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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 17, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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avenue near glad tidings way. and weeks community park. >> several cars in a parking lot are roped off with police tape. police say one person was hurt but they haven't released that person's condition. to the o say there are no safety of the is your rounding communities. >> two window washers are safe after being rescued when their scaffold got stuck ten stories bob downtown san francisco. >> the san francisco fire department tweeted video showing where they were stuck when crews arrived on scene, firefighters stretched an aerial ladder toward the washers. >> sky 7 flew above the scene moments after the window washers were rescued and brought to the roof of the building. >> i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. now to a new safety issue for b.a.r.t. >> a new homeless encampment under the tracks in east oakland. sm structures here are two stories high. >> this flu encampment at 81st and san leandro. abc news reporter laura anthony
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is live in oakland to tell us what the city and b.a.r.t. are doing about them. laura? >> reporter: well, hi, ama. oakland has been doing a lot to tackle homelessness. they've constructed a safe rv parking lot and those community cabin locations but there is an enormous problem that now includes the construction of whole buildings, structures, communities underneath the b.a.r.t. tracks. the homeless are building their own homes. underneath the b.a.r.t. tracks in oakland. like here along san leandro street near 81st avenue where at least a dozen wooden structures are you can it had right under the tracks, trains whizzing by at regular intervals. structures that have taken awhile to build. >> it is a concern. the structures are a bigger concern. they're not a tent. they're not mobile. and as people build them up,
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it's a whole new chapter of what we're concerned about around danger associated with encamp muchmen mentes. >> last year a man died inside a wooden structure after a fire near the b.a.r.t. tracks underneath the 980 freeway. >> but the buildings just keep going up. >> like here near the b.a.r.t. tracks on east 12th street. there's a multistory structure built mostly of plywood complete with a front door lock. the residents didn't want to talk with abc7 news but a neighbor told us off camera he's reported the i illegal structure to police in the past few months but it keeps getting bigger. >> why doesn't b.a.r.t. move them out? >> we're working with the city of oakland right now. the real issue is we need to have a place for people to go. that's what's being worked out now. >> now, this issue is
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complicated by the fact that b.a.r.t. doesn't own all the properties where these encampments are. there are a combination of property owners. the city official we talked with today said they're looking at a two-pronged approach using the fire code to maybe move these folks out of the day, structures then offering them a place in a future community cabin or those tuff shed communities. in oakland, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> thank you. >> the city of prenont facing strong opposition or a proposed kna navigation is center to serve the homeless. >> an estimated 100 people showed up to protest plans to build a navigation center either in the dakota neighborhood or behind city hall by nextear. >> residents are demanding the center be built elsewhere just like those living near the embark dare role where a 200-bed navigation centering is scheduled to be built across
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from piers 30 through 32. >> police deal with situations that can go wrong very, very quickly. >> officers doing the exact right thing could mean the difference between saving or losing a life. >> serves 7 news reporter chris reyes joins us with a dramatic rescue captured on video. chris? >> good afternoon. well, it happened right in this very spot. a man was rescued from a burning van and as soon as he was rescued, that van exploded setting this tree on fire. there's evidence of that. you can see it's completely charred. officers told me they had mere moments to act. >> it happened so quick, that that van started burning up so quick we just went and drabbed it and did what we had to do at the time. >> it seemed like less than 60 seconds. we saw smoke and by the time we were processing that, it was flames. by the time we were processing that, it was a rescue. >> the man was refusing to leave
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his van parked in this school lot in san jose july 9th when officers wright and per rely rushed in. this image captured from their body cam. >> our perception was he was having some kind of mental health crisis. clearly was not thinking about his own safety. so that's me and. >> i have his legs down there. >> chris is pulling a leg. and it's hard to tell in this picture but mr. huff has his left arm hooked around the tire. so he has leverage and he doesn't want to let go. >> another witness captured this video showing how quickly the situation escalated. >> wharton decided we're going to have to tase this guy to get him to let go. that was the only thing that got him to let go of the van. >> he was taken to the hospital for burns and inhallation. san jose police department posted images on facebook to praise the officers for their actions. >> we just want the community to know that we're here for here
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everybody. people with mental health issues. the rest of the community. >> officer wright told me he could actually feel the fire burning his face a little bit. but thankfully, he did not have to go to the hospital. neither officer was injured. the man they rescued he was put on a 72-hour psychiatric evaluation. that's all we know of his condition right now. chris reyes, for abc7 news. >> chris, thanks very much. a federal judge ordered the fda to move quickly in providing millions of documents to theranos founder elizabeth holmes that she says is key to her defense. holmes today appeared in a san jose courtroom. she and former theranos president ra meesh balwani are facing multiple fraud and conspiracy charges stemming from allegations they engaged in a multimillion dollar scheme to defraud investors, doctors and parents. both defendants pleaded not
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guilty and say fda and fbi documents will rebut the charges. the fda has 75 days to provide the documents. >> thousands of people can now have lead paint hazards removed for free as part of a court settlement reached today ending a legal fight that lasted for 19 years. the case began in san tab clara county. san francisco joined several other cities and counties in suing fourth paintmakers. those companies did not admit any wrongdoing as part of the deal but sherwin-williams, on aggragg brands and nl industries will pay $305 million. the u.s. banned selling lead paint for homes in 1978. >> today add alameda county judge ruled the man accused in a fatal stabbing in a b.a.r.t. station is competent to stand trial despite mental issues. the judge made the ruling in the case of john lee cowell after reviewing reports from three doctors. one believed he lacks xes tense.
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another didn't render a decision, the third found him to be competent. he is charged with killing nia willson on july 22nd of last year. her sister was stabbed, as well but survived. is he is scheduled to enter a plea august 2nd. >> vallejo police just arrested all three men suspected of killing a pawnshop owner during an armed robbery in 2016. video captured masked men storming into pawn advantage on spring road. they carried handguns and shot and killed the owner and wounded one of his employees. one of the robbers shot and killed his dog. police captured two last week. the other suspect cashtious nelson is in prison serving a sentence for another robbery case. >> protests were held here and across the country today to demand the resignation of puerto rico's governor after leaked messages showed him mocking women and disabled victims of
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hurricane marie. >> lyanne melendez is live in san francisco where the protesters are still demonstrating today. >> reporter: things don't seem to be winding down at all. this started at 2:00 this afternoon. i think what's been happening is people have been getting off work and joining this group. this is one of many protests around the country. puerto ricans s puerto rican say they reclaim their island. >> this demonstration was scheduled to coincide with a much bigger protest on the island. people demanding the governor step down. >> all of us together were over the issue of corruption where we're already so tired of it being institutionalized. remarks made between the governor and his staff and cabinet members were leaked by the center for investigative journalism. this one, he for example, against the federal board which
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manages puerto rico's financial crisis. dear oversight board, go f yourself. another comment was made by his chief financial officer against the mayor of san juan. saying he wanted to shoot her. according to the leaks, the governor responded you would be doing me a grand favor. homophobic comments were made against singer ricky martin. puerto rico is still in a deep financial recession. emotions still raw from the devastating hurricane and what they perceived was the lack of support from the trump administration. they thought the governor was someone they could trust. >> a huge betrayal. a huge huge betrayal. it's not a party issue here. it's a person, a character issue. we need someone in that office that takes care of its people. >> if the governor resigns, next in line would be the state secretary. a vacant can't position. it would then fall on the treasury secretary but he resigned amid the scandal. that leaves the justice secretary who in november of
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2018 was being investigated for violating agethics law. >> we have the power and like we can make a change. so i'm hoping something positive comes. >> now we're back in front of city hall at a protest. and you know, let me just tell you a little bit about puerto ico because it is a very small island about 3.7 million people live there. here in california, an estimated just over 200,000 people of course, new york and florida have a lot more puerto ricans living there. but really this has sort of become a critical mass. it has certainly spread, for example, i was just handed this. there will be another protest tomorrow in oakland. at lake merritt beginning at 5:00 and also a march. now one more thing. there will also be a protest in cambridge as in the united kingdom. and a an second protest on
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wednesday consisting of puerto ricans who live in paris. certainly no one expected this to be as huge as it has turned out to be. i'm live in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> did take on a life of its oeb. thank you very much. >> 75 years ago tonight, tragedy unfolded in contra costa county. today a moment to remember the victims and mark a moment in bay area history. >> walking out a free man after 10,000 days. a 48-year-old meets his daughter for the first time. >> i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. hope you're enjoying the beautiful weather. a cool down coming. i'll show you the temperatures straight ahead. >> also ahead, you can bike in the tour de france or bike over it. oh, man. >> wow.
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a large crowd turned out today
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for the 75th anniversary of the port chicago explosion. it was the worst home front disaster of world war ii. 320 sailors died when had two ships they were loading with munitions blew up. news anchor eric thomas was at today's ceremony to remember those victims. ♪ >> reporter: a bagpiper played pleasing grace. and a soldier solemnly rang a bell in honor of the 320 victims, one of them sailor rafael beson, had a daughter born four months after his death. >> there was no grave. no memorial, only pictures. it was difficult for a baby or a child to understand what happened. >> during world war ii, port chicago became a major facility for shipping bombs, missiles and explosives to troops fighting in the pacific. back then, the navy was strictly segregated with white officers supervising african-american
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sailors. >> all of the sailors who directly handled the ordinance were blacking. > ignoring standard safety practices two ships were loaded at pun pier. >> on the night of july 17th, 1944, something went terribly wrong. 2,000 tons of ordinants being loaded into one of two cargo ships went up in a massive blast. 75 years ago, the two ships were more than just a couple dozen yards offshore in a pier that used to exist. it was vaporized. anyone standing here would have been killed instantly. >> i was very hurt. i was quite disappointed as a child and as i learned the story of port chicago, i was angry. >> the black sailors are no training in handling explosives and 200 refused to return to work. 50 were court-martialed and convicted of mutiny. a bill to exonerate the men passed in the house but may face an uphill bat in the senate.
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in port chicago, eric thomas, abc7 news. ♪ >> touching. >> san francisco city officials tabled a proposed ballot measure to raise a tax on stock compensation to address concerns over wealth disparity. this after backlash from the business community. measure dubbed the ipo tax was aimed at tech companies that have big initial offerings like uber, lyft and interest. it would double the current rate of 3.8% to 1.5%. critics say the tax would apply to all companies that use stocked based compensation and drive startups out of the city when they go public. >> an update on a campaign to stop stop companies from hasseling all of us with robocalls. >> michael finney is here with that. >> it's amazing. federal lawmakers in both major
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parties are pushing a bill that would outlaw practices that many companies now use to bother you with robocalls. the stopping bad robocalls act is headed to the house floor. it would make it easier for the federal government to go after companies that engage in illegal practices. and the bill would require phone carriers to use new procedures to fight robocalls. the u.s. senate has also backed a bill creating an emergency tack forcetors combat robocalls. a company is recalling nearly 100 varieties of hummus. there are concerns the hummus may have been contaminated with listeria. now, that's a serious infection that can cause die rearia, fever, and other flu-like symptoms. it is especially dangerous for young children, elderly and pregnant women. we have a link to a list of all the products being recalled on our website. go to action 7 it seems like there's a national day for just about everything
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and today happens to be national hot dog day. and some chains are celebrating by offering freebies and discounts. doghouse has four bay area locations. it's offering a free hot dog or free delivery. 7-eleven is offering quarter pound big bite hot dogs for $1 all day long and at wienerschnitzel dog 5 dogs for $5. >> let's talk about the weather forecast. a days day to enjoy the hot dog outside, sandhya. >> say farewell to the 90s. we're not talking about music either. never. it is going to get cooler over the next couple days. i want to show you a live picture right now. people are backing in the sun enjoying the weather in santa cruz right now. check out your forecast. fog and drizzle, areas of fog and drizzle overnight. cooler pattern the next few
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days. warming up again beginning on sudden. enjoy that break from the heat while it lasts. because things will turn around again. i want to show you what's ahead as we look towards the weekend. it's only wednesday. if you're making plans, saturday fog to sunshine. low 60s to upper 80s on sunday. a warmer pattern. temperatures in the low 60s to the low 90s. no major heat. no extreme heat at least not yet. a live picture from our mount tam camera. you can see the fog coming back as we look toward sausalito. most areas did enjoy sunshine this afternoon. those temperatures ranged from the 60s to the 90s from our south beach camera, a few high thin wispy clouds and sunshine. 81 degrees redwood city, 90s in morgan hill. a live look from our emeryville camera, low to mid 80s from napa to santa rosa.
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94 in fairfield. concord 91. livermore 89. tomorrow morning out the door, temperatures will the 50s, 60s. definitely watch out. it will be a little foggy, some drizzle. noontime sunshine for some of you. breezy and cooler in the afternoon. we're looking at temperatures dropping by evening, 50s to seventies. first thing tomorrow morning, you'll see the fog not just near the coastline but right around the bay, as well. it's going to expand during the overnight hours. temperatures in the 50s, 60s. look out for drizzle near the coastline. tomorrow afternoon a mild day as opposed to a warm one in the shout bay. 79 san jose. 78 cupertino. 76 in milpitas. on the peninsula you couldn't ask for better weather, low to upper 70s. 76 in redwood city. ha the clouds will hang around near the coast. breezy. low 60s downtown san francisco. peeks of sun. 61 in the sunset district, north bay temperatures in the 60s at the beaches.
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most other areas 70s, 80s. 76 in san rafael and also in vallejo. east bay 69 in oakland. low 70s cats tro valley. 75 union city. inland areas it's going to be nice. not as hot as it has been. 84 degrees in concord. 87 in antioch. >> the cool weather is going to dominate most of the central and eastern united states. look what's coming our way. don't get too used to the idea of a cool down. a 70% chance of bob average temperatures out west. that's not till late next week. till then, enjoy this weather. breezy and cooler tomorrow, little change on friday. those temperatures slowly creeping back up into the low 90s for the second half of your weekend. we'll have our summer range and in the mid-90s by midweek next week. but the beauty of the bay, you have temperatures in the comfort zone near the coast in the low 60s. >> thanks, sandhya. >> an emergency landing caught on camera by shocked beachgoers.
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that story is
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an oklahoma man imprisoned nearly 30 years walked free this week after a judge tossed his murder conviction. amy jensen was there for an emotional reunion with his family. >> reporter: more than 10,000 days behind bars. corey atchison walked out of jail a free man. the judge looked him in the eye acknowledging what he knew all along. he's innocent. >> feeling blessed. it's unbelievable. >> maybe the best part of it, family. atchison's daughter wasn't born when he was sent to prison. today he finally got to hold her. all of these people here are what helps take away the sting. >> i can't hold no grudge. life's too short. you know, i got some time with
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this little guy. you know what i'm saying? to make him into a man. >> me and you. >> against the world, huh? >> reporter: in 1991, atchison was convicted of murder solely on eyewitness testimony. in 2017, witnesses walked back on their testimony saying they lied after being coerced. 28 years later, the judge says she has no evidence that atchison had anything to do with this crime. >> i got kind of emotional with that because she was speaking so much truth. >> reporter: through it all, he never waved from his innocence and his family stood by his side. >> he's a gentle giant. >> it's one big mess. really, just uncalled for. >> he come home. he's coming home. >> reporter: home a place he hasn't seen in 28 years. >> what a positive outlook he has. that was amy jensen reporting. in ocean city, maryland a shoreline crash was caught on camera in front of beachgoers.
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>> bang, bang, bang. what was that noise? white clouds r clouds coming out like shotgun shells. then you saw the lifeguards everybody running. >> we ran out and looked. it's going to crash. >> he hit it and dipped right in. that plane kind of boogie boarded up the shore real quick and makes it out. >> it seemed like he was coming close enough to the beach but almost seemed like he was watching to make sure there weren't people in the water. >> the 23-year-old pilot told police he didn't think he would make it to the airport because of mechanical issues. the ntsb says the pilot told him he lost engine power right before he was forced to crash land. >> incredible. >> a photo finish at a big race. that's next. >> but first we want to thank mauer rin know for what he calls this upside down sunset. it's pretty cool. share your pictures with us
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coming up on abc7 news at 6:00, live coverage of the dueling 2020 campaign fund-raisers tonight in san francisco. one for president trump, the other for his newest democratic challenger. >> and dozens of people lost property and valuables when their storage units were gutted by fire yesterday as we reported. tonight, 7 on your side's michael finny looks what insurance is needed to cover this type of tragedy coming up on abc7 news at 6:00. >> now to the tour de france. it was as a race to the end and a photo finish. >> australian ewan took the honors in stage 11. some riders prefer to ride over the event instead of in it. >> an annual tradition. a mountain biker jumped over the tour de entrance on monday. that distance is about 52 feet. >> the 19-year-old rider says he took six months to prepare for the moment. he says if you can't beat them, jump them. >> looks like he stuck the landing, too. >> dicey. >> it is. thanks for joining us.
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i'm ama daetz. >> we appreciate your time. for sandhya pa tonight, bracing for dangerous, oppressive heat. authorities warn this could be a life-threatening heat wave. more than half the country. it will feel like 110 degrees in philadelphia, 104 in chicago, 106 degrees in new york city. and the concern about the power grid. is new york at risk of another blackout? ginger zee is live tonight. the new video emerging tonight, showing president trump inside mar-a-lago in '92, partying with jeffrey epstein. appearing to weigh in on the women before them. what can be seen in the video. breaking news late today involving actor kevin spacey, accused in that sex assault involving a young man. what the d.a. has just announced. in new york city late today, a life sentence for el chapo. where will he now go here in the u.s.? and el chapo complaining. what he said today in court. the 6-year-old girl killed


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