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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 19, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> that's obviously something that would cause an accident if you hit it at ended up with flat tires earlier today. the left three lanes will be closes till at least 7:00 tonight as caltrans crews patch the pothole. >> track is a mess. the backup extends a mile. cars are just squeezing by on the three right-hand lanes that are open. >> this pothole could not have happened at a more inconvenient place. at jackson street, the nimitz becomes a choke point after the american from interstate 9 0. >> if your commute takes you through this stretch of 880, add a lot of extra time for yourself or take the macarthur freeway as an alternate route. >> it's worse than a pothole. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. the city of oakland took on the raiders in court today over money being lost by the team leaving for las vegas. >> the judge is giving oakland attorneys 45 days to prove its case. >> abc7 news reporter laura
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anthony is live at city hall with more what this all means. laura? >> reporter: hi, ama. city is taking on the nfl and the raiders in this lawsuit. the judge though today was none too pleased with the city's filings so far saying they failed to provide the elements of an anti-trust lawsuit. but he did give the city more time. >> we're pretty confident. >> reporter: attorneys for the city of oakland seemed confident as they walked into a san francisco federal court ready to take on the nfl and the oakland raiders. but when the one-hour hearing was completed the city was on the receiving end of a dressing down by judge joseph spiro. a lecture that ended with a 45-day reprieve. >> the bottom line for me is to get my residents reimbursed for their investment and at the same time, you know, we're interested in continuing with professional sports and would like to apply for another team. >> in december, oakland file add anti-trust lawsuit against the
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nfl, mark davis and 31 other team owners alleging their march 2017 vote to allow davis to move raiders to las vegas violated anti-trust law. oakland's attorneys likened the league and i don't knowers to a cartel, a closed system that colluded to allow the raiders to move costing oakland hundreds of millions of dollars in last uninvestment and tax revenue. but the judge said so far, oakland has to prove a violation of anti-trust laws saying it's a free market and teams can move to whichever city makes the best offer. in the meantime, the raiders new stadium in las vegas is more than half done and on track for opening in time for the 2020 season. >> we're not concerned about the mark davis team leaving to vegas. >> still these forever oakland supporters want the raiders brand to stay in oakland. >> we want to keep our name. we want to keep nfl football here and through this process, and we want to appease our taxes
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our bond debts and give us the opportunity to make oakland whole again. >> now, those forever oakland folks want oak land to follow cleveland's model where art modell was allowed in the late '90s to move his physical team to baltimore but the name, the logo, the colors all stayed in cleveland where the nfl eventually granted the city a new team. in oakland, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> thank you. oakland fire local 55 released video of a firefighter racing into a burning building. watch. >> engine 26, 2650 mcintyre two-story apartment. >> we have a fire on the second floor. oakland fire mcintyre, start an ambulance. precautionary. >> those are firefighters from station 8 responding to a fire las saturday in a two-story duplex on 109th avenue and mcintyre streets. six engines and two truck
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companies responded to this two alarm blaze. according to the union, the crew's aggressive tactic and attack helped limit the destruction potentially stopping more than $1 million in damage. in napa county, the sheriff's department began a new campaign to save lives in the event of another major wildfire. the solution is low tech. but it's very efficient. abc7 news reporter wayne freedman is live from napa with more. it's a pretty clever idea. >> reporter: it's a very clear of idea. a lot of people think about sonoma county when they think of the firestorm of two years ago. napa lost 455 houses, hundreds of other structures and are starting a new campaign. they do have a good idea. have you ever seen one of these. >> hope you never do in real life. the memories whi dusty still remain fresh on fire start at lat las peak in napa, memories of flames and trying to get out. >> pull this and when you do you
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hear it snap. >> when bill learned how to neighbors died because the power failed on a garage door, he resolved to each the rest of the neighbors how to escape and become fire wise. if fire again, he'll tie one of these streamers to his door so first responders will know he's evacuated. >> they're beating on the door and there's no one living there. >> when fire came to the north bay in 2017, deputies and sonoma county went door to door warning people to get out. often that meant banging on already evacuated houses. if only deputies could be more efficient. >> a lot of long driveways. gates that get in the way. we had to force our way into people's properties. if we could come upon that gate and see there's a tag could save up from 10 to 30 minutes. >> hence the new campaign fronted in a video by undersheriff john crawford. >> the purpose of these tags is to assist us when evacuations are under way.
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>> reporter: napa county is the first in the nation to come up with and develop this simpl sch. certainly. but it's dependable. it's reliable. >> now the county hopes to get one of these in every single residence. bill sense ski will be the first on his block. >> do you think it's a good idea. >> it's a great idea. >> reporter: and napa county is already on its second printing of these tags and already have 10,000 or 15,000 out of there. they want them in every house in the community. the sheriff's department says send them an e mail. they'll send you one of these tags. wayne freedman, abc7 news news. >> that easy. thank you. the head of the centers for disease control is in oakland looking at the hiv/aids epidemic in alameda county. aids is still a threat especially among the homeless population as lyanne melendez explains, the city wants to get to zero cases by 2030.
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>> alameda county is going to be the first county that's going to end this epidemic. so you're here now to listen. >> reporter: it was a commitment made by oakland congresswoman barbara lee to the head of the centers for disease control. why travel to soek oakland. >> alameda county is one of the locations with the highest number of new hiv cases. >> those 50 total jurisdictions represent more than 50% of all new diagnoses in america. when you realize our nation has over 3,000 jurisdictions. >> despite the positive work to reduce the number of new infections, advocates at mit there is still a lot to do while men having sex with men have known about prep, the anti-hiv medication to reduce the risk of being infected, women have not been targeted. >> the issue with women is that there has been no provision for education of women a a stirollu many barriers to getting to a cure. one that stands out is the lack
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of housing and homelessness. >> you have to put feet in the street. >> reporter: so i did. i approached the people in this homeless encampment to see if they knew how fight the epidemic. >> do you know what prep is? >> i'm beginning to understand that it's some form of medication that prevents hiv. >> right that's what i told you. right. >> did you know before i told you? >> no. >> i've had hep-c but not hib intravenous drug user, yes. >> have they offered you any help ever? >> no. >> alameda county will now get funds to develop their own program to get to zero new infections. >> everything seems impossible till it's done. and we plan to get this done. >> in oakland, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> another san francisco based startup has hit it big with stocks soaring in its public debut.
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>> customer intelligence provider me dahlia today sold 15 million shares at $21 each. it surged 88% to nearly $40 at one point. they monitor feedback from customers using social media and shares it with clients who can make changes in realtime and respond. good day for me dahlia. another local startup getting attention. this one wants to build a studio apartment in your yard and split profits. abc7 news anchor dion lim shows you how it could ease our housing crisis and build a better bay area. >> the housing crisis on both sides for homeowners and renters is very real in the area. here in san jose, the average cost of rent for a studio apartment is just under $2,000. so joining me right now are the founders of rent the backyard. brian and spencer. give me an idea of what your company does to alleviate the problems for both the home buyer and also the renter. >> sure. so what rent the backyard does,
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we build a studio apartment in your backyard at no cost to you, rent it out and split the rental profits with you 50/50. >> how big and how does this get made easily. >> these are about 320 to 450 square feet depending on your lot. they get made fairly easily in a handful of months and minimal disruption to the home owner. >> there's a lot in rent the backyard's favor. the mayor lick card doe set a goal of building 400,000 housing units. the number of permit applications has skyrocketed. rent the backyard serves the entire bay area but says cities like san jose that indicator to homeowners with shorter permitting times are most ideal. the owner of this home is me me. give me an idea why you wanted the site visit done, too.
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>> i'm running a startup out of my home and financially savvy. got into home owning early on. being able to get extra additional income without any hassel on my part seemed like a done deal. >> we think we can get most homeowners more than $10,000 a year. if you looked at something like san francisco, you would get closer to $20,000. >> with dozens of requests forsythe visits so far this week, the cone owners of rent the backyard say they anticipate the first going up in about a month. dion lim, abc7 news. >> it's a blurry picture of someone an invasion of their privacy? that question at the center of new plans for the salesforce tower. >> new concerns about about waur and some ways you can protect your private information. >> the mystery over a missing hiker as her husband faces new pressure over her disappearance. >> enjoy this weather in the comfort zone because the summer
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sizzle is about to return. i'll be back with your weekend forecast coming up. >> i'm michael finney with gift certificate for an amazing bakery and two tickets for book two, separate qualifying stays at ...and earn a $50 gift card. because when your business is rewarding yourself... ...our business is you. book direct at
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it has now been a week since an arizona woman disappeared while hiking in the desert and her husband is facing new scrutiny over her disappearance. the story from abc news reporter marci gonzalez. >> reporter: certainly teams scouring california's mo have desert desperately trying to find this woman who vanished a week ago while hiking. her husband robert says they were almost back to their camper after a two-mile trek last friday when he stopped to take a picture letting her walk ahead. >> by the time i took the picture she was continuing on and she rounded a corner and i lost sight of her.
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>> reporter: he says he hasn't seen her since. >> my feeling is she was picked up because she had cross a highway. she was wearing a bikini and had a beer in her hand. >> he immediately called 911 and the certainly began for barbara who had no water and no cell phone with her. her husband tells inside edition police consider him a prime suspect in her disappearance. >> i took a polygraph test. they told me i was being deceptive. >> he says he hadn't slept when he took the test and insists he's not involved. >> we always tell each other before we go to bed at night how much we love each other. so whoever has her, please release her. no questions asked. >> investigators say the questions they asked robert are standard for missing person investigations. vessing they do not suspect foul play in this case. marci gonzalez, abc news, los angeles. >> authorities are on the hunt for 70 packages stolen from an
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amazon delivery van. the man accused of driving off with it. investigators believe 4-year-old charles farmar stole the truck when its driver got out last thursday and drove to be an address where police say a co-conspirator helped unload all 71 packages inside. officers locate the truck, recovered one package and arrested he canal bine on stols well as cargo threat of. the electronic ins displayed atop the salesforce tower at night will change in a few months. you might be part of of one. a network of cameras is recording images. an artist will blur the pedestrians so you can't recognize the faces. the person in charge of the project told the been hearing from people who are tired of the current video usually when you look up, it's a person dancing. >> google has cleared apps out of its google play store thatho
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them. the apps including a child tracking program called spy tracker and another for companies to see whether employees were working called employee work spy. a reporter read binion spoke with experts what it took when it comes to questionable apps. >> every time you invite a new app on to your phone and into your most private most intimate space. >> how do you protect yourself. experts say look closely at who is making the app. often they'll ask for your phone number, e mail and location. >> look and see who is the actual originator of that application to understand and decide for yourself if you trust that app developer, if you recognize who they are. >> cyber security expert steve schillingford warns users to think twice before giving out numbers. >> that's becoming as valuable and somewhat argue more valuable than your social security number. >> those apps you aren't using
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anymore delete them. experts say they can gather information on you even by sitting on your homepage. and we're all guilty of skipping over terms and conditions. he says to look out for key phrases like we are the right to use your data for marketing pumps. so the next time you download an app on your phone, pause to think about how much you're willing to share. >> good to know. reed win binion reporting. > time to get to the weather and find out what's in store for the weekend. >> we're going to see a little bit of warmup this weekend. next week get ready for heat. a live picture from our santa cruz cameras. some people enjoying the beach. it's a nice day to be on the beach. live doppler 7 showing you some fog still lingers near our coastline as we specced. inland areas and around the bay, it is nice and sunny. let's check out our temperatures. really quiet nice in the 60s to 80s range.
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we're in the comfort zone this afternoon. and here are your current readings. anywhere from 67 in san francisco to about 81 degree in san jose. 83 in livermore. nothing like the heat that folks are dealing with from the midwest to the east coast. it's a dangerous heat wave. let's take a look in case you're travel traveling, 95 minneapolis, 92 washington right now. d.c. as you look at what it feels like, more like triple digits from chicago to d.c.s at the fo upcoming weekend. definitely be prepared for that hee arhumiatdity. it is excessive. 100 degrees in d.c., 97 new york, 99 in st. louis for saturday afternoon. if you're traveling bay area airports mild and mostly winds south 10 to 20 miles an hour. sloe low 70s to the low 80s. honolulu showers 9 degrees. new york city sunshine and really a scorcher.
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100 degrees. chicago 95, los angeles fog and sun. 76 degrees. you can always download the accuweather app and track temperatures anytime you want. right now tracking sunshine from our camera. boating, sailing, fog along the coast and bay overnight. warming trend this weekend. sizzling conditions next week inland. out the door tomorrow morning, 50s. temperatures in the 50s. stlyunnyt noon. those numbers really still in the comfort zone at 4:00 p.m. low 60s to the mid 80s. then those temperatures fall. tomorrow morning, we will still have low cl,dsou f drizzle. temperatures will begin in the 50s, a few 60s inland and tomorrow afternoon it's mild in the south bay. 82 jose. 79 l. 64 on the coast and half moon b. daly ancisco 66. a nice day in the north napa.
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79 in santa rosa. east bay, 73 oakland. 77 fremont. and getting a little bit on the warm sidewod expect it around time of year. 83 livermore, concord 82 and walnut creek. accuweather seven-day forecast, mild to warm one with minor warming this weekend. turning up the heat as we go into next week, mid to upper 90s inland. yes, the summer sizzle will be back. bout the bay g a area we have the microclimates so the coast will be in the low to mid 60s. you don't have to worry about it getting too hot everywhere but certainly here it will be a reality check. it is summer. dan and ama. >> thanks, and apollo 11 how the city made a critical role in a hinge moment. >> coming up, the heat has ad. it will feel like 115 degrees in some places. emergency evacuations. the former pro football player
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celebrates 50 years since the apollo 11 lunar module madets i. there are many celebrations and events to mark the anniversary. >> one of them is "uss hornet" . that is the ship that rofrtd the astronauts from the ocean once they splashed back down returning to earth. >> abc7 tald to several ship mates who took part in that a llimo 11, this is hornet, hornet. over. >> apollo 11 reading you loud and clear. >> we were looking and all of aw my n icleamghlisn a i waemsons nf oth s the apolloco. 11 back here is where we were. this is where w went out when wee would go out and jump in. we'd go from here. our job was to put the collar on the command module after it
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splashed downo an keep afloat in case something went wrong. >> when it came down, they had turned it parachutes and the upside down. >> the engineers were prepared for that and had inflated from inside the command motd dual that uprighted. the helicopter would whoever 20 to 30 feet. they dropped us close to the module. puton a sea anchor on the modul. the other two would jump down into the water and put the collar around the command module and keep it afloat. then another swimmer came down to do the decontamination of the astronauts. >> the deacon tame nation swimmer, biological isolation garments into the astronaut. the thought was they would have breathed in moon dust. >> just incredible. this is an excerpt from a digital only story on our website. >> another sailor who talks about his ordeal to keep president nixon from tripping on television cables. >> you can find that
5:25 pm >> from street food to sweet stuff, finney's friday free stuff is next. >> first we want to thank ryan for this photo of hoyt tower in san francisco. >> that's a stunner. share your pictures with us with the #abc7
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superior accuracy in the palm of your hand. the new accuweather app from abc7 news. minute by minute forecasts, plus realtime radar and alerts. keeping you safe. search accuweather in your app store and download now. >> coming up on abc7 news at 6:00, a fired jail commander tells her side of the story to the iteam. >> tonight her stunning accusation involving her former workplace. also -- >> i feel sometimes as a failure because i cannot provide for my kids. >> the battle for a hike in minimum wage. this is about more than money.
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why it's so personal for them. >> an abc7 news viewer complaint about a busted bus shelter turns into a game of pink pointing. why it's taking so long to fix it coming up on abc7 newst 6:00. >> all right. it's time now for finney's friday free stuff. >> we're done messing around. michael is here. he has the goods tonight. >> everybody loves me today. love'll bet. flhe i .>> i feel the love. susie k is giving the stuff away. there are -- they're normal size. big cupcakes. miniature cupcakes. this we're showing because had he made it for us.le yummy. bear ro. it, >> notut of frosting. >> they wehoreit w s this to you, you're going to get your n choice. we'll give you a $10tif g
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you pick the flavor you want. you pick the size you wa.nt ama. >>ery cool. san fisanncraoscotl >> okay. , eveng we'll feed you , smeasel wvi to this night out? they're kind of based o asian like night market they call it? this is a norcal night market. sect annual one at the alameda county fairgrounds july 26th and 28th. it's bkeed in o asia where people hang outside, talk to each other, have great food and entrepreneurs are like totally welcome there. really fun. normally it costs 5 bucks. two ticks for free. >> what do people need to station. go online to abc7 news on come and w lle'up. >> how much money will it take for ama and i to make sure that
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cake never makes it away. >> we can work a deal. >> thanks. that's our report. appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. tonight, the heat emergencies. and it's now turned deadly. more than 30 states, the oppressive heat. it will feel like 115 degrees in some places. tonight, the nursing home. the air conditioning failing. the emergency evacuations. the former pro football player dying of heat stroke. the electrical explosion leaving thousands without power. and in new york city, the new warning after the blackout just days ago. ginger zee times it out. president trump says he is no longer upset with those who chanted "send her back." what he is saying now. and first lady michelle obama not directly references the headlines but tweeting late today. breaking news at this hour. the u.s. military monitoring a u.s. ship traveling through the strait of


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