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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 20, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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they are concerned about what took place here last night and they tell us they walk around the area with their family members walk with pets and they are shocked to hear this woman was attacked last night preponderate. i wanted to look here we have a picture of the suspect. 30-year-old transient sergio martin easy. mountain view police arrested him today as 3:00 a.m. after neighbors reported a man proulx the narnd. once arrested mountain view police made the connection that martinez was the same suspect who attack add woman hours before on friday. around 9:42 people in creekside park. while she was working out with her head phones on. several minutes ago we spoke on the phone with mountain view who explained what happened. >> came up from behind her. wrapped his hand around her mouth and attempted to lift her up. ey began kicking and oman didn't screaming. which alerted to you passersby
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in the area. the man spooked and dropped her and left. >> i left to work at morning in 6:30. i have to be very wore. it's scary. >> mount view police confirmed the suspect is kept behind bars on suspicion of attempted rape, attempted kidnapping and false. and proulx. detective expect there might be other victims and ask anyone with information come forward to mountain view police in mountain view. >> thank you very much for that. >> new details me merging after a high-speed police chase in los angeles some of the southland bad guys are actually from the bay area. yesterday's chase reaching speeds more than 100 miles an hour on freeways and streets through the sand ferned an valley. the lapd believes the three men in the car had been breaking into vehicles and ofrsds say they are seeing more and more suspects tied to the bay area. >> we have the crews comprised
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of gang members from the greater oakland and san francisco areas that regularly visiting los angeles for particular purpose of committing burglary from vehicles. if you have any plans to come into the los angeles area to commit burglary from vehicle we will catch you. >> the lapd captured all three suspects after they drove into a shopping mall garage in sherman oaks. >> abc news is exited to building a bettor bay area house anding and the homeless are the major issues we are focusing on. we have an update on the story we brought you last night, thor issent house in oakland which has been ofrpg housing to women for the past decade face add deadline of today to come up with $14,000 or face eviction. a community came through and raised the money it needs butter issent house's future is still in question. the rent recently raised from $2000 to 3500. one small step for man.
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one giant leap for mankind. >> it was 50 years ago today that 500 million people around the world watched the moon landing on television. still the single biggest ever televised. today's celebrations are going on across the country from cape canaveral in florida to houston home of mission control at the johnson space center. where gene kranz says it's time we keep going. >> it demonstrated the power of free and open society. all of a sudden we quit. it's time for america to get moving to build the energy and passion and say what america and will america can do. >> nasa says they plan to put people on the moon again by 2024. >> and the bay area played a pivotal role in the abc 7 news reporter colonel bernhard is live at the uss hornet in alameda with a look
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back. coronell. >> reporter: eric, i got word that over 2000 people came aboard the uss hornet today. that's a big crowd. a private party happening right now. this is the navy ship that recovered the apollo 11 crew after splashdown in 1969. we spoke some of the originl recovery crew about their role in space history. >> that's one small step for man. one giant leap for mankind. >> 50 years ago, the entire nation stopped to watch history in the making. as apollo 11 astronauts neil armstrong and buzz aldrin walked on the moon. >> the courage, the for the attitude. i just -- just blows me the away. >> among thousands who came aboard the historic uss hornet the ship picking up the throe astronauts after splashdown. >> because it happened back on earth, i think the recovery was what sort of fascinatinged me the most. >> i was in the right place at the right time. >> bruce johnson copiloted the
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helicopter that plucked the astronauts from the ocean. he says it all happened very fast. >> they splashed down at 5:20. we this them become on boofd board before 6:00. >> i was the crew flight surgeon. >> the first to see and kmupgt with armstrong aldrin and collins. he needed to know if they were okay. but only hand signals would work. the noise from the chopper was too loud. >> they came into the helicopter i got a thumbs up. one, two, three, as i say, my life is complete. they were okay. >> what a relief. >> what pennsylvania relief. >> onboard the hornet not everything went according to plan at the mobile kwurn teen facilities. >> several nights prior to that they had a nice wide pathway from to the mqf from the helicopter the paint wasn't drew. >> a few glitches but somehow worked despite so many odds and low technology. >> my phone right here has about
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200,000 more computer power than the computers used to go to the moon and back. >> yeah, just remarkable. even some of the recovery crew still wonder how they pulled it off. after all of these years. just incredible. live in alameda, coronell bernhard, abc 7. >> it was indeed. we have more coverage of the moon landing anniversary on our website, abc 7 among the things you will find is a video of the moon walk in realtime. >> and check this out. that is the apollo 11 commanded mad yuell upclose and personal. it's a 3-d reality augmented creation opinion you click on ar and it place this is command mad yuell i u see anywhere you happen to be. you can see it's in the newsroom there. this is from earlier today. goingle says it's the first time it's added a cultural artifact
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to its ar search feature. >> do you believe that three groan men had to ride in that. >> incredible. >> for a couple of weeks. >> i know the technology was so, i don't know not advanced for not. >> that's right, mike mccarron said his 200,000 times more powerful than the guidance computer on that which i looked up. at 4 kilobytes of memory. >> by the way it did not work when they were trying to land. it was supposed to land the mod yuell, the armstrong had to do it itself. >> the calculator has more. >> the new watch has more. >> scary. >> a big day at sfo, the official opening of the harvey milk terminal and a look inside. >> you've heard of renting bikes, cars and books. but what about cups, the thing you drink out of. the bay area starting a new trend on the new trend. would you rent a cup. let us know go to >> i'm thinking no. a look at the camera right now
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the architect behind the salesforce tower has died. cesar pelly was known for designing tallest building. known for sky scrapers and use of the glass. this is video of him in 2013 during the ground breaking of
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the salesforce tower. he died at home yesterday in connecticut. news for travelers out of sfo. many voices celebrated the opening of san francisco international airport's newest addition today. ♪ >> love is the answer. >> abc 7 news was at today as opening ceremonies for sfo's brand-new harvey milk 2.1. the facility honors the legacy of lgbtq rights pioneer who serve on the san francisco board of supervisor sass natured in 1978. >> and you know harvey was a fatherless and passionate leader for our city and not just for the lgbtq community. >> he really stood for equality and pushing forward, dissent frafrpzed communities. >> it's a museum with photographs of an era. >> that's abc news reporter vic
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lee who emseed the ceremony they will use the terminal next week eventually having 25 gates. >> you have heard about renting bikes, scooters but how about rening cups? >> that's right, cups, the cups you drink out of. would you rent one? well go to to weigh in. >> here is why we ask. the city of berkeley plans to launch a reusable cup loan service. partnering with vessel, a company reusable to go cup service in september. customers check out steel cups with silicone lids. returned in 15 days find if the cupp late. by january berkeley requires vendors to use only kpoftable items and charge 25 cents for disposable cups. >> let me thing this over. this is going to take a minute. >> yeah, we're looking at the results right now.
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over welcomely a lot of folks say it's gross. >> it's gross. >> too much effort. >> i don't get it. >> we are zero people saying it's helpful. >> there is a few -- well love it growing there look at that. >> helpful, nah. >> i think the viewers have spoken. >> well a massive data breech may cost a major credit company big money. >> coming up next, the investigation into equifax and the price of resolving the problem. >> and meteorologist drew tuma next with the accuweather forecast. the streak is over. how many home runs the giants gave up in a loss to the mets. and the luck of the irish, how good golf and a few good breaks have shane lowry o
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around $700 million for the massive 2017 data breach. the breach affected nearly 150 million people and one of the largest ever. the deal would resolve investigations by the ftc, consumer financial protection bureau and most state attorneys general. the settlement could be announced as early as monday. target is pulling some
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archer farms and other sal assigned and sad witches offer the shelves due to lifteria contamination. pulling the egg salad and deviled egg sand juchs from june 18th. at the fresk et. and can you bring the food back to target and get a refund. >> did did if you didn't make it out to the disney lyanne king protect the pride event at san francisco zoo and gardening join in tomorrow. zoo partnered with disney and wildlife conservation groups to bring awareness to the declining population of wild lyannes. visitors get to create paper lyannes, create new things with the species. and participate in a roaring contest. disney is the parent company of abc 7. and you know since theaters are air-conditioned, you might want to think about hanging out in one the next few days. >> that sounds good. if eric isn't here tomorrow that's where he will be. >> totally away from the coast. we are tracking warmer weather
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starting tomorrow. continuing the next couple day live zpler 7 with satellite right now showing you patchy fog. along the coast. but elsewhere it's nothing but sunshine. in fact san jose right now we'll take a live look at the south bay, baby blue skies, gorgeous. an early evening out there and shaping up to be nice night as well pl looking at the accuweather highlights plan what's happening over the next several keays he again are finding that warming trend beginning tomorrow and continuing over the next couple of days. but it's going to be one of the patterns where our microclimates are in full effect. meaning it turns rather hot inland. but along the coastline we stay cool. it's not widespread hot weather coming our way over the next couple days. the pattern though is pretty scheduly. morning fog and morning sunshine on the seven-day forecast. morning right now take a look. nice evening. 71 in santa root. 74 in san jose. 67 in oakland. san francisco right now coming in at a comfortable 64
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creditings. overnight tonight we have patchy fog. redeveloping around the bay shoreline. but the marine layer limited over the next 12 hours. a lot of stars away from the coast. and temperaturewise mid to upper 50s is what we drop to over the next several hours. the bigger picture we are tracking live doppler 7 with satellite what we'll begin to bring the warmer pressure inland. the area high pressure over the four corns will supply increased warmth. however what's not moving this area of low pressure here in the pacific northwest, that will continue to influence or coastline keeping it cool. that's why the microclimate will be in full effect the next couple days. 12 hour day planner sums up at 6:04 starting out in the 50s if. lots of sunshine tomorrow especially in the afternoon by 4:00. it's a warmer afternoon. the warmest spots to the 80s and into the 90s. highs in the microclimate starting in the south which tomorrow. 87 morgan hill. 85 the high in skpra. 83 cupertino.
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83 the high in sunnyvale. a lot of sunshine warmer than today. 79 in palo alto. 74 in san mateo. the coast staying relatively cool only in the low and mid-60s for pacifica and half moon bay. downtown san francisco afternoon sunshine, 67, breezy anddale city with a high of 65. the north bay tomorrow with 80s. 81 in santa rosa. same in native o. 91 the high in chauffeurdale. on the east bay lots of sunshine. 73 in oakland. 82 in fremont and inland headed back into the low 90s and the hottest spots. 90 in brentwood. 90 in pittsburgh. the accuweather seven-day forecast the next sever days patchy morning fog as the warming trend gets underway and continuing the wyatt range in temperatures and the heat culminates midweek wednesday. headed to 100 degrees in the warmest spots inland. but the kwoeft staying cool in the 60s. and will stay that way with 80s and 90s through the latter half
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of the seven-day forecast. >> now sports from abc 7 news. the giants are the hottest team in baseball but still fighting for respect zpoit a 13-2 record this month. the orange and black still not over 500 for the season. the giants taking on the mets. looked of fun here at the ball park. someone not having fun jeff snarja second inning dominic smith gets startwood a solo home run three for five in the game with 4 rbi. fifth inning two zip. jeff mckneel doubled a homer off the top of the foul powell. snarja six hits. picks up the loss. new york adds a pair of homers in the sixth. todd phraser on a solo flight. pete alonzo o with a pinch hit bomb, the fourth of the game. 7 over. giants fall 7-4. swinging.
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then in frustration he breaks his bat. no good there. twins take advantage first batter brett anderson faces mitch gaver going, going, gone. 1-0 minnesota. nelson cruz with the 19th of the season the twins lead in home runs. it was 2-0. the a's hit a two run whommer 2-2 in the seventh. shane lowry is not fl northern ireland but he is irish after a sensational saturday he is treated rick a hometown hero. arriving with his daughter he grew up four hours away from the sight of the championship. tony finau tied for 8th at 7 under smots of the day. 18th whole chipping in for byrd. brooks koepka can be the first to win or come in second in all four majors tide for fourth at 9 under thanks to this byrd.
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j.b. holmes, the coleader after two rounds. 2 under 69 falls to third. tommy fleetwood in second thanks to 5 under 66. 12 under par. but everyone chasing lowry. the irishman shot an 8 under 63 process. check it out from the rough looks like headed back to the rough. look at the role toward the hole for an easy bid. then on 17 gets his third bird in a row chipping from the huff rough stopping within feet of the cup. the leaderive open championship after three rounds. four shots ahead of second place fleetwood. final round tomorrow but bad weather expected. that's the most incredible day i've had on the golf course. it's -- i honestly can't explain what it was like walking off the 17th tee, i said, we might never ever have day like this on the golf course again so let's enjoy
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the next half hour. >> the tee times for the finaled round are moved up one hour because of the threat of bad weather. he had a four-shot lead before in a major. 2016 u.s. open process had a bad day not going on to win. see how the nerves are sunday. if you want to watch you got to set the alarm chalk. the leaders tee off before 6:00 a.m. our time sfla you know we do the 11:00. >> tomorrow i'll be like this eyes burning. >> anthony thanks a lot. >> just ahead celebrating all things radio going back fl time to raise f buttermoh manscuits now we're talking fried egg want it melty cheese want it sausage want it or bacon i want it! try my 2 for $4 breakfast biscuits and add 4 donut holes for just a buck. only at jack in the box.
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for just a dollar. dang!! try my 2 for $4 breakfast biscuits and add 4 donut holes for just a buck. only at jack in the box. come up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. almost eight months after the campfire, the public pool in paradise is set to reopen tomorrow. why community members say it's more important now than ever. >> plus, we'll introduce to you a local teen doing his part to build a bettor bay area. how he makes sure homeless people get small comforts living on the street tonight at 11:00. >> several generations celebrated a wireless form of communication existing long before anyone ever heard of wi-fi or broad band. ♪ >> abc 7 news was at alameda's veterans you a toerm for radio day by the bay. the california historical radio
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society hosts the event. maintaining a collection of vintage radios. several personalities entered the radio hall of fame today. >> this is where young eric thomas got his start in the days of radio. >> there was a young eric thomas. and he did indeed start in radio and loved it. >> yeah. >> it was a good time. >> i love it. that's it for abc 7 news at 6:00. i'm dion lim. >> we'll see you -- i'm eric thomas. back here at 11:00.
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[music] [music] >> tracy sellers: hey, everybody. welcome to "california bountiful." i'm your host, tracy sellers. and, first up today, we are meeting a family that is harnessing the power of the sun to create some of the hottest new products on supermarket shelves. [music] >> tracy: here in california we're lucky enough to have some of the best weather around. days are often filled with a lot of this: sunshine! so why not put some of that sun to work? well, that's exactly the thought the traina family had when they left italy way back in 1926


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