yesterday's fire at a storage facility in pacheco. the fair damaged 50 storage units at pacheco mini storage at the interaekz of highway 4 and 680. it started as a brush fire and quickly spread to the large storage units at the back of the business. the manager of the facility says insurance will cover some of the
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damage. the hard part will be making calls to those whose storage units were destroyed. >> our lives are in there. their kids' stuff, their stuff. it's hard. the phone calls will be really tough today. >> while the cause is unknown, eless encampnthichints to a she claims caused their facility problems for years. >> the driver of a box truck was about to get off on the fremont exit, changed his mind at at last minute tried to get back on to 0 but hit the cement pile in the divide there of the off-ramp. it was temporarily closed causing a backup that stretched onto the bay bridge. >> a study out today identifies what it claims is san jose's worst neighborhood for car accidents. the study commissioned by a private law firm says allan rock is by far the worst with more than a thousand crashes from 2013 to 2017. the neighborhood is also home to san jose's most dangerous intersection, mclaughlin avenue and storiry road which had 34
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crashes. in all the study says there were nearly 8,000 collisions in san jose during the span leaving 103 people dead and more than 10,000 injured. the firm hopes the findings will improve traffic safety by raising awareness. >> a grand jury recommended san francisco design a public safety campaign about the use, laws and safety regarding all of those electric scooters out there opt city streets. the recommendations say ride share companies should participate. the grand jury is calling for ads on ride share apps, muni buss and trains, bus shelters and social media, as well. it also wants additional visual symbols on sidewalks to discourage e skeeter use. they're not supposed to be up on the sidewalks. >> manholes are a thing of the past in berkeley. the city council approved an ordinance eliminating gender preference language that appears in the municipal code. manhole is out. maintenance hole is in. gendered pronounce like he and
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she are also history replaced by they or them. dozens of other words and phrases will also be swappeded out. brother and sister are gone replaced by siblings. manpower bums human effort while fraternity and sorority replaced by collegiate greek system residents. >> historical landmark, and the effort to turn what some call an eyesore into new homes. what city officials are saying about another plan to turn the land into a piece of history. raising funds. some big names will be in san francisco tonight for a fund-raiser for president trump. we will talk politics later. how people around the world are celebrating world enoe moji day and how you can benefit, too. >> lovely weather outside. we're going into a
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abc news is committed to building a better bay area. one of the big problem areas is housing. > one developer thinks it can help. the plan to turn the site of an abandoned plant nursery on woolsey street in san francisco into housing. some neighbors don't like that idea. >> they want to see it turned into a historical site. today city officials considered the proposed. kumasi has the details. >> reporter: those city officials decided against that be. instead, they decided to move forward with the environmental review process and they encouraged both sides to come together and find some sort of compromise. video from inside that meeting, the san francisco historic
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preservation commission had almost a full house for the meeting. dozens of people from the community showed up sharing how important this site was to them and how they wanted to preserve its history for future generations. the developer said that's important to him, as well. but he also is wanting to focus on housing. the garibaldi nursery is the last left of more than 20 locally tallian american nurseries in the portola district. while the commission agreed it is significant, three of the four members voted not to move forward with the landmarking process. i talked with both sides after that decision. >> so it's unfortunate in san francisco the people with money are the ones who end up with all the influence. this is why this is why there are as howanrancisco has lost its soul. its decisions like this one today. >> this is a very important step. i think now hopefully, they'll be more willing to meet with us. now that this larnd mark thing has not passed, that means the
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site won't be preserved for no development. and that i think there's more avenues for development. they'll sit down with us. >> and the developer told me he hopes his company and the neighbors can come to some sort of compromise. when i talked to the neighbors they're still trying to figure out the best way to move forward. just to share, this is the portola district. there's portola street. but this is how people who have been living in that area that's how they say it, it's the portola district. >> kumasi, thank you. you say portola, i say portola. anyway, however you want to say it, we want your ideas about building a better bay area. join our better bay area group on facebook. >> the public is invited to a sneak peek at san francisco international airport's new harvey milk terminal one on saturday. spokesperson doug yakal joined
4:17 pm
reggie an question on midday live to explain why it's so special for the bay area. >> this is really the first airport terminal in the world to be named in honor of an lgbt leader. that's significant. you've got a facility that's brand-new that will allow millions of people from around the world to learn about harvey milk's story, his life and legacy. we are the first impression for so many people around the world for the bay area. this is a great way for people to learn about that. the initial exhibit starting this weekend is massive. it's 380 feet long by 30 feet high will almost 100 images that tell the story of harvey milk's life. it's amazing. > harvey milk terminal one is designed for lounging and play for kids. it's about four years away from completion and will include 25 gates. nine open tuesday for jetblue customers. >> special day at ucsf benioff
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hospital oakland as two entries visited young patients. mickey mouse and our very own spencer christian seen there. surprised the kids and their families with toys from their favorite disney movies. disney is the parent company of abc7 donated boxes of toys, books, movies and games and they do this every year at more than 450 children's hospitals it around the country. >> have disney come in and give us these beautiful toys that speak to their interests and their passions and then to have mickey in person and just see these kids be able to return to their genuine selves that are fun lobbing and expressive and wanting to connect it means the world to us. >> children's hospital oakland has its own show and spencer is a part of that. they day live version for the kids today. spencer is joining us now. >> it was great fun. like my fourth time over there. they have this broadcast that goes out to all around the hospital called the cho show.
4:19 pm
children's hospital oakland. we do trivia questions and some kids gather in the studio and answer the questions. others view the show from their rooms and answer the questions. then of course, handing out presents and watching smiles on their faces there's no greater thrill. >> they get to see you and mickey. >> mickey was the star today. i was the supporting act. as i am here. ha. here's a look at live doppler 7. mainly sunny skies across the entire region. as you can see from this view in amityville, 67 degrees in san francisco right now. oakland 75. redwood city 79. 83 san jose. 61 at half moon bay. check out this nice view from mt. tam onto the bay. no signs of marine layer developing yet. 85 degrees up north of santa rosa. 87 petaluma. look how warm it is in the eastern most locations. 91 at concord and livermore.
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the view from our rooftop camera looking along the embarcadero, we'll see areas of fog and drizzle developing overnight into the morning hours cooler than average the next three days. it will be warming up again beginning sunday. it is breezy out there right now. with most locations experiencing wind speeds at the surface of 15 to 20 miles per hour. 21 miles per hour in san francisco. during the overnight hours the fog develops along the coast and maybe push short distance across the bay. overnight low temperatures will generally be on the mild side. upper 50s to low 60s. generally. a little bit cooler in some coastal spots and on we go to the forecast. animation showing late arrival of the fog tonight. it's going to be quite extensive once it fills out along the coastline. shouldn't be too big a problem for morning commuters except people driving near the coastline where the fog will linger well into the daytime hours. so here's a look at our high
4:21 pm
temperatures. in the south bay, mostly sunny. highs generally in the upper 70s, about 78 at san rafael. on the peninsula, we'll see mainly mid-70s. 76 at redwood city, 75 on palo alto. coast breezy and foggy with the temperatures in the low 60s. downtown san francisco tops out at 64 tomorrow. north bay height 81. 76 san rafael. east bay mainly low 70s. 69 the high at oakland tomorrow. 75 at union city and the inland east bay highs around 80. san ramon, pleasanton and walnut creek. mid 80s farther inland. by the way, the climate prediction center cpc entered its temperature outlook for late next week for the 48 contiguous states. cooler than average in the eastern two-thirds of the country. warmer than average in our part of the country. 70% chance of above average temperatures here in the bay area. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. you can see sort of a steady
4:22 pm
pattern of cool to mild weather through saturday with a warmer pattern developing on sunday. and monday and tuesday a bit warmer still with highs in the inland areas in the low 90s those two days. temperatures stay in a flat seasonally warm pattern for most of next week. >> thanks, spencer. >> thank you. >> a piece of gruesome mansion history is now up for grabs in southern california. the house now for sale and how much it's going for. >> and looking back at 70 years of abc7. the stories that were making it's no ordinary day for our family at denny's. it's crepe day. a family tradition we started about 22 minutes ago and now we can continue that tradition at home with denny's delivery. see you at denny's or honey, this gis ridiculously fast. we are seriously keeping up with the joneses. keeping up with the ford's.
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one of the houses where members of the manson family committed two murders is for sale. the home in los angeles is where manson's followers killed leno and rosemary la bianca august 10th, 1969. the night after actress sharon
4:25 pm
tate and four others were murdered 11 miles away. accointoting h is at just under $2 million. it has changed hands several times since 19 and last sold >>ll thiye, wroud be celra abc7 anniversary and we're having some fun digging through ourization archives and finding some of the station's most memorable moments. this week we're premiering a special look back at news from the 1960s. hosted by abc7 news anchor dan ashley. here's a snip pet from 1965. >> by 1965, channel 7 became the first bay area station to shoot at least some news stories in color. but color film was expensive so it was used spiralingly. like for this story about soldiers at the oakland army base shipping out for the vietnam war. at the same time, the drug-fueled era of flower children in haight ashbury was
4:26 pm
beginning. and in north beach, go-go dancers on broadway were pushing the boundaries of what society considered acceptable entertainment. harold otta and other topless performers were hustled off to jail blamed for san francisco's growing image of growing sin. >> topless. >> quite possibly. waive been blamed for everything including the fall othat, too. >> a jury found them not guilty of indecent behavior. a few months later, hugh hefner opened a new playboy club in san francisco. >> you can see the rest of the 1960s special along with lots more from the abc7 archives on all abc platforms including amazon fire. i got to believe that this is so popular online because just to look back at the past and the news coverage back then, it's fantastic. >> there was an effort to
4:27 pm
impeach the president in the house today but did it have enough votes to proceed. the results ahead. >> i'm liz kreutz.
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now, news to build a better bay area from abc7. >> and here are the stories making headlines at 4:30.
4:30 pm
a federal judge ordered the food and drug administration to provide millions of documents t holmes. she says the documents are key to her defense in other trial. the fd has 75 days. the trial is scheduled to start august of 2020. >> the city of oakland is trying to take on the growing homeless problem. news reporter laura anthony tweeted video of a large number of makeshift structures being build under the b.a.r.t. tracks and will have more that the 5:00. >> big names in the republican party are in the bay area tonight. donald trump jr. and his girlfriend kimberly guilfoyle are in town for an exclusive fund-raiser for president trump's 2020 re-election campaign. lis kreutz is live with more on what we know. liz? >> reporter: yeah, very little has leaked about this fund-raiser which is exactly how ho is governoav eveningor this.
4:31 pm
this is an exclusive event and it is might say the trump family is walking into enemy territory, that really it's still an important place here in san francisco for them to raise cash. >> san francisco is getting a visit from a gop power couple 37 donald trump jr. and his girlfriend former california first lady kimberly guilfoyle expected as a ritzy private fund-raiser for trump's re-election campaign. it's a rare swing through the notoriously democratic city which is probably why the location remains a mystery. >> it's very hush hush where it is. why do you think that is? >> protests and people pushing back. i mean, some ugly things have happened recently to the trump family a t lhey'iketh. 20, o of miss motorcade and walk along a ohio.
4:32 pm
why is the first family coming back now? we asked political director rick klein. >> this campaign this time is not self-funding. he needs money. he needs to raise it. they need to keep the california dollars flowing. >> reporter: he isn't the only one raking in west coast donors. democratic presidential candidate kamala harris, pete buttigieg and former joe biden raised millions last quarter in california. republicans might be fewer in the bay area but tonight many are expected to show up in force. >> republicans don't have any voice pretty much in san francisco. so to be able to participate in the an event like that on a national level with one they support is something a lot of people will jump at. >> according to the chronicle, debbie mcgowan, the giants park co-owner she is one of the hosts of thisevent. tickets ranging from $1,000 per person to $35,000 per person. it is a v here tonight. liz kreutz, abc7 news.
4:33 pm
>> second quarter fund-raising numbers just came out. how much money has the trump re-election campaign raised? >> yeah, the trump campaign has been aggressively fund-raising the past few years and slightly ahead in the money game when you compare them to democrats. president trump raised $26.5 million last quarter. that doesn't include all the money he raised from affiliates in the rnc. just behind him is bernie sanders raising $25.7 million followed behind pete buttigieg at $24.9 million. ama? >> liz, thank you so much. >> billionaire political activist tom steyer is making his first campaign stop in san francisco since he announced his candidacy for president. steyer will have a sit down conversation at manny's in the mission district at 6:30 p.m. tonight. he announced he was running earlier this month. we'll have a live report abc7 n. >> senator kamala harris has come from behind to take the
4:34 pm
lead for president in california. a brand-new quinnipiac poll shows 23% of california democrats now back her up from 17% in april when she was in third place. former vice president joe biden is now in second place with 21%. ep bernie sanders and senator elizabeth warren round out the top four. >> the house vote this had afternoon to table an effort to impeach president trump. a resolution introduced by democratic congressman al green failed by a vote of 332-95. the first time the chambers weighed in on the subject of impeachment. all republicans joined 137 democrats and one independent in voting against that resolution. when green introduced the measure yesterday, he cited the president's twitter attacks against several congress women. >> the house did vote to hold attorney general william barr and commerce secretary rontpt. that is for failing to provide documents related to the trump administration's efforts to add a citizenship question to the
4:35 pm
census which they've since aband abandoned. that vote is largely symbolic. a spokeswoman called it nothing more than a political stunt. >> joaquin el chapo guzman will spend the rest of his life in prison. today a federal judge in new york sentenced him to life in 30 years in colorado's super max prison and ordered him to forfeit $12.6 billion. afterward, defense attorneys once again claimed he didn't receive a fair trial and will appeal. >> this case was simply an inquisition. it was a show trial. and how it ended is exactly perfect for that description. >> the 62-year-old was convicted in april on ten counts including drug tracking and criminal enterprise charges extending into the u.s. prosecutors have dropped a case accusing kevin spacey of groping a youngan in 2016. avenues accused of getting a 18-year-old man drunk, then groping him at a nantucket
4:36 pm
restaurant tukt where the teen worked as a busboy. he refused to testify about text messages the defense claims where is deleted. >> relatives of victims killed in 737 max planes testified on capitol hill today. >> the hearing grieving family members urged stricker regulations. marci gonzalez has the details. >> they are images of heart wrenching loss and the human toll of what paul calls boeing's negligence. >> my wife and mom knew they were going to die. they had to somehow comfort the children during those final moments knowing they were their last. >> his wife and all three children as well as his mother-in-law among the 157 people killed when ethiopia airlines flight 302 crashed minutes after takeoff in march. he testified before the house aviation subcommittee urging stricter faa regulations and accusing boeing of putting profit over safety by allowing
4:37 pm
the 737 max to fly with a major software glitch believed to have contributed to the ethiopia crash and a lion air crash indo. >> if boeing's wrongful conduct continues can, another plane will dive to the ground killing me, you, or your children. it is you who must be the leaders in this fight. in this fight for aviation safety in the world. >> reporter: all 737 maxs have been grounded since march. boeing says it's fixed the software issue but since found new problems. the plane's now possibly being kept out of service into next year. the ceo says in a statement we have the utmost sympathy for the loved ones of those on board pledging $50 million to the families of victims from both crashes. he calls that a press relations strategy saying he's never receive the a personal apology and he's filed a lawsuit against
4:38 pm
boeing. >> apollo anniversary week continues. >> liftoff. we have a liftoff. >> it was about so much more than the mission itself. how you can learn about the men and women who helped make it happen. >> i'm spencer chch bright sunny this summer, book two, separate qualifying stays at ...and earn a $50 gift card. because when your business is rewarding yourself... ...our business is you. book direct at after qualifying purchases when you apply and are approved for the hawaiian airlines world elite mastercard.
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liftoff. we have a liftoff. 32 minutes past the hour.
4:41 pm
liftoff on apollo 11. >> 50 years ago this week, an pol low 11 lifted off on its historic visit to the moon. in southern california, you can see where the apollo spacecraft was built and look at artifacts from the landing. we have a look. >> three, two, one. zero. all engine running. liftoff. we have a liftoff. >> it's on this site at the columbia memorial space center in downey where all the apollo spacecraft was designed and built by nasa engineers like gerald blackburn. >> our whole dream was to get them there and to explore. >> here in downey, you can see actual apollo engines from that era, a used heat shield in a lunar capsule along with other artifacts including reminders from the program's darker days like in 1967 when three apollo
4:42 pm
astronauts were killed during testing. >> that sacrifice that those three astronauts made saved i think the space program. had that accident occurred on the way to the moon, it would have been disasterous. >> good luck and godspeed. >> among the exhibits here in downey is an actual nasa space suit where for a moment you can imagine what it was like or at the very least, take a cool photo. >> we really want to make sure people in the l.a. region feel like the moon story is their story too and it's part of their heritage. >> executive director ben dicko planned a week of free events leading up to saturday, the anniversary of the landing. >> we want people to dress like 196 so you can re-create what happened and get a feel what it was like. >> is he says it's also an opportunity to build upon our history with our next generation. >> their future is yet to be written. going to the stars, living on other planets, that is for them to decide. >> it's one small step for man,
4:43 pm
one giant leap for mankind. >> we take it for granted that this was a huge accomplishment and still is. and we're still the only nation that's actually put a human on the moon. >> and it's still baffling to wrap your behind around. >> like the ability to do it. now, weather for earthlings. >> that's debatable. live doppler 7 showing a little patch of fog right now. lots of coastal fog overnight and maybe a patch or two will reach across the bay. a chance of spotty driz 378 overnight lows in the low to upper 50s. a few spots inland lows in the 60s. pretty mild. our 12-hour planner for tomorrow, low clouds and fog will linger. throughout the day, lingering low clouds and fog near the bright and sunny away from the coast through the day tomorrow.
4:44 pm
highs will range from mainly low 60s at the coast to the upper 60s and low to mid-70s around the bay shoreline. lots of low to mid 80s inland. it will be a mess sant and mild day. temperatures in most locations slightly below average for this time of year. that will change beginning on sunday as you look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. a warming trend starting on sunday. that will keep temperatures around or just above 90 degrees inland through midweek next week. upper 70s to about 80 near the bay shoreline and low 60s on the coast. that's a nice pleasant and wide range of temperatures. you can pick the kind of weather you like. go to the coast, go to the bay, go inland. right now i'm going up to the weather office. >> enjoy. >> i will do that. >> >> look at this amazing sight. this was off the coast of ireland. three humpback whales swimming right next to a little inflatable boat. inside there an aamazed 14-year-old along with his dad.
4:45 pm
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a 2018 study says more than 40% of americans do not have the life insurance. question is, is it really necessary. >> 7 on your side's michael finny is here with help. >> life insurance is known as a death benefit and it can help with unpaid debt, funeral costs and give loved ones financial security. to help us look into the policies is amy balk, executive director of united policyholders. i appreciate you coming here. how do you know if you need life insurance or not? >> if there is somebody who is depending on you for to eat or have a roof over their head, that's generally a good reason to have life insurance. >> so basically you're talking
4:49 pm
about kids, potentially a spouse. it's somebody who needs the money you're bringing in, right? >> right. >> what if you're not bringing in money? >> then there's an argument that you don't need it. however, again, i think a lot of people if they're offered it by their employer which fewer and fewer people are. >> right. >> you think, well, you never know. maybe i will get married or maybe i'll you know have somebody that i love that i would like to benefit after i die. maybe make my life a little more worthwhile for somebody else. so that's kind of the analysis for most people. >> so there's term life, whole life, universal life. probably some i don't know. what are the three big ones? >> the three big ones, the term policy is the sexiest and the cheapest. you pay a level premium one annual premium every year. it stays the same for a certain amount of time. a term. when it expires it's done. if you want to renew it, it will
4:50 pm
typically be a lot more expensive because you'll can be older, therefore more likely to die. that's the simple one. >> so you say i'm going to buy it for 20 years and give you two grand a year and at the end of 20 years, it's over. you paid for the protection. >> if i'm still alive i bet because i didn't die prematu prematurely. the insurance company you might say won the bet because they didn't have to pay out. most people i had a term policy. i have two kids. they are not quite able to stand on their own two feet. soy i renewed my term policy when it expired and the premium tripled because that much older than when i first took it out. i decided to renew it. other people look if you're a little more sophisticated in managing finances you can look at a whole life or universal life policy that has an investment feature, they can get very complicated. there are lots of bells and
4:51 pm
whistles you can get with a life insurance policy. you can get one now with a long-term care rider to it. >> which is important. >> it is important. the tricky part is, finding a trustworthy adviser. >> where do you find a trust woefrth adviser? finish with that. how do you do that? >> the first thing is they're designations. are they a certified financial plan silver what kind of letters are after their name? then of course, client testimonials, word of mouth. you know, the longer they've been in the business typically the better. you can get a feel talking with somebody. you know, if they are hard selling you, generally speaking, that's a no. >> do you have information on your website? >> we do. >> and your website is? >>, u hamed haddadi elp.o "rgb." use a certainly box, put in life and we'll give you some leads.
4:52 pm
>> amy balk, thanks for joining us. back to you guys. >> thank you. privacy questions being raised today about that free mobile app gaining popularity in recent days. it's the app that uses a type of artificial intelligence to transform your face with just one tap and suddenly you are 50 years older. lebron james, kevin hart have all tried it, face app. it's not new. a russian company debuted this in 2017. critics are cautioning it may collect your personal information in addition to the pictures that you upload. >> got to be careful what you do. >> if you get a personal message from putin, you know he's seen. >> you it's world emoji day. apple and google are rolling out dozens of new emojis. >> apple will release 59 emojis, more food, animal and smyly face options. also new business ability themed emojis like prosthetic limbs and a guide dog. >> it's updating hand holding
4:53 pm
emojis with 75 different combinations of genders and skin tones. in honor of world emoji day, several organizations sent out tweets today emoji style. this is from the wars a picture made entire live emojis. >> looks like it's a pixilated pictures but it's emojis. >> we could not do it. >> ac transit creates an emoji image today, as well. >> just so you know, ama's favorite emoji for messages i send to her? you want to tell them. >> the eye roll. >> because most of them are dumb. >> a big award for a bay area chef. it's not just about the food. it's also about climate change. how he's helping to build a better bay area ahead. >> dan is here with what's coming up at 5:00. >> should i roll my eyes? the emergency landing caught on camera by shocked beachgoers.
4:54 pm
plus marking a moment in the bay area the tranli that unfolded 75 years tonight. and why bike in the tour de france when you can bike over
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
tonight's "primetime" abc78:00 catch press your luck followed by card sharks and match game at 10:00. stay with us for abc7 news at 11:00. abc7 news is committed to building a better bay area.
4:57 pm
one of the issues we're focusing on is the environment. abc7 news reporter kate larson flousds us to a local chef just awarded an international prize that some equate to the nobel prize for combating climate change from the kitchen. >> reporter: the impact of mission chinese food has extended beyond san francisco's dinner crowd. the bold menu now a catalyst for global climate solutions. >> chefs have the potential to create significant cultural change. >> reporter: co-founder anthony myint expects that change to impact the environment possibly. just awarded the basket culinary world prize and 100,000 yours for his efforts to fight climate change through food. >> farming can reverse it, applying compost instead of fertilizer, cover cropping, rotating crops, plowing less. >> reporter: to help farmers pay for the tracks anthony has partnered with the state of california to create an optional
4:58 pm
surcharge on restaurant bills which mission chinese implemented last year. >> and so now it's basically just a matter of how quickly we can change the food system. >> rep d he worl sayysan i'm going to do better but to wake up. >> san francisco owner dominic crenn was one of the judges who voted to award him his prize. she spoke at the sustainable thinking symposium as the sales tower ta where she's opening a zero waste cafe this year. >> you come and bring your own cup or drink your coffee there. it's about changing people's behavior one at a time. >> reporter: the basket city is based in spain. kate larson, abc7 news. >> and oh, yeah, looking at some of the food it looks and probably tastes fantastic. >> thanks for joining us for
4:59 pm
abc7 news at 4:00. i'm larry beil. abc7 news at 5 starts right now. >> they're not just tents. they're buildings underneath the b.a.r.t. tracks. is b.a.r.t. concerned about safety? >> we asked b.a.r.t. directly about the newest homeless encampment. the answer isn't simple and neither is the solution. >> in san jose, behind the lens behind the badge. why police want you to see these images. >> also tonight, why san francisco pulls a controversial measure to tax startups filing to go public. >> plus elizabeth holmes back in court. this time a judge agrees to her request. >> and a big win for the bay area. a battle over lead poisoning that finally ends with the state getting ll and in contra costa a daughter receives a military flag in honor of her father. a man she never met. >> now from abc7, live breaking news. >> and that breaking news is in hayward. there's an active shooting
5:00 pm
investigation. sky 7 was just over a tampa avenue near glad tidings way. and weeks community park. >> several cars in a parking lot are roped off with police tape. police say one person was hurt but they haven't released that person's condition. to the o say there are no safety of the is your rounding communities. >> two window washers are safe after being rescued when their scaffold got stuck ten stories bob downtown san francisco. >> the san francisco fire department tweeted video showing where they were stuck when crews arrived on scene, firefighters stretched an aerial ladder toward the washers. >> sky 7 flew above the scene moments after the window washers were rescued and brought to the roof of the building. >> i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. now to a new safety issue for b.a.r.t. >> a new homeless encampment under the tracks in east oakland. sm structures here are two stories high. >> this flu encampment at


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