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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 19, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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the officers also tell us that he assaulted a woman with a knife. when they tried to get information from him while he was inside his apartment, he would not leave. he refused to come out. a s.w.a.t. team was called out here. officers evacuated the entire building. the suspect was described as having a large knife on him. so they believe that at the time he was dangerous. the s.w.a.t. team used flash bangs and finally were able to enter the apartment and get the suspect out without any sort of problems. he was placed under arrest. at this point police have not confirmed what kind of charges he is facing. they do say the woman involved in this case is going to be okay. she has non-life-threatening injuries. live in milpitas, jobina fortson, abc 7 news. here is a look at weather and traffic this morning. >> hi everybody. here is a look at our winds. delta breeze kicking in, 30
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miles per hour. fairfield, cloud cover more extensive than yesterday. you can see it over the exploratorium. the closer you are to the coast and san francisco, you may run into a little mist and drizzle and also in some of our heels. you can see by noon we're pretty much sunny everywhere, even with sunshine developing at the coast. in the low to mid 60s. we'll be to the mid to upper 70s for the bay and inland. look at that terrific evening on the way. low to mid 70s at 7:00. here is alexis. we're doing okay on the roads for this friday morning commute. looking at overnight barrier work for the golden gate bridge that has not wrapped up yet this morning. it's impacting the north side of the roadway. looks like we have the far left lane out. we have construction crews out there at the moment. hopefully start p up. this should be done by 5:00 if not a little bit before. still looking good westbound 580
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tracy to dublin holding onto the green, 27 minutes. 14-minute ride southbound 680 dublin to mission boulevard. highway 101 to cupertino on 85, 15 minutes. new developments in a fight in embarcadero. >> a judge declined to issue an indictment to stop it. he sent the lawsuit and temporary restraining order back to the city attorney. the lawsuit was filed ten days ago hoping to stop construction of a 200-bed center located on the embarcadero near the bay bridge. so far no further hearings have been scheduled. in the east bay, union city will be closing one of its fire stations. the city council blames low call volume and budgetary issues. it's located on eastin court. abc 7's lisa amin gulezian normy
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is, which is why they say it needs to close. >> we have about 638 calls a year from that particular stations versus the other stations about 2,100. >> reporter: also a $3.5 million budget deficit which they invift will be helped by the closure. alameda county's fire chief says public safety will be at risk. >> it's going to change response times throughout the city. we'll go from a travel time that should be under four minutes to up to six minutes. >> reporter: time made a world of difference for this woman last year. she thought she was having a heart attack. >> these people came within four minutes or three minutes i think. they helpedelot, m don't worry, we be there in the hospital in no time. >> reporter: others living near station 30 have mixed reactions
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to the closure. >> i guess if it's saving taxpayer money, perhaps the city made a good decision. >> i don't think it's a good idea. i think it's pretty useful here. it serves the nearby places. >> reporter: station 38 also services newark. that will be impacted by the loss as well. in union city, lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. this morning president trump is working to distance himself from support es who mirrored his racist rhetoric about three congresswomen. >> omar has a history of launching vicious anti-semitic screens. >> his supporters taking aim at ilhan omar during his rally on wednesday night. that chant lasted 13 seconds. the president told abc news he tried to stop it. >> i was not happy with it.
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i disagree with it, but again, i didn't say that. hey did. publicly condemned the chant without denouncing the president. house minority leader kevin mccarthy said it's unfair to hold the president accountable for the words of his supporters. 4:35, happening today, uber and lyft drivers are planning to rally in san francisco. this morning they'll hold a demonstration outside uber headquarters on market street at 10:30. they're once again urging support for ad 5 which would title rules on the gig economy possibly forcing ride share companies to classify workers as employees instead of independent contractors. the droifrs also want companies and state leaders to allow them to form a union. an update to a terrifying story that played out across our screens live. police arrested two more suspects in a shooting at a san
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bruno mall. officers arrested 18-year-old deondre gant after a vehicle chases in martinez. a 14-year-old boy was taken into custody in san francisco. gant factwo teenagers were hurt. both are recovering. in the east bay, oakland police monitor and police commission are calling for five officers to be fired for their roles in a deadly shooting. the incident was captured on body camera footage in march of last year. the officers say they shot joshua pollack after he refused to drop a pistol lying on the ground. the police commission said pollack appeared to be sleeping or drunk and was slowly getting up. the union representing the officers is blasting that decision saying in a statement the commission's decision is obviously born from a desperate need regardless of the facts.
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abc 7 mornings was the first to bring this to you asug of water from muni fire sprinklers poured onto the b.a.r.t. platform one level below. muni says its fire system malfunctioned during a test obviously. the muni platform was closed until 3:30 yesterday afternoon. the warriors may be leaving, but steph and ayesha curry remaining committed to oakland. the new foundation focused on kids. the legal battle over the raiders' move to las vegas moves back to court today. is apple's iphone losing its appeal? the numbers that suggest maybe so. >> that's all ahead. first, it's now 4:37. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. >> let's jump in and take a look at what's going on with our temperatures. we'll go along the east bay where we've got 58 in richmond. that's the cool spot as you head into the orinda.
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63 in oakland and hayward, some of the worm spots. around the bay, definitely warmer than we were yesterday by a couple degrees. we were in the upper 60s in some east bay neighborhoods, mid 60s in the south bay. in the uer 50s to mid 60s in the east bay. barely 60 in shea. let's talk about your commute this morning. got a little bit of spotty drizzle. watch out for that. need a jacket on mass transit this morning, but not this afternoon. lighter breezers on the bay. no small craft advisory. in the 60s through 9:00, we hit the low to mid 90s this afternoon. as far as the peninsula, we're in the 60s through 9:00. faster sunshine will push us into the mid to upper 70s through 11:00 through 6:00. for the south bay, in the 60s through 9:00, near 80 by 1:00 and low to mid 80s and 75 at 7:00. let's show you the weekend forecast. that's coming up next. let's see what alexis has this morning. >> doing okay so far.
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it's friday. it's summertime. hopefully we can keep these light volumes. we got a little clarity from chp about a couple separate issues, southbound 101 around grand avenue, chp did confirm there were two separate collisions. one happened around 2:30. that's in the clearing stages. that was on the off-ramp. the other around 4:00 a.m. on the mainline. still have the far right lane blocked for that issue and a vehicle lost a tire. clearly they're going to knee a tow truck for that situation. mass transit, we had a busy day yesterday. today, no issues so far. b.a.r.t. trains begin running at 5:00 a.m. no delays for ace one. they're out of the
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the news as we head into the weekend, air quality couldn't be better. get outside and breathe deeply. let's see what we're going to be dealing with as far as temperatures across the state today. 69 with sunshine in eureka. partly sunny and 66 in monterey. afternoon sunshine, vaig and los angeles mostly sunny. 88 in sacramento. mid to upper 90s in chico and fresno. if you're heading to tahoe, 79 today, 81 with barely a breeze tomorrow. 82, close to average on sunday. palo alto police are investigating a road rage
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incident that turned into a robbery. police say both stopped in the parking lot of a stanford shopping center, pulled a gun and took the victim's phone. described as a hispanic male in his 20s who was tall and heavyset wearing a red polo shoot and gray pants. a key hearing in the city of oakland's antitrust lawsuit over the team's move to vegas. loaners for owner mark davis, the league and its owners will ask a federal court judge to dismiss the suit filed by the city last december. oakland city attorney barbara parker calls the move to vegas illegal. she claims the team and the league, quote, brazenly violated antitrust law and the league's own policies whoen they boycotted oakland as a home city. team owners approved the move to las vegas. the team plans to open the 2020 season there. abc 7 news is committed to building a better bay area.
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it looks like steph and ayesha curry look like they're committed to building a better oakland. all about eating, learning and player. they made a promise to east bay kids. >> reporter: this is a moment years in the making for steph and ayesha curry. >> if you ever doubt yourself for a second, i want you to know you have two people in your corner. >> reporter: eat, learn, play are the pillars of the new foundation kicking off at lakeside park, a collaboration of their passions that gets kids out from behind the screens and gives them everything they need to success. >> obviously for me the nutrition side of things is very important. i feel like that gets the ball rolling for them to have a great education. >> the sports for me, it was huge in learning about myself and building confidence and meeting people. >> reporter: in between the relay races, the healthy food that keeps the 71% of kids in oakland who qualify for a free
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or reduced lunch, keeping a program like this in oak land where it is so needed even when the warriors move across the bay is what touches this community the most. at the end of the day, a little play at the dunk tank for the currys. >> whoa! >> whoa! >> reporter: who had a special surprise for each and every child here. >> i think everyone should get under armour. >> reporter: the gift of shoes and the longer lasting gift the currys themselves and the people who make eat, learn, play possible for oakland. next the foundation says they're deeply rooted in oakland and plan to focus on the city here but have plans to expand later. dion lim -- you want to take me out. >> abc 7 news. >> they did great. i love this, i love this initiative. even though they're leaving that area, still so committed.
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i love the little boy behind dion showing off his shoes. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. mike. >> every time you turn around, they're finding some way to enhance our lives and the lives of younger people around us, the next generation. here is a look at sfo. it's really cloudy this morning. if there's any delays, i'll let you know. if not here, @mike nicco abc 7.. mostly cloudy, patchy drizzle as you wake up tomorrow morning and inland heat wave coming next week. here is a look at the cloud cover and even drizzle. the green you see will hang around the coast until about 11:00. you can see the clouds are back to the coast. you can also see blue showing through those. it's not going to be a solid gray day at the coast. by the evening hours, the clouds don't come back quite as quickly as they did yesterday. here is a look at temperatures. mid to upper 70s in most of the
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south bay. a little cool in santa cruz, 67. about 75 in cupertino and mountain view, 60 to 63 along the coast. mid to upper 70s through most of the north bay. quite a jump in cloverdale, ukiah 86 to 91. 70 to about 75 degrees for most of these. 73 at oakland, 77 in freemt. let's go 80 where weave got 80 to 86 degrees. enjoy the refreshing air. it doesn't hang around long. we'll see temperatures jump about a droe or two tomorrow, again sunday. it keeps going around the bay and inland. the bay stops while inland temperatures start to reach near 100 by next thursday. alex alexis. >> overall looking at a quiet start for the friday morning commute. taking you out to the tracy area. if there was going to be a slowdown at 4:47 in the morning, it would be right here.
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starting to see the line of red fill in. westbound 205 about 35 miles an hour. westbound 580 down to 17 miles per hour. after you get past pass, things lighten quite a bit. 12 minutes westbound 92 across san mateo bridge. dumbarton bridge westbound 84 wide open at nine minutes. this is pretty cool. google transformed the mo javy desert solo farm as a portrait to honor one of the unsung heroes of the apollo 11 mission. they've organized more than 53,000 mirrors reflecting a port trait of margaret hamilton. she led the m.i.t. team. it covers 1.5 square miles, almost as large as golden gate park. what a need idea. >> that is. amazing. a drop in netflix stock cost
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the company $17 billion in one day. one people may be ditching their iphones for android. here is tech bites. >> in today's tech bites netflix takes an unexpected hit. >> the streaming service lost 126,000 sub skrieshs. they blamed pricing and other issues. netflix stock fell 11%. two of the country's largest paper chains are in advanced talks to campaign. the "wall street journal" is nearing a deal to buy gwinnett. the journal reports the companies were drawn to each other by the chance to bolster digital publishing and advertising. it appears iphone is losing loyalty. >> according to a company that accepts trade-ins, about a quarter of iphone users switched to a samsung phone this year. that's a significantly higher percentage than last year. less than 8% of galaxy users switched to iphone. interesting. >> those are your tech bites. >> have a great weekend. >> i am android illiterate.
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i would have a hard time. >> i've never even held one. >> that can't be true. >> it's true. i don't know her. lights, camera, liccardo. san jose's mayor is ready for his close-up. russia is working on a plan to reopen the closed consulate in san francisco. i
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after a long night the
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giants are back at it tonight at 7:15 at oracle. not only a six-game winning streak on the line. if they win tonight, they're back to .500. temperatures cool but not breezy, 61 dropping down to 57 degrees. hope you have a great time. in the south bay belmont police are reporting a possible mountain lion sighting. the department tweeted a citizen saw the cat in the belburn neighborhood around 7:30 last night. while usually harmless, mountain lions can be especially dangerous for kids and your pets. russia's foreign minister says moscow is considering various options to reopen the cons late in san francisco. sergey lavrov calls the closure an unlawful seizure of russian property. the administration says moscow was using the consulate to spy on the u.s.
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in the south bay kids have a new space to express their creativity. in san jose at the children's discovery museum, the dedication of the leroy niemann art studio. he's known for his expression nift paint dings. a $250,000 grant and the good tidings foundation made it possible. >> it's fun to see the pictures of how beautiful these studios look. it's a lot more fun to see the kids using them. that's what we get here today. it's just great. >> the leroy niemann art studio opens to the public today. >> good to know. here is a look at what's going on. in the eastern two-thirds of the country, 170 million people dealing with dangerous heat all through the weekend, 100 to 120 degrees is what it will feel like. only places like l.a., portland, seattle, great falls and fargo
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in the 70s. everybody else 80s, 90s and even 100s. tomorrow we start to see the beginnings of the cooling trend hit minneapolis at 74. but places like d.c., 100 degrees. so back here at home -- we already talked about the game. so that's the what it looks as far as the forecast. let's talk about what's going to happen to us. now, in a reversal next week, look at the cool weather where the heat is and look where the heat goes. it's coming our way. map triple digits by thursday. we're looking at a nice quiet start so far on the roads this morning. checayrie azwh w have a little lineup in the cash lanes so far today. no issues if you're using fast track. it looks like the car pool lanes are just opening up right now. typical start here. hopefully we can get a few extra minutes before they decide to flip those metering lights on. westbound 80 highway 4 to the maze, 17 minutes. westbound across the bay bridge.
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and southbound 101 san francisco to sfo looking great. new life for the restaurant owned by sammy el paseo will now reopen as paseo, a california bistro in the fall. the original dated back to 1947. san jose mayor sam liccardo may be going a little hood. he's making a cameo appearance on the hbo series silicon valley. he tweeted a photo showing him with cast members. he mentioned that he has a cameo with the pied piper team one of the cast members, mohammed attended evergreen high school. it's entering its sixth and final season. uber and lyft drivers fighting for better unions.
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package thieves taking things to a whole nother level. why swipe from the porch when they go go straight for the delivery truck. a live look outside at 4:57 in the morning. you can see the fog is light enough for us to see salesforce tower this morning. we'll be right back.
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now at 5:00, uber and lyft drivers demanding better pay, benefits and the right to unionize. the protests in san francisco. the man president trump wants to take over as labor secretary just a week after alex acosta resigned. >> good morning. friday, july 19. >> he said with relief in his voice. palpable belief. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. what's it going to look like today and do we have a beautiful weekend in store, mike? >> we really do. we've got everything you want except for possibly rain and that kind of stuff. drizzle and mist along the coast. as you look at the cloud deck, a little more pronounced this morning. this is a shot from our exploratorium camera at pier 15. here is a look, a different


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