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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  July 18, 2019 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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tv's number one family viral video show, "right this minute." >> diners are approached by a man. the weird reason shind one twisted attack. >> we have to pull over and call the cops. >> she went viral when she stole her car back that had been stolen from her. now see how danielle reno is on the road again. saving animals caught up in hurricane barry. >> we have the airborne on these guys. >> it's a hawaiian style party and the volcano that spills the secret. we've got christian, nick, charity breaking down the best on the web including an update
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on that mt. pearl ad campaign. >> we covered the video on the d.>> the d and went. how the whole town put on one serious display of canadian hospitality. >> holy! >> wow! >> we're in china where this woman and her child and a man and another woman are having dinner. her husband arrives. he starts bad words. she stands up and creates a barrier between herself and the husband and the other people. the hubby is not happy. he's angry. he comes around the table and that's when he does this. this. no! >> he picks the hot pot up and dashes it on to the man sitting at the table. >> right by the child. >> the babe is right there. >> what a jerk. >> the reason they're at dinner is the man's wife is a nurse. she's been taking care of this other man's sick father. as a thank you, he decided to take her to dinner.
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there was nothing going on outside of that. but hubby was not happeny. the man has been arrested but even crazier than that, he's only paid about $4,000 in compensation to the man he injured. there are reports that man's sister says her brother is going to need a series of treatments. he is only 29 years ounrrd and . >> just because something was doing something nice for your wife. >> as is the situation in clom yachlt a quick video. starts off with a man on his motorcycle. he is picking up his lady. two other dudes roll up. as this woman is walking out to get on the bike, he takes off. and that's when the other person who was probably going to rob him hops on the other bike. the women runs the opposite way. people are going, dude, how are you going to leave your girl in the middle of all this? >> but he stood to lose a motorcycle, i mean -- >> what? loser! >> i mean, sorry. he knew the target was the girl. obviously, it's common in this
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paurt part of the world. in er. let's hope he didn't earlier t barry put a hot of lives at risk n this story, we're talking about these lives, animal lives. >> this is in danger of flooding. >> many dogs and cats were in a shelter they feared might flood as a result of hurricane barry. that's where this woman stepped in. >> still have nine that need foster. we're loading them up. >> yeah, danielle reno is from a story earlier we had, the woman that stole back her car that had been stolen from her. we had her on skype on our show. danielle's life work is with unleashed pet rescue and adoption. she went down to louisiana from month movement a very long trek when they got to the shelter, it was pouring rain. to try to load up as many of the
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animals atis s possibly could. >> are you going to go with us? >> this essentially was mainy arc a mini ark to get the dogs and cats out of harm's way. danielle documented this whole process on a facebook live video and rescuing was all happening live and the whole time she was reaching out and asking people for donations and to foster these animals. >> if you can foster, comment go. to my page. this are pictures of each one that still need foster on there. >> people saying i can take that dog. it is all happening as well. so on the very long ride home, she is doing updates. >> we have five different -- every single dog in this van except for who? david. >> in all, they stuffed 19 dogs and three cats into that van. >> we have dogs on dogs on dogs. >> that's super cute. now what are they going to do with them? >> they're going to foster as many of the dogs as they can.
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permanenthe >> tdon tnk you for foster. now as you know, christian is this close to getting her pilot's license. coming up with weird and funny ideas we can do once we can go fly. this is what we're going to do. david martin here decides to show us something a little sciency, a little daring. >> i know exactly what they're going to do. >> turns off the engine. takes that bottle of water and we start a bottle roll. he keeps the g forces constant. that means while rolling the aircraft, he is pouring himself a cup full of water. >> yes. this is realin' credible! >> what was he doing? i can't even talk. you can't really walk and chew gum at the same time.
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>> true lly incredible. how calm he is under pressure. he is able to ever so casually fill up that cup with water, not a drop is spilled. i thought you would enjoy that. let's take a step into the past. because that's from the early 1900s. >> that is bad. you know this guy spent so much time trying to re-create this thing. >> the accident that is very low speed accident. don't worry. there is a little bit of a sad moment. modern technology comes by and mo mocks him a little bit. it shows how hard it is when the pioneers were trying to figure out as they went. this is usually the result. >> you think this is a gender reveal. you would be wrong. it's a lesson in volcanoes.
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>> they're coming in high school. >> these one don't erupt. they smoke a very colorful color. >> speaking of colors k. we just give a shoutout to that background? that's impressive. >> they did spend a lot of time making the flowers. it happens to be a hawaiian theme. this is happening in walnut creek, california. so they give mom to be the lighter and the smoke starts coming from the volcano. and just like that -- the smoke turns pink and they learn they're going to have a girl. >> look at other daughter. she was there immediately overcome with emotion. we're going to have a baby. >> look at dad! he is in a house full of women. like it. >> they're celebrating their one year anniversary with the reveal of their baby. as can you see, the entire crowd is also thrilled for the new baby in their house.
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>> he's made himself a special room. >> it is time to rage! >> why he's in for a smash going time. and see what happens when buttons the cockatoo meets the new baby. >> this is your >> right this minute is brought to you by -- (ding) hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem... like me. ♪
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it obviously doesn't know you. closed captioning provided by -- i would say a little bit of congratulations are in order for our friend tom in moon from the youtube channel. he has our brand new place.
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and it's all the rage. he takes us on a tour and shows us the things in you had new room, even a whole sports wall. >> it is the western action wall. i was so confident. >> you think of a sports wall. that's not really what i had in mind. okay. >> now this room is designed to only really be used in case of an emergency. >> the next time i get angry, i'm going to come here. you know, let off some steam. >> right. it's if you get angry. well, 15 minutes later, he gets a tomato in his sandwich. >> and it's time to rage! >> his room is a rage room. so he is just going to go mental. >> that was so loud! >> with a smile on his face. i think the rage room is working. are you going to be mad about anything?
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just get in there and smash away. >> what else do you got in there to smash? >> don't ask me again. i hate this. >> whoa! >> among his weapon, he has first aid candles. >> oh, my god. >> risking setting the whole place on fire -- >> okay, this is part of the rage room experience. you added extra. >> he takes the stress out on all vhs cassettes. on a beanbag chair which dives by crow bar. tvs. beer bottles are smashed. it's a rage fest. >> look at the mess he created in less than 20 minutes. do you know in this day and age we need these kind of videos with a little bit of a smile. and we start with baby emanuel. she's about to meet her big brother.
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this is button. >> he tried to pick her up. what is this tiny human thing? >> what do you say to your baby sister? >> hi, papa. >> shut up. that wasn't the bird. >> it was the bird. >> get out of here. >> are we going to keep her? >> it's nodding its head yes in case you didn't figure it out. >> do you have name for her? >> if that came out with ananya, i would have fallen to the noor. >> well, not there yet. but let's just say it was a success. buttons likes the baby. >> here's another baby. ivy is trying mango for the first time. >> look at that. >> that is the greatest i've ever had. >> yummy. >> i get it. you get one that is just perfectly ripe. delicious. >> you don't need teeth for that. >> and a smile.
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that smile. ♪ shelter dog ice cream treat on a hot day. >> that is so sweet. >> see the story next "right this minute." and still to come, dangling a tasty snack for a certain someone lurking in the water. >> here he comes. >> yeah, but that's like -- >> see what happens when mr. craft tries to get a taste. plus, a couple with quite the collection of dolls. >> they call their children. >> if we're going to be the creepy doll people, we're going to own it. >> take a peek inside their playful hive style. >> if i saw that doll baking a cake, i'm out! .. "i am here." aim to say that more with aimovig. a preventive treatment for migraine in adults that reduces the number of monthly migraine days. for some, that number can be cut in half or more. don't take aimovig if you're allergic to it. allergic reactions like rash or swelling can happen hours to days after use. common side effects include injection site reactions and constipation.
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ipreventing cavities up to 40%. become 4x stronger, act kids fluoride rinse, stop imagining, start acting allow this video to serve as a reminder that why you should not taunt a crocodile. this is a river cruise. the tour guide who has this bait and as the guy continues to drop the bait in the water, hewater,e upset. >> he comes out the water.
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he is going to touch the tail. >> let's be reminded that these creatures are very tenacious. they're going to get what they're after. so they keep dangling the bait. and then he comes back up ou the water. >> got him. >> yeah. >> you don't want this cry. >> not at >> you thought having two kids is hard? try 200! >> no. >> like this couple. >> no. my wife is terrified of these yeah. this couple has created a massive collection of dolls. plastic dolls that they call their children. they treat them with lots of love and care and respect. they engage with them.
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>> see, my first irst irst irst laugh. on the second thought, dhoenlt have to pay for a phone. no diaper changes. >> they're running in and out burning up the ac with the lights on. >> as soon as they come in, they're like nope. >> and they understand that people think this is really, really weird and bizarre. they take their dolls out for walks. they go for car rides. shopping as well. >> okay. they can ride in the car pool lane. >> they found each other. they have the same passion. and yeah, you know, i do want to live with 200 dolls. >> yeah. this is something that they both have been into for a really long time. this is his favorite. this is sarah ann. she has twist wrist. really draws him to her. because she can do quite a bit. >> she is a daddy's girl. >>whst teyocook gotdolls.them .
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>> right. >> they do have friends that come over and visit. in fact, they're in this video. and they talk about how they have to get used to this. >> it's like -- i just don't know what to do. >> yeah. so this is sarah ann. they made this video this morning. they show a lot of this on their instagram channel. they don't give a snap what people think. this is their thing. it is different and unique. but who wants to be like rest of them anyway? all right. i think we're all ready. >> a catchy city tune sparks ali's interest -- >> how accurate is it? >> now tag along on his epic mt.
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pearl adventure to find out just how awesome it really is.
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pancakes. >> not so much. >> these people are winning at playing with their food. >> you remember this video? how can you forget >> yes! i remember. >> it went super. it was so successful. it made me thinking, how accurate is it? >> hello, everybody.
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welcome to my apartment. >> yes. >> how cute is that. >> the entire crew of people are waiting for you. >> when we covered the video on the show, i said if you invite me, we'll come. you always take 100%. they were invited. ♪ where else can you get your garbage pickup automated ♪ >> i'm currently riding in a garbage truck, nick. >> shame! >> what a beautiful day you got there. >> yeah. it was truly incredible. a beautiful area. so many nice houses and gardens. people are really proud of this city. >> next up, because i had only had about two hours noint, ti this point. it was time to wake up with 60 ladies in the pool. >> bet they were happy to see you. >> oh, my gh. they were like, hey!
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>> from this point on, it just went crazy. we then got interviewed by mtv news for the evening news. >> it went viral a few weeks ago, it caught the attention of a show around the united states. >> my thing, is it really an accurate video? it's 100% true. and if you do show up, we'll probably say -- >> they signed him up. ♪ it's all good peter's pepperoni ♪ >> that looks good. >> built a museum during the war. open tuesday to friday. it has a large screen tv. >> i feel star struck right now. >> the man was busy. no drama. >> you're welcome. >> yeah. because if i had, to let's be honest, make sure that i walk the pony. ♪ you can walk your pony >> oh, my gosh.
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>> you need to be on tv. >> i have done -- i'm done. >> i have a quick thought. ♪ mt. pearl ♪ mt. pearl >> hey. hey. >> oh, okay. we had to end the day at the brewery. while i was there, i got to meet one of the stars that is doing the actual rapping. >> how nice are all these people to come out and rollout the red carpet for you. >> we're not done yet. it was a surprise to me and the town fryar showed up. >> greetings and welcome. >> why didn't you come back? >> it really is such a wonderful place. it was the people that were so welcoming. they took such great care of me. mt. pearl is an absolute jewel. >> that's all for now.
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don't forget next episode of that leave therea lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
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tonight, the "send her chant and the growing outrage. after the words at his rally tonight, president trump and jon karl asking him, did his own words, his own tweets lead to their chants. the president responding saying he wasn't happy with those chants. then asked why he didn't ask the crowd to stop. light threatening heat tonight. it will feel like 108 in detroit. in d.c. 109 in philly. 109 in new york city. ginger zee times it out. the major chemical scare tonight. the fire ignites and residents told to shelter in place. jeffrey epstein in court
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today arguing


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