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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  July 19, 2019 11:35pm-12:37am PDT

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>> on jimmy kimmel live, >> dicky: from hollywood -- it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- seth rogen. from "stuber," dave bautista. and music from jaden smith. and now -- stay put -- jimmy kimmel! ♪ [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. welcome, especially to those of you visiting from out of town. you know, it's summer vacation time, and we have a lot of visitors here in california, but you know who's in southern california right now and did not bother to stop by? vice president mike pence. he's at vandenberg, touting the space force. mother packed his pjs and everything.
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it's going to be hilarious when trump and pence are out of office and nobody mentions the space force ever again. how he got stuck with this space force job, i do not know. while he's here, maybe we can put him on the millennium falcon ride at disney land and tell him it's the space force up and running. meanwhile, back in the white house, the president is pumping his tiny fists. the president emerged victorious in his battle with the ambassador from the uk. the uk ambassador to the united states resigned today. private comments were leaked and revealed to a tabloid and referred to our stable genius as clumsy, inept and insecure. which is how i think they describe him on his wikipedia page. it did not go over well with his majesty, he called him a stupid guy and banned him from the white house. 24 hours after calling somebody
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a very stupid guy, the president steps up to the podium today and says this. >> so many of the people, senator, congressman, you've worked so hard on these things. you've worked so hard on the kidney, very special, the kidney has a very special place in the heart. >> jimmy: that's, i guess if you're in a car accident, sure. that's how he teached it at trump university. here's another thing trump is all tweeted up about. a truly great patriotic and charitable man. bernie marcus, the co-founder of home depot who at the age of 90 is coming under attack by the radical left democrats. they don't want people to shop at those great stores because he contributed to your favorite president, me. you think donald trump has ever set foot in a home depot store? he probably doesn't even know what it is, he's probably confusing it with hometown buffet.
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the only reason i can see him going into a home depot is to sit on the new toilets and tweet, but other than that, he wasn't done railing about this boycott. he wrote, the radical left is using commerce to hurt their enemy. they put out the name of a store, brand or company and ask their followers not to do business there. they don't care who gets hurt. what kind of a wacko would call for a boycott and say for instance, boycott all apple products, boy cot chinese products, boycott macy's, boy cot univision. boycott hbo, boycott the meghan pelley show. boycott mexico. i mean, who would do something like that? [cheers and applause] you know, the thing about home depot is the reason trump got so defensive about this is because home depot, that's where he got the idea for the color of his
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face. i'm sure the president won't be calling for a boycott on this one. they're having a bigly event at the trump resort in doral, florida this weekend, a charity golf tournament hosted by local strip club called the shadow cabaret, which would be a good nickname for his administration. but this is the ad. this is real. this is the ad for the event at trump national with some of the scantily clad ladies who will take part. can you imagine if barack obama had a golf club that hosted a bunch of strippers? lou dobbs would have a stroke right there. the event includes breakfast. she's going to give you a good rule of thumb for life. strippers and breakfast don't mix. how would you like your eggs? in my lap please, thank you. how this happens, though, i have no idea. the man is the president of the united states. no one running his golf course thought this might and bad look?
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why the trump organization would want to associate themselves with a strip club. i did some research and found a google review, this is an actual review for the shadow cabaret, a five-star review. the food is amazing, my favorite is the fried oreos. so now it all makes sense. strippers and fried oreos should be on the florida state flag. [ applause ] thank you. did any of you take a uber here to the show tonight? a lot of you. they have a new thing. they just launched a new thing called uber comfort. you get more legroom, which i guess that means the driver moves the seat up. you can choose the temperature in the car, and can you even request a quiet ride. you can select an option in which the driver won't talk to you. which, that's got to make them feel really good, right? [ applause ] what if you don't select that option?
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does that mean the driver feels like he has to talk to you the whole time? if you really want to ride in silence, you could just drive yourself. that's an option. we're telling these drivers not to talk to us while we are bar offing margaritas in their back seats. hawaii became the 26th state in the union to decriminalize marijuana. [cheers and applause] so finally, at long last, people in hawaii can relax. the new law says you can now have up to three grams of marijuana, which i have no idea how much that is. could be one joint, could be ten, how about we stick with ounces? we know those, right? the plan is to cut down on the number of petty arrests, and also, they're talking about loading a bail of weed into a volcano and turning the entire state into a giant bong. you know, in georgia unlike hawaii and california, marijuana is not legal, but that doesn't mean it isn't on people's minds.
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>> kinsley davis could not help but laugh when she thought about her birthday cake this year. the 25-year-old's mother ordered a moana-inspired cake. >> i think she thought she said marijuana. so moana, marijuana. >> they believe they made an honest mistake. >> i think when they said i love cartoons, they thought let's throw the little pony on there. it had red eyes smoking a joint, with a print leaf on its bottom. >> jimmy: i don't now, comparing this to dairy queen, if you are 25 years old, and you love moana, you're probably smoking marijuana, right? i think they made the right choice. today is, july 10th, 7/10, is known as oil day. did you know this?
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it's a dab day. because, if you turn the number 7/10 over, it spells "oil." for real, that's how we got 7/10 day. somebody got high and turned their calculator upside down and now it's a holiday. we already have a pot holiday in july. it's tomorrow. tomorrow is the second-biggest pot day. free slurpy day at 7-eleven. but in honor of this important holiday we wanted to do something to celebrate. in the world's largest marijuana dispensary in california, nuwu. it's open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. it has a drive-through window. so you can pull up and get whatever you want. it's a huge, huge store. and this is tisha who works there at the store. >> hi, guys. >> jimmy: we checked in with tisha a while back. how are things going? what's new? at nuwu? >> everything's going pretty good.
11:44 pm
we're really busy with the oil holiday. >> jimmy: people know about this. i didn't now about it until this morning i found out about it. >> i found out about five years ago. i'm a flower child. it's for dabbers and concentrators. >> jimmy: is the popular item today an oil? >> it is an oil. one of our popular ones is called naughty and nice from aeropro. >> jimmy: and people will drink that, right? >> you can do a dab, or you can smoke it out of a vape pen. >> jimmy: i know this is lame, but what is a dab? >> a dab is -- >> jimmy: i thought it was -- >> a dab is when, you can put it in a rig. it's a concentrate form of thc. it's a lot stronger than the flower. >> jimmy: i see. >> you can put it on a rig, torch it up and -- >> jimmy: got you. is your dog still coming to work with you? >> yes, he is, here he is! >> jimmy: how you doin'?
11:45 pm
he really stole the show. is he high right now? >> he's on his cbd. >> jimmy: one of his eyes looks very red. we're going to play a game with the customers. it's a bit of a game show, and it's called let's make a dope deal! so well, let's meet our first customer. hello there, can you hear me? >> yes. >> jimmy: hi, what is your name? >> tressie. >> jimmy: tressie? how do you spell that? >> t-r-e-s-s-i-e. >> jimmy: so your parents were pot smokers as well. >> yes. >> jimmy: your hair looks like it was purple and now it's on its way back to the regular color. >> yeah. >> jimmy: are you a regular customer there at nuwu? >> we're pretty regular. >> jimmy: you are regular. i see your tank top, does that say nuwu >> it does say nuwu.
11:46 pm
>> jimmy: all right, good. well, it's like going to a dave matthews concert with one of his shirts on. you want to play a game with us tonight? >> sure. >> jimmy: i have a trivia question for you. when you know the answer, honk your horn. it will be like your buzzer. what are cheech & chong's last names? >> marin? >> jimmy: yes, and? >> i don't know. >> jimmy: oh, think, think, think. >> chong! >> jimmy: chong is right! [ applause ] for a bonus prize, what is our prize, tisha? >> bonus prize is some hot pockets! >> jimmy: no, that's not the bonus prize.
11:47 pm
for a bonus prize, i'm going to ask you to find a french fry in your car. >> oh, bad. >> jimmy: if you can produce one french fry. everyone's got a french fry in their car. they come with the car. >> i have a bag of candy. >> jimmy: that's close enough. all right, there you go. [ applause ] all right. i wondered who ate those. >> you get a las vegas globe. >> jimmy: oh, las vegas snow globe. wow, there you go. all right. thank you, tressie very much. and thank you for playing let's make a dope deal. should we take on another contestant? [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: all right, we got to get, all right, here we go. oh. proceeding cautiously. hello, there. >> hello. >> jimmy: hi, what's your name?
11:48 pm
>> my name's steve, what's yours? >> jimmy: my name is jimmy. you're on television right now. this is jimmy kimmel. who do you have in the car with you? >> nice to meet you. this is my sister. >> jimmy: your sister. oh, this is great, a brother and sister marijuana outing. >> cbd. >> jimmy: oh, cbd. now, does cbd actually do anything? >> i'm using it for like a back rub. it really works to lower inflammation. >> jimmy: who rubs it on you? >> i put it on myself. >> jimmy: you rub it on yourself. >> oh, yeah. >> jimmy: that would be a great slogan for them, you rub it on yourself. pete, would you like to play a game with us tonight? >> sure. >> jimmy: trivia question. boy, your sister seems like she's unhappy. are you okay? >> yeah. >> jimmy: you can play together. it will be a team game. honk your horn when you have the answer. the question is, spell marijuana.
11:49 pm
>> oh, my gosh. >> jimmy: okay, go ahead. >> m-a-r-i-j-u-a-n-a! >> jimmy: that's right. do you want to take your prize or keep going? >> let's keep going. >> jimmy: okay. where did harold and kumar go? don't forget the horn. >> white castle. >> jimmy: do you want to stay? or do you want one more question? >> i want the money. >> jimmy: all right. either way, you're going to win. your final question is, name one member of congress. there are 535 of them.
11:50 pm
>> we'll go with biden. >> jimmy: we're going to let your sister answer this one. >> i want to say mitch mcconnell? >> jimmy: that's right, mitch mcconnell! what did they win? >> you guys won some reese's and some milk! >> jimmy: thank you for playing. thanks everyone at nuwu. that's a great show. that should be on prime time, right? we have a good show for you, music from jaden smith. and we'll be right back with seth rogen. so stick around. ♪ abc's jimmy kimmel live, brought to you by subaru. larm b] {tires screeching} {truck honking} (avo) life doesn't give you many second chances.
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♪ >> jimmy: tonight, from the movie "stuber," dave bautista is with us. he is a large-sized man. then -- he is an actor and musician too. his new album is called "iris," jaden smith from the mercedes-benz outdoor stage. tomorrow night, jon favreau will be here. we have music from taylor bennett. and the co-captains of the women's world cup championship soccer team, alex morgan and megan rapinoe. >> jimmy: our first guest is a multi-talented person you know from many movies, but none bigger than this. next, he gives voice to the warthog known as pumbaa in "the lion king" which opens everywhere july 19th. please give a big "hakuna matata" to seth rogen. [cheers and applause] ♪
11:56 pm
>> jimmy: how are you? >> i'm good. >> jimmy: seth -- [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: i saw you last night. >> yes. >> jimmy: and i'm wondering, why are you so handsome right now? >> i don't know. >> jimmy: this is an animated movie. you don't need it. >> i don't need it. i save it for these moments. i should be putting this on-screen. >> jimmy: you got to pick your spots. >> i'm sorry, everybody. >> jimmy: i'm surprised you're working on 7/10, on oil day. did you know about oil day? >> no, i didn't, that's like a thing? whatever, you know, any excuse to vape it up, i guess, why not. vape it. yeah. >> jimmy: how are you doin'? everything all right? everything good? >> everything's good. promoting the disney movie. >> jimmy: was disney nervous about you promoting their movie? >> i'm shocked it's happening to be honest. i could only hurt things, like
11:57 pm
the movie, i think, is going to do well, and it does not need me out here helping that. >> jimmy: i have a theory, though. >> i'm genuinely curious why they think this is anything but potentially bad for them. >> jimmy: well, i think i know why. >> why? >> jimmy: it's because they're going to have, this is a movie where the animals are talking, and they're going to need someone that the stoners feel comfortable with. >> that's true. >> jimmy: because people could freak out. >> that's right. i'm your anchor voice. if it's getting intense. >> jimmy: boy, that's some movie. my wife and i brought our daughter. >> yeah, i saw you last night. >> jimmy: do the movie, and we all just loved it. we were laughing through the whole thing. >> that's great. >> jimmy: it's fantastic. >> i brought my nephews who are younger. >> jimmy: how old are they? >> they're like 6 and 9. and they've never been able to come to one of my movie premieres, and i think they were starting to think that i was
11:58 pm
lying to them about being an actor, because i would always, you know, it would come up, oh, yeah, i'm an actor, and then they're like, can we see one of your movies? no, not at all. it was like my fake girlfriend in canada. they were starting to doubt it. but as a canadian. >> jimmy: we get it. when you say i have a fake girlfriend in the united states? >> in america, in the states. we call them the states. >> jimmy: beyonce was at the premiere. >> beyonce was there. >> jimmy: my wife was losing her mind. >> everyone was losing her mind. i've never seen this happen before in that, john, the director, introduced the cast before the screening. so one by one we were called out on stage to wave. and beyonce was called out, and the audience stood up and went crazy. >> jimmy: yeah, we did. >> and i was like, she's getting a standing ovation for just existing, like. her mere presence was a reason
11:59 pm
to stand and go crazy. and i totally got it. i was like, yeah. we should be celebrating. we made it. we're all in a room with beyonce. >> jimmy: i got that. >> and i like, i know they weren't clapping for me, but i was on the stage, and i, for a brief moment felt like what it must feel like to have that adulation. all i was thinking was people do not like me that much like this. i don't get one iota of this. >> jimmy: i don't think anyone likes anyone as much as they like beyonce. >> people lost their [ bleep ]. >> jimmy: did you speak to her at all? >> i did. she came up to me. and i wasn't going to go up to her. mostly for fear, but last time i did try to approach her was at the grammys, around 11 years ago, and her security knocked me so hard. >> jimmy: oh, really? >> that i spilled my drink all
12:00 am
over myself. i was wary of going near her, because i look like someone you would want to keep away from beyonce in general. so i waited for her to approach me, which, you know, they teach you. and so she was, she was very nice. and my beard actually got stuck in like her sequins a little bit. real closely, i left gray hair on her shoulder. >> jimmy: earlier on abc they had the espys. do you know what that is? >> it's a sports award. you win for, winning your sport is the award. >> jimmy: well, yeah. >> so what is that? >> jimmy: it's a great question, actually. >> it's clear who deserves awards in sports. it's the people who won. >> jimmy: it's a really good point. sometimes they'll take people from various sports, and then pick one of them and make them compete against the other. >> against each other finally. so a golfer and a basketball
12:01 am
player and who's better. >> jimmy: that's exactly right. >> that's totally insane. literally makes no sense. >> jimmy: you were not following, like the raptors who won the nba title? >> i was, that, i happened to be in vancouver at my cousin's bar mitzvah, actually. >> jimmy: they were watching? >> they set up screens, it was a big event for us. but in general, no, i'm not a sports guy, and i was actually on the shop recently. >> jimmy: this is what i wanted to ask you. this is lebron james's talk show on hbo. >> where you go and get your haircut while doing an interview. which would be great right now to be totally honest. >> jimmy: did you get your haircut? >> i did get my haircut. i was trying to act cool. and like when you have a bib on, inherently, to me, that's challenge in acting cool, but i tried to power through it.
12:02 am
>> jimmy: they put a bib on you? they did not put a bib on me. >> they looked at me like this guy needs the bib. it's going to get everywhere. but i didn't the know who anyone was. i know them as people. i don't know what sports they play. i know diondre jordan. he was a lovely guy. >> jimmy: he's a basketball player. >> i hope he's great at it. >> jimmy: he's very good. >> yeah, and so i didn't know what to say to them. i knew they were athletes. i didn't know what sports they played. so i found myself talking to them like i was coaching a little league team, good luck, go get'em. try your best, guys, hope you win and get the espy. >> jimmy: i hope they did. we don't know. it's happening right now. seth rogen is here to talk about "the lion king." we have an exclusive clip from the lion king. ♪
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all right, let me see what we're dealing with here. it's a lion! run for your life. >> wait, it's a little lion. >> it gets bigger. >> can we keep him? can we please keep him? i promise, i'll walk him every day and if he makes a mess i'll clean up. one day, when he gets big and strong he'll be on our side. >> hear me out. having a ferocious lion around may not be such a bad idea. >> can we can even him? >> of course we can keep him! my god, who is the brains of this operation? >> we're going to name him fred! >> jimmy: that is seth rogen in "the lion king." it's like nothing i've ever seen before, and you guys really
12:09 am
steal the film. you and billy are hysterically funny in this thing. did "the lion king" mean anything to you as a kid? >> it did, i watched it a ton as a kid. it was one of my favorite movies. what's been weird, in my head, i watched, when i was like 6 it came out. and i watched it over and over. i found out recently, i was like 13 when it came out, which is pretty old to be really in to a disney cartoon. i was about to go into high school. but i was like, are you sure? '94? yeah. so, despite it being a little probably below my demographic, i was a huge fan of "the lion king." i loved pumba and simone, and i use the phrase "no worries" a lot. so it all came together. >> jimmy: and three called you and said we want you to play the warthog. >> and we're going to make him much uglier. nobody knew what a warthog
12:10 am
looked like. >> jimmy: warthogs are not -- >> people thought, babe was not a wart hog. >> jimmy: but if you think about it, the name of the animal is warthog. >> what would be uglier than a warthog? >> jimmy: a herpes rabbit. >> a herpes rabbit kind of sounds cute. >> jimmy: i was impressed by your singing in the film. >> thank you. i sing in the film. i share a song credit with beyonce, which is crazy. i apologize to her for that. >> jimmy: it's about time. >> it must be a big deal for her, so i'm happy about that. she's worked hard. >> jimmy: did you think about that when you took the part? that you were going to have to sing? >> i did. and i'm not a trained singer. i have not sung a lot in my life in a professional manner, and i,
12:11 am
so yes, it was, i was like, you could just auto tune me. i don't think britney spears ever sang. honestly, and they didn't want to do that. and they were like, we want you to actually sing and pharrell williams produced the sound track. >> jimmy: oh, boy. >> they're like, don't worry, we're going to bring in pharrell and hans. >> jimmy: hans zimmer. >> so it was me in a little booth with hans and pharrell on the other side. as a jew, i'm instantly uncomfortable around any hans, you know? you don't want to anger a guy named hans. ingrained in my dna in some sort of way. and so i would, i would sing, i would do a take, and behind the soundproof glass i would see hans and pharrell throwing their
12:12 am
hands up and pointing at me and gesturing and very nicely pharrell would be yeah, let's try it one more time. and i'd try it again and see hans like ah! and pharrell calming him down and talking. and then yeah, just try it, just throw it away. and 36 hours later, we had it. >> jimmy: you nailed it. however long it took, it was worth it. seth rogen, everybody! "the lion king" opens july 19tth. we'll be right back with dave bautista. [cheers and applause] ♪ [ paper rustling ] exactly, nothing. they're completely different people, that's why they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual. they'll only pay for what they need! [ gargling ] [ coins hitting the desk ] yes, and they could save a ton. you've done it again, limu. only pay for what you need.
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>> jimmy: welcome back. still to come, music from jaden smith. our next guest took some time out from his day job guarding the galaxy to fight crime here on earth. alongside kumail nanjiani in the very funny movie "stuber." it opens in theaters friday. please welcome dave bautista. ♪ [cheers and applause]
12:24 am
>> jimmy: very good to see you. >> it's good to see you. >> jimmy: boy, i forget how muscular you are until i see you in person. and you certainly are muscular. >> i walked in to see seth, and i had this tiny little tee shirt on under this jacket and he said god, you're jacked up. >> jimmy: he mentioned that to me, too. you retired from wrestling since the last time i saw you. >> i did. >> jimmy: are you really retired or is this a cher or hulk hoganesque retirement? >> i'm really retired. i'd been working up to it for years. i needed to go back and close up my career. i was retired years ago, but i wanted to have that formal closure. >> jimmy: wrestle mania, which one was it? >> 35. >> jimmy: and you close your career. you had a match with triple h. >> i did. >> jimmy: and you lost. >> i did. >> jimmy: normally, you go hey, hey, come on, guys, this is my
12:25 am
last one. you could let me win. >> i could go out on my back. he stays, he looks victorious and i go off into the sunset. >> jimmy: this is something you thought about. you wanted to go out a loser. >> i wanted to go out a loser, absolutely. that is the old school wrestler in me. i would go out on my back. >> jimmy: "stuber" you and kamil have chemistry. you're very funny. [cheers and applause] before i get into what he told me, you had a run-in the law. what happened? >> we were shooting outside of atlanta, i got an airbnb. it was about 5:00 in the morning. i go back, it's a gated community, and the security guard won't let me in. i said i've got airbnb here.
12:26 am
i've paid for it. all my stuff's there. sorry, your name's not on the list, i can't let you in. i said one way or another you're letting me in this gate. he got on the phone and called the police. so i'm sitting there, the police officer comes up and shines his light. i get out. i'm super pissed. and i stand up, and he goes, bautista? and i told him what happened and he said don't worry, we got this. >> jimmy: it looks like things went okay. [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: and then did the three of you beat up the security guard? >> no, we didn't. >> jimmy: you let him off the hook. so kamil was here a few weeks ago. i think he's in love with you. >> likewise. i love that dude. >> jimmy: on the last day of shooting the movie, you didn't have a scene, but you stayed all day.
12:27 am
which is very unusual. most actors are like, adios, i'm out of here. you waited, and at the end you passed out personal gifts to every member of the crew. >> yeah. >> jimmy: every member of the crew. [ applause ] >> jimmy: he said that you had, like you knew someone loved the color purple. >> yeah. >> jimmy: so you bought her a purple dress or something. and another guy, and you actually bought, what was the gift you gave kumeil? >> a world title belt. he collects action figures as well. so i gave him this hot toys action figure. >> jimmy: you gave him stuff he really, really liked. the best part is he was unprepared and he did not give gifts to anyone in the cast. >> that's not exactly true. he leaves out an important part. so i did. i was just a big deal for me, it was my first studio lead, i wanted to make a big deal and stay thank you to everybody. so i bought gifts. but when i realized he didn't
12:28 am
get anybody anything i let him sign the cards. i said you can say they're from both of us. >> jimmy: which makes it even more humiliating in a way. not only did he not get gifts for the crew. he didn't get anything for you and you got him a beautiful gift. >> oh, yeah, he did. he gave me life-long friendship. >> jimmy: the good news is, he's here now, and he has something for you. >> is he really? >> hey! [cheers and applause] >> i got you your wrapped gift for stuber. >> jimmy: come over here a second. is it okay? >> open it. [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: this is something that you picked out personally? explain the story behind this.
12:29 am
>> yeah. >> i collect lunch boxes. and i am obsessed with bruce lee, so that explains that. >> jimmy: this is a bruce lee lunch box. >> there's more? >> jimmy: do you have a bruce lee lunch box? >> i don't have this particular bruce lee lunch box. >> and i got you a bunch of gluten free snacks. he doesn't eat gluten. [ applause ] >> jimmy: no better gift than the gift of love. [ applause ] >> this is, like we really got to know each other. >> jimmy: i guess so. >> it's always bad when the other guy's like, the gift he gives me is his friendship. i heard, you got a netflix special? >> yeah. >> jimmy: really? what kind of special? >> stand-up comedy. >> jimmy: i didn't know you do stand-up comedy. >> i think they thought because i was working with kumeil. i said i'm not a stand-up comedian. and they said we'll give you 10 million. and i said i'll do it.
12:30 am
>> jimmy: that's a good deal. i know we're here to talk about "stuber." let's take a look. [cheers and applause] >> i've never done stand-up comedy before, but netflix paid me $10 million, so. this is an impression i do. this is my outlet. it's 5:00 somewhere. 5:00 somewhere. drinking problems, you know? knock, knock.
12:31 am
>> who's there? >> interrupting cow. >> interrupting cow who? >> moo. i messed that up. pretend you didn't hear that. >> you suck! >> ah! do i suck at this? do i suck? ah! now that's funny! i'm funny! i'm funny! >> jimmy: wow. very well done. very well done. [cheers and applause] dave bautista. go see them in "stuber." it opens in theaters friday. and we'll return with music from jaden smith. dicky: the jimmy kimmel live
12:32 am
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concert series is presented by mercedes- benz. the best or nothing. >> jimmy: i want to thank seth rogen and dave bautista. apologies to matt damon. we ran out of time for him. but first -- this is his album, it's called "iris." here with the song "mission," jaden smith! ♪ ♪ i'm on the mission, mission ♪ i'm on the mission, mission ♪ you may come up missin' ♪ i got the vicious vision ♪ they might get ya, yet ya ♪ i'm on a mission, mission
12:35 am
♪ i'm talking vision fishin' ♪ i'm taken [ bleep ] ♪ ♪ thought they learned their lesson ♪ ♪ my head is different ♪ what am i m-i-s-s-i-n ♪ overseas ♪ ♪ ♪ woo, whoa, whoa
12:36 am
♪ what you call an icon livin' start a record label msfts just did it, woo♪ ♪ nylon cover five minutes woah we up too hot♪ ♪ in the business, woo 'bout to make a movie independent, woo need new trucks♪ ♪ independent, woo i need you to listen to the vision, woo all your verses♪ ♪ sound like dirty dishes i'm about to clean 'em in the kitchen, woo and we making money♪ ♪ by the minute, woo i'm about to do it way different, godly i am just an icon living♪ ♪ i am just an icon living living i-i-icon living, woo i am just an icon living♪ ♪ living i am just an i-i-icon i am not a mayan i'm a menace, menace♪ ♪ it's wild you can lie like a professor i don't got the time♪ ♪ to put you on the stretcher, stretcher i am her ♪ i am just an icon living start a record label msfts just did it, woah i'm high-snob♪ ♪ cover five minutes, woah we are so hot in the business
12:37 am
♪ ♪ i ain't even takin' on torso this is "nightline." tonight, evil in eden. a tale of two brothers, heroism and horror, one the survivor of a kidnapping, the other a serial killer around yosemite national park. the brother in the back ground, suddenly thrust into the spot light. plus, the last lions, when the hunters become the hunted. now the conservni sounding the alarm to save the real-life "the lion king"s. sho. apollo 11, landing it like you've never seen it before. but first, the "nightline" fi


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