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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 19, 2019 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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they were damaged. we're told the closure will last till at least 7:00 this evening because it's too dangerous to let more cars drive over that huge piece of collapsed concrete. >> if you're a regular on center stretch of the nimitz, this is a choke point during the afternoon commute hour and track normally grinds to a crawl after the otr look from sky 7.
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plan extra time or use the mcarthur freeway as an alternate route. we'll keep you the traffic gets during the afternoon drive. friday afternoon, friday commute. you know it's going to be difficult especially in the oakland area. >> that's right. good afternoon, thank you for joining us today. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry beil. our other top story, the city of oakland will will get extra time to prove its case against the nfl and the raiders. >> they claim to move the team violated laws. >> the reprieve came with a sharp rebuke from the judge. laura anthony is live at oakland city hall. >> reporter: hi. we should be clear, this is not about keeping the team in oakland. no one really expects that to happen at this point. this lawsuit is about money and how much of it. the nfl and the raiders owe the city of oakland on the way out
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the door. we're pretty confident. >> attorneys for the city seem confident as they walked into a san francisco federal court ready to take on the nfl and the oakland raiders. when the one-hour hearing was completes, the city was on the eving end of a dressing down tt with a 45-day reprieve. >> he did instruct our attorneys we need to come back within 45 days to be able to provide additional anticipates, information clearly defining why we believe that it is an anti-trust case. >> reporter: in december, oakland filed an anti-trust lawsuit against the nfl, mark davis and 31 other team owners aging their march 2017 vote to allow davis to move the raiders to las vegas violated anti-trust laws. oakland's attorneys likened the league and owners to a car at the, a closed system that colluded to allow raiders to move, costing oakland hundreds of millions of dollars in lost
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investment and tax revenue. but the judge said so far, oakland has to prove a violatioe season. >> we understand that a stadium is being built there. >> reporter: still these supporters want the raiders brand to stay in oakland. >> we're not concerned. mark davis team leaving to vegas. as this says, what we want is justice served like they had in cleveland in the 1990s. we want to retain what's ours, the oakland raider name. >> reporter: that brand or name issue is not part of this lawsuit. after the hearing today, none of the attorneys would comment. the nfl declined comment and we could not reach mark davis for his comments. laura anthony, abc7 news. >> thank you so much for that update. we have new details today in the search for the suspect accused of shooting and killing a 16-year-old at a taco bell in livermore. the suspect is 21-year-old jorge tellez.
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these are more recent photos of him provided by police. they be aid search warrant on his livermore home but he wasn't there. accused of shooting and killing a 16-year-old boy on stanley boulevard last week. a milpitas man in custody after a standoff with police at an apartment complex on north temple drive. that began around 11:30 last night when officers responded to a report of a man swinging a kitchen knife at a woman and others. the woman got away and the suspect refused to come out, despite repeated demands. the man finally surrendered after officers entered the apartment using flash bang grenades. >> the fight for a higher minimum wage one way people are fighting to help build a better bay area. yesterday congress voted to increase the minimum wage to $1a right now it is 7.25 an hour and hasn't change in the about a
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decade. >> in california, it's $12 an hour for businesses with more than 26 employees. that expands to all businesses january. em rhode islandville has highest minimum wage in the entire country. chris reyes is at today's protests where they're fighting for a higher federal minimum wage. chris? >> reporter: good afternoon. 50 mcdonald's employees gathered behind me at lunch hour. that tells you how important this fight is for them. many of the workers here work multiple jobs. as you can imagine, free time is very difficult. some even came with their kids. here in san jose, workers already make $15 an hour minimum wage which is why many of the people who showed up at this protest said their voices must be louder to join their friends and families across the country who don't have the same benefit. mcdonald's employees in ten cities across the country held o
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left mak $13780 an hour working at mcdonald's in oakland and maria ruiz makes $15 an hour in san jose where the minimum wage is man dayed by law. this is what maria arroyo can't afford. >> to buy lunch for my son, to pay rent and to help my kids on the school to buy supplies for them. >> reporter: the $1.20 may seem small but it's made all the dins for maria ruiz. >> sending money to mexico, i couldn't help my family before. >> reporter: talk to every person protesting here, you'll hear more stories of not making ends meet, stories of two, three jobs. >> i do mcdonald's in the morning and doordash empty day and i take him with me. that's the only time they're with me. at night, i do lyft. >> hey mcdonald's. >> reporter: at this mcdonald's in snl, they're pleading for
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understanding raising their voices with otherun $15 m that put food on the table. afford to buy clothes, pay medical expenses forheir children. >> reporter: school trustee brian wheatly says he wanted to be here because he sees the ripple effect in classrooms when parents can't show up for their kids. >> when you're working two or three jobs, you can't come to a parent/teacher conference. i totally understand but they should be able to focus on more than just working. >> reporter: for arroyo, sharing her story was enough to bring her to tears. >> translator: i feel sometimes as a failure because i cannot provide for my kids. >> reporter: and we did reach out to mcdonald's for a statement and waiting to hear back from the company. chris reyes, abc7 news. >> there is some good news on the job front. the unemployment re hd a
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2.4% in june. california added 46,200 nonfarm jobs last month. the state is near the record low of 4.1% from july through december of last year. >> abc7 is committed to building a better bay area. one major focus has been transportation. today, we look into complaints about the bus shelters at the cole ma transportation hub which handles bart trains and san transbuses. eric thomas reports from cole ma. >> why should anyone get out of their car to sit in a place filthy. it's horrible. >> reporter: having grown up in greend and lived in israel, she knows how public transportation should look and it's not these busted bus shelters. >> i noticed it back in september 2018. >> reporter: what she noticed last fall is windows in many of the bus shelters at the cole ma station had been broken out and today she showed us they still haven't been replaced. >> in this particular station, ten of the 12 shelters have at
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least one missing window. >> some are missing all their windows. you can enter these bus shelters just the way you always have, but thanks to the vandalism, you can leave just about any way you want to. >> reporter: vivian says that's unfor theable on the cool evenings. she contacted b.a.r.t. and san trans to find out why they weren't maintained. >> both said the other are responsible. >> reporter: so we contacted both agencies to find out who was in charn. sam transcend us this written statement. "while the shelters do have sam trans branding on them, they are owned and maintained with b.a.r.t. we have been working closely with b.a.r.t. over the past months in order to rectify the agency. >> reporter: it's not clear who has the job of maintaining it. if a shelter hasn't been repaired by september, ha means they have been in disrepair for one full year. in colema, eric thomas, abc7
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news. >>. >> by the way, want to mention we found out about this story thanks to a viewer who reached out to us. you can submit your ideas online for stories. go to bay area and click on that big icon and scroll down to find the form into if you've ever looked at the top of the salesforce tower at night, you might notice some sort of electronic images, maybe the dancer or a theme. the images are going to be changing to something far different in just a few months. the tower will soon display various ins. and those images will be from san francisco. city.s to ark of ilancing at the display won't recognize them. if you have been in san francisco at all, you might make it to the top of the tower. >> moon landing. celebrating the moon landing 50
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years later. we'll take you live to the johnson space center for a little bit of history. return mail, the bay area teen hoping to make a difference. how she wants you to help you get rid of all unwanted mail. >> and liberal straws. an attack on california and its paper straws? the sold out straws that are now trending. >> i'm spencer christian. temperatures still a little below average here in the bay area but they will be shortly on the
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president trump today in the oval office to mark the 50th anniversary of the first human steps on the moon. they talked about the plan to send astronauts on to mars and back to the moon. president said we are bringing the glamour back to the program. >> it was 50 years ago tomorrow that all drin and neil armstrong walked on the moon the first time bringing together the country and the entire world. maggie ruehle joins us at the space center in houston space center in texas where the celebrations have begun. >> reporter: the anniversary is tomorrow but here at the johnson space center the party started today. there was a live band outside. there have been lines to get on any ride in the museum. there have been thousands of it people here today expecting even more people tomorrow. we'll be hearing from everyone. they're so excited to be a part of this moment again in history. if they were alive 50 years ago, they remember every single detail from that day and now excited to share it with future
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generations. >> it's one small step for man. one giant leap for mankind. >> reporter: for one moment, it seemed as if the entire world came together. >> i was really so thrilled for the boys and for the world and the country. >> reporter: from california -- >> the eagle has landed. >> reporter: to central park. men and women serving in vietnam. >> gave us a feeling that we can do something. >> reporter: even fans in the middle of a chicago white sox game. 50 years ago this saturday time stood still as more than 500 million people around the world watched astronauts neil armstrong and buzz aldrin accomplish a historic achievement. that just eight years prior seemed impossible. walking on the moon. >> it's a great day in history. >> the men and women sitting inside this room said during those final moments, you could hear a pin drop. they knew america was counting on them and the astronauts'
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lives were in their hands. what they lacked in 1960s technology they made up for in brain power and many produe now use every d have their ogra. >>s is born out of it. kidney dialysis, power tools for construction, all of this technology is coming out of. >> and the impact of that giant leap for mankind is still being felt today. >> those of us that follow benefit by work that they've done and were able we're able to stand on their shoulders to continue the work of space exploration. >> reporter: behind me, this is the actual command module from apollo 17. that was the last manned mission to the moon. today nasa says they want to send more people back to the moon by 2024 and this time they might have them stay there. larry, are you game? are you going to go to the moon? stick around? >> i think i'll pass on that because i like more of a beach-like environment as
4:18 pm
opposed to lunar landscapes. but how close was the moon landing to not even happening? >> reporter: larry, that's what's crazy. if there's one thing i learned studying up on the missions is getting to the moon is really, really hard. even by today's measurs. back in 1969, the actual mission of apollo 11 almost didn't happen. in fact, when neil armstrong was famously manually driving that lune mar module down to the moon, he only had 30 seconds of fuel before he would have to an aboard. abc talked to gene krantz who was in the control room and he said everyone kind of turned blue. it came down to seconds till neil armstrong would have had to turn around. he made it. he navigated through boulders and as the clock was clicking to critical levels to land on the moon surface. but it's a hard thing to do and almost didn't happen. >> maggie ruehle, i'll meet you on the surface. all right? of the moon. 2024, something like that.
4:19 pm
maggie ruehle live from houston. thank you. google is marking the 50th anniversary of the moon landing with today's doodle. if you hit the arrow it takes you through the mission with the help of mike collins who you saw, one of the apollo 11 astronauts. >> we thought our on board computer was very sophisticated. but in fact it had less computing power than what we all carry around in our pockets today. >> the think about that. he points out it tooking about 400,000 people to make the moon mission happen. that includes everything from engineers and programmers to people ho sewed the astronauts' space suits. collins was about 60 miles bob aldrin and buzz aldrin and buzz armstrong keeping an eye on things while they explored the surface. >> all this year we're marking the 70th anniversary of abc7 with moments from the past, some of them make us proud but some make us cringe at least a little. here's a look back at one of those cringe worthy parts of bay
4:20 pm
area history from 1966 as told by news reporter steve davis a few years later. >> topless joints on broadway in their heyday. it was all very titillating competitive. tara on the right sued tasha on your left for allegedly stealing her act which amounted to writhing bare chested with a snake. so tasha countersued tara for copying her hairstyle. honest. >> she promised me in front of witnesses she would not do this and she did it. it was anybody that i didn't know, that this girl was my friend with friends like her, you need no enemies. >> i had never ever said one bad word against judy. ever. >> i'll take care of it. >> shortly thereafter, persian national whose visa expired took her topless act to the golden gate bridge to which she threatened to chain herself in protest of her pending deportation. >> will you be clothed when you
4:21 pm
do this. >> really juicy. >> i'm asking you. >> which one would you prefer. >> i prefer you be cloth cloth h >> okay. >> ow. in the end, the woman was allowed to stay in the united states. we have a lot more memorable moments every 70 years of abc7 posted online. they're both silly and serious and you can check them out on any abc platform including amazon fire. i don't know if we should talk anymore about that. >> we seem to spend a lot of air time on this topic back then however many years ago it was. do you have a snake in your act? >> i do not. warm weather is coming our way. we might peel off a few layers of clothing but not all of it. at the moment, we have mainly sunny skies. a lot of fog developing along the coastline right now. breezy. surface winds from oh, 10 to about 26-mile-per-hour gusts over in fair feed. breezy over most of the region.
4:22 pm
blue skies over the bay right now looking in this direction. it's currently 69 degrees in san francisco, oakland 76, 79 redwood city, 83 at san jose. morgan hill 74. half moon bay 63. this is the view at the golden gate where we often see lots of fog at this hour. right now, some approaching fog but mainly blue skies. 75 up north, napa 71. low to mid 80s at livermore. santa cruz beach, there is some fist there. might be more as it gets warmer. heat holds on through the end of the week. expansion of the fog overnight. not only along the coastline but locally inland. we'll start the day with little patches of fog near the bay. by midday and into the evening hours mainly sunny skies across the entire region, even parts of the coast sunny at points tomoow. over with lots of low clouds and fog, low uer0s.
4:23 pm
tomorrow's highs range from mid 60s at the coast to mid to upper 70s around the bay shoreline and low to mid 80s inland. that's still a little bit below average for this time of year. temperatures bounce up a bit on sunday as that warming trend begins. by monday, we'll see high temperatures inland reaching into the low to mid-90s in the warmest spots, around 80 at the bay. tuesday even a bit warmer. we'll see probably more 80s along the bay shoreline and low to mid 60s on the coast. and here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. up to about 90 in the warmest inland spots on sunday. temperatures around the bay shoreline, a little bit low to increase but a little bit slow to increase i should say. monday and tuesday, low to mid 80s around the bay. low to mid-90s inland. wednesday is probably going to be the warmest day with mid to upper 90s inland.
4:24 pm
temperatures will just gradually taper off after that. very gradually. the heat holds on for several days especially empty inland areas. >> thank you so much, spencer. >> all right. liberal straws. is that a slam on bay area? or should people just suck it up? >> plus, a word of innovation in the south bay. the gathering for young
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in the south bay innovation was the word for dozens of girls. abc7 news was in santa clara for walmart labs for the hackathon challenge. it was a challenge to those with big dreams to connect and come up with creative solutions that mixing the science and technology with an emphasis on sports. the winners received chrome books, air pods or tickets to sporting events. just about all the participants have never met before. it took time to warm up.
4:27 pm
>> so at first it was kind of quiet because we didn't know the who wanted to talk first. as soon as we started talking and ideas started flowing, it was a really good energy we had and a really good connection that we had. >> a total of 50 girls in grades of through 9 took part in the challenge. amanda delcastillo served as the moderator in a panel discussion. >> do you feel the need for speed? hopefully do you because a new "top gun" movie is on the horizon. >> only man to shoot down three enemy planes in the last 40 years. yet, you can't get a promotion, you won't retire. despite your best efforts you refuse to die. >> top gun: maverick, the long awaited sequel. tom krauz is back this time as a flight instructor. it will welcome jon hamm and
4:28 pm
miles teller. top gun: maverick will hit theaters june 26th. >> i don't know. >> oh, no. >> it's a classic. i'm scared to mess wit it >> ama, be my dohat's turning up the heat. the dangerous temperatures rising across the country. the heat alerts and what's being done to help people keep their cool. >> plus the dangers of keeping plastic bottles in your
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now, news to build a better bay area from abc7. oaklan ather 45 days complnt tof nf and te's planned move to las vegas. the judge says the city did not adequately argue that both the raiders and the nfl violated anti-trust laws. the fight for a $15 minimum wage was taken up by south bay mcdonald's employees today. news reporter chris reyes tweeted this photo from a rally. chris says employees are demanding that mcdonald's take the lead in raising wages for workers. mother nature really turning up the heat all across the country. dangerous temperatures moving into the northeast causing concerns for tens of millions from the big apple to parts of the south to the midwest.
4:32 pm
here's abc news reporter stephanie ramos. >> reporter: unrelenting and unbearable. the heat keeping its hold on much of the nation. states from new mexico to main under heat larry today with indices ranging from 100 to 115 degrees. in chicago where temperatures are expected to be the hotteool opening . no one in safe cool place will be turned away. >> officials are telling residents to stay indoors and check on neighbors. >> good boy. >> reporter: don't forget your four--legged friends. at paws in chicago, a reminder for pet owners. >> the dangerous of' leaving your dog in the heat are dehydration, heat stroke. >> reporter: scorching temperatures are expected to move into the northeast as the weekend approaches. new york city announcing it's canceled the annual triathlon. >> it was in the effort of protecting and insuring the health and safety of not just the athletes but all the
4:33 pm
volunteers out there. >> utility crews working to make sure they can keep the power on. following last week's blackout in manhattan due to a mechanical issue. >> we are focused and moving forward on this event with everybody's keen eye on insuring safe reliable service through the weekend. >> reporter: it's expected to get so hot here in chicago, an the illinois toll way launched 24-hour weather patrols. crews are ready to drive up and down highways like these to get to stranded drivers quickly during these dangerously high temperatures. stephanie ramos, abc news, chicago. >> something you could use to keep cool during the heat could backfire and cause a fire. firefighters say a plastic water bottle left in a hot car in direct sun light can ignite in minutes. the water and plastic can create a magnifying effect which would cause something inside the vehicle to catch fire. just how hot is it? the national weather service in nebraska baked some biscuits in
4:34 pm
a parked car. pan reaped 1735 degrees in an hour. the biscuits clocked in at 153 degrees. it took about eight who yours before they were considered edible. >> it's kind of nuts. you always see the demonstration with an egg on the sidewalk. but making a whole breakfast in your car. spencer, how -- i know we're in the 90s. it's worst elsewhere. >> it's scary how hot it is. this is very widespread. we're not talking about a small area of the country. current temperatures 106 in phoenix. >> that's not unusual. in salt kecity, upper 90s in the upper midwest and 94 in washington, d.c. and when you factor in the humidity, it feels even worse. it's more owe oppressive, feels like 190 omaha, 114 in minneapolis, cleveland and washington and 101 in new york. tomorrow the most extreme heat shifting farther eastward from the midwest to the atlantic
4:35 pm
coast. look for a feels like temperature of 107 in new york tomorrow. and detroit, omaha, 97 in oklahoma city. west coast, conditions are cool. feels like high of only 64 tomorrow. by the early to mid parts of next week, most of this extreme week should have pushed out to sea. >> thankfully. last month was the hottest june on record. the average temperature was 1.7 degrees warmer than the average emp for the 20th century. report from the national oceanic and atmospheric administration says nine of the ten hottest junes have occurred since 2010. >> president trump says the u.s. destroyed an iranian drone flying close to an american warship but iran is denying it. >> it happened one day before iran seized a british tanker and less than a month a region. here's news reporter megan tevrizian. >> reporter: tensions ridesing with iran.
4:36 pm
the uk confirms twos ships, one british tanker and another vessel were seized by iran. >> this only goes to show what i'm saying about iran. trouble. nothing but trouble. >> reporter: this follows the downing of an iranian drone trying too close to an american navy ship in the gulf. >> no doubt about it. we shot it down. >> reporter: according to the president and other american officials, the drone was flying just over a half mile from the "uss boxer" an amphibious assault ship in the strait of hormuz, a vital oil passageway. despite the president's declaration, it was not shot down. marines brought it down with counter drone jamming equipment. >> john bolton, are you there? >> yeah, there's no question that this was an iranian drone. and the "uss boxer" took it out yesterday because it posed a threat to the ship and its crew and was the right thing to do. >> reporter: iran continues to
4:37 pm
deny the president's claim. iran state television today aired footage it said disproved the navy destroyed the drone although the clips do not show the entirety of the drone's flight. >> this footage shows it returned to its base safe and sound. >> it was less than a month ago iran shot down a far more expensive u.s. drone. iran claims it violated its air space. >> we hope they don't do anything foolish. if they do, they will pay a price like nobody has ever paid a price. >> reporter: the president noted the u.s. doesn't have many tankers that pass throu>> a.s. ? san francisco ordered the former president of peru to be held in jail as he awaits extradition on corp rumgsuption charges. he denied him bail. he's facing corruption charges in his home country.
4:38 pm
prosecutors alleged former president received $20 million from a brazilian construction firm in exchange for public works contracts. he was arrested in san mateo county in march for dunk and dun disorder conduct but was released. >> it has affected the live of a lot of peruvian people. they need help right now. >> he served as president from 2001 to 2006. he has long-time bay area roots and had been living in los gatos. he received a ba in economics from the university of san francisco. and received a doctorate from the stanford in human resources. >> so if you're looking for something to do this weekend, try taking a trip up up and away.
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if you're looking for a chance to get a new perspective this weekend, you don't have to go far. not far from yosemite national park a chance to get away from it all and bob it all. reporter brandon johansson takes us high above the trees to their zip lines and adventure ranch. ♪ >> sometimes we can all just use a break. maybe a little mountain air. that's what norah was looking for. >> your turn. >> i really wanted to get the wind in my hair and boy,dy sure get that. >> reporter: that's what a lot of people are looking for when they come to the yosemite zip lines and adventure ranch
4:42 pm
located less than an hour and a half from downtown fresno in mariposa gives you a new. >> perspective of the central valley. >> we call it easily accessible adrenaline rush. >> reporter: brian started the company with his wife just over seven years ago. it features six different lines totaling 4,000 feet of cable. strap in. >> perfect. take those straps above your shoulders. i'll tighten it for you. >> reporter: don't forget your helmet. >> feel good? >> yeah. >> reporter: then just enjoy the ride. the next two hours you'll be flying high above the trees so yeah, of course i tried it. there's even a line where you try to throw a bean bag into a stump as you fly over it. i missed but you get a free t-shirt if you make it so that's cool. >> people say we had no idea it was here. >> reporter: it the right in h
4:43 pm
office show where people have come from to zip. the lives are less than an hour to the national park making it a natural stop. in our group, fresno, los angeles and louisiana were all represented. it's an adventure for just about everyone. >> so far, we've had 95-year-old is our oldest. >> reporter: some come looking for fun. >> what's fun about it. >> going fast. everything. >> reporter: but others come to the mountains looking for even more. >> we'll get groups of people come and they won't say anything at the beginning but by the end, they'll let us know aunt so and so is stage for and this is where they came to have that last family reunion. >> reporter: norah was here for even more. >> i was so nervous i couldn't eat breakfast this morning? >> reporter: it was her time zip lining and her first adventure hinch her husband passed wa i didn't recall this year. >> talk about getting a jolt, this is what i needed. >> repr
4:44 pm
brother jesse along. >>' the best two hours you'll spend. >> reporter: if you're looking for fun or for something even more, yosemite zip lines is a hidden adventure and just what everyone needed. >> there is so much in our backyard that we have not discovered. if we were got out there and tried to reconnect with nature, i think we would find a lot of beautiful things in our valley. >> reporter: in mariposa. >> it was everything i hope for. >> reporter: brandon johansson, abc7 news. >> you a zip line person. >> i've never done it. i think be cool. >> i have not either. i'm not great at heights. i've done a few similar things. spencer. >> i'm more into punch lines than zip lines. >> are we going to hear any. >> no, that was it. let me zip along here and give you a look what's happening. overnight lots of fog spreading from the coast to a few inland
4:45 pm
hied mid 60s at the coast, 70sard the bay, '80s inland. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. low to mid-90s inland by early next week, wednesday we might see upper 90s inland. a very warm week and temperatures will gradually taper off going into next weekend. no zip lining for me. >> all right. >> zip it. thanks, spencer. >> a proposal that could change seating on airplanes and have you begging for the middle seat. really? >> i don't know about that. >> yeah. i'm 7 on your side's michael finny. amazon prime days are over
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swipe at the bay area, particularly san francisco, president trump's campaign says it has a plan to make straws great again. on the campaign store's website, you can buy ten plastic straws with the president's name on them for $15. it reads "liberal paper straws don't work, stand with president
4:49 pm
trump and buy your pack of recyclable straws today." >> i do think we have bigger problems than plastic straws. you know, it's interesting about plastic straws. so you have a little straw. but what about the plates, the wrappers and everything else that are much bigger and they're made of the same material? >> at the beginning of july, single use straws were banned in san francisco. stores have to provide straws that are either paper or some other compostable material. abc7 news reached out to the city of san francisco for an official response to the president. we were told they're not doing anything about it so we will. a reference to fighting climate change and helping environment. >> it appears some viewers were following michael finney's advice when it came to prime day. >> who does not follow his advice is the better question. >> thank you. thank you very much. online searches for cancel amazon prime peaked on prime day. that was the first day of amazon's two-day prime day sale
4:50 pm
according to intelligence company capty phi. those searches were 18 times higher than the day before. now you may remember the company believes many people signed up for prime memberships just to browse the sale perhaps buy something, perhaps not. amazon you may remember we told you right here offers a 30-day free trial of its program to new members so people were using that trial, then canceling. san francisco bay's twitter is experimenting with new labels to help users follow conversations. twitter originally experimented with text labels like author and mentioned but they took up too much real estate on a tiny phone screen. so now twitter is trying out icons and still in battie. icons are being tested, however, they're live right now. but unavailable to most of us. are you ready for a new smart diaper? >> what? >> listen to this. the loomy by pampers will allow parents to monitor their baby
4:51 pm
through an app. sensors will record the baby's sleep patterns and detect when a diaper is wet. the system is pure bay area design. it has been designed jointly by a google-owned company and logitech designed for babies from newborn to 12 months old. they should hit the shebls this fall. >> all i need is my nose. i know that diaper's dirty. >> i wonder what they'll cost. >> that's a good question. >> thank you, michael. >> there's a proposal to change how airplane seats are designed. it got your attention. it could make the worst seat on the plane more comfortable. check this out. this is the design a colorado based startup is pitching. it features a roe of three economy seays but the middle one is slightly lower and behind the window and aisle seats. the company says moving it back will give everyone more space. they hope to have them available
4:52 pm
starting next year. >> that's interesting. >> we'll see. >> the bakersfield who jokingly called on people to raid area 51 is now trying to urge everybody not to do that. 20-year-old maddie ross created a facebook group june 27th with a message "storm area 51. they can't stop all of us." nearly 9 million people have viewed that page with 3 million saying they're going. ross has a message for those folks. >> please don't. i don't want anybody to actually get hurt with this. it started out as just from a pure stroesk imagination and meant to be funny. i want to be cool out there. i don't want anybody hurt. >> while the idea of storming the nevada military base that according to lore houses aliens and their technology, it was all just a joke, ross has another idea. he's organize agalien inspired festival in the area on the date september 20th that he says
4:53 pm
would be educational and feature art and music. probably a better idea. >> we all get them. unwanted catalogs, unsolicited mail. what can you do if you want to help protect the environment? a bay area teen to wants to help build a better bay area, says she has the answer. >> dan is here with the "news at 5:00." >> the smoke showing and then into the belly of the beast. new video of an oakland firefighter. >> plus the mystery over a missing hiker in california and the new pressure her husband faces in the distraerns. and apollo 11 and alameda. the city's is role in a historic moment when ama and
4:54 pm
i switched to geico and saved hundreds. that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched. geico's a company i can trust, with over 75 years of great savings and service. ♪ now that's a win-win. switch to geico. it's a win-win.
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4:56 pm
coming up tonight on abc7, 8:00, marvels agents of shield followed by a two-hour edition of "20/20" and do not miss abc7 news at 11:00. >> we all get them in our mailbox, the catalogs from retailers, bundled up. we don't want them. now a marin county teen is helping to build a better bay area by helping friends and neighbors put an end to unwanted mailings. reporter cornell bernard has the story. >> it is a lot of paper wasted considering that the person didn't even read this. it's just. >> reporter: 14-year-old jacqui domet noticed something every time she went to the post office with her mom. bins full of jung mail and cat losing nobody wanted. >> it's such a waste of
4:57 pm
resources and energy and paper. >> reporter: so for an eighth grade class project she offered to help friends and neighbors unsubscribe. >> a lot of people just don't really know how to do it. >> reporter: she set up this got chunk mail nfl in the post office where people can leave the back covers can of catalogs with names and customer numbers. she manual little contacted the retailers and removes you from the list. she's doing something right. so far she has helped 0 people unsubscribe to 400 catalogs. >> it feels amazing to know i'm making a difference. >> reporter: why can't more people unsubscribe to the catalogs they don't want? it takes awhile. how long? let's go. let's say you want to stop receiving pottery barn catalogs. go to the web site, scroll to the bottom where it says contact us. go down to catalog mailing options. they give you a choice how many catalogs you want to receive or none at all. then fill out your name and address and submit.
4:58 pm
and done. we sped up process but in realtime it took me 3 1/2 minutes to you be subscribe. imagine repeating that stepiv t catalogs. >> keep up the good work. >> reporter: she's getting kudos and from sacramento senor mike mcgwire. >> this is impressive. great work. >> reporter: she hopes to inspire other teens in the bay area to recycle and reduce all the unwanted cat losing. nice work. in marin county, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> share your ideas by on facebook. get the latest news metime with the abc news app with enhanced live video news features customization and personalized push alerts so you can get more news you want delivered to your phone and get it in realtim. and there it is. thanks for joining us for abc news at 4:00. abc7 "news at 5:w.
4:59 pm
a ging hol roadway emergency. happening now, part of a major artery shut down. we're learning when might be fixed. >> a judge comes down hard on oakland as the city tries to get the raiders to pay up. >> nine letters in red. the simple steps sonoma county wants its residents to take in a disaster. >> the head of cdc takes its fight to the oakland. >> and the startup that will build you an in-law unit as long as you don't mind smith the rent. >> now from abc7, live breaking news. >> this giant pothole is turning the afternoon commute into a nightmare for drivers along interstate 880 through downtown oakland. >> it formed in the number three lane in the southbound direction all happening at jackson street. >> that's obviously something that would cause an accident if you hit it at ended up with flat tires earlier today. the left three lanes will be
5:00 pm
closes till at least 7:00 tonight as caltrans crews patch the pothole. >> track is a mess. the backup extends a mile. cars are just squeezing by on the three right-hand lanes that are open. >> this pothole could not have happened at a more inconvenient place. at jackson street, the nimitz becomes a choke point after the american from interstate 9 0. >> if your commute takes you through this stretch of 880, add a lot of extra time for yourself or take the macarthur freeway as an alternate route. >> it's worse than a pothole. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. the city of oakland took on the raiders in court today over money being lost by the team leaving for las vegas. >> the judge is giving oakland attorneys 45 days to prove its case. >> abc7 news reporter laura anthony is live at city hall with more what


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