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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 19, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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now at 5:00, uber and lyft drivers demanding better pay, benefits and the right to unionize. the protests in san francisco. the man president trump wants to take over as labor secretary just a week after alex acosta resigned. >> good morning. friday, july 19. >> he said with relief in his voice. palpable belief. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. what's it going to look like today and do we have a beautiful weekend in store, mike? >> we really do. we've got everything you want except for possibly rain and that kind of stuff. drizzle and mist along the coast. as you look at the cloud deck, a little more pronounced this morning. this is a shot from our exploratorium camera at pier 15. here is a look, a different perspective from live doppler 7
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overlaying the clouds and the gray you see is the cloud deck. 56 to 62 at 7:00. staying in the low to mid 60s at the coast. a little more sunshine than yesterday. look at this. 74 to 77 around the bay and inland. 78 to 82 at 4:00, nothing extreme there. comfortable evening in the 60s and 70s on the way. alexis. >> good morning, mike. very few incidents on the board this meeting. two at southbound 101 at grand avenue. first crash at 2:30, in the clearing stages. the second one happened about 4:00 a.m. as far as i understand, the far right lane is still blocked. we have emergency crews on scene working to getting both of these cleared. not seeing any backup in the area and haven't all morning. so i think we're doing okay as far as that's concerned. looks like crews are still working on this barrier installation on golden gate bridge. so northbound side of 101 leaving the city. we just have one lane open although that truck is working
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in reverse. we should have all lanes open shortly. no delays heading southbound. breaking news. a 5.3 magnitude earthquake rattling people in athens, greece this morning. we understand people were running into the streets. so far no reports of damage or injuries, but it is still early. lyft and uber drivers are ready to make some noise this morning. they want to be considered employees and enjoy all the benefits that go with that. >> today that means another protest. it's coming at the same time as a bill in sacramento aims to give drivers much of what they want. abc 7 news reporter anser hassan live at uber headquarters. good morning, anser. >> reporter: uber and lyft drivers say they don't want to b contract employees anymore. they've been protesting for the past several months. this one is specific to a.b. 5, state assembly bill 5.
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several years ago the dine mechanics corporation was sued for wrongfully classifying employees as independent contractors. the drivers support a.b. 5 says it would assure they get a minimum wage, worker's compensation and other benefits. we spoke to an uber driver in may, he said he makes about $200 a day. after expenses he claims it's not enough to live on. >> i love this industry. i love the driving, i love meeting people, a living wage. we're asking for benefits, you know, such as medical, dental, you know. >> reporter: in a statement uber says they want to improve the quality and security of their employees, and the drivers will be out here protesting starting at 10:30. anser hassan, abc 7 news. new developments in the case of a man san francisco police call the ride share rapist. a judge has yet to decide
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whether dna taken from the suspect can be used as evidence. police used dna to link him to attacks on four women. public defender says police illegally got a sample of his dna during a traffic stop last year. after more than three days of arguments, a judge announced yesterday he's going to issue a ruling later. a man involved in the theft of an amazon delivery truck has been arrested. investigators say the truck was stolen last thursday while the driver got out of the van. the man jumped in and drove it to a home where chp says someone helped unload 71 officers inside. officers found the truck and arrested ackelbein. they believe the man who stole the truck, charles farmer, is still at large. only one of the 71 packages has been recovered.
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in the north bay, police are offering $2500 reward for identification of this man. detectives say this happened around 1:30 on sunday morning. the robber took money and other items before running north on core by ave. new. iran says no drone of theirs has been destroyed by a u.s. warship. >> president trump said yesterday that a u.s. ship took defensive action after an iranian drone came within 1,000 yards of the ship. the incident marks a new escalation of tension between the countries less than a month after iran shot down an american drone. president trump has nominated gene scalia to become the next labor secretary, the son of late justin antonin scalia. a white house aide says the nominee came in for an interview yesterday.
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alex acosta resigned last week over his plea deal in the case of jeffrey epstein. a protest in uc berkeley over the placement of a telescope in highway'. the university of california is one of the main funders of the large 30-meter telescott. they want to place it on hawaii's tollest peak. astronomers say it could help uncover secrets of the universe. some locals say it's sacred. >> our elders are leading us to this front line. we need to follow them and we have to go. >> 33 hawaiian elders were arrested wednesday during protests. besides today's protest at uc berkeley, there's also a protest planned at stanford tomorrow. let's take a look at neighborhood temperatures. hi everybody. 61 in san bruno, redwood city, menlo park, 59 in
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foster city, half moon bay. daly city 55. temperatures a little cooler in our inland valleys. we've got mid 60s in oakland and haward. 62 in concord and antioch. 60 in san jose, los gatos at 62. mid to upper 50s in the north bay. let's see what's going to happen today. that's a look at the golden gate. the cloud deck is above it. we don't have as much fog this morning. that cloud deck is a little juicier. watch out for a little mist and drizzle. our beaches will see more sunshine. make sure you have the sunscreen, sunglasses or the umbrella. you won't have to get it quite as sturdy as it was yesterday. not going to be bright as breezy. no small craft advisory today. 57 in the north bay through 7:00. total sunshine at 11:00. mid to upper 70s this afternoon. 66 by 7:00. for the east bay for the next the hours, look how quickly we get sunshine. 65 by 9:00.
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mid to upper 70s with total sunshine. 69 at 7:00 this evening. san francisco, we'll get in on the sunny spell today, just like everybody else. temperatures pretty 34u67 in the mid 60s. we'll take a look at the heat wave in the accuweather seven-day forecast. first here is alexis. >> overall doing okay. we have one new issue to talk about in the east bay. this is in the rock ridge area of oakland. eastbound 24 at broadway, one vehicle has spun out, facing sideways and blocking one lane. it sounds like a solo vehicle collision. no details in yet other than what i just told you. i'll sort that out and have an update shortly. countercommute direction, 5:08, no delays. just use caution as you head through that area. walnut creek looking friday light as well. we have an update to a deadly crash in san francisco that we told you about yesterday morning. a big rig hit and dragtd a man in the tenderloin t. driver
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oscar mattis is facing charges for manslaughter. the 54-year-old man using a walker was crossing the street at mason and eddy. he was hit and dragtd for two blocks. the truck driver did not stop. investigators are trying to figure out what happened. >> are the crosswalks clear, can you see the stop signs, all the traffic signs and markings. >> police pulled over the truck driver nearly two hours later. the truck company is based in stockton. we've reached out for a comment and have yet to hear back. the director of the cdc will join a local congressman to talk about the fight against hiv and aids. dr. robert red dloet field will join dr. barbara lee in oakland. they'll tour a clinic at 11:30 this morning. despite huge strides made to address hiv and aids, communities of color are
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diagnosed at much higher rates. captain rainer naf vallejo row will replace chief hank sleeter. during his career navarro started a gang resistance and education training program. he has extensive experience on gangs, homelessness and youth violence. coming up, the 7 things you need to know before you go 7 things you need to know before you go. >> a bay area city let bocce ball courts fall apart. one man is leading the efforts to bring them back. let's take
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a four-hour standoff at milpitas apartment has ended. number two, livermore police released photos of the man accused of shooting and killing a the 1-year-old. jorge torrez is on the loose and considered armed and dangerous. iran says no drone of theirs has been destroyed by a u.s. warship. president trump said yesterday u.s.s. boxer shot down a drone that came too close. number four, today's temperatures, oakland, a little
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warmer than average at 73. san francisco spot on. the farther you get away from those neighborhoods, four to six degrees cooler than average. our coolest afternoon moving forward. number five, embarcadero station back to normal this morning after this huge leak stopped both b.a.r.t. and muni service yesterday. officials blame a drainage issue during a fire system test for the flood. number six, we can avoid anything like that today hopefully. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. friday light at this point. no sign of metering lights yet. number seven, "top gun" is back. this is the trailer for the new movie and tom cruise is now an instructor at the top gun school. "top gun maverick" hits theatres next year. we're focused on building a better area. sometimes it doesn't mean building from scratch. abc 7 news reporter amanda del
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castillo has the story. >> reporter: be lined the tennis courts the ones popular bocce ball courts remain. >> the area used to be predominantly italian and portuguese neighborhood, so the bocce courts were put in to serve them. >> reporter: the north side associationed association neighborhood president says every day this place would be filled with people. but lack of tryeft is how we ended up here. >> the courts fell into disrepair a few years ago. >> they haven't been utilized in over five years. that's a long time for such a beautiful park to go neglected. >> reporter: resident jose posada got the ball rolling. he spent hours on his own working to get the courts back in court. >> jose posada has taken it upon himself the last few weeks to revitalize the courts, clear out
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the weeds. there were some gophers in there, also. >> reporter: the park has also had its share of issues. downtown enrichment says the park has had a reputation of rampant homelessness and drug use. >> several homeless people living along side the courts. >> reporter: the community effort to breathe new life back into the courts is one way to build a better bay area. >> if neighbors don't rally together and look for resources and support each other, then it doesn't happen. >> reporter: amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. >> it's 5:16. home prices are going up in san francisco. the median price of a house sold in the city last month, $1.7 million. that is up nearly 9% from last year, this according to the california association of realtors. now, this is kind of interesting. san francisco is the only county in the bay area, though, that saw prices go up. prices are actually down everywhere else year over year. there's a new study that fr
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the top choice for millennials, but it's close. a recent gallup poll says portland oregon is the favorite city for millennials to live in. seattle is second, denver, and san francisco combined with oakland and hayward coming in fourth. according to the study millennials tend to live in expensive cities that offer a lot of opportunity for new experiences. >> they love expensive things. >> what do you think of portland being number one? >> you know i love portland. i think it's great. i can totally see it. >> the coffee shops, avocado toast and independent book stores. can you tell i've only been once. let's take a look at what's going on back here at home. we're mostly clear this morning in san jose. about 60 degrees. today it's going to be a bright day, even at the coastline some sunshine.
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our coolest afternoon. clouds, patchy drizzle will gop the next couple nights. we've got a summer spread that will widen considerably next week. temperatures mush the mid to upper 90s in the inland neighborhoods. 60s at the coast. first, let me show you what's going to happen this weekend. the jet stream still taking a little dip over top of us. that's why we're still filtering in some of this cooler air. now, what is it doing to our temperatures? let's take a look at the microclimate, only 67 in santa cruz. if you want 80s in the south bay, go towards morgan hill, gilroy, the southern parts. more towards downtown about 78 degrees. 77 in redwood city, 68 in millbrae. that's the exception. everybody else in the low to mid 70s. low to mid 60s along the coast. not as breezy as it's been, mid to upper around downtown and south san francisco and sausalito. temperatures, what a great afternoon. we've got low to mid 70s through
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most of the east bay with 73 in oakland. want to do wine tasting in river moore, a touch warmer, 82 for you. my accuweather seven-day forecast, a degree or two warmer tomorrow. then by sunday we're pretty close to average. we don't stop. mid to upper 90s. have a great weekend. good morning. looking okay to kick off the friday morning commute. in fact, one incident on the board cleared. no worries here. eastbound 24 at broadway, we had reports of a vehicle sideways in one lane. i don't know what the situation was with nathat, but it's clear. no residual delays either. looks like bridge crews finished picking up the phone, golden gate bridge, overnight barrier if you're coming in from ele ntn the city. a little stretch of red before this point on my traffic maps.
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obviously, once you make it to the toll plaza area, things are moving five. westbound 580 tracy to dublin we flipped over from the green into the yellow, 35 minutes. 14 minutes westbound 4 antioch to concord and southbound 101 san rafael to san francisco, 17 minutes and in the green. now to the growing concerns about the viral app that uses ai technology to alter your face. privacy watchdogs have been warning about face app all week long. more and more people are downloading it. up to 150 million people around the world so far. every person who downloaded that app agreed to its terms of service. that basically gives the app the rights to use your photo anywhere, any time in perpetuity. >> it's getting more and more frequent that they overstep their bounds. if you grant permission to access that data, they can use
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it for over things and you have no idea it's happening. it's getting worse and worse unfortunately. >> if the location indicator is activated on your phone frequently, if an app has a loading screen when accessing your photos like face app does, and if an app has any warnings about analytics or tells you to look at its privacy policy. experts say you should check your privacy permissions once a week to monitor what has access to your information. if you're wondering, maybe i'll delete the app, delete face app, it's too late. you i' you've already agreed. your voice, your vote. new details about the next democratic debate. senator kamala harris and joe biden will have another chance to face off later this month. during the last debate harris called out biden for supporting lawmakers who did not support busing children. 20 candidates will participate in the second democratic debate in detroit. yesterday cnn announced which candidates will appear on july
5:22 am
30th and which will appear on the 31st. the network says they were randomly assigned. abc news will host the debate in september. a rare look at what may be the biggest great white shark in the world. apple music hosting a summer concert series in seven cities around the world including san francisco.
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welcome back. coming up on 5:25 on this friday. all the color you see on the map, that's nearly 170 million people dealing with dangerous to
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deadly heat today through sunday as heat index values, what it feels like to your body could reach 120 degrees in the shade. it can feel ten to 15 degrees warmer than that if you're out in the sunshine. here is another startling statistic, 87 million people could experience record heat this weekend. >> mike, that is amazing. in today's "gma first look," nat geo's shark fest is giving us a look at what may be the biggest great white in the world. >> she's known as deep blue. >> reporter: in this morning's "gma first look." deep blue encounter. >> a big shadow started appearing. >> a massive great white shark appears out of the blue. >> i was thinking what in the world is this, because it was way bigger than any shark i'd expect. >> we had shots and video. it was more than enough to present to at least a scientific
5:26 am
community for identification. >> the team had a hunch. authorities confirmed looking at photos, the shark they encountered was likely deep blue, the largest known great white shark ever documented, last scene in this viral video off the coast of mexico in 2013. >> deep blue is probably the most famous shark in the world besides jaws. >> what else does this discovery moan for life under water? all coming up at 7:00 a.m. with your "gma first look," victor october ken dough, abc news, miami. >> they are swimming with that shark like it is no big deal. did you see them shaking her dors dorsal? >> why test it? leave her alone. all right. happening tonight. apple music is bringing its concert series to san francisco. this summer apple is celebrating seven new artists on the brink of massive success, hosting seven shows across seven cities around the world. the monthly concert series is called up next live.
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omar apollo will be performing at the apple store in union square. that show starting at 8:45 tonight. coming back with another full 90 minutes of news including a hot car experience. we'll explain why president trump is now shopping for backpacks... ...and mom also gets a back-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less.
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and realize you can get youeverything you need...oss oh, yeah. yep. yes! feel like a boss? that's yes for less. 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. (. the man who killed a teen at an east bay taco bell is still on the loose. police released new information in hopes of catching the suspect. a standoff in the south bay comes to an end. what police are telling us about this incident this morning. a new development in the battle over a navigation center for the homeless in san francisco. opponents suffer a setback in court. good morning. we've made it to friday, july 19th. >> almost there. you're never more than seven
5:30 am
minutes away from my accuweather forecast. hi, mike. >> hi, guys. kind of in the middle of summer. it's not going to feel like it today. enjoy the comfort while it's out there. we'll get to that in a second. let me tell you what's going on. watching a little fog around santa rosa. visibility is three miles. not a concern, but something i'll keep an eye on. on the other end, partly cloudy in san jose as we look at a temperature that's about 60 degrees right now, 58 to 62 at 7:00. low to mid 60s. 74 to 77 bay and inland. great lunchtime temperature. 78 to 8, about the same as yesterday at 4:00. a great evening on the way with low to mid 70s at 7:00. aook a coming up. alexis. as of just a moment ago, the metering lights have not been turned on. it's friday light. lighter-than-average volumes.
5:31 am
that commute takes longer to drive in. westbound 80 highway 4 to the maze, 18 minutes, about ten minutes. southbound 101 san francisco to sfo in the grown at nine minutes. new overnight a s.w.a.t. and police standoff at a milpitas apartment building has ended. it started around 11:30 at a complex on north temple drive and calaveras boulevard. police responded to reports of a man assaulting a woman with a large knife. the man went inside his apartment and refused to come out. the s.w.a.t. team was called. police used flash bang grenades to stun the suspect and he was arrested. the woman is expected to be okay. livermore police are stepping up the search for the 21-year-old suspect since a shooting ltmonth. abc 7 news reporter jobina fortson live in livermore with pictures police just released.
5:32 am
>> the memorial is still sitting here outside the taco bell in livermore where police say a 16-year-old boy was shot by 21-year-old jorge louise talet. here are new photos just releasing to us. they were taken shortly before the homicide. investigators say on july 8th, he was involved in an argument with the 16-year-old here at the taco bell. police say during the altercation the suspect pulled out a gun and shot the boy in the abdomen and then ran off from the scene. the 16-year-old was rushed to the hospital and later died from his injuries the next morning. a s.w.a.t. team searche searched tellez's home. he wasn't there and hasn't been found yet. police are thanking people for all the tips they've received. they'ril meerip the police anonymously. live in livermore, jobina fortson, abc 7 news.
5:33 am
authorities in kyoto, japan, are questioning the suspected arsonist in an attack that killed 33 people and injured 36 more. police say the suspect yelled "you die" after running into an anime studio and lighting gas on fire. many of the victims were killed by smoke inhalation. the 41-year-old suspect wu hurt but survived. the studio is known for producing films and graphic novels. police also found knives at the scene. new developments in the fight over a homeless navigation center along san francisco's embarcadero. >> a judge in sacramento declined to issue an injunction to stop it. instead the judge said the lawsuit and temporary restraining order backed district attorney dennis herrera. they're hoping the stop construction of a 200-bed center located on the embarcadero by the bay bridge. so far no further hearings are scheduled. in the east bay union city will be closing station 30.
5:34 am
it is located on eastin court. the city council says the station received one-third of the calls other stations received. and closing the station will serious dget deficit.he gap o a firefighters say its closure could put public safety at risk, increasing response times from under four minutes to more than six minutes. station 30 also services newark. that city will be impacted by that loss as well. this morning president trump is working to distance himself from supporters who mirrored his racist rhetoric about three congresswom congresswomen. >> omar has a history of launching vicious anti-semiticnc screens. >> send her back! >> his supporters taking aim at congressman omar during a rally wednesday night. the chant played for 13 seconds. the president tells abc news he tried to stop it. >> i was not happy with it.
5:35 am
i disagree with it. but again, i didn't say that. they did. >> many gop lawmakers also publicly condemned the chant without denouncing the president. house minority leader kevin mccarthy says it's unfair to hold the president accountable for the words of his supporters. two horses were killed in a tragic accident in delmar. >> that track is temporarily closed. this accident happened yesterday. according to officials. a horse threw his rider and made a sharp turn on the right. the horse ran the wrong way and collided with another horse. both horses ended up dying from broken necks. the jockey for carson valley was thrown. he's expected to be okay. delmar had seven horse deaths last year including four in training meets. it sounds like a lot. that is actually considered a relatively safe track record. an update to a story that trended for days on police have arrested two more
5:36 am
suspects in a shooting at a san bruno hall. officers arrested 18-year-old deondre gant after a vehicle chase in martinez. a 14-year-old boy was taken into custody in san francisco. gant faces a charge of attempted murder for the july 2nd shooting. two teenagers were wounded. both are recovering. police arrested two other suspects a few days after the shooting. oakland's police monitor and commission are calling for five officers to be fired in their roles in a deadly shooting. this incident was captured on the body camera footage in march of last year. the officers say they shot joshua pollack after he refused to drop a pistol lying on the ground. the police commission says pollack appeared to be sleeping or drunk and was slowly getting up. the union representing the officers is blasting that decision saying in a statement, quote, the commission's decision is obviously born from a desperate politically driven need to prosecute police officers regardless of the facts.
5:37 am
san francisco muni trying to figure out why a drainage system failed and caused a hujs leak inside the embarcadero station. did you see this yesterday when we showed it to you on a 7 oat e sprinklers poured onto the b.a.r.t. platform one level below. muni says its fire system malfunctioned during a test. the muni platform was closed until 3:30 yesterday afternoon. b.a.r.t. service was disrupted only for a short time in the morning. the warriors may be leaving, but steph and ayesha curry remaining committed to oakland. the new foundation they're launching focusing on children. is apple's iphone losing its appeal? the numbers that suggest, maybe. live look outside at the embarcadero. let's get a check on the weather with meteorologist mike nicco. >> peaches was adopted from last week. so i just posted an update. >> she was so cute?
5:38 am
>> wasn't she though. i just posted that update. another one later today during our midday show from 11:00 to noon. i' post information on that. nearly 100% adoption rate. temperatures about a degree warmer this morning in san francisco. that's all you get, 57 to 58 degrees. upper 50s to low 60s just about everywhere. daly city 55, tracy 62 degrees, maybe a little warmer. this is the way your commute looks this morning. watch out for patchy drizzle and higher elevations in san francisco. mass transit, you need a jacket this morning, but not this afternoon. the east bay valleys, 66 and sunshine at 9:00, in the low 80s this afternoon and dropping ver sunshine at 7:00. peninsula, we're in the 60s through 9:00. total sunshine this afternoon will push us to the mid and upper 70s. nice 71 at 7:00. in the south bay, 66 at 9:00
5:39 am
with sunshine and low to mid 80s this afternoon with total shine. you'll hang out at 75 at 7:00. that's the one time a week that we probably know we'll have dinner out. i want to make sure everybody knows that temperature after a long week of work. we'll bring alexis is. how are we doing on a friday? >> doing okay so far this morning. one new minor issue. that's in the tri-valley. sounds like a disabled transit bus of some type on westbound 580 near shafer ranch. chp is heading to the scene to assist. as you leave the dublin pleasanton area, you could see a slowdown. we're seeing that fill in yellow and red. mass transit, a much better day than yesterday. so far no issues. 35 b.a.r.t. trains in service with no delays. a.c.e. this summer, book two, separate qualifying stays at
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...and earn a $50 gift card. because when your business is rewarding yourself... ...our business is you. book direct at
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been talking about the heat that's gripping the eastern two-thirds of the country, the stunning statistics that say 87 million people may experience record heat this weekend. they flip-flop. next week they get cooler than averagement guess where the heat goes? it backs its way towards us. enjoy the calm conditions we have. next we have a 70% chance of
5:43 am
above-average temperatures. check out the nice clean air we're going to have, not only today but through the weekend and into next week. no need to worry about spare-the-air alerts. 108 in palm springs, 93 in chico, nice 88 in sacramento. nice compared to the 100s earlier in the week. 70 in eureka with sunshine. low to mid 70s in san diego and los angeles. if you're heading to that toe, just about picture perfect. mid 40s in the morning to upper 70s to low 80s in the afternoon with light breezes. hope you enjoy it. >> west coast best coast. palo alto police investigating a road rage incident that turned into an armed robbery. police say the suspect threw cold coffee on the victim. both stopped in the parking lot of a stanford shopping center. the suspect pulled out a gun and took the victim's phone.
5:44 am
he was described as a hispanic male in his 20s, tall and heavyset wearing a red polo shirt and gray pants. a key hearing in the city of oakland's canty trust lawsuit against the raiders and the nfl over the team's move to vegas. lawyers for owner mark davis, the league and its owners will ask a federal court judge to dismiss the suit filed by the city last december. oakland city attorney barbara parker calls the move to vegas illegal. she claims the team and the league, quote, brazenly violated federal antitrust law and the league's own policies when they boycotted oakland as a host city. nfl team owners approved the move to las vegas in 2017. the team plans to open the 2020 season there. okay. the trailer for the new live action adaptation of "cats" is here, and it's horrifying a lot of us. take a look.
5:45 am
♪ >> nope. the reviews have been less than stellar, and we ain't kitten. >> oh, boy, reggie. >> the big screen adaptation of andrew lloyd webber's musical boasts a -- >> formitable case. >> idris alba, dame judy >> many were confused by the new project. it's set to be released in december. >> we as a gay community and our iln."ac by this ed to get the "cats." >> i have nothing to compare that to. i'll say thank you reggie for
5:46 am
that. >> there's something creepy about the way they look with their full teeth and cgi hair. >> didn't we have something about this a while ago, about that being an issue and they didn't change it and it's still an issue. >> the creepy sonic the hedge hog? >> it's very similar. >> very close. >> it's those human teeth that are freaking people out. i will say jennifer hudson singing that song, amazing. she does a great job. >> got no problem with that. got a problem with everything else. >> a plot of talent in there. but, yeah, okay. let's take a look at what's going on weatherwise. 5:46 this morning. 63 degrees on top of mt. tam where you can see the sunrise for sure this morning. let's look at my accuweather highlights. our coolest afternoon moving forward because we've got a summer spread that could reach about 40 degrees next week. the next couple nights, still cloudy with patchy drizzle out there. in fact, let's take a look at
5:47 am
what's going to happen today. you can see the cloud cover everywhere. splotches of green, the mist and drizzle hanging in the air, the coast until about lunchtime. you can see blue developing. that means you'll get pockets of cloud cover before it starts to thicken again as we head towards the sunset. south bay, 80s around morgan hill and gilroy. everybody else mid to upper 70s. we'll have temperatures mainly in the mid 70s on the peninsula, dropping to the upper 60s and low 70s, millbrae, san mateo and your immediate neighbors, 60 to 63 along the coast. delightful afternoon up in the north bay with temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. almost equally as nice, low to mid 70s for most of the shore. if you haven't had the air conditioner on the last couple days, keep it off. low to mid 80s. let's take a look at my
5:48 am
accuweather seven-day forecast. even saturday and sunday we'll warm up a degree or two away from the coast. go to next week, mid 90s, still mid 60s at theest co-. have a great weekend. taking a look at the commute this morning. very few incidents on the board. the one i just told you about, a disabled bus heading into castro valley already cleared. back in the green. westbound 580 near schaffer ranch, a transit bus was stalled out. looks like chp arrived and they were able to get that out of the roadway. here we are, 5:48 in the morning. we still have any bay bridge metering lights. no complaints here. that's definitely an indication it's a from the light commute. the only drive time in the yellow, westbound 580 tracy to dublin, 38 minutes. southbound 680 dublin to mission boulevard 15 minutes. northbound 85, highway 101 to cupertino in the green as well. solano shoots one past
5:49 am
alonzo into right field. crawford comes home with the winning run. >> wow, what a game. the giants rallied in a very late game against the new york mets last night. san francisco gave up a run in the top ofth t inning before scoring two in the bottom half to win it. it's the first time the giants have won a game after trailing in the 16th inning or later sinc that wn a game against the dodgers. madison bumbarner pitched nine innings in what may be his final start with the giants. a lot of good stuff happening if you're able to stay up. fewer iphone users are sticking with apple. a company that lets you sell your used phone and upgrade to a new one collected data from 38,000 people. bank maisel says 8% were trading in in june. that's the highest it's ever been. samsung loyalty was much higher with under 8% of people
5:50 am
switching from the galaxy s9 to the iphone. it's important to note these numbers don't reflect apple store sales or carrier store sales. it's the specific group of people going in to change their phone. >> i'm so a part of the -- >> they got you with your icloud and your whole life in the i message. >> if you message me and it comes up the other color, delete, delete. new at 6:00, no one ever wants it. one company thinks it has a solution to making the middle seat on airplanes just as good as a window or aisle. >> how? how are you going to do that. starting the day kids in the south bay will have a place
5:51 am
i switched to geico and saved hundreds. that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched. geico's a company i can trust, with over 75 years of great savings and service. ♪ now that's a win-win. switch to geico. it's a win-win.
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5:53 am
another thriller at oracle park. mets and giants, 7:15, 61 down to 57. not too breezy but still cool. the six-game winning streak on the line. the rest of the country, seattle, portland or down to l.a. where the temperatures are not in the 90s or 100s like they are just about everywhere else. 97 in salt lake, 108 in phoenix, sure. but denver 99? 98 in d.c. new york and boston tomorrow upper 90s. some of these temperatures haven't been reached in decades. there's cooling starting to develop across the upper midwest. that's going to sweep down starting monday and tuesday and take away the heat. they're going to have a rough weekend. alexis. good morning, mike. nothing rough about the commute so far today. we're looking good. we did just get word of an issue
5:54 am
with overnight road work in oakland. sounds like a piece of equipment that caltrans was using for this project is disabled there. probably going to take until about 8:00 to remove that. they issued a sig alert. one lane is blocked. no delays through that area. potentially have lanes blocked for another hour. i think we're okay at this point, as long as it doesn't go too much past their prediction of 8:00. here is the san mateo bridge, westbound 92 looking good once you make it through the toll plaza. we have a disabled delivery truck before the toll plaza. it sounds like that made it off to the shoulder. abc 7 news is building a better bay area. steph and ayesha curry made a promise to eastbound kids. >> reporter: to a crowd of nearly a thousand kids from oakland parks and rec youth development town camps, this is a moment years in the making for steph and ayesha curry.
5:55 am
>> if you ever doubt yourself for a second, i want you to know you have two people in your corner. >> reporter: eat, learn and play are the initiative. >> obviously for me the nutrition side of things is very important. i feel like that gets the ball rolling for them to have a great education. >> the sports for me, obviously was huge in learning about myself and building confidence and meeting people. >> reporter: in between the relay races, the healthy food that keeps the 71% of kids in oakland that qualify for a free or reduced lunch, keeping a program like this in oakland that is so needed even when the par yors move across the bay is what touches the community so much. >> reporter: at the end of the day, a little play at the dunk tank for the curryy. >> whoa. >> whoa! >> who had a special surprises
5:56 am
for each and every child here. >> i think everyone should get under armour. >> reporter: the gift of shoes and the longer lasting gift the currys themselves and the people who make eat, learn play possible for oakland. what's next? the foundation is deeply rooted in oakland and plan to focus on the city here for now but have plans to expand later. in oakland, dion lim -- you want to take me out? >> abc 7 news. >> nice job, kiddos. happening today in the south bay kids have a new space to explore and express creativity. abc 7th's discovery museum for the dedication of the newly renamed leroy niemann art studio. the late american artist is known for his colorful screen prints of athletes and expressionist paint innings. a $250,000 grant from the
5:57 am
niemann made it possible. >> fun to see the pictures of how beautiful the studios look. it's more fun to see the kids actually using them. it's just great. >> the art studio opens to the public today. new at 6:00, dress barn making its closing plans official. when you will no longer see the clothing stores here in california. we stop calling them accidents. we call them crashes.
5:58 am
5:59 am
welcome on this friday, july 19th. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. mike nicco, how does it look? >> it looks kind of cloudy from this vantage point from mt. tamalpais. it's about 63 degrees up there. let's take a look at what else is going on. we've got a thick cloud deck this morning, letting go a little bit of its moisture in the form of mist and drizzle,
6:00 am
especially near the coast in the higher elevations. temperatures cooler inland this die during the morning hours. a little milder around the bay. we go from 56 to 62. we're going to see sunshine a little faster. grab those sunglasses if you're heading out for lunch. 74 to 77 bay and inland. cloudy at the coast. even you will see pockets of sunshine this afternoon with below average temperatures. 60s around the coast, 70s around the bay and 80s inland. alexis. good morning, mike. out in the tracy area we have a crash on the countercommute side, eastbound lanes at grant line we have a crash with a vehicle fire blocking one lane. sounds like debris is scattered all over the roadway as well. typically you don't have issues getting into tracy. is causing onlooker delay on the westbound side. check this out. 6:00 a.m. we still zront the bay bridge metering lights on. you can tell it's friday and you can tell it's summertime. we have breaking news. a


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